Twins Across the Road Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are fictional and any that engage in sexual activity are over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy reading it!

This story is fully written and being submitted in separate chapters, one day after the other, due to length. As a reader I enjoy long tales, but like breaks in between sometimes. I want to thank my editor Guinahart once again for keeping me honest.

It could have gone into a few categories, so I am sure a few of you will think I submitted in the wrong one. It’s not a quick stroke, but there is a fair share of sex so enjoy!


Hello, my name is John, John Buckner. I have had a very active life so far, for only being twenty-four years old. Honestly, my life has been a roller-coaster so far, and I have a lot left to live. I wanted to tell you about some girls in my neighborhood that recently, well, seduced me. I know, you feel sorry for me already don’t you?

As I said, I am twenty-four. I was never a male model, but thanks to my time in the U.S. Navy, I was in pretty good physical shape. I was just used to exercising regularly. At just under six feet tall, and about one-hundred seventy pounds, I felt pretty good about myself.

I live in a house that I bought, when I was married to a beautiful woman, named Sheri. I am divorced now, and will try to explain that situation in a minute. We bought the house in my name, because she had terrible credit. When we split, I got the house, since we had no children. Also, she didn’t really want the house. I just had to buy her half of what little equity we had invested in it.

The neighborhood I live in is quiet, and on a block that only has one access road in and out. It is a pretty decent size, three-bedroom ranch style house, with a big back yard. I have several neighbors, most of them older and retired. The people across the street from me have several kids, ranging from college students to a young teenaged boy. To my left is an older lady, friendly but not too talkative. On the right side is an elderly couple that has a vacation house out on the coast, so they are gone half the time.

We bought the house thinking it was perfect to start a family in, eventually. Sheri and I never got around to that, though. You see, a few months ago, she decided that I wasn’t really the one she was looking for, after all. We had been married for about two years, when she told me that she was moving out. She was in love with someone else, a woman by the name of Janet. They had met at her work, and apparently she had been cheating on me for a while. I guess in a way I was glad, that I found out early enough, to not waste too much of my life. It was also a relief that we never got around to starting that family. It still hurt that the woman I loved, didn’t love me in return.

I had grown up far away from here, out on the east coast. My parents had both been killed when I was about nineteen, in a car accident. The other guy that hit them was driving drunk, and the police had told me that they probably died instantly. The other driver was killed also, and left behind a wife and two young kids. What a sad situation.

I was still in my Navy basic training, or boot camp, at the time. The news hit me pretty hard, but I kept going. I moved out to the west coast, thanks to Uncle Sam, after I had graduated from my “A” School.

I will say that winter in the Midwest is no fun. I was glad to graduate from Great Lakes, and move on to my “A” School in Connecticut. I was a sonar technician, and was trained for submarine duty. After training, I was stationed in Washington, at a submarine base there. I can’t tell you too much about it, other than it was Top Secret, and everything we did was monitored.

Anyhow, I am getting side-tracked. I met Sheri while in the service, and thought I had fallen in love with her. We got married, after only dating a few short months, and moved in together right after I was discharged. I got a job nearby, for a company that did work for the Navy, and we bought that house. At first, it was great. We christened every room, one at a time, or sometimes two rooms a night.

She was a bit wild, and perhaps that should have been my first clue that she wasn’t the right one for me. We went out every weekend, and would almost always end with a wild night of sex. She even offered to have a threesome with me and another woman. I guess that should have been my second clue.

She worked for a local realtor’s office, handling paperwork, appointments, and listing homes for sale. I never really noticed any classic cheating signs. You know, working late all the time, going out for a lot of girls’ nights, or even any suspicious phone calls. She just, one day, came home and told me she was moving out. It was a bit more depressing at the time, but really isn’t that important to this story.

So now that I am caught up about myself, let me tell you about the twins. Their names are Teri and Katie, and live across the road from me. They were güvenilir bahis both sixteen when we moved into the house, but now are both eighteen, and getting ready to head off to college.

They were both very good looking, standing at about 5′ 7″ tall. I doubt either one weighed more than a hundred pounds, soaking wet. They both had a handful sized b-cup (that I could tell), and were just generally very happy, bubbly girls. The only major difference between the two was their eye color. For some reason, Teri had brown eyes, and Katie had blue eyes. It was the only way for me to tell them apart. Although they were eighteen now, I still got somewhat uneasy for even checking them out. That unsettling feeling is getting less every day though…


I had just pulled onto my block, after a hellish commute, and saw the twins on their front porch. That was their usual spot to hang out, during the summer, so I just waved as I shut off my car. It was my little Mini Cooper, which was my commuter that I loved. When I got out, one of them came running across the street. I think it was Teri? I could never tell from a distance.

“Hey Mr. B, how ya doing?” she said.

“That drive sucked, but otherwise I’m fine. At least it’s Friday. How are you? Enjoying summer yet?” I replied.

She fidgeted in front of me, “So far, kinda boring right now.” She shifted her weight from her left to right foot. “Katie and I were wondering if you could help us out with something. Katie and her boyfriend want to double-date with me this weekend, but my boyfriend and I just broke up. We were wondering if would you like to come with, in his place?”

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Floored would be more appropriate. They were both gorgeous, and here is this eighteen year old hottie, asking ME out. Talk about being forward. This could be very interesting, or could end up with me in some serious trouble. After a moment, skepticism won out.

“Teri, why would you want me to go? Don’t you have any other boys lined up waiting for you? A girl as hot as you are, MUST have a whole football team of guys waiting.” At least I had the decency to smile as I said it.

“Well of course there are other boys. That’s just it though. I am sick of hanging out with simple boys. My boyfriend was an immature idiot, and only thought of himself. I’m tired of guys that don’t appreciate me,” she said with the prettiest of smiles. I think she even batted her eyes a bit, laying it on extra thick. “Besides, I really wanted to have someone with us that could make us feel safe, and not some axe murderer that will kill us in our sleep.” She giggled a bit after that last comment.

I could see that this would be a losing battle, but tried to be the responsible one anyhow. “I would go, but don’t think it would be right. Sorry, Teri, as much as I would enjoy the time with you, it would just feel wrong.”

At this point her sister Katie had joined us. They both gave me pouty faces and went back to their yard. Was I a complete fool for not accepting their offer? Probably. I still didn’t feel right going out with the twins, but the idea had me getting hard just thinking about it. I got my stuff out of the car and went into the house, thinking I was going to have to get the porn fired up early tonight.

I had just gotten some things put away when I heard a knock at the door. I went to answer it and found Teri at the door. She just wouldn’t give up, apparently. The force is strong with this one. Me, not so much.

“Mr. B., can I come in for a second?” she asked.

“Sure, I was just putting stuff away.”

She sauntered into the house, took a good look around and said, “Nice house. I think this is the first time I have been in here.”

“Thanks, although most of the decorating was done by my bitch of an ex…” What the HELL was I thinking? Here she is, in my house, and I am worried about my ex? “Sorry about that, did you want something?”

“Yeah, to try to convince you to change your mind,” she said with a pretty smile, showing off her sparkling white teeth. “I know you are just trying to do the right thing, but honestly it’s not as if we plan to kidnap you or anything like that. We both just thought that it would be a ton of fun. You have always been very nice to us, so consider this our way of saying thanks!”

I caved. Call me weak, but you really had to see these girls to know that any man would have, at least any straight man. Heck I bet even some of the gay guys I knew would cave, they were just THAT bubbly and nice on the eyes.

“That was a great sales pitch, been practicing it long?”

“Yup!” again, all smiles. “So is that a yes?”

“OK, let’s say I agree. What do you girls have in mind for this mystery double-date?”

At this point I was thinking they might want to do a dinner and movie, or something. I really wasn’t expecting her answer.

“Actually, we were hoping to spend the weekend türkçe bahis on the island. We both wanted to get away from the city, and all the noise. High school was tough, but so was all the B-S that came with it.”

A weekend on an island, with two incredibly hot girls, sounds like hell doesn’t it? Good thing I had no plans for the weekend. I wanted to tell her that too, but what I said was a little more guarded. I know they were now eighteen and ‘legal’, but they were still pretty young.

“What island did you have in mind? There are several around here, you know? Also, where are you planning on staying?”

She had a bit of a downcast look, “We were hoping you could help with some of the planning. We just want to get out of here, and figured an island would be a great way to do that. Plus, we both love riding the ferries.” There was that megawatt smile again. She could really blind someone with it, one of these days.

I thought about it for a minute. Getting away really did sound like a great idea. I really wasn’t too sure about shacking up with these two for the weekend. Their parents were likely to think I was some kind of creep, and I really didn’t want anyone thinking I was some new version of the Green River Killer.

I had met them when I moved, of course, but wasn’t best of friends with them either. They both worked odd shifts, so they were always coming and going. The father worked as a shift supervisor for a transportation company, and the mother worked as an IT technician, similar to my field.

Eventually I decided that I wasn’t really THAT much older than they were, and to just try to relax. This could be a great thing for me, since I hadn’t really been with anyone since my ex-wife dumped me. Not that I was expecting anything from them, but figured even just spending time with them would be very refreshing.

“OK, have you girls ever been to Whidbey Island?”

“Not since we were little, camping with my family. Why?”

“Well I know of a quaint B&B place on the island that would be perfect. Don’t ask me how I know about it. What are the sleeping arrangements going to look like? The place I am thinking of has these old rustic cabins. Some are smaller for a single couple, and there is a larger one, called the Lodge, that is for two couples. That might be a good option.”

You could see the gears grinding in her head on that one. I guess she hadn’t thought of sleeping arrangements. Heck, maybe she was thinking of me naked. Unlikely, but you never know. Perhaps this should be a group conversation, I thought to myself. “Should we get your sister over here too? What about her boyfriend?” I asked.

“Yeah, we should probably get Katie back over here. Her boyfriend will go along with whatever we come up with, though.” Typical response, I should have expected that. She walked out onto the front port, yelled across the street to her house, “KATIE!!”

Her sister came running across the street. I got the door opened, turned around, and had two very expectant teenagers almost ready to stampede over me to get inside.

“Come on in,” I laughed as they pushed past. “Make yourselves at home,” as I went inside and shut the door.

“Thanks, Mr. B,” said Katie.

“You’re welcome, and guys, stop calling me Mr. B. It makes me feel old. Call me John.”

“OK, John, so my sister told me that you agreed to come with us this weekend? That’s awesome!” Katie was obviously very happy. I had no problem watching her nice little tits move around as she bounced, even though they were encased in a white shirt that said ‘YOLO’ across them.

“Well, getting away from here sounds great, but we need to figure some stuff out first. Like, where will we stay? Who is all going to share a room? I mentioned to your sister that there is this great B&B place I know of, but it’s a romantic place for couples to go stay together at. They have cabins for two, or a larger one for four people.”

Unlike her sister, she was really hard to read. Eventually it looked like she reached a decision in her head. “If we shared the large one, we could pair off. I know my boyfriend and I could share one room, if you two could share the other?” Katie asked, with a similar smile to her sister. Damn these two were going to give me a complex.

The idea of spending two horrible, boring nights with this perfect little package was making me brain dead. I was about to try to mumble something unintelligent when Teri answered for me. Thank god.

“We could do that. I promise not to bite John, well too hard at least,” she said with that grin again. This was going to be a great weekend, or I was going to be murdered in my sleep. Either way, if I were to die in bed with Teri, would that really be so bad?

“Good then it’s settled. Come on Teri, we should go finish packing, and let John get his things together.”

What the hell was I getting myself into? Aside from the obvious female companionship, this trip was probably a really bad idea. I really wasn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri too shocked that I went along with it though. My cock was doing all the thinking for me at this point, and it wanted some attention.

“OK, if you two want, I can drive. Come back here in about an hour, and we can pack up my truck to go. Pretty much all you need to bring is clothes to change into and a swimming suit, if you want to swim in the small pond they have.” I had to smile, thinking of them both in skimpy two-piece bikinis.

I mentioned that I had the Mini, but also have a truck. One is for work, one is for fun. The truck is a newer full size Ram, with plenty of cab space and a lighted chrome roll-bar on the back. I had just recently also added a new front ARB bumper, complete with a WARN winch. It truly was a giant toy, but I didn’t really have to justify it with anyone, anymore.

So up the stairs I went, to pack some things for the weekend away. I still couldn’t believe I was going along with this, but was also getting pretty excited. As I packed, I had visions of the two of them in bathing suits, getting into a hot-tub. Both had a nice figure, and were VERY easy on the eyes.

Mentally I made a list of things to bring, and started gathering them. I got myself enough socks, boxers, shorts, and shirts to last the 3 days. Then I packed up my toothbrush and other stuff from the bathroom. Lastly, I made sure to grab my cell phone charger and laptop bag, just in case. I wasn’t on-call this weekend, but hell, my job had called on me at crazier times.

I took my stuff downstairs and left the two bags by the door. I went back to the kitchen, and opened a beer. After taking a long pull on the ice cold drink, there was a knock at the door. It was Teri, waiting with her bags.

“Come on in, Teri. Is Katie almost ready?” I asked.

“Yeah, she always takes forever to get ready, but I think she is nearly done.” She came in the door, dropped her big roll-around suitcase and a smaller backpack near my things. “So, you have anything to drink while we wait?”

I wanted to offer her a beer, but thought better of it. I offered her some juice or Gatorade instead. She opted for a Gatorade, so I went into the garage to get one out of the spare fridge. When I came back in, she ambushed me at the door.

She grabbed me, and pulled me into a ferocious hug, mashing her lips against mine. I was stunned, but the little head took over my thinking very quickly, and soon I was kissing her back with heat. We got into a tongue duel right there in the hall, her drink and, well, basically everything else forgotten. When we finally broke the kiss, I felt the need to check my feet for burn marks, it was THAT hot. I told her as much, too.

“DAMN! I need to check my feet and the floor for burn marks!” After fake checking my feet, and getting a light slap on the arm for it, I went on. “That was amazing. What brought that on? Not that I am complaining or anything…”

“I figured if we are going to be spending the weekend in the same bed, I needed to find out how good of a kisser you were,” she said with that wicked grin again. This girl was going to kill me with just her looking at me, I swear.

Naturally right about that time, there was another knock at the door and Katie just pushed her way in. “Hello??!?” she yelled out. “Anyone home? Did you guys get lost in the bedroom already?” This last part she asked with a snicker.

I led Teri out to the front door, and handed her the bottle of Gatorade that I had just now remembered I was carrying. “Katie would you like one too? We should get going if we don’t want to wait all night for a spot on the ferry.”

“Sure, I will take one. I talked with Brian, and he said since he was leaving work that he would just meet us at the ferry docks. He had to run home really quick to get some stuff, and he lives closer to the docks, so a double-trip didn’t make a lot of sense.”

“No worries, that sounds good to me. We should get going, and can get some drive-thru food on the way, or just eat on the ferry. I will leave that decision to you two once we get on the road. Text Brian, letting him know that we should get there in about an hour.”

She sent him the message, and it looked like she also sent one to her parents. I was really glad to NOT be in the middle of that one, although at eighteen she likely didn’t really need their permission anymore. Oh well, if there was going to be trouble with them, hopefully it would come AFTER this wonderful weekend!

We went out to the truck, loaded all the bags in the back seat, and the girls did paper/rock/scissors to see who sat up front with me, and who rode in back with the bags. Evidently Katie won, since right after I jumped in the cab and fired it up, she hopped into the passenger seat. We got moving, and the girls decided on just eating some drive-thru Taco Bell on the way. We stopped, and they had some kind of Chalupa thingy, while I got my favorite Chipotle Grillers.

We got onto the freeway, and I set the cruise control for the trip up north to the ferry dock. About half-way to Mukilteo, Katie got a text from Brian. Apparently his car broke down, and he wasn’t going to be able to make it.

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