Twice Blessed

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My sister is two years older than me. At one time, maybe ten years ago, she played sports. Was actually good at soccer. But for years now, she’s just very, I don’t know, girly. She was a cheer leader in high school. She likes frilly clothes and pays attention to who’s popular, goes gaga over singers and movie stars. I’ll admit that she’s pretty, always has guys hanging around and calling. But she’s basically an air head. I’m practical. I want to know how things work. I like sports. I’m farly good at soccer, am on the varsity at high school. I wrestle. I ‘m good at that. I haven’t a scholarship yet but I’m sure that I’ll take one of the offers that I’ve started to receive. And I’ll major in computer science. I’m good at that, too. I’m now in my senior year of high school and my sister is a sophomore in college.

Before my sister went off to college, she had a lot of girl friends that spent a lot of time at our house. They would go into her room and I’d hear a lot of giggling and laughing. They seemed to spend all their time talking about clothes and popular singers and useless things. I’ll have to admit that I steered clear of them, wanted nothing to do with them. They were just silly. Now, when she’s home, they still seem to gather here and they still seem to be interested in useless things. But there also is talk about boy friends and lots of whispering. And I’d be willing to have more to do with them now. At least some of them. Because they’re very, very foxy. Particularly Lisa.

Lisa is from our general neighborhood, lives a couple blocks away. She and my sister have always been friends. But now, Lisa is just plain gorgeous. She is built. There isn’t a millimeter of her body that isn’t curved. It’s like she has more insides than skin and she’s ripe, everything is curves. And curves in the most amazing ways. Great legs. Lots of shape. I’ve seen her in bathing suits. Perfect butt. All round and firm. And tits. Wow! They’re what other girls must wish they had. I’ve watched porn stuff on the net recently and Lisa has a body better than anything I’ve ever seen. She could be a porn star if she wanted to. She’s also pretty. Blond, blue eyes, lovely full lips, good chin. She smiles a lot, laughs a lot.

Maybe I think of Lisa like that because she’s always nice to me. I mean, my sister and the other girls almost ignore me but Lisa is always, “Hi, Rob,” and she always touches me. Feels my arms and comments on my muscle. My sister said, once, “Lisa, do you have to try and seduce every guy in the world, that’s my little brother.” Lisa replied, “He isn’t little any more, take a look at him.”

Needless to say, I masturbate thinking of Lisa. I realize she’s older and she’s probably just teasing but she’s what I think of when I think of sex. I date some at school. I’ve even got pretty involved with one girl., Barbara. Kissing and feeling. I’m pretty sure we’ll actually do it sometime soon. I’ve felt her bare breasts and the hair on her bare pussy and she’s felt my bare cock. She seems to really like doing what we’ve been doing.

Today’s my eighteenth birthday. Several of my friends from school are at my house, guys and girls. Barbara is here. We have some fun but my parents are around and we never get very wild or anything and so it all breaks up and I’m taking Barbara home. We’re in my car and she suggests we go park near the lake for awhile. Which is fine with me, that means we’re going to get involved with each other again. We kiss and feel around and I have my hand inside her panties, feeling her down there and she actually has my cock out of my fly and is feeling it.

“Rob, I really want to do more and I know you do, too. But I’m not ready to actually fuck, to lose my virginity. I don’t know, it scares me some.”

I let her know that it’s o.k., that I do want to do more but I don’t want to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to. Then she surprises me.

“I’ve heard other girls talk and maybe if we just had oral sex it would be o.k. I mean I can’t get pregnant that way and maybe it would satisfy you. And satisfy me. What do you think?”

I’m ready for anything by now. “Yes, I’d like that. I don’t know how but I’d sure be willing to try. We should probably take some clothes off, shouldn’t we?”

“Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. I guess you can’t do anything unless I do, can you? So, yeah, I guess we should.”

“I want to be able to get to your bare breasts as well as your bare pussy, so at least your panties and bra should come off and your blouse should either be open or off. I’ll take my pants and boxers off. O.k?”

“Well,” she says, “If we’re going to do that, maybe we should just take everything off.”

I think she’s already thought of this, is a step ahead of me. So I just start getting my clothes off. mecidiyeköy eskort It’s dark but not totally so I can see a little of her. She has a great body. “Barbara, you have a beautiful body,” I tell her. With that, she’s on me. We’re kissing and for the first time I can feel naked breasts pressing against me, can feel her pubic hair on my thigh, can feel her arms around my naked back. It’s very sexy. Then before I’ve even figured out what to do next, she has my cock in her mouth. She’s holding it with one hand and has the top several inches in her mouth. I can feel her licking and sucking.

She looks up at me, “Is this right?” she asks, ‘Am I doing this right?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done this before. But it sure seems right to me,” She’s got me back in her mouth. I can hear her sort of slobbering and sucking and licking and I know I’m not going to last long. “Barbara, I think I’m going to cum,”

She doesn’t seem to hear, just keeps grasping me and licking and sucking me and then I can feel it coming up and I shoot off into her mouth. She almost jumps back and just stares as I shoot off sperm. She’s got it on her face, her hand and I’ve got it on me.

“Oh.” she says, still holding my cock. “I didn’t expect that. “She looks at me. “What am I supposed to do when that happens?”

“Did you get any in your mouth?

“Well, yeah, a lot.”

“What did you do with it?”

“I swallowed, just so I could breath, without even thinking.”

“How did it taste?”

“Well, sort of goopy but no strong taste.”

“Well, probably, the best thing then is to just keep my cock in your mouth and swallow it all.”

“Oh.” pause. “Yeah, probably so.” Then she looks at me and smiles. “Next time.”

I pull her up and kiss her and get my hands on her breasts. We’re sort of sticking to one another from my cum but I move her around so that I’m sort of over her and I get down a little and get my mouth to her breasts. I feel one and hold the other so I can get my mouth to it. I lick the nipple and suck on it. She moans. I move to the other one and do it. She moans some more. I kiss down over her stomach. Now, I’ve got to figure out how I get my face up between her legs, into her crotch, but she solves it for me, practically sitting back on her shoulders and pushing her bottom up in the air. As I get down there, she puts one leg over my shoulder. It’s too dark to see what I’m doing. I get my fingers to her and feel until I find the way in, then I pull her open a little with both hands and I get my mouth to her and shove my tongue into her. I start licking, moving my tongue inside her. She moans even more than when I sucked her breasts. I know her clit is up a little so I lick up some and feel around with my tongue. I must have hit something because the moan became a catch in her breath and sort of an “Ugh” so I move my tongue back and forth. She’s really moaning, ughing, whatever, I don’t think there’s a way to spell her sounds. I’ve read about this so I slide two fingers into her opening, just below my chin and keep on licking back and forth on a little worm-like shape I feel. Then there’s sort of a shriek from her, her hand pushes on the back of my head, holding me to her, and I feel a bunch of fluid around my fingers. I pull them out, lower my mouth just a little and try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth. I can feel all around my mouth getting sticky. Her hand leaves my head and her whole body sort of relaxes, so I move a little. Her leg comes off my shoulder and I get up over her to kiss her while I feel one breast.

My God,” she says, “How can actually fucking be any more than that? I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.” She gets her hands on either side of my head and kisses me again. “You’re all sticky from me,” she says.

“That’s o.k., you’re all sticky from me,” I tell her and kiss her again.

Well, we finally get almost dressed again and I take her home and we kiss a lot more.

The next day, Barbara and I talk at school and agree to go out again the coming weekend. After school, I’m walking home and Lisa comes walking up to me. I’ve never run into her before on my way home but it’s not a total surprise, she lives nearby. “Rob,” she says, “It’s your eighteenth birthday isn’t it?”

“Well,yeah, I had my birthday party last night.”

“And you didn’t invite me?” I sort of don’t know what to say so I say nothing. “Well I have a present for you.”

“A present for me?”

“Yeah, One I think you’re going to really like.”

We’re at my house and she indicates we should go in. My parents won’t be home for about two hours and she knows it. Inside she says, “We should go up to your room.”

So we do. She’s touching me all through this, feeling my arm, my shoulder. escort bayan That’s the way she is, sort of a touchy-feely person. Then, in my room, she says, “I should unwrap your present.” And she unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. Then she reaches back behind herself and unfastens her bra and takes it off. Those luscious, beautiful breasts are bare in front of me for the first time and they’re even better than I had ever imagined. Big, round, dark pink nipples, Then her skirt is shoved down and she’s pushing her panties down and she’s naked. Completely naked. The sexiest girl in the world is naked! “I’m your present. I want you to enjoy me while I enjoy you. I want to suck you and fuck you and you to eat me and fuck me. Get your clothes off, Rob, so I can get at you.”

Before I’m fully naked, she’s kneeling in front of me and pulling down my boxers. She smiles when she sees my cock and grabs hold of it. Staring at it she says, “First Rob, I want to make you happy. I’m going to enjoy this a lot, you have a lovely cock, Rob.” And with that, it disappears into her mouth. I mean the whole thing. It must be down into her throat or something. I don’t know what fucking feels like but it must be a lot like this, my cock into her mouth and throat. Then she moves her head back and my cock sort of bounces some as it’s released. “Let’s get these clothes out of the way, Rob and let me show you what a professional blow job is.” She’s kissing my legs, my thighs, sucking on my balls, licking my cock, jerking me off with her hand. Then, her hand still working me, the head and a couple more inches are in her mouth and I can feel her licking and sucking. I can’t last long with her doing this. She keeps working me, one hand playing with my balls, the other sliding back and forth a little on the base of my cock, her mouth working on about four inches of me.

“Lisa, I’m going to cum,” I tell her. Her eyes look up at me for a moment but her mouth never stops working. She moves her one hand and takes more and more of my cock into her mouth. Again, it must be into her throat when I start shooting off. She slowly slides a little of my cock out of her mouth while her lips keep sucking me and her tongue licks me. I can feel her draining everything I have out of me. Then she sits back a little and looks at my cock and smiles, then leans forward and sucks it into her mouth again and licks it some more. Then she stands up and puts her arms around my neck.

“I made you happy, now make me happy, Rob. Enjoy this body.” She maneuvers me over to my bed and we lay down and I get my hands to those perfect breasts of hers as I kiss her. She kisses back. Then I’m down to her breasts, kissing and licking and sucking and feeling them. I’m surprised, they’re softer than I thought. The way they stand up and out I figured they were muscle and they’re not. But they’re amazing and I do everything I can to them. She’s almost purring, enjoying what I’m doing. Then I kiss down over her stomach. A very flat stomach, muscular. She must work out. As I get down there, her legs spread wide and her knees move up almost to her shoulders and I can see every single bit of her pussy. Blond hair. Darker than her head but definitely blond, almost all above her pussy. Dark pink, sort of wrinkled lips, clean. Maybe she shaves them. Beautiful. I use my hands to pull her open. She’s all pink inside. I lean in, shove my tongue into her. “Aah, yes,” she says and as I lick around she says “yes” several times. I lick up to find her clit. I pull my face back slightly to look and find it. It’s hard to tell, it’s a pink/red shape among pink/red flesh but it’s there and I lick it with my tongue. An “aah” from her. I lick back down into her and then up again. I pull back every once in a while to look at what I’m working on. Her insides look almost as if they’re turning inside out, getting engorged or something, puffing up. I really like this. I like all the sounds she’s making, too. She likes what I’m doing.

“Suck my clit, Rob. Pull on it with your lips. Work on it. Make me cum, Rob.”

That’s what I do. I bring a couple fingers up and slide them into her as I work on her clit. I finger fuck her. Not real fast but feeling around inside her as my fingers move in and out. Finally her “aahs” start running together into a constant low scream and I can feel juices around my fingers so I move my mouth down as I did with Barbara and try to suck up whatever she’s putting out. I suck almost her whole pussy into my mouth.

Her hands, are on either side of my head, urging me away. “Rob, you’re great. You’re really good at that. You liked it didn’t you?”

“I loved it, Lisa. You have a fantastic body.”

“Fuck me, Rob. Get that monster of yours into me.”

She helps aim me in and I push my bayrampaşa escort way. I’m surprised it’s so tight. I didn’t realize it would be so difficult to force my cock into her. But I’m finally all the way in.

“You feel so good in there, Rob. Fuck me. Really fuck me.”

I pull back and push in. Again. Then again. Her arms are around my back, her feet on the bed, pushing her hips up at me as I push into her. “Faster, Rob. Harder. Don’t be bashful. Really fuck me. Bang into me.” So I do. I work at it. Our bodies are bashing into one another. She’s pushing back almost as hard as I’m pushing into her. She’s grunting on each stroke. I can feel her one hand is down between us working on her clit. I’m surprised how long we keep going. Finally her grunts start getting louder and running together until she lets out a moan/scream sound and I can feel her insides sort of rippling on my cock, squeezing and letting go, like it’s milking me, which makes me cum and I shoot everything I have left into her.

I’m laying on her, holding up some of my weight on my arms. She has her legs almost around me, holding me to her. “I knew you’d be good, Rob. You have a great body. I just had to wait until you were legal. How’d you like your birthday present?”

“It isn’t over yet, is it?”

“I don’t know, Rob. Is it? I want more if you can do more.”

“Well, not right away. From everything I’ve read, we should probably take a shower together. My feeling your beautiful body should get me ready again.” She smiles and lifts her head a little and kisses me. I pull my butt back a little and feel me slide out of her. She lowers her legs and I roll off to the side. I put a hand on a breast and one on her stomach. “Lisa, your body is perfect. I’ve jerked off thinking of you over and over. So actually being with you is great. You’re even better than I had ever imagined.”

We shower together, Feel each other’s bodies. I lick her pussy as I wash her, she sucks my cock as she washes me. I’m up and hard and she lifts a leg and sort of jumps up on me. “Fuck me Rob, get it in me, now.” I bend my knees to lower myself slightly and get aimed into her and raise up, the warm water running on both of us, and push all the way up into her again. She gets her other leg up and is wrapped around my hips. I lean her back against the tile wall to help support her and start fucking her. I’m glad the water is running on us, otherwise I’d be perspiring, I’m working so hard on her, Pounding up into her, lifting her body a little on each stroke. She’s just saying “yes” over and over. I finally stop fucking her, I’ve fucked enough, even though I haven’t cum. We get out of the tub and I grab a couple towels but as she’s drying me she says, “Lay down, Rob.” I do and the next thing I know, she’s atop me and her pussy is coming down on my mouth and I can feel her mouth on my cock.

I eat her as forcefully as I can, finding her clit and licking and sucking on it. My hands are holding onto her big, full, firm ass and she’s working my cock like it’s her last meal. Then she almost jumps free and moves around and sits on my cock, taking it up into her. Her arms are in each side of me and she’s moving her hips and fucking me now, leaning over me. I use my wrestling muscles to lift my head up and get my mouth to a breast and suck on her nipple as I use a free hand to tweak the other nipple. Soon I can feel her insides working on me again and she sits up straight and makes an odd, animal-like throaty roar or scream and I can feel her juices coming on me and then I cum, too, shooting up into her. I doubt if there’s much more there by now, though.

She collapses on me and we kiss. I can feel her breasts on me. She moves her hips and my cock slides out of her and she stands, looking down at me. “I bet I liked that at least as much as you did, probably more. Happy birthday, Rob.” Then she walked out. When I got up and came into my bedroom, she had her panties and bra on and was pulling her skirt up. “I remember my first time, Rob. You’re probably going to think this is love. it isn’t. It’s just sex. I’m not a good person. I like sex too much. So don’t make me into something I’m not. I’ve fucked too many times by now. But this was very, very good. You’re good, Rob. Maybe you better not tell your sister, she’ll hate me. But I’ve wanted to do this for some time. We may never see each other again.”

“I’d like to do this again if we could. Or more often than just again.”

“I don’t know, Rob. That’s probably not a good idea. Let’s see if this doesn’t manage to get us both out of each other’s systems. You can quit fantasizing about me and I can quit wanting to experience you.”

She leaves. I’m still naked. My cock shriveled. The phone rings. It’s Barbara. She wants to get together with me again this evening, doesn’t want to wait for the weekend, tells me that last night was so perfect. And that she’ll bring a couple condoms. I tell her, yeah, I want to, too. What is it that’s supposed to get you ready again? I wonder, do we have any oysters?

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