TV? What TV?

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I am sitting in the living room watching TV alone. I can hear you typing on the computer in the other room. My computer is down for the moment and I have been too lazy to fix it or I would be in there with you. It has been a long couple of days since you an I haven’t gotten along all that great. I hate when we argue, but this one like any of the others will go away once the hurt feelings are healed.

You ask me what I am watching and I say that I’m watching the Raiders loss as always. You laugh at that and tell me you will probably be awhile on the computer. I think to myself that is probably more fun then what I’m doing at the moment. It’s been a dismal year for my team and things don’t look like they are going to get better anytime soon.

I get up to head to the bathroom and to get a drink. On my way back I look in on you but see that you’re not sitting in your chair. I shrug my shoulders and head back to the living room. As I get there I notice the game isn’t on, which is ok by me because it was making my head hurt. Then I notice that you have changed the channel to the playboy channel. This makes me laugh because it was you that insisted we get this channel not me. I am not even paying attention to what’s on as I walk up behind the couch to find you naked rubbing on your breasts intently watching the TV.

I lean over the couch to give you a kiss on the cheek and ask if you want me to leave you alone for awhile. I know sometimes we both need a little space to exercise our own personal needs. You tell me no you would like me to stay and join in if I wouldn’t perabet mind. This sounds good to me especially after the last few days. As I come around the couch to sit down I notice that you have some movie with Jesse Jane in it. She seems to be a favorite of yours as of late. I think that’s great because she is really hot and fun to watch. I sit close to you and start caressing your legs watching the TV out of the corner of my eye. It seems that things are getting hot in this scene as I see you run your hand down over your panties. You let out a sigh as you rub your clit through the sheer material. I am very hard at this point just watching you. You slide your hand inside your thong and start to slide a finger into your pussy and rub your clit with your thumb.

You tell me to take off my sweats and join in. I don’t need to be asked twice. As I slip off my cloths you tell me that we are just watching each other. This is one of the things I love most. It’s so exciting to watch you satisfy yourself. You take off your panties and put one leg on the back of the couch and the other wide open. I just sigh to myself as I look at your well trimmed pussy. A few months ago you shaved your bush into a V shape and really liked it so you have been doing that since.

I see you grab some oil off of the floor and pour some into your hand. You ask if I want some, I tell you that I will in a minute I just want to watch you for now. As you rub your hands together I close my eyes with the sounds of the oil sliding between your fingers. I open my eye just as you start perabet giriş to massage your breasts. They are gleaming with the light from the TV; it is such an erotic sight. You slowly move your hands down your stomach and continue rubbing the oil in. You get to your legs and I know you’re trying to torture me by taking your time. My cock has been solid watching you with pre-cum dripping out because I’m so excited.

You get some more oil and ask if I’m ready for some yet. I hold out my hand so you can pour some into it. As I start to rub it into my hands, you start to massage your upper thighs working your way to your pussy. Just as your start to rub your clit I slide my hand down my cock. The smell is intense and the excitement is building by the second.

You’re looking straight at me as you start rubbing your clit in little circles. I am stroking my dick faster at this point but trying to maintain control. As you slide two fingers into your pussy you ask if I liked that. I tell you yes in a husky voice because of the excitement. I try to swallow to clear my throat but it doesn’t work.

You start to really talk nasty to me as you bang your fingers in and out of your crotch. You start asking if I wanted to eat your sweet pussy then slide my hard cock deep inside of you. I took this as an invitation so I start to slide down to lick that beautiful pussy of yours. I was surprised to hear you telling me to sit back up. You tell me all you’re doing is teasing me and we would have more fun later but right now we are just watching each other. perabet güvenilir mi I say ok and continue to stroke my dick watching you play with yourself.

You tell me to sit up between your knees so you can see better. So I sit up and move into a better position. My cock feels huge in my slippery hand. I have never had any complaints about size but right now I feel way bigger then normal.

You moan to me that you’re getting close and you want us to cum together. I am just about there myself so I know that just about anything will set me off. I slow down a little bit so I can wait for you, it very hard to keep control at this point. You take your other hand and start rubbing your clit as you have put three fingers in your pussy sliding them in and out quickly. With your chest and neck flushed I know your getting close so I start to stroke my cock faster. Your moans get louder as you rub your clit harder.

You scream out that your cumming and to cum with you. I stroke my cock faster as I see moister come from in between your legs. I tell you that I’m cumin also as I start to shoot my load. Your still working your pussy as squirt after squirt comes out of my cock landing on your tits, stomach, and hands. I haven’t cum that hard in awhile so I felt very satisfied. You seem to be satisfied also as you smile at me and start to lick the cum off of your hands. This looks so seductive and naughty that I wonder if I can go again soon.

You ask me if I can go get a towel to help clean up. I do this quickly and return to the couch. Just as I get there I see you scoop up some of my cum with the tip of your finger and slide it in your mouth. You suck your finger clean looking up at me with a smile on your face. You ask me when I can go again. I grab your hand telling you right now as I take you to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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