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Groping Breasts

TurnedintoaCuckA few weeks ago, I attended a training conference in Hilton Head, S.C. The company I work for has multiple locations throughout the southeast and paid all the expenses to the four day program. They were willing to pay at least half of the accommodations or all of it if we were willing to share a room with another company employee. All other expenses, including meals, were paid for as well as a small daily expense account for entertainment.I’m 28 and my wife and I just purchased our first home a couple of years ago and as you can imagine, we are on a really tight budget. I gladly opted for the fully paid room. I had not actually shared a room with someone since college, but that experience hadn’t been so bad. Actually, my college roommate and I have remained good friends since graduation even though we live a considerable distance apart now. The Hilton was an oceanfront property with my room overlooking the beach. It was early in the season, so there were not as many bikini clad beauties to view but just getting away from the office was a blessing. It’s been a difficult couple of years in sales but we’ve all weathered the storm and now the company was finally freeing up money in human resources to train us on some of the new product lines.When I checked in, I saw they had me rooming with somebody from Charlotte, not far from where my wife and I actually live. The bellman took my bags up while I surveyed the hotel – the pool, the restaurant, and finally… the bar. I went ahead and had a couple of beers before I went up to the room to unpack.When I arrived I saw an open suitcase on the bed nearest the door. The owner appeared to be in the restroom. The TV was on so I sat down on the bed, bundling my pillows behind my back, and waited to meet my new roommate.I was relieved when the guy who popped around the corner appeared to be a well groomed man, perhaps ten or fifteen years my senior. I announced myself immediately as to not startle him.”Hi, I’m Bob,” sticking my hand out in anticipation he would do the same.”Steve,” he shot back. “Where you from?””Raleigh,” I replied. “You in sales? I saw you were from Charlotte when I was checking in.””Actually I’m with one of the product lines you’re training on this week. I believe your company put some of us together with you guys. And yes, I’m from Charlotte,” Steve smiled back.”I was just about to head downstairs. I believe there is a ‘Get Aquatinted’ program going on with some appetizers and drinks,” Steve informed me.I figured I could unpack later and Steve and I went down to the lobby and were directed to a room set up with an open bar and quite a spread. I didn’t really know anyone with the company and struck up a few casual conversations here and there.What surprised me though was Steve. It was like he didn’t know a stranger as he moved through the crowd striking up conversations with anyone who arrived. He had a strong sense of confidence and a certain charisma. I was already glad he was my roommate. After the hospitality room closed, Steve and I made our way into the bar where we watched an NBA game and talked more about our personal lives. Looking back, I seemed to do most of the talking as I shared with Steve that my wife Laurie and I dated throughout most of college and married when I was 24.Steve shared he was 38 and divorced. He confided that his busy travel schedule was really a strain on his marriage which ended more than five years ago. Since then, he was in a steady relationship but not tied down to any one person.I couldn’t believe how easy he was to talk to as I seemed to go on and on about college, my job, my marriage. Steve was drinking scotch while I switched back to beers, trying to remember it would be a long day tomorrow listening to speakers throughout the day. When we arrived back at the room, I began stowing away my clothes when Steve announced he was going to get a quick shower. I surfed the channels on the nice high def TV as I heard the water running in the other room. I had taken up my familiar position on the bed when I was startled with Steve’s nude frame walking out of the bathroom.I’m not a prude or anything and I’m fairly used to guys walking around naked down at the “Y” or even back in school. I was just not accustomed to a total stranger walking around nude in my bedroom. Steve meanwhile was rubbing his head with the towel and then tossed it over into a chair.My new roommate had his back to me but I couldn’t help notice his tanned chiseled frame. There was little doubt he worked out. He reached for a comb in a travel bag on the dresser and brushed back his locks, taking his time before turning and walking over to the bed.I couldn’t help but stare and was startled when he half turned and asked, “My being undressed doesn’t bother you does it?” When I wasn’t immediately forthcoming with a response, he added, “I’m kind of used to shedding this business attire at home. But if it bothers you, I’ll put something on…” he said looking back right at me. I pretended that I really didn’t notice and looked over trying to look disinterested, “No, I’m fine. Hell, we’re just guys here. Make yourself at home.”Privately I was shocked. I stared ahead at the TV but couldn’t help but see his cock swinging in front out of the corner of my eye. I pride myself in that I have what I consider a nice sized dick. But this guy had some major meat hanging down. I also noticed he shaved his genital area. As a matter of fact both his crotch and chest seemed to be completely hairless and smooth.Steve walked over and sat down on the bed and hiked a leg up, resting it across one knee.”Are you sure?” he looked over. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything. I guess I’m just used to relaxing at home.”I looked over and just sort of shrugged my response, “No, I’m cool. Might not want to go out like that though,” I added trying to add levity and move on from the subject. “Anything on?” he asked so nonchalantly.”Not sure. Looks like we get a good many channels,” then I added, “and some pay channels to boot.” There were several ShowTime channels with a variety of movies and specials.Steve looked at the TV for a minute and then announced he was going to get to bed. He stood up again as his dick swung just a couple of feet from me. I was still startled that he would just undress right down to his birthday suit.I heard him in the bathroom, apparently brushing his teeth, as he ran water, turned out the light and headed for bed. He again walked right past as I tried to stare directly ahead.I’m not gay, nor have I ever had any same sex encounters of any kind, but I couldn’t help glancing over occasionally as he pulled back the comforter and sheets. Before sliding between them, he turned and half faced me, “I’m sort of a morning person and like to get up early and work out. Will that bother you?” he inquired.”No, that’s fine,” I shot back, trying desperately to look up at his face, hoping my eyes did not betray me.When Steve turned off his lamp, I actually laid in bed thinking about what had transpired over the last few minutes. I could feel my mouth had gotten dry as I made my way over to the small fridge and pulled out a bottled water. I lay back in the bed and watched TV for about an hour until I too felt the urge to catch some sleep. I slipped off my pants and tugged my shirt over my head before turning out the light. Closing my eyes, I could not get the images of Steve’s naked body out of my head. I had never given any thoughts to having sex with another man but here I was admitting to myself, I was aroused, excited seeing Steve, knowing I’d likely be seeing plenty of it this week.I didn’t even hear Steve get up. Merely the door opening up as he reentered the room from his morning workout. The rustling of clothes and then the shower running in the bathroom. I had been facing the sliding glass door which I had intentionally left open. The soft roar of the waves crashing down on the beach below us.Then I found myself turning over on my side facing Steve’s direction. I knew it was crazy, but I wondered if I’d get another show. I had never been turned on watching guys undress. Never gave it a second thought. But here I was, my heart pounding in my chest, hoping to see Steve pop around the corner again.I was not disappointed. Just a few minutes in the shower, Steve again emerged. Rubbing the towel across his back, around his legs, before tossing it back in the bathroom on the floor. Once again he stepped to the mirror and brushed his hair. I watched through squinting eyes as he moved around the room retrieving articles of clothing before reaching into the dresser and stepping into a pair of boxers. In just a manner of moments he was tying his tie around his neck, slipping on his suit jacket and out the door.I had pretended to be asleep but the moment the door closed behind Steve, I threw back my sheets. I had stripped down to my briefs the night before and simply slept in them. Looking down, I could not help but notice how aroused I seemed to be. I’m not sure why I did it, but I reached down and cupped my briefs under my balls and began to stroke my cock. I spit into my hand, wetting it down, as I applied it to my shaft and began rubbing my hardening cock. I thought of the sex Laurie and I had just a few nights earlier. Laurie is a gorgeous brunette and I could picture her tits swinging back and forth as I pumped my dick into her doggy style – a position we both really loved.It didn’t seem long at all before I felt my orgasm approaching. But the scary thing was the images I kept seeing. Steve’s chest, his naked cock swinging back and forth. His balls which hung down low. I tried to concentrate back on Laurie, her beautiful ass, those big brown eyes. And then the familiar build up in my cock as I shot load after load onto my chest. I got up, wiped off the mess with a tissue and stepped into the shower.The day seemed to drag on as most of the morning and then the early afternoon was filled with lectures and PowerPoint’s. It had been some time since I sat through a college lecture and I had forgotten how boring they could be. When we took a mid-afternoon break, I snuck back to the room, slipped on my suit and headed off to the pool.Some of the employees from the seminar had organized a trip to a nearby Seafood Restaurant for dinner but I decided to chill out by the pool. The beers went down easy in the hot sun. I struck up a conversation with a couple on vacation, enjoying small talk, as I relaxed at the resort. I grabbed a burger listening to a guitar player entertaining the small crowd which had gathered in the outside bar.It was then I saw Steve apparently coming back from dinner. It was a real contrast with me in a swimsuit and a t-shirt and Steve in a nice pair of dress slacks and a polo. He sat down and ordered a scotch from the waitress inquiring about my day.We just sort of picked up on the previous night’s conversation. There was something about this guy – so relaxed, unpretentious. As he sat at the table, someone would walk by and speak, telling him how much they enjoyed his presentation earlier in the day.I’m not sure how long we stayed downstairs but I knew I was feeling a little bit of the alcohol from my afternoon by the pool and now the bar. When Steve announced he was headed up to the room, I indicated I wasn’t far behind.When I entered our hotel room, Steve was in the bathroom taking a shower. I flipped a few channels finally settling on a rerun of a CSI episode. By now I knew the drill and expected Steve to walk out nude. He did. I guess it was the drinks, but I caught myself staring. Watching as his penis waved back and forth as he walked around the room.Once I was sure he caught my stare as I tried to look away. While I pretended to be looking over paperwork for the next day, I thought I saw a half smile on Steve’s face at having caught me admiring his tight abs along with the package below.Feeling a little grungy from the day out in the sun, I decided to clean up a little myself and took a shower. The hot water cascading over my shoulders felt great. Feeling much better, I stepped from the shower and toweled off, wrapping the soft fluffy cloth around my waist and walking back in the bedroom. Steve was lying nude across the bed reading a magazine. I walked over to the bed and picked up the remote. Steve indicated he wasn’t watching anything in particular so I surfed until the remote settled on a pay station. It was an adult flick, soft porn, but porn none the less.I relaxed on the bed and watched a scene or two before it just timed out. I suppose it was a tease to get you to order because the screen indicated to continue watching you had to press the orange order button.”Fuck,” I exclaimed “just when it was getting good.”Steve set the magazine down on his chest and looked over. “Order it if you like,” he suggested.I reflected for a second, thinking about whether to make the purchase or turn in for the night.”Or do you want the real thing?” Steve inquired looking at me.”The real thing?” I questioned back. “You mean, go back downstairs?”Steve set the magazine aside, sat up on the side of the bed. “No, no I didn’t mean that. I’ve seen you looking. We both know what you really want.””What do you mean?” I shot back. “You know exactly what I mean,” he answered back, standing up and taking his dick in his hand. “You’ve been checking me out ever since I got here, and now we’re gonna’ let you have it.”I wanted to blurt out he was wrong. He was crazy as hell. It was him walking around naked all the time. I wasn’t gay. I wasn’t into guys. I was married. Happily married! But here I was speechless. Staring at his cock he was stroking with his hand, pumping it back and forth, hardening before my eyes.”Come over here Bobby. Sit over here,” he motioned pointing to the side of my bed.I sat frozen in place. I wasn’t about to move. He was wrong. I wasn’t like that. I would never do what he was asking. My eyes watching him stroke his cock, his other hand still pointing to the spot on the side of the bed. I looked up from his dick. His eyes looking straight back into mine.”It’s okay Bobby,” Steve broke the silence. “It’s just us. No one else will know. Not your wife, no one that works with you. Just us two. I know you’re curious. I know you want to do it.”I was determined not to move, even as I felt myself sliding to the side of the bed, my legs slipping over the side. My face just inches away as he continued to slide his hand across the long shaft of his cock.”Go ahead, take a nice long look son. That’s what you been wanting to do,” Steve said softly.He let go of his dick and it swayed, bobbed, defying gravity as it hung there. I couldn’t say anything as I just stared at it. I’d never seen another man’s penis up close. Steve realized the state I was in, the hold he had. Unable to make the first move, he broke the silence, “Go ahead boy. Touch it. You can feel it.”It was as if I was in a trance. I reached out with my right hand and rested it on his warm shaft, my fingers closing around it. I couldn’t believe how soft, how warm it was.”That’s right Bobby, stroke it, stroke my cock,” Steve encouraged me as I began to slide my hand back and forth on his hard shaft. It got harder and harder under my touch, rising, stiffening.Steve stepped closer to me and rested his hand on the back of my neck. “Kiss it Bobby. Kiss my cock.”I couldn’t move my head. I wasn’t gay. It was one thing to touch him. I had to draw a line at sucking him off. I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it. I wanted to turn away, to stop, but I found myself still transfixed. Still stroking his cock.Steve’s finger reached down and rested on my lips. His finger pushing against my lips, pushing until his finger entered my mouth. In a matter of seconds, I found myself sucking on his finger. His finger exploring my mouth. “You have such a pretty mouth Bobby. I want you to kiss my cock. Let me feel your pretty lips pendik escort on my dick,” he coaxed.I felt his hand pressuring behind my neck, pulling my head closer and closer until my lips touched his cock, warm on my lips. My mouth now touching his dick. It seemed so surreal. This wasn’t me. It was someone else as I felt my lips slide across the head, planting kisses on the crown, on the side of his hard cock.Then without any further encouragement I let his dick slide into my mouth, through my parted lips. I was sucking a cock. I never imagined I would ever do what I was doing but here I was. Sucking a cock of a man I had just met the day before. Then he instructed me how to please him. What he liked as I began to lose my inhibitions.I did exactly as he said as I sucked madly on his cock, rubbing his balls, taking them in my mouth on his request. When Steve removed his dick from my mouth, I sought it out trying to pull it back. I loved his taste. I liked the feeling of his cock swelling in my mouth. I could tell from his moans that he was enjoying what I was doing as my head moved up and down on his hard shaft. I couldn’t take the whole cock in my mouth but I jacked his cock with my hand trying to stuff as much in my mouth as possible. I bathed the head with my tongue knowing I was doing a great job as Steve guided my head between his hands. He reached down and pulled on my nipple causing me to wince. No one had ever played with my nipples, not even my wife, as he realized how sensitive they were and kept up his assault, pulling, twisting causing me to suck harder.It was then I felt his balls tighten and I knew from his knees starting to buckle he was close to cumming. I tried to lift off of his dick but Steve held me in place, holding my head firmly over his cock, buried in my mouth as he began shooting his load.”Fuck, that’s right, suck me, take that load boy,” Steve groaned. I didn’t want to swallow his semen but he held me in place. I swallowed as quickly as possible. While at first I struggled, I begin to accept his release and then found myself sucking again, licking, trying to take in all the cum, some which had escaped from the corners of my mouth. It was salty and slick but I licked it up, sucking the remainder from the tip of his dick as Steve settled back on the bed. His slippery dick pulling free from my mouth.”Damn that was good boy. You’re a natural. A natural little cock sucker,” Steve smiled as he gathered his breath, then slinking down to his knees, unwrapped the towel that covered my dick. Steve gazed on my already hard cock. It wasn’t nearly as big as his. He placed his hand around my dick. It was the first time any man had ever touched my cock.His hand was much bigger, rougher than my wife’s little hand. Steve bent down and took my cock into his warm mouth. I collapsed back on my elbows as I watched Steve go down on me, taking my whole cock into his mouth. His lips actually touching my stomach. I couldn’t believe Steve could take it all, but there he was giving me the best blow job I could ever remember getting. Laurie was good but somehow I think Steve was better.I wasn’t sure whether it’s because he knew what he liked and that’s what he did or whether it was the taboo nature of it. Steve knew exactly what he was doing. He bathed my cock and balls with his tongue. I’m not sure I had ever experienced the blowjob he was giving me. It was absolutely great!Eventually Steve slid up on the bed and began kissing on my nipple, drawing it into his mouth, sucking, licking, biting lightly at my little bud. He pulled the wet towel completely off me, ripping it out from under me, leaving me naked under his hungry gaze.I had no idea how sensitive my nipples were but I enjoyed Steve sucking and pulling on them. “Spread your legs boy,” Steve commanded me.I did as he asked without thinking as I felt a warm wet finger pressing against my puckered asshole. Steve pulled his finger away and coated it with spit from his mouth and placed it again at the entrance to my ass. Pushing gently, it entered slowly.No one had ever explored my ass as Steve worked his finger in and around, continuing to suck on my nipple. “Stroke your cock boy. Jack it off for me,” Steve urged.Steve slid up. I had my eyes closed and was unprepared when I felt his lips on mine. I couldn’t believe he was kissing me. My lips were tight against his as he licked my lips, running his tongue along them. My lips and eyes both were tightly closed. I didn’t want to do this. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. And then it happened, his tongue prying between my clenched lips. My lips parting slightly as his tongue pushed through, exploring my yielding mouth, finally resigned, allowing him to kiss me.Here I was laying across the bed, another man kissing me, fingering my ass as I jacked my own cock. One finger, two fingers, pushing in my backside, exploring, in and out as I relaxed taking more and more of him. He pushed in, burying his fingers in my ass. I had both feet flat on the mattress, my legs apart, as Steve explored a part of me that Laurie or no other woman had ever done.At first it was uncomfortable but as I jacked my dick, I spread my legs wider exposing myself, letting him have as much access as possible. “You like that boy? You like me fingering your ass?””Yea,” I grunted back acknowledging what we both already knew. I could feel myself pushing back into his fingers, my left hand pulling on my own butt cheek, trying to open it wider. It was a warm sensation. A sensation I had never felt before and it felt so good. “That’s right, spread that little cherry ass. It’s a hot little ass. I was noticing it today out by the pool. You gotta’ nice little ass,” Steve chanted as he pushed his fingers in, deeper and deeper.Steve went back to kissing me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. “Stick your tongue out boy,” Steve hissed. I did as directed as he sucked my tongue into his hot mouth. His fingers were plunging now in and out of my ass, his hand slapping at my cheeks.I felt my balls draw tight as I shot stream after stream across my stomach. There was so much cum some splashed beside my head on the mattress. As my own orgasm subsided, I went limp, my legs collapsing down on Steve’s hand which he withdrew as he placed a last, long, lingering kiss on my lips.When Steve pulled away from me, he gazed back in my eyes. I felt completely wiped out. He took a finger and scooped up a small glob of my own cum and placed it lightly on my lips. I could taste the saltines of my own cum as I wiped my lips with my tongue taking the semen into my mouth as Steve smiled.He got up announcing we had a busy day in the morning as he went into the bathroom to ready himself for bed. I don’t believe I moved an inch when he returned, set his clock and slid between his sheets.”Goodnight boy,” Steve said as he clicked off the lamp on the night stand. It was then the “Boy” registered with me. Not Bobby but “Boy”. It was kind of lost on me earlier.I pushed the sheets down and then crawled back under them. I had just participated in my first same sex encounter. It was like someone else had done it. Not me. But I realized, it was me. I wanted to deny it. I didn’t want to do it. But I did and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot. There was still three days left in the conference and I wondered what might happen next. All I knew was if he asked me again I would have sex with him again. Actually I wanted to. It was all I could think about as I closed my eyes.I didn’t sleep very well that night, continually tossing and turning thinking about what had transpired hours earlier. The image of me having oral sex with another man. Allowing him to finger my ass, actually enjoying it, was tearing me into. I considered myself as straight as they come, a very happily married man. Yet, I knew what I had done and enjoyed doing.I was actually awake when Steve got up the next morning, slipping on his shorts, t-shirt, and shoes for his workout. Pulling the sheet over my head, I tried to catch just a few more minutes of sleep before I got up myself. It was perhaps two hours later when Steve returned, running a shower, before emerging, wiping the remnants of water from his back.He looked over to see me staring back. “Good morning sunshine,” he smiled disarmingly. “sleep well?”I wanted to say are you k**ding. Hell no, not after what we did… how I’m feeling about it. Instead I turned facing him, “Yea,” I lied.”I enjoyed our little session last night,” Steve went on as he approached my bed. “You’re pretty damn good for a first timer,” he added, now taking his dick in his hand. I watched as he gently stroked his cock. He was looking at me but my gaze was solidly fixed on the cock which was swelling in his hand.Within seconds his cock was fully erect, sticking straight out at an upward angle. My own heart was pounding as I looked at it, with Steve removing his hand leaving just his cock which seemed to beckon me. Everything in my mind told me to stay put. This was wrong – it was crazy. I wasn’t gay. I didn’t do things like this but I felt drawn, almost hypnotized by the sight before me.”Go ahead boy. We both know what you want to do. Now that you’ve had this cock, you can’t get enough. You want more. You want to taste it. Come on, get down here on your knees and suck my cock. Lick it. Take my load boy.”It was almost as if it were somebody else and I was unable to stop them as I slid out of the bed, still naked from the night before. I knelt down on my knees. Steve placed his hands on both hips as he guided his cock to my mouth. Without any further instruction I parted my lips and took in his cock.I could still taste faint traces of soap from his shower. He smelled clean and fresh as the warm flesh moved back and forward between my lips.”Fuck you’re a good little dick sucker,” he moaned as I wrapped my hands around his ass and pulled him tighter to my face. “Yea, suck it, lick my balls boy. Take my nuts in your mouth and suck them.”I did exactly that as I sucked one then the other ball. I marveled at his hairless sack. How smooth his skin was all around his dick, completely shaved bare. I held his cock and licked the length of the shaft before sticking it back in my mouth. Steve removed his cock and rubbed it on my face, across my lips.”Stick your tongue out boy,” he commanded. I complied as he rubbed his head across my tongue, lightly beating it with his shaft. “You like that cock don’t cha’ boy? You like sucking my dick, kneeling down there taking this cock in your mouth, don’t cha?””Yes sir,” I said in between slurps.”Are you my little cock sucker? That what you are boy?” Steve asked.”Yes sir,” I moaned back licking his dick.”Yes sir what,” he shot back.”I’m your cock sucker. I can’t get enough of your cock. I love it,” I answered back.”Look up here. Look at me,” Steve barked. I looked up at him, his dick buried in my mouth. “You want to taste my load. You want me to feed you some breakfast?””Yes sir. Cum for me. I want you to cum in my mouth,” I begged. I did. I couldn’t help myself. I was so turned on. I wanted him to shoot his load and let me suck it down.”Stick your tongue out and open wide boy,” Steve commended.I sat back on my legs and opened my mouth as wide as possible, sticking my tongue out in anticipation of his promise. Steve jacked his cock just a few times before the first stream of cum sailed across my face. He corrected his aim and sent the next spurt into my hungry mouth. Two or three more found their target before he wiped the last remnants on my tongue.I closed my mouth and swallowed the remainder. Steve took his finger and scooped up the stream starting to slide down my face. He took the finger and placed it to my lips which I took into my mouth, savoring now the taste of my own cum.”Damn you’re hot boy. You learn fast. Stand up,” he commanded. I did as he directed and when I was standing before him, he took me in his arms. I felt small as he kissed me hard. My own erect cock rubbed against our stomachs as he grabbed onto my ass cheeks and pulled me tight. His tongue pushing into my mouth, our lips rubbing together.It was almost like in that moment I belonged to him. I wanted to belong to him as he kissed me as passionately as I had ever been kissed.”I’d like to take care of you but I have a class that starts up in 15 minutes. Lie down on the bed and jack off while I get ready. I want to see you cum for me,” he urged.I did as he directed and lay down on the bed, watching him dress as I stroked my cock. I lubed my dick up with my own saliva as I pumped my dick. In moments I was spurting cum onto my chest. He looked on with a smile as he finished tying his tie and slipped on his jacket.I lay on the bed, cum all over my stomach and chest as I closed my eyes. That might have been a mistake. When I opened them it was nearly noon. I had fallen asleep and missed most of the morning’s program. Sitting in class after lunch was almost a waste. My thoughts kept going back to the last twenty-four hours. It was hard for me to fathom that this time yesterday my last thoughts were I’d be some guy’s playmate. But here I was and I couldn’t get my mind off what we had done – what I had done.As wrong as I knew it was, I simply couldn’t erase the images of kneeling at Steve’s feet, taking the last few drops of cum which dribbled off the head of his cock. I sat through the day’s program but my mind was definitely somewhere else and immediately after the class broke up I headed upstairs.I waited in the room assuming Steve might come up. When he didn’t I headed down to the bar and began to suck down some Grey Goose and tonics. Around ten and feeling no pain at all, I decided to turn in. I took the elevator to our room and opened up the patio glass door to get a great breeze. The warm salty ocean air filled the room as I slipped off my clothes, leaving just my briefs as I collapsed on the bed, waiting on the arrival of my roommate.My thoughts kept rerunning the scenes of Steve, his cock, my mouth. I pulled down my briefs and began stroking my cock, swelling in my hand. The images of Steve’s shaved crotch, his heavy balls that I bathed with my tongue. Then the thought hit me. I retreated into the bathroom and began running the shower. I got out my shaving cream and lathered up my crotch. I was careful to use a new blade as I began shaving strips across my lower abdomen, around my balls, anywhere I detected hair until I felt completely smooth. I even swiped under my balls and around the crack of my ass.Rinsing off, I watched as the hair fell to the bottom of the shower in clumps. Most of it went down the drain but I used a tissue to pick up the rest and discard in the trash basin. Looking into the mirror I couldn’t believe how much bigger my cock looked with no hair, I couldn’t recall being hairless since I was 13. But here I was, standing in the mirror looking at my erect cock, swollen from my arousal. I hoped Steve would be pleased with my new look. Steve had a bottle of Dewar’s Scotch on the dresser and I didn’t think he would mind. I’m not a scotch drinker but I needed something to steady my nerves as I looked at my bald dick and hairless balls in the dresser mirror. I wondered what my wife would say when I unveiled my new look. I could come up with some lame story I’d seen some guy down here in the sauna and thought I’d do it.At any rate, I sat back on the bed, turned on the TV and waited. It was almost midnight when I heard the door click and open. Steve smiled as he looked at me, naked on the bed. I don’t think he noticed at first my surprise, as he made his way over to the scotch and poured him a drink too.”I see you’ve been waiting on me and I definitely approve of the way you’re dressed,” he said with a smile as he walked over. It was then that his eyes looked at my shaved crotch, completely hairless as my dick was already fully erect.”Oh my, I didn’t see that earlier. That’s nice…very nice,” he said appreciating escort pendik my handiwork. I like a shaved cock. You have a very pretty cock. So much nicer without all that hair.He set his drink down on the nightstand and rubbed his hand across my stomach, down across my hairless abdomen to my cock, gripping it, and giving it a couple of tugs. He took my balls in his hand, holding them, giving a gentle squeeze. I felt chills run down my arms at his touch. He let go and unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it over to a chair. He slipped off his loafers and lifted his feet removing his socks, then his slacks. As he pulled down his boxers his cock came into view. The cock I had come to worship over the last day.”I’m sorry I had to run off and leave you hanging this morning. I’m not normally like that but I knew I had to get set up.” Steve moved to the foot of the bed and positioned himself between my outstretched legs. He bent over, taking my dick in his hand, bringing it to his mouth as he swallowed it whole. His lips again now resting on my smooth stomach. I was amazed he could take my whole cock in his mouth and he ran his tongue around my shaft. Steve spent several minutes licking my cock and balls which he alternated in his mouth.Then he did something I was unprepared for, he pushed my legs up where my knees were almost over my head and began to lick my asshole. I had never felt anything like it as he ran his tongue up and down my crack, pushing his tongue in. I moaned as he assaulted my backside with his tongue, then replacing it with his fingers which he worked into my chute.As he toyed with my ass with two, then three fingers, he again sucked in my dick and began moving his mouth up and down on the shaft. I loved the dual feeling of him fucking me with his fingers while giving me head. I completely lost track of how long he was doing that when he rose from the bed and walked over to the dresser. He took something out of a travel bag, a tube that he squirted on his hands, rubbing the liquid on his cock which was already hardening.”Get over here on my bed, on your hands and knees,” he said. I was pretty sure I knew what he intended as he continued to stroke his cock, lubing it up, and then my ass as I scooted up on the bed. There was a part of me that wanted to say hell no. That’s way too big. But another that wanted it. That wanted him to take me.He had been easy on me with his fingers and I hoped he would be just as easy with his monster cock. Luckily the drinks had taken a toll on me and I was much more relaxed as I felt his fingers lubing up my hole, preparing me for his dick.Okay boy, it’s time to take that little cherry ass of yours. That’s what you want isn’t it? You want me to fuck that ass,” he chided.”Yes sir, fuck me. I want you to fuck my ass. My tight little hole. Make it yours,” I said back.I did. I wanted him so bad. I wanted him to fill me with his huge cock.”Look in the mirror boy. I want you to get a close up look as I take that cherry. Watching as I take that ass boy,” he said pointing to the mirror stretching across the dresser.I did just that and couldn’t believe it was me staring back. I watched as he guided his meat to the cheeks of my ass which he pulled apart with his right hand guiding the head of his dick with his left. I could feel the head of his cock touching my asshole, teasing it, pushing just lightly, and then a little more.Then I felt it as his head entered. I knew I jumped a bit as he let go of my ass and grabbed on to the lower part of my back. He stood still, letting me get accustomed to the huge presence now filling my hole. Inching it in, ever so slowly. I could feel his cock moving deep into my bowels drawing a moan from my lips as my head went down to a pillow, biting it as the uncomfortable pain gradually gave way to a feeling of fullness.It seemed to take forever, but eventually I felt his thighs touching mine and I knew he was all the way in. I had taken all of him – his whole cock. My face was turned to the mirror and I watched as he fucked my virgin ass, moving slowly at first, and when he met no resistance a little faster.It was as if it were someone else in the mirror. Not me, as I watched the man taking the other from behind. Driving his cock deep into his ass. I watched as I could see Steve’s dick sliding out between my cheeks and then back again. I felt so submissive – so taken. Now I knew how Laurie and the other women I had fucked felt when I took them doggie style. I was so turned on watching myself. Giving myself totally to Steve.I moved my ass back to meet his thrust. My butt was perched high in the air with my face laying flat on the mattress. I could see my bald little cock and balls flapping with each forward movement. My own cock seemed to shrink, and while I felt horny as hell, it was no longer erect as it moved with each thrust.It was almost as if my cock had retreated with Steve’s anal assault. It dangled from my crotch as my balls contracted in their sack. Occasionally I would reach down and pull on them, feeling the lube which ran down my crack as Steve pushed his cock in and out. “That’s it boy. Take my cock, take it,” he groaned. “Who’s fuckin’ ya? Who’s fuckin’ that ass?””You are,” I moaned.”Is that my ass? Does that little cherry ass belong to me?””Yes sir, it’s your ass. Fuck it. Please fuck my ass,” I moaned back.”So you liked being my little cock sucker yesterday, didn’t cha’ boy?” Steve taunted.”Yes sir, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to feel that way, but I loved it. I loved sucking your cock. That’s all I could think about today. I love sucking your cock,” I ranted.”And tonight you’re my little bitch. You’ve given yourself completely to me. That’s my ass now boy. You’ll give it up any time I want. Wherever I want. If I want it tomorrow, you’ll give it to me. If I call you next week, you’ll drive down and give it to me want cha’ boy? There’s no turning back. That ass belongs to me now.”It hadn’t dawned on me he would contact me after the conference. My heart fluttered. His dick sawing back and forth in my ass. He would call me at home – in front of my wife? I was lost in the thoughts when I heard him bark out, “Answer me boy, if I call you next week, you’ll drive your ass down and give it to me, want you?”I knew what he expected to hear. “Yes sir, I’ll do that. I’ll drive to Charlotte. I’ll do it. You can have it. You can have me … anytime you want,” I added.”Because I own your little bitch ass now. My cock owns it. Isn’t that right?” Steve taunted.”Yea, oh fuck,” I groaned. Steve was slamming harder. Then he pulled his cock out and turned me over. Taking a pillow and shoving it under my ass, he elevated my butt just slightly off the bed as he positioned his cock at my hole which slid in easily now. He bent down and took my right nipple in his mouth, licking, sucking. It felt so good.Then he collapsed his full weight on top of me. He kissed me, his tongue meeting mine as I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him deeper into my ass. I did feel like I belonged to him. So full, so complete as he moved his cock slowly into me, stretching me, taking me.I felt him stiffen and then a warm sensation as his cum shot deep into my ass. It felt wonderful as he pumped his juice in, pushing, deeper, deeper until he relaxed on top of me. I kissed his neck as he pulled his cock free of my ass. I could feel my hole gaping open as warm cum trickled out and down my leg. The next two days of the conference were spent with me servicing him whenever he asked. I sucked his cock or offered him my ass at will. I lost track of how many times I sucked him off in the next two days.The last two nights we roomed together we just shared the same bed. That last night, Steve had just fucked me from behind as we spooned in the bed. My ass had grown accustomed to his cock and this time rather than pull out, he left his dick buried up my backside as he wrapped his arms around me pulling me tightly into his body.”Steve, tomorrow when I leave, did you mean that about coming down to see you? I mean is that something you just said?” I inquired.”No, I meant it. Now that I’ve had that little pussy of yours, I expect to get it often,” he said softly.”Pussy?” I shot back.”Yea, your little pussy. That little boy pussy of yours. The pussy you gave up to me. It’s mine now,” he explained. “I have an ass, yours is a little boy pussy.””Well…what do I say. I mean what do I do about Laurie. I mean, what if she asks what I’m doing? Where I’m going?” I inquired.”Bring her too boy. Bring her down to see me. Both of you,” he chuckled.I pulled away and turned the best I could. His arms holding me from facing him. “No Steve. You can’t involve her.. She can’t know, please,” I begged.”Know? Know what a gay boy she married. That you’re a cock sucker now? You like a hard dick up that little pussy of yours,” he said back. His voice different. Almost defiant, dominant. “No boy. You belong to me. Your ass, your mouth. You’ll do whatever I tell you when I tell you. You understand?””Steve, I’ll do anything, but please don’t let Laurie know. Don’t let her find out what I’ve done,” I pleaded back. I felt tears welt up in my eyes. The horror of her knowing I had crossed the line. That I had become some man’s lover. And worse, it sounded like Steve intended to have her as well. My own wife.”I know you’ll do anything. Anything I want. We both know that,” Steve said as he pulled me back tighter to his chest. “And if I tell you to suck my dick in front of her, you damn well will. You’ll do it and will not hesitate. I’ll fuck your little ass while she looks on. And I’ll fuck her too. Both of you. You understand?” he said so emphatically. “You’ll both be my little play things, my little bitches. I’ll have you both whenever and wherever I want. You got that?”The realization of what he intended sunk in. I knew he would. And if I said no what would he do? Would he tell her? Tell her what I had become. What we had done? Would she believe him?His voice interrupted my thoughts. “Anyway, deep down that’s what you want. We both know that. You like me fucking you. Feeding you my cock. You like being my little bitch. That’s what you’ve become now. Not a boy. Just a little bitch. You want your wife to see you sucking my big cock. Taking that load, swallowing my cum. You’d like that. Laurie, watching me fuck that little pussy of yours. You want that now. To be honest with her.”Steve knew he had me. He knew I was completely resigned to his bidding, “I’m going to take your wife. Just like I did you. I’m going to fuck her. Fuck her right in front of you. And then you’ll lick her juices off my cock and eat that sperm I put in her tight little box. What’s more, you’re going to ask me to do it. Beg me to do it. So will she. I’m sure she’ll still fuck you after she’s had my cock, but it’ll never be the same. Not when I’m done stretching that little cunt of hers out.” Steve’s breath was hot on the back of my neck. “And you want to give your wife to me. You want me to fuck that little pussy of hers, maybe take her ass too. Would you like that? Would you like watching me fuck her little ass like I do yours?”I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Then I felt him reach around to my cock. It was stiff from all his talk. “Look at that. Your little dick is all hard from thinking about it. Thinking about me fucking her little pussy. Taking her little anal cherry. You’re excited thinking about it aren’t you? It really gets you off thinking of me fucking your wife doesn’t it? Tell me!” he demanded.”Yes, fuck yes,” I gasped. I couldn’t believe what I was saying.”What is it you want me to do Bobby?” he smirked.”I want you to fuck her. Fuck my wife like you fucked me,” I moaned.”That’s what you want? What you really want?” he continued.”Yes, I want you to. I want us both to be yours. I’ll do it. I’ll, I’ll do it,” I said as I felt him pumping my cock.”That’s a good boy. Okay, you bring her down to my place next weekend. I’ll email you directions how to get there. You leave everything to me. Before the end of the weekend, you’ll both be my little sluts.” Steve turned my face and planted his lips squarely on mine. It was a long, deep kiss. He flipped off the lamp. His cock still buried up my ass. In a span of four days I had become Steve’s little bitch and now he intended to have my wife as well. And I would give her to him.We would both be his sluts. His little bitches. I didn’t know exactly how it would happen. But I did know – it would.It’s been a little more than a year ago when I met a man who would forever alter my life and my wife Laurie. I met Steve at a conference in Hilton Head where I was attending a sales conference. Steve was a trainer at the conference and my company teamed attendees up with trainers, at least those who elected to do so, in order to cut costs. It was at this conference that Steve seduced me and by the end of the week, I had completely submitted to him as his gay cock slut.I had never given a thought to being with a man before and I was completely blown away that in a period of days this man had me begging to suck his cock and for him to fuck my ass. At the end of the week, he confirmed his hold on me and told me he’d be calling me to continue our reckless relationship. I was terrified at the thought of my wife finding out but he soon had me agreeing to bringing her to his place – to be seduced as well.Laurie is a gorgeous blonde, about 5’6 with a body that has all my friends in envy. I met her in college when she was dating some of my fraternity brothers. I say some of, because she was known to like sex as much as the guys and moved from guy to guy. That sounds like she was “Slutty” and that wasn’t really the case. Laurie was discriminating in her taste but there was no doubt she loved sex as much as any other guy and from tales by my fraternity brothers, she was quite good at it.I had no intentions really in dating her. Rather I was looking for a good time just like all the other guys. Unfortunately, I picked a time of the month when she wasn’t really available to play and we seemed to go out instead of hitting the sack right away. We both realized there was a chemistry and the next thing I know we’re fairly serious. We dated a few other folks but kept coming back to each other and after college we seemed to get serious with just each other and married about two years out of school. Laurie tans pretty dark in the summer and has a beautiful set of tits, 36C sitting firm on her chest. If you said I was lucky, that would be an understatement.That’s why it completely bowled me over that I would get so turned on by another guy’s cock. But there was no denying the feelings I had when Steve pumped his hard dick into my ass. I felt fuller and more excited than I had in my whole life.My hands shook on the drive back home and Laurie could tell I was a little on edge when she met me at the door with a kiss. I seemed to settle down over the next few days and almost put the whole incident out of my mind. It was as if the week with Steve hadn’t happened. That he wouldn’t call me. It was over.Then on Thursday while I was outside cutting the lawn, I could see Laurie on the cell phone standing at the end of the yard. I was unsure who she was talking to but she seemed to be motioning me over. I let go of the mower, shutting it off, as I walked to her wiping the sweat off my brow.I could hear her chatting telling whoever it was she’d be glad to, that it sounded like fun, and it was good talking to them as well. In a few moments she handed the phone to me and said, “It’s Steve.” I was horrified as my blood tingled through my body. I wondered what they had been talking about and for how long. I watched her walk away before actually putting the phone to my ear. I didn’t detect any anger or disappointment. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as I answered, “Hello””So how’s my little gay cock slut?” was the voice on the other end.”Steve?” pendik escort bayan I questioned.”You expecting someone else?” was the terse reply.”No, I just didn’t think you’d call,” I reasoned.”I told you I would. Laurie sounds sweet. I hope she’s as pretty as she sounds,” he laughed. “I told her I was inviting the two of you up to my mountain house this weekend. It’s up in Boone and really pretty this time of the year. Pretty secluded so we won’t be disturbed. I’ll email you directions and expect you both on Friday,” he informed me.”Wait,” I cut in. “I’ll have to check and see if that works.” I was thinking how I could get out of this. I couldn’t let Laurie find out about us, what I had done.”I already did. Laurie said you guys are free and she was looking forward to meeting me. You weren’t thinking of backing out now were you,” he asked sharply.”Steve, I’ll do anything you want, but can we leave Laurie out of it?” I begged.”No, we’re way past the point of you turning back. You belong to me now. You’ll do exactly as I say. Your mouth and your ass belong to my cock. They’re mine to use any time and anyway I see fit. And soon, I’ll have your wife too, both of you. You’ll bring her to me and do exactly as I say. Anyway, its what you want. You want to see me fuck her. You want to see her on her knees like you were, sucking my balls, begging for my cock. Don’t you!” he charged.I was quiet and didn’t know how to respond but all the while I saw the images in my head. The images of us both before our master, her sucking his huge cock and me licking his balls. Then I was snapped back into reality, “I asked you a fucking question. That’s what you want isn’t it?””Yes, came my meek reply. I want it. I want us both to serve you, to do whatever you want,” I rambled.”Because you’re a what?” he shot back.I knew what he wanted to hear. There was no use in denying it, “I’m your gay cock slut. Your bitch… to do whatever you want.””That’s right boy. Very good and what are you going to be doing this weekend,” he asked.”Sucking your cock,” I replied. “And what else,” he shot back.”You’ll be fucking my ass,” I resigned.”And who else will I be fucking?” he sneered on the phone.”Laurie, you’ll be fucking Laurie… both of us,” I wondered if he could feel my complete and utter submission through the phone. The power he held over me.”And that’s what you want isn’t it boy,” he jeered.”Yes, yes I want that. I want us to serve you, to be yours, both of us,” I replied.”Good, now I want you to go in the house and tell Laurie how excited you are going and how much fun we will have. Then I want you to fuck her. Fuck her long and hard. Fuck her like you’ve never fucked her before because it will be the last for a very long time. You see,” Steve paused, “Tomorrow night I will own that pussy. Just like I own your ass. It will belong to me. Do you understand?” he asked coldly.”Yes sir. I understand,” I answered back. Chapter 3The drive up to the mountains was beautiful and Steve’s directions were easy to follow. Just as he said, the house was really secluded on a private road with no other houses in sight. We arrived at dusk and he met us at the door in shorts and a t-shirt. Steve introduced himself to Laurie and showed her around the spacious mountain retreat. Our host informed us the steaks were about ready and made us all drinks before heading back out to the grill.In the meantime Laurie and I were directed to a bedroom where we unpacked our things and met Steve on the deck. The view was spectacular overlooking the ski slope which this time of year was not in season. Just a fantastic view of the tress and village below us as the darkness began to overtake the light. Laurie, seeing our host dressed casually changed into shorts and a t-shirt herself. I left on my jeans, wondering how the night would play out from here.Our dinner was great and Steve was the perfect host offering us an expensive wine he said he had saved up for this occasion. He had turned on some soft jazz from the Bose speakers that played both indoors and outside on a deck overlooking the mountain.Steve and Laurie were engaged in conversation as I looked at the paintings and nick knacks that adorned his shelves and wall. There was little doubt Steve had done well in his sales job with his surroundings and home.After polishing off the bottle of wine, Steve mixed some drinks that was a combination of Grey Goose Vodka, fruit juices, and a splash of tonic water. I’m not sure what all he had in them but they were delicious as they seemed to go down with ease.We had retired outside to the deck, enjoying the view sitting in his lounge chairs when he announced we should all relax in his hot tub. Steve didn’t seem to wait for a response as he grabbed some towels from an outside cabinet, laid them down on the table, and pulled back the cover on hot tub already letting off steam from the water within.I was taken back a little as he disrobed dropping his shirt and then deftly sliding down his trousers easing himself in the water. I looked at the expression on Laurie’s face to gather whether she was taken back or simply shocked. Instead, she simply seemed to be taking in all the quick developments.”I’m sorry, you’re not shy or anything are you,” Steve inquired, with just a hint of concern which I knew to be fake. “I just didn’t think it would bother you,” he directed at Laurie. “Bobby and I took quite a few late night hot tub dips last week at the conference and I just assumed you were used to it.”Steve was obviously lying as we didn’t have a hot tub at the hotel we stayed at or at least one I was aware of but it seemed to resonate on Laurie that the behavior wasn’t too far in left field.”C’mon Bobby, jump in,” Steve encouraged like we were old friends. “Laurie, once I turn the jets on you can’t see anything and I won’t look as you undress if it bothers you. That is if you would like to join us,” he added as I had already begun to disrobe and join my accomplice.I was aware of where this was leading and had long ago resigned to its outcome. Laurie seeing me jump in, threw all caution to the wind.”No, I’m not shy. Just not used to getting naked with strangers…at least, not in a long time,” she added which I thought just a bit flirtatious.Laurie pulled her t-shirt over her head and since she did not seem to object, Steve’s eyes followed her every movement. She reached behind unclasping her bra letting it slide off her shoulders and arm and she dropped it on a pile collecting at her feet. Her 36C breasts were gorgeous and stood firm, on her chest and I could see from her little buds that she was already excited as we both inspected her from top to bottom. She slid her shorts down leaving a beige thong which she also slipped off exposing her shaved pussy to his approving eyes. Laurie has the prettiest pussy, with little puffy lips. Both Steve’s and Laurie’s eyes seemed to be glued to each other in a dance as she straightened up, almost waiting for him to give his nod of approval.His smile, certainly was evidence of that as she moved to the tub and eased her foot and then leg into the tub and took a position opposite us.”It’s really warm,” she invoked, the first words exchanged in quiet a while.”Yea, really relaxing,” he agreed before chiming in, “Bobby said you were an attractive lady but that doesn’t quiet do you justice,” he admired.Laurie half blushed as she reached down and picked up the drink she had laid on the side of the tub before entering.The conversation was fairly casual for a few minutes as Steve allowed everyone to get comfortable before he rose up and declared he was getting a drink from the pitcher he left on a table nearby.I watched as Laurie’s eyes took in his large dangling member and balls which were semi erect from the situation. Now it was her turn to check him out. He walked thru the water, her gaze following the organ dancing with each step. It wasn’t lost on Steve that my wife was fully entranced by this time and was certainly up for whatever else he had in mind.”As Steve re-entered the tub, he brought the pitcher and poured first my glass and then walked up and took a position next to Laurie. He refilled her glass standing just a foot away as her eyes darted between his and the package between his legs. He felt comfortable proceeding, feeling confident she would not now rebuff his advances. “So Laurie, you don’t appear to be uncomfortable at all with two men in a hot tub. You ever been with two guys, I mean sexually?” he pushed.I wondered how she would respond but she didn’t seem to be the least bit fazed by his question.”Uh yea, before Bobby and I hooked up, I had my share of flings. Kind of had some fun times. I mean not that we don’t have fun now,” she corrected looking at me, “just a little wilder back in those days,” Laurie said with just a tad slur.”Really,” Steve shot back. “What days, were those…college days?””Yea, mostly college. I was a bit of a wild c***d. But then Bobby knows that. I dated some of his frat brothers. Matter of fact, he confessed one night he started dating me just to get in my pants,” she laughed as she took a swig of her drink.”And the wildest thing you ever did,” Steve asked wondering if she’d scoff at him or confess almost as if we were playing a grown up game of truth or dare.Laurie looked at me. I suppose trying to gather whether she should betray secrets known only to us to a stranger or add to the sexual tension in the air.”Well, there was this one time with my college roommate Meagan,” she began. I thought Laurie was going to talk about the night she and Meagan came home drunk from a bar and then both stripped and piled into bed with me. We spent the rest of the night, or at least before we all three dropped from exhaustion, having sex.It was the first and last time I ever saw Laurie go down on another girl. It was evident by the way the two women carried on it wasn’t their first time together but I never saw them together again. I did bring it up from time to time telling her how sexy it was and how much I’d like to do it again or even watch the two of them but it never seemed to materialize.But instead of sharing the incident with me, Laurie revealed a time when Meagan brought home a black guy to their dorm room. Laurie said she heard the two of them come in and make love during the night but she had no idea he was black until the next morning.Hearing this, I cut in without realizing what I was doing, “Was this when she was seeing Mike,” I questioned.”Yea,” was her only response as she kept on with her story.”Anyway, after he leaves she’s telling me all about this guy, how good he was and everything… and I don’t know, I’m not sure if it was a dare or what, but a few nights later the two of us end up at his fraternity house with all his black brothers, just me and Meagan.”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was all news to me. I knew Laurie had a reputation for getting around on campus but I never heard anything about interracial sex or anything close to that.”Well, we’re the only two girls there and we all start drinking and dancing and the next thing I know this guy’s behind me rubbing his crotch on my ass as I’m dancing with his brother. The guy I was dancing with moves closer and starts kissing me. Well, I’d never been with a black guy before and the whole taboo scene was just so freaking erotic.””Gerald, or Travis, I don’t know which. Hell, it was all a blur, anyway one of them takes my shirt off and starts mauling my tits. The next thing I know, I look over and Meagans on her knees, naked giving head to a different guy than she was with the night before.”To say I was blown away with her story was an understatement and both Steve and I were glued to her tale as she stopped briefly only to take a drink.”Anyways,” she said, the liquor betraying her just slightly, “The guy I was dancing with pulls down his pants exposing this hard black cock and pushes me down to my knees. In seconds he had his massive dick pumping down my throat as the guy behind me takes off my bra and kneeling beside me, him and another guy start sucking my nipples.””I don’t know how long I sucked this cock but I heard Meagan groaning and looked over to see that she was now sitting on the couch with one guy fucking her and another standing on the couch pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.” “Finally the guy cums, and cums buckets let me tell you, when they picked me up and sat me down beside Meagan. Then they took turns fucking the both of us as we sat side by side. A couple of times I felt her reach out and take my hand, holding it in hers as we both sucked and fucked every dick in the house,” Laurie finished.”Mother fucker,” Steve exclaimed softly. “Did you know your wife did all that” Steve gasped.”No,” I shook my head. “That’s the first time I heard it,” I confessed. “Is there any more like that,” I asked kind of sarcastically.”Well, that was the only time we were gang banged like that but it wasn’t the last time I got together with some of Meagan’s friends,” she remarked pretty casually.”Did Mike know anything about that. I mean he never told me,” I asked. Mike was Meagan’s long time boyfriend and a pretty close friend of mine in college although the two of us kind of lost touch after school.”Not to my knowledge,” Laurie shot back. “It was funny though. Mike would bring her home from a date or a night out and sometimes she’d call Gerald and he’d come over or she’d go over there. That girl loved her some black meat,” Laurie added. “So you, you haven’t said much about yourself,” Laurie directed at Steve.”Not much to tell really. Not anything like that,” he added.”Well, you’re not married,” Laurie surmised.”No, done that. Not really cut out for that. I like the wild side too. Like you,” he winked. “I’m bi and I like to let my hair down a bit. I have a steady girl I get with occasionally but I really get off role playing, getting a little dominant with my partner, that type of thing. Yea, I guess that’s what I like most, dominating some young submissive man or woman… or couple,” he added for emphasis.I could see the look on Laurie’s face as it was registering what he was implying. This seemed to be a segue into perhaps one of his sessions and she and I were to be his subjects. As the thoughts were running through her alcohol soaked mind, Steve made his move, “like last week with Bobby there. We explored a side of himself he didn’t know existed.”My blood surged when he said it. It was out. He was going there. He was about to tell Laurie what we had done, what I had become.”Did you say you and Meagan was it, did you say you two got together? That you’re bisexual?” Steve asked her.”I’m not sure if I said that but yea, I am, and we did, many times,” Laurie smiled.”Well then, that makes all of us. Looks like Bobby there’s bi too. We got together last week at the conference didn’t we sport?,” Steve said glancing over at me.Laurie sat in the water emotionless, just gazing at me, trying to collect what Steve had just said. “Yea, I say bi, but I’m not quite certain about Bobby. I mean he really took to cock, didn’t you boy,” Steve asked looking at me now, matter of factly.”No fucking way,” Laurie uttered just over her breath. “I don’t believe it, Bobby?”Steve sat up on the edge of the hot tub, just a foot away from Laurie who once again gazed at the engorged cock and balls between his legs.”Come here boy. Let’s show Laurie what you like to do now,” he commanded. I wanted to stay frozen in the water. But I knew this was the moment everything had led up to. This was why we were here. There was a part of me that wanted to refuse, to call him a liar. Say it never happened. But the other part of me was excited, wanting to go down on him, in front of Laurie, to have that cock, his cock that I had come to worship.It was as if I was in a trance as I eased out of the tub and waded through the bubbling water coming face to face with his dick. I never looked over at Laurie. Instead, I just grabbed the cock, the dick I had become so familiar with, and placed it to my mouth like an old friend. I eased the head in as he placed a hand on my neck guiding my head up and down on his shaft.

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