Try me!

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Double Penetration

Try me!It is Midnight…She has been watching him for the last three hours. The bar is dark and the band is loud but still she watches. Something about him fascinates her. Sure he is not bad looking. Long black hair. Tall. Not a pretty face but a good one. And those eyes. They were something.He was sitting at a table near the back wall. A very large bald man sometimes occupied the seat across from him. Other people. A lot of girls. Stopped by to say hello.Angel was new. First time. Lonely. Been 6 months since her rat bastard boyfriend ran off her her best… former best friend. She was horny too. That was not helping.She was not the kind of girl to walk up to some random guy in a bar. At least she had never been before. Bold in her own way but not that bold. But he certainly was not going to come to her. A good looking girl she did not normally have much trouble with company. At 5′ 7″ she was very delicately built. Willowy was the usual term. Her very light brown hair went just past her shoulders and was streaked with red. Deep breath.Up and across the room. He notices her very quickly she is surprised to see. His eyes watching her as she makes her way back through the mostly seated crowd to his table.She stop. Realizing she had not even thought about what she was going to say.He tilts his head a little before saying, “Hello.””Umm… Hi.” she manages.”I did not think you would ever get up the courage to come over.” he says with a little smile.”What do you mean?” she says a little flustered.”You have been watching me for hours.”She blushes.”I…. I’m sorry. And surprised you noticed.””Don’t be sorry. I noticed because I watch too. Would you like to sit down?”Angel takes a seat. Now that she was here she found all her courage had vanished. And when she looks up to see his eyes looking back her knees feel a little weak. Good thing she is sitting down.He orders her a drink and the next hour seems to fly by. His name was Nicholas. His friend was John. Nick was charming. Funny at times. Thoughtful. Insightful. Confident right up to the point of arrogance. And single. She made sure to find out about that.She liked him already. Trusted him a little even. And was more than ready to fuck his brains out. She found herself hoping he would ask to drive her home. Hell if he asked her back to his place she would go in a heartbeat. “You have amazing eyes. No doubt you have heard that before.” he says.Her eyes are very light. Blue but so light they are almost grey. They give her face a unique look. Somewhat unworldly. “I’m not the only one.” she says a little embarrassed.He smiles.1 am…”I am afraid I need to go. It was very nice to meet you.” He says.Her hopes come crashing down. He notices.”Did I just disappoint you?””Oh no. It was nice to meet you too.” she covers as best she can. Forcing a smile.”Angel you are very sweet. But… I don’t think you want to know me.” He says a touch sadly.She is surprised.”Why? You are charming and amazingly attractive.” Did I just say that?He smiles.”You are kind. I play very rough. I doubt you do.””Try me.”There is a very long look. He reaches behind his back for something.”I can get away with anything in this place. One of my best friends owns it.””That’s handy.””You have no idea.” He says as he tosses a pair of handcuffs on the table.She looks at them and then back at him.”Put them on.” he says in a very normal voice.”Why?””Because if you wish to play with me it starts there. By putting them on you give me control over your body for tonight. I will not injure you or make you sick. But I make no other promises.” he says in a very strong clear voice.”You’re k**ding right?” she says.He just looks back. She is not sure how to react. Get up and tell him to go fuck himself is the first thought. Then some more creative things he can do with those handcuffs occur. But…”I don’t even know you.” she says hedging.He nods and says, “That is right. You don’t. Perhaps we will meet again.”Nick looks over and gives John a little wave. He reaches out for the cuffs. As his fingers touch them hers touch his.”You won’t hurt me?” She asks in a weaker voice than she would like.”No I will hurt you. I just won’t damage you. I will use you. I will make you scream for a lot of reasons.” He says.Dear god a shiver runs through her body. He is so sure of himself. Real. No doubts. He pulls his hand back.Looking down she picks them up. Slipping first one and then the other around her wrists. Struggling a little to get them closed. He reaches over and make sure both are closed but not too tight and flips a little catch on both of them.Angel is a little scared. She is also wet. Her nipples making her tight thin top stand up from her small round breasts. As the waitress comes over she pulls her wrists down into her lap.”Put your hands on the table.” He says and she does. Blushing.The sexy waitress looks at her and then him.”Well I can see you have had a good night Nick. One more for the road?”He shakes his head.”No. Thank you. Is Ted in his office tonight?””Nope. Empty.” she says with a wicked grin.John appears. He says nothing. Nick gets up and reaches out to grab the chain between Angel’s wrists. She gets out of her chair awkwardly until John pulls it back.The stairs to the office are on the other side of the bar. They walk through it with him holding her wrists up and in front of her. Everybody looks. Angel blushes so hard she is afraid she is going to pass out. She felt like she was wearing an ‘About to be fucked’ sign in neon letters.When they hit the stairs she is relieved. They go up. The office is not large. Big desk. And a huge leather couch. Chair next to it.”So did you have to parade me like some trophy like that?” she asks a little hotly.He puts his hand on her round ass and gives her a push. She goes onto the couch facing the wall.”Yesssss. It was a test. Plus I love doing it. If you had fought me at all I would have taken off the cuffs and left.” he says with that grin and a shrug.”Hey I put them on. I meant it.” she spits back.He is directly behind her. Both hands on her skirt covered ass.”Yes but you have no idea what ‘it’ meant. I was showing you.”She wants to argue. But damn that feels good. Been so long since anybody touched her she just thrusts her ass back into his hands.”oooo I don’t care what you do to me as long as you fuck me.” she admits with a groan.”Remember you said that.” He says as he pulls her skirt down.SMAck! SMAck!Twice his hand cracks her ass. She gasps for a breath. Ass quivering.His hands go up her chest. Pushing the thin top up. Unhooking the lacy bra. His hands push the cups out of the way and squeeze both of her soft tits. More groaning from her.”Put your hands up on the wall.” he orders.She reaches up as far as she can. Finding a sturdy metal railing she can grab. He pulls her thong down and runs his hand between her legs. Finding her wet and hot. His fingers move and she moans softly.”Stick that ass out and keep it out little toy.” he orders.Angel cannot help but grin. She has never minded a little rough and right now she wants more.She gets it.THWACK!It is a leather belt that lands on her pretty ass next. And damn if it does not sting.THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!Her ass is swaying back and forth and up and down. She keeps it out but it dances a lot.”ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moans long and loud.He steps closer. His hand goes to her crotch. Thumb presses inside her. Fingers across her slit and clit. He rubs. Hard. Fast. Squeezing her entire pussy in his hands.Her eyes slam open from their half-closed state. She just purrs. Long and loud and works herself against his hand.”Oh yes. Oh please yes.” she groans.His fingers go faster. Her breathing turns into a pant. Angel just humps against his hand.Then he steps back. Fingers leaving her.”noooooooooooo.” She cries out.”Tell me to give you 4 hard cracks on your ass.” He says.Her ass wavers. She hesitates. She just wants the fingers back. Wants to cum. Feels like she is burning up inside with need. Anything. Do anything to get more.”Crack me 4 more times. Hard. Pleeeeeeeeaaasssseeeeeeeee” she begs in grand style.He smiles.THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!She screams. Ass bright red across the center.Jumping when his hands touch her. But oh yes. The fingers come back. The pleasure coming back fast fighting with the burning pain in her ass.”Holy fuck you are a son. of. a. bitch. But please don’t stop this time.” she says more whimper than fire.His fingers are going slow. But they are right where she wants them. The thumb in particular feels really good inside her. Not big enough but good.”So. You want to cum.” He says rather matter of fact.She hisses her answer, “Yes. Do I have to beg more. Cause I will.”Angel feels something wet and slippery run down the crack of her ass. Then she feels something firm but soft pressing between her cheeks. It moves and the tip finds the tight ring of muscles protecting her ass. “Tell me to shove this plug up your ass and I will let you cum.”What? No. Angel had not really done much with her backdoor. But the fingers. Ooooooo they are compelling. She is so close. There is a sheen of sweat on her body now.”Do it. Stick it up my ass.” she says in a rush. Shivering.It is not as bad as she fears. It starts thin and gets thicker. It hurts. She grunts and wiggles her ass trying to help. But when it gets bad suddenly it narrows and her butt clamps down on it.As it does his fingers move faster. Thumb plunging in and out and fingers stroking her clit directly. Strong and steady. Then faster.She feels it start at her toes. They curl against the leather of the couch. Her hands shift and grip the metal tight. Her whole body tenses and then the waves break over her.She cums. She screams.Damn the girl can scream. A long amazing wail. Every bit of pleasure she feels modulating her voice. She bucks against his hand hard. Thrashing against the back of the couch.It goes on as long as she has the energy to keep it going. When she finally crashes off the peak her body slumps. She lets go of the bar and her hands squeak down the painted walls. He move and grabs her to lay her down on her side facing out from the couch.Barely conscious she is like a rag doll. Hair across her face. One thick streak of red right across her eyes.He sits in the chair. Reaching out to open a can of something.She puffs. Nothing. Puffs again. Then she brings her bound hands up to push her hair away from her face.”Fuck….. just…. fuck….. I mean. That. Single most intense orgasm of my entire life. It’s official. You celtabet giriş own me now. Promise to do that to me again and you can do anything you want to me.”He laughs.”If I did exactly that to you it would be good. But it would not be that.”She frowns.”Why not?””Because that was the rush of the beginning. What I did to you would certainly ring your bells. But to match it will require new things.”She rolls a little. One shoulder and one knee against the back of the couch. Displaying herself for him completely without thinking about it. Hunger and instinct very evident.”I like new things.” she says in a sultry voice.”Good to know.” he says as he reaches for the chain again.Pulling on it she is drawn off the couch and down onto her knees. Working her way forward between his spread knees. When he opens his pants and slides them down she is at least on familiar ground. His hand holding a bunch of her hair was not something she was really used to but it was not the first time. His grip made her lick from balls to tip. A few times. But when her mouth closed down over the head he mostly let her go slowly as she wished.Angel never hated doing this. She puts her tongue to work. Suddenly possessed with the desire to make him cum. To exert some sort of power over him. To surprise him maybe.He does groan softly as she starts to bob up and down.Hehe she laughs to herself. Bet he thought he could just get to her to warm him up. Didn’t expect skills did you oh confident one? She uses her lips and tongue together. Focusing her efforts on the most sensitive part of his shaft. Going faster. Her hands come up to wrap low on his shaft. Stroking in time with her lips.He does exert some control and drives her faster. She is pleased.Nick takes one really long. Really deep breath and then groans harshly. Angel feels the throb. She feels a sense of power and triumph. Then she realizes she cannot pull back. His hips are thrusting. Sucking she can do but…. she wants to pull back.She cannot. Her mouth is filled with jets of hot cum. She swallows and tries not to choke. It seems to go on and on forever.When he pulls her back she is gasping. His cock twitching and shiny wet.She wipes off her face. Cock just inches from her lips.”I look messy. You should do something about that.”She shakes her head without looking up, “I don’t do that. Just never wanted to.”Then she looks up. He looks back. He tilts his head a little like he did when she first arrived at his table. Nick looks down at his cock. His hand slowly releases her hair.He leans back against the chair and laces his fingers in the air in front of his chest.Okay Angel so here it is. This is what you have gotten yourself into. This is the most arrogant man you have ever met. The desire to just slap that irritating smile off his handsome face was at times almost overpowering. But you know you won’t. Not because you are afraid he will hit back. He might. But that is not the real fear. He might turn away. He might ignore you. That is worse.The realization of what she is actually afraid of scares her a little. It is so almost pure instinct driving her feelings. Logic and reason don’t really play much of a part. But she felt somehow sure.She knows the logical thing to do is stand up. Get rid of the cuffs and run for home. This was insane and dangerous. He might be both. Instead she lowers her head and sucks gently on him. Thinking of cherries to make her mouth water it was not so bad. She even ended up taking some time doing it. He was making very small pleased sounds and she really liked the sound of those.When she is doe she leans back.”Is that better?” she asks in a hopeful voice.He reaches out to run his hand across her head. Gently through her hair.”Yes. Well done.”He reaches into a pocket and produces a key. The cuffs come off.In what is rapidly becoming a pattern he surprises her. Pulling her into his lap and kissing her. Well. Deep. A number of times. Caressing. Passionate yet but not rough. He almost seems another person.Seems to go on just short of forever. She is a little breathless when he finally speaks again.”This has been a wonderful evening. But it is time for me to go. Past time really.””Will you call me?” She asks in a voice more needy than she would like.”I don’t think so.” he says evenly.”Why not? Did I do something wrong?” she asks with slightly panicked eyes.”No you were perfect. I just do not… wish to continue.” He says somewhat softly.”Why? At least you owe me that much.””Because you will just let me down. It is a rush now but soon it will be too much.” he says somewhat sadly.”Try me.” she says with a grin.He shakes his head. She wiggles in his lap.”Try me.” she says with a little growl.He tilts his head and just looks at her.”There is a little black bag on that shelf. Put everything except your thong in that. You can wear that.”She is not all that surprised. “So I get walked out again?”He reaches for the cuffs.”Yes. With John holding your chain. And make sure to smile and wave to your friends.”Ok that gets her a little. But hell they are not that close. Fuck it. And with that decision a shiver runs through her body. One she loves.She extends her arms. His smile is rather small but he clicks on and then the other on her. Life has become more than a little surreal for Angel. She notices all sorts of little details. The sounds around her seem somehow distinct. She notices how smoothly he moves to the door. The clicks and slide across the carpet.John comes in. Big grin. He takes the chain between the cuffs in his hands. Nick goes first of course and John does not make it tough on her to go down the stairs. People. Holy motherfucking shit! She knew. But… But…. Oh god I can just die now.John has to pull to get her to take the first step. Not hard just enough to get her attention. The first step is a touch unsteady but the ones that follow are fine. He has her hands out and just above her waist. No protection for her bare tits.Angel finds she does not really care about the thong displaying her ass. She had worked hard on it and it was worth looking at. The blush was because her nipples were little poles on her tits. Hard and aching.She remembers to smile. Then she remembers how to smile and all is well. What the fuck if you are going to do it then do it girl she thinks.So she flashes smiles to the people around her. When they turn to head for the door she can see the small group of friends. Only one of them works with her. This was the end of a little anniversary party for someone Angel barely knows. Let ’em look.The look on Larry’s face is priceless though. She blows him a kiss.Nick has turned and is watching as she does that. When she turns back to him she gets a smile and nod of approval. ooooo that feels good.Out the door. Into a very nice car. She gets put in the back. Nick gets in the other side. John drives of course.”wow” she says softly as the car drives away.He turns to look at her as she leans back on the seat. Her Nipples hard. Face a little flushed visible even in the darkness. He smiles.”Liked it?””I… Yes. Hate to admit it. Surprised to admit it. Any chance you will fuck me right now?”He snorts and laughs.”No. But…”Nick’s hands reach out. She is turned and comes across the seat to lean back against him. His arms going around her and pushing her legs apart. He pushes her crotch up into the air a little and his hand squeezes it.She groans and rotates her hips. Flexing them to press and grind against his hand. He just lets her do it for a while. Not really helping much but letting her use his hand. Which she likes and keeps doing for the next 10 minutes or so. His hand is damp now and her panties soaked through.”More….. please.” she whimpers.His hand slides up and into her hair. Getting a lot of it before clamping down on the back of her neck.”No. I like you like this.” he says as he takes his hand away.She arches and tries to follow his hand and then cries out in frustration. She also shifts and struggles a little bit causing her hair to be pulled. She gets worse for a moment longer before just slumping down.”You are an evil bastard. Do you know that?” she says with more than a little heat.He laughs. John laughs. Not a great belly laugh but it does go on long enough to piss her off more.”Actually…. yes I do know that. It is half of what makes me me.”When he touches her aching nipple she does jump a little but she does not thing else. Angel fights to suppress the moan that could have produced. She did not want to give him that satisfaction.Her voice is low and throaty when she says, “So is that why I cannot decided if I want to fuck you or kill you?””Yes that would be exactly why. It is also why you walked through a crowded bar topless and in handcuffs.”She has to agree with that. Whoever this guy was she wanted him. Wanted this. All of it. She had never felt more alive in her life. Never wanted this much. Shivering in a delightful way she rests against him. His hand has never left her tits and she is loving the hell out of that. The cuffs are cold around her wrists and the feeling of danger they bring makes her shiver again.”So what are you going to do to me next?” she asks in a cute curious voice.She turns to see his face in profile. Lights from outside the car flashing colors across it. Part of him seems elsewhere. His eyes barely flicker to notice her looking. She has to wait for a long moment.”Find your limits. See what you really want from me.””I know what I want from you. Lots of hot sticky sex. I want to have to take spare panties to work because just thinking about you gets me wet.” She says with a sigh.The smile is very subtle but his eyes don’t turn to her.”That part is easy. You can find a man for that back at the bar.” he says somewhat abstractedly.She shakes her head, “No. You can’t. It. This… You…”Angel sputters out not able to put it all into words.”Yes. I’m special. It’s a blessing and a curse.” how can he sound so sad saying that?”I want it. I just do. I… I’m tired of walking through life. Surviving just to survive. There is supposed to be more. Show me and I’ll do anything you ever ask of me.” she promises. Still he does not look at her.”Words are easy. So easy. Points for knowing what I want to hear.” there is a hint of a smile.”Anything. I mean it.” with passion.Nick’s head slowly turns. His eyes leading the way to lock onto hers. She keeps her gaze steady. “We shall see.” he says softly.The car slows and then goes up a long driveway. Nick gets out and walk around to her door. celtabet yeni giriş He opens it and takes the chain in his hands. She spins and climbs out. There are no other houses visible. A number of small to medium trees fill the very deep front yard.John parks the car. Nods to Nick and then climbs on his Harley. Roaring down the drive.The house is two stories. Certainly not a mansion but fairly large. It is very quiet as he leads her inside. Disarming a complex looking security system. She sees cameras and little sensors in various spots.Inside. Hardwood floors. Entranceway. Kinda empty. Hallway. No pictures. Another room. Big one. Black leather and touches of silver. A circle of wide couch around a central umm table. A padded one. Angel feel fear touch her again.Which gets a lot better when he stops to take off the cuffs. He takes her panties too. “Through that door is a shower. Use it. Come back out naked and not wrapped in a towel. Wait for me on the couch.” He orders in a mild voice.”Ummm… Yes… ah… sir.””Sir will do for now. Very good.” he says as he waves towards the door.Angel takes the hint. He goes another direction. She finds a small black and gold marble shower and bathroom. Filled with everything she needs. She has to look hard before she finds anything specifically for a man in here. This room was for girls even if it was not decorated that way. And judging by the mix of shampoos alone more than a couple of them.Somehow she knows none of them are still around. The place feels unused somehow.So she selects the best of the lot and gets to work. Hot shower and a lot of scrubbing later she goes and lays down naked on the couch. Still a little damp despite all her efforts.He walks in. Wearing a light long black robe loosely tied.”Still happy to be here?” he asks as he nears the couch.”Yes sir. A little chilly but happy.””Good. Get up on the platform for me.”She looks at him and it and moves to climb up. Moving to the center and sitting down. He takes a seat on the couch.Nick looks at her for a while.”You are very pretty. Tall and willowy. You probably wish you had bigger breasts but I think they are lovely and fit you. You do have a little more bottom than matches the rest of your frame but that is very much a plus. You look delicate. Younger than you are. How old are you?”She has been blushing a bit. Pushing out her chest without even realizing it. He was dead right about that one. What he said although somewhat clinical was still very nice to hear.”22.” she is feeling uncertain.”It would be easy to guess lower. I am happy to play with you tonight. Tomorrow John will pick you up and take you home.”She looks a touch confused, “Then how do I get back here? Are you going to give me your, or his, number?”He shakes his head.”Why not?””Because I don’t want a girlfriend and I doubt you want to be what I do want.””Try me.”Nick rolls his eyes.His voice changes just a little. More serious. Stronger. “I want a toy. A submissive. Someone who does not wish to have a life outside of me. Someone who does not care about friends or hobbies.”He stands and moves to the edge of the platform. The robe tie has come loose and he has nothing on under it.”I am very absolute. I don’t wish to be tolerant, or understanding, or even nice. I can be. But it is like a weight on me. Makes me less to tolerate something I loathe. Gets in my way. I hate things in my way.”Up onto the platform. She is still sitting with her hands on her knees. He goes on all fours and craws around the outer edge slowly. Head up watching her. His hair swirling across his face at times.She finds a certain spark of defiance, “And what do I get out of this?”He is behind her turning to angle closer. Hand curled into a claw he first touches her shoulder and then draws his nails down her back. It is a very strong sweep. She shivers.”All my attention. Everything I can be. More creative and sadistic than you can imagine.”He comes around the front again at the outer edge. Moving to face her. Moving a little closer. Just out of arm’s reach. Sitting up on his knees he looks her in the eyes.”I will adore you. Pamper you sometimes. I will also hurt you. Humiliate you so badly you may pass out from the blush. Take away a whole lot of your free will. My way. But you will have some freedom. I do not wish to lose your personality only mold it to suit me.”Angel realizes that he started out just saying fuck for the night and then go. Now he is offering far more to her. And yes a big part of her wants to say no. This has reached the point of crazy. You cannot even begin to make a decision of this magnitude in a slightly buzzed moment. She is not a foolish girl. She is not stupid or overly gullible. Quite the contrary most who know her would call her very strong willed. A few will tell of emotional scars she inflicted in past quarrels and urge caution.Then she thinks of the empty nights. The endless days. Romances that flare and fail. Relationships that are more deal than love just so she would not be alone for a while. What does her life have to offer but more of the same?She looks at him. There is just something about him. She does trust him. She is afraid of him. Wants him. The memory of him being cuddly back at the bar makes her sigh ever so softly. This is dangerous but it is not crazy… much.”If you let me…. I will prove it…. I will do it….. All of it….I accept… is that what I am supposed to say?… Sir.” it comes out in bits and pieces. Nick looks at her. Deep sigh. Slight head shake.”I must be insane. I really did not want to do this with you. Ok I got carried away in the bar but I like to show off. You were wonderful at that.”He shuffles much closer. Only a couple of feet between their eyes.”Those are close. Tell you what. In the morning. Late morning when you wake up you will have two choices. Either call the number by the phone and go home. Or make me some tea. Touch of sugar. I will tell you the words then if you still want to say them.”His hand is running down her arm. Damn she cannot believe how good that feels. Just that simple touch and she is starting to melt again. Angel has been sitting here feeling horny the whole time. Being basically on display should probably bother her but she likes it. She likes the look in his eyes when he looks at her. Likes that a whole damn lot.”Yes sir.” she says softly.His arms go around her. There is a long deep kiss. It just keeps going. Maybe time stops along the way maybe not. Even when he finally pulls back her lips keep pulsing.”You are delicate and lovely. So sweet.” he says softly.Nick moves and she finds herself being turned around. Her face is slowly pushed down against the cool leather. Her ass against his crotch as soon as she has turned. “Put your arms straight out above your head.” he says.She does. Her long body extending out in front of him. When she feels his cock nuzzling against her pussy she wiggles her ass a little to entice him. Not exactly needed. His desire for her is powerful. More than he would expect. Enough to worry him a little to be honest.Worry later. Fuck now. This from his darker side. Good advice and he takes it. Driving deeply into her.”ooooooooohohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssssssssss” from her in a long breathy sigh.Hands on her hips he just slowly starts to fuck her. Not being fancy in the least. Not super slow but a very easy pace. Enjoying the feel of her. His hands roaming over her pert ass. It was very soft but had just a perfect shape. Nick sighs a little as he presses fully against her.Angel just lets herself fall into it. Not thinking just feeling. Letting everything go to see what happens. So much pent up passion it is already starting to drip out of her. When his hands slide up under her body to pinch her thick nipples she shudders and cums. It is like this wave. She feels it. It builds and then she is smacking back hard against him and panting hard.”Cummmmmminnnnnnngggggggg…….” she moans long and low.He gives her a little more cock as she peaks but he does not let it get him. He does pick up the pace though so even as she comes back down and throws her head from side to side to be able to look back he does not stop.Her eyes are amazing. Almost grey and so light. Right now they are filled with raw almost violent lust. They seem to grab at him demanding. She gets some good solid thrusts into her in response and the wicked little smile is very nice.Nick is enjoying this. She is nicely responsive. Dripping onto the leather. With a little shift he discovers she does have a gspot.”ooooohhhhhh fuuuukkk… yes. yes. yes. Pleeeeeeassseeeeeee…..”He drives against her hard. At just the right angle. Her whole body shudders….”motherfucking YES… I’m cummmming……”And my does she. A wet explosion. Suddenly it is like fucking the ocean. His response is hard grip on her hips and really hard slamming into her. Cock making very obscene wet sounds.Angel feels like she is going to melt… or explode completely… or burn up…. or just die…. nothing has ever felt like this. Nobody has ever done anything like this to her. And she wants more.Angel focuses on him. Difficult because the spasms are still rippling through her pussy and body. But she tries hard to clamp down on him. Clenching her ass and thighs. Putting those rude exercises to use to grab his dick as hard as she can. Trying not to be distracted by the pools forming around her knees.He feels it. She has some skills. So he fucks her a little more. He loves the wet mess she has become. Fingers running along her thighs and crotch. Spreading and playing with the cum leaking out of her.”Don’t move.” he says clearly.It takes a little while for the words to makes sense. But when he pulls back with a long wet slurp. She gets it. Her head comes up and there is a very sincere whimper at the loss of that hardness from inside of her. Very heartfelt.He comes around and gathers up her long light brown hair. Nick settles down in front of her. Without a word she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. When he touches the head of his cock to her little pink tongue she can taste herself. Nick pushes forward and his wet hard length slides a little into her mouth. Angel locks her lips around it and licks at it. When he tightens his grip on her hair she winces but that is lost in the movement of his hips. He thrusts. Slippery cock going across her lips. Fast. Only the first couple of inches but it is a thick cock and feels like it fills her mouth completely. She keeps the friction going working celtabet güvenilirmi the underside just below the head as hard as she can. The girl may be young but she knows more than most.”You are a sweet little girl.” he says as he watches his shaft and her mouth.Her eyes are on him. He takes a very deep breath.Letting out in a groan she can feel the ripple along his skin. Knows it is about to happen. The first spray is long. More hot cum follows. She has sucked off almost all of her own juices now she works to drink his. He does not pull back or stop. Blast after blast.He slows. She holds onto his cock for as long as she can. Even coming up a little off the platform. Extending forward as he goes back. The grip on her hair making it hurt but she does not care.”Stay.” he says softly.Nick moves back off the platform and onto the couch. She watches.”Come. Crawl.”She does. A little slowly since she has been in this position for a little while. But she gets up onto all fours and moves across the platform and down onto the couch. He puts her on her back with her head on his thigh. Hand idly moving across her body.They sit for a while. Just breathing.”Will you…” She starts and stops.”Will you tell me what you are going to do with me?” she completes the question.He smiles and brings his hand up to one rounded breast. They are small but firm enough to stand out even when she is on her back. The nipple is nicely long. His fingers wrap around it caressing gently.”I will rearrange your life so it can match mine as much as possible. There is a whole range of things I like to do We will explore them. The ones you respond to we will make a normal part of our time. I will make you do things you do not wish to. I like that. It confirms the power I have over you. But I want you to want the things I do. Stuff you really hate we won’t do much if at all. I am sadistic and a completely self-centered son of a bitch but I do have a heart.”She purrs softly as his hand moves to her other breast.”Beyond that I like games. You will be a number of different people. As my mood shifts we will move to something new. Perhaps you will be a chained slave for a while. Or a pet with a cage to sleep in. One night you might be a sexbot with no emotions at all just a need to serve. I have a fondness for dirty daughters I think you will be exceptional at that. There are a lot of situations, circumstances, or relationships we can explore.”She is nodding a little. A little scared when he mentions the cage.”We don’t just play at these things. We become them. As real as we can.””I have done a little acting. I can do that stuff. So you mean you like want me to come home in a little catholic schoolgirl outfit? Talk like I am a teen and tell you how naughty I have been? Will you spank me?” she asks sounding very eager.”Yes I will and that is exactly right. But it also means living that way. Morning, noon and night. Being it for a while.””I like that a lot sir.”Angel is ready to just melt into the couch right now. He is playing with her hair. Twirling a lock of it between his fingers. It is so personal and so sweet. The contrasts of this man are so striking. “We will take some risks. Like me scooping you off a city street into a van. Play out a little k**napping and some other rough scenarios. There can be public fun and I am remarkably careful about such things. I don’t like my play interrupted by others so I don’t let them notice.”The girl is just eating this all up. She has always had a lot of fantasies. The idea of being k**napped made her shiver pleasantly. His playing with her had moved south. The gentle stroke along her damp lips filled her with his insanely cuddly warmth. “Anything…. I feel like I have been looking for you my whole life without knowing it. I have never felt so safe. You are the most terrifying man I have ever met. What I did so willingly for you frightens me. But if you don’t do more I know I will die. Please do more.” she says with passion. Spreading her legs more.”You have only begun to be be scared. You do know that?” he asks as his fingers sink into her.”Yesssssss. I do. I won’t run.” she says more groan than words.”They all say that.” he says somewhat regretfully.”I mean it.””They say that too.” he sounds dark.”Try me.” she throws back.His hand grab at her and she gets pulled across his lap ass up.”Fine I will. And I won’t hold back. If you are a toy then you are a toy.”SMack… SMack…. SMack…. SMack…His hand comes down on her ass. Good sharp solid stings. She breaths deep but keeps still.SMAck…. SMAck….. SMAck….. SMAck…. SMAck…. SMAck…. SMAck….A rain of blow. She is crying out now. Trying not to but her feet kick the couch a little. Ass getting red.SMACK… SMACK…. SMACK…. SMACK…. SMACK…. SMACK…. SMACK…. SMACK….For a time that seems endless he really smacks her hard. Spanking her as if in anger. Left. Right. Fast.SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK…….When he stops she is crying softly. Body shaking. When he hands turn her there is no resistance at all. There is a lot of whimpering though. Tears down her face. Pussy is on fire though. Nipples so hard they ache. She is stunned to realize it but even at this moment she wants him more than ever.Angel ends up straddling his lap facing away from him. When he shift and his hands touch her ass she groans. Her skin is on fire too. His touch sends ripples of pain up her back and down her legs. When his fingers hit the tight ring of her backdoor her eyes slam open.Fingers go from her now drippy crotch and up. They pull at her. More than one sliding deep inside her quivering ass. She is far more sensitive at this moment. It hurts more than it should. She tries to stay still.When the wide head of his cock slides past his fingers she does sigh. Yes it hurts but still she is glad to have him inside of her again. Such a simple thing but it fills a need that seems to be growing.For a while he just slowly fucks her. Hands holding her tight and controlling every move. Working her ass first all the way down onto his crotch and then working it higher. Enjoying the control over her. She has stopped crying. Breathing ragged. Hands on his knees. Gripping tight but not clawing into him.When he starts her moving in a short slow rhythm and brings one hand down to her crotch. When he strokes across her wetness the sigh is no less than epic from her. Body involuntary pushing against his fingers.He chuckles softly and lets a couple of fingers slide in and out of her for a while.Angel realizes something about him. Nick does not fuck her to get himself off. In the end yes but that is not it at all. He fucks her to fuck her. To be in the moment of it. To make the doing of it as long as he can. To live in the world defined by the most primal of rules as much as possible. He had made the taking of her into a long sexual dance.A life spills out in her mind. Changes. Smiles. Sex. Him. Half of it all in scary shadows. But she loves the shivers those produce every bit as much as she loves the passionate pangs.His hand comes up a bit. He starts rubbing her clit and she just loses it. Not only does she start to cum but she starts to fuck back against him. Hard.Fast.She is moaning hard and the climax rips through her. But what is really driving her is the desire to make him cum. To show him she could maybe. To take that power for just a second perhaps.It hurts. Makes her ass sting. And fucking hell that sends spikes of pleasure through her too. It also hits him. The contractions of her ass grabbing his cock and milking it.”Horny bitch.” he says with appreciation in his voice.Groan.Grind.He cums hard and thrusting. Grabbing her ass and making her scream a little from the fire. Smacking into her ass and grinding deep.She collapses down between his legs. He slumps back keeping one hand on her as so she won’t move.They breath for a while. Life gets a little normal for a while. He points her towards the kitchen with a list of food and drinks to grab. She goes and finds a nicely stocked and clean room. Doing a little prep on the cheese to show off before bringing it all back on a tray.They eat and talk a little. Mostly it is him asking her questions. Learning a little about her life.Then back to a little different than normal. He points her to the showers and tells her where the bedroom is. When she comes into the big room he is still in his bathroom. Angel is uncertain what to do. The bed is huge. She crawls onto it to wait.When he walks out he is still naked. “That is my bathroom. Don’t use it. Yours is downstairs. There is a bathtub attached to the bedroom at the end of the hall. You may use that.””Yes sir. Any particular reason? If it is acceptable for me to ask.””It is mine. If you cannot respect something as simple as that then more seems unlikely.”She nods.”I understand sir. Not a toe.”He nods.He moves to the bed and they end up in it. Wrapped up together. Her head on his shoulder.”It has been a good night.” he says softly.”It has been a fucking wonderful night.”He laughs softly.”The number is by the phone.””I won’t need it.””You should use it.””Isn’t that my choice. I think I understand. Unless you don’t want me.”He shifts his head to look at her. One finger goes under her chin to tip it so she looks at him.”It’s not that. It’s just… I don’t play. Not really. I expect everything. And if you become disloyal. If your attention should wander. If you should disappoint me… that fear that makes you shiver will become something else. The kind of fear that freezes your heart. The kind that will haunt you.”She does maybe pale just a touch. His eyes. They are different. And yes he does scare her.”I know. I see it in your eyes. I will never let you down. I will walk away before that happens.” she says with conviction.He lays back.”If you do you will be the first.”His hand slowly caresses her head as they drift off.The next morning 10:14 am…. As Angel makes his tea she is humming softly. She had woken up from a dream. About him. It was fun. She had walked the house a little. Looking around. Thinking.But it was never in doubt. She would not walk away. Life had been dull. This was too good to let go of. She had always known how submissive she could be. Just never met a man that seemed strong enough to take it. To take her. Turns out she was looking for the wrong kind of guy entirely.Although exactly what ‘sort’ of guy Nick was she could not exactly put a label on.She grins at that. Little ripples run through her body.Walking upstairs carefully with the tea she feels a little nervous. But sure. She sits it down on the table and sits down on the bed. Moving up next to him. His arm curls around her.”I accept you as my submissive. You may call me master.” the words have a power she can feel.With a big beaming smile she says…”Yes master.”

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