Truth or Dare with Mom Part 2

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Truth or Dare with Mom Part 2Summary of part one: Mom (42) and son (21) living together, get over familiar and end up watching a porn film (Taboo). She suggests it’s time for bed and he follows her up.I followed mom up the stairs, she walked up carrying a bottle of JD in her hand. I watched her arse as she slowly took one step at a time, I could just about see the curves of her sexy bum at the bottom of her short silky robe. I reached up and gave it a cheeky pinch, she didn’t flinch in fact she slowed down. I grabbed her more vigorously, my cock was twitching as she gave a little shudder. At the top of the stairs she stopped and waited until I was stood directly behind her, still feeling her bum I could smell her perfume as our bodies got closer. She took a swig of JD from the bottle and passed it to me. As I took hold of the bottle she briskly rubbed my crotch giving my cock a squeeze. I was visibly aroused as I watched her walk into her bedroom. I took a swig and followed her.Mom reached her bed as I entered the room, she nonchalantly took off her robe and stood brazenly as if she wanted to watch me admire her body. I couldn’t help but look her up and down, she looked stunning. I walked closer taking another swig of JD. As I got to her she grabbed the bottle, took a mouthful and placed it on her bedside table. We stood facing each other close enough to feel and smell each other’s whiskey breath. I leant forward to kiss her but she moved her head to the side of mine and whispered “I’m your mother, we can’t kiss and you can’t cum inside me but I will allow illegal bahis almost anything else”. “Anything!?”, I enquired. “Almost anything”, she replied. “Now be a good boy and strip to your underwear like me”, she continued. I duly obliged and removed my top and jeans. We stood for a few seconds just looking at each other’s bodies, breathing in a tantric like manner and absorbing the sexual tension between us.I lifted my hand and ran my fingers through her hair, my hand clasped the back of her head as I leaned forward as if to kiss her but turned her head to one side and, with my mouth next to her ear, said “I am going to kiss you”. As I spoke my other hand reached down her back and grabbed her bum. “I am also going to put my cock inside you and as I fuck you, I WILL cum inside you”, I said as I pulled her towards me, thrusting my cock against her crotch. She let out a little moan of approval as I squeezed her arse while rubbing against her. I then brought my head back and looked into her eyes before leaning back in so our lips met, I could taste the JD as I sucked her bottom lip. She responded to the kiss and stuck her tongue in my mouth. My cock hardened and was bursting to get out of my pants, it was rubbing against mom’s cunt with only the cotton of our underwear stopping our most intimate parts touching. We kissed for a few minutes and our hands were all over each other, I felt her breasts with one hand and her arse with the other. She had two hand on my bum and was strategically thrusting so the tip of my cock was rubbing against her clit, although illegal bahis siteleri this was happening through our underwear we could feel the sensation and were both enjoying it. We paused for a second and looked at the complete lust in each other’s eyes. I unclasped her bra and pushed her onto the bed. I leaned down and kissed her again while my hands were exploring her wanton body. I grabbed her breast and tweaked her nipples, I started to move my kiss from her mouth, down her neck and onto her chest. I began sucking her nipples and felt them harden with every tug from my lips, mom’s breathing was getting heavier. I moved further down her body, kissing her torso down to her naval and lower. I pulled her knickers down to reveal her tidy pussy, I kissed around her well-trimmed cunt, lifting her legs up and putting her thighs on my shoulders. The aroma of her damp lips was scintillating, I nibbled her thigh and ran my finger over her slit to see if she was ready, I wasn’t disappointed. Finally, I stuck my tongue inside her, licking from the bottom to her clit. Mom gave out a moan of approval, my tongue started darting in and out of her tight wet snatch. The rhythm of my licking got faster as did mom’s breathing. My tongue was now fucking her cunt and she was obviously enjoying it. I decided to concentrate on her clit for a bit and I’d timed it well as she shouted “fuck, I’m going to explode”. I sucked on her clit until it was the size of a small nipple. I shoved a finger in her pussy when I thought she was about to orgasm and, again the timing canlı bahis siteleri was perfect as she screamed and wriggled with delight. Her legs closed and she was quivering as her body juddered in what she later described as the best orgasm she’d ever had. I stood up and watched her as she recovered from her orgasm, I pulled down my boxers and lay on top of her. I looked into her eyes as I rubbed the tip of my cock against her clit and then against the opening of her pussy. Mom looked deep into my eyes and said “put your cock inside me son and fuck me hard”. I obliged by pushing my rock solid penis inside her cunt, she made noises to indicate she was enjoying being penetrated. I pushed my cock as far as it would go and kept her gaze for a few seconds, I then started to fuck her slowly. My cock almost coming out of her but I managed to judge it just right and pushed it back in as far as it would go. I carried on doing this and allowed the pace to get faster. I couldn’t believe what was happening but we were both lost in the moment. I was now pumping her hard and fast, knowing we were both on the verge of climax. We stared deeply into each other’s eyes as we both could feel that in the next few thrusts I would ejaculate inside her. Mom reached round and put her hands on my bum and on the final thrust helped to push my cock further and hold it there. We both screamed as I exploded inside her. I couldn’t believe how much cum shot inside her and I know she felt it too. I lay down on top of her with my cock still throbbing. We cuddled for a few seconds and the enormity of the situation hit us. We stayed motionless for a bit, my cock softened and my spunk was dribbling from her pussy.We fucked again that night but never did again and never spoke about it, although I had many a good wank thinking about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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