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TRUE TALES OF A SALESMAN #2TRUE TALES OF A SALESMAN #2 To my readers: If you’ve read #1, then you’ll know this took place beforeI bought my motor home. Lisa and CandyI had reluctantly agreed to pick up both women and take them to the restaurant where all of us were gathering after the trade show. Both Lisa and Candy owned and operated a small women’s apparel store in a suburb of a big city. They were both very good looking. Their looks probably were a significant factor in their success. Lisa, the single one, was a shorter blonde, with long hair to her shoulders, a little pug nose, freckles, and a cute pixie-ish mouth, with a delightful sense of humor. Candy on the other hand, married and the owner, was tall, quite slim, with a sultry look, very long auburn hair to the middle of her back, luscious full lips and always the polite and perfect ‘lady’. I’d guessed they were both in their late 30’s. I’d been calling on them for about a year or so. When I was in the store, they were both very attentive and always placed a nice order with me. We would joke, and enjoy the opportunity to interact with each other. Lisa always made some comment with a sexual undertone. Candy would always admonish her to ‘behave’. On this particular evening, as the women got in the car, for the first time I looked at each of them with anappraising eye. I mean, I was in the women’s apparel trade. Both had very beautiful silk blouses on, short sleeved, button front, and a tie at the waist. Lisa’s was a cobalt blue, setting off her vibrant blond hair and fair complexion. Candy’s was ruby red, accenting her long brown hair and deep brown eyes and bright red nails. Both had on white pleated skirts with black patent high heels. Individually or together, they were stunning. As we drove to the restaurant we made small talk. The weather was beautiful. A cool, early fall evening which Candy took advantage of by running the window down and letting the wind catch her magnificent tresses. Lisa was sitting in the middle and was very animated in the conversation and occasionally would emphasize a comment by laying her hand on my thigh. I thought nothing of it, after all we were friends. Dinner was its’ usual raucous party of 12 or more people. Lisa and Candy were seated by other friends of ours. Everyone lets off steam, and sometimes the comments and jokes are a little off color, and the more they drink the more vivid the comments become. You know, we’ve all been there. Everyone is from somewhere else at this trade show, most are married, so who’s going to know anything or tell anything. It was a Saturday and we had one more day at the show, at least those of us who were salespeople. The customers, like Lisa and Candy had no timetable to conform to. So it was no surprise as the evening wore on and approached 11 that it was time to go. Sunday was a long selling day, and the breakdown of booths, loading up, and traveling to the next destination. Candy & Lisa came up to me and Lisa said, “Of course, you’re going to take us back, right?”“Of course I will” I said, a little surprised. I had thought that some of their other friends staying in the same hotel would have offered to take them back. No matter, it would give me another opportunity to check them out closely. I didn’t have much of an opportunity during the course of the evening to interact with either of them very much. It was a given that they both commanded much attention. Only once, did Candy get up from the table and come over to me, lean down to my ear as her hair fell about my neck and ask if I was having fun, on her way to the ladies room. She smelled like lavender. So we all made our way sahabet güvenilirmi out to the parking lot amid goodbyes, so longs, and see you tomorrow’s. As I got behind the wheel, both women were already in the car, in the same order. We started to drive along and Lisa said, “Hey, there’s a nice park, why don’t we go in for a few minutes?” “Oh yeah, let’s do that” Candy addedWell, who was I to argue. I pulled in to this cute little state park, parked in the empty lot, turned the car off, and before I could take my hand from the ignition Lisa threw herself into my face and kissed me. I was not prepared for that and was startled momentarily, and then kissed her back on instinct. She broke the little kiss, and said, “We’ve been waiting to get you alone!”“What do you mean?” I quickly replied.“We both think you’re a hunk, and we want you” Candy said.I was dumbfounded and speechless. These two hot women, wanted me?I had my right arm on the back of the seat when Lisa folded into me, and said, “Now kiss me the way I want to be kissed.”I kissed her with a soft, tantalizing kiss that would beg for more. I very slowly probed her mouth with my tongue exploring ever so gently her tongue, her lips, her teeth, and tasting her. As I did, my left hand reached out to cup her breast. Holy shit! She had no bra on. Her breast was small, very firm, with a pert little nipple and she kissed me deeper and more forcefully as I fondled her, and she moaned. I always wondered why people kissed with their eyes closed. Well, it’s because, if you had your eyes open, you’d be in so close, you’d get eye strain. I opened my eyes, lifted my face from hers as we ended the kiss, saw the look of seduction on Lisa’s face and over her shoulder I see Candy has unbuttoned her blouse, opened it wide to reveal her chest. Now, as beautiful as Candy is, she had no breasts’ to speak of, only a small eruption of flesh. But she did have pert nipples that stood out, surrounded by a little light brown areola. “Now it’s my turn” Candy blurted out, as Lisa manipulated herself around Candy so Candy could get next to me. I was about to utter some stupid comment when Candy took my face in her delicate manicured hands, and kissed me with an intensity and passion that I could never have imagined coming from this prim and proper gal. This kiss was the most passionate I had ever experienced. I was not the one doing the kissing. She was. Her sensual mouth was engulfing my entire mouth, her tongue forcefully probing every inch of my mouth. She was pressed to me so tightly I could do nothing but put my hand on her back to keep her there. While the intensity of this kiss was mind blowing, my senses were overcome with her scent. The fragrance of her hair, and soft skin, were like an aphrodisiac. The mixture of lavender and the immediate perfume of her lipstick was enough to give me a raging stiff cock. My response was to meet her aggressiveness with my own. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and had a duel with hers, all the time moving our lips all over the others lips. It really was intoxicating. And all this, with your eyes closed. Of course, you can’t kiss like that for more than a few minutes, because it takes your breath away, and you have to come up for air. As we broke this kiss, again, over her shoulder, Lisa had taken her blouse completely off, thrown it into the back seat, and I saw these absolutely gorgeous set of small tits, maybe 34B’s with ½ inch nipples, begging to be fondled and sucked, as she was slipping her skirt down her legs. I lost the vision as Candy took her blouse off completely and threw it in the back seat as well.“Ladies,” sahabet yeni giriş I pleaded, “I’m only one man, I may not be able to please you both.”“Oh don’t worry, we’ll see to that.” Candy said as she too slipped off her skirt. Neither of these fantastic women had panties on either. “You both planned this didn’t you?” I questioned, really enthusiastically.“For quite some time” Lisa said as she fondled her lovely tits. Candy was undoing my belt buckle and the button to get to my briefs, when she declared,“We’re going to fuck your brains out”.As she said this, she tugged my pants a little and I lifted my ass to help her, and Lisa reached around Candy and grabbed my cock. “Oh yeah, this’ll do” Lisa said.Getting my pants down and my black briefs, Candy bent over (how I’m not sure yet) and kissed my engorged cock, licked all around the head, slowly up and down the shaft, and finally just descended her mouth down as far as it would go and back up. Now, I’m just average, not 8 or 9 inches I wish I had, just a little over 6 ½ but it never failed me. Candy’s hair had splayed all over my groin, and I could do nothing but raise my pelvis to help her. Lisa was bent over Candy’s back and was apparently tweaking her nipples. Candy was sucking and slurping and making sucking sounds, when Lisa said, “OK babe, give me a turn”.Candy, gave my cock one more good suck, and raised herself off of me, and squirmed out of the way for Lisa. I had hit the electric switch to move the seat back as far as it would go to give us more room. Now, for the first time, I got a first hand look at Candy’s and Lisa’s entire body. Candy had long legs, very toned, and of course still in her heels, but amazingly, she had a bush to die for. Her dark brown, almost black hair on her pussy was a perfectly formed triangle. It was dense enough, but her pink inner folds of her pussy were easily seen. Lisa had a light blond patch of pussy hair, almost invisible, but pinkpussy lips very prominent. No sooner than the vision was there, it disappeared as Lisa bent over to suck my cock in her mouth. She wasted no time, she engulfed my cock with her full mouth and was going up and down rather vigorously when I said, “Lisa, if you keep doing that so fast, you’ll make me cum.” Candy, resting on Lisa’s back, and reaching under to play with her tits, said, “Lisa, ease up, don’t make him cum yet!”Lisa eased up and proceeded to suck gently and stopped squeezing and manipulating my balls. I prodded Lisa to stop and lift up. She did, and as she sat up, I said to both of them, “Hey, let me get in the middle, the door handle is killing my back.” They must have both thought that was a good idea because Lisa, being the closest, scooted over me to the door side, and I squirmed over to the middle and let my pants go to the floor. Candy reached over to get my briefs off completely, gently stroked my cock, and now with more room, threw her leg over me, and reached under herself, and guided my cock to her pussy, rubbed it up and down her wet slippery lips and sat down on it. I went in her to my balls. She was wet, hot, tight and put both hands on my shoulders and ground her pussy into me and raised her self up and down each time with a little more speed. “Oh fuck” Candy cried out, “I love his fuckin cock in my cunt!” Needless to say, her language startled me, but was hoping for more.My free hand was playing with Lisa’s pussy. I had two and then three fingers in her and was moving them in and out, when she yelled, “Oh God, he’s making me cum”.Candy was slowing down in her movements. My other hand was stroking her thigh and slipping my fingers between sahabet giriş my hairy groin and her hairy pussy as I felt for her clit. “Oh shit, here it comes, Oh yeah, I’m cumming too! “Candy blurted out. My hand was drenched with her liquid. She impaled herself as she came, and didn’t move. I scooped up some of her juice with my fingers, and reached up to her mouth. She eagerly opened her mouth and sucked my fingers. Lisa, coming down from her orgasm, said, “Let me taste some too!’ I scooped up some more and reached across Candy’s chest to give my fingers to Lisa. She sucked them in to her mouth and swirled her tongue around them. Candy was finished with her orgasm and was sitting still, when Lisa said, “C’mon Can, let me fuck him.”Candy raised her lithe body off of me, squirmed over to where Lisa was as Lisa mounted me. Oops. All of a sudden the seat folds back to a reclining position catching me off guard. Settling in to the new position of the seat, Lisa mounts me, and slips my still hard cock into her wet pussy. She’s really wet, but not so tight since I made her cum. She begins to ride me and says in broken breathing, “OK, I’m gonna make him cum in my wet cunt!”.Candy takes the opportunity to climb up over my chest, and lowers her pussy to my face. I take both hands and maneuver her ass and start to devour her hairy pussy. My God, she tastes like honey.With both hands on her tight little ass, I bring her forcefully into my face. I don’t know how she’s bracing herself, and could care less. I suck her lips, run my tongue all over her inner lips, thrust it into her hole, suck her clit and she’s screaming, “Oh yes, you fucker, eat my cunt, oh yeah, eat it, suck it.” Lisa is working up a sweat as she is bouncing up and down and I know it’s time. I can’t say anything as I’m eating Candy’s pussy and Lisa jams her pussy down and I let loose three, maybe four shots of hot cum deep into her pussy. “Yeah, baby, shoot that cum into my hot cunt, yeah, do it.”“Oh God, I’m cumming again, here it comes, right into your mouth. Suck it hard baby, suck my cunt.”Candy screams. Their language is a turn on by itself.Lisa must have had another orgasm as she’s leaning back on the dashboard breathing hard and gasping for air. Candy collapses on my chest and is whispering, “Oh God, I needed that, so good”.By now, my cock is already soft, and has come out of Lisa with a plop. And I’m trying to catch my breath. Candy very slowly lifts her body from mine and is in the back seat. How did she do that, I ‘m wondering. I reach over and raise the seat back. Lisa is still on my thighs, and bends over to me and proceeds to lick all of Candy’s juices off of my face, intermittingly giving me soft kisses while reaching down to her pussy scooping up her juices and puts her fingers to my mouth. I eagerly suck them. She tastes like sweetened ice tea. It must be the mixture of Candy, Lisa, and me. I could drink a lot of that. Quiet. No sound but breathing from the three of us. My polo shirt is drenched with their juices. My pants and briefs are down around my ankle. Lisa has only one heel on, and is playing gently with her adorable tits. Candy climbs over the seat, kisses me, takes a few licks of my face, turns, kisses Lisa on the lips, tweaks her nipple, and says, “Turned out better than w thought it would, huh?”“You got that right, can we do it again?” Lisa asks.“Well, would have been more convenient in the hotel room.” Candy laments.“Well, it didn’t look like we were going to be able to get him up there.” Lisa said.As both women were putting their clothes back on, Candy says to me, “I don’t think we’ll have a problem with that the next show, do you?”I pulled my briefs and pants back up, and said, while buckling my belt, “Ladies, not only was the pleasure mine, but I hope I gave each of you some as well, and I can hardly wait for the next show.”It was after 1 AM when I dropped them off at their hotel.

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