True Love

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True LoveMy name is Alexander. I want to tell you about myself and my wife. Her name is Natasha. We have been married for twenty years. At first glance, we are quite ordinary family, which millions. Except for one caveat. “One woman four guys in the same bed,” including me. That day I will remember for a lifetime.My friends and I decided to go to the sauna and drink a beer to chat. I told my wife that I would return, too late. – Providence would have it, I was in the sauna, there was one. I do not know how it happened, but my friends were in the other sauna. I sat in the steam room one pair is great, almost can not see anything, I drink beer, I miss. I think okay, I’ll go home, Natasha wants to go to bed early, can have time until it took a sleeping pill, then do not eat our.In the steam room the noise came, some guys like the young talk about sex. – For fun, sit on. The guys discuss their girlfriends, – Olga remember – and just a cool float, blowjob, doing fine, Vova you – she also gave – yes … well sucks. Peter are you, tell me something, come on – so tell me what breaks down. Leave him alone, he’s still a virgin.I knew our boys, they live in our entrance. Incredibly, any conversations, quite a while I did not see them – just adults were. You yourself, then for a long time whether the guy was – recently, but how? Misha smacked. And how? – I can not say. So, you’re lying, said Peter. C’mon kolis. Well, I promise not to judge me. Promise to tell me. There was silence. — Come on! Not sustained, Vladimir, Michael was silent. – Yes, he’s lying all triumphed Peter. – This aunts Natasha, what Aunt Natasha? – You know, — are you a moron? – Her husband finds out, he’s bury you, and we will help you. But he did not know, the more she is – and if he finds out, will he explain “myself.” – I, too, (Apollo) – you know that Uncle Sasha did not know, I feel sorry for you. I finally realized it is about my wife.I was seized by a fever. Here Natalia gives a year ago we had decided to find a partner, so to speak, to diversify our sex life, could not decide how – and it already – and keep quiet. – Guys, but you promised, lamented Michael – well forget, the more I would have not refused, and Peter did on it dries. I’m too hot, but curiosity would not let me. I suddenly thought, a good day, got caught (stuffed) so my missus is calling them – it is their c***dhood stuffed cabbage pets. Any one, and then just three males three partners, Natalia not avoid. Couples on a little s**ttered, Michael spoke of carnal pleasures with my wife, and of course, I was standing. I was ready to listen indefinitely.Through the steam I’ve seen guys, they really grew up. Peter looked at me – his eyes widened, rising slowly, almost in a whisper – hello Uncle Sasha, he fell just standing pisun, so there is no longer a member, a towel left on the bench. Normal gun also want my wife? Pete grabbed a towel. Guys shriveled, without turning their sights on quiet exit. Stand: – So, (duckies) let’s talk. We went into the locker room. I took the money, sent Petya for beer, guys, looking down, looking at the floor. Mike White as a sheet was neither alive nor dead. I did not know what to say. Uncle Alex, he will no longer grumbled Volodya – will not it? I laughed – smoking – what? No, you do – do not be. You stole that candy? No. – I asked Michael. I see that he is not in myself, I have thought a little precipitate.Peter brought the beer. And so “men”? Let’s get this thing – windings. I took a sip of beer – okay Mike, it’s okay do not worry about it, who does not happen, take a mug – let choknemsya a trembling hand Misha took the cup, looking at the floor and said, Uncle Sasha, I honestly will not. “No, Michael! And how are you, and you, and you Peter Vova “clinked their glasses with them, I said. Guys bulged at me. Come on, rinse, details’ll talk on the way home. You do have the time? The boys nodded.I am very determined. Out on the street, began. In general (stuffed cabbage), since we share one secret, I think you can talk frankly – I can count on you? Of course old Sasha – emboldened them. I described the situation to them, they do not even surprised to see now is cool, but Peter was worried – and Aunt Natasha agree? I guess a little break, she’s hoping for one and the unfamiliar. I think everything will be okay. Everything ikonbet giriş turned out as well as possible, I’m just afraid that Natasha was asleep, with her not to wake the sleeping pills. – Waiting for sexual intimacy, in itself exciting, but when you know that now, and the eyes will be your wife make love with three guys at once! I do not know the guys, but I already was!I opened the door, and we quietly entered the hall, I was taken aback, at the exit from the living room, my wife cleaned the carpet, probably something spilled, (today is definitely a happy day), it was to us backwards, bending low with his legs apart, shorkala hard spot, her favorite robe treacherously crawled on her back. We – frozen, watching. “She was not melting.” Its careful (carapace) opened wide at the back, like a shining pearl teardrop. I turned to the guys and put a finger to his lips, two minutes, three we spellbound, admired it (a miracle). – Then I said, – peerless (pearl)! Startled, without turning, Natasha tried to pull up a bathrobe, I said do not, – “You scared me,” I did not hear you come in. – I think you come back at night, has already taken a sleeping pill. The sauna was not familiar? She asked, not looking up from the case, you have a luxury (seat). This is not new, continuing to work, she said. Guys, open-mouthed, holding on to his pants.I walked over to his wife, wet with saliva two fingers, wider spread pink lips and brought them deep into the vagina. What are you doing?! She said coyly. I am looking for a pearl. For so many years there sharish, it’s time to realize it’s not there – you are in my way, shaking his booty, she said. Do not be distracted, felts else will. Guys, in a fever of excitement. I gently caressed her fingers vagina, Natasha continued to clean carpet and she clearly wanted to continue playing.She wiggled her ass, like stringing on his fingers, squeezing vagina. My love, thrilled, it’s nice, she purred. I nodded to Vladimir, he blushed, hesitated, but still came up. I took the fingers, Vova, poslyunyaviv your fingers, gently introduced into the vagina of my wife. Natasha … enjoy. You probably want to eat, she said – not change the subject, or go awry, I whispered. Slowly then – then fingers tongue caressed the boy cunt: I nodded to him. So he went on, and slowly backed away, my love, moaning, she had not heard, she drowned in bliss. “Volodya could caress feminine charms.”I walked over to the boys they like drunk with delight and awe watching (porn to Java) Rodney Alexander whispered, as I please. Vova plaintively at me. I did not know what to do, Natasha is just ending. Gesture, I asked the guys to show me my dignity, Vova, literally dumped huge dick and has his sights insert my wife, I pulled it. Misha member as Volodya, just a little shorter, Petya about as I have. I decided to go slowly – came to his wife, licked his fingers and released Volodya. My love has continued to soar in the clouds. I called Petya he resolutely went, I took his fingers out of the vagina, took his hand and put it on the wife’s ass, his knees buckled, he settled down, and with desire to put his charm my wife.Boys bulging eyes to me, Mike showed me to my mustache, “I was thrown into a fever.” “Peter without a mustache!” I tore it from the vagina. Natasha moaned, what is it with you. “They let me go” – “did not notice.” I took Petya for a member, sent into the vagina and literally shoved it in my love. He took her ass and began carefully (his first flight in the sky.) Natasha whispered, stronger, harder, something you sluggish today. (In my head pecked stupid idea). Imagine, guys gave me pills that increase penis, during sex, so I’m in no hurry, I said, guys smiled. Why do this to you, and so you have everything in order. Well … you decided to please. Yeah me and so good to you, come baby, move, and then I go to sleep.I glared at Petya, his burst if he firmly took my love to her waist, with the power to thrust her out, she nearly dropped her robe completely slipped her mind. “It has long be so, she moaned.” I said (pills take effect.) Peter worked as a stallion. He truly, (loved Natasha), stroked her back, squeezed thighs parted the buttocks, she moaned, groaned. Peter suddenly froze, his jaw and looked fearfully at me. Peter the first time, “had a woman” – “He’s ikonbet yeni giriş finished”: laponka sobbed, “do not understand”? You what? finished or what? (Dreaming), I said, is only a beginning, you feel it growing, Mishka almost laughed, I shook a finger at him, Vova jabbed him with his elbow. I pushed Petya, he clearly did not want to let my happiness. I dropped to my knees, spread your buttocks and tongue began to tickle your favorite vagina, she shivered. Now I know the taste of semen, boy abundantly watered, my love. I wanted to call Misha, but he was standing there, smiling shyly. I stood up, gently stroking her thighs, we swapped. “Little by little start,” I whispered silently.Misha busily spread vagina, put term as would be an example, slowly entered, time after time, adding to millimeter and gradually accelerating. Natasha started, Sasha, what is it? Misha got scared and pulled back a little pace. I solemnly said, “well, how cute, you feel!? – Pills! – Magic! ” You feel good – nice? She whispered shakily. “Sasha, my dear mother,” how do I feel good, “still, yet more deeply, more deeply my dear,” she sobbed. Natasha incredibly bent, she rested his elbows on the carpet already, her full legs parted wider, she stood on tiptoe, it was almost on top of the vagina. Mike has worked in good faith, as if the pile into the ground drove his thick penis into the vagina.My wife groaned, sighed, scratching carpet periodically whispered what I feel good as well, more, more. The boys ate their eager eyes, in time with Misha, I occasionally cheered sweet, sweet young man! “That’s how we can!” “Let us Molodushka in soles are not suitable.” Misha significantly slowed the pace, Vova worried. We noticed he was there, there would end, I whispered to him, (it should not be seen a substitute), Natasha literally bathed in orgasm, it was shaking like a (naked in the freezing cold). Mike nodded, Volodya prepared. Michael, his teeth clenched, eyes shut, holding convulsions without slowing the pace, he finished, he was shaking. Natasha whispered, “how hot” dear you finished? Mike pulled out a member of the funk, Natasha gasped loudly, I blurted, (hell, popped). Native exhaled finished. Vova but firmly began to introduce his huge tool.She whispered, – almost sang, no … – not yet, well, not yet. Volodya shone, taking Mishin pace he also introduced his penis in half, then deeper and deeper, my love, not appeased. “More, more, more,” she almost shouted. Vova tried not to give Michael. He could not give way to him, and now I could see, he did not only longer, but much thicker, “not when I did not think that my wife can enter it!” (Well, the team picked up). “Mnya is happy.” Volodya, already on the depth of thrust to Natasha, she suddenly screamed loudly. Vova stopped in horror, he looked at me, I asked him (native greatly hurt)? No, no, do not stop, darling darling, honey, much, much booty she moved toward Vovkinomu member, with the force impinging on his hips.My wife did not scream, she growled, “love me, love, love me so dear, how can I feel good!” Her legs finally went away, she fell to her knees, ass vseete frantically worked podmahivaya Vova in tact. He leaned, her shoulders gown was all in her head, she did she could not unravel. It suited us. My wife is from the beginning to the absolute top of the booty naked for a good hour and a half, I thought, that’s endurance. (Suddenly it dawned on me) – (Natasha with me do not have sex), so that’s why she slept with Misha, and maybe more than once? I felt a little hurt, especially me, it does not affect what can you do if (some) are not as big as the members of Vova and Misha, though – Natalia, has always said that I have a very normal. “He’s lying, probably.” I’m forty-eight, her forty-four, “simply not possible that these, in fact, still a young boy with a passion to please almost agreed (old lady). – A (old) in the meantime already sprawled on the floor, gathered in ecstasy almost the entire Palace, she did not scream, did not growl, she softly purred my name, something about love, as she is well and all the time required, more, more , again and again, the last effort she fought off sleep.I was overwhelmed by the incredible joy for her. Of course, it is foolish to hope that these boys will be frequent visitors here, ikonbet güvenilirmi but I still cherished the hope that at least one more time to zaduet us some cheerful breeze. Good to be young, Volodya longer hours, almost continuously fry my love, it roasts, from our hot bodies in the hallway was like an oven.He has twice finished, I had to c him in unison to mimic my orgasm he was a member, I have my moans, guys just can not describe. Misha, with Peter eagerly watching (greedy), lovers too, for once (over) to the floor. I would also (shrugged), but hesitated, (it would be a miserable spectacle). It took some time, we’ve had enough of view, my old favorite gown Natalia long tear it softened, happy face of shocks Vovkinyh Turley on the spot because of which there was this “love fireworks.” Tortured by love, it is still something humming in his sleep.I went to the kitchen and brought a bottle of cold beer, Vladimir finally finished, neither of which has not openly, he fought in ecstasy with even greater force, he thrust member in the vagina exhausted my favorite. Finally he calmed down, pulling slightly backwards, squeezing the last drops of semen into my sleeping love. I tested with no how, no less fun. Vova proud, beaming, pleased rose over my wife, long look at the fruits of their labor, glotnuv beer, spoke enthusiastically. “Great to have”! We were drinking beer, honey lying with her legs spread wide she was fast asleep, (weary, poor), in her fevered cunt gaping big hole out of her depth ooze pearl sperm.I thought, “Wow, and I have it is cloudy.” I looked at the guys, they enthusiastically spellbound, watched with every breath Natasha, her (magic pearl carapace) is slowly shutting again and at the end, closed, leaving only the pearl puddle on the floor. And again she was beautiful. Like them, I was the first time in my life seen such a (magic), and this is my (carapace). Michael glanced at Volodya and said pointedly. “Yes … Do not just mash it”, even after such a marathon! Vova answered yes, I totally agree with you. Peter murmured thoughtfully – it has a very beautiful! He dropped to his knees and kissed the ass of my wife. Friends looked at each other, and solemnly repeated his ritual.Petya offended – “not funny”, but we do not laugh, seriously muttered Vova, it is our solemn oath, that no one, not when I do not know our secret – and will not allow anyone to insult our woman, said Mike. They are bright-eyed look, in my eyes. My head flashed (God, they’re still a c***d), I felt a little ashamed, accompanying them, I also kissed my love, in the ass. While the first hour of the night, I carefully took his wife in his arms the guys helped me to remove her torn gown, she opened her eyes, we are numb with horror, though no longer a concealed. Natasha whispered, as if intoxicated, my love, honey, kissed me, looked at the guys stroked Misha on the cheek and moaned, “These your pills,” and once again fell asleep, not noticing his nudity.Steel arms sleeping pills, still held her. The boys went to the kitchen, the fridge is still beer. I took my wife to the bedroom, behind me came Peter, helped disassemble the bed, I put it on fresh sheets. – “Do not want a beer, squeezed Peter” looking for my love – “I have time to go home.” I looked at him – looking at a naked sleeping Natasha, he said quietly, Uncle Sasha I love her! Nothing you can do, because I love her, and patted his hair. Okay, I understand, we will help you not to wake her. I went for the guys, Petit recently turned eighteen, from his parents, I knew in his arms summons to the army, “Why do not you help?” Sweet memory in the army can not hurt. – In the kitchen, the guys whispering something about me, I stopped, Vova said, yes … that Uncle Sasha, you see it is very happy, direct light – and that, while we have grown almost in their house, as now to face Aunt Natasha, Misha whispered. – I went into the kitchen, they were troubled.Guys do not worry, as soon as she returns to normal we will carry out his plan, unless you have not changed your mind, “no,” they were indignant chorus. We just ashamed that we have now, treacherously. Nothing’s all right I’m her long-prepared, just that she does not know with whom. And now, we must help our soldiers, so that “engagement can take place today,” I joked, when suddenly we wake her up. Entered the bedroom, Peter sat by the bed and gently stroked the sleeping body. – Ready?Peter nodded, not sure, if you’re afraid, let me first – calm down, (ladies’ man), he should be home, his mother probably already militias running, snorted Volodya other, and what to do?

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