Trip to Spain

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Trip to SpainI went to Spain for xmas, got home last night.Had an appartment around the corner from a Tranny club,,Went to it ,,,,fucking great!!!!! There was a central room with a stage and various rooms from it,,one showing porno films,,one with glory holes,,lots of various themes,,,,I wandered around in the various rooms Trannys everywhere,,sucking, fucking, where ever you looked..I sucked a few cocks,,had mine sucked a few times, resisted the temptation to cum,,I went into the main theatre, seated about 40 people, about 25 in there awaiting the live show…Sat like a cinema in rows,,,,,The show started, a georgeous tranny came on, she was called “DIVA”,,started to strip to music, looked around surrounded by trannys, all had their cocks out wanking, or being sucked by another tranny,,,,,Diva stripped out of her dress, removed her bra, great tits and wow what fucking nipples, she played with them until they were about an inch long,,,She had on her thong, stockings and sussies when she was joined by another tranny called “EBONY” ….Fucking hell she was incredible, She was black (Which turns me on anyway) and legs about a mile long,,,,She was dancing as Diva removed her dress and her bra,,Her tits were fucking massive!!!They were both down to there thongs, stockings and sussies and were now pole dancing for a while…………They started dancing together next, kissing, playing with each others tits,,Then Ebony knealt down and removed Divas thong,,,took her cock into her mouth and sucked it very, very, seductively.Then Diva, removed Ebonys thong and fucking hell her cock sprang out which was about 10ins and so thick,,,Diva sucked on her massive cock sinop escort until they laid on a raised bed in the middle of the stage in a 69,,,they sucked each other,,,then Ebony got on all fours,,Diva got behind her and slid her cock in and fucked her for about 10 mins,,,,Then Diva laid on her back and Ebony fucked her for about 10mins,,They both then walked to the front of the stage,,with there massive cocks sticking straight out,,They stood ther strocking ther cocks,,Then all of a sudden some of the audience (About 10) went to the front in turn sucked ther cocksI thought fucking hell, I have to have a suck on Ebonys cock….I walked to the front and waited until the guy in front finished sucking and then I slid my mouth over her fucking amazing cock, it was enormouse, I could only just get my mouth over itI was ther sucking this big black cock,,when I realised someone was pulling my panties down to release my cock,,then I felt a warm wet mouth engulfing my cock,,,Then someone went around the back of Ebony and was rimming her cunt as I was sucking her cock,,,The girl rimming Ebony then stood up and stuck her cock up her cunt,,,I licked all the way down to Ebony’s balls and was now licking and sucking her balls and the ones fucking her….Then I realised the familiar smell of poppers, when Ebony passed me the bottle that she was using, I took a hit and passed them back, she gave them to the guy who was fucking her,,When the poppers kicked in I was sucking that cock like a whore and my cock was about explode in someones mouth,,,,,I decided to take a breather, so I was replaced by someone else as I sat on a seat in the front row,,There was escort sinop Diva laid on the bed with 2 cocks in her cunt, and she had one in her mouth,,others were stood ther wanking ready to take there turn,,,,,,There was a sling at the side of the stage,,Ebony went and got in the sling,,,,The air was filled with the aroma of poppers, as nearly everybody were taking hits,,I realised that there were containers at each row end containing the poppers for free use,,,,I took a bottle, had a big hit,,went back on the stage,,I went To Diva, she sucked my cock,,the 2 trannys had finished fucking her and there was another tranny fucking her. I was watching her massive cock sliding in and out of her cunt as she sucked mine,,Then I realised that she was being fucked bareback, he kept pumping away and then pumped his cumm in her cunt,,When she pulled out I saw that Divas cunt was swimming in cumm it was oozing out,,Then another tranny got on and fucked her bareback,,She pumped her load in her as well,,,She was replaced by another tranny, who also fucked her bareback,,I decided to go over to see what was happening with Ebony,,,She was in the sling one tranny fucking her, 2 being sucked by her,,,I went over took some more poppers,,and took her cock in my mouth,,,I was sucking her cock watching her being fucked bareback also,,,,,The tranny who was fucking her took his cock out and offered it to my mouth,,I took another hit of poppers and took it in my mouth,,It was so slippery and wet from all the cumm in Ebonys cunt,,,I sucked on his cock sliding my lips all over it,,,then he pulled out of my mouth and pumped all his cumm over Ebony,,He shot load after load,,Ebony sinop escort bayan was covered all over her massive tits….One tranny who was being sucked by Ebony Started licking the cumm of her breasts,,I carried on sucking her cock when another tranny came and fucked her,,,pumping more cumm in her cunt,,,This happened another 4 times,,,Her cunt was dripping, there was cumm on the floor below her cunt,,,,I went and stood near her head, put my cock in her mouth,,she was a great cock sucker,,,She took all my cock in her mouth,,,,,More cumm was being pumped in her cock…..I was as horny as I have ever been and decided to fuck her,,I went around put my cock against her cunt, I slowly entered her, sliding my cock as slow as I could into her cunt,,,,The feeling was awesome, she was so fucking wet,,the wettest cunt I hve ever fucked,,The feeling when fucking her was incredible due to all the spunk, it created a vaccum efect which was equisite,,,I was fucking her and playing with those massive tits,,Until I exploded all my fucking cumm in her cunt,,I seemed to cum for ever,,,I eventually pulled out and decided to take a rest…I sat in the front row of the seats again,,I thought that after cumming like that I would chill for a bit then leave,,,But no,,my cock had other ideasI was sat there for about 5 mins and my cock was hard again,,,,I decided to fuck Diva this time,,I walked to the bed, put my cock against her cunt, pushed it all the way in and slammed that cunt for ages,,When I was ready to cumm again I pulled out, walked across to Ebony and sprayed my cumm all over her breasts,,The tranny who was fucking her was strocking her cock,,Ebony said something to him (in Spanish) and then WOW FUCKING WOW there was cumm shooting out of her cock,,One shot went over her head,,2 loads hit me on the arm,,,more shots went over her face and breasts,,,,,,,,That was an afternoon to remember

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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