Treat for Hubby Cum Eating

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Treat for Hubby Cum EatingMy wife had been out for the evening and I had been waiting for her to return from her adventures. She had been cheating on me, if you can call it that, since I not only knew about it beforehand but actively encouraged her to do so, even helping her get ready for her date. As she had prepared herself to go out we had discussed how much she was looking forward to getting pounded by her boyfriend’s big cock, what positions she was going to get taken in (all of them if I remember correctly) and at what point she would let me know she was on her way home. The plan was simple. I was to be completely naked when she got in and I was to do everything she said, no arguments, no fuss. It had been 20 minutes since my phone had beeped with her message; “Home soon. luv u. x.” Before she had gone out she had asked me again if I was certain I wanted her to go through with it and I had replied with an emphatic, “Yes!” As far as she was concerned this was the first time I knew of her cheating and as far as she knew, I thought she was only fucking someone else for my benefit. Now that we had finally gotten to where she felt comfortable enough to be open about it, the slight fuzzing of the truth would work out fine for us both. Nothing was complicated, Karen got to cheat without the worry of getting caught and I got to have her afterwards… at least some of the time. She smiled nervously as she gingerly entered the living room where I knelt completely naked on the floor; unsure of whether I would really be waiting as instructed or if this was some horrible, twisted trap. She visibly relaxed when she saw not only my nakedness but my rock hard cock.”Ohhh, dirty boy!” she laughed. “Have you been thinking about me?” she asked, u*********sly running her hand through her slightly dishevelled hair.I nodded affirmative. I hadn’t been able to think of anything else since she had left the marital home an hour and a half ago, my heart skipping a beat approximately ten minutes after she had kissed me goodbye when she texted, “Last chance to change your mind.” I replied with, “Have fun. x,” imagining her getting out of the car as soon as she received my text, going to the door and entering the house of her lover. Although my mind raced with what she would be doing next I tried not to fantasise too hard on the finer details, preferring instead to wait till she got home and talked me through her evening.”What have you been thinking about?” she asked.”You being fucked by your boyfriend,” I whispered hoarsely.She bent over and began kissing me deeply, running her tongue wickedly around my mouth. “Have you been thinking about me sucking his cock?” she asked when we paused. “Yes,” I whispered even more hoarsely, knowing she knew that’s exactly what was going through my mind as we kissed.”Good! Because I did. I was looking forward to kissing you while I was giving him a blowjob. Could you taste my boyfriend’s dick?” She kissed me deeply again before I had a chance to reply, running her tongue wildy around my mouth, working me up to near frenzy.”Yes,” I gasped when we came up for air.”Go get me a drink,” she demanded.”Are you looking forward to licking me out?” she asked when I returned with a large glass of wine.”Yes,” I said softly, blushing. “Yes what?!” she barked.”Yes Miss!””That’s better,” she smiled.I had taken up my pre-agreed position kneeling in front of her as she sat sipping her drink. Anticipation, nervousness and excitment all coursed through me causing my naked body to shiver involuntarily and I threw my own drink down in one gulp. I had never felt so helpless or so dependent on anyone in my life and Karen savoured the moment.”So, have you been picturing me getting fucked by a big cock?” she asked softly.”Y,y,yes, Miss.” I stuttered.”And did you picture him cumming in me?””Y,y,y,yes.”This was something we had discussed in detail on many occasions over the years during our lovemaking sessions. My ultimate fantasy was to eat another guy’s cum out of my wife. It wasn’t really a bi thing although I probably had a bit of a bi-curious side, it was the cuckold thing of cleaning my wife’s pussy after she had been fucked by someone else. The ultimate betrayal by a partner met by the ultimate submission of a cuckold husband to his wife’s infidelity. Not only knowing your wife had been fucked by someone else but being ‘made’ to clean up the mess afterwards – yum. Cuckolds will know what I’m talking about. To anyone else it will seem bizarre at best. Although there’s probably some deep-seated reason for it, the psychology defies my analysis. It just ‘does it’ for me in a way nothing else can. Karen parted her legs slightly and I glimpsed black lace panties under her rather short skirt. Her bare legs, which had been clad in sheer tights when she left, ran like a hypnotic marble stairway from her stilleto heels to her invitation.”Come closer,” she said softly, pulling my head towards her crotch and opening her legs a little wider and teasing her skimpy skirt up a little. “I want you to smell me.”I did as I was bid and moved until my lips brushed against the lace.”Smell me. Sniff my pussy!”I drew in a deep breath, savouring the headiness of the strong scent of her sex, the product no doubt of her recent encounter. Without realising, I became engrossed, drawing breath after deep breath through my nostrils, lost in the rich, deep fragrance of her scent, an underlying unfamiliarity also announcing its presence at the back of my mind.”That’s enough for now,” she said softly, easing me away. “I need a refill.”I took the glass and quickly returned. While refilling Karen’s glass I had quickly knocked back a double of my own and almost immediately felt its relaxing effect. “Do I smell good?””Absolutely.””Are you looking forward to eating me out?””Definitely!”I loved licking her out, sometimes almost more than I liked actually fucking her. Her smell, her taste, the way she twitched and reared against the tiny movements of my tongue drove me as wild as my efforts did her. Sometimes she would tell me as she came and sometimes not. Always, she came in my mouth, often grabbing my hair to force me harder against her, into her, and always cumming several times each session.”Even though I’ve just been fucked by another guy?” “Yep!””Look me in the eye.”I did as she instructed, looking at her strong blue eyes. She had fixed me with a deep gaze, probing for any signs of doubt or hesitation.”Tell me what you want to do.””I want to lick you out, Miss.””Tell me properly!””I really want to lick you out, Miss,” I replied not quite catching on. Her stare remained, unwavering as she searched my soul.”… and?””I, I… I really want to clean you up.””Better, but not quite…”Finally, the penny dropped; “Please, Miss, can I lick your boyfriend’s cum out of your pussy?””Again! Do it properly this time!””Please, please, please, Miss. May I please lick your boyfriend’s cum from your pussy?”Karen smiled, certain I was truly up for it. “Maybe,” she purred, handing me her empty glass again. She loved making me beg to lick her out normally but having me beg to clean her up tonight really seemed to give her a huge kick.She stood in the middle of the room waiting for me when I returned, silently taking the offered glass, her stilletto heels exaggerating and accenuating the gorgeous sweep of her legs to her trim figure and making her slightly taller than me. As I stood naked before her admiring her pert breasts under the white, misbuttoned shirt, hard-on raging, the bra she had been wearing when she left now in some unknown location, she pushed down on my shoulder with her free hand, encouraging me to drop to my knees. I couldn’t help but wonder if the missing bra and misaligned buttons on her blouse were by accident or design. Either way it was a huge turn-on.”I bursa escort have a little surprise for you,” she said mischieviously.I mouthed as if to reply but she held up a chiding finger, shushing me instantly. “No, no, no. You do exactly what I say, when I say. No fuss, no questions, no arguments, remember?”I nodded silently, my mind afire, hoping that whatever she had planned fell in step with my fantasy.”Pull my knickers down… slowly!”I did as she instructed, gently easing the sides of the tight garment from her hips under her skirt. Even though I wanted to rip them off and ravish her on the spot I somehow managed to confine myself to slowly peeling them downwards an inch or two at a time. As the knickers rolled slowly down from her hips and fell in line with her crotch Karen said, “There’s your surprise.”Slightly puzzled, I kept to my task, gently easing them down, inch after teasing inch. When they began to loosen their grip on her thighs, I finally noticed it. The surprise. Hanging about half an inch or so from her pussy was the open end of a knotted condom. Karen kicked her black panties free to some unknown spot across the room. Ignoring my confused look she moved a little closer, placing one foot on my thigh, digging in her heel, and opening her legs as much as was comfortable to accommodate me. “Kiss my pussy… but be gentle. I’m a little sore.” I moved to do as instructed only to be prevented just as my lips brushed her neatly trimmed pubic hair.”Haven’t you forgotten something?””Oh! Of course! Please, Miss, may I kiss your pussy?””Say it again… but mean it!””Please, Miss, may I please, please kiss your pussy?””Hmm, something not quite right. Don’t you mean used pussy?”I swear I almost fired my load off right then and there! My balls were already blue, swollen and very tender from all the cum in them and I had been nursing a rock-hard erection for over an hour but just hearing her say that almost sent me over the edge. “Yes, Miss, of course, Miss. May I please, please, please kiss your used pussy? I promise I’ll be gentle.”I was immediately granted access to my desire, placing several gentle kisses as far as I could reach given the constraints of the position. “This is no use, you’ll have to lie down,” she instructed. No sooner had I done so than she was straddling my face, her delicious smelling, swollen mound only a few tantalising inches from me. I was almost rabid with desire but did nothing as I waited on her cue, adoring the way she teased me while keeping the pace very measured at the same time. The more it went on the wilder I felt and the more intense the experience. I was also acutely curious about the condom protruding slightly from her and it hung there, mocking me with its secrets. That wasn’t in the script!”Do you like your surprise?” she asked while gently brushing my lips with hers… and the condom.”Yes, Miss.””I’ve been keeping it warm for you. Anyway, shouldn’t you be kissing?”Now that she was in the right position with her lovely moistness poised just above my lips, I kissed her gently and lovingly, slowly working my way up one lip before moving on to the next, an occasional teasing glance on her clit, all the while acutely aware of the latex I worked around. As I did so, she asked, “Do you like kissing my used pussy?”I nodded, unwilling to stop now that I was finally there. Suddenly and without warning she pulled away, the little of the condom that hung from her brushing my nose. “I asked you a question! Do you like kissing my pussy after I’ve been fucked by another guy?!””Yes, Miss!””Are you thinking about his big cock sliding in and pounding me where you’re kissing? His big balls bouncing off me with every stroke?””Yes,” I replied truthfully.”Yes, what!?””Yes, Miss.””Tell me how much you like kissing my pussy right after I’ve had someone else’s cock inside me.””I love kissing your pussy after you’ve had another guy’s cock in you, Miss. It’s my duty.””Better… ” she laughed, “and yes, it is.”At that she lowered herself just enough for me to reach her again and I continued as before. All too soon she raised herself just out of my reach. “Lick your surprise.”I tentatively stuck my tongue out to probe the open end of the small bit of visible condom and as I did so Karen told me, “Make sure you get your tongue in the end.”After a short while trying to lick at the tiny bit of condom on show, Karen instructed me to hold it between my teeth. As soon as she was satisfied I had a good grip she slowly began raising herself so the latex bag was gently coaxed from her a millimetre at a time and I could clearly see the tight knot holding its contents inside. She gradually raised herself in such a way as to ensure the emerging condom was directly above my eyes and I could see it glisten with her juices. Suddenly, it popped loose and shlooped onto my eyebrows before gravity tugged the bag across one eye and down to the side, coating me with my wife’s cum. My grip remained firm however, and I held on.Now to be honest, when I first saw the condom I thought she had chickened out of actually openly fucking her boyfriend but had still dreamt up a thrilling twist for the evening, but as it had plopped onto my face I could feel the obvious weight and was very aware of the liquid sloshing around inside it as it had rolled over my cheekbone.Karen took the condom from me and triumphantly held it up for me to see properly. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it? My boyfriend’s cum?” she asked, slowly drawing the condom all over and around my face.I nodded, a little dumbstruck that after all of the years of fantasising I was finally getting my wish, albeit not quite what I was expecting. “Yes, Miss.”Karen allowed the condom to slip around on her fingers as she played with it. “Open your mouth,” she said softly, “I need somewhere to put my boyfriend’s used condom.”I almost fired my load on the spot again as her words, both exquisitly erotic and enormously humiliating at the same time, sent a volley of fireworks off in my mind. I did as she said and she popped the condom with its contents into my mouth, holding onto the knotted end so she had complete control and could see everything I did. “Suck it,” she commanded, “Suck my cum off my boyfriend’s used condom, pervert!” I did as she bid me, sucking on the condom and could feel its contents move loosely under the pressure of my tongue as I sucked her juices from it. As I worked, several times she gradually pulled it from my mouth, inspecting it to see if it was to her satisfaction before putting it back again for some more attention. “From now on, this is your job, cleaning my boyfriend’s used condoms after he’s fucked me with his big, thick cock. It won’t be all the time. Sometimes I’ll just let him cum in me and you’ll get the mess afterwards.” She pulled the condom from my mouth and dropped it contemptuously onto my chest. “Wait there. Don’t move a fucking muscle!”Karen quickly returned from the kitchen with a pair of scissors which she used to snip off the knot guarding the contents of the condom. She once more straddled my face, holding herself but a few inches above me. Carefully, she teased the cut end of the condom apart and inserted a finger, making certain the tip was coated with the gooey liquid. “Keep your mouth closed,” she instructed, then ran her cum-coated fingertip all over my lips before cleaning off what was left by wiping her finger on my cheek. “I want you to kiss my pussy.”I did as she said, gently kissing her pussy with my cum-covered lips as she watched intently. “How does it feel to kiss my pussy with my boyfriend’s cum on you?” she asked. “Lick your lips. I want you to taste my boyfriend’s cum. Don’t worry, there’s lots more.”I swirled my tongue over my lips, drawing what hadn’t been kissed onto my wife of the salty liquid, bursa escort bayan into my mouth. “How does it taste?” she asked.”Salty,” I replied.”Salty, WHAT?””Salty, Miss.””Is that it? Salty? Not fabulous, or wonderful, or even just nice, but salty? My boyfriend worked really hard on that, y’know. We fucked in all sorts of positions – me on top, that’s how we started – I just sat down hard on his big cock; then doggy style, my knees by my head, me on my side with him pumping from behind. Me lying face down with him pounding into me really hard. Wow, he really hammered me in that position, I think that’s why I’m a bit sore. I really wanted to have my legs wrapped around him when he shot his load though as I wanted to feel the full power of his thrusts when he came, so we saved missionary position till last. That’s when I put the condom on him, right at the end. The rest of the time it was bareback, just so you know. It was really hot when he whispered in my ear that he was going to cum because I knew you would be eating it later.””H,how big is his cock?” I asked.”Oh, big!” she replied with relish, indicating about 9 or 10 inches. “I need both hands to get around it too it’s so thick,” she added, “I can only just get it in my mouth.”This was the only detail I was allowed to ask about her boyfriend as she thought it might ruin her fun if I knew any more since we live in a fairly smallish town where everyone knows everyone else. She also thought it would be kind of fun if she knew who’s seed I had swallowed and I didn’t. She did promise me it wasn’t any of my friends or anyone I knew well but aside from that she gave nothing away, not even roughly where he lived.”Can you take it all?” I asked, genuinely curious.”Damn right I can… just! Wait until I let you eat me out and you’ll be able to feel how loose I am. Carrying that condom earlier was difficult, I can tell you. It was hard work stopping it from falling out.”To my disappointment, Karen dismounted me and stood up unsteadily. “Need the loo. Back in a minute. Here, hold this,” she said, carefully handing me the condom which I inspected when she had left the room. There didn’t seem to be any doubt about what the musky-smelling, thick liquid in the condom was anyway. It was definitely someone’s cum and about twice what I usually produced in quantity. After a few minutes she returned, naked except for her shoes. She liked the height her heels gave her and the sense of power she got being taller than me when she wore them.”Get on your hands and knees,” she ordered, taking the condom from me. “Actually, no, before you do that, get me another drink, perv.”Once I had fetched the drinks I got on my hands and knees as instructed, a little embarassed that I no longer had an erection. “What’s wrong? Have you changed your mind? Don’t you like this?” Karen asked, genuinely concerned.”God, no! I love it!” I replied, “It’s just having a rest. I’ve had a hard-on for about two hours.””Maybe I can help you with that,” she said, reaching under me to my shame. She expertly squeezed and stroked first my balls then my cock, quickly bringing me to my full six-inch attention. “So you haven’t changed your mind? You still want to do this?””Absolutely!” I replied.”You don’t mind I’ve been pounded by a big, thick cock then?” she asked, stroking my dick and quickly getting back into her stride. “His cock is much bigger than yours so I hope I can feel yours later. You don’t mind another guy’s been fucking me then? You don’t mind getting sloppy seconds?””No, Miss. I’m glad you found something you like. Whatever you desire,” I groaned, carried away by her steady stroking.”Good. Okay, now do exactly as I say. I’m going to hold the condom and I want you to dip your cock in his cum.”I had to lean forward a fair bit to make the angle work but Karen quickly slipped the end of the condom over my erection and pulled the condom upwards so the end of my glans was bathed in her boyfriend’s cum. Then she lay on her back on the floor beside me. “Put your cock in me,” she said. As I moved to do as she said little drops of his cum dripped onto the floor from my dick. I pushed the head of my cock against the soft resistance of my wife and then she yielded completely and boy, did she yield, much looser than normal. I pressed on, the slippery goo that coated the end of my dick and her obvious slackness making entry all too gloriously easy.”God, I can barely feel it,” she mocked. “Stop!” she barked as I began my second thrust. “Oh, no, no, no! Lick me out. Now!” No sooner had she said it than she had my hair grasped tightly in her hand, forcing me down to her ache.”Did you like using your cock to shove my boyfriend’s sperm into my pussy?” she asked as I reached her mound. “Lick me all over first so you don’t waste any,” she commanded, not waiting for a reply (I did… a lot!).I drew my tongue steadily up the entire length of her in one sustained movement until I reached her clitorus, gently flicking it with darting motions. A sharp pain from my scalp as my hair was viciously tugged backwards jolted me from my plan. “What kind of husband are you?” she asked in a mocking voice, “You haven’t asked for permission. Actually, what kind of husband wants to lick another guy’s cum out of his wife?””I’m sorry, Miss,” I gasped as she yanked my hair back even harder. “Please may I lick you out?””That’s pretty pathetic, really. Ask me again.””Please may I lick your boyfriend’s cum out of you?””And what kind of husband are you that wants to lick his wife’s boyfriend’s cum out of her?””A good one?” I asked, hopefully.”No! You’re a fucking dirty pervert, aren’t you?!””Yes, Miss.””Tell me what you are.””I’m a fucking dirty pervert, Miss.””Yes, you are. Now beg me properly.”I had to take my hat off to her for not only pushing my cuckold buttons but for making the moment last as long as possible before I actually gained my desired full access. For a brief moment I remembered my throbbing cock compressed against the floor as I lay between her legs.”Please, Miss, may I please, please, please clean you up and lick your boyfriend’s cum out of you?”A further sharp tug on my hair told me I wasn’t quite there yet.”I’m begging you, Miss, may I please lick your boyfriend’s cum out of your used pussy?”Suddenly my mouth was being ground against her as she rammed my face into her mound using my hair. I didn’t waste any time because I knew her well enough to know that it would be a while before she stopped me once I was underway. She might have spent an hour or so fucking already tonight but she was horny as hell again and I knew just what to do. I drove my tongue directly into her gaping hole, her juices already flowing heavily. I could feel how slack she was, how her usually tight vagina was now much more cavernous than it normally was when I went down on her and I whirled my tongue around her enhanced circle, gauging the width. She wasn’t lying about how big his cock was, that was for sure! I drove my tongue everywhere I could reach, switching again and again from buried deep inside her to working her clit, each movement building on the last, raising her closer and closer to tipping point.”Good husband. Lick my boyfriend’s cum out…” she gasped breathlessly before she was lost on the waves of her first orgasm since she arrived home, quickly followed by another, deeper one that seemed to last an age, low moans signalling her pleasure. Her juices flowed freely into my mouth and I greedily drank from her, entranced by the task of eating my wife out after she had been fucked by another guy. As is often the case and much more so right now, she had to peel me away from her to let her settle down a little from her orgasms. I would’ve kept going indefinitely.”Ready for some more?” she asked when she had calmed a little.”Yes, escort bursa Miss!” I replied enthusiastically.”Well, get on with it!” she snapped, tightly grabbing my hair and ruthlessly forcing my head back between her legs. I ate her out again, quickly losing myself in the task, so I have no idea if it was one minute or ten but I began to be aware of the intensity rising within her again as what seemed like an enormous orgasm began to grow deep within. To my surprise, considering how close she was to exploding, a sharp, backhand tap on my temple told me she wanted me to stop and I paused, looking up to see what was wrong.The open end of the condom was poised just above her clitorus. “Put the tip of your tongue in me,” she ordered. When I did, she carefully dripped a little of the gooey liquid over herself so it spilled over her clit and her lips, before some of it landed on my tongue. “Push his cum in with your tongue,” she gasped.If I had been able to speak I would have no doubt loudly moaned some type of expletive but I had work to do and I did as she said, driving my cum-coated tongue as deep inside her as I could, aware of the rest of the small amount of his liquid finding it’s way onto my lips from hers. She groaned loudly, bucking her hips upwards to meet my tongue thrusts. A sharp pain from my scalp as my face was forced even harder into her wetness by my hair told me of her imminent orgasm and I worked furiously to bring her off. “Oh, god! Oh, god! I’m going to cum!” she howled loudly before her juices erupted in my mouth. She wasn’t normally a squirter but I’m pretty sure she did then, lost as she was on successive waves of pleasure.When she had finally subsided and we broke apart, Karen had me go back to kneeling then shuffled herself until her lovely bum was resting on my thighs. “Push me up,” she instructed, and I pushed on the backs of her legs as she asked, so her shoulders rested on the floor almost at a right angle to the rest of her body which was in an awkward pose with her legs pointed towards the ceiling, but apart, resting one ankle on each of my shoulders. Her hands busily fiddled with something between her legs and I could see that she was pushing the open end of the condom into herself. A deft stroke of her thumb and index finger emptied most of the rest of its still considerable contents inside her. Admittedly, this wasn’t the most graceful position I had ever seen her in but doing what she did, it was definitely one of the hottest!With my help, she carefully lowered herself to the floor, then very carefully, got to her feet. “Open…” she ordered, holding the open end of the condom she was still holding above my mouth. “I saved you some,” she smiled wickedly, “I want to watch my boyfriend’s manjuice slide down your throat.” At that, she tightly squeezed onto my tongue from the condom what she had saved so the liquid slid to the back of my throat to form a small puddle. “Swallow!” she smirked evily, and I did as she said, gulping her boyfriend’s cum down.”I’m fed up holding this thing,” she said impatiently, indicating the condom. Her fingers wrestled a little with it until it had been turned inside out, a thin layer of cum still coating what had previously been its inner side. “Come here, used condom holder,” she instructed, motioning me to move closer before she pushed it roughly in it’s entirety into my waiting mouth. “Clean it! I don’t want to see any cum left. You are now my used condom cleaner. I might even hire you out to my friends!” I sucked on the inverted condom in my mouth, tasting the saltiness of the cum mixed with the latex, squirming inside at the wrongful submission of the task, the title she gave it and cringing at the thought of anyone else knowing. “Good used condom cleaner!” she laughed delightedly. “Do you like cleaning my boyfriend’s used condoms? You’ll be doing it a lot from now on so I hope you do!”Several times Karen fished the condom from my mouth, inspected it then put it back. “I might even make you wear it to fuck me,” she gloated. Eventually it was cleaned to her satisfaction and she discarded it with a mock ‘eww’ face.”Kiss my feet, perv,” she said offering me one of her stiletto-clad feet.I began kissing, moving quickly to the leather of her footwear.”Oops. Looks like some of my boyfriend’s cum is running down my leg. Be a good husband and clean it up.”Karen offered me her inner thigh, a thin ribbon of glistening liquid snaking its way to around the halfway point, “Let me see you lick his cum off my leg.” I drew the tip of my tongue upwards as far as I could making sure she could see me do so. “Good husband,” she beamed, “We can’t have someone’s cum running down my leg, can we?””No, Miss.””Lie down.”I did as she instructed and lay flat on the floor with Karen in hot pursuit so that no sooner had I taken up my position than she was straddling my face, her modesty covered by one hand to preserve her gift. “Ahhh, open…” she said, demonstrating what she wanted as she did so. “Are you ready to eat my boyfriend’s cum out of me then?””Open wide,” she said, squeezing the muscles of her vagina. A large globule of her boyfriend’s cum emerged and formed on her pussy lips before it broke free and landed with a splat in my mouth. “Swallow,” she ordered, and I did, swallowing hard so the puddle of the boyfriend’s seed she had just squeezed from herself landed in my belly.”Hmmm, you look like you enjoyed that. I hope you did because I want to do this next week.” Without waiting for a response she sat her delicious pussy down hard on my face. “Eat my boyfriend’s cum out of me,” she said sternly, “Make sure I’m cleaned up properly too. This was your idea so it’s only fair you clean up the mess.”Her slackness, the coating of her boyfriend’s seed lining her vagina and seeping from her as I licked, the sheer eroticism, swept me along on a mental vortex and I grew utterly lost in the joy of eating her out. After a time she grabbed my hair with both hands and literally rode my face, gyrating her hips to her internal rythmn before she came hard in my mouth, her juices flowing freely which I drank gratefully from her, mixed as it was with what remained of her boyfriend’s seed. Several more times she repeated the same riding technique in quick succession, never once saying she was cumming but always doing so freely into my eager and busy mouth.”God, you’re good at that,” she gasped eventually as we switched position so she could be more comfortable lying flat on her back.”Thank you, Miss. Do you enjoy have me eat your boyfriend’s cum out of you?””Fuck, yes! I didn’t think you would go through with it but now that you have it is soooo fucking hot, I can’t wait to do it again!” “Don’t stop,” she said, guiding my tongue towards her once more. “If you’re a good boy I’ll have him cum inside me next time and you can clean me up straight from the tap!”We continued for a long time that night, me licking her to orgasm again and again until she became utterly spent. My cock, long neglected but always insistent, was throbbing and I was in dire need of release. There was no question I would have any staying power and Karen knew me well enough to know this. Climbing on top she poised herself with just the tip of my glans held softly by her pussy. “Beg me to fuck my boyfriend again,” she whispered seductively in my ear.”Please, Miss, will you fuck your boyfriend again for me?” “Only if you promise to eat me out the minute I get home,” she replied, sitting down slowly on my throbbing, neglected dick. “I promise, Miss.””God, I can hardly feel your cock now. I hope it’s in.”A few strokes and I was soon cumming loads into my wife, spurt after, hot, glorious spurt pulsing inside her well-used pussy. Before I had even completely finished my orgasm she pulled away making no effort to contain my load so that it spilled messily all over me as she stood up. Still straddling my body she took a half-step or so until she was over my chest where she squeezed the last remnants of my orgasm out.”I’m looking forward to next week already”

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