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Thursday morning and it was once again time for Chad to make a trip to the office. He hadn’t seen Christy since Sunday when she had left his house smiling and teasing him about having now really worked under her. They both knew that it would be hard to keep their hands off one another but they couldn’t allow anyone else in the company to find out. Everyone knew that he was married and she had a long term boyfriend, and being caught could mean the end to those relationships. But leaving each other alone completely just wasn’t about to be in the cards for these two.

Chad entered the office with his normal greeting to everyone and then slid all his checks into the box and waited his turn in line to give Christy the necessary paperwork for the week. She was busy with another person at the moment and she was going over the sheet with the woman with her back to him. Doubtless that she knew what she was doing Chad watched as Christy bent over a little further and her ass jutted back toward him. With a slight twist of her head she gave him a wink and said she’d be right with him.

“God,” he thought to himself, “I would just love another afternoon in bed with that shy exterior gone and the slut beneath out in full bloom.”

“Hey Chad,” called their boss from the inner office, “I need someone to take this big box downstairs can you carry it to the elevator and just put it on one of the tables pretty please.”

“Of course Sheryl,” he replied lifting the heavy box, he didn’t fail to notice that his muscles bulged under the weight and he wondered if it would catch Christy’s eye when he walked out. He also saw this as an opportunity to talk to her alone for a moment if he played his cards right. The box was nearly half his size and felt like it weighed a good 80 pounds, he didn’t struggle with it but knew that the box would make it impossible to push the button to the elevator without setting it down.

Just then Sheryl called out, “Christy go hit the button on the elevator for Chad so that he can put that big thing downstairs.” He chuckled as he heard that, his boss was making it easier for him than she knew.

Christy heard this and smiled thinking about Chad putting his big thing anywhere made her instantly wet between her long slender legs. She finished up with her other staff quickly and stepped in front of Chad and opened the outer door to the office that lead to the elevators. She pushed the button and then slid inside smiling at him, “I think you might need a little help getting that big thing on a table and I’ll just make sure you have the help already there instead of having to come back up and get someone.”

As he stepped inside, he looked at her and mouthed the word’s bullshit so if anyone was outside the elevator they wouldn’t hear. She nodded and smiled and gave him another wink as the doors to the private elevator shut. As he sat down the box she gave him a hug and kissed the side of his neck. “God I’ve wanted to do that all week,” she exclaimed as her little petite hands slipped over the front of his crotch and felt the bulge beneath.

Chad had decided to play a little game with Christy though to see just how she would react. He gave her a soft push, “Christy both of us agreed that when you walked out the door on Sunday this was over, what you are doing now is sexual harassment. Besides I’m not getting caught doing this here at work, my house is one thing but work is just asking to get caught.”

Christy blinked at him in disbelief, here was this guy who had fucked her silly the weekend before and now he was turning down any advances at all. She wondered if he was just playing with her though, she knew how he was. “Chad, don’t be silly there is no way anyone can see in here, I need just a little kiss and hug for now, please,” she asked shyly as she leaned into him.

Suddenly the elevator stopped and all the lights went off inside. “Oh fuck,” Chad said, “are they doing work behind the office today?”

“Yea, and last time this happened the electric was off almost all day, I hope you aren’t claustrophobic.”

“Not at all but let’s try the phone and see if Sheryl or someone knows what’s up.” He began to search the wall for the emergency call phone and when he found it he picked bahis firmaları up the receiver and pressed the hang up bar a few times until the phone began to ring into the main office.

“Hi this is the office of . . . ”

Chad quickly cut the receptionist off, “I know what office this is can you patch me through to Sheryl please?”

“Hold on just a moment sir,” she said.

Chad thought while he was on hold that the receptionist must be a bit daft as she didn’t even realize the call was coming from the emergency line for the elevator. When Sheryl had picked up, he began to relay the situation to her. “Yes, Christy and I are stuck in this elevator Sheryl, any ideas on how soon we can get out?”

“The contractors just called right after the power went out, they severed a power line, Chad, you two are going to be in there for a while. Do you have any drinks or anything in there with you?”

“I think Christy brought her water with her, you know how she is about carrying that bottle everywhere,” he gave Christy a playful poke in the side in the darkness, “I think we can manage but is there an emergency hatch in here so we can at least ventilate the car or you can drop drinks down to us from the shaft using it?”

“Yes, there is one and I’ll see what we can do about getting you guys out but, you need to just stay calm and I guess have a staff meeting,” she teased, “oh, and Chad, do be good to Christy, after that little awards ceremony the other day we all have our suspicions as to what you might be up to.”

“Oh that was two weeks ago Sheryl and it was not my fault you asked in that silly game whom I would take if it weren’t my significant other to a deserted island.” He chuckled.

“All right, I’ll get busy trying to get you free, just don’t think you’re getting paid for being at the office this long mister.”

Chad hung up the phone and he was suddenly aware of the closeness of Christy, he had sat down on the box while using the phone and without even noticing at the time Christy had slid between his legs and straddled his thigh the moment he hung the phone up. She took his head in her hands and pulled him to her. “Fuck the rules,” she whispered as she slid her mouth up and nibbled his earlobe.

Chad couldn’t help but smile to himself, Christy had returned to the little fucktoy he had discovered the past weekend and she was more than ready for some fun now. Chad cupped her ass through her tight little slacks and pulled her back and forth on his hip as he turned to kiss her. “You know you’re going to get me in trouble little girl don’t you?”

“Come on big boy, teach me how to fuck in an elevator,” she cooed.

Chad felt his cock gaining its full stature and he realized he had a belt on, which would add to what he was now planning. He quickly stood up while holding onto Christy and pushed her back against the elevator wall. Taking off his belt he took her wrists and put them out in front of her and tied it off, then he turned her around and brought the belt down to the little handrail inside the car and tied the leather strap around the rail.

He could hear Christy whimper as he slid his hands around her front and rubbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples through the blouse. He ran his hands down her flat tummy and unhooked the eyelet on her slacks, giving them a tug he pulled them down along with her panties. Bending down he swatted her ass as he told her to lift her legs so he could pull off her shoes. Christy did so quickly and as her shoes and pants lay crumpled on the floor she felt Chad’s hands slide up the inside of her thighs.

Giving each thigh a quick slap Chad began to push them open a bit further. He leaned in close and ran his tongue up the inside of her thighs and quickly found the object of his desire. His tongue slipped across her engorged pussy lips and he could taste her arousal. “Mmm,” he moaned, “your pussy tastes so sweet Christy.”

Just at that moment his cell phone rang. “Dammit,” Chad swore as he paused, “I have to answer that what if it’s Sheryl. She’d wonder why I hadn’t answered.” Without looking at the screen to see who it was Chad hit the button and said hello. “Oh hi honey,” he said as his fingers slid up inside Christy’s tightness, kaçak iddaa “I’m just stuck in an elevator with Christy and right now I have my fingers right up inside her,” he said calmly.

Christy could feel the color drain from her face but the arousal between his legs never faded. She wanted to make him stop, because his wife was on the phone but he wouldn’t remove them, instead he had done just the opposite and began wiggling his fingers inside her as his thumb caressed her clit.

“Yes, dead serious baby, I know I’ll be with you soon but we might be in here for hours and well I couldn’t help myself, you know how much I’ve wanted her and this was my chance, yeah hold on.”

Chad held the phone up to Christy who tentatively held it between her ear and shoulder as she still couldn’t free her hands. “Hell . . . hello,” she whispered, expecting to be yelled and screamed at by the spouse on the other end.

Suddenly Chad stood up and began to thrust his cock deep inside her quivering pussy. She couldn’t help but moan knowing his wife was listening. “Yes,” she cooed, “he just shoved his hard cock deep up inside me, mmm yes,” she purred into the phone, “it feels so good.”

Chad knew what his wife was doing, surprised by it but turned on none the less. She had not believed him when he had told her where he was and what he was doing. She had relayed that if he had the nerve to tell her that and be doing it then she wanted to hear the girl when he thrust his cock inside her. She had wanted to hear her moan and find out if he was teasing or lying to her.

What neither Chad nor Christy could know was at that moment his wife was at home with her fingers driving deeply between her legs fucking her pussy and imagining seeing the scene she was hearing on the phone. Instead of being jealous she was wildly turned on and she told Christy that as Christy began to whimper and moan.

Chad held Christy’s hips and pumped into her hard, the smell of sex and sweat as well as her sweet pussy filled the elevator compartment. He reached up and began to lightly twist her nipples and kissed the back of her neck nibbling on it as he felt her push back into him. She whimpered a goodbye over the phone and told Chad to take it.

“I promise I will honey,” he said as he hung up.

“Mmm lover what did she make you promise to do?” Christy asked.

“She made me promise to fuck you really hard until we were free and then call her the minute I get home with all the details.”

Christy turned her face toward Chad and kissed him as he leaned in and let his tongue dance across her lips. His fingers slid around her body and down her smooth stomach as he let them rove and finally rest on her clit. His furious pounding from behind provided all the friction on her clit that Christy was going to need. She began to clench the tight little walls inside her pussy around his cock and as she tossed her head her long hair whipping around she began to cry softly as she came. Her orgasm was so intense that she thought if he hadn’t been holding her up with his strong thighs as he fucked her or she hadn’t been tied to the railing she’d have been on the floor by now.

Chad slipped his cock out of her as she began to cum and dropped down behind her again, his tongue slid between her legs and his fingers raced over her clit driving her to another new heightened plateau of orgasm. Chad reached up and undid the belt and as Christy slid down she impaled herself on his hard cock. Smiling she reached around him and ran her nails down his back as she rocked with her knees against the floor and her center wrapped around him again.

Chad knew that she would begin to cramp soon and the floor of the elevator couldn’t be that comfortable to her pretty little knees. He lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist and pulling her close he began to kiss her lips. “Christy let’s take our time, no rush, besides if I get caught now my wife already knows and has sanctioned this act of lust.”

Christy stopped his words with a kiss of her own and began to slowly lean back and rock against him. She had been fucked hard by this man but hadn’t had the pleasure of having him really take time and draw out an orgasm with a slow pace. She cooed and kaçak bahis began to run her hands down his back again and she leaned her head down and rested it on his shoulder, kissing his neck as she felt him deep inside her.

He wondered why they hadn’t taken this time before, and she felt so amazing right now sliding ever so slightly on his cock. It was a pleasant friction, not enough to cause an immediate eruption but at the same time he knew the pressure was building for them both. When his phone rang this time, they both looked at it and Christy picked it up.

Clicking the answer button Christy said hello and wiggled her hips down taking him in a little bit farther into her. “No, Sheryl we are ok, just sitting here on the elevator floor mmm, talking. Oh my god Sheryl no we wouldn’t do that he’s married and I have a boyfriend. Five hours until they can get us out, oh my god,” she exclaimed. “I don’t know he can last that long . . . in here.”

Chad chuckled at her naughtiness, she was almost giving away what was going on in here and yet she didn’t seem as phased by it as she would have normally been. Apparently now that his wife knew Christy was comfortable teasing anyone with what might or might not be happening. He reached around her as he dropped his head to her breast and began to suck on her nipples, his hand squeezing her ass.

“Sheryl I’ve got to go, yeah he’s threatening me with a long and involved um tickling session if I don’t get off his . . . the phone.”

Hitting the end button she grabbed his head and kissed the shaved top as his teeth latched onto her nipple and bit softly. “God I love this Chad, it’s too bad you are leaving soon.”

“Shut up and ride me Christy, we have five long hours to enjoy each other and I intend on using every minute wisely.”

Chad held her buttocks in his hand and helped her slide up and down on his rigid shaft. “I want to cum Christy but I don’t want you to get off of me.”

“Big boy I’m on the pill as you know and I don’t care if I have your cum dripping out of or off of me when we leave here when the door finally opens. I all but just told Sheryl that we were fucking in here.”

Chad began to slide her up and down on his pole faster and faster as she rocked back and forth. The rhythm was driving him insane. He knew he was going to cum soon and that was not going to be stopped by anything or anyone. His fingers gripped the cheeks of her ass harder and he kissed her as his cock throbbed inside threatening to spew its seed.

Christy felt Chad’s shaft thickening inside her and she knew he was going to cum deep inside her as she was rocking and being bounced up and down on his shaft. She wanted nothing else right now than to feel that either. She was feeling nice and naughty knowing that his wife was halfway around the world rubbing her own pussy as she thought about what was happening inside this elevator. Christy felt her little clit rubbing against Chad’s body as she wiggled and squirmed faster on him.

In near perfect unison as she leaned forward and ran her tongue over his lips and he opened his mouth to return to the kiss they both began to cum. Chad’s cock lurched inside her and she moaned into his mouth as she shivered and shook. Chad wrapped his arms around her and held her as they came and she drug her nails down his back.

Chad kept hold of Christy as she continued shaking he hugged her close and kissed her full lips. “Christy that was amazing . . . ” he gasped.

“Yes, it was and to think we have all day,” she giggled as Chad made his cock jump inside her to let her know that he wasn’t about to lose the hard on he had right then.

“What’s next?” he asked as she began rocking back and forth again. A few hours later the elevator did come on and they rushed to get dressed. As the doors opened there stood Sheryl and one of the other directors smiling.

“We knew if we put you two in there something was bound to happen,” Sheryl said as she stepped inside and picked up Christy’s discarded panties with a pen, “care to explain this Christy?”

Christy just looked at Chad and smiled, how could she have forgotten her panties she wondered. “Well it got hot in there Sheryl,” was all she could think of as she grabbed Chad’s hand and lead him out of the building. Calling back over her shoulder to Sheryl, “We’ll see you tomorrow we’re taking the rest of the days off.”

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