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Subject: Transitions Chapter 1 Gay Adult youth This story has been in my head a long time. If others are reading this that’s great. Make a donation. I am the working poor so i cant afford to at this time. Maybe if you like my story you can donate in my name?? This is of course a work of fiction. I personally have never met any boy named Alejandro I just really like the name and it fit here. I will respond to any emails that are polite. Even if you don’t like my story or don’t like the content if its polite i will reply. I haven’t ever had feedback on my work before other then from editors. I think it might be nice to hear from you. ericmurphey1971 at Also I will try to submit a new chapter at least weekly. I hate when i get into a story and the author takes a 6 month break. I understand things happen but its defiantly frustrating to the reader. I don’t know how long this story will be or where it will go. I do know it will contain some sex. It will not be filled with it. If that’s what you want sorry. Its a story about the love of a man for a boy who needs someone in his life to love him. That is the focus not sex. So if it gets published cool if not cest la vie I’ll try again. My life took a dramatic turn on my 41st birthday. I had been retired for a year to the date. No i didn’t hit the lottery. I worked my ass off from the time I was 15. See when i was a boy I loved everything McDonald’s. I didn’t have a nice home life. It wasn’t bad but it had no love in it. But at McDonald’s they had just introduced the happy meal when i was about 6. A cheeseburger and a toy. I was in heaven. I loved cheeseburgers. I still love them. To me its the taste of heaven. We lived a few blocks from my local McDonald’s and anytime I could get the money I was there. I was there so often the manager and crew took notice of me and liked me. They would slip extra treats like cookies. Not the ones they have now but these awful dry chocolate chip cookies in a bag. They were great when i was little. Or an ice cream cone or sundae. I quickly became their little mascot. I no longer needed money at McDonald’s. I had a new family and they loved me. Not like at home where mom and dad were just too busy or too tired for me. I wasn’t abused I was just ignored, Which in itself can be abuse. The first time I asked for a job I asked the manager for a job I was 8. Later i found out he was the owner of that location. He said he couldn’t legally put me to work but come by everyday and he would find something for me to do. It was GREAT. I would wipe trays down i would sweep the floor. He would give me a dollar or two and in 1976 that was a lot of money for a little guy. I would make about $15 a week on average. Well I didn’t need to buy my food anymore now that I got the “employee” discount. Which was free. So that went on until I turned 15. I asked and finally I could really work at McDonald’s. My first day was my 15th birthday and they had a party and cake for me after my shift. They were my family and I loved all of them. Because of my age my hours were severely restricted i could only work 20 hours a week. Didn’t mean I wasn’t there more. I basically lived there. I saw no reason to be home. I was an only child and the folks didn’t care so why bother being there. Be where I love.. Because i still lived at home my parents bought me what i needed and over the years i had just put my money in the bank and over time it increased. On my 18th birthday I became a shift manager. I still lived at home and saw no reason to leave. My parents were not cruel just unloving in a lot of ways. It was like living in a house with strangers most of my life. I’m sure they loved me but had a hard time showing it. At 19 I became an assistant manager. I was still living with my parents and had talked to my dad about moving out and buying my own house. Surprisingly he said. “Eric. I am really proud of you. I know you probably have a pretty good savings and make decent money. But I really don’t see a reason for you to move out. You are no bother whatsoever to your mother and me. I see no reason for you not to stay here. Well unless you want to start bringing girls home at night. You know what your 19 and responsible if you want to bring girls home for the night I see no problem with that.” I really had no interest in girls. I had never dated and didn’t see a point in it. I am not attracted to women or men for that matter. What I was attracted to was boys. I was the dreaded pedophile you hear about. The sexual deviant. The monster. I was ashamed of this and decided early on I would never act on it. I didn’t see at the time how any boy would want to sleep with a grown man. Little did I know. So I stayed there. At 21 I was still a virgin and OK with it. However I would have a wank about 4 times a day. When I turned 21 the owner who was now a really great friend told me he was going to retire and make me the general manager. Me I was shocked, and excited. I got a huge raise and decided then to buy my own home. I talked to my dad again. It went kind of like this. “Dad I got a promotion and I’m the general manager now.” “That’s great Eric I’m really proud of you.” “I really don’t mind living here with you and mom but i think its time i move out and buy my own house.” “Eric you know you can stay here.” “I know dad but i just think its time to spread my wings and own my own home. I cant live here for ever with you two.” “Well i don’t see why not. Do you have any money saved for a down payment?” “I’m not getting a loan dad I’m just going to write a check. I’ve saved pretty much everything I’ve ever made and I found the house i want. Its just north of here a few miles. So I’m going to have to buy a car to get to work now too. But I want your help to make sure its a good house. I know you have a vast knowledge on what to look for.” “Since I’ve been a contractor for 30 years I’d better.” He joked. So we looked at the house. Its not fancy but its nice. Its a 3 bedroom 2 bath single story ranch home with an attached 2 car garage. That’s the house I live in to this day. I can afford much much better but I like this house and what do I possibly need a bigger house for. Its just me. So I got my house I bought a Chevy Cavalier because it was new and kind of inexpensive. I felt like I couldn’t afford more just plunking down almost all my savings on a house. But with no rent it was OK. I continued on like that until at 29 my mentor and owner of the McDonald’s died of a massive coronary on the golf course. I was devastated. I would go to work and just kind of roam around. I would do my job but I was in a daze most of the time. Everyone was worried about me. After a few weeks I started to come out of it. Well accept it. That my good friend for nearly my entire life and mentor had died. I still miss him. He was the father I wished I had. My dad wasn’t bad just not there. I’m sure you understand. He was busy and just didn’t make time for me where this man did. After a few weeks an attorney came in to see me. “Eric may I speak to you in your office please?” He said after he had introduced himself and given me a business card. “Sure whats this about?” “In your office please its private.” We went into the office and i sat down at my desk. We were all kind of worried because we didn’t know what would happen with our jobs. If the new owner would come in and replace us or cut our pay. We just didn’t know and were worried. “Eric it seems that Mr Brown thought of you as a son he never had. As you know Mr Brown was married for several years and they couldn’t have children. He told me many stories over the years about you. He really loved you.” At this I began crying. Not sobbing just tears rolling as I thought of my beloved boss and friend. “I thought of him in the highest regards. He was my friend and I loved him dearly. I will miss him for the rest of my life.” The lawyer nodded his head in agreement. “He was that way wasn’t he hard not to love him. But the reason i came today is that he mentioned you in his will. His wife as you know passed away about 5 years ago and he has no heirs to speak of. He left everything to you.” At this point I began racking sobs. I couldn’t control myself. I knew he loved me he had told me so on many occasions as I had told him too. But I never thought he would leave me anything. I figured he had some family. But apparently not. So after it was all said and done with I inherited everything even my McDonald s. He had a beautiful house i thought briefly about moving into and nixed that idea quickly. I went through it and removed everything i wanted to remember him by. In his home office I broke down again when I saw the multitude of framed photographs of him with me at our McDonald’s. They ranged from me being about 9 until just a few months ago. I knew he cared but had no idea how much. I carefully packaged up the pictures and took them home with a lot of McDonald’s memorabilia from over the years he had collected. He had a lot of Speedee stuff which I loved. I also took all of his McDonald’s ties and there were a lot. I started wearing his ties from that day forward so he was always with me in a way. The rest i auctioned of and sold the house. Mr Brown always appreciated my common sense when it came to money. He always thought it was great i saved and paid cash for my home. He said too many people want everything now. Its better to wait and have it paid for so if the unforeseen happens no one can take it away. Then at 31 an opportunity arose for me to purchase the other McDonald’s stores in my district. I had a couple million dollars at the time thanks to Mr. Brown and jumped on the opportunity. Even though I had all that money it wasn’t enough to purchase all the stores outright. McDonald’s loving their franchisees loaned me the money for the rest of the purchase. I had them paid back in less then a year. I now owned 15 stores. I had no desire to be in charge of them all so I hired a woman to run them for me. She was a district manager in another area of the state and I knew her well and knew she would do a great job. I just wanted to run my store. I loved my store and the people who worked for me I cared for like family. Any baby born I was there. Birthday parties for employees kids were always free and I was there giving them a card with $100 in it. I loved my family. At 33 the opportunity came up to buy 34 stores in the next district. I asked my friend and the one who really ran my business if i should. Her response. “You would be stupid not too.” So i did. So I owned 49 stores at this time. And other opportunities came open like this and all said and done at 39 I owned over 100 stores. Then at 39 I thought I was having a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. It wasn’t a heart attack it was stress. The cardiologist told me I needed to slow down and take it easy. I was thinking well fuck I love my job. I cant quit. So i went back to work at my usual 80 hours a week. Its not really work if you love what you do. Then it happened again. So I decided that on my 40th birthday I would retire. I don’t really run my corporation that’s left to others who know better than I. So why not I have nothing to prove so that’s how I retired. Very begrudgingly. So that’s how I got to where I am today 41. I cant believe I’m 41 I kept thinking that morning when I got up at 5am. A habit I’ve never broken. I got up at that time for years I didn’t see any reason to change it. So when I got up padded to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I wear a robe at home all the time but rarely anything underneath it. I’m kind of a nudist but am to afraid to just go all the way nude. Just in case someone shows up or sees in the window. Or maybe I’m just shy. But I don’t like clothes when I’m home so a robe is what I wear. Maybe I’m modest who knows I’m not a therapist. I pour a cup of coffee and sit down at the table. Look at the clock on the microwave. 5:15 it reads. I sip my coffee and my cell phone rings. Its my good friend Joy. Shes a social worker for Child Protective Services and ankara grup escort her and I have been friends for ever. She would get a new charge and bring them to McDonald’s for a meal. Kids always feel safe and happy at McDonald’s I’ve found. Once I found out who she was and what she was doing no meal was paid for again by her. She was doing great work and I appreciated it and showed it to her. I would always go to meet her new charge and secretly wanted most of the boys and sometimes some of the girls. But i would never ever act on it. These poor kids were already damaged I don’t want to add to their trauma for my own selfish needs and desires. “Hello Joy. You are up early.” “HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAYYY!!!!!!” She screamed into my ear. “Thank you Joy.” “So I told you not to make plans today i have it all worked out. Ill be over in 15 minutes.” She hung up not waiting for a response. I just looked at the phone and shook my head. “Shes nuts. But that’s why I love her I guess.” I grabbed my coffee and went to get dressed. because when she says 15 minutes she means ten and you better not keep her waiting. Shes not a bitch about it but shes just one of those people that when shes ready get your ass in gear or get out of the way. Love that about her too. I put on some tan chinos and an oxford shirt. Put on some black socks and a pair of wingtips. I know wingtips right for old guys. But I really liked them so I got them. But I’m kind of an old guy right? Well getting there anyway. It was summer so I didn’t grab a jacket or anything and sipped the last of my coffee put the cup in the kitchen sink and went to sit on the porch to wait. I had no sooner sat down when she pulled in. She put the car in park and jumped out and ran and gave me a hug. “Happy Birthday Eric. I love you so much you are the best friend anyone could ask for.” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her back. “Your just saying that because I got Lucas a car for his graduation.” Lucas is her son who I have loved since I met him when he was 5. I wanted so much to do things with him but withheld my secret desires. He spent many of nights and weekends at my house and i had seen him naked on multiple occasions and that was enough for me. Plenty of spanking material. She laughed and playfully slapped me. “You know that’s not true.” “Well I worry about him. I know hes going to be going to college across the state and I just want him to have reliable transportation.” “And the apartment building you bought so he could have a safe place to stay?” I smiled. “I worry like a Jewish mother. What can I say?” “You have been like a father to him all these years. You know he loves you and thinks of you as his dad right?” “Yeah and I think of him the same way. You know like hes my dad.” I joked. “Your silly.” She smacked me again. “We better get going lots to do and little time to get it done. Come on old man.” She says and smiles. I get into the passenger side and she is already buckled in. If I didn’t know her better I would swear she smokes meth. Shes got that much energy, So we take off. “First stop your favorite place in the world.” I smile knowing we are going to my McDonald’s. Granted I own many but this one is mine. I put a train in along the ceiling to appeal to the kids. I like to look but no touch. Well lots of hugs and a kiss on the cheek but nothing inappropriate, We pull in and she says. “Breakfast is on me.” Laughing as she says it. “Yeah I hear ya goofy.” I slap he lightly on the shoulder. We exit the car and enter my McDonald’s. The new manager Chris sees me and rushes around the corner. “Oh Mr Eric its so good to see you.” He says and hugs me. I hug him back. Chris has worked for me since he was 16 and i think he loves the store as much as i do. I have already willed him this store. He of course doesn’t know it but i have, I have always thought of him as the way Mr Brown thought of me. A great kid and a great employee. I loved him as if he were my own son. “Chris if you keep hugging me people are going to talk.” “Fuck them. I got a wife and 5 kids let them talk.” “Chris language on the floor.” I teasingly said. “Sorry Mr Eric. I’m just excited to see you. Its been a couple weeks. My wife wants you to come to dinner one day soon.” “Of course I love visiting your family. Doesn’t hurt your wife is a great cook too.” “Yeah maybe that’s why I’m fat.” Chris is about 6 feet tall brown hair and blue eyes maybe weighs 165 pounds. “Yeah your certainly pudging up their buddy.” I joked. Me well I’m actually about the same as Chris I’m 6 feet tall weigh 165 have brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Well I’ve been told they are piercing. They are my best feature. I’m better than average looking. I could easily get dates if i wanted and on many occasions women and sometimes men have asked me out. I always politely declined saying that i don’t have time. My job is my life. “No really look.” He says as he steps back and presses his shirt against his tummy see i got a fat belly. Joy just laughs. “Yeah if that’s a belly and your fat i must be grossly obese.” Joy was far from it. She stands bout 5 feet 8 inches and weighs probably 165 not remotely fat. she has flaming red hair and green eyes and her skin is so white she gets a sunburn from a full moon. We laugh about that a lot. I make fun of her when we swim at her house because i say she looks like one of the models from the 1920s in a full body swim suit. “I better get back to work Mr Eric got to grind out the paperwork for corporate.” He says and takes his leave. We step up to the counter and Maria is there to take our order. Maria is a 16 year old Hispanic girl and shes just lovely. Her face her body her personality it all just perfect. I don’t know her very well because she was hired after I had retired but I get the chance to talk to her when I come in. Shes a truly sweet girl. “Hi Mr Eric. Its been a long time since I’ve seen you. You hiding from me?” She smiles and turns her head looking at me out of the corner of her eye. “I would never hide from such a smart pretty girl.” I joke back. Making her smile even bigger and blush. “Your such a flirt Mr Eric. You know my mom is really pretty and single. I think she could use a really nice man in her life like you.” It was my turn to blush. “I’m flattered but I’m just too old to date anymore i think that time has passed me by.” “You aren’t too old your just right. If i was a little older I would try to snag you. I think your handsome. All the girls do and you are so nice to everyone. ” She continues smiling. I continue blushing. “Hi Maria.” Joy says saving me. Thank god. “Oh hi Miss Joy. How are you today?” “I’m great thanks for asking. Just spending time with my OOOLLLDDD friend on his birthday. Hes so old he may not have any more.” She jokes. Because I always say I’m old and she just laughs at me. “Oh Happy birthday Mr Eric if i would have known i would have gotten you something.” A tear hit my eye because i knew she was telling the truth. Maria really was a special girl. Shes the oldest of 6 kids. Her dad took off last year and disappeared. They think he went back to Mexico but don’t really know. But he just left his wife and kids for their mother to try to survive. Maria works to help her mother pay the bills. When i found this out i talked privately to Eric and she actually makes as much as a shift leader now. But she knows not to tell anyone. I pay my people better then the industry standard and enough they don’t have to struggle if they are careful with there money. Mr Brown taught me that. A happy employee works hard and is loyal and doesn’t steal. An employees work reflects their pay. Paid well work well paid poorly work poorly. I have found this to be very true over the years. “There is no need for that. You get you something you want instead.” “What could i possibly want? I have a great mom a great family and a great job.” You could tell she was being honest. “Miss Joy i know you aren’t allowed to talk about your cases. But i was wondering…she says as she looks down and plays with her fingers.. How is Alejandro?” “As you stated i cant really talk about it. But i am doing everything i can to remove him from his home.” She looks up straight into Joys eyes. “Miss Joy you don’t understand. He is one of my brothers friends. the last two years after that man moved in with them i know hes hurting him. Alejandro used to be so fun and full of life he would never stop talking. Now he doesn’t come over anymore and i haven’t heard him say anything for a long time. I see him coming to work and I talk to him and ask him questions. He just looks at me like hes in a daze. I’m really worried about him.” A tear escapes her eye and rolls down her cheek. She quickly wish it away. “Anything you can do to help him would be great. I see him outside all the time and i take him food not like we have tons but he gobbles it down so fast. I don’t think they feed him right. Hes so little too. He looks like hes about 6 when I know hes 9.” “I know Maria but i cant do anything until i see real proof of abuse. I know its happening but my hands are tied.” Joy says frustrated by all the bureaucratic bullshit she has to deal with. “I know i know i just worry about him. Hes such a sweet boy. I know what you two want ill go get it for you. Go sit down ill bring it to you.” We did just that we went and sat down. Maria promptly delivered our deluxe big breakfasts to us. I guess I’m a creature of habit because that’s what i always get for breakfast. I don’t care i like it. After we begin to eat i can tell Joy is in her head. “Want to talk about it?” “No not really. Its just that he really is a sweet boy. I know that man is abusing him i just cant prove it…. Yet.”She adds. “You will get to the bottom of it.” I say and take a bite. Just then her cell rings. “Joy Here what can i do for you.” Must be her office because otherwise she would have let it go to voice mail. Like me she respects the person shes with enough not to answer her phone and spend all her time on it while with another person. “Oh shit ill be right there.” She hangs up her phone. “We got to go.” She stands up quickly and walks out to her car. I’m still chewing and grab her coffee and mine and follow her to the car. I get in and shes taking of before i have the door shut. “Hey whats going on?” “Its Alejandro. Hes in the hospital. That was a police officer i know who knew i was looking into that family. Apparently the man living with them got extremely drunk and whacked out on some drug last night. He beat the mother to death and raped and nearly beat Alejandro to death. They are certain he will make it but apparently hes very well beaten.” She says through tears. “Oh.” Was all I could say. I mean really how do you respond to something like that. Oh sure everything will be alright. No it wont. A boy was beaten nearly to death and raped his mother was killed. Everything will not be OK. Maybe in time and a lot of it but not today. She usually drives like she thinks shes a NASCAR driver but now she was driving like she was insane. I put may hand on her arm “Joy you cant help him if we are dead. Slow down and drive like a sensible person.” “Yeah yeah yeah.” She says as she floors the accelerator. We get to the hospital and i swear she power slides into a spot and races out of the car/ Leaving the door open and the keys in the car. I quickly grab the keys shut her door and sprint after her. I know she really cares about these kids but this one seems to have really touched her pretty deeply. We get to the front desk and she sees the officer. She walks quickly to him. They say a few things and she waves for me to follow. We get to intensive care and I see him through the door for the first time. He looks so little and frail. They have tubes up his nose and in his arms and hands. What isn’t covered with bandages is battered and bruised. His left eye is swelled shut. Joy sits down beside the bed and i sit on the other side. The officer takes leave and she takes his little hand carefully in hers and begins to weep. I have had tears streaming from my eyes since gümüşhane escort i first saw him. Poor little guy. No kid deserves this shit. She starts talking to him and I’m not hearing what shes saying because shes whispering it close to his ear. He opens his eye that he can and looks at her then me. He cringes when he sees me. That kind of hurt but a man has abused him so it seems natural I suppose. Again not a therapist. “Alejandro I’m glad your awake. I want you to meet my very very good friend Eric Murphey. Eric this is my little friend Alejandro Gutierrez.” He eyes me with suspicion. “I’m very glad to meet you Alejandro. I would shake your hand but it seems to be busy at the moment.” He looks at his hand and sees the needle poking out of it. Looks at me to say whatever. His look is devastating. I cant exactly describe it but its vacant as if he just doesn’t care anymore. Not about if he lives dies just nothing. It was heart breaking. Seeing his bruised and beaten body. I will never in my life forget it. Nor will i ever question why my friend does this job. I know me I couldn’t do this day in and out. I just couldn’t handle it. I would be killing some people for sure like I want to do to the fucking jerk that did this to this boy. We sat for a good while in that room Joy whispering in his ear me just sitting there not really knowing what to do. After about 45 minutes a nurse walked in. “Good Morning Alejandro. I brought you some great breakfast. Are you hungry?” she says with a smile in her voice. He answers with a blank stare. The nurse looks around the room and sees me. “Oh Mr Eric I had no idea you were here.” She walks over to me bends down and hugs me. “Well Judy How are you?” I ask with true curiosity. She stands up in front of me. Straightens her uniform. “I’m doing great. Thanks for asking. My husband and i had our first baby last year as you know. And surprise surprise we are having another one in about 7 months.” She says beaming with pride. I quickly got up to give her another hug. “That’s really terrific. You have always been a loving caring person. You deserve the world.” “Whatever when you first met me and i started working for you i was an out of control teenager messing with drugs and well playing around as you would put it. But you saw me for who i was and not what i was acting like. You took me under your wing and i owe all my happiness to you.” “I didn’t do anything any other normal person would do.” I reply. “Whatever.” She looks at Joy. “How many people do you know that would take a struggling teenager under their wing treat them with respect they certainly didn’t deserve basically tongue lash me into behaving. Then get me back into high school. Make sure i kept good grades. Then pay for my college on top of all that?” “Just one.” Joy responds and looks at me. “So Mr Eric why are you here do you know Alejandro?” “I just met him hes my new friend though.” I glance down at him and he eyes me suspiciously. Judy looks at him. “Alejandro if Mr Eric is your friend you will have nothing to worry about. I’ve never met a nicer more giving man them him.” I blush at the compliment, “I just do what i can. As i always say..” They both cut me off. “If you cant help the person in front of you what good are you.” They say in unison. “Well its true.” I defend myself. Judy then goes about her business checking the boy and making sure everything is OK with the ivs and the tube up his nose. Joy and i sit in the room with him for several hours him slipping in and out of sleep. Her continually telling him reassuring things in his ear. Not once did he smile or show any signs of hope in his life. He lay there figuring this is his life it will never get better, Later Joy takes me home. The ride home we didn’t say anything. She pulls into my drive. As I’m getting out she says. “I’m sorry i meant for you to have fun on your birthday. I will try to do better next year.” “Joy its OK he needed you today. I completely understand.” I shut the door and went to my house. I go in straight to my room and strip and put on my robe. I try to watch TV for a while. I couldn’t pay attention to it. I realize its 7 pm and i barely ate my breakfast and food just wasn’t a thought at the time. I did feed Alejandro because he couldn’t do it himself. All the crap attached to him made it impossible. Joy seemed to enjoy watching me which i thought was weird and still do. I made some baked fish and potatoes and had a light dinner. I should have devoured it all but it tasted bland and gross. I ate about half and dumped the rest in the trash. I cant get Alejandro out of my mind. Poor little guy has no one now. He will go into foster care and maybe find a family that’s good to him. Maybe not. As hard as Joy tries its still a crap shoot with foster families. After a few hours of trying to watch more TV it was on and i really don’t recall what was on i decided to go to bed. I laid down and tried to get him out of my mind. His frail bruised and battered body haunted my thoughts. Eventually i just gave in and sobbed. I cried long and hard for that little guy. I don’t understand how anyone can be cruel to a child. Its beyond my comprehension. I finally fell asleep around 1am and was up as usual at 5. I woke up and made some coffee, oatmeal and toast. Had a small glass of OJ too. I was just staring at the empty bowl. I got up rinsed it out and went and put on a pair of blue slacks a white oxford and some tassel dress shoes with black socks. I went and got in my car I have upgraded over the years i now drive a Cadillac XTS. Its a little showy i think but i really like it. I’m certainly not trying to show off I just like all the features it has. Especially the heated seats. In the winter those are great. They call them heated seats because rear defroster was already taken. That’s what Lucas told me once. Hes a funny kid. Well man now at 18 starting college. I drive to Walmart because its open 24 hours. I prefer Target but its not open yet. I go straight to the toy department and see this monkey. Its the cutest thing dark brown with Velcro on its hands so they stick together. Perfect i thought and toss it in the cart. I see some Lego sets in the cart. I see children’s books. In the cart they go too. I am a bit selective on them and choose about 10 i think he might like. I pay and drive to the hospital. I grab the shopping bags and go straight to Alejandro’s room. Hes awake and looking at the ceiling. “Good morning my young friend. I hope you feel a little better today.” I say with a smile on my face and in my voice. He eyes me as usual with suspicion of what i want from him. “I was at Walmart and all this stuff just fell into my cart and i thought well that’s OK i know a little boy that could use most of this i think.” I say holding up the bags. He looks at me this time with curiosity. A better sign I think. I sit the bags on the end of the bed. I pull out the monkey. “This guy here jumped right in my cart. He said he was bored at the store and wanted a friend. I told him well I know a boy that’s in the hospital and is probably really bored to and could use a friend. Whats that?” I hold the monkeys mouth up to my ear. “Oh its OK if your shy I think Alejandro will be OK if you guys just sit and don’t talk. He is kind of quiet himself so that’s OK.” I unfasten the hands and wrap them around Alejandro’s neck and lay the monkey down on his chest. “Then I was walking with that guy and these leggos just fell into my cart. Honestly i think the monkey pulled them in because he figured that would give you two something to do.” I set 4 sets of leggos on the bedside table. “Then as I turned away I think he put these books in my cart too. I’m pretty sure it was him because look the first book is curious George. See hes a monkey.” I show him the cover. Hes still looking at me kind of amused and confused it looks. So after i show him all the books i sit them beside him and he kind of rubs the cover of one. Then looks at me. “Do you want me to read one to you two guys? The two monkeys in the bed?” I joke. He just rubs the book and looks at me. “I think that’s a yes.” So i get the curious George book first and i read it to them. Then when its done i grab the next one then the next. After the third book I had just finished and was getting ready to grab the next. Judy walks in carrying a breakfast tray for Alejandro. “Oh Mr Eric I didn’t know you were here. I hate to ask but can you feed him? We are really busy this morning.” “I would be glad to help my little friend. If he doesn’t mind me feeding him again?” I say and look at him, He gives a whatever look and shrugs his shoulders like sure why not. “See Alejandro i told you Mr Eric is a good friend to have.” She says smiling as she leaves the room. I scoot the bed tray with the food over closer so I can reach it better. “Well my little friend lets see what we have this morning.” I say as i remove the cover. “Yum looks like some scrambled eggs and some bacon and toast. Looks pretty tasty.” I then proceed to feed him slowly. He chews a really long time and seems to be enjoying it. After i finish feeding him he dozes off. I just sit there and wait deciding earlier I’m not going anywhere for a good while. After about an hour he starts whimpering and then screams and wakes up looking around the room. He sees me and it looks like he calms down a bit. I have already jumped up next to the bed and am stroking his head. “Its OK buddy your OK no one is going to hurt you now. The mean man is in jail where he belongs. I’m here now and i will never hurt you. Friends don’t hurt each other.” He seems slightly reassured but i can tell he doesn’t trust me as far as he can throw me. Which wouldn’t be far. He wraps one arm around the monkey and hugs it to him. “I’m glad you and the monkey are becoming friends. Should we call him George like in the book? Maybe we should call him Jorge since he looks Latino like you. You think?” He just shrugs. “Yeah i think Jorge and Alejandro the two monkeys in the bed.” I wasn’t sure but it looked like maybe possibly he let the corners of his mouth raise for a bit of a smile. It was quick so I’m not certain. I took that as a good sign. “Yep Jorge it is then. I think we should read another book.” So i grab the next one in the pile. I read a few more then Joy walks in. “Oh i was trying to call you Eric and you never answered.” I had felt the vibration in my pocket and had ignored it. “Well you know when I’m with a friend i don’t answer my phone its just rude.” ” I know and i always appreciate it when your with me. But its frustrating when you don’t answer.” I just smile and grab the next book. “Looks like someone got some presents.” “Nah stuff just fell in my cart and you know I’m lazy and would rather buy it then put it all back.” She just rolls her eyes at me. “Oh that’s the cutest little monkey. Whats his name?” “Oh I thought you knew Alejandro.” I reply giggling. “You big goof. I meant the other monkey.” “Well Alejandro and i discussed it at great lengths and we decided he looks like a Latino monkey like Alejandro so we decided Jorge. Isn’t that right Alejandro?” I think i saw the little smirk again. “Well that seems fitting. I just was stopping by to check on Alejandro and i was calling to see if you wanted to come. But well I see you are already here. What time did you get here?” “I have no idea maybe around 6 or so. He was awake so we have been chatting up a storm. Hes a real talker cant hardly get a word in edge wise with him.” The smirk again? I’m starting to think he likes my sense of humor. Judy comes in with a cup of water and something else. “Well I am glad to see everyone is so cheerful this morning she says. Alejandro I need you to take this pill so you can poop. You haven’t since you’ve been here and it will make it easier. OK?” He quickly presses hips lips together and shakes his head no. “I really need you to take this please. It will help make the poop easier to come out. Its a stool softener and if you don’t take it when you poop it will hurt really bad OK?” Again a violent head shake no. “Judy leave it i will halkalı escort try to get him to take it. I don’t know if i will be successful or not but i will try.” I say “OK Mr Eric i know you will. If he doesn’t take it with … well what happened it will hurt pretty bad when he poops. Even with this it wont be great. So please try your best.” She says and puts the pill cup and water on the table, grabs the empty breakfast tray and leaves the room. Joy is sitting watching all of this. “Alejandro I know for some reason you don’t want to take a pill i understand that i don’t like taking them either. They always get caught in my throat and i feel like I’m choking.” I grab my throat and act like I am choking. Again a lip uprising? “But you heard what Nurse Judy said if you don’t it will hurt pretty bad when you poop. I really like you and i don’t want to see you hurt anymore. So i think you should take the pill so things come out easier.” He shook his head no but not as strongly. I’m breaking him down i think. “What if Jorge takes one too?” He looks at the monkey then at me. Then back at the monkey. Again a no head shake but just a little. “Alejandro my young friend. I know that a lot of bad things have happened to you and that people treated you badly. For that i am truly sorry.” Tears started slipping from my eyes as i imagined some of what must have happened to him. “But i would never do anything to hurt you only to help you. I understand you don’t have much trust for anyone because the people you should have been able to trust weren’t worthy of your trust and they hurt you. I want you to take the pill so that you will get better faster and you can get out of here and go live with a family that will love you and treat you well. So you can have the rest of your life be happy. I know it will be hard. But at some point you will have to trust someone. I would like very much if i was one of the people you trusted.” He looks at me with his big brown eye that’s not swollen shut. A tear drops from it and he shakes his head slowly yes. “Thank you for your trust. I promise i will never do anything to break it” I get the pill its actually kind of small. I look at it. Drop it in my hand. “See its even really small shouldn’t be too hard to swallow.” He glances at it and opens his mouth. I pop it in and hold the cup of water up so he can drink. He takes it with no problem. “See that wasn’t too hard, and thank you.” Alejandro doses off just a few minutes later. “I think you should be his foster dad.” Joy blurts out. I look at her like shes nuts. “No really. He trusts you and i know you would never do anything to hurt him.” “Joy what do i know about raising children? I’m an only child I’ve never had children of my own and I have only been around children at work and your son. I’m sure there is someone better qualified. I really like this boy and i don’t want to fuck him up more then he already has been.” “What he needs Eric is someone like you. Who is extremely patient. Someone who has lots of time. Since you retired your always bitching you don’t know what to do with your time. This would be a great opportunity for him, and for you. He needs someone who has a great capacity to love. He needs a male in his life that doesn’t hurt him. I think you would be ideal for him. Besides i saw him smile at you a few times. I’ve never seen him show any emotions at all.” “Really i thought that was my imagination?” “Yeah he did. I think he really likes you. I mean come on whats not to like you act like a kid.” “No i don’t think so. I just think there are better options for him. I just don’t know what i would do. I mean i have a lot on my plate right now.” “Really whats on your plate. You wake up eat breakfast go to the gym a few times a week. Mow your lawn. Pretty hectic lifestyle your leading there bub.” “No and drop it. I cant do it.” I say kind of sternly. “OK but think about it.” “I will not. I never planned on having children. I still don’t plan on it.” I glance down and look at the sleeping boy. “Even if he is a great boy. I just cant.” What I’m thinking in my head is my god if a boy lived with me all the time i don’t think i could control myself and i would end up having sex with him and fucking him up even more. I already have feelings for him and i don’t want to break his trust. There is no way in hell i will do that. “Think about it OK? Just a little.” “Fine i will but i wont do it.” We sit in silence for a while. “You know he can talk he just wont.” She says. “That’s OK maybe he feels there is no point that no one will listen or care what he has to say.” She nods. “Maybe your right. It seems to fit.” “I’m not a therapist but it seems right to me. He seems like such a nice boy. Its such a shame he was abused like this.” “Yeah sadly I see it every day.” We sat in silence for some time. We do that a lot we are very comfortable around each other and don’t see a need to fill the void with words. We do talk but we don’t have to being around each other. After a while she glances at her watch. “I really want to stay but unfortunately Alejandro isn’t my only case. I’ve got to get going.” She walks around gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Think about it.” She says as she exits the room. I look down at the bed and look at the damaged little boy laying there. He really is small like Maria had said. He looks so helpless. He cant be more then about 3 and a half feet tall. He rail thin too. I look at his chart and sure enough he is exactly 3 and a half feet and weighs 35 pounds. Doctors note says average height and weight for a five year old. But Alejandro is 9 I think to myself. Well ill get him growing before he leaves this place. He is still sleeping. Takes a lot of sleep to heal. I just start talking to him in a soft voice. “Joy thinks I should be your foster dad. I think shes nuts. I wouldn’t know how to help you. Sure i can clothe and feed you but you need someone who knows how to help. I just don’t think I’m the guy for it. I want to be the guy for it. But i have other issues. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you or hurt you. I just couldn’t do that.” I lightly brush his longish hair off of his forehead. “Your such a sweet boy. I think you deserve better then me.” After another hour or so he wakes up and looks around. He sees me and I can see in his eyes hes happy I’m there. Well at least not frightened I’m there anyway. He looks down and gives Jorge a hug. “Jorge is lucky to be your friend. He gets all kinds of hugs. I think he chose a very good friend to have indeed. I think i have too.” We sat for a few minutes i gave him some water to drink because I am always thirsty when i wake up and well apparently he is too. He drank a cup down like nothing. “You want more?” Head shake no. “OK.” I say and sit back down. “well my little friend we can either read some more books or see what cartoons are on. He quickly glances at the TV. “Cartoons it is then.” I reach over and grab the remote and press the on button i flip through and cartoon network is having a Tom and Jerry marathon. “Oh look Tom and Jerry one of my favorites of all time.” He just looks at me. “I take it you never saw them. They are really funny. I think you will like them. If not we can find something else. OK?” Head nod yes. “OK lets give them a shot.” I say as i turn up the volume a bit to hear it better. After one cartoon i look to him. “Well do we keep watching or find different?” He points at the TV. “So this is good.” Head shake yes. After a few more episodes and a million commercials for everything a kid wants and will be bored with in an hour my favorite episode comes on. Its the bowling alley episode. “Oh this is my favorite one. Its so funny.” He looks at me back to the TV. As its playing I’m laughing and enjoying the antics as Tom gets stuck in the ball return. I haven’t watched these since i was a boy I’m really enjoying it. I glance over and sure enough Alejandro is laughing too. He has a beautiful smile and a great laugh. I quickly turn back to the TV so he doesn’t know i saw him with his guard down. As it ends Judy comes in with lunch. “Well Mr Eric i didn’t know you were still here.” “Sure I’m here my friend would be bored in this old hospital room just with Jorge. Granted Jorge is a good listener but not much of a talker.” “Well that’s OK we don’t all have to be big talkers. I see you got him to take his pill.” she says glancing into the cup. “Yeah well he decided it was better to swallow a pill which isn’t fun then to have a lot of pain for no reason.” “Good choice little man.” She says and ruffles his hair. “Now if you would take the rest of your pills we can take the needles out of your hands and arm. I bet that would be better. Then you could feed yourself and play with all those great legos.” “You mean he doesn’t have to have the ivs?” “Well one but the others could go away. He was severely dehydrated when he got here. So we have been running a full drip on him. He has a catheter in now and the bag still has very little urine in it. SO we will have to keep up with that. Unless he starts drinking lots more water. Then we can take that out too.” “Oh i had no idea he had a catheter. I guess i just didn’t think about him not going to the bathroom. But it makes sense i guess.” I got up and scooted the bed table over so i could feed him easier. “I take it your going to feed him again?” “Well of course. That’s what friends do right. Help each other when they need it.” “Absolutely Mr. Eric. After lunch the doctor should be by to check on him and i will have to give him a shot and start another iv of antibiotics. Unless he agrees to take the pills. Then we can take out all the needles. Which I’m sure would be nice for him.” She says with a smile and leaves the room. “Well lets see what we have for lunch Yummy grilled cheese and french fries with some chocolate pudding for desert. I think i want to come to the hospital if they feed you like this.” I slowly feed him his lunch and he eats everything again. That’s good he needs to eat. “Do you want more? I can go get something if you like?” Head shake no. “OK i just want to make sure your full is all.” “Was it good?” He nods yes. “I cant wait to see what they give you for dinner.” He looks at me questioning. “What you think I’m going to leave you. Not a chance. Granted i got to go home to sleep but until then I’m by your side buddy.” This time he smiles. Really smiles a smile that would make angels envious. He winces because his lip is cut and it hurts him. “You have a great smile Alejandro. Soon it wont hurt to do it.” He looks at me and looks down seemingly sad. “Its OK it will get better and you wont ever have to see that man again who hurt you. I will definitely see to that.” I say very matter of factually like i control the world. He looks at me with a question in his eyes. “really and i know Miss Judy will never allow it either. To be honest shes the one with that power and i Know her she wont ever let you get hurt by him again.” He looks at me and nods. Saying to me so be it. At least that’s what i got. Its hard with someone whose nonverbal sometimes. But i am getting his feelings with it. So i think I’m right. “Shall we go back to cartoons then?” A definite yes head shake. After a few episodes Judy reenters with a cup and some pills. “Well Alejandro do you think you want to take the pills so you can get those needles out of you? Or do we leave them in and i give you a shot too? Mind you I’m not threatening you I’m telling you what you can do.” He looks at me question in his eyes. “Its up to you buddy. But if it was me I would rather take the pills then to be a pin cushion.” He nods yes as Judy hands me the pills. “Good choice my friend.” I smile as i say it. I look in and there are 6 pills. I think my god 6 that’s a lot no wonder he doesn’t want to take them. “Hey Judy can you do me a favor?” “Sure Mr Eric whatever you want its yours.” “Can you get some applesauce. I have found that taking lots of pills can be hard and make your mouth taste gross. Applesauce helps them go down easier and they don’t taste bad.” “What a clever idea I will get some right away.” Shes back in an instant and i start feeding Alejandro his apple sauce pills. It takes a while but we get them all. I have been giving him sips of water frequently in hopes he can get out the catheter. We start watching another episode of Tom and Jerry and the doctor enters the room.

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