Trained to be Daddy’s girl

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Trained to be Daddy’s girlLike a lot of gay guys I had tried to hide and deny the fact I was attracted to other men. I’d been seeing Lynda for about eight months and we did have sex but I knew I wasn’t that good at it. I have to admit that I probably only pleased her sexually about 70% of the time and most of that was when I performed oral sex on her. I would think of having sex with men to make me orgasm and would go through the motions with her. Deep down I knew I was living a lie but back then it was quite taboo to be openly gay. I didn’t even know of any other gay guys and most of my friends away from work were female. Lynda’s parents disliked me and her Father would ask her “ If she was out with the faggot?” I know why, I liked to wear tight pants or jeans and he once accused me of wearing one of Lynda’s blouses when I showed up at her house to take her to the cinema. Luckily for me singers like Bowie were becoming fashionable so I did look trendy to some rather than looking like “ a faggot”. My favourite pants were a faded well worn pair of Levi 501s which had ripped across the bottom of the cheeks of my arse and worn thin where my cock had caused the denim to become almost see through. I loved them and wore them in the hope I would attract another man who might be tempted to stop and chat me up in them. Needless to say I never wore them around Lyndas parents!my own father had left when I was a baby and my mum had met and remarried a guy who didn’t have much time for me. He never said anything derogatory but I could see in his eyes that I was in the way. As soon as I left school I started staying out at friends houses or on odd occasions at Lyndas ( on the sofa of course). Then fate stepped in. One warm summers evening I was walking down the lane to where I caught a bus to Lyndas when I was aware of a big black car driving slowly along side me. I looked in to see who it was and saw a good looking guy with silver grey hair and beard, tanned with a lovely gleaming smile looking at me. He stopped and leant over and opened the passenger door. “ Hi, hop in and I will give you a lift” he smiled. My tummy flipped and I felt my cock tingle at the thought of finally getting together with another man. I slid in on the cream leather seats and smiled as he leaned over and fastened my seat belt for me. “It’s a bit awkward to fasten if your not used to it” he chuckled. I güvenilir bahis could smell his manliness as his big arms stretched across me. “ where is it your headed?” He asked as he sat back into his drivers seat.I lied and said I was just walking over to a friends to see if he was home.” I couldn’t help looking at you in those sexy jeans” he smiled. “ You look very sexy in them” he said looking directly into my eyes. I blushed and stuttered “ Thank you”He laughed and held out his hand” John” he smiled as he held my hand” Steve” I said as my cock leaked pre cum at his touch.Hed said I looked sexy, stopped to pick me up, there was no doubt I was going to have sex with him. He eyed the worn part of my jeans at the front. My hard cock was visible and a wet spot was forming because I was so turned on. “Do you fancy swinging by my place first and I can drop you off at your friends after I see what’s causing that bulge?” He smiled” I’d love that” I said. My mouth was dry and I was trembling with nerves but John noticed and stroked my throbbing cock through the denim.” Don’t be nervous babe” he said gently. “ It’s my first time” I almost shouted it at him I was so scared.” Hopefully not your last with me!” He teased and we set off toward his house . It was a big white modern building, surrounded by fields and I realised John was very well off. His garage was bigger than my mums house. He laughed as I told him that and said it was way too big for just him rattling around in it.He told me to stay put as he jumped out and came around to my door. He unlocked the seatbelt and helped me down by holding my hand as I stepped down from his vehicle.He kept hold of it as he locked the doors and led me up to the front door of the house. “ I really like the look of you Steve” he smiled “ Hopefully we can make this a regular thing” he said lovingly. “ I’d really like that John” I said. I was a little less nervous now. We had talked for the hour or so it had taken to drive to his house and we got on very well and he really did put me at ease. He told me he would make my first time one that I would remember for all the right things and not because it hurt or wasn’t pleasant. “ At least that the plan” he laughed as we stepped into the large reception hall . Everything was painted white with white marble floors. He led me into the main room and told me to get comfortable on the large güvenilir bahis siteleri white leather sofa. He went to get us drinks and returned in just a pair of tight light blue shorts. He was gorgeous. Flat muscular tummy with large bodybuilder thighs and chest. His big arms made the glasses of red wine look like toy ones.” You can get undressed if you like” he smiled as he sat next to me “ Here, let me help” he grinned. he had brushed his teeth and I could smell how fresh he was. I slowly took off my top and groaned in ecstasy as I felt his mouth suck my right nipple. His hands had my belt and jeans open in seconds and I raised my bottom as he expertly removed them in one go. “ Stand up a minute baby” he said and slipped my Red Kicker boots off and my socks as I held him for balance. “Wow, what a gorgeous slim little boi we have here” he said as he stroked my bottom and pulled me toward him” look at that little cock of yours leak” he said and slowly wiped his forefinger across the head of my rock hard cock and wiped the string of pre cum from it and beckoned me to offer my mouth. I moaned as he wiped it across my lips and licked it off “ No baby, don’t lick it off yet” He soothed, “ Leave it this time” he said. He looked me directly in the eyes as he repeated the moveI closed my eyes as he smeared it on my lips again and looked at him for direction. He pulled me down so I was knelt between his muscular hairy thighs and kissed me gently. I gasped and melted into his arms as we kissed passionately, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths as the faint saltiness disappeared as I let myself go completely with a man for the first time. I knew this was right. It felt nothing like sex with Lynda. I wanted it, yearned to be in his arms and stroked his muscular chest as he held my bottom in his firm hands.” I want to keep you forever” he said softly as he motioned for me to remove his shorts. They also had a wet spot where his big hard cock had leaked as he stripped me naked and had me kneel before him.” Oh John” I swooned like a silly little girl “ please keep me” I gushed. I had never seen another mans cock in real life and now I had both my hands on one. John smiled and guided me to wank him gently and carefully and offered the head up to my mouth and smiled as he nodded approval. My lips kissed the bead of pre cum and I licked and took the large iddaa siteleri head into my mouth as he moaned his approval. My own cock throbbed and I almost burst into tears as it jerked and the feeling of an orgasm ran through my body like an electric shock. My cum spurt onto his feet as my body trembled . He smiled and pulled my head down onto his cock. “ Good boi” he said softly “ your first orgasm with me today, let’s see how many times I can make you cum before you have to run away” He soothedI took to sucking his cock like I had done it a thousand times. I knew what to do, sucking, licking and kissing the shaft and balls as he moaned in delight. His fingers had found my hole and I had sucked on them to wet them knowing exactly what was next. His forefinger worked me into a frenzy as my cock grew hard again and he kissed my mouth like I had never been kissed before. I felt d**gged as I let him position me onto the arms of the leather chair and raised my bottom up for him to use as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I shuddered as his tongue explored my hole and wet me ready for my fucking. I started to cry and he stopped and asked what was wrong and we both burst out laughing when I said I was crying because I was so happy ! He slid the head in nice and gently and worked my hole for what seemed like an hour until I gasped as I felt the full length of his cock enter me. My legs trembled uncontrollably as his rhythm started to bring me to another orgasm. More cum dropped then squirt from my cock onto the leather chair as he grabbed my hips and pulled me up and down until he started to groan and I felt him tremble and shudder as his throbbing cock unloaded inside me. He carried on fucking me and got hard again. I wasn’t complaining. I was absolutely in pure love at this moment. I couldn’t stop myself from begging him to fuck me and cum in me again. “ Fuck yes, you sexy little bitch” he said and drove his shaft deep inside me making me sob as the pain hit me.” Your not going anywhere tonight” he said menacingly. Your going to get fucked over and over again” he said sternly” Yes Sir” I said as he banged his balls against mine . These words made him cum inside me again and he grabbed at my hips and shuddered another load into me.He fell onto the sofa and dragged me onto him, kissing me passionately and stroking me gently”You are so fucking sweet and gorgeous” he said softly as he stroked my hair from my eyes. I was dripping in sweat from passion and from the pain. My thighs ached from being spread on the chair arms and my hole throbbed as if he was still deep inside me. Part two two to follow

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