Toy Shop Tales Ch. 02

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When Julie first came in to the shop I thought she was 13 perhaps 14 years old, she is around 5 foot tall {I later found out that she is 4 foot 10 tall}, skinny with long frizzy blondeish hair. Her body is that of a young teenager about to bloom into full womanhood, her face still had the smoothness of a young girl.

She was looking at model soldiers, unusual for a young girl I thought. She asked me a few questions and we started chatting. She wanted some tips on painting, weathering and changing the poses of the figures. I gave her a few tips.

“You know so much. Can I ask if you would give me some model building and painting lessons please?” she asked me.

“I could do but I would need your parents permission.” I told her.

“Don’t let my looks fool you, I’m actually 18 years old, 19 in 3 months.”

She started to rummage in her handbag and produced her driving licence and a copy of her birth certificate, I was astonished to say the least!

“I’m still receiving growth treatment.”

She went into details of what that entailed. I soon realised that she was a very genuine person and very likable.

We agreed to meet at my place, one evening a week. The first lesson went well, Julie and my wife became friends and I found that after a few weeks I was feeling fatherly towards her.

Within weeks her visits became regular and more social, most evenings I would get home and Julie would be there chatting to my wife and she would often eat with us.

We would always end up in the spare room working on models and her painting was getter better than mine.

After 6 months we were working away and I asked her if she happy with the lessons so far.

“I am, the things you have taught me have improved what I do and I love coming here.”

“That’s great to hear!” I was genuinely pleased.

“I do have some figures at home that I don’t want to bring over but I need your help with.” she stopped what she was doing.

“Why not?”

I knew she liked unusual subjects. She had painted some large figures of 1940s nose art females, these were painted onto the nose of US bombers of World War 2.

“Well I don’t want to bring them because Cathy {my wife} may be offended by them.”

“OK, they sound unusual, do you want me to pop over and help you with them?” I asked.

“That would be great.”

We finished up and Julie told my wife that she would be borrowing me the next evening.

At Julie’s flat, she showed me the models she had. They were 1/6th scale figure kits that were of life like quality and very graphic.

One was of a couple making love doggy position, another of a woman holding her vagina lips open, another of a man holding his erect penis, one of a erect man with completely shaven genitals and one of a couple that was called pulling out.

“I have finished one and started another” she showed me the figures “what do you think?”

“Very good Julie.”

She had got the figure painted beautifully, the females genitals looked so real.

“How on earth have you got her looking so realistic?” I asked her.

“I used a mirror.” she looked embarrassed.

“She’s based on you?” I was paying attention to the figures.

“Yes, do you think it looks good?”

“She’s fantastic, absolutely beautiful” I looked at the male figure “you haven’t finished him?”

“I know. I keep looking at photos of men bit’s but they just don’t seem right.”

“You need to get yourself a boyfriend who will model for you.” I joked.

“I wanted to ask if you would model for me please?”

The question caught me off guard, looking at Julie I could see she was still embarrassed.

“I’m asking you because I trust you.”

“You trust me, you silly girl” I joked “If I do will you please keep it to yourself, I don’t want Cathy finding out.”

“Of course, I won’t say a thing.” her cheeks were less red.

“When would you like to start?”

“Could we start now?”

“OK.” Strangely I began to feel a little embarrassed myself.

Julie cleared a space on her table, set out her paints and lay the model on the table, I found it a little amusing seeing the figures unpainted dick under her nose.

“Where would you like me to be and do you want just the bottom half nude?”

“Nude please, I want to get the skin tones right and could you stand next to me?”

I stripped and moved next to her, I was willing my penis to behave.

“Ahh! umm, problem, I don’t know why but I imagined you as shaved.”

“You imagined me shaved?”

Her face turned a nice bright red.

“Yes, sorry I couldn’t help myself.” she looked down at her hands.

“Don’t be sorry, I’m extremely flattered. I did shave in the past but since almanbahis Cathy went off sex I let it grow back”

“Why has she gone off sex?” she looked shocked.

“It was after she went through the menopause almost overnight she went off anything intimate, we even sleep apart” I thought for a few seconds “If I had a razor I’d shave now.”

“I have some disposable ones, and shaving cream” again she looked at her hands “I like to keep myself smooth.”

“If you look anything like that model then you’re doing a good job, OK, do you have some scissors as well?”

I went off to the bathroom, trimmed myself and then shaved. I have to admit that I spent a minute or two looking at myself in the mirror.

After 10 minutes I walked into the room.

“How’s that?”

“Oh wow it’s beautiful!” Julie was staring at my cock “You look so much nicer shaven.”

I stood next to her.

“Thank you young lady, you are most kind. Have I missed any?” I asked her as I felt all over the area.

She moved closer looking intently at me, even looking up under my balls.

“You’ve done a good job” she moved back “You just need to get” she paused “hard.”

“That would help I suppose!”

I grabbed my already hardening cock and started stroking it, Julie had her gaze fixed on what I was doing. It only took a few seconds before I was fully erect.

“Is that OK?” I asked.

“Yes” she looked up. “I may have to touch you, is that OK?”

“That’s OK, just the thought of anyone touching me will keep me hard.”

She smiled at the remark and started painting blue lines on the figures testicles.

“Are you going to copy the details of me on to the model?” I asked.

“Yes, it will be easier.” she was glancing up every few seconds.

“Is it difficult for you?” she asked.

“Not really, your doing the hard work.”

“No silly, I meant with Cathy!”

“Oh, I see. Not really.”

I thought I’d better not mention what I had been getting up to!

“But don’t you get the urge?” she paused her painting.

“Of course I do.”

“Can I ask what you do when you feel like sex?”

“Use my right hand.”

I couldn’t believe I was discussing this with a woman who was younger than all of my kids and looked like a young teenager whilst standing nude as she painted a model!

“Doesn’t Cathy do that for you?” I shook my head “that’s a pity, do you miss sex?”

“Oh god yes, the first 6 months were bad, after that we slept apart.”

Julie started painting again.

“How long ago was that?”

“Must be 8 or 9 years ago” I replied.

“Oh my god!” she looked up at me shocked “I’m so sorry if I had known I would never have asked you to do this, I feel so insensitive!”

“Don’t be silly Julie” I took her hand in mine. “Show me any man my age who wouldn’t be flattered to get this much attention from a beautiful 19 year old woman”


“Yes really!” I squeezed her hand “and I can’t remember” I pointed down “being this hard for this long.”

She looked at my cock again.

“It is beautiful.” she whispered.

“It’s been called many things, but never beautiful.”

“I think it is”

“Why do you think its beautiful?” I asked.

“It’s just a nice size, shape and color.”

She reached out and touched a freckle near the base of my cock, making me twitch.

“I didn’t think you could get moles on them!”

“Its a freckle, I had it checked years ago.”

“Oh, I still think its beautiful.”

“If you say so.”

“It is, I really like it, could you turn around and lift your testicles up?”

I did as she asked.

“Like that?”

“That’s great” she peered closely at me “Would you ever think of going with someone else?” she asked.

“I could never leave Cathy.” I knew what she meant but I wanted to see what she would say.

“Not leave her, I meant would you go with someone else for sex?”

“I’m 58, most women my age don’t want sex and younger girls don’t want an old man like me!”

“Some girls like mature men.”

“I haven’t found any!” I kept my eyes on Julie.

“I’m one” she looked at me. “next time you feel the urge” she paused “would you consider me or at least think about it?”

I looked down at her, she still looked younger than her age and I had become close to her in a fatherly way. Could I do this?

“You would want to have sex with me?” I asked her.

She nodded.

“But surely someone your own age would be better?”

“I’ve had a couple of boyfriends my age, but they were all insensitive, treated me like dirt and were terrible lovers and others just want me to dress up as their schoolgirl lover!” she squeezed my hand “I’m sorry. I don’t almanbahis adres want to compromise our friendship please forget what I said” she lowered her head “can we still be friends?”

I got crouched down in front of her.

“Julie look at me” she lifted her head “I am going to say yes, I would love to be your lover but I want you to think long and hard about it before we do anything. OK?”

“OK I will.”

“Good” I lifted her hand and kissed it “what has happened tonight won’t affect the way I feel about you and I hope it won’t affect you, please just think about it. Now get on with your painting!” I kept my voice light and thankfully she smiled.

“Thank you, I’d hate to lose you as a friend. Do you think you can you stay like that so that I can see the veins on the top?”

“Sure” I replied “don’t know for how long though.”

She was painting quickly but my legs started to wobble.

“Stand up if you need” I did “just come closer.”

I moved and was around 6 inches away from the table, she looked from the figure to my cock then reached out, hooked two fingers around it and gently pulled it downward, as her fingers touched me I gasped, her small, warm hand wrapped around my cock just as my phone rang!

Julie looked up still holding me, then I leaned over and retrieved my phone, it was my wife.

“Hello, I’ve put you on speaker because we’re holding bits of a model together.”

I winked at Julie.

“Oh! I thought you would be finished by now, when will you be back?” she asked.

“Hi Cathy, if we can get this bit done I’ll send him home.” Julie was smiling.

She was still holding my cock in her hand, squeezing it and then relaxing her grip.

“Why don’t you come over for dinner?” Cathy asked.

“I’d love that.” Julie replied.

“Any idea how long you’ll be?”

“About an hour I’d say, what do you think?” I looked at Julie and lifted my eyebrows.

“Yes, be an hour Cath, OK?” she replied

“OK see you later, bye.” I ended the call.

“Why an hour?” Julie asked.

“Because you have started something with your hand and if you don’t finish it I’m going to explode!”

Julie looked at her hand as if she had forgotten where she had left it then gave me a squeeze.

“I don’t want to use my hand!” she let go of my cock.

She stood and lifted her top, in seconds she was naked. I had to bend to kiss her. She was small, everything about her was small, her breasts and nipples were tiny. I stepped back to look at her.

“I know, I’m not sexy am I?” she looked upset.

“Oh God, you are most definitely sexy.” I stepped closer to her.

Putting my arms around her I realised that my penis was above her navel!

“I think you are gorgeous” I told her “how are we going to do this, I’ve never made love to someone so short!”

“The usual way missionary, sitting, from behind, cowgirl… it’s not that different.”

My right hand was caressing her breast.

“Sit on the chair.” she told me.

I could smell her, she must be so wet because her smell filled the air.

I sat down on the wooden chair and she straddled me, her right hand guided my cock, I felt her open up around the head of my cock making her whimper, then she slowly lowered herself down a little then lift and repeat until I was inside her.

“Christ you are so tight!”

Her face was at the same height as mine.

“Hello sexy” she panted “Oh you will never know how much I’ve wanted this.”

“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted the same” I ran a hand down her back to her tiny ass “I never thought it would happen though.”

I squeezed her ass and lifted her up, the feeling of her hot, wet cunt sliding along my cock made us both gasp, when I lowered her it felt like my cock was pressing against a wall!

“Yes!” she gasped “Don’t worry if you come quickly, next time will be better!” she whispered.

I grabbed her with my left hand and started slowly fucking her, the sound coming from her cunt as I slid into her made me look down, I paused with my cock half inside her tiny pussy, she was shaven so smoothly I couldn’t resist stroking her.

“Oh God, that’s good!” she gasped.

Her feet were on the floor keeping her where she was, I slid my thumb into her crack, finding her small hard clit I rubbed gently, her eyes opened wide and she let out a long hissing gasp. I pulled my hand back to her ass and she lifted her feet up and slid her pussy down my cock. I started to fuck her building up speed, she had her forehead against mine and I thought she had her eyes closed.

“Oh God!” she looked at me “watching your cock push into me is so hot!”

“Let’s use your bed.”

I put one arm almanbahis giriş around her and the other under her ass and stood with her impaled on my cock, she threw one arm around my neck while her legs clamped tightly.

“Oh christ I’m coming!” I couldn’t hold back, without moving I started to cum, her tight cunt felt like it was trying to force me out.

“Ohh yesssss!” she lifted herself a little then shivered all over, she spasmed around my pumping cock so hard that I thought she was going to push me out.

“Oh God Julie!”

I pushed myself back into her pussy and enjoyed the feeling before I sank slowly back on to the chair, her head was against my chest, the feeling as her orgasm slowly subsided was fantastic.

“I thought you wanted me to think about things?” she whispered.

“Can’t a man change his mind?”

We kissed gently.

“I’m glad you did” she was slowly lifting and dropping herself on my semi hard cock “I could do that again!”

“Well, we still have 58 minutes left.” I joked.

“Don’t move, I want to feel you inside me” she lowered her head “until you go soft.”

“Your so tight I may not go soft!”

“Good” she was looking down.

I moved my hand between us and slid a finger into her crack, her clit was still hard. As I touched it she lifted her head and kissed me, I started to rub with my finger. Without breaking the kiss she moaned into my mouth as our tongues played, I sped up my fingers and pressed hard against her within 10 seconds I felt her pussy begin to crush my cock as she climaxed again.

She threw her head back and wailed.

I could feel my cock slowly sliding out as her pussy squeezed tight, then I was out. She looked at me, her face was flushed as she kissed me.

“That was fantastic” a kiss on my lips “can we” kiss “please” kiss “do that” kiss “again” kiss “soon?”

“Yes please, the sooner the better.” I pulled her close against me and we stayed like that for a while.

“That’s the first time I’ve had more than one orgasm.” she whispered.

“I used to give Cathy 3 some nights.”

“Lucky lady, I’d love that!” she pulled back and looked at me.

“Give it time.” I looked at her, her tiny tits looked so inviting.

“I don’t want to, but we should get ready to go.” she kissed me.

“Suppose so, though how I’m going to keep my hands off you I’ll never know!”

“I feel the same.” she stood.

I could see why some guys wanted her to dress as a school girl, but no school uniform could make her look any sexier.

As I watched some of my cum dribbled down the inside of her leg, I looked at her again. She was small but her body was perfect, for the first time I looked closely at her pussy, it was so smooth I couldn’t wait to be inside her again.

We cleaned and dressed and I suggested taking my car.

“Why don’t I follow in mine?” she asked.

“Oh Julie, I can tell you haven’t got a devious bone in your body!”

“I don’t understand!” she looked puzzled.

“I will just have to drive you home after dinner.” I gave her a big grin.

“Oh I see” she smiled at me “twice in one day, think you can do it?”

“I’m willing to try, what about you?”

“Yes please!”

We chatted as I drove. When we arrived Cathy had set the table and was about ready to serve.

“How did it go?” she asked.

“It was very hard” I nearly choked “but we got a fair bit done.” Julie looked so innocent.

“Still have the others to put together, then paint.” I chipped in.

“How many have you got?” Cathy finished and sat.

“5 more to do” Julie started eating.

“Wow, all the same size?”

Julie nodded.

“Looks like you two will be busy the next few nights.”

“I’ll have to finish the first, but they are so big to move around I may need to enlist muscles here” Julie pointed at me “a few more times.”

“That’s fine.” Cathy said.

After we finished eating Cathy said she was going to bed early, she was taking sleeping tablets and had taken 2. I told her that I would have to drive Julie home.

“Why not make the bed up in the spare room and stay?” she suggested.

“I wouldn’t want to impose.” Julie said.

“Don’t be silly your part of the family, but I will let you decide.”

Julie got up, put her arms around Cathy.

“That’s so sweet, I think if you two as my family. But I think tonight I will go back to my place and see how the models are.” she kissed Cathy on the cheek.

“Any time Julie, don’t keep him working too long tonight.”

Cathy went up to bed so Julie and I washed up and put stuff away.

“Are you ready?” she asked me.

“I can’t wait!” I bent and kissed her.

The drive back was uneventful.

When we got to Julie’s we headed to her bedroom, as soon as we were there we started to strip, I was naked first so I lay on her bed.

“Look at you!” she removed her knickers “I want to drink you in.”

This was to be the start of an ongoing affair…

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