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Torture MassageWritten For Ellena by GadgetThis wasn’t the first time that they had met. But still every time he felt a tingle of excitement run through him as he thought about seeing her again. He walked up the drive to the neat little house on the corner and knocked on the door. After a moment, the door opened and there she was.”Good” she said “You’re on time”. She had obviously prepared herself for him. Her long black hair fell beautifully around her shoulders and her make up was perfect, her lips glistening with a glossy red lipstick. But what struck him most was what she was wearing. A black and red basque cinched her waist tightly and thrust her full breasts up and forward. Her legs were clad in black lace top, hold up stockings and the high heeled shoes she was wearing, made her already long legs look even more alluring. Black panties finished off the outfit.”Go upstairs, take off your clothes and lay down on my massage table. You know where it is” she said and moved aside to let him in. She closed the door behind him, then as he went to walk past her, she whirled round and grabbed him by the hair…gently but firmly. She pulled his head back and looked him straight in the eye. “I might let you fuck me today” she said, her free hand stroking the side of his face and her index finger playing with his lips. “Or I might not. It depends on how good a boy you are going to be” and with that she moved forward and kissed him. Slowly and sensuously, her tongue slipping into his mouth as her eyes remained fixed on his. He felt his knees weakening and his cock hardening as she pushed against him. His heart beat faster. She released him and pulled away. “Now darling” she said, her voice low and silky “off you go and do what I told you”.A few moments later he was lying face up, naked, on the massage table. She walked in to the room. She took first one hand and then the other and shackled them to the table. He was now helpless with his arms pinioned by his sides. She moved up to the head of the table and lowered her face towards his. “You like me in these stockings don’t you?” she asked. ” I do” he said. “You are beautiful and I want you so much”. “Ah, well” she said as a wicked smile played across her lips and her eyes sparkled. “I have to have my fun first…” and with that she moved so that she was stood at his head, facing down along his body. She moved closer and he realised that she had set the height of the table so that his head was at about kaş escort her thigh level. She stood above him, her hands on her hips. “Are you looking at my pussy?” she asked him. He nodded. “Would you like to see more?” He nodded again and she giggled. “Hmmm, I think you do. I can see your prick twitching. What a pity you can’t touch yourself.” With that, she reached down and put her hand inside her panties. She moaned and her lips parted slightly as her hand came into contact with her clit. “You’re doing very well” she said. “I’m wet already. Can you hear?” He watched her hand move under her panties and heard the unmistakeable slick noise of fingers entering and playing with a wet pussy. He gasped and strained his head to try and get closer. “Now, now” she teased. “Patience, my darling, patience.” She stepped back and for a moment he thought she was leaving. But she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Her pussy was smooth, hair free and he could see that her labia lips were already glistening and engorged. She stroked her middle finger up and down her clit as she moved slowly back towards him. “My my. Look at that big hard cock” she said. He was painfully aware that he was now fully erect, his scrotum tight and his prick twitching. “Keep your head still” she whispered and straddled him, her knees either side of his head. She rested her left hand on his chest and used her right to play with her pussy, the wet sounds of her masturbation mingling with her involuntary moans in the quiet of the room. Her pussy was inches away from his face and he could see every detail. He felt an uncontrollable urge to use his tongue on her clit and he struggled to raise his head. But she kept herself just out of reach. “Keep still I said!”. The command made him even more aroused. From somewhere, he couldn’t see where, she produced a small vibrator. She began to use it on herself. “Can you see that?” she asked. “Can you see it going in and out of my pussy? I bet you wish that was your cock!” and she laughed. By now he was squirming and writhing, desperate to release his hands and relieve the pressure in his cock. She played with herself for a few more moments and then, as she found herself rising to her own crescendo, she put aside the vibrator and lowered heself onto his face. She started to ride his face, grinding her hips backwards and forwards, feeling his tongue working on her pussy and clit. She could hear him gasping and moaning underneath escort kaş her and it turned her on even more. She watched his hips and torso writh and wriggle and knew that he was as turned on as she was. “Oh yes darling, that’s good. Eat my pussy. Come on. That’s it. Use your mouth. Eat me.” Every command from her excited him more. He licked and sucked, his face now covered in her pussy juices. If he turned his head slightly to the side he could see her thighs covered in sheer black nylon, the fabric tight across her flesh. He redoubled his efforts and was pleased that he could feel and hear her responding to his touch as she gasped and twitched above him. She leaned forward and he felt a beautiful warm wetness as her mouth slipped over his cock. It was like an elecrtic shock running through his body. In response, he stabbed his tongue deep into her pussy. She gasped and gurgled, the vibrations going through his cock and adding to his pleasure. He could feel that she had released her breasts from her basque and they were pressing against his stomach. Then her felt her fingers cupping his balls and exploring the crack near his anus as she continued to slurp and lick at his cock. They continued in this ’69’ embrace for some time. Eventually, she pulled away from him and stood up. “Time for you to be released” she said and unshackled his wrists. He swung himself off the table and stood up. “Are you ready now?” he asked. “Yes” she whispered. “Good. Face the wall” he said. She complied and he moved up behind her, moved her hair aside and started to kiss and nip at her neck. At the same time, his left hand cupped her chin and pulled her head back while his right stroked her stocking. He could feel her beginning to fall backwards against him as he contiunued to stroke and kiss her. He released her, moved away and sat down in a chair in a corner of the room. “Are you ready to cum yet?” he asked her. “Oh yes darling” she answered. “You know what to do then!” he said and started to stroke his cock. She turned, opened a drawer and pulled out a large dildo.”My favourite” she said and smiled at him. She lay down on the massage bed and pushed the toy deep inside her, making sure that he could see everything clearly. “Hmmm, that’s beautiful. You really want my big cock don’t you?” “Oh yes, yes, I do. I would do anything to have your beautiful big cock inside me”. Her movements grew more frenzied as she spoke and he knew that she was getting close. He stopped kaş escort bayan wanking, stood up and moved over to the table. As she thrust the huge toy inside herself, he put his hand over her face, his thumb pushing into her mouth. “That’s it. You are MY SLUT. I love watching you, knowing that you are my very own Cum-Slut”. His words caused her to tremble and she moved her tongue across his thumb. He looked into her eyes, watching them widen as she finally came, her hips bucking and twitching.He let her subside a little but before she had fully relaxed he climbed on top of her and pushed his cock into her still trembling pussy. “Oh my God…yes…yes…fuck me! I want your cock so much. Make me your slut. Yes, yes…yeeesss!!!” and another orgasm shook her body.He moved gently in and out of her, carefully making sure that he did not cum and allowing her to slowly subside underneath him. They kissed slowly and passionately, tongues pushing into each others mouths as they revelled in each others bodies. It wasn’t long before he felt that he couldn’t hold himself back much longer. He kneeled up and moved off the table. He moved to the end of the bed and gently pulled her up the table until her head was face up, hanging over the edge. Her hands reached out, caught his buttocks and pulled him towards her waiting mouth. His prick entered easily and she continued to pull him in until nearly all of his cock was buried in her warm, wet mouth and his balls were resting on the bridge of her nose. She could taste her own juices on his cock and it spurred her on to pull him deeper into her throat. As she worked on his cock with her mouth, she played with her pussy and clit, knowing full well that the view he was getting was turning him on even more. She felt his ball sack tighten and knew he was close to exploding. She released him from her mouth and pleaded with him “Give me your spunk. I want it. Use my face. I want to be your slut”. As he listened to her and looked into her eyes, he wanked over her face. As he looked at her waiting mouth, he could see her fingers frigging her clit and then pushing deep into her pussy as she started to fist herself. He felt his own orgasm well up inside his balls and with a few quick strokes of his cock, he exploded. The warm, sticky fluid splashed across her face, its whiteness glistening against the red of her lipstick. Globules landed on her throat and her breasts, a few drops even making it as far as her stocking tops.He looked down at her beautiful face and found her deep brown eyes looking back at him. She was smiling. “Thank you” she said. “No, thank you my darling” he replied, as he leant down and kissed her.

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