TOP COP Ch. 01

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This is the fictitious story of a young female rookie police officer assigned to patrol the downtown theatre district with an experienced field-training officer (FTO). LB, formerly known as FBB, my love and soul mate is the coauthor and editor.

Mellissa shows up for roll call and meets Gene, her FTO; a guy she heard at the academy was a stickler for details and a good mentor in the field who had recently returned to the street after a tour with a special task force. Melissa was a unique young lady; athletic, she had won a full scholarship and competed in gymnastics at a major university before serving a tour with the Marine Corps. Leaving active duty, she signed on as a police recruit with the Metro Force; her goal was to become the youngest detective on the force. She reported in to the precinct, carrying her go bag of gear and hoping no one would notice that she was as nervous as the first day she walked onto Pendleton as a brand new butter bar (the nickname given to second lieutenants in the Corps). The desk sergeant pointed her down the hall to the roll call room where the other officers on night shift had started to gather. Walking into the room her FTO recognized her and called out “Probie.” The others looked to see the new guy or, in this case, gal was. She walked over to the empty desk next to the FTO and dropped her bag to the floor with a thud.

Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail then pinned up to keep it off her collar and within regulations. Her uniform was perfect, a habit from five years as a Marine. She wore just a hint of make-up, and the gold ball stud earrings also from her days in the corps. Her weapon belt rode nicely on her petite body and the mandatory protection vest under her shirt hid the curves of her breasts.

Gene, the FTO, would be her partner for the first six months while preparing her for the qualification board and assignment to ride solo. He could make or break her career. Gene had a similar background; he had joined the Metro Force after a tour in the Marine Corps as an enlisted infantryman and RECON Marine. Trained to parachute, scuba dive, and to operate as a special warfare operator, he moved through the squad room with the swagger of a confident operator—whether as a Marine or a police officer. He was one of the most respected officers in the squad and everyone expected he would be on the next sergeant’s list and most likely selected as a detective since assignment to the special task force was a plain-clothes gig.

Gene was still as fit as his days as a special operator in the Marines. His hair still clipped short but not quite the “high and tight” so often seen in Marine recruiting posters. A hint of gray was starting to appear at his temples and the younger squad mates often kidded him about being the old man. Like Melissa, his uniform was perfect.

After the sergeant called roll, Melissa had to stand up and do the mandatory introduction, which included a round of whistles and taunts from her new squad mates. Walking to the patrol car Gene tossed her the keys and told her to escort şişli roll!

Melissa strapped the seat belt over her body. Gene’s eyes seemed to linger as she settled into the seat and started the engine to begin their patrol. It wasn’t long before they got a call to return to the lieutenant’s office ASAP. Walking back past the sergeant’s office he glanced at them with an inquisitive look. Gene shrugged his shoulders, telling the sergeant he didn’t know what was up.

Gene and Melissa reported to the lieutenant. He looked at them for several minutes before referencing papers in his hands. He informed them that they were being put on a mission and were going to be on loan to a special federal task force. Even though Melissa was a probie she fit the requirements for this investigation and the chief had signed off on the request for assistance. The lieutenant said they needed to go with him to meet with the feds where they would be properly briefed and sworn in as federal officers.

At the fed’s office they met the special agent in charge, or as everyone called him the SAC. The SAC was responsible for all the bureau operations but because this one was so high profile he would personally be overseeing the investigation. In the briefing they were told that Melissa would be the primary undercover and Gene would be her guardian angel. The guardian angel is the officer who would be looking after her safety from a cautious distance but close enough to make sure she was never in danger (as if an undercover cop could ever be in a safe position).

The target of the investigation was an elected member of the state government who was selling contracts to the highest bidder. He was divorced and known to like having a young lady on his arm at any public event and was rumored to also have a kinky side in the bedroom. The SAC told Mellissa she was not required to have sex with the target but that if she was ok with participating at least to some level it would probably work towards her being trusted and would further the investigation. With the briefing over they were sworn in which would give them the same arrest powers as any of the regular feds.

The lieutenant handed Melissa a new ID, a driver’s license with her new undercover name, credit cards, and keys to a nice apartment in a high rise on the east side. He told her that unless she had a closet full of party wear and outfits befitting a “woman of the night” she should use the credit cards to buy anything she needed or felt would be appropriate attire. With that, Melissa finished her first day in uniform. The next day she would start her new role as an undercover “party girl.”

Back at the station, Gene suggested to Mellissa that she leave her car there and they would get a rental for her so she wouldn’t compromise her personal vehicle. After changing from their uniforms, they met in the lobby. Walking through the parking lot Gene looked over at his new partner now dressed in rather tight jeans, sandals with a medium heel, and a red sleeveless top. His eyes lingered over the curves escort of her nicely shaped bum and the perfectly formed legs in her tight jeans. He pointed her towards a bright yellow two-seater hardtop convertible Mercedes and opened the passenger door so he could look at her again as she slid into the bucket seat and brought her legs into the small compartment. Gene climbed in, started the turbo engine, and pressed the switch for the hardtop to slide neatly into the trunk.

“Mellissa, I think you will do fine in this assignment, you aren’t the usual recruit. You’ve deployed with the Corps and have the maturity to pull this off. Do you have any thoughts?”

“Well, I’m not sure what the lieutenant meant about the sex.” She admitted.

“When you get to that point you will have to make the decision and since you have to live with it only you can make it. Would you like to stop for a snack before I drop you off?”

“Sure that would be good and we can get know one another.”

Gene pressed the accelerator and Mellissa felt the gravity pushing her back into her seat as he raced down the avenue and turned into the parking lot of a small Irish bar, the usual hangout for a bunch of cops. Raising the roof, they climbed from the car. Gene again looked over to see her perfect ass as she removed her off-duty weapon that was in a holster, tucked nicely in the small of her back, and put it in her purse.

Walking in they passed by several faces that she recognized from roll call. Gene touched her shoulder, directing her to a booth in the back away from the ears of the other officers. They ordered beers and started telling each other about their lives, their time in the Corps, and both found out that the other was single. Finishing their fish and chips they turned up the last of their beer, paid their tab, and went out into the parking lot. Gene opened the door and breathed in the scent of perfume that wasn’t there when she got out of the car. He smiled to himself when he decided she must have put it on in the ladies’ room along with the red lip-gloss that he noticed when she came back to the table.

Dropping the top on the Mercedes again, he followed her instructions to her apartment that, luckily, was not very far away. He looked over and noticed the cool evening air had given rise to her nipples and she must have been wearing a light bra because they were starting to show against the fabric of her top. Since they were both beat they decided they would wait until they got some rest to move over to the apartment.

“Gene would you like to come up and help me think about what I might need to take with me?”

She gave him the code to enter her parking garage and he parked in the guest spot. Walking to her townhouse, she slipped her hand innocently around his arm and he looked down at her, enjoying her scent.

She opened the door, slid her gun from her purse, and secured it in the drawer. Kicking off her sandals, Gene noticed her nice manicure and nail polish as she walked to the stereo and put on some music.

“Gene, would you bakırköy escort help look at my clothes and see what I should take?” They walked back to the bedroom and she went over to a walk-in closet, flipped on the lights, and motioned for Gene. He looked at the racks of clothes wondering how Mellissa looked in the minis, evening gowns, and party dresses as well as regular business suits. He made some suggestions and she grabbed them from the rack, tossed them on the bed, and started picking shoes. Walking into the bedroom, she looked at Gene and said, “Well that’s a start, now I guess I better get to my unmentionables,” said with a slight snicker.

Gene looked over at her and said, “I think that is my cue to leave…?” “Why? You’re my guardian, you’re suppose to help me, right?” He shrugged and said, “I guess so,” and sat down on the edge of the bed.

She opened the drawer, pulled out an assortment of panties and bras adding them to the pile, and then held up a bustier, asking, “Do you think I will need this?” Gene smiled and said, “I don’t know, maybe you should put it on.”

Gene was not expecting her to do anything, however, unabashedly she unbuckled her jeans and shimmied out of them showing that she was wearing a red thong. When she pulled the top off he noticed that her lacy bra matched her thong. Slowly she walked towards him dropping her bra and then her thong and stood in front of him. He reached up, put his hands on her perfect ass, and pulled her to him. She collapsed onto him and he fell back onto the bed.

Melissa started kissing him while she continued to rub her body against his, imitating the lap dance she once saw done to her platoon commander at a San Diego all-officer bar run before they deployed. She started working the buttons on his polo shirt and then pulled it over his head, exposing his ripped chest and abs. She moved down, kneeling in front of him. She slowly undid his belt and pulled his jeans off as he lifted himself from the chaise to make it easier for her to take them off.

She looked approvingly as his cock had begun to respond to her suggestive moves and the pleasing sight of her nude body. She took it into her mouth and lightly dragged her nails over his engorged balls making him groan as his cock continue to swell. Putting his hands on her sides, he lifted her easily and he slid back so he was lying on the chaise and she was on top of him.

She moved her body over his aligning her pussy, which was nearly bare with only a small line of blonde hair on her mound, over his salivating mouth. Now in a 69 he was licking her pussy as she ran her mouth up and down his cock, both groaning with pleasure as they moved closer and closer to orgasm. Their bodies seemed to move in unison. He licked faster and faster, her lips swelling with passionate juices, until finally stopping on her clit.

As she moved excitedly over his love tool, swallowing every inch of his cock, she squeezed his balls just as he began shooting his hot cum into her mouth.

Turning her on the chaise so she was on her back he pushed his tongue deeper into her love hole until she gripped her legs around his head and screamed in ecstasy!

Recovering, she looked at him with a wink of her blue eyes and said, “Is this how you break in all your new partners?”

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