Tina’s Wedding

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Tina’s WeddingTins Smith 28yrs goes to the dress shop one last time to try on her wedding dress. It’s Tuesday and Saturday she is marrying Steve her long time love. Getting to the store at 8:45 15min. before they close she begs Amy to let her try the dress on one last time Amy tries to talk her out of it but Tina begs hard so she gives in saying I have to leave but if Kat says ok then I guess it’s alright. Amy goes to the office to find Kat lightly knocking on the door knowing what is happing in there.(Kat has her boss Gina bent over the desk pounding her ass with a huge strap-on) YES AMY WHAT IS IT? Sorry but Tina Smith is here she is begging to try on her dress one last time, I told her I had to leave but maybe you could help her. Kat looks down at Gina a quivering mass of flesh Kat has been pounding on her for over an hour non-stop YES I’LL HELP HER IN A MOMNET.Slapping Gina on the ass Kat tells her to go then fixing her clothes Kat comes out on the show floor. Seeing Tina as she is bent over looking at some shoes Kat sees a perfect ass then when she turns her top is low and her 34C tits about to spill out. The wheels in Kat’s perverted mind start to tumble and a plan to fuck Tina comes together. WELL illegal bahis MY DEAR I’M KAT. Hi I’m Tina please may I try on the dress please? Sure my dear let me lock up the front then you can have as long as you like. Kat locks up the front and soon it’s just Kat and Tina in the dressing room in the back as Tina removes her clothes Kat looks on seeing a body that could give a dead man a boner. SO tell me about your man? Kat ask. OH well he’s been my best friend for years we grew up two doors apart. Have you ever dated anyone else? Yea in high school and college but always came back to him. About this time Tina was stepping into the dress and Kat moved in just reached in and grab Tina’s tits to adjust the front cups but sliding her fingers over Tina’s hard nipples then reach around her to fasten the dress pressing her tits into Tina’s as her fingers lightly rubbed her neck. This did not go unnoticed by Tina she felt it was strange but not unwanted. Kat was a pro at reading young women and knew this one was hers so she lean in and kissed Tina who jumped back but not away looking into her eyes Kat again lean in and kissed her this time Tina didn’t move. she didn’t kiss back but held in there Kat illegal bahis siteleri again looked into her eyes deeply then lean in this time Tina kissed her and soon open her mouth to accept Kat’s tongue too. The two of them moaned into each others mouths and kissed deep passion filled kisses, but just as Kat started to undress her Steve called and Tina clamed up getting dressed and gone without a word. Friday at work Kat over heard Amy talking about Tina’s night before party, About midnight that night the girls all came into DAVED’S BAR and Kat was there out of Tina’s sight, as Tina went to the bathroom Kat waited for her to come out when she did Kat pulled her out the back into the alley. Up against the wall and kissed her again Tina tried to fight it but the booze and Kat’s passion over powdered her before she was not only kissing back but begging for more. Kat had Tina’s dress off and her fingers in Tina’s panties when Amy stuck her head out the door seeing it she knew what was about to happen cause it had been happing to her for the last six months. So going back in she told everyone Tina had left for home. That night Tina was in Kat’s bed learning the joys of lesbian sex Kat licked, canlı bahis siteleri sucked and fucked Tina silly all night long and again in the morning in the car in front of her house when Kat drove her home.Rushing to get ready Tina felt bad but also so good, putting out of her mind she dressed and her and her maids headed for the church seeing Steve as she walked the ramp it was there day and the I DOES were said in the back of the church they lined up so people could pass by and there was Kat she moved in to kiss Tina’s cheek but then kissed her on the lips and Tina couldn’t not kiss back tongue and all Steve looked at Tina who acted as if nothing happen. The party went on and about 11 Tina went to change before they went to the motel but Kat had other plans for her pulling her out to a van in the parking lot Kat told her just cause your married doesn’t mean anything to me I’m married too. Tina my dear I’m going to be the first one to fuck that married that married twat and did just that bending Tina over on hands and knees Kat fucked her hard with her 11″ strap-on both cunt and ass then mouth to clean the fake cock. An hour and a half later Tina bowlegged walked back into the party and as her and Steve were about to leave Kat kissed Steve so he could smell Tina’s cunt on her and told Tina COME SEE ME AS SOON AS YOUR BACK! Tina looked at Steve then Kat I’ll be there next Saturday morning and kissed Kat on the lips looking at Steve saying we need to talk….

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