Time Travellers

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Time TravellersA fictional extract of an erotic story of two time travellers I’ve written. This extract finds one character Jayne caught up in a Roman Orgy.Jayne smiled and laughed with Sabina playing around with the food and toasting as the music played the whole atmosphere was one of celebration almost abandonment. The horn blew and the square fell silent, Jayne watched as two young men stood up from the crowd and walked towards the leaders, Jayne and Sabina’s table was pulled to one side to give a little space in front of the Leaders, and a large beautiful blue rug with gold swirls was placed on the floor. The food was cleared from the tables and a large tray of objects was placed on the table near the leaders.The main Leader nodded as he did before, Jayne sat intense thinking there was going to be another fight, she didn’t want the atmosphere to change it was intoxicating and fun. But the two young men stepped out of their white robes and stood naked before the leaders, one was slender and his cock was large even though it wasn’t erect. At the moment Jayne realised it was the young lad who stripped in the wagon and had pissed out of the side without a care in the world.Jayne looked at Sabina she gestures to herself with her hand “Jayne” then pointed at Sabina “Sabina” then she pointed at the young man from the wagon “Remus” said Sabina Jayne then looked at the leader “Evander” said Sabina with a smile.Both men faced each other, one had a cup of oil which he gently massaged into Remus’s chest working from his shoulders down his back to his lower calf muscles, he when up to his waist missing putting any around his penis, his tanned skin glistened with the oil Remus looked like he was getting erect. Jayne watched in fascination as his cock grew, it looked un-natural for a small young man to have such a big cock she thought, the other lad reached down and held the large cock, gently he moved his hand up and down the shaft, the head grew engorged and purple. With that the boy dropped to his knees and gently put his mouth over the head, he moved his mouth up and down, Remus put his hands to each side of his head and pushed his hips into the young man’s mouth and moaned softly.The room was now quiet, Sabina sat next to Jayne and continued smoothing her hand up and down Jayne’s thigh, Jayne was enjoying the feeling of her soft hands, watching Remus and the other young man with increased focus, she had never in her life seen two men together, whether it was the wine or what was in the wine, rather than being repulsed she found this erotic. She could feel she was feeling warm and damp between her legs.The Leader Evander looked at Sabina bakırköy escort and gestured her forward, immediately Sabina took Jaynes hand and tried to pull her to her feet, Jayne instinctively pulled away not wanting to be involved. Sabina took both hands and pulled her up they stepped forward to the rug, were Remus was still gyrating his hips into the mouth of the young man.On the balcony above Max had a complete view on what was going on, his heart froze as Jayne was hauled to her feet, it was then he realised that the people that were thrown into the cage with weren’t captive Celts, they were sex workers, prostitutes they must have been moved from town to town to entertain the Town Commanders and right now Jayne was one of them. Max knew there was nothing he could do any attempt to save Jayne would result in almost certain death to them both.On the blue rug, Remus now had the young man stood behind him, the young man’s hands reached around Remus, one ran over his chest and nipples the other slowly stroked his cock. Next to them Sabina faced Jayne and removed the pin that held her toga up, the robe fell to the floor, Evander the leader eyes instantly looked at Jaynes shaved pussy with surprise. Sabina had the cup of oil she pushed Jaynes long blonde hair over Jaynes shoulders, moved around and she proceeded to rub the oil into Jaynes back her soft hands covered every contour of her back, in to the crevice of the lower back, with both hands from the centre of her back out to her ribs, she moved down to Jaynes buttocks her hands felt the soft gentle curves of Jaynes cheeks, with one hand she quickly move her fingers between the soft valley of her cheeks, her hand glided over her anus, Jayne let out a loud moan as for the first time in her life she felt another woman touch her ass, her nerve endings tingled with delight as the oiled hand passed over her anus. Sabina’s heart fluttered a little at the moan, she had been wanting to touch Jaynes body since she saw her. Her hands continued down the backs of Jaynes legs. All around men and women watched most were now starting to touch each other, hands ran over thighs and breasts, people smiled, some touched themselves, excitement filled the air, the atmosphere had turned erotic and charged.Sabina was now stood facing Jayne, her oiled hand ran over Jaynes shoulders and down her breasts, she teased her erect nipples with her fingers, as Sabina looked at Jayne she moved closer and kissed her, her tongue gentle rolled across the tip of Jaynes tongue, Jayne responded as she put her arm around Sabina’s waist, Sabina’s right hand slipped down to the beşiktaş escort top of Jaynes shaved pussy, Sabina could feel her soft mound curving down between her legs, her fingers slipped either side of her mound into the crevice of her pussy, she gently squeezed Jayne’s pussy with all her hand and rubbed over the top of the entrance of Jaynes moist hole careful not to slip a finger inside her. The gentle pressure of Sabina’s hand had Jayne moaning with delight, her nipples pushed into Sabina’s chest, Jayne enjoyed the feeling of Sabina’s soft breasts up against hers.Sabina then turned Jayne around both girls faced Remus who still had the young man behind him gently massaging his cock, Sabina knelt down in front of Remus and beckoned Jayne down, without thinking Jayne got on her knees, instantly she leant forward and opened her mouth over the tip of Remus’s erect cock, she licked and sucked the tip and shaft, which was moist with the saliva of the young man. Sabrina stroked the back of Jaynes head with the other hand squeezed a nipple with her thumb and index finger. Sabina moved forward side by side with Jaynes head on the tip of Remus’s penis, the young man behind feeling Remus tense stroked his cock faster, Remus’s body arched and he groaned with pleasure as white hot fluid ejected from his body, the first load shot straight into Jaynes mouth leaving a small bit trickled from the corner of her mouth, Remus unloaded another load and another both shot into Jaynes and Sabina’s mouths and chin, the final spurt going onto Sabina’s toga. Jayne looked around, people were staring intently at what was now a show, one woman sat with her legs open rubbing the top of her pussy, two men sat either side of her both with arms around her fondling her breasts. In front of them one of the Leaders had a woman gently stroking his cock under his robes.Sabina gestured to Jayne to lie down on her back on the rug, as she did Sabina gently in a circular motion rubbed the sperm on Jaynes face into her chin and cheeks, she dipped a finger into Jaynes mouth so she could lick of some of the salty semen off her fingers. Sabina then straddled Jayne from above, as she squatted down towards Jaynes face Sabina gently opened the lips of her pussy, squatting down on her haunches she teased her pussy across Jayne mouth. Jaynes tongue darted out of her mouth and slid easily across Sabina’s moist flesh feeling its way across her pink lips, trying to catch her clit. Sabina dropped further down her pussy was now dripping with her clear fluids. Jaynes tongue found Sabina’s clit and she proceeded to push her tongue over the beylikdüzü escort pink wet skin. Sabina gasped with delight as her juices began to flow, she tasted sweet, Jayne thought to herself and circled her tongue around her clit. Sabina’s body now tensed and pulsed she almost screamed with delight as Jayne worked her tongue every faster, from her position Sabina fell forward with her head now resting on the soft hairless engorged pubic mound of Jayne. As Jayne now gently continued to lick Sabina’s pussy, she could feel her own legs being pulled apart, she thought Sabina was moving into lick and taste her pussy, when she felt the feeling of her pussy lips opening up, looking down across her stomach and through Sabina’s breasts she could see Sabina was holding Jaynes moist lips open, then she saw the head of a cock push into her pussy, it slid in easily as it was so moist. Jayne tensed for a second at its firmness and width, Jayne could now see it was the young man who had been stroking Remus’s cock. His cock slid in and out of Jaynes wet pussy, Sabina used her index finger to play with Jaynes clit as the young man built up a rhythm, in no time at all Jayne was crying out with pleasure, her whole body heaved and pulsated as she went in orgasmic spasm after spasm, her juices flowed out lubricating the young man’s cock, quickly he came with her, Jayne felt his hot sperm shoot deep into her pussy, he seemed to shoot load after load, even after he finished he continued to fuck her. Sabina now pulled away and watched as the young man’s sperm and Jaynes juices combined with the flow of their bodies and turn to a white fluid, it now covered Jaynes pussy and dripped down on to her ass, the whole of Jaynes pussy was now red and puffed out as it took the man’s load. Now spent the man pulled out of Jayne and Sabina ran her finger across the top of Jaynes pussy she moved down and her finger easily pushed the white juices into Jaynes ass., Jayne lay there exhausted with Sabina’s still wet pussy above her face, whilst Sabina softly fingered juices in and out of her ass, her nerve endings in her ass tingled and her muscles relaxed as Sabina worked her finger. Sabina stood up, for a moment Jayne lay there in a state of sheer ecstasy, her body and mind felt like they had never felt before. Sabina helped Jayne up and gave her another cup of wine. Jayne stood there for a moment naked apart from her leather sandals, she felt warm sperm drip down the inside of her leg. As she looked around the place was alive it was a mass of bodies, one woman was laid across the table on her back sucking a man’s cock with another man fucking her pussy. One of the leaders had a women on his lap riding his cock as he sat there fingering another’s pussy next to him, another leader had stood up and had one of the men bent across the table, he was using the oil and his fingers around his ass, Jayne watched as the older man slowly entered the man and started to pump him over the table.

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