This Is Your Lies Chapters 4 and 5

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I sat staring at the screen for a while. Did Ellen take her phone with her when they went to this club? The first thing she asked when I called was if the kids were okay, so she hadn’t planned to be completely out of touch; the chances were that she’d carry her phone. Did I dare look at the tracking software? I got up and watched her breathing for a minute. She was sound asleep. I picked up her phone and plugged it in to charge. That was my excuse for touching it if she woke.It took a few seconds to remember where to look, crossing my fingers and hoping she hadn’t turned off location services. She never did know her way around her phone so it was no surprise when I had the map open half a minute later. I found a place where they spent several hours, so that had to be where it was. I made a note of the location and closed the phone. I’ll admit that I had a quick look for incriminating texts and emails but found nothing. Was that a good thing?One thing for sure, my erection had gone down and the whisky had taken some effect. I started to shut everything down and then had another idea. The next tape was them coming back from the club, I decided that was one for when I had more stamina. The one thing that was bugging me was whether Guy had a bigger cock. It sounds stupid but the way I saw it if he had a bigger cock than me, I mean much bigger, then it made sense, he could give her something that I couldn’t.It scared me, obviously, if he had something I didn’t have then he could take her away, unless I had something she wanted more. Maybe I could be cool about her having what he had and the life I could give her too. I could work on that but if it wasn’t his cock then I had no idea what I was up against. I had to know.Sitting there with a laptop and whisky I couldn’t watch in 3D, the thing didn’t have the software, but I could separate the tracks and find the one with the best view. It took half an hour to get an answer. I found the track that let me measure his cock and saved some stills. I was in the same room with the same cameras so all I had to do was sit in the same place and get hard and I’d know.Easier said than done. If I’d been there alone it would have been easy but I had to move furniture so that I could sit in the right place and first I had to move the table. I thought I could lift it but the shape was awkward, After several hopeless attempts that luckily didn’t make noise while failing to move the table I got a couple of towels from the bathroom, got them under the legs and slid the table out of the way. All that was left was to sit at the right angle with a decent erection.Silently shifting furniture is not an erotic activity. When I had everything in position, I was in no condition to compete with Guy whatever size he was. What to do? I didn’t feel easy with watching porn on my laptop, especially with Ellen fast asleep two meters away; inviting but untouchable. I tried looking at her and hoping it would work but it didn’t do enough.Maybe the whisky was a mistake. Eventually, I hit on the right trick; I knelt by the side of the bed close to Ellen’s hips. Thanks to her enthusiastic orgasms earlier the scent of her leaking pussy was strong and filled my head. That worked and at some time after midnight, I got my picture.There was no way that Guy was bigger than me, absolutely no doubt at all. Great, I mean really great, but it meant he must have something else on Ellen. On that unhappy note, I lay next to her and drifted into bad dreams.I slept, not well, but most of the night at least. I woke before Ellen and lay in bed letting my brain settle. The rhythm of Ellen’s breathing was soothing and without thinking about it I found myself breathing in sync with her. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that you can communicate better with someone if you do that— well something like that I think. I’ve always believed in telepathy, or mood transference. I felt incredibly close to her.What to do was the question. She wasn’t going after Guy because he was better endowed than me. He was a likeable man, I knew that. He had charm, even if sometimes he laid it on too thick. He was self-confident for sure, more than me I guess, though I’ve always thought that having a few doubts was a good thing. I could philosophise about that for days, but it didn’t amount to a reason why he would have a hold over her.Maybe he was a member of that club; could that be the attraction? I had no idea what the club amounted to, maybe I should join— something to think about but hardly worth risking a marriage over. All she had to do was ask and I’d join anything she said.For a second I got excited imagining what might go on at that club. A mistake — I had to spend two minutes calming myself and getting my breathing back in sync. I had to flush out whatever the issue was. Ellen was clearly not going to tell me anything beyond the notion that I was giving her a treat. It was too late now to watch more of the video, she was bound to wake up soon. I had to make time to study what I had: find out as much as I could and then I’d have to confront Ellen and have it out.That thought scared me and I had to pay attention to my breathing again. Our whole life might be on the line. This is your life — the headline of that old TV show popped into my head. I could imagine the scene, some smooth guy with a portfolio presenting it to me — opening it up — pictures of Ellen doing… well, doing whatever she’d been doing.That was a hell of an idea. I could do that, put together the material I had, and give her a portfolio. “This is your lies”, seemed like a better title. Then I had another inspiration, our anniversary was coming up, bahis siteleri why not present it to her as a surprise. Something cathartic, clearing the air, hopefully laying a foundation for no more lies, or maybe blowing everything up. Her choice. We could either put things right or give up. She’d know for sure how much it was getting to me and take it from there.It might be a crazy plan, but right then for five minutes, it seemed like a brilliant idea. It didn’t take long for the doubts to appear and my brain went into “what if?” mode. That was no bad thing, it stopped me doing anything rash but the more I kicked the idea around the better it got. The real beauty was that I could finely tune how heavy I made it. At one extreme I could lay it on the line that I’d been lied to and I was really mad about it. On the other I could play it very cool, I could lay out guesses as to why she’d done what she did, but leave room for forgiveness, make a game of it, leave her room to manoeuvre.Next question was what to do about breakfast, did we get room service with Ellen naked like yesterday. I knew I had to try it. Lying next to Ellen, contemplating breakfast like that got me hard thinking about it so when she woke up I was lying next to her, eyes closed, a smile on my face and rock hard.Ellen woke up and noticed immediately.“Have you been like that all night?”I opened my eyes.“Not quite.”“Not quite?”“You kind of abandoned me last night. You fell asleep about three seconds after the second time you came and left me high and dry.”“Why didn’t you fuck me anyway.”“You were asleep. Fucking passed out women, even by husbands, is rather frowned upon by the courts these days. I wouldn’t dream of doing that without asking.”“Oh, poor you. You should have woken me.”“How was I to know that? You were obviously exhausted and upset by what happened.” I stopped for a second, not sure whether to go on. She saw something in my face or body language or something.“Go on,” she said, “tell me, there was something you were going to say.”“I… I don’t know how to say it.”“Please try.”“I don’t have the confidence, I mean you went with Guy…”“What if I did?”“So I’m, well… you don’t rate me… I mean if I insisted, forced the issue and I was boring…”My voice drifted to a standstill. The erection collapsed and I was suddenly struggling not to burst into tears. A whole heap of pent-up angst surfaced in a second.“You’re not boring,” she said, “that’s not it, please don’t ever think that, you mustn’t think that. You’re not the problem.”What the hell did that mean?“What can I do?” I said.“You don’t have to do anything, love. What you’re doing is just fine. Please relax, go with the flow. I love you and you letting me play with Guy made me love you even more.”She rolled over and kissed me. What could I do? There was no getting away from that. I’ve watched her say the words on tape and I guess they mean what they mean but I took it as code for ‘I’m not going to tell you what I did with Guy’.All I could do was lie there but my smile had evaporated somewhere. She pulled back a little, I guess to get a better look at me.“I got that wrong, didn’t I?” she said, taking hold of my now very soft cock. “What a waste.”“I know what might cure it.””Go on.””What you apparently did yesterday— signed for room service breakfast naked.””I can’t.””That manager said you did yesterday.””He’s exaggerating.””Well, what did you do?””I can’t,” she said, rolling away and burying her head in the pillow, “I just can’t.”I got out of bed — it seemed like no way I was getting off this morning. I picked a shirt out of the suitcase and started to get dressed.”Sooner or later we’re going to have to talk about yesterday love,” I said. “I get it that last night was traumatic, so okay, you win, let’s get breakfast.””Don’t you want to shower?” she said, still face down in the pillow?””I want to get out of this room. I can shower later. I’ll see you downstairs. I’m going to take my time over breakfast.”Two minutes later I was contemplating the buffet. I’d picked a good hotel for Ellen’s adventure with Guy so the breakfast had everything. I could pretend to be Scandinavian and have all that cold meat and cheese stuff, or I could be a Scot and have porridge. There were good looking croissants and french bread and what I’ve heard called the full English heart attack special, fried eggs, fried bread, fried tomato, fried sausage, fried bacon, and even fried black pudding in case there were any northerners or vampires in the house. There were pancakes and maple syrup along with scrambled eggs and a bunch of cereals.For someone aiming to take their time over breakfast, there was plenty to think about. I was tempted to button-hole a waiter and say with my best South Carolina accent, “How come y’all don’t have grits?” but there was a risk of pulling in yesterday’s fascist manager so I settled for a kind of international selection; pancakes, maple syrup, bacon, scrambled eggs, and french bread along with fruit juice and coffee.Maybe I was wrong to walk out on Ellen like that but I was overwhelmed with angst— what was it about her time with Guy that she couldn’t talk about?I ate slowly, thinking my way through the next week, figuring out when I would have time to study the tapes from the previous two days. I needed privacy to make notes, capture stills and think. ‘This is Your Lies’ as a project still loomed large in my mind. I had figured out where to find the hours I needed when Ellen appeared wearing hip-hugging blue jeans and a white T-shirt that left no doubt about where her nipples were. I think every man in the room watched her stroll along the buffet canlı bahis siteleri and drift over to my table with a bowl of porridge and a black coffee.”May I join you, sir?””I kept a space for you,” I said. When she put her things down I reached out to take her hand.”Sorry,” she said before I could. “I never imagined it would be this complicated. I thought I’d have a wild night with Guy and then carry on with life as usual.””Like eating chocolate.””Yeah,” she said. “Exactly. So what do we do?””What you said. Carry on. It was your treat. I should stop asking to share it. It wasn’t my treat. I should stop being nosey and get on top of the jealousy.” I don’t know where that came from but it kind of slipped out. Was it the right thing to say? Did I mean it?Ellen looked at me, I grinned. She took a spoon of porridge then she surprised me. She shook some salt onto her porridge. I raised an eyebrow.“I read somewhere salt brings out the proper flavour… or maybe I’m feeling humble. It isn’t none of your business. You gave me a present, you ought to have a right to know that it worked, that I liked it.”“So send me a thank-you letter.”“Yeah,” she said, “I should do that… but…” She looked at the table, held my right hand with her left, looked at the porridge, took a spoonful and wrapped her mouth around the spoon, swallowed, looked back at me, trying to smile but it wasn’t her usual beaming, lighting up the world smile, this was regretful, rueful, slow and hesitant.”You ought to have more than that. I know you should, deep down I know I need to tell you more. I ought to tell you what was good about it, which of my buttons it pushed; because you might want to do it again and knowing you, you’d want to do even better next time. I get that, I really do get that and I want to tell you, I do want to tell you but I just don’t know how.”She stopped again and I could see the beginning of tears in the corners of her eyes. I couldn’t push it any further. Tears over breakfast was always a bad idea, a bad start to the day. She’d made a big admission compared to where we’d ever gotten before, so I let it go at that.”At least tell me about the porridge,” I said. “Here a chance to practice telling me about an experience I can’t imagine, if I was going to make porridge for you, I need to know.””You think it could be a metaphor?””Maybe. You picked it.””It’s thick, it holds in your mouth. With sugar and cream it slides down, but like this, it has to be experienced in the mouth. The salt hits you straight away, almost like tasting blood. Your mouth has to work harder, there’s something almost masochistic about it.” She giggled. “How am I doing?””I’m guessing it’s not like school dinners when I was a kid, like boiled cabbage and overdone sprouts — not like a penance?””No,” she said, but there was a hesitation there.”You mean like when you have to do something and you know you have to; like you deserve being made to do it but you’d rather be doing something else?”She thought for a long moment, hesitating.”It’s not really like that… maybe more like picking at a scab when you know you shouldn’t.” She giggled again. “I’m hopeless at this,” she said. “You’ll have to try it.”I picked up a spare spoon and half filled it from her bowl. She watched the spoon make its way to my mouth. I stopped halfway there as though I was having second thoughts and watched her face as her expression changed from an open smile to a kind of devious curiosity. It was the first time I’ve ever felt something close to a telepathic experience. I caught something and there was enough of a hint in her smile that she knew she was telling me something.It tasted how she said, a sort of wholesome humble taste, poor but honest. If that was a metaphor for her time with Guy then this was more complicated than anything I’d imagined. The one thought that came into my mind was caution. I needed to take time over getting to the bottom of this, not jump to conclusions, keep an open mind.I let the porridge stick to my tongue and let the flavour develop. “It could grow on you,” I said and went back to my maple syrup pancake and sausage.”What time do we have to check out?””Ten, I think.””Pity,” she said. “You’ve made me come a lot. I’ve neglected you and it’s too late now.””Maybe not,” I said. “I’d probably come in five seconds.”That got me a wry smile. “Hardly a treat. Maybe it would be better at home.””Or both?”Finally, she laughed properly and relaxed.”That’s what I needed to hear,” I said, “That laugh, that smile. That’s the reclaim I needed.”She reached out and took both of my hands, holding them, refusing to let go for at least a minute. She finished her porridge before I was done with my deluxe breakfast so she got up and said, “I’ll see you upstairs.”When I walked in the door Ellen was lying on the bed naked.”Have your shower,” she said. “I talked to reception, we can check out at twelve. They were amazingly polite, you must have put the fear of God in them.”I didn’t need much of a hint as to what she had in mind. I’ve always liked shower sex and Ellen knew that. It was a good shower, plenty of hot water and a wide head. I like that feeling of being totally drenched. I also like soaping Ellen all over and the two of us being slippery together.That treat came after the blowjob. She took her time, getting me hard and then edging me and when she thought I was almost there she’d pull back and run the water for a minute, sometimes hot, sometimes cold. It was the craziest, funniest sex I’ve ever had with a spell fucking properly on the bathroom floor in the middle. There was heating under the tiles and Ellen laid down a towel, opened her canlı bahis legs and insisted that I took control.We had coffee, if you can call the stuff in the minibar coffee. We packed. I took the mirror off the wall and replaced it with the picture I’d stashed in the wardrobe.“Want to keep the dry flowers? They’re supposed to last for ages.”“Sure. I like them, they’d be a kind of souvenir… is that okay with you?”“Definitely.” That gave me a lift, Ellen being sensitive — that sounds bad; Ellen isn’t insensitive, she’s kind, organised, looks ahead, an ideal wife. When I first met her she was much more wild; was that what the Guy thing was all about?She never said that exactly— actually I’m hard pushed to know what she did say— the idea kind of grew between us and I kind of knew that she needed something she wasn’t getting.What got me when I saw that video two days ago was the way it sounded like there’d been a thing with Guy before we planned the hotel night. I know Guy, known him a while, I never saw him as someone who’d tell his wife he was going to spend a night with some hotwife. I never saw him as someone who’d screw me over. There had to be something I was missing.Guy always complains that he’s in a dead end job, but it pays well. Sally is too interested in her status and her kids’ private school, so she won’t let him quit. I could imagine him cheating on her, but not colluding in playing away. The one thing Guy did that was out of the ordinary was amateur dramatics. Ellen and I had seen him in a couple of plays; he could act. Maybe that was another clue.As we packed away the clock, the vase and the mirror I decided that my plan should be to see all the video and then talk to Guy. With what I’d seen so far I had enough to cause him trouble with Sally, especially if I was right in my guess that she didn’t know. Once I’d decided that, it cleared my head. I found I was easier with Ellen. The tension disappeared and we started to laughWe checked out at eleven with another bout of obsequiousness from the staff and the whole stay cost us nothing. Ellen felt guilty about that as we drove home but I tried to talk her out of it.“What’s wrong with being called a prostitute anyway?”She gave me a stiff look. “Oh, I get it,” I said, “you didn’t actually get paid.” I got another stiff look. “In a purely theoretical sense, there could be some advantages.””Go on,” she said, “out with it.””There are pros and cons,” I said. “I might worry about your safety if you were on the game, which is obviously a big point against, but I wouldn’t worry about losing you. Hookers rarely run off with their clients— not that I have any data, but a commercial transaction does emphasise a separation between sex and affection.””I never thought of it like that,” she said. “It’s still a slur though, isn’t it? A label, a sign of disapproval.””And you don’t like being disapproved of.””It’s not that actually,” she said. “Sin is attractive, transgressive acts are often exciting, full of adrenaline— I mean they must be, mustn’t they, or no one would do them. But being found out is the opposite; that’s the downer. That’s how I felt… and I didn’t like you having to deal with it, I mean that’s not what you signed up for. I felt I was dragging you down. I thought they’d accuse you of being a pimp and that upset me.””It was partly my fault.””No.””Yes, it was. If we’d stuck to the original plan it wouldn’t have happened. What confused things was both of us going back there. If I’d just booked the room and cleared up after I could have been someone working for Guy, handling his hotel reservation— there would have been nothing suspicious.””You’re too good to me.” She stopped for a moment. “Adrian, darling, could we stop talking about this now? I know we need to, and I promise we will, but for now, I need to get my breath back.”She smiled at me, blew me a kiss as we were driving along and leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes. I put the radio on.When we got home, Ellen decided that collecting the kids herself would be better. Was she feeling guilty? She’d have to intercept my mother who is known to spend the afternoon at her health club. No point in trying to phone. The place is some distance away so along with all the hello and goodbye stuff and collecting the kids’ toys it was likely to be a couple of hours.“I’ll go,” she said. “You’ve been rushing around on my account for the last few days. Relax, go to the gym or something, burn off all the angst. I’ll be back in a couple of hours with the kids and we can get back to normal.”Good idea,” I said, thinking I’d have at least an hour to look at the video and some time to think. I guessed she wanted some alone time too. I could have gone with her but we’d only pick at it or have a very artificial conversation where we skirted around the topic and got nowhere.I waved her goodbye and waited a few minutes then checked where her phone was. Once she was five miles away, I figured it must be safe.I hunted through the videos and picked what I guessed must be them returning from the club. The tape was only an hour long, so I guessed they came back and were asleep before the hour was out. The cameras were programmed to switch off after five minutes without sound or movement.The tape kicked into life after they’d come through the door. I guess the sound of the door woke up the system. The camera in the flower vase saw them as they came in. Ellen was still wearing her long black coat and Guy looked similar. Once they were through the door Guy said something that I couldn’t catch and Ellen took her coat off.That’s when I got my first shock. She was naked under the coat, so she’d gone to the club like that. The only thing she was wearing was a leather collar with a long dog chain attached and a chain between her nipples. When she’d dropped her coat, she took the clamps off her nipples and there was a muffled shriek.

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