This Happened One Day…

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This Happened One Day…I was on my way to school, about a block from my home when Bruce, one third of the terrible three(Bruce, Charlie and Daniel), intercepted me and very gracefully gave me the following instructions…’…I’ll be at your back door in thirty minutes, you are to greet me in nothing but your pajama shirt. No pants, no underwear only the pajama shirt. When you open the door you are to drop to your knees and fish my dick out of my pants and start to suck my dick in earnest. When I feel that you mean it we will go to your room and have some fun…’Knowing that I had no choice I turned around without saying a word and hurried back home. I made sure that the house was empty and quickly changed into my outfit. No sooner had I changed I heard a small knock at the back door.As I opened the door I saw Bruce standing there smiling at me, Bruce standing on the back deck at the back door, I glanced around and saw no one. I dropped to my knees and fished Bruce hardening penis fro,m the confinements of his pants and jockeys. I stroked his penis slowly as Bruce said ‘…look up at me while you’re servicing my dick, I wanna see the look on you face. You better get a smile on your lips…’I made myself smile as I looked up at him, Bruce instructed me under his breath ‘…kiss my dick head and lick it like a lollipop…’ Holding Bruce throbbing shaft I leaned forward and kissed his penile head lightly. His penis was exuding a small amount of pre-cum and as I licked his head Bruce moaned slightly.Bruce told me ‘…now suck my dick like it’s a stalk of sugar cane…’ I started to close my eyes Bruce harshly said ‘…keep looking at me I wanna see your eyes as you suck my dick…’ I obeyed him and opened my lips and engulfed his throbbing head.Bruce moaned as he stroked my hair and lightly pulled my head closer to his crotch causing more of his man hood to enter my sucking lips. For two or three minute we stayed there till Bruce said ‘…alright, I think we’re ready to get in bed…’As I pulled back and started to stand, I thought that I saw my neighbors curtains move in their kitchen window. Bruce turned me about illegal bahis and lifted my pajama shirt and squeezed my left buttock and slapped it hard. I spin around as Bruce passed by and closed the door behind him looking again at my neighbors kitchen window.I took Bruce to my room where he quickly undressed and laid on the bed. Bruce said to me ‘…come here bitch, daddy missed your tight ass. You gonna show daddy how much you missed him by getting up on your knees and sucking me like a real pro…’I crawled up on the bed as Bruce spread his legs apart, his penis bouncing up and down as I neared his crotch. Bruce adjusted the pillows so that he could lay back and watch me as I sucked his penis.Bruce held my head lightly allowing me to suck his man hood at my leisure. I rotated my head around his stiff shaft keeping his penile head in the grips of my lips. Bruce kept me at this for nearly twenty minutes and just when I thought he would come in my mouth he pushed me off.I looked at Bruce, not saying a word as he instructed me ‘…get us something to lubricate that tight ass hole of yours. If you can’t find no hair grease get some cooking oil out of the kitchen…’I came back with a small glass of cooking oil, Bruce smiled and ordered me to ‘…make my dick real slick and then oil up your asspussy. I’m gonna fuck you like you’re my real bitch today…’ When I had done as he wanted Bruce had me lay on my back and raise my legs.Bruce crawled between my thighs and guided his rock hard shaft to my oil slick anus. Once his rubbery rock hard penile head touched my anal opening Bruce slipped his arms under my shoulders and held me tight as he entered my bung.For the rest of the day Bruce had sex with me nearly four hours straight Bruce plowed into my behind, with me on my back, on my stomach and on my side. Bruce came four or five times before he decided to take a break.Bruce got up and said ‘…come on lets get in the shower…’ I led Bruce to our bath and just as we enter Bruce closed the door and pushed me against the wall. Bruce was rock hard again and I could feel his penis throb between my buttocks.Bruce bets10 güvenilir mi guide his man hood into my anus again and took me standing up, I tried to stay up on my tiptoes to keep him from getting all the way inside. But Bruce just pulled me back till my butt was poking out and slammed into me as hard as he could. When he came in me he pulled out and we got in the shower and cleaned ourselves up.We returned to the bed room and Bruce dressed he told me ‘…put your top back on, you gonna walk me to the door and kiss my dick bye and do it like you’re my bitch…’ At the back door I opened it and as Bruce stepped out on the deck and turned around I knelt down and undid his zipper and pulled out his flaccid penis and kissed it. I carefully placed it back into his pants and Bruce turned and walked off before I could get up.As I stood I glanced over again at my neighbors kitchen window. This time I was sure that I saw the curtain in the kitchen window move. Anyway it was to late now to try and hide so I stood and closed the door. That night I showered and went to bed, I heard my folks when they turned in and saw the lights go out under my door. It wasn’t long before I drifted off into deep exhausted slumber.I woke and noticed that it was still dark out side and glanced at the clock by my bed, it was two twenty a.m. As I started to turn back over I suddenly became aware of some one in my room and just as I bolted up into a sitting position my next door neighbor, Jarvis R. clamped his hand over my mouth and whispered ‘…you better not say a word if you don’t want your folks to know what I saw today…’Not so much alarmed now that I knew who was in my room I was concern as to what he wanted. Jarvis whispered ‘…I’m gonna move my hand you better act like you got plenty sense…’ I nodded my head rapidly as Jarvis moved his hand and stood up by my bed. The illumination from the clock enabled me to see Jarvis removing his pants very quietly.All I could make out was dark shapes as Jarvis moved stealthy around but what I could make out very clearly was an extremely long appendage mobilbahis sticking out from his crotch. Jarvis whispered to me ‘…you might want to get down on the floor the bed might make too much noise…’Jarvis pulled the covers off me and as I slid out of bed he pulled my pajama pants off and said ‘…stay on your knees, I’ll try and be quick…’ Jarvis licked me between the buttocks sticking his thick tongue into my anus. I trembled from this unknowing whether it was from excitement or fear.Jarvis placed one hand in the small of my back and with his other he guided his anaconda size penile shaft between my buttocks. His enormous head felt like a softball trying to enter my bruised anal opening. Jarvis whispered ‘…pushed back and be quiet…’ I started to protest Jarvis gripped my side and pulled me back as he pushed forward. My severally abused outer anal sphincter muscle ring slipped over Jarvis massive penile head past his penile ridge and tightened around the neck of his penile shaft. I was panting for air as I tried to adjust to the agony and pain as I tried to keep quiet.”…No wonder that boy was in here today. If you suck as good as you fuck he had a good time…’ Jarvis whispered. All I could do was grunt each time Jarvis slammed into my butt, I thought for sure some one would here our thighs slap together. Jarvis whispered ‘…I ain’t gonna try and get all my dick in your ass but I’m gonna bust a nutt up in this tight ass pussy of yours. Good thing your folks gave me a key to the back door in case of emergencies. After seeing you suck that boys dick today it was an emergency for me to get in here and get some of this pussy…’Jarvis grunted and pulled me back to him and I felt more of his elongated tool slid deeper into my rectum. Jarvis trembled and I felt his substance begin to squirt deep in side of my anal canal, Jarvis slowly slid his penis back and forth still hard as a steel rod making obscene slurping sounds as he churned his male juices around in my chunnel.Jarvis pulled from my anus and let me slid slowly to the floor. Jarvis wiped his penis across my lips and whispered ‘…we’re gonna have some real good fun now that I know what you like. Come over to my house tomorrow when you get out of school…’ With that Jarvis dressed and left just as quietly as he had came. I laid on the floor in a fetal position and cried myself back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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