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This BettyYea I told you how I met Betty. And there were more meetings. As I first meet her I answered an advertise to do a photosession with her for a Magazine. Well she kept my Contact info or at least her husbad did. Cause he tricked me to visit her again. But this time it was more different that I meet up with Betty.The phone rang and I answered it was Bettys husband in the other line. Hi he said sorry to disturb you. Do yiu have possibility fuck my wife he said.. WHAT I said. He said you Heard what I say. Or shall I explain more? yes do that I said and then he began tell me taht Betty was signed for a model shooting but her partner for that shooting did not show up. So they stood there with a photograph who had come from Denmark to do the shooting and there were no one there who could do the job.. They decided to do some nude photos while try call in any new model. He said can you be here in six hour?. I dont know I said. If I manage I will be there very late and I will be tired after the trip so I dont know if I be any good fucker then. Dont matter we will get paid if you appear and the session will be like it will be he said just get in the car and get here ok he said.After thinkin of Betty and how nice she was to be with i accepted the offer. You will be honored well when all is ready thanks he said.It took me four and a half hour to drive. Lucky no cops werre out bailin for speed.I rang the bell at Bettys house and She opend the Door and said Thanks for commin and gave me a Big Kiss.. Her husband showed up and also said thanks for manage. And told me. We pay you well. Do you need any ordu escort to drink Before start??. Yes a Beer and a coffe I said. Take yor seat in the sofa and talk to Preben about the scenes he want to make.. It was a different from first time I met Betty. Then the photoguy just was like invisible and we hardly not noticed him when he Went around took photos of Me Betty and Leif havin sex. But this time this Photographer wanted stear things up. Maybe cause he was short of time and wanted back and get the photos published in any of the Magazines he worked for.I had the coffe and a smoke. When Betty came sat beside me She was wearing a short dress. I noticed she changed some clothes from when she open the out door to some more fitting for the photosession.. She was wearing fishnetsocks too. The photo guy told us to begin kiss each and after that it was meant she was goin to take out my Dick from the pants.. We kissed a while and then her hands got into my pants. She draw them down and my Dick stood as a spear right out. She stood on knee in front of me takin into her mouth. The photograph screamed. You both turn around abit so you face camera more. She let her lips surround it and sucked it into her mouth. I had to fight scary to cum already. It was so nice when she sucked me. I tried get my hands over her breasts and got them over the Bra and dress. At taht time Photograph yelled draw the dress up a bit and sit and rie him.. She did sit on me and I pumped her Pussy. She was moaning. And she looked at me and gave me a blink and whisperd I love this with you. After a while I was mersin escort about to stand Betty on Sofa and I climbed the sofa and took her from Behind. Nice takin her from Behind. Then I was about to lay her on her back and put one of her legs right up in the air Before penetrate her. Wich I did. The photograph screamed Commands for how we was about to Fuck. I got crazy Betty was so nice. I felt I was about to cum. very Close but I hold back. Then I put her legs on my shoulder and tilted her back so I could see her pink ass. I then got commanded penetrate her Ass. She screamed delightful.. butshe gave me an uncomfortable glimpse. It was so nice do in and out in her. Then I draw out and put it in her pussy and fucked her there a moment.. The photograph said if you like you can have a break I need some more scenes Before spunk scene he said.Bettys husband handed over two blankets to us so we could keeåp warm and not get Cold. We sat besides kissin and her hand hold my dick. She said I hold careful I dont want either get soft or shoot yet she said.. I can feel her hold me still today. I was so hot and wanted almost to come. But it Went well.After the break we took new positions. It began that I was goin to fuck her hard in her mouth. She looked at me with a smile ansd said. I let you do anything with me I love fuck with you. So I pumped her mouth and when all good pics were taken I was about you to take her i her as again but agianst the sofa from behind. I had to fuck her a while and I felt it was time. I shouted out time and the photograph told us to turn around so I began malatya escort sit on Bettys Stomach. And I began wank my dick when Betty said No I take over I do it so she began wank and I felt something comi out from my dick pumpin out. She was aimin against her mouth and face. She tried swallow. Some came into her mouth some landed on her cheech and some on her nose. She was cover in her face by my spunk. Her tounge were whirwel around try lick some spunk into her mouth.. I was told to leave position and the photograph took the last pics of her face coverd in Spunk. I was empty felt pumped out like out of ammo. Betty then rise took a towel and dry her face came to me and said thanks partner we made it and then kissed me. Her husband said good job man. The photograph seemed be satisfied too..Bettys husband said I get something for you to eat and drink. He then handed over some sandwiches and a Ber to me and a glass of Wine to Betty. The photograph did not have time to stay he need hurry back to the redaction to get the photosesion published in a Magazine. It was his boss that told him leave as soon as all work was done.I was sitting almost naked only wearing a T shirt. Betty was naked too only in her fishnet stockins. We both sat opposite to each in the sofa smiling at each.. Come she said take me again but this time for pleasure she said. I felt hard again and Went over to her where she licked my dick and then lay on back and said. Breed me.. Her husband said take your bonus now cause tomorrow she must be my wife again. We made love almost all nite and her husband joined us in a threesome.. We had a very nice and private time togethetr but thats Another story. The photos got published two weeks later in Rodox Magazine. And I got well paid for showing up so very fast cause of the other guy did not show up. guess what he missed Kissess to Betty

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