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Thinking Of SexMen think of sex every six minutes; women think of sex every ovulation. Every joke has an essence of truth but, when it came to Sybil, it not quite the whole truth. When Syb thought of sex it was with an urgency neither of us could resist. She thought of it each ovulation and again two weeks later.It was Saturday evening. We were at restaurant celebrating I don’t remember what. It was late and I’d empty soldiered much more wine than I should have. The waiting staff were plainly glad when we chair-sc*****d to our feet, over-tipped them and made our way onto the street. I surrendered the car keys to Sybil. I hadn’t drunk too much for that. Anyway, I liked being chauffeured. It gave me space to slip into my own thoughts. That’s where I was before Sybil had even pulled away from the curb. At some point I was aware enough of our surroundings to say we weren’t on the route home.’I’m taking a different way,’ she said. I left her to it.She parked on a grade. There wasn’t a grade outside our place. Outside my window was one of those boutique hotels with gun-barrel foyers that were resettling the inner city wastelands. Beyond Syb were four lanes of street starkly unnatural in the absence of any traffic and, further, a single lit shopfront.’Come on,’ she said.’Come where?”There. It will be a lark.’We were half across the street before I made out the mannequin in the shop’s window. It was backlit in red, a ham-fisted attempt at sophistication, and wore black lingerie. The material covered more than one would have seen any day at the beach except for openings for each nipple and another, not quite apart, lower down. It wore black Whittington boots reaching almost to the panties. In the left hand was a bullwhip that dropped to the floor before winding between its feet. Sybil’s hand was in mine. Her momentum was carrying me on. ‘Come on,’ she said again. That sort of shop wasn’t her usual milieu. Nor was it mine. We went up three steps and past a sign warning that we would find adult material within. Sybil tugged me forward before I read it all.The shop was about fifteen feet wide casino siteleri and forty long. The left side was racked with magazines then, further from us, paperback books. The opposite wall was taken by shelves of display boxes. The ceiling was high and the space above the shelving was taken by inflatable dolls and mannequins attired more or less as the one in the front window; mostly less. The center of the shop was occupied by high lipped display tables. From the entry I couldn’t see the contents of the tables or of the shelved boxes.There was counter at the front of the room. The sallow failed academic looking attendant sitting behind it was afforded a clear view of the whole establishment. His eyes met mine for an instant. There were a good dozen customers, all male and all along the magazine side of the room. To squeeze between them and the tables meant bodily contact. Sybil took to the goods display side. The men acted as if we, and everyone else there, simply didn’t exist. Sybil picked a box from the shelves. Inside was a phallus of Neanderthal proportions. It didn’t seem possible such a monster could enter the same vadge that gripped my own member tight. Perhaps she thought the same. She replaced the box and cruised further into the room. We passed a of enema kits. On the shelves above were bottles of lubricants. It seemed someone had a sense of humor or maybe they were just practical. I looked back to the attendant. He seemed more practical than possessing a sense of humor. After a moment he looked up from the book open on the counter before him. For a moment his eyes met mine again then they slipped passed me. I turned to see what he saw. Sybil held a flimsy garment before herself and a questioning look on her face, directed towards the attendant. I didn’t see his response. She turned towards a single curtained door at the rear of the shop.Sybil was a long time behind the curtain. I looked back at the attendant. He turned back to his book. The other men avoided my eyes. The magazines beyond them were shiny blotches of pink and black. Suddenly the curtain screeched canlı casino open. We all — the men; myself; the attendant behind me, I guessed swivelled towards the noise.Sybil wore a red panties and bra and black stockings and suspender. A mirror at the back of the changing room revealed the panties were just string wide across her behind. She stepped into the room. One of the customers moaned. She made light on her feet, pirouetting a full circle and advanced towards me. She leaned against my chest and dragged her palm up the front of my jeans. Over her shoulder I could see I wasn’t the only one with an erection. Nor was it the only one being rubbed. I was alone in not doing it oneself. I went to pull Syb against myself.She pushed past to the packaged dildo she had played with earlier. The attendant was out from behind the counter and standing on the other side of her. She fingered the lid of the box. He just watched and continued watching as she peeled away the sealing tape and opened the flap.The dildo was as big as a Coke bottle, too large for her hand to circle. She rubbed the thing against the front of her panties. The fabric slipped across first her bush and then her sex. Her butt was against one of the display tables. Behind her two of the men had their cocks out of their trousers.’Is it too big?’ she asked, looking at me.The attendant took a bottle of lubricant from the display. He held it out to her. She pushed his hand towards me and lifted her bottom onto the table. I clicked the lid open. She pointed the phallus towards me. The customers crowded around the table. I squeezed gel over the fake veins and corrugations. Syb kept her gaze on my face. I wrapped my hand around the plastic and spread the goo over its surface. When I was done she spread her legs, held the panties to one side, and stroked the plastic head along her slit. The tip of it split her labia. She lay back on the table with her legs parted. Her knees were raised. The men who’d freed their hard pricks had begun masturbating. She didn’t seem aware of them. Her attention was on her own sex and kaçak casino the dildo. She spread her legs further. Her arms strained at the dildo. One of the masturbators ejaculated across the inside of her arm. She jerked and the plastic prick made progress. She grunted with surprise. The other fellow came over her brassiere. The dildo moved another half inch. She looked up at me. ‘You too . . .’ I tugged myself free of my zipper. I leaned towards her. I started pulling on my hard-on. ‘. . . and you.’ She turned her eyes to the attendant. She looked from face to face of the customers, all crowded round the table. They didn’t need extra invitation.I felt proprietorial. Syb was my wife, after all. I strained to be the last but it was a close call with the attendant. My knob ached, my shaft chafed, my buttocks clenched and my calves trembling. My woman was slick with come across her bra, panties, garter belt and the tops of her stockings. She glistened with sweat, her eyes were closed and she arched as if in lockjaw. The phallus had found its way fully home and her finger tips scrambled at her sex. She looked beautifully abandoned.I thought I could hold back no longer when the attendant grunted. He spurted across the space between her thighs. His first jet streaked the glass table top. His second exploded across the backs of her hands and I was gone. My mind blanked. My torso jack-knifed. My chest hit her at the same time as my cream. She grunted with the impact. Her skin was hot; the glue between us gooey. My eyes wouldn’t focus; my heart pounded; I couldn’t catch my breath.Some time she had got out from under me. The other men were sheepish, cramming their flaccid members into their stained trousers. My shirt had become unbuttoned somehow. I began buttoning it up when Sybil came through the change room curtain. She was dressed for the street. In one hand she had a bundle of red and black. She hooked my hand in her other as she made her way to the front of the store. The attendant rushed after her, caught between us. She paused to deposit the bundle on the counter. The material fell in a limp nest clotted with semen. In its center was the dildo slick with gel and with her.’Cash or charge?’ he asked.’Neither, thanks. I don’t think it’s my style after all.’She gave my hand a tug and we were back in the street.

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