Things That Go Squish In the Night

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I awoke in the night and glanced at the clock across the room: 2:37 am. I did a quick mental calculation, determining I had exactly four hours and eight minutes left until my alarm clock was to go off.”Dammit, I do not have time for this restless middle-of-the-night bullshit,” I said aloud.I rolled over and resumed a position I often sleep in – lying on my stomach with my hands stuffed down my panties. I did not lie this way in a sexual sense; I just got some kind of comfort from lying with my hands touching my thighs. Tonight, however, when I reached down into my panties, I expected to quickly drift off to sleep but instead discovered I was horny. The feel of my hands on my pelvis was not platonic, as it usually was; I found it to be exceptionally arousing. This slight touch ignited a warmth in my pussy that I was familiar with. I felt wet and subconsciously started gyrating my hips and grinding on my fingers.Ugh, come ON! I need my sleep, I thought, chastising my sexually charged body for picking such an inconvenient time of day to be so fricking horny. I turned over on my back, removing Ankara escort my hands from my panties, hoping this desire would pass and I could drift back into my on-and-off, sexually-charged, stressed-out sleep. The longer I lay there, the more times I found an excuse to move just so I could rub my silky thighs together. It was just a fleeting touch of my moistening pussy, and I realized that sleep would be evasive. I would not sleep tonight if I did not deal with my sexual intensity. Wearing just a tank top and panties, I finally succumbed to my desire and peeled my tank top off, arching my back to allow myself room to remove it.My 34C tits fell into my waiting hands, where I pinched my nipples as they hardened. I brought my right nipple to my mouth, slowly circled my tongue around it, and my nipples stood tall and firm. The stiffer they became, the more I wanted to nibble on them. I bit my nipple and felt a familiar tingle in my pussy. It hardened even more, begging me to nibble on it and pull the barbell piercing with my teeth. I pulled my piercing, Ankara escort bayan stretching my nipple resulting in a spark of heat within my wet pussy. I felt my clit harden and peek out of its fleshly hood. I played with them both now.I decided then that, regardless of the time of night, I was going to make this last – I was hotter and wetter than I’d been in a long time, and I was going to tease myself. I left my panties on, a favorite way to tease myself when masturbating. I ran my hands all over my body, starting with my hair. My thick blonde hair was still slightly damp from sweat. I ran my hands through it, gently at first, then harder. I ran my hands down to my tits, again pinching and twisting my now totally erect and aching nipples. I am squeezing my tits like I squeeze a man’s cock.I kept one hand on my nipples as I let my other hand wander to my belly, playing with the top and side seams of my panties. This was absolute torture. All I wanted to do was rip off my panties and attack my soaking pussy until I came, but I knew my orgasm would Escort Ankara be better if I built it up like this.My hand lightly tickled my belly and inner thighs, intentionally staying away from my pussy. The hand on my breast moved its way down to my crotch. Now both of my hands were exploring my body. I allowed my hands to caress my inner thighs, glide over my supple mound, and stroke my puffy labia. I pressed my wet panties between the wet folds of my pussy.Pressing them between my pussy lips, careful not to touch my wet slit or throbbing clit. I rubbed my wet, satin panties over my swollen pussy lips lightly. This light touch was driving me crazy. In frustration, I took one of my hands off my cunt and brought it back to my hair, pulling it hard. With my other hand still nestled between my legs, I finally allowed my fingers to move to the center of my pussy and through my drenched panties. I gently stroked my burning slit. My wetness had long since soaked through my panties. The two fingers I rubbed with were coated with my nectar within seconds. Meticulously, I, very slowly and lightly, slithered back and forth on my wet slit, occasionally bumping my clit, making me gasp. My other hand moved from my hair back to my tit, which I pulled toward my mouth again. I flicked my tongue on my nipple, piercing while I circled my clit ever so lightly through my panties. Fuck I was aroused!

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