TheBus fantasy that never happened.

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TheBus fantasy that never happened.The BusIt all started when I saw her.Waiting for the bus same as I. Complete stranger she was a Filipino beauty and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She felt my gaze so I quickly turned and looked the other way. She was around 5’4 a tight tiger print shirt that showed clinger to her body showing amazing breasts, Blue nurse pants within them a nice ass, green stripe socks and white sneakers. Her beautiful eyes and lips that seemed enticing. As I look in awe of her beauty we wait for our bus to come. I’m going to work and she looked like she was going to school (I.e. nursing pants). As the the bus comes it seems she is going on the same bus as me I was excited that I get to keep checking her out. I wanted to go talk to her but as you can see I was self-conscious of myself and had no spine at the time. She was sitting riight in front of me and it would be so awkward to change seats in the middle of the ride. I felt scared and it was my dumbass fault I lost my chance to get to know her that time. I noticed she was cold during the bus ride and I always carried my hoodie for myself so I decided that tomorrow I’ll use it to break the ice and talk to her.The Next Day>>I couldn’t sleep right that night and was self doubting myself because I was fat. She was there and knew that I was up to something and kept glancing to me a couple times. I was so nervous that my head was about to explode. My head was running what I was going to say and she kept glancing at me. Her eyes connected with mine. She was so beautiful my heart keeps bouncing and keeps hitting my throat. As the bus arrives I let her on first so I could see where she sits. I sat right next to her and I was so nervous and I think türbanlı kütahya escort she saw how nervous I was as well. I had to take my time and work up the nerve to talk to her. And she keeps on glancing at me during the ride every time I try to talk to her I shut myself off.It happened a couple times and I just had it with my crap so I whispered “fuck it” and tuned to her and said “hi” nervously. She looked at me and replied “hi” staring at me as I had my hoodie in hand and said “I noticed that you were cold, would you like to use my hoodie to keep warm?” there I said it and I thought to myself what was her reply what am I gonna do if she rejects me or something. She keeps and staring at me what seemed like it was forever and a day and I looked stupid waiting for her to reply and then she she said “yea, thank you” with that I felt myself relax and hand handed my black hoode which looked like a giant blanket when she put it over her self. She after a few minutes she fell asleep. I kept staring at her as she slept she was so gorgeous and I couldn’t stop staring. My body felt hot as a million thoughts rushed to my head. And I felt myself hardening through my football shorts. And I noticed movement below. It was under my hoodie. I looked upmarket her and she was staring right me and she was masturbating under my hoodie.As I stared right at her while she stared at me I got even harder I noticed her hands go down and pull her nurse pants down with her legs spread open under my hoodie as it stretch. I keep watching her and she came close to me and whispered into my ear ” would you like to feel me?” with her breathe into me ear I nodded I got closer to her and she türbanlı kütahya escort bayan pulled my hand under my hoodie. She guided my hand with hers on her thigh rubbing up and down a couple times and moved my hand near her knee and slowly moved it to her inner thigh. It was getting so hot I was sweating in the ACed Bus. She had my hand move up her inner thigh and felt it her wet slit. I whispered to her that this was my first time. Her wet slit was touching my fingers as I was slowly and nervously rubbing her slit up and down she was holding onto my arm and form other peoples perspective she was napping on my shoulder.As I keep rubbing her slit up and down feeling her juices flow out I slip my middle finger between her lips and felt something hard. It was round and every time I rubbed she gripped my arm tight and moan softly. It was her clit. Everything that was happening felt like a dream but it was happening. As she holds onto my arm I found something I’ve never felt before I slipped my middle finger in and felt her tighten onto my finger and her grip tighten and a soft groan escape her. She looked up at me and i was in a shock what was happening my cock hardened even more from this experience. She looked down and smiled. I was started finger fucking her her pussy was tight and getting tighter as I kept going and then I slipped another finger in and I was off to the races. She was moaning and she even started biting my shoulder. I kept staring right at her told her she was gorgeous. She moaned and I started going faster and harder as she started to convulse as discreetly as possible she came all over my hand and it was amazing. I couldn’t believe türbanlı escort kütahya I just made this girl cum on The Bus. I started to look around and most of the people was sleeping and others were behind us it was a small amount of people today so the seats that were near us was empty.As she calmed down but still breathing heavily. I was stil staring at her it was so hot and amazing. I just made a complete total stranger cum all over my hand. I kept my hand on her thigh because my arm was still in her grip. She looked down again and smiled even bigger. She released my arm and made her way to my raging hard on and knew what she was about to do. I moved my arm out of the way. I looked up to see if anyone was watching but didn’t see and thought fuck it if the see let them see. I felt her hot breathe around my crotch through my shorts as she stick her hand in and pulled out my hard cock. I had an average ‘5 inch cock but with my fat it looked like 3. I felt a little embarrassed but was still horny as fuck. Her hand almost covered it but she pushed my fat down as she stroked me. My precum was coming out a little and she started to lick it. My cock twitched as she licked my shaft up and down, she encircled her tongue around my swollen head and it was amazing.I tilt my head back and ler do her work but she stop and told me to look at her. I guess all my staring got her all horny and so I kept my erotic gaze on her as she did her thing. She finally started sucking on the head of my cock and sent shocks of pleasure through me. With this I knew won’t be able to last long and actually got bold and shove my cock down her throat. The head only touch the entrance of her throat which was all I needed I came like nevern before it was a mind numbing experience and it even better because she swallowed every drop. She sucked me some more til I deflated and calmed down. She then came up wiping her lips. She couldn’t pull her pants up because the seat was wet with her juices. We sat there in silent til our stop she quickly pull up her pants while I took my hoodie as we got up and left TheBus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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