Thea….Part 2

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Thea….Part 2I slowly drove up Thea’s driveway and glanced at my watch. 8:58 P.M., so I was on time. I noticed some lights on in the house, so I rang the bell, and Thea answered the door. “Hello…I’m so glad you came…please come in,” she said. She looked as stunning as she did earlier in the day. Her hair was flawlessly done in the twin upsweeps, her makeup looked perfect, and her outfit was very provocative. She was wearing a long sheer white nylon robe, and I could see she had a matching nightgown under it. When she moved, I caught the sight of the white full panty she was wearing. I was surprised to see she had a white bra on as well, and it made her big firm breasts look even more prominent. She was wearing a pair of plain white high heels pumps.”Please sit down”, she said, “Would you care for a drink?” I nodded, and she poured from a pitcher on the table. I couldn’t help staring at her breasts and thick thighs under those layers of filmy nylon as we talked. “When will you come to pick up my consignment?”, she asked. I told her I would have the warehouse guys clear a space the next day, and would load her things myself. We chatted about a variety of things, then she turned serious. “What happened today was completely spontaneous and wonderful, but I am feeeling guilty,” she canlı kaçak bahis said. I asked her why that was, and she said, “We are strangers, and you must think I’m a slut.” I told her her fears were groundless, and that I enjoyed the excitement we shared. “You weren’t a virgin, were you?”, she asked. I smiled and said I was far from that. She looked at the floor for a time, then said, “Today was the first sexual climax I’ve had in years, and the feeling of your semen running out of me the rest of the day was wonderful.” I felt my face redden and my penis stir as she said, “And I saw you staring at my boobs, so I knew you noticed me.” I told her she was a stunning woman, but I could not believe she was the age she told me she was. “Yes, I’m afraid it’s true, Trevan, I am actually seventy six,” she said. I shook my head slowly, and she said, “Did you enjoy masturbating with my slip?” I told her I find the texture of smooth nylon to be very stimulating, and she said, “Hmmm…well, I have quite an assortment of those things…perhaps I should show them to you.” My erection was now straining painfully against my pants, and she began to unbutton her robe. She pulled the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders, and exposed her bra. Her breasts looked fantastic held in by casino firmalari the shiny white satin fabric of her bra. “You like my boobs, don’t you?”, she asked. I nodded and asked her what size they were. “40 or 42C, depending on the type of bra I’m wearing,” she said, “My panty size is 10-12, my slips are either medium or large, and I where size “D” pantyhose.”My head was spinning as she calmly told me her sizes, and sat lightly caressing her right nipple with her finger. “Why don’t you come over here and touch my boobs?”, she asked. In an instant, I was groping her breasts and marveling at how firm the were. “Take my bra off, please,” she said. I undid the four-hook clasp, and she pulled it off. Her breasts had small blue spider web veins, and just a bit of wrinkling in her cleavage area, but they were so firm, there was no sag. She undid my pants, and pulled my raging erection out. “This looks like it’s about eight or nine inches,” she said, “But it feels like sixteen when it’s inside me.” I ran my hand down her chest and over her incredibly flat belly until it was resting between her legs. She placed her hand on mine and said, “I know you want to have intercourse, but I can’t tonight…I’ve had a bit of a bleeding problem since this afternoon…not used to sex, I’m casino şirketleri afraid.” I apologized, but she put her finger to my lips before I got the words out. “Would you like to masturbate on my nightgown, then cum all over my boobs?”, she asked. Before I could reply, she had wrapped my penis in the skirt of her gown, and was slowly jerking me with it. “Ahhhh…..yes…..I see my young friend likes the feel of nylon tricot on his cock,” she whispered, “Wait until you see my soft and silky slips and panties.”I was playing with her breasts and nipples as she jerked me and told me about her underwear collection. I could feel my balls tighten, so I said, “Thea…I want to shoot all over your panty and your gorgeous thighs.” She laid back on the sofa, pullled her nightgown up to her waist, and said, “Oh yes…shoot all over me, but I want to pump you.” In seconds, thick white ribbons of my cum were laying on her oanty-covered belly and her soft curvy thighs. She had a climax under me as the first streams hit her, and she rubbed some of it over her thighs.We stayed in that position for a bit, then I moved off and arranged my clothes, she did the same. She sat next to me, gave me a hug and kiss, and said, “As much as I hate to have to, I need to send you home now, but please call me in the morning.” I told her I would, kissed her goodnight, and headed for home. When I got into my own bed, I re-ran visuals of her, and masturbated as I though about how she looked and felt.I fell asleep anticipating talking to her in the morning.

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