The Working Day

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The Working DayWell I guess your ideal working day goes something like this….You arrive for work and see the office almost full, you notice the eyes of the men in the office making quick glances at you as you remove your coat and place it on the hook on the wall…most of the women sneer, knowing you have the men’s full attention….You know you have the best body in the office and you know how to use it to your advantage….As you place your coat on the hook… the top hook, so you can stretch those sexy legs of yours, and give the men a glimpse of what’s to come. Your coat rubs against your just above the knee skirt and raises it enough, just enough, so your lace thong is visible underneath your tights and the eyes of the men get more intense……You quickly pull your skirt back down to cover yourself…feeling a hot rush of sexual adrenaline…. and stroll over to your desk as casually as you can muster…now you bend over to get some stationery from your desk drawer, again almost exposing your thong underneath your tights to the staff in the office and you feel yourself becoming aroused……still leant over your desk you place your hand on your crotch to test…so far you are dry, but for how long can you keep it up?….suddenly you are aware of a male colleague standing behind you…you begin to sweat and feel self-conscious, not knowing what he has seen or what he is thinking….he has a smirk on his face and you notice his eyes glancing down into your blouse…..nothing new there then….half of you wants to call him a pervert… half of you wants so desperately to be fucked by him…fuck him there and then in the office…in front of all those babes…those jealous and inexperienced bahis siteleri babes that taunt you throughout the day…You decide to tease him and open your legs a bit further…letting him glimpse that sexy thong….letting him see what you have on offer, should he wish to…you notice a movement in his trousers and know you have aroused him…He leans over your desk and places some paperwork on your desk and places a hand on your shoulder and starts to discuss what he wants you to do…has he ever touched me before you struggle to remember….he is standing at an angle so no-one else in the office can see him slide his hand off of your shoulder, around your neck and into your cleavage….you feel your nipples start to erect at the touch….You let him continue until his hand reaches your soft awaiting breast…now you know you are wet, you feel wetness against the material of your thong…You can’t take it anymore and place your hand on his trousers and feel his manhood…you look up to him, into his eyes and unzip his fly…. you feel the cotton of his briefs and your fingers find the entry to his manhood…it`s warm and semi-erect…awaiting your touch…awaiting your lips…awaiting your tongue…You know it is so wrong, but feels so right…You pull his penis out of his trousers and he moves his groin towards your face…your lips move closer to him…you smell the freshness of his body, you imagine yourself in the shower with him this morning…while his wife sleeps in their bed…the bed you will fuck him on one day….He unbuttons your blouse and you let him unclasp your bra…somehow you have managed to put a matching set on this morning…the bra slides off of canlı bahis siteleri your arms and his eyes are transfixed to those wonderful breasts….those pert nipples your Husband loves too….Holding onto his semi-erect penis you pull his foreskin back to reveal his bulbous bell-end, thick and a delicate shade of red against the soft pink of his shaft… you ease you hand back and forth you feel his penis start to harden….he has enlarged another two inches at least….and the thickness of it… your fingers are barely able to reach around his shaft…and you feel the throbbing of it too….His cold fingertips touch your bare breast and he slides them slowly…..almost teasing you…closer towards your pert erect nipple…oh, touch it, touch it, you order him inside your head..…he obeys and finally touches your nipple….the dribble of your feminine juices filter through your thong and down onto your thighs and soak your tights….He does the unexpected and kisses you on the lips….you are stunned by this show of affection….but thrilled by it too….he again takes hold of your shoulders and twists you around so you face away from your desk…he pushes you back against the desk and leans you back…he lifts your skirt up to reveal your soak stained tights and thong….he smiles and licks his lips….Oh those lips, how you could kiss him for hours….he places his hands between your thighs and rips open your tights between your legs…exposing the scent of the wet thong….You place your fingers onto your nipples to show him you want more….show him you are aroused….you wobble your ample breasts…teasing him… and you know you are teasing him because his penis is throbbing up and down.He pulls his underpants canlı bahis down to reveal the rest of his lower torso….he has a far better physique than you imagined…he takes hold of his now erect cock and strokes it….you hope you`ll be doing that shortly too…you can’t take your eyes off of him and he arouses you…You then lean forward and pull your thong to the side…exposing your vagina to him…you pull your vaginal lips apart…. letting him see the light pink of your cunt….the place you so desperately want to feel his erect cock…You feel his bell-end touch your warm and wet vaginal entry….then rubs it up and down moistening both his cock and your pubic hair….suddenly he thrusts his manhood inside you….you are stunned…you wasn’t expecting it quite so suddenly…quite so rough…you scream in pain…in ecstasy…in delight…in triumph…You feel his thick hard cock thrust inside you for ages…you are not sure how long…but as he`s fucking you it feels like hours….fuck me baby, yeah fuck me hard, you scream at him….he does…he fucks you hard in five different positions until he whispers in your ear….Do you want me to cum inside you…or do you want to taste my semen?Oh I want to taste you…cum inside my mouth…let me lick that cum from your cock…He comes….squirting his juice over your face and into your wide open mouth….your swallow it with delight…drinking it as fast as you can….you suck his still throbbing cock until he is clean of semen….He picks up your thong off of the floor and wipes your vagina with it and places it in his pocket….he then places a raffle ticket on your desk as you are struggling to get redressed…What is the raffle ticket for? You ask.Well we all know what a whore you are, so we have started a raffle to fuck you…I was first ticket out…ha ha ha, he laughed.You lay on your desk still semi-naked wondering what just happened….wondering who will be tomorrows offering….the office whore, eh? Husband will be pleased!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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