The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P6)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P6)As Talika moved to the stairs leading to the chamber, Leandra knelt down and smeared her hand in Dorothy’s blood. She then stood and turned her attention to The Broom. She got up to the edge of the light and stepped in. A few feet away from The Broom, she could hear the footsteps. She didn’t turn her attention away, this was her moment. Talika got to the top of the stairs seeing Dorothy on the floor bleeding. She yelled down the stairs to the guards that approached. “Get the physician, and hurry, Ms. Gale is dying.” She took her eyes off Dorothy and now focused on Leandra. Leandra reached out her bloody hand and gripped The Broom. The blood pulled off her skin and into The Broom. She took a peek behind her, seeing Talika and the guards frozen in time. Just then a voice began to speak,”I am so proud of you.” She spun her head forward and saw her mother standing in front of her. “Mom, whats going on?”The former Wicked Witch of the West stepped closer artemisbet yeni giriş to her daughter. “Time has stopped just for a few minutes while I talk to you. Its one of the powers of The Broom.” The Wicked Witch looked down and saw Dorothy. “Oh my dear daughter this is one of my happiest days. Now I must be quick. You have your fathers magic belt, don’t you?””Yes mother I have it and I combined it with the Golden Cap.””Superb. With mine and your fathers items, you have become one of the more powerful witches in Oz. But there are still obstacles in your way. Queen Ozma and Glinda are just as powerful. Also there are Kings and Queens who are in other regions who have there own magical items. They will all be trying to stop you, now that they know, who you are and what you have. But don’t be afraid, it is them who should be afraid.””Oh mom I miss you so much.”The Wicked Witch smiled and put her hand up to her cheek. “I love you my dear Leandra but your journey is nearly artemisbet giriş not over. Now, what should your next goal be.””The Silver Shoes.””They will think that already. It must not be your next move. While they worry about the shoes, which have been lost for years now, you will go after The Expectacles. They are in the Land of Ev. Go to the Court of the King and seek out Prince Evrob, he will help you.””What are Expectacles.””They will allow you to see a short time into the future. They will help you in the war that is coming.” The Wicked Witch began to fade away as time began to move again. “Be strong my dear, you will be great, I know it. I love you.” Leandra stood still, watching as her mother disappeared. She wiped herself around facing Talika and threw a fireball on the floor. It sprang to life blocking the two from each other. Talika knelt down and felt Dorothy pulse, it was faint but still there. The physician ran up beside her and began working on Dorothy artemisbet güvenilirmi well being. Leandra turned her back to the fire and looked at the solid stone wall. She gripped The Broom tight and held it out at the wall. The room began to shake and the wall blew open. She stepped up and looked out at the courtyard. “I am The Wicked Nome Queen of the West, fear me Oz!”At that, arrows and spears began to shoot into the courtyard. Zimo and Gotifri took that as their signal and began to kill the gobkins. Leandra got on The Broom and it lifted her off the ground. She turned her head a little seeing Talika standing there furious. “If Dorothy makes it……………….tell her I’m sorry.”With that Leandra flew out the castle into the night sky. Her soldiers saw her fly away, and started to retreat knowing they had covered her retreat long enough. Talika turned to the physician,”Is she going to make it.” “Yes. I have stopped the bleeding. I have given her The Elixir of blood. That will substitute for the blood that she has lost, until her body has made enough to replace it.” Talika ran her fingers threw Dorothy hair, then looked at the big hole in the castle. She picked up the knife that had stabbed Dorothy and gripped it tight. “I promise you Dorothy, I will get that witch.”

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