The Wish

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The WishA man named Phil was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed at home. Sometimes he would come home tired and depressed, and when he would tell her how he felt, she would turn around and tell him how hard her day had been. Well of course Phil, being a man, could not believe that getting to stay at home, not answering to bosses and other employees, etc. could be all that hard. After all, he reasoned in his head, my wife gets to send the k**s to school, so she is free all day to do as she pleases. He wanted his wife Sherry to see what he went through so that night, he Wished “i wish, I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home. I want her to know what I go through, so please create a temporary trade in our bodies.” Of course Phil was only dreaming as he said his wish. Of course it couldn’t happen. But the Devil, granted the man’s wish. The next morning, sure enough, Phil awoke as a woman. He woke first because Devil had given him all the instincts and knowledge he would need to fulfill the obligations of being a wife and a mother. Waking up first was one of them. While still lying under the covers, Phil was astounded as he felt his breasts and pussy. He looked at the person lying next to him with his back turned. It looked like the back of his head, but Phil couldn’t be sure. Is that Sherry in my body? Phil carefully reached over to feel around. It was a man’s body for sure! As he gently grasped the penis on the sleeping body, it felt very familiar. Phil had felt this dick all his life, so he knew his own penis when he touched it, only this time he could not feel it from the standpoint of having it attached to his own body. It was his body all right, only Sherry was now in it. ‘That is my cock. What would it feel like inside me? Phil wanted to do more with this new, to him, body, but there wasn’t time. Phil arose, and immediately learned what it meant to have to sit down to pee and then wipe. Then he awakened Sherry and cooked breakfast for her. Sherry seemed to be totally unaware that she was in his body. If the Lord had actually been the one to make this all come true, then he apparently had given Sherry the knowledge she needed to occupy Phil’s body and be unaware of the change. This was cool. Phil would get the experience and Sherry would remember nothing. Phil awakened the k**s, set out their school clothes and fed them breakfast. All the while Phil was doing the chores, his mind was on one thing, what he could do with this body. He gave Sherry the usual peck on the lips that he normally received and watched as Sherry drove off in both his car and body. Then he packed the k**’s lunches, drove them to school, came home; picked up the dry cleaning, took it to the cleaners and stopped at the bank to draw out money to pay the power bill and telephone bill, then drove to the power company and the phone company and paid the bills, went grocery shopping, came home and put away the groceries. Whew, what a day so far! By then it was already noon and he hurried to make the beds, do the laundry, vacuum, dust, and sweep the kitchen floor. With most of the work done Phil sat down to relax for a minute. It was almost one, and he had a little over two hours before he would have to drive to the school and pick up the k**s. ‘Wait,’ Phil thought to himself. Did I just think that I have two whole hours free? No, I meant only two hours. How this day has flown. I’ve been in Sherry’s body for several hours, time is fleeting, and I have not had time to enjoy it!’ Now there was something he wanted to try with this female body that he had seen undressed and known intimately so many times, only this time he would see how things felt to his wife and women in general. Phil sat back on the couch and lifted his blouse. He pulled up the brassiere and seeing them from a new angle for the first time, fondled his breasts. Well, there isn’t a whole lot of feeling there. Tweaking the nipples was definitely a strong sensation, and the nipples got hard, but it isn’t all that arousing. Maybe it was better for his wife when he was the one doing it. Is this weird, or what? Here he was, Phil, playing with his wife’s tits, but he was the one feeling what she was feeling when she was in this body. It would probably feel better with someone else’s hand doing the touching. He took another feel of these breasts, so far still firm, that were shaped and sized like large apples and felt so good in the fingers of a hand that was wrapped around them. Phil had felt these breasts many times, and he loved the way they felt. He pulled down his panties and exposed the vagina that he loved so much. Sherry had shaved it for the first time just the other day and surprised him with it. ‘Maybe this will feel better. Yes, it does feel good to touch it. There, right on the clitoris, that does feel good. He giggled as he tried putting his fingers around the erect clitoris. It felt almost like his penis, but oh so much smaller. He reached further and inserted a finger into an already wet vagina. Not much there. He tried two, a little better, but still not much. On top of it, it wasn’t real easy to keep the fingers inside and stroke in and out. He had to reach and twist his wrist. Well, there again it would feel better if someone else was doing the doing. He tried the clit again and began rubbing. Ah yes. To Phil, this was exciting because it was new. This was new, so stimulated at a level higher then Sherry would be, Phil stroked faster. Phil definitely was going to reach an orgasm if he kept this up. If it felt this good, how come his wife, when she was in this body, isn’t this horny? Then it occurred to Phil, his wife was used to this body and all the sensations he was experiencing were old hat to her. Phil was used to using some fantasy when he was going for an orgasm. He often did this, even when he was on top of Sherry. But now he was confused. One of his favorite fantasies while he was on top of Sherry was to pretend that he was another man, and his wife was feeling a strange dick for the first time, and she was going to come, really hard. But now, he was in Sherry’s body, and could not decide what the fantasy should be. It had been easy to fantasize on being another man because he was a man. But now, when he needed to use it for fantasy, Phil didn’t know what a penis inserted into this feminine body would feel like, so using his imagination was kind of out of the question. Standing for a moment, Phil reached down and removed Sherrie’s panties. He sat again on the couch and spread his legs wide, exposing Sherry’s pussy for his touch. He could feel the cooler air of the room caress his inner lips and found the sensation to be enjoyable. There was no penetration going on, no friction between two surfaces, and Phil was not sure whether he should think of having a man inside him, or still being the man at the other end. But he kept stroking the clit, and it felt good. This was almost like jacking off though, and Phil decided that he was going to have to settle for this. Phil was halfway to an orgasm and trying to settle on a fantasy in his mind to use when the phone rang. Damn, just when it was really feeling good too. He checked Sherry’s watch; I have to get the k**s in one hour and 55 minutes. The call that changes his life. “Hello? Sherry? Is it safe to talk?” Phil’s heart dropped. It was a man’s voice that he recognized as belonging to Fred, one of their neighbors. Phil instantly picked up on the tone of the neighbor’s voice. It was one of stealth and sneakiness, as if the neighbor was sharing a secret with his wife. Phil hesitated only a second before responding with a “Yes.” He wanted to see what might be going on between his wife and the neighbor. “I’ve got the afternoon off and Maude is away visiting her mother until tonight. Since your k**s are in school till three it’s a good opportunity for us to do a little playing if you can spare a few minutes.” Phil was shocked, and yet at the same time felt a shiver race through his body. He placed two fingers onto Sherry’s clit and began stroking gently. Talk about timing. Out of the blue, totally unexpected, Phil was being offered a chance to see what it is like to be fucked as a woman! Should I? It would involve letting dear neighbor Fred have carnal knowledge of his wife’s body, but she would remember none of it. Phil could have the fun, his wife would not know, and he could tell Fred before they started that when they were done Fred was never to bother her again, and that this one time would be it. Without time to thoroughly think it through, Phil decided to go for it, but first he had to find out if Fred had already been intimate with Sherry. “What do you have in mind? We only have less than two hours before I have to go pick up the k**s.” What he was hoping to hear was to have Fred use the ‘F’ word in relationship to his wife. Fred laughed. “What do I have in mind? Ha, that’s funny. I know what you really like, so that’s what I’ll do. Want me to come on over?” Phil’s heart dropped. It sounded like his wife had already been intimate with Fred. It took extreme will power to control his temper and not start yelling. After all, he was Sherry now, and not Phil. “Come on over.” “Be there in five baby. Keep it warm for me…” Phil had tears running down his cheeks, and was surprised at these new, easily aroused feelings of emotion. His wife had been cheating on him, and now he was about to continue what she had already started. His heart was breaking at the thought of Sherry and Fred, but he was feeling a sensation of extreme excitement as to how it could be. He had to admit, Fred would be considered attractive by most women, Tall, with a dark complexion and a reasonably handsome face, Fred could probably have a lot of women if he wanted, and it looked for now like he was having Phil’s wife! Phil ran to do what he knew Sherry would do, because she did it for him. He washed her pussy, and brushed her teeth. He’d change into something sexy, but there wasn’t time. On impulse, he slipped on a pair of Sherry’s pink medium heeled shoes. ‘Fred might like these, but can I walk in them?’ Phil practiced walking on the heels and decided that he might be able to pull off that part of looking sexy. Then the thought hit him. Phil might want to kiss me. The thought of that was disgusting, but then Phil remembered that he was in Sherry’s body. If Fred wanted to kiss, Phil would have to do it, but keep it to a minimum. What he wanted to find out is what it would be like to take a dick in his pussy, no, rephrase that, in Sherry’s pussy. It might be Sherry’s pussy, but he would get to feel and remember the sensations. There was a knock at the door. It was Fred. Phil went to the door and opened it. Fred immediately stepped inside and Phil instinctively looked around outside to see if any neighbors were watching. When Phil closed the door, Fred immediately wrapped his arms around Phil. “Baby,” said Fred, “I have been sooo horny. It’s been several days since we’ve been in bed. What say we get right to it?” Well, Phil had his answer as to whether he would use Sherry’s body to see what it is like to be a woman and feel the penetration by a penis. Sherry had been fucking Fred for who knew how long. Well, no reason to stop it now, since Fred had already been inside this body. This was Phil’s chance to see what it was like, and he would not be giving his wife’s body to some man for the first time and be starting something new that she (or he) would not be able to handle later. Yes, fuck Fred now, and confront Sherry later with his knowledge and bring this affair to a crashing halt. That is what he would do. Phil led Fred down the hall towards the master bedroom door. “How’s come you’re walking funny,” asked Fred? “Oh. It’s these shoes. I’m trying to break them in.” Phil had stopped in front of his and Sherry’s bedroom. “Well leave them on while I fuck you. That’ll be sexy.” “OK, I will.” Phil started to lead Fred into the bedroom. “Do you want to do it here?” Fred looked surprised. “You’ve never let me do it in your marriage bed, it’s always been on the couch or in the guest room.” Phil immediately changed his mind.” “You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking. I haven’t been myself today. Let’s do it in the guest room.” Phil led Fred into the guest room and started to remove his blouse. Strangely, he felt no sense of modesty as he did so, probably because as yet he had not adapted to having a feminine body. “Baby, you aren’t going to wait for me to take it off?” Phil realized that Sherry and Fred must have a routine that they normally went through. “No, we don’t have a lot of time; I’m horny too and I want to get to it.” “Yeah baby, me too. I really dig it when you get all anxious for my cock.” Fred immediately removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt ‘Sherry gets anxious for his cock? I wonder what he has.’ .Fred was watching Phil as he undressed Sherry’s body, and Phil was trembling as he removed his bra and panties. “Shit baby! I’ll be damned. You shaved your pussy for me just like I asked you to do. Far out!” Phil was seething inside. “Yes, just for you.” “Let me have a feel of that.” Phil spread Sherry’s legs as Fred ran two or three fingers under and then up through his slit. The sensation of pleasure almost knocked him over. ‘That really feels good!’ He moaned as Fred took another feel of Sherry’s shaved slit and then ran a finger up into the slit. “Oh shit. Fucking this man is going to feel so good.; Then he eyed the bulge in Fred’s shorts. “Damn!” What the hell does Fred have in there?” Fred stepped back and started pulling off his pants. Phil saw that Fred had a body that was either a golden brown, or he had a really nice tan. Phil’s question about the bulge was answered when the shorts came down. It was not firmly upright yet, maybe halfway. Even so it was obvious. Fred was quite well hung; having a dick that was both longer and thicker than the one on Phil’s male body. Fred was uncut, and the foreskin still covered half of the head. Fred laughed. “I always get a kick out of the way you stare at my dick when the pants come down. You really love this thing, don’t you?” Phil could barely speak. His mind, her mind, was whirling. He had no choice but to answer in the positive. That is what she would have said, based upon what Fred had just said. Phil couldn’t help but see that Fred’s- penis was growing firmer as they spoke. “Yes. It’s kind of nice.” Yes, Phil was staring at the cock, but even more so than when Sherry did it. Taking delight in her obvious fascination with his cock today, Fred continued to grow as Phil stared at his penis. As it became upright the foreskin peeled back off the head without Fred touching it with his hands. The head was revealed now, a thick, shiny head. The skin looked smooth, and Fred wondered if there was more sensitivity there than he felt on his own, circumcised cock, with the head that was slightly wrinkled in appearance. Phil was undergoing a turmoil of emotion. He felt anger and resentment at knowing that Fred had been fucking his wife with that huge peter. Phil not only felt disappointment and sadness that his wife had been cheating on him, but also that she had been wrapping her pussy around and enjoying a big dick in the process. He felt extreme jealousy at the thought. His wife, his lovely little “faithful” wife might really be hot for this peter that was now pointing his way and had been pointed at her an unknown number of times in the past. Fred moved up against Phil and wrapped his arms around him. He pressed his lips against Phil, and Phil had to use extreme will power to allow his lips to open and accept Fred’s tongue within his mouth. Phil could feel that hard dick pressing up against him, and he excitedly reached down and wrapped his fingers around it. He was touching another man’s dick for the first time. Wow, if only my own dick felt like this. What must Sherry be thinking when she makes love with me after having been in bed with Fred and this big cock? Does she wish that my dick is as large as this one? Does she lie under me in bed and make comparisons in her mind? For the second time Fred slipped a finger into Phil’s pussy, and as Phil opened his legs wider he felt his body go limp. Oh damn, when someone else touches that pussy, it feels sooo much better. When Fred suddenly lifted him up like he was no heavier than a feather, Phil almost felt panic, and then he relaxed. ‘This is how it is to be a woman. The man is the dominant one who takes charge.’ More kissing went on as Sherry’s body continued to be fondled. Phil fondled back as he enjoyed holding a warm prick that was huge and the owner of that cock was shoving a tongue into his mouth. Surprisingly, bursa escort Phil realized that he was moaning with pleasure. It was something Sherry might do, and it was now coming naturally to him. Fred was smiling with anticipation as he carried Phil to the bed. Phil, for his part, strangely wanted to be dominated by this man. He felt suddenly weak compared to the power in the body of the man who had so easily hoisted him up and was now placing him gently on the mattress. Phil looked up at the man and the penis looming over him. This was his first time as a woman, and his initial thought was, ‘he’s too big, he might hurt me. Just look at that cock.’ But then he remembered that he was in Sherry’s body, and that penis had already been inside this body, so surely it would not be difficult to take him. He wanted this man to climb on him and stick that thing in right now. Yes, it might be easier to do this than he had thought. Instead of crawling between Phil’s opened legs, Fred crawled up onto the bed beside him. They kissed, and Phil returned Fred’s fondling of his breasts and pussy with nice feels of Fred’s thick penis. He reached down and felt the balls as well. These things were soon going to be shooting a big load into his pussy. And then it came, the request. “Suck me for a few minutes baby. I love it when you do that.” Suck a dick? If there was one thing that Phil was not, it was gay. Yet, he was expected to suck Fred’s big cock. How could Phil do that? Of course he was in Sherry’s body, no one would ever know. Maybe he could try it, just for a little bit. Phil slid down and wrapped one hand around the base of Fred’s mighty pole. He studied the view intensely. It not only felt big, it really looked big compared to the size of his hand, which of course was now the relatively small hand of his wife. Phil stroked up and down on the foreskin. Damn this thing feels really meaty. He wondered what it would feel like in his pussy. It was then that Phil realized; he was beginning to think as Sherry would sexually. Yes, what does this thing feel like in MY pussy? But first, I need to suck on it. It was strange. Sherry had been with this man before and she had sucked and fucked this big cock that Phil was now holding. Sherry had known all, but Phil had no memories in his mind of what she had been doing. He had all the knowledge he needed to substitute for Sherry when it came to being a mother and housekeeper, but that was the limit of his knowledge as to what Sherry had been doing .Phil opened Sherry’s small mouth as wide as possible and enveloped the thick mushroom shaped head. He immediately tasted pre-cum, the clear fluid that would help to make things slippery so he could more easily take this dick in his pussy. Despite the smaller mouth he now had, sucking on another man’s penis was easier to do from a mental standpoint than Phil thought it would be. He nibbled with his teeth, oh so gently, but hard enough to tickle. Experimenting, he ran his tongue around and around the head, the head that felt so smooth. Yes, this is kind of fun, actually. Excited now, he became more vigorous, running his mouth, Sherry’s mouth that is, all around the head and shaft. “Hey baby. You’re getting really good at this. I love that bit with the teeth. You’ve never done that before. Too bad we don’t have time to do things twice. I’d love to come in your mouth first and then do some fucking.” Come in my mouth? Phil wondered if Sherry had ever swallowed Fred’s come. She had not done that for Phil since the early days of their marriage. If she is doing it for Fred, it certainly isn’t fair. He had to find out. “Do you like coming in my mouth?” Phil was taking a chance. If Fred had never come in Sherry’s mouth he would have to act like he had miss-stated his question. “Oh yeah, baby. I love it when you let me drop a load down your throat. We’ve only done that, let’s see…maybe four times, but you at least can manage to swallow it all even though I shoot really big loads. I love watching you gulp and get it down. My wife never could swallow the entire load.” Well, Phil had his answer. Fred had blasted a load into Sherry’s mouth at least four times, and according to Fred, she had swallowed it all. Phil knew for sure that he could never do that, Sherry’s body or not. He stroked Fred’s penis gently to keep Fred happy and yet keep his own mouth free for conversation. Phil was curious about Fred’s wife. Maybe he could learn a little about Maude and sometime in the future he could fuck her to get back at Fred. “So, besides the fact that I can swallow your come and Maude can’t, what else do I do better?” Fred looked at Phil strangely. He smiled. “You’ve never wanted to hear about her before. You always acted jealous of Maude because she has access to my cock 24/7. But if you really want to know, you’re better at fucking than she is. Your…what should I call it…your enthusiasm level is much higher than hers.” Phil wanted to knock Fred down a peg or two. “Maybe she has just gotten bored with you. Could be that you have been neglecting her too much. If I was with you all day every day I might be less enthusiastic too.” Fred laughed. “You? You less enthusiastic? I doubt it. Not the way you like to fuck. Maude could never be as wild in bed as you are. Of course, I can see how you might not be so enthusiastic with your husband after having me.” Phil clenched his fists, ready to strike out in anger, and then suddenly remembered that he was in Sherry’s body. He hated what Fred had just said about him and putting him down in comparison. Fred was still speaking. Besides, something was troubling Phil. His wife, though cooperative during the act, had never been what he would describe as ‘wild in bed.’ It would appear that Fred had brought something out with Sherry that Phil never could. “I’ve been curious about something”, Phil asked. ”You might think I’m weird for asking, but since men want to know how their cock feels to a woman compared to other men, I want to know, how does my pussy feel compared to your wife’s?” “Wow baby. You’re right. I’ve never been asked that before by a woman, how another woman feels, but since you ask, I’ll tell you since you have compared my cock to Phil’s. Your pussy is tighter than hers. That might be because I haven’t as yet spent as much time stretching you out.” He laughed, and Phil laughed with him. Phil already knew the answer, but he asked. “And tighter is better? Is that always true? I know that even though your cock might feel better than my husband’s, if I wasn’t turned on to you I would not be attracted to your big cock.” Phil had not as yet experienced Fred’s penis inside the body he was occupying, so he was just guessing. Fred laughed. “Based on what you have told me in the past, and other woman way back when have told me, a big cock feels better just like a tight pussy feels better. You can’t change nature.” “So you think that is why I am so wild with you in bed is because you have a big cock, is that it?” Phil was almost ready to jump up and ask Fred to leave, when Fred spoke: “That’s what you have been telling me on occasion. Now forget this talk, why don’t you let me come in your mouth? You know that after I come and the pressure is down that I can fuck you really long and hard without having to hold back. You like that, I know. ” Sherry likes getting fucked hard for a really long time with this thing? Even though he was in Sherry’s body, Phil formed an image in his mind of Sherry under Fred while Fred flexed his mighty ass muscles and pounded this dick against her groin. Actually, he kind of wanted that, but swallowing come was not in Phil’s agenda for today. But he still wanted to see what it was like to be fucked in his, no, in Sherry’s pussy. “Not today, lover boy. I want you to fuck me.” Fred was pleased with what Sherry had just said. Never before had she came right out and used the word ‘fuck’ to describe what they had been doing. She had stated once that she considered the word vulgar, and preferred to say, ‘have sex.’ Later, sometimes, she had taken to saying ‘make love.’ Fred took advantage and used the word in his reply. “Sure sugar plum. Suck me for another minute and then we’ll do some serious fucking.” And Phil did. He sucked, and sucked lovingly. Suddenly really into it, he stroked with his hands, sucked with his lips, and ran his tongue all around the head of the big meat that belonged to another man. And that meat was soon to be into his body, his wife’s body. He even cradled those big balls in his hand and jiggled them, feeling their weight and thinking about the waiting load within. Strangely, Phil’s thinking changed. Now enjoying holding and sucking this mighty pole, he began thinking of what it might be like to feel a hot load blasting into his mouth. Phil did not realize how much he was into loving on Fred’s cock as he sucked, stroked, kissed and nibbled. He was doing it so well, with the knowledge of what felt best to a man because he was a man, or had been, that Fred was receiving a blowjob such as he had never known. He was forced to think of other things to keep from coming. Fred laughed after two minutes had gone by. “That’s great baby. You really know how to suck when you get into it. Now let’s get to fucking. Do you want to get on top first and fuck me like you usually do?” Phil took note. ‘So Sherry likes to ride this thing. That’s interesting.’ All Phil had wanted to do was lie on his back and let Fred do the work and see what it would be like to be fucked, but if Sherry liked to ride, he figured that he could mount up and see what this thing would feel like at different angles. Phil already had Fred on his back. He wrapped his hand around Fred’s rigid rod, and leaning forward, dribbled some slobber all over the head to get it good and wet. Phil knew that even though his pussy was not as snug as it used to be since he had given birth to two k**s, that it was still a fairly tight one. All his life he had wondered: What does it feel like to a woman to be penetrated in the pussy? Now he would finally find out. His curiosity finally gets answered. Phil climbed over Fred and positioned his pelvis over the peter that stood tall and in wait for his pussy. Fred placed his hand on it to hold it in place so that Phil/Sherry could center his pussy over it. When Phil felt the head of Fred’s penis touch between his pussy lips, he shivered. Oh man, this might feel really good.This was the moment, something he had been wondering about for years. He lowered his pussy over the head. Oh wow, that stretching feels really, really good. He wanted to let out a moan, or maybe a groan, but he was unsure as to what sound Sherry would make if she were in this body, so he remained silent. He took the entire head inside with one long smooth stroke down, and stopped when he felt his tight lips close around the thinner but still thick shaft. [?IMG] “Wow, Sherry. You must really be horny for me. You usually make some noise and take more time swallowing up that head because you say it feels so good when it first stretches your lips.” “Yes, I’m very horny. Like you said, it’s been several days.” But what Fred had said made sense. It had felt really great as he/she had slid down over that fat head. Phil raised Sherry’s lower body and allowed the penis to fall out. He immediately moved down again, and the aim was still good as his pussy went down over the head once again. He experimented by letting out a little groan. It felt natural, so as he lowered his pussy down to the point where the head was thickest and he was stretched the furthest, he groaned again. “That’s better baby. That’s the Sherry I remember.” Phil unknowingly answered as Sherry would have. “I love feeling that thick part of your head.” As Phil spoke, he started taking little short strokes and going deeper over the thick meat that felt like it was totally filling his lower body. “Would you like my dick even more if it was as thick as the fattest part of my head all the way down?” Phil thought before he answered. He didn’t know what the answer would be if Sherry was giving it. After all, he hadn’t even been all the way down that shaft yet. “It’s probably better this way. I get to feel a special spot each time it goes inside me. If it was that thick all the way down, it wouldn’t be as exciting.” Phil was not sure if that was the answer Sherry would have given, but it was the best he could do for now. Maybe later, after he had felt this entire wonderful hunk of meat, he could give another, more authoritative answer. He rose up over that widest part, and groaned as he slid down over it once again. Fred laughed as he grasped Phil/Sherry’s ass and began gently pulling down. “What’s the matter baby?” He took advantage of a chance to use the F word again. To Fred, saying ‘fuck’ made this act more physical, and for him, more exciting. “Phil hasn’t been fucking you like he should? I know that he hasn’t got the equipment to please you like I do, but you said that he gives you what he’s got fairly regular.” Phil realized for sure now that Sherry must have been discussing their sex life with Fred. He wanted to restore some of his reputation with this neighbor who was sneaking around with his wife. “Well, your dick is nice Fred, but Phil has enough to satisfy me, and he knows how to use it.” Fred laughed, and began saying things that tore Phil up inside. “You women! You’re always changing your story from one minute to the next. First you told me that it has always been kind-of-hard for you to come with Phil, and you told me the last time we were together that it was getting even harder to come with your husband since you’ve gotten used to what I’ve got between my legs.” Fred began fondling Phil’s/Sherry’s breasts as he spoke. “And I might add that what I’ve got between my legs is also what you’re getting between your legs baby. I can tell by the way your ass is starting to move that you are really enjoying yourself.” What Fred had said was true. Fred had uttered deeply hurtful words, unknowingly to Phil, but the new Sherry had begun pumping harder, taking the full length of Fred’s mammoth meat. Once he had buried it to the deepest parts of Sherry’s pussy, the feeling had gradually been increasing in intensity. At the same time, Phil found himself using a fantasy. Even though it was actually happening, Phil was in his wife’s body in his fantasy, and he was under himself, under Phil, and was thinking of Fred while he, Phil, was fucking her. He as Sherry wanted to come while her husband, him, was fucking her, but she couldn’t because her husband was so small. When Fred pulled Sherry’s upper body downward in order to kiss him, a confused Phil did not resist. Their tongues met and twirled around one another’s. Fred began thrusting his hips up to meet Sherry’s down strokes. Phil began to feel pressure building. There was a strong tingling in his clitoris and in his lips, and now, all around his pussy. An orgasm was rapidly approaching. Soon, soon he would know what it is like! A woman’s orgasm was approaching, and Phil was about to feel it. Phil twisted his hips around as he stroked, looking for the best angle inside, the one that would feel the best. He rose higher over Fred so that the prick would not be inside so far. There, now he had found it, up in the front, that sensitive place must be Sherry’s G spot. He stayed on it, using the head of Fred’s mammoth monster to rub along the upper wall of Sherry’s pussy. “I see you’ve got it in your favorite place again.” So Sherry did this also, and on his own, Phil had found the place! “Yes, I love that spot,” Phil replied, knowing instinctively what Sherry’s answer would have been. Phil discovered as he used Sherry’s body that all that length was not needed and that only a few inches of warm thick meat was necessary to hit the best place of all. Oh God, this is it. Now, Now, I’m coming. Oh shit I can’t believe this. Phil was unaware in his intense pleasure that he was also speaking out loud. Fred heard Sherry saying she was coming, and Oh Shit, and all the rest. Fred was using the F word freely now. He was jerking his cock upward into her and talking to Sherry like he had done so often in the past, only now he was using the F word. “Yeah baby, fuck it. Fuck my big cock with your married pussy. Fuck it good baby. I know how you like to come. Have yourself one more good fucking climax for the faithful little housewife that loves to fuck. That’s it. Keep coming the way you love to do it.” And Phil was coming hard. Fred’s cynical use of the phrases ‘married pussy’ and ‘faithful little housewife’ barely registered on his consciousness, if anything, they were enhancing his pleasure. He didn’t stop after the first orgasm, something he had always bursa escort bayan done when he occupied his male body. No, Phil kept pumping after only the briefest of time to catch his breath. After the first come, the second was close behind. Phil stated to sweat, and it was dripping from his breasts and onto Fred. When the second orgasm was finished, Phil was exhausted. He laid his chest on Fred and gasped. That was Fred’s cue. “O.K. baby, now it’s my turn. Let me turn you over and put it to you the way you love it.” Oh yes, Phil wanted that, but he felt too weak. As if he knew, Fred grasped Phil by the shoulders and rolled Phil off Fred’s body and onto her back. Fred immediately rolled between Phil’s legs and placed his penis between Phil’s pussy lips. “Take this baby. Tell me how much you like it while I fuck you good and hard.” The F word was out of the bag now, and Fred planned to keep it out. Phil groaned as the hardness entered her pussy. Damn this is good. If this is what women get to feel, why didn’t they like to fuck all the time? But then, this peter is strange, and it is so big, and of course for him, Phil, this was a first time. Maybe that was it. First time or not, this is one to remember. Without thinking about it first, Phil pulled Fred’s face down and kissed him, using his tongue as part of the passion. “Oh Fred, your big cock feels so good. I…I feel like I’ve never been fucked before, until now.” Phil was telling the truth of course since this was a first for him as a woman, but he was about to receive a reply he wouldn’t like. “That’s what you’ve told me before baby, that you had never truly been fucked before I came along and gave your married pussy its first working over.” Phil’s feelings were being hurt, but his pussy was enjoying this so much that the hurt was being pushed aside in his mind. Later he might think about it, but not right now. “Yes!” He had responded with an excited reply of agreement, but inside Phil was wondering, ‘Did Sherry actually refer to herself as ‘married pussy?’ And where had she heard that expression before? It was an expression from the internet, and Phil wondered if Sherry had been reading sex stories on her computer. Regardless, Phil found that the thought of it was arousing.“Yes, yes. Fuck my married pussy like you know so well how to do.” As the minutes were rolling by, Phil was finding it easier to accept what his wife had been doing with this man since it was now feeling so good to him. Fred laughed. “It’s a shame that you had to fuck two men before you found out how good some truly big meat can feel.” Phil’s heart jumped. ‘He said ‘Two men?’ ‘Did my wife fuck someone else before Fred? I got her cherry, so who…?’ Phil was trying to figure out a way to gain this new information from Fred when Fred answered his question for him. “I loved it when, after fucking me a couple of times, you told me about how you had fucked the guy who did your carpets.” ‘Did her carpets?’ Fred thought back. When we bought this house it already had the carpets installed so it must have been that guy that…Shit! He was a Mexican!’ Phil remembered meeting the guy who had cleaned all their downstairs carpets when he had arrived home from work. That had been about three years ago. The Mexican had come to the door, Sherry had looked out and seen a ‘Carpet Cleaning’ sign on his truck, and since their carpets needed cleaning, Sherry had hired him, despite Phil’s warnings not to allow strange men to come in when she was alone. But the carpets had come out much better so Phil had not complained. Besides, the guy had only charged $75 for all three rooms. “So what did I tell you about him?” Phil was remembering now, vaguely, how the Mexican guy had looked, about 25, sort of fat or maybe it was muscular, all over. And then he remembered those eyes, those brown eyes and the way the Mexican had seemed to look right through him and Phil had sort of shivered. “You don’t remember telling me? You gave some good details about it.” Phil wanted to hear this. He needed to hear what else Sherry had done. He was crying inside, but he also had that cock inside, and it was moving. “Fuck me slow and tell me what I said. I want to remember while you fuck me.” Fred chuckled, but he slowed his fucking to a nice slow and long stroke. “Well, this is different, but here goes. You were sitting in the living room reading and he came in after doing the downstairs bedroom and the den. You started to get up and he said, ‘Never mind, you can keep sitting there while I do this part of the room.’ ”So you kept sitting there. But now you were sort of watching him over your magazine and watching how the muscles on his arms moved.’ Phil faked it. “Yes, they looked nice. So then what happened?” As Phil was speaking, he had his hands on Fred’s ass. “You were reading and wearing a short skirt, and when he started cleaning the carpet right in front of you, you raised your legs while not thinking about it and held them in the air for a couple of minutes. Then you saw that although it was still running, that he had stopped moving his steam vacuum and was bending over a little and looking up your skirt.” Again Phil faked it. “Yes, so then what happened? Tell me more.” “Hee hee, you are a horny little fucker, aren’t you? Then something came over you. You kept your legs up, allowing him to keep looking while you watched his face from under your magazine. You didn’t plan anything else, just a little tease, and then he looked up at your face between the magazine and your knees, catching you by surprise. When your eyes met you realized that he knew that you knew he was looking.” Phil sighed. “I love hearing my story coming from you. Tell me more and keep fucking me the way you do so well.” “He turned his machine off and immediately plopped himself down on the couch. That’s the way you put it, he plopped.” “Oh Fred, kiss me.” They kissed, long and tender. “Now finish the story and when you get to the best part, fuck me a little harder.” “You plan to come thinking about the carpet cleaner?” “Yes.” “The funny thing is, when he came over and plopped down, you never lowered your legs and the first thing he did was place his left arm around your neck and his right hand up and under your skirt. He ran his hand up and down the undersides of your thighs and then his fingers found your tight little panties and he had to sort of tug them to one side so that he could finger you.” Phil, hating what he was hearing but loving it, sighed. “Tell me more, and your cock feels so good.” “You came!” “I came?” “Yes. He no sooner ran his finger in and out of your wet slit two or three times and you came because it was the first time another man besides Phil had ever touched you and for some unknown reason you were super horny.” “And then we fucked?” Ha ha. You really want to hear this, don’t you? You said it was probably the strongest orgasm you ever had without a cock being in you. Then you reached in and pulled his cock out after he had opened the zipper.” “Was his cock big?” “You know something baby? Telling this story back to you is making me as horny as it did the first time when you told it to me.” “That’s why I’m enjoying your telling me. It’s like I never heard it before.” Yes, Fred’s re-telling of the story was making him horny, and little did he know, it also was making the man inside Sherry’s body horny as well. “Tell me about his cock, Fred. How did I describe it?” “Well, at the time, as you gave an uncut cock a stroke for the first time, you thought it was big because it was a little longer than Phil’s but the thicker part interested you more.” “I said it was thick?” “You sure did. I remember how excited you got while telling me that was your immediate thought, how much bigger around it was compared to your husband’s.” Phil faked it again. “Yes, I remember wrapping my fingers around it to check. Did I say if it was as thick as yours?” “No baby. That’s why when you first put your hand on my cock you got so excited. When you told me this story you said that if his cock had felt that good that you knew mine just had to feel so much better.” Phil was dying inside. Sherry, using this body, had fucked another man before Fred, and the guy had done nothing more than just look up her skirt to earn his ‘reward.” ‘How could my wife cheapen herself like that, to give away her married pussy, or…maybe like this,’ Phil thought as he continued to enjoy the feel of Fred’s cock as it worked his pussy. “Did he make me come?” “Yes, but you sucked on his cock a little bit first.” “I sucked him, on the couch?” “Yes, everything that happened was on the couch. When he offered it up to you, as your head came down he pulled the foreskin back and you tasted a strange cock for the first time. You said it had a funny little smell, probably from being uncut and not having a recent shower, but you sucked on it just the same. You said even when it was hard it seemed to feel somewhat soft and after you had sucked it for maybe five minutes it didn’t have a smell anymore.” Fred laughed, “I guess you had cleaned his cock.” “And then we fucked?” “No baby. Before that he stood up and pulled his trousers and shorts down past his knees and sat down again. Now he could spread his legs while you sucked and you learned that he had really big balls and you played with them.” “So I guess I was fascinated at seeing, feeling and tasting a big cock with a big set of balls underneath?” Ha! That’s exactly what you said, you horny little devil.” “Did I swallow his cum?” Ha! No, and I’m glad because you saved that first thing for me. But he gave you your first strange orgasms, and it happened twice.” “Oooh Fred. Tell me how he made me come. Was I on my back, or did I ride him?” “Shit! You little devil, you got sideways on the couch on your back and guided him in. He put it all the way in on the first stroke. It felt good but you weren’t used to that much cock, that big and all at once and you cried out. He stopped because he thought he had hurt you but then you started humping your hips. He seemed to want to fuck hard so you let him and you came almost right away. I guess you were crying a little because he leaned down and licked a tear off your cheek. You smiled up at him and then he slowed way down, left his cock deep inside, then he laid down on your body and started grinding sideways. It was working your clit as well as your lips and you were working on your second orgasm when you realized he was going to blow his nut so you stopped him and got on top. “Why did I do that if it was feeling so good and I was ready to come?” “You did it because you were so excited and wanted to experience your first, and you thought then, your only man in another position.” Fred leaned down and kissed Phil. “That’s when he first saw and felt those lovely tits of yours, when he pulled your blouse over your head and pulled down on your bra.” “Did he squeeze them nice?” “He sure did, and then he sucked on your nipples like this!” Fred bent his head down and sucked on Sherry’s hard nipples. Phil groaned. “Then what did we do?” “Then you said something like, ‘Let’s see who can come first,’ and you started fucking up and down, taking him all the way, and you beat him by ten seconds.” “Oh fuck Fred. That’s a really horny story I told you. Tell me more.” “You said the instant before he started coming that he got really hard and a little bigger and you felt him throbbing like you never felt a man come before and you almost came a third time.” Phil faked it. “I guess I was pretty horny.” “Yes, I guess you were. You wrapped your arms sort of around his head and leaned down and pressed your tits into his face. Then you sat on his softening cock and shivered while he sucked on your nipples some more.” “Oh gee Fred. That sounds like such a hot and horny story. Did I actually do that?” “That’s the way you told it to me!” Phil giggled; a girl’s giggle. “I love hearing you tell it.” “And then before you climbed off you got a little scared and made him promise not to say anything to anyone else, ever, about it. Then, after he promised, to put a ‘seal’ on the promise the way you told it, you kissed him for the first and only time and it was a good one.” “Yes,” Phil ‘remembered.’ “I had a first kiss at the end instead of at the beginning. That was my first strange kiss, my first strange suck, my first strange fuck, and my first strange orgasm.” “Strange orgasms baby. You had two.” “Yes, two. I guess I was a bad girl, that day.” “Yes you were, a very naughty girl, especially after your unwitting husband came home and paid him for the cleaning and then you slipped him an extra twenty with a ‘wink.’ Phil remembered now, paying the Mexican and Sherry seeing him to the door and holding it while he carried his cleaning gear out. Sherry had actually tipped the Mexican for her fuck! With a body and face like hers,’ he paused, ‘like this, she tipped him for fucking her. Or, she did it maybe to ‘buy’ his silence? In any case, the Mexican would have had quite a story to tell his buddies.’ There was no doubt, promise or not, the carpet cleaner probably had lots of stories about fucking the married pussies on horny housewives to tell his buddies. “I guess that he got me ready for you.” Fred snickered. “That’s what you told me baby, that because you had already fucked someone, it was easier for me to get you into bed.” Half broken-hearted, and half hornier than ever, Phil wrapped his legs around Fred, and then as Fred continued to pump, Phil’s legs went higher until they were wrapped around Fred’s waist. As he tightened his arms around Fred’s back and shoulders, Phil felt Fred’s finger begin exploring around his ass. It tickled, and Phil did not try to stop him. “Yes, use your finger.” His juice, Sherry’s juice, was flowing freely and some of it had dribbled down to where it was over Sherry’s anus. Now wet, the finger went in, and surprisingly, it felt really good. “Do it deeper.” The finger went deeper, penetrating all the way. “That’s the first time you let me use my finger this deep.” “Really? It feels so good.” Unknown to him, Phil was groaning loudly. He was alternating kissing and moaning now without giving the fact that he was kissing a man a second thought. He whimpered, gasped, grasped and fucked back at Fred as Fred fed the big meat to him. Over and over, harder and harder the hugeness pounded his pussy while the widest part of Fred’s finger worked the edges of his asshole, her asshole, stretching while tickling. Phil was fucking back at Fred in exactly the same manner that Sherry did, only now, with even more enthusiasm. An orgasm, here it comes, still another orgasm, and after only a minute or two from the last one when he had been on top. Now Phil knew what it meant for women to have multiple orgasms as he went through the ecstasy of one, then two and then a third orgasm as Fred dumped his huge load into him. ‘He’s coming, he’s coming and it feels just like my orgasms do when I come! I can feel the throbbing and it feels so good in Sherry’s pussy. The throbs went on for seven, eight, nine, and then a final tenth throb and Phil experienced the feeling of wetness that Sherry had often felt with Fred’s big load in her pussy. “Oh…I love the feel of your warm cum bathing my pussy.” He hugged Fred, hoping without thinking about it for another kiss to go along with that wonderful feeling he was experiencing of being filled with Fred’s cum. But then Phil experienced the disappointment at feeling Fred go soft so soon after coming. Phil wanted to fuck again, but time was running out. That was when Fred threw the shocker at him. Phil found that his wife had gone farther with Fred than he thought. “Have you thought anymore about you and I divorcing our mates and getting married to each other?” The heart in the body that Phil was occupying and enjoying began thumping. ‘Sherry has talked about getting divorced? She loves Fred? Oh no, she can’t. Not that!’ Phil was going to have to treat Sherry a lot better, that was all there was to it. Here Phil was, in Sherry’s body, fucking the guy that wants to bust up his marriage. This is so weird that no one would ever believe it, except there was no one that he could even tell it to. Still, Phil knew that this was perhaps his only chance to put things right. “Fred? Listen, that divorce talk was just fantasy. You know that I could never leave Phil and the k**s.” Fred was still lying on top of Phil and he placed his lips on Phil’s and kissed him long and tenderly. It almost seemed normal now for Phil to return his kiss, tongue and all. Strangely, he even wanted to be held and cuddled. “Well, it isn’t fantasy for me. Anytime you want to sit down and talk about it seriously, just let me know.” Phil was scared now. This escort bursa thing between his wife and Fred had gone even further than he had thought. “We’d better get up. I have to go get the k**s pretty soon.” “Yes, in a minute, maybe. That fuck was one of the better ones baby. I shot a good load that time. I’ve been saving it for three days, just for you. How about you? It felt like you came pretty hard too.” “Yes. I enjoyed that.” Phil wanted to play down the orgasms he had experienced with Fred and build up his own reputation to Fred, but he found it hard to do. That had been one great fuck, followed by a hot story and then more. Phil had never climaxed five times in the space of maybe ten minutes before. In his entire life, this had been his greatest sexual experience, bar none. Even hearing that his wife had freely given this body to a Mexican carpet cleaner had been a turn on, but only because the man relating the story had been inside him. Still, Phil had to conceal his true feelings, after all, he was appearing as Sherry, Phil’s wife, to Fred. “It was pretty good. I come with Phil like that too, when he takes the time to do it.” Fred laughed. “Are you k**ding? Not from what you’ve told me in the past. You said my peter really hits you where it counts and his doesn’t. Anytime and everywhere my cock feels great; but especially when we tease your G spot.” ‘She even told him about her ‘G’ spot.’ Phil was going over in his mind what Fred had just been saying. Sherry has told Fred that his peter feels good everywhere and that mine doesn’t? No matter how well I treat Sherry in the future,’ he thought, ‘I can never make up for what she will be missing when she fucks me. Feeling sad, Phil climbed weakly out of bed as soon as Fred had rolled off his body. “I know what I’ve told you. I enjoy this, but I think we need to quit. I’ve been feeling really guilty about cheating on Phil. I love him, and I do enjoy him in bed, and this just isn’t right. So, I want to call it quits for a while if you don’t mind.” Phil had not meant to say ‘for a while,’ but he sensed that it might be easier to get Fred to accept that for now. In the meantime, when he managed to get back into his own body, Phil planned to give his wife some really good, attentive loving and also hint that he had suspicions about her. If he worked it right, Fred would never be in bed with her again. “Sure baby,” Fred said in reply. “It’s strange for you to be saying that right after having shaved your pussy for me. We’ve gone through this ‘quitting’ bit before, sort of. If you want to cool it for a while, I can play along. Just remember, even if you don’t want to marry me, I know far more than your husband about how horny you get. So anytime you get another craving for some good fucking, you know where to find me. I know it won’t be long before you call me again.” As Fred was speaking, he had moved close to Phil and placed his arms around him. Once again Phil felt a special thrill from the power that seemed to flow from this man, who was so much larger than the 110 pound naked body that Phil was occupying. Phil could feel Fred’s penis pressing up against him, and he could not resist the urge to grab it. It was semi-hard and as Phil stroked it, it stiffened to attention. This is so unbelievable. This man wants Sherry to divorce me, and yet, here I am grabbing onto Fred’s cock, and it is throbbing in my hand. Against his better judgment, Phil wanted it now. He wanted Fred between his legs one more time. Yes, one last time. This is my one last chance for adventure as Sherry getting fucked by a virile man with a big dick. I have to do it now.’ Phil used the staff to pull Fred back to the bed, and as Phil lay down on his back, he guided Fred’s staff towards his pussy. Fred was on top of Phil and Phil moaned with pleasure as Fred buried his cock into Phil’s pussy within seconds. “See what I mean, baby?” Fred smirked. “You didn’t even wait to call me to fuck again. Let’s face it, we’re just too good together to ignore.” Phil chose to ignore Fred’s comment. “You’ll have to hurry Fred, we’re out of time. But pull it out and stick it in again so I can feel it. Use just the head and do it two or three times. I love that once I’m good and wet.” “You mean ‘good and full of cum wet and already stretched?’” “Yes. That!” “You want me to fuck your married pussy real good? I love it when you say it.” “Yes. Fuck my married pussy, and if you can come again, come quick, do that too.” “Ever since you first came out with that, calling your pussy your ‘married pussy’ I just love it. This won’t take but a minute baby. I can come real quick when I have to. I’ll fuck you one last time, until the next time.” So Sherry had used the term ‘married pussy’ first, so she had not learned it from Fred. Phil knew now. It was starting to feel really good for Phil. After Fred had pulled it out and stretched her going in again several times, Phil smiled and added, “Well, maybe you could take two minutes…” This time Phil really experienced the feeling of wanting to be kissed, and pulled Fred’s head to his. Their tongues twirled around and around one another’s. To Phil, who knew he was kissing a man but now it seemed natural, this was not a homosexual act but experimental. The enthusiasm he was showing as he used Sherry’s body in wanton ways to use Fred’s body was confusing to Fred. ‘She wants to call it quits for a while, yet look how much she likes fucking me.’ He needed to say it. Yes, even felt compelled to say it. “Sherry, I love you so.” That did it. Hearing Fred express his love for her, for him, actually made Phil feel even more aroused. Phil was experiencing the feeling of passion that women usually achieved while kissing. Their hips began thrusting, slamming into one another. “Fuck me! Use that big cock on me. Stretch my pussy, my married pussy like my husband can never do and make me come, you…you a****l you.” Fred had seen some porno flicks and had often imagined his wife being in one of those scenes and talking like that. Now she was doing it, through Phil. In the process, Phil was putting himself down, to Fred. Feeling really wanton now and acting like a slut, Phil raised his legs as high as he could get them and eventually they ended up over Fred’s shoulders. Phil didn’t even take the time to wonder how his little wife’s body could handle all the meat that Fred was wielding in this position. “I know you said you can’t leave Phil and marry me, but let me hear you say it one last time so we can have a great come together. Go on, say it. Say ‘I love you’ baby’. Say it for me while I fuck you the way you like to be fucked. Even if you don’t mean it, I love to hear you say it.” With that, Fred began pumping steadily into Sherry as deep as he could go. “OK, one last time Fred, and then don’t ever ask me to say it again.” Phil was ready to say the words, just say them to please Fred, when Fred began kissing him passionately. The kiss lasted for several seconds, and when Fred lifted his lips, Phil gasped out the words that seemed to come naturally. “I love you…” “And I love you too.” Fred began pounding harder as he heard Sherry expressing her love for him, and Phil added, “I love it when you fuck me like this.” “Just how I fuck you? I want more, not just your love of how I fuck, but I like hearing how you love me. Baby, I’ve said it so many times you know how much I love you.” “You love me more than Maude?” “Baby, you know I do.” “Oh Fred, you’re so sweet.” Fred did last the two minutes that Phil had asked for, and three minutes after that. Phil and Fred experienced their second simultaneous orgasm in a row. For Phil, in Sherry’s body, it had been his best ever. As they laid there for a couple of minutes afterwards, they kissed, and Phil felt uncontrolled tears flowing down his cheeks as he said ‘I love you’ one last time. This was incredibly stupid. He wanted his wife to end this affair, and yet, for some reason Phil was uttering those three words uncontrollably to Fred. Somehow, he couldn’t stop the words from pouring out. The longer Phil spent acting as Sherry and making love, the more like a woman Phil felt. For a little while, in the throes of orgasm, Phil had truly felt love for Fred. ‘This is going to have to stop, that is all there is to it.’ “OK, that’s it. One last fuck, one last ‘I love you.’ Now let me up because it’s getting late.” Fred kissed Phil on the forehead and lifted himself off Sherry’s body. Phil tried to rise, and fell back. God, he felt so weak. What a round of fucking that had been. It had drained all his strength, correction, Sherry’s strength, both physical and mental.Fred had to help Phil out of bed, and when Phil tried to stand, he almost fell. Phil let Fred kiss him goodbye, and as they kissed, their hands groped each other in several places. The message was clear, or at least it seemed that way to Fred. Sherry wanted to keep fucking. After Fred had let himself out, Phil checked the time. Shit, they had been in bed over an hour. Time really flew when you were having fun. After draining away a ton of cum from his pussy and doing a lot of wiping, Phil put the bra, panties and outer clothes on. He drove to the school to pick up the k**s and got into an argument with them on the way home. After sitting on the commode and draining some more cum, Phil changed panties. Then, back in the kitchen he set out cookies and milk and got the k**s organized to do their homework, then set up the ironing board and tried to watch TV while he did the ironing. Phil tried to watch TV, but his mind was wandering, and kept going back to Fred lying under him and then on top of him. Fred’s telling of Sherry’s past history with the carpet cleaner had been especially exciting too. That fuck, those orgasms, Phil now knew about but unfortunately he had no memory of it. But Fred he could remember. That last fuck especially, with my legs up over Fred’s shoulders had been so wild, so wanton, so fucking good. He thought back on that. He had said he loved Fred. How the hell could he, even as Sherry, have said that? Yet, at the time, it had seemed so natural to say it, not just once, but twice, or had it been three times?. Perhaps Sherry had been saying it to Fred for a while. Phil shivered. It was scary to think about. His marriage was definitely at risk.At 4:30 PM he began peeling potatoes and washed greens for salads, breaded the chops and snapped fresh beans for supper. Feeling only slightly guilty, Phil kissed himself hello when Sherry came home from work. After supper, while Sherry in his body lounged in front of the television, Phil cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, folded laundry, bathed the k**s, and put them to bed. At 9:00 PM Phil was exhausted and though his chores weren’t finished, he went to bed where he was expected to make love. Of course, tired or not, he wanted to. He watched through Sherry’s eyes as Sherry, in his body, walked naked out of the bathroom and stared down at Phil in Sherry’s body. ‘Oh good, Phil, I mean Sherry, hell, I don’t know any more who is who, wants to fuck’. Now Phil could compare dicks and how they felt, his own average cock coming soon after having had Fred’s mighty peter. “Now baby, do you have time to let me see what it is like to make love to you with your pussy shaved?” “Yes honey, I’ve been saving it for you. Now come here and get it.” “I want to eat it first, for a little while, since it’s shaved.” As Sherry, in his body, ate Phil in Sherry’s body, Phil was thinking of how, just a few hours ago, Fred’s huge cock had been in there, and now, Sherry’s tongue, or rather, his tongue was now there. “Oh…Phil, I’m ready. Fuck me!” “Fuck you? You used the ‘F’ word?” Oh oh. “I meant…I just said that since I shaved it for you and now you are eating me. It sort of makes me feel like I’m being a slut for you.” “Yeah baby. Be a slut for me while I fuck you!” Now the cat, no not the cat, the ‘F’ word was out of the bag. In her marriage, their marriage, now the ‘F’ word could and would be used. ‘Oh fuck, I’m fucked.’ It was weird, fucking himself, which in effect was what Phil was doing. Now Phil knew what Sherry must have been feeling and thinking after having been fucked by Fred. Phil had been recently fucked by Fred, and a few hours later he was in bed with Sherry as himself, and she was making the same moves that he had made for so many years. As Sherry, Phil was able to make almost a direct comparison between his own self and Fred in techniques. Sherry, in Phil’s body and supposedly knowing all that Phil knew, did not spend much time on foreplay. His kisses were not as strong as Fred’s. When Phil reached out and grasped the hard peter that was soon to be in his feminine body, it felt small in his hand. As Sherry climbed over Phil and pushed her penis into Phil, Phil realized that it felt noticeably smaller than Fred’s cock had. The feeling was not as intense, because his vaginal lips weren’t being stretched. Worse, Phil learned as he maneuvered Sherry’s hips back and forth, he couldn’t make his cock, his cock that Sherry was using on him, or rather, on her, hit Sherry’s ‘G’ spot. This time Phil could not reach orgasm in Sherry’s body through intercourse, although he tried. It was a combination of being very tired, and knowing that his husband was just not as good in bed as Fred was. It wasn’t just cock size, it was technique. Sherry was making all the moves in his body that he normally used, and it just didn’t feel as exciting as Fred did. Phil knew that when he got back into his own body, that he had his work cut out for him. The feeling of let down over knowing that his wife had cheated on him one time with a carpet cleaner and then had been not only fucking the well hung Fred, but she had been talking love and possibly divorce with him was also cutting down on the feelings that Phil was experiencing. Phil was tired. The energy levels of this female body did not match the energy level of a man’s, but Phil still wanted to make this last for a while. After all, this was probably his only chance to be a woman, and making love to two male bodies in the same day was an unexpected bonus. Over time, Phil kissed his own lips, and sucked his own cock. In an effort to come, Phil switched ends over Sherry and getting into a 69 position, lowered his pussy until he felt Sherry using his tongue on his clit. This time, Phil was able to reach a rather mild orgasm. It was not as good as the ones he had experienced with Fred, but it was still enjoyable. Phil switched ends once again and went to work on the penis that he had been attached to for all his life before today. Phil wanted Sherry to enjoy this orgasm and sucked as best he knew how. When Sherry moaned and pushed her cock deep into Phil’s mouth, he tried to swallow his own come to see what it was like. The shock of feeling his own come blasting over his, or rather Sherry’s tongue and going to the back of his throat shocked Phil and he opened his mouth in surprise. Because he had Sherry’s mouth opened slightly, cooler air came in. The result was that as Sherry shot Phil’s come into his mouth at body temperature the come felt hot. Yes, it was hot and salty and feeling somewhat slimy with solid feeling parts mixed with more liquid-like parts, that’s what his cum tasted and felt like. Phil almost gagged as the liquid filled Sherry’s mouth and went towards the back of her throat. He couldn’t swallow all of it though, and concealed it as he allowed the remaining come to dribble out of his mouth and onto the sheets at the edge of the bed. Phil felt bad immediately after and tried to make up for it by loving on his own dwindling cock that Sherry now owned and sucked on it like a straw, draining more come and swallowing. He tried to kiss himself and felt Phil sort of pull away, trying to avoid the taste of his own come. Yes, Phil remembered doing that to Sherry more than once, and now she, in his body, was doing it to him. Soon afterwards, Sherry in Phil’s body was asleep. He had fallen asleep even before Phil had been able to get the come drained from Sherry’s pussy. That too, had happened many times. Not long after, Phil as Sherry was asleep also. It had been quite a day, quite a day indeed. Tomorrow it would be back to ‘normal.’The next morning Phil awoke to find that he was still within Sherry’s body. Since Sherry was still in his body and sleeping next to him in bed, he immediately knelt by the bed and said,”I Wish, I don’t know what I was thinking. I was so wrong to envy my wife’s being able to stay home all day. I realize now how much work she actually does in a day. Also, now that I know that I’ve been neglecting her I’ve got to get her back to loving me again and being faithful. Please, O please, let us trade back.”The Devil, in his infinite wisdom, replied, ” I feel you have learned your lesson and I will be happy to change things back to the way they were. You’ll have to wait 9 months though and finish what you have started. You got pregnant yesterday afternoon!”

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