The Wife and Girlfreinds after drinking PT2

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Amanda Lane

The Wife and Girlfreinds after drinking PT2This is Part 2 of The Wife and Her Girlfriends after drinkingThe next morning I woke up with the biggest hard-on. Lisa was still asleep so I got up to take a piss and that is when I found Deb in the bathroom. She was sitting there spread eagle eyes closed fingering herself I said hey need some help and she just yelled. I went on down to the guest room and there was Sue naked and still sleeping. I went back to our room and pissed then woke up Lisa I asked her if I needed to take the girls home or if she was. She said that they had decided to have a cookout at Debs house later in the afternoon and that she would take them home. I had meet there husbands before as we had some stuff together. She told me that one of her other friends Barbara Jean they call her BJ for short and her husband were also going to be there. I had met her before but not her husband. BJ is also pretty hot average height dark hair nice large breasts and round ass. As I was taking my piss I could feel how sore I was and thought to myself that they were right about not being able to get it up. They really worked me over. They were all dressed when I came into the kitchen. Lisa said she would be home in couple of hours so for me to rest up that I would need all my strength. She left to take Sue and Deb home.Around 4pm Lisa came home and said that we need to get ready to go to Debs. We took a quick shower with Lisa shaving her pussy nice and smooth. I noticed that she spent some extra time deep cleaning her asshole nice and clean. I was already thinking what is up when she told me that they talked about us all having one big fuck party. I asked her if was ok with that and she said that had wanted to do more then one guy at a time for a long time. Wow I would not have ever thought that she would want to do something like that. She put on a short summer dress and nothing else. I asked her if that was all she was wearing and she told me that hoped it would not be on long. I put on shorts tank top only and said ok lets go.It is only about 15 minutes to Debs house. Lisa teased me the whole way pulling up her dress and fingering her pussy. She would reach over and stick her fingers in my mouth oh how sweet she tasted. We were the last to get there so ever one was in the back yard by the pool. The girls were all dressed about the same. I could not tell if they had any underwear on but thought no. Lisa took my hand and walked over to where BJ and her husband bahis firmaları were. She introduced me to them. His name was Bud and to my surprise he was a big tall black man. Mike was Debs husbands and Sues husbands name was Jack. Deb got us drinks and we sat by the pool. I told Lisa that we should have brought suits and she said that Deb will not let anybody in the pool with them.The food was ready and Mike said lets all eat. We had a great dinner and the drinks just keep coming. The girls said that they wanted to go swimming so they just dropped there dresses sure enough no panties to be found anywhere. BJ had a cute landing strip of dark hair and huge pussy lips. All us guys said oh well we might as well join them. As we undressed it was the first time I had seen any of the guys naked. Jack and Mike were about the same size as me but Bud was hung like a horse he must have been 10 to 12 inches and as big as a beer can and he was not even all the way hard. I hear the girls saying WOW BJ how do you take all that. She told them it is not as bad as you think. That she loves the way she feels so full. Lisa came up to me and said that she wanted to fuck that so bad. I told her if the chance comes up to go for it. We all got in the pool and they decided that they wanted to play some pool games. We each had to pick a partner and the girls would ride on our shoulders while we played volley ball. I picked Sue. Jack picked Deb. Mike picked BJ. That left Bud with Lisa she was going to love that. We played for a while then all decided it was time for the girls to turn around and ride with their pussy in our face. I lifted Sue up and as I sat her on my shoulders I stuck my tongue right in her twat. I could tell from the sounds that I was not the only one doing it. There was moaning coming from all the girls. We tried to play that way but we all keep falling in the water so we stopped. We all got out and found somewhere to sit. We all talked about the fact that most of us had fucked some time or other. Lisa said that she had never been fucked by Bud and would love to be. I was not sure if Lisa would be able to take his huge cock. Deb said lets double team him. So they took him over to one of the lounges and told him to lie on his back. Deb bent down and tried to feed the monster in her mouth as she bent over her lovely pussy was for us all to see Jack got behind her and stuck his face in pussy. Lisa straddled Buds face and lowered herself to his mouth. Deb kaçak iddaa was now taking the whole cock down her throat. Lisa started Cumming it was running down the sides of Buds face. Deb got up and told Jack to come with her. Lisa moved down and I watched as she slide over Buds cock she stopped about half way down and started bouncing up and down until she squirted in a huge orgasm. She fell forward on his chest to rest but I had another idea so I got behind her a stated to feed my finger up her soaked asshole she let out a small moan and said Yes Please fuck my ass. I could not believe how full her pussy was with Buds huge cock in there all I could think of was that some how I need to get my dick up her ass while she was fucking Bud. Deb now had Jack eating her pussy while she was sucking Mike. He had his fingers in BJ and she was kissing Deb. Sue was sitting in a chair watching. I told Lisa that I wanted to fuck her ass and she said no please I can not. Deb heard us and told me she would get some lube in a minute. I pulled my finger out of Lisa and she started to ride Bud hard she was screaming that she had never felt so full which sent Bud over the edge and he filled her with his cum. I asked BJ if there was a reason they called her BJ and she said guess that she would have to show me. I sat in the chair and she went to work on my cock she knew every little trick there was. She slide a finger up my ass then two which was more then I could take and filled her mouth. She just got up and shared it with the girls. Deb went in the house and came back out with a large bag of toys and goodies. Sue was now doggie style with Jack buried in her. Mike had BJ on his face. Lisa got up off Bud and Deb licked his cock clean. Lisa told us that she had always wanted to be triple fucked and now was as good of time as ever. She said that she was good and ready from having just fucked the biggest cock she had ever had. Sue said that she wanted to have Bud next so they went off and fucked. Lisa told Jack to lie down she then mounted him and told Mike to lube up her ass and his cock because he was going to butt fuck her while she sucked me off. BJ helped Mike get his cock up Lisa’s ass. They were both pounding away on her when I fed her my cock. As they pushed her she would take my whole cock. since BJ had just got me off I knew I would last a while but it was too much for me seeing Lisa take three cocks and as Jack and Mike filled her with their cum I shoot mine to. BJ kaçak bahis said WOW that was too much and that she did not know if she would ever be able to do something like that. I told her that I was surprised that Lisa would do it because she was so quiet most of the time. Deb had been watching while getting herself off. She said that was good but that she want to be fucked by all the guys at once. As Lisa climbed off the cum was dripping from her holes so BJ lie down on her back and Lisa sat on her face and fed a mouth full of Mike and Jacks cum. I started to eat BJ she was trying to get away from the tongue bath that I was giving her. But Lisa was holding her down so I slide a couple of fingers in her and started to hump her hard I must of hit her G spot because she started to squirt all over. I licked up as much as I could then let Jack take over. She was now creaming like mad saying that she need a cock in her so Jack slide right in to her dripping hole. When he was done Deb said ok lets rest a bit then I wanted to be fucked by all the guys. We all had some more drinks then Lisa said she wanted to have Bud in her Pussy and me in her ass while she took both other cocks in her mouth at the same time. Sue asked her if shew wanted a picture of it happening and she said yes. As she mounted Bud she was surprised how full she got when he was all the way in. I took the lube and got her backside nice and slippery. She leaned forward on to Buds chest and I started to insert my cock up her ass it was even thought she had anal before I worked until I was all the way in. She was saying that she was so full and I told her just wait until we fill you with cum. As she worked on our cocks we got a good motion going and both of us were giving her all we had.BJ and Sue had a double dildo in there asses and were humping each other. Lisa was pinching Debs nipples which where now like stones. Jack and Mike now had their cocks in Debs mouth and she was taking it all. Jack said he was about to cum and Mike said he was too. Bud said he wanted to fill her sweet pussy last so I let my load fill her rectum with the biggest load of the night. The guys filled her mouth with two big loads she swallowed it all. I could feel Bud swell in her pussy and start to cum. It was great to feel how she bucked as he came. As he was filling her I pulled out and watched my cum drip out of her ass. She sat up and fucked a couple of more strokes and got off the top of Bud. Sues and Lisa came and cleaned up Bud s Cock. We were all pretty much done by now so we jumped in the pool to rise off all the sex and cum then got dressed. We all thanked Deb and Mike and they said that we should get together again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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