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THE VIRUS. CHAPTER TWOTHE VIRUSBy Amanda WrighterCHAPTER TWOPARKHOUSE APARTMENTSPHILADELPHIA 11:42 AMDAY ONEVeronica Alvarez sat quietly in her bedroom staring out the windows of her apartment down at the street below. Normally it would have been filled with noon-time traffic rush, but it was eerily quiet and empty. The police had chased down and killed a man in a car not twenty minutes earlier. A few stories down, the man’s bloody and hole-ridden car remained sitting in the street. Every few minutes a police car or ambulance would speed by, whipping around the abandoned car. She kept watching it expecting CSI to show up to photograph the scene and collect evidence, but the police hadn’t even bothered to remove the man’s body. His arm hung out the window, blood dripping from it onto the street.She could hear random shouting from within her apartment building. People were fighting, screaming, going crazy. After the news networks went off the air, not too much later, the EMS system had kicked in and replaced every broadcast channel on her cable. The streets had cleared at that point.And still, she could not get her husband on the phone. How could he not think of them at a time like this?! Why hadn’t he called her? Sent someone to get them? For all she knew he could be dead too!It had been almost two hours since she’d had sex with Hector in the bathroom, and she still hadn’t showered to get the crusty semen funk off of herself. Hell, she hadn’t even gotten dressed. For some reason she didn’t seem to care that she was naked. She’d just fucked Hector and apparently Ruben had been standing at the door watching it all go down, so why put on a show of modesty now?She was literally certain now that some sort of biological weapon had been deployed and it was making people crazy…making them not care what they did. And it was fairly obvious that she’d contracted it. And maybe it had something to do with Hector’s giant junk too. How or why, she had no clue, but something had turned him into a virtual walking semen factory. And that wasn’t normal either so the two strange events had to be connected somehow or the other. But she was no scientist or doctor so the method to the madness continued to elude her.Her cell phone was all but worthless at this point. It didn’t even have a signal, which, she guessed, was probably the government’s doing…blocking all outgoing calls to prevent warnings going out to other locations. Her husband had once insinuated they had that capability.They…a collective term of which her husband was part. He worked for Homeland Security and yet here she and his c***dren were and where was he? Did everyone else mean more to him than they did? The only way she could manage not to start stabbing photos of him was to force herself into assuming maybe he was dead or injured and incapable of getting to them. Was that really the case? Or had he absconded to some special government facility with his fucking whore from work…someone who was also part of his governmental collective? She fought hard to resist going after photos of him on the bedside table.What had Jimmy told her? Stay inside…if you’ve got a gun, get it and don’t let anybody in. She walked over to the closet and opened it. Sliding the clothes aside, she reached into the back and punched in a security code on a small safe box and when the door popped open, she removed a Glock 9MM handgun and two fully loaded clips from it.Well, if he didn’t do anything else, he taught me how to shoot straight, Veronica admitted to herself as she checked the clip in the handgun’s handle to make sure it too, was loaded. She re-inserted the magazine and then carried the two extra clips over to the bedside table and left them lying on top of it. With the pistol still in hand, she walked over and opened the bedroom door and strolled out into the hallway.She was still naked and still bearing clear, flaking crust on her tits from Hector’s enormous ejaculation. The insides of her legs were gross as well and she was fairly certain the boy had cum in her as well as on her. Not that she cared. Martin didn’t want to fuck her…didn’t want to get her pregnant anymore, so maybe she had somebody now who did. So he was her own son…so what? Like other bitches wouldn’t fuck him too! His dick is huge! Sure he didn’t know what he was doing with it, but she could teach him all of that. And no, he was only twelve and looked like a scrawny scarecrow naked, but still…What the fuck is wrong with me?!? Why do I keep thinking stupid shit like this? And why am I walking around naked in here. I know Ruben is running around and he’s already witnessed enough of my crazy behavior and fat ass for one lifetime, I’m sure!She walked into the living room, her titties jostling side to side with each movement. The motion strangely drew her attention and she looked down…first at the crusty remains of Hector’s jizz and then she focused on her tits themselves. She lifted up on toes and bounced a little to make them flop and to her dismay, they felt…heavier? She dismissed it as her imagination and continued on her way towards the front door to the apartment. When she reached it, she unlocked and opened it. With curiosity, she gazed out into the long hallway to see what or who might be out there.To her shock, a pudgy girl with a bad, boyish haircut lay naked two doors down. Her tits were immense. She couldn’t have been more than twelve or thirteen and yet her titties were each twice the size of her head, veins and stretch marks enveloping the tight skin that surrounded them. Milk appeared to be dribbling from her nipples and she looked for all the world like she’d been stripped and tossed out of one of the apartments.She glanced back toward Veronica and blinked as if she wanted to say something, but couldn’t.“Aren’t you Janet Robinson’s daughter?” she called out to the girl. “What are you doing naked in the hallway?”“I don’t know…I…I woke up with giant boobs this morning and mom came into my room and saw me and then she dragged me out of bed and tossed me out into the hall…I been here for like two hours and she won’t let me back in.”Veronica was suddenly pissed off.Naked, she stormed down the hallway to Robinson’s door and rapped on it hard with the Glock.“Hey bitch…open up and let your k** in…it ain’t fucking safe out here!”“Go fuck yourself! I don’t want that fat bitch in here with her giant damn titties! Lawrence will wanna fuck her instead of me!”“No you go fuck yourself,” Veronica replied and fired four shots directly through the door, then put a fifth one through the door lock. With little effort, she nudged the door open and stared down at the girl’s mother lying flat on her back, four holes in her chest. It was evident that she was quite dead. As she and the girl watched, a large pool of blood began to blossom out from under the woman’s body.“You wanna suck my titties,” the girl asked as she turned to go back to her own apartment.“How old are you?”“Twelve, why?”“I don’t, but I bet I know who does,” she added. “C’mon back to my apartment with me.”“Okay,” the girl chirped, apparently oblivious to her mother being murdered right before her eyes.ALBENSTATE MEMORIAL HOSPITALPHILADELPHIA11:52 AMNurse Shelly Hayes sighed as she dropped her fat ass into her office chair once more. Having just completed rounds and medications all on her own, she was exhausted. She’d been all alone on the floor since nine that morning and while nothing was really going on, she’d heard nothing but stories of chaos. And none of the TV’s in any of the patient rooms seemed to be working, so she had no idea what was going on outside the hospital.She noticed her phone was blinking and decided to check it. It was a voice mail…from Lawrence? He never called her. He was trying to get rid of her and she knew that, but she loved him and just couldn’t seem to let go of that fact…or him. They’d been separated for nearly a year now and he was hounding her to file for divorce. She’d been putting him off. He was probably calling to nag her some more about it.She hit the pre-saved icon for him on her smartphone and waiting for him to pick up. Instead of his voice, all she got was an “All circuits are busy,” notice.Annoyed, she picked up the nurses’ station land line phone and dialed his number manually. He answered on the second ring.“What do you want?” she immediately demanded.“You…haven’t heard from Janet have you?”“No, can’t say she has a habit of calling me, actually and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t take calls from me. Why?”“I know you hate her, okay…I get it…but I can’t seem to get through to her and I tried getting back into the city but the roads are all blocked off by the National Guard.”“Where are you at?”“Cross the river…they got the bridge sealed off.”“What are you doing over there?”“It was a business meeting…cut the interrogation, I’m not listening to that shit, woman! I just wanted to know if you’d heard from Janet or if you could get through to her and tell her I’m stuck outside the city.”Shelly lifted her bottled water and chugged several gulps from it and then tossed the empty container into a nearby trash bin before bothering to say anything else to him.“Let me guess, you expect me to worry about her? She stole my husband…so you know what, fuck her.”“Don’t be a bitch, Shelly…okay…some crazy shit is going on everywhere and I really kinda freaking the fuck out here. People are saying they let loose some kind of biological weapon in Philly and that’s why they sealed it off. I also heard some guy saying the CDC down in Atlanta was blown up about an hour ago.”Suddenly Shelly was a little less hostile and a little more concerned about herself.“Are you telling me they have quarantined Philadelphia, Lawrence?”“Nobody is getting in or out, babe…the National Guard is fucking shooting people that try to cross the bridge.”“That’s insane!”“Where are you at? What rock you been hiding under?”“I’m stuck on the floor up here by myself…everybody else got sent down to the ER hours ago. I knew shit was going on but not all this.”“Turn on a TV, for fuck’s sake!”“I can’t…none of them are getting any signals up here.”“I don’t know what’s happened, but it’s bad, Shelly and if you can get out of there…please…I’m begging you…go…go find Janet and Beth and try to get them out of the city or at least tell them I’m okay and that I’ll get to them as soon as I can.”She wanted to tell him to go fuck himself but she honestly still felt bad for the girl, Beth. It was bad enough the girl’s father was a deadbeat motherfucker, but then her mother was a stuck-up bitch that nagged her for putting on a tiny bit of weight. Lawrence aside, she felt like she needed to at least check on the girl. Like it or not, she was his soon-to-be step-daughter.“When my shift is up, I’ll go by the complex and see if I can find them,” she conceded.She suddenly realized the line was dead. She tapped at the phone several times and tried to redial, but got no tone from the device.Reaching for her cellphone didn’t yield much more luck. She had absolutely zero signal.“We still got power…generators having even kicked on,” she muttered to herself. “So why are the towers not…” and then she realized if the government had quarantined the city, they’d likely jam all phones and cut all land lines. It would take them a while, but they’d eventually get every communication asset including carrier pigeons…to stop the infected from arranging for escapes.“FUCK…” she blurted out loud as she leaned back in her chair and took in the severity of her situation. “Fuck this shit…I ain’t dying for a bunch of old geezers.”Standing up, she looked around and then eyed the security cameras in the end of each hall. Carefully, she picked up a patient chart and pretended to walk down the hall toward a room, but she reached the elevator, she tapped the down key and immediately jumped aboard when the doors finally opened.Downstairs in the Emergency Room, one could not pass down the main entrance hall without touching people, most of who were either injured or with someone who was injured. Just on a guess, Claudia Wagner imagined there was close to four or five hundred people pushing and gouging one another to get inside the hospital and it had become so bad, that security and the police had begun turning people away and had sealed off the hospital grounds. No one was now getting in or out.Last she’d been told, no medical personnel nor staff of any nature were being allowed out either. They needed every last man or woman they could muster to deal with this crisis. And normally she’d have been in her element, but at this moment, she was thinking of her gorgeous husband and her teenage daughter. The phones were all down and getting the use the landlines was like a fight in the octagon to the death. And a few minutes ago, someone had even said the hospital phones were toast. Maybe she should have fought for the landline while she had the chance. It was a moot point now.She pushed her way into the back hall and escaped the never-ending barrage of injured. “Got one in six that hasn’t been triaged yet, Claude… can you take’em?” an ER nurse shouted to her as they flew past one another.“Kay-kay, six right?” Without waiting for an answer, she ripped the curtain back and barged into the number six triage room.Inside stood a distraught blonde woman of maybe thirty five, her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. Her eyes were bugging out and she looked absolutely mortified. A boy, maybe ten, sat atop the exam bed with a sheet pulled across his legs and lap. He looked nervous as well but uninjured for the most part.“Close the curtain!” the mom snapped, and then stepped around her to yank it closed herself. “I don’t want every bitch in here looking at izmir rus escort him!”“Okay, well what’s wrong with him, ma’am…I hate to rush you but we got knife and bullet wounds bleeding out in the hallway there, okay?”Her normal patient demeanor was lacking and had been in fact, quite dead for more than an hour now. She wanted to slap the woman in the face for snapping at her about a fucking curtain. As if anybody wanted to see her precious little prick anyway, right?“What’s wrong with him? I don’t know, why don’t you fucking tell me!” she snapped and yanked the sheet from the boy, revealing he had no pants on at all…and…“WHAT THE FU–” she bit her own lip to silence her shock and vulgar language. Despite the boy barely being ten or so and despite his small size, between his legs lay a snake of a penis that d****d over the oval edge of a pair of extremely bloated testicles. His ball sack was at least the size of a large orange and his penis had to be nine or more inches long. And it wasn’t just long, but also fat. It disturbed her to look at him…reminding her of seeing a horse or mule with its junk out for action. You stared in shock but then wished you hadn’t. She urped a bit in her mouth and had to turn around so she couldn’t see.“Has…has he been bitten by anything? Is he able to urinate adequately…any pain…discomfort…any…any,” and she just ran out of thoughts and questions.“No and yes…he’s fine except for…for THIS THING,” she replied, blurting the last part as she motioned at his still bared genitals. “I didn’t know what to do…it’s not right. I mean that is not normal right? And this happened since last night, okay?!! He woke up like this…I’m not crazy, okay? I’m not!”“Calm down,” she told her and tried to pat her on the shoulder. “Million things could be causing it, but I’m fairly certain none of them are life-threatening. As long as he can urinate, then it could just be a…a…” and her voice tapered off because she really had no fucking idea what would cause such an overnight size transformation in a boy’s genitals to this degree.“You have no idea, do you?”“I don’t,” she admitted. “And all the doctors are busy with bleeding patients. I know this sucks, but I can’t line you out for one. And I know you don’t want to stay here but they’ve closed off the hospital, so all I can do is maybe send you upstairs to wait for a doctor. Not checked in, just…I’ve got a friend upstairs who can let you hang out till we clear the ER some.”The woman looked pissed. “Do we have a choice?”“Not really,” she replied honestly.“Everyone keeps talking about a virus or something, so is that what’s wrong with him?”“No, no…I don’t know really. Whatever is going is causing people to act violently, so I don’t think that’s what’s going on with him,” she added, turning back to look at his immense genitals again.“Why do you keep looking at him like that?” the woman demanded.“What? Oh, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to–”“You want some of that, don’t you?! WELL FUCK YOU, CUNT! YOUR OLD ASS AIN’T TOUCHING HIM, YOU HEAR ME?! FUCK YOU! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!” and with that shouted, she lunged at Claudia and the two of them barreled out into the main hall through the cloth curtain before collapsing into a cat scrap on the cold floor.“WHORE! CUNT! KILL YOU!” the woman screamed and it seemed like ages before two policemen and a hospital security guard pulled the crazy bitch off of her.Rattled and sporting what she knew would end up being a black eye, she sat up on the floor and watched as the uniformed men dragged the still cursing woman away down the hall to who-knew-where. Still sitting on the floor holding her eye, she twisted and realized the boy was still in the exam room. No one could see him but her though. And to her discomfort, he was standing up now and still had no pants on. His efforts of getting off the table though, had sent his massive male appendage to swinging side to side like a clock pendulum. “WAIT!” she blurted, but the cops and guard were already gone with the woman. “SHIT!” she cursed, realizing she was now stuck with an unattended minor who had no pants and a serious issue going on.She climbed up from the floor and stepped back into the exam room. “Get your pants back on,” she told him.“The lady that put us in here took’em,” he replied.“SHIT!” she blurted again not giving a damn how unprofessional it was. “Your mom just got upset…umm… they probably just took her for a walk so she could calm down. She’ll be back to get you in a little bit. Umm…look, I’ll get you a gown to put on,” and she turned to rummage through a side cabinet till she found a hospital gown for him to put on.“HOLEE FUCK!” someone spouted from behind her. Turning, she realized it was one of the usual ER nurses. “What the fuck am I looking at?”“HEY!” she chirped and glared at her coworker. “They just took his mother for a stroll and I’m stuck like chuck, so don’t be freaking nobody out…’kaaaayyyyy?”“Is that what’s wrong with him?” the ER nurse asked and blatantly pointed at his genitals. “I mean is that ALL that’s going on with him?”“YES, I think so…but he mother took a walk,” and she tilted her head to try and indicate without saying it that security had hauled the woman off against her will. “Ponytail bitch? Look like the human skull grew bleach blonde shag? Saw her…man…serious psycho. Well I need this room so he’s got to go, move him out.”“WAIT! HEY…look at him…what–”“Babe if that’s all that’s wrong with him, he’s doing pretty good tonight. Hell, when they figure out what’s wrong with him, they should bottle it and sell some to my husband. Now move him out. They’re setting up tents outside for people, so send him out there.”Before she could say anything else, the other nurse took off.“I don’t wanna go out…I’m scared,” the boy said as he pulled his t-shirt off and stood completely naked in front of her. Suddenly she realized he was still holding the gown and he was waiting on it. Clumsily, she handed it to him and then helped him put it on. “Fuck this shit,” she muttered as she took him by the hand. “C’mon…I’ll take you upstairs myself.”At the end of the ER triage hall, she found herself confronted by trying to fight her way through the mob again and with a c***d in tow. That wasn’t happening, especially with him in nothing but a gown and with a dick that probably dragged the floor.She turned and cut through a side hallway and emerged moments later in the main entrance to the hospital. Cops and soldiers filled the main gallery and all turned to stare at them as they emerged from the hall they’d gone down.She did her best to smile and then urged the boy down to the main elevators. As the doors opened, she ran face to face with Shelly.“Hey,”“Hey,” Claudia replied.“Where you going?”“Where are YOU going?” she tossed right back at her, wondering who the fuck was watching the patients on their floor.Shelly leaned around her and took quick note of all the cops and soldiers standing around…staring back at them.“Get back in the fucking elevator,” Claudia hissed at her through clenched teeth. “Do it now, dammit!”Shelly sized up her much taller friend and decided maybe it wasn’t worth running just yet. Then she noticed the boy behind her finally.“Patient?”“NOT exactly, no…IN, bitch!” and without further preamble, she pushed Shelly back into the elevator and dragged the boy in with them.“What the fuck is going on?!” Shelly demanded when the doors finally eased shut and the elevator jerked upward.“SHIT…shit is going on,” she grumbled back at her. “They’ve sealed the hospital off…and nobody can leave and as far as we have been told, people all over the city are spazzing out and doing crazy shit.”“What happened to you…you’re eyes all swollen?”“HIS MOMMA,” she snapped and pointed at the boy. “Got pissed off ‘cause I looked at him crooked apparently and tried to beat my ass. Was doing a good job too, but she uhh…had to take a nice walk with the cops and so he’s sort of in need of a babysitter for a little while.”“Called his relatives?”“What…by smoke cloud? There ain’t no phones working, doofus!”“Yeah I sort of noticed that myself, thanks,” she agreed less sarcastically than she normally would have. “So you just expected me to take charge of him?”“I can’t watch him downstairs,” Claudia insisted, turning to look at her fat friend. “Just till they let his mother go I guess.”“Why’s he here anyway, is he hurt?”Before Claudia could respond, the boy pushed her aside and hefted up the tail of his overly long gown to reveal his gigantic manhood.Shelly looked at his face, then lower…then sucked in enough air to suffocate everyone in the elevator.“Breathe!” Claudia blurted and slapped her friend after a few silent moments.To her credit, the short, fat woman did her best to calmly motion for him to lower his gown before glaring at Claudia.She pulled her to the corner of the car and hissed at her, “What the hell was that?!”“I don’t know,” she began and the doors suddenly opened. The two moved forward and stepped out onto their usual floor with the boy in tow.“Were you gawking at his business when she jumped you?”“Maybe,” she admitted. “Wasn’t intentional though.”“Slut!” Shelly snapped and punched her humorously unable to resist the opportunity to dog her miss-perfect friend for something finally.“It wasn’t like that!” she bit back, rubbing her arm. “And thanks, but I’ve been punched enough for one day, fat ass!”“Okay, well let me tell you what I know then,” and with that, Shelly reiterated everything she had learned from husband, Lawrence on the phone before the line went dead.“Holee shit,” Claudia commented when Shelly finished talking. “That matches up with what I’ve heard downstairs too.”“So what’s going on?”“It’s gotta be some sort of attack, a bio-weapon or something. They’ve weaponized some sort of virus that’s making people act irrationally.”“Why? That makes no sense. Why not just kill us?”“I don’t know.”“Have you heard from gorgeous man and snot-nose?” Shelly asked, referring to Claudia’s husband and daughter.“No, nothing.”“I promised Lawrence I would try to get to Janet and her daughter if I could,” Shelly asserted. “I’m not gonna sit here and die on this floor. I was leaving when you ran into me downstairs.”“You can’t leave, they’ve got the whole hospital surrounded and there’s armed guards on every exit,” Claudia stated, astounded that her friend was blatantly telling she was abandoning her post and responsibilities.“They’re gonna fire you for this and you better hope nobody kills over up here after you leave,” she added, hoping to sway her friend’s decision.“You think I give a fuck?”About that time, old man Tanner rolled out of his room for his noontime exercise and pushed himself over to them. How long he’d been in his door listening to them was anybody’s guess.“Can we help you with anything, Mr. Tanner?”The old man hefted up a small hand-held transistor radio that had to be older than either of the two nurses.“With all the local transmissions shut down, I’m picking up Harrisburg and New York today and I got some bad, bad news, ladies.”“What?” Claudia was the first to ask.“This crazy thing is going on all up and down the whole coast…far down as Atlanta at least and all the way of to Maine. The President left Washington a few hours ago and they’re expecting an address to be broadcast at noon.”Just about that moment, the radio began screaming with the EMS alarm as did televisions in several rooms around them…and even Shelly’s smartphone went off.Unknown Location12:00 Noon“My fellow Americans, it saddens me to address this morning, but we face a grave threat with which are grossly unprepared. During the nighttime hours, I am informed that we suffered a biological attack of some nature which has caused many of you to begin acting violently without provocation. As of noon, Eastern Standard Time, I am declaring a state of emergency and instituting martial law to assist local communities in policing and maintaining control of our populace during this time of unprecedented threat. Our scientists are working around the clock to try and pinpoint the source of this contagion as well as to find a way in which to counter it. In the meantime, I am ordering all non-essential emergency personnel to remain in their homes and shelter in place. No one will be admitted to use the roads or freeways under any circumstances. I apologize for this inconvenience, but it is necessary to control the spread of v******e and to contain the outbreak.”“The East Coast appears to be the pivotal launch point for this weapon and many of you in the cities and towns along the coast are no doubt already aware of the chaos spreading around you. If you have the means, I urge you to defend yourselves and your property and do not rely on the response of government officials to protect you. I regret to admit that our Guard and police are overwhelmed and as this contagion spreads, it will only get worse. We are hoping it can be contained and we will update you as soon as there are any changes in this grave situation. I would like nothing more than to give you answers, but at this time, all we have are questions ourselves.”“May God have mercy on these United States and I hope with all my heart, that I will be able to address you again soon with words of promise and hope. Until that time, protect yourselves and each other.”BETA-2 SITEKENTUCKY12:04 NOONThe Colonel clicked his remote and shut off the monitor displaying the President delivering his address, and then turned to face the assembled officers and men under his command. Nearly three hundred men all stood silently, awaiting his words.“As you are now aware, we are in a state of war, but it is like no war we have ever faced. This one is for our izmir rus escort bayan very survival and we cannot bend in the face of this assault if we wish to preserve the very existence of our nation and our families.”“I have dispatched units to round up all of your families and bring them here. Within the next few hours, we will be going into total lockdown.”“Now, what I’m going to tell you is what the President did not tell the rest of our nation.”“We believe someone has deliberately poisoned our water supply with an agent that once ingested, causes the victim to act irrationally and without concern for the consequences of their actions. Essentially it is turning people into fucking psychopaths. It is my understanding that some can be reasoned with…some can even be controlled, but most are flipping out and going on killing rampages. The body count, as of ten this morning, was estimated at fifteen thousand. Some of the experts are guessing it’s more like a hundred and fifteen thousand. We won’t know till the dust clears…if it ever clears.”“Many of you are wondering who would do this? Who is our enemy and who are fighting? The answer is uncertain at this point. Every nation on this planet is suffering the same attack as we are, so whoever is responsible evidently has it in for humanity in general.”Having said that, he nodded slightly to Dr. Fitzgerald who sat off to his side.“As some of you already know, I have brought in Dr. Fitzgerald from Bridgestone…he’s also former CDC and an expert virologist. He’s agreed to remain on site with us for the duration to see if he can help us figure this thing out.”“What about the CDC itself, sir?” one of his officers blurted out loud to the nods of many others.“Some time ago, a Special forces unit entered Atlanta and utilized a small yield nuclear device to destroy the containment structure within the CDC. It is assumed that all personnel in the Atlanta facility have been contaminated and thereby compromised. All of their security clearances have been revoked. It is my understanding the facility was vacant at the time it was destroyed. So for all essential purposes, we have no CDC. We have Dr. Fitzgerald here and the few specialists located elsewhere at other bases like ours. We are setting up a network for these men at this time and by this evening, we hope to have them all working together on what to do.”About that time, one of the Colonel’s aides stepped up to the podium and whispered to him.The senior military man looked disturbed but then quickly recovered his bearings and turned to look at Miles sitting near him.“Don’t let his demeanor and killer good looks fool you, gentlemen…this man right here is scary smart.”Miles looked up then and over at the Colonel.“Sub off the coast of Japan just attempted to fire nukes at Beijing and was vaporized. Its destruction was confirmed by the Japanese defense forces nearby as well as the Chinese. The President felt it was imperative to let them know what we were attempting.”“Perhaps you’d like to step up and brief the men on what you believe is going on,” and turning to face his men, he added, “ and if one asshole so much as blinks wrong, I’ll toss your ass and your family out the gate myself. This man has been 100% right since he rolled in here two hours ago.”Miles stood and approached the podium.“I believe we are facing an outside threat. Likely a non-human threat which is far more advanced than we are. Aliens, extraterrestrials…boogey men from Mars… whatever you want to call them. My initial assessment was that our virus was waterborne. About forty minutes ago, Navy personnel in Norfolk were able to isolate and identify an active pathogen in the water supply of several Virginia cities.”“My secondary assessment was that a threat of this nature could not have been accomplished by any nationality currently residing on our planet. The virus has not been officially named yet, but it was a basic, harmless life form until its genetic code was turned on…apparently during the night by our human-hating new friends. We think they accomplished this by utilizing some sort of electronic signal broadcast from space.”“Are you saying we’re being invaded by aliens?” one of the officers in front couldn’t resist the urge to lay it out in simple terms.“We’re not being invaded…we’re being exterminated.” His response silenced the soldier and when he began to speak again, you could have heard a pin drop within the large assembly hall.“Any virus intended to eradicate us, would also affect all of the other mammals on our planet. It would devastate the ecosystem and basically kill our world. So if you want our tiny little world intact and functional, you need to get rid of us and us alone. Setting us on one another would bring about nuclear war and again, destroy the very prize our boogeymen are after. Sending in a massive armada of alien shock troops would also devastate the planet and we’d likely retaliate with nukes, so again no victory. So a quiet, personalized weapon is all that can be successfully employed here.”“Is this being broadcast to the rest of the network?” the Colonel whispered to his aid that was operating a video camera. The man nodded.“That weapon must be biological and it must utilize the elements of our physical makeup that make us unique among other mammals on this planet. Those elements are quite simple when you break it down. One, we have the capacity to commit great v******e. In the wild, a wolf with the most veracious of teeth and claws can still only kill so many other a****ls…but a human being with an assault rifle can walk into a mall and kill hundreds. And two, unlike most a****ls we have a capacity for hatred and long term memory. The wolf kills the rabbit, but does the rabbit hate the wolf? He fears him certainly, but if he escapes, he does not return later and try to kill the wolf in his sleep. And thirdly, we have sex constantly. Most mammals have yearly mating cycles and we do not. We are also very amorous and wild if you follow my insinuation here. The wolves don’t have orgies. A lone wolf will mate with only a few females in his entire lifetime. Man possesses the capacity to mate multiple times in a single day.”A few of the soldiers were starting to smirk and turn red as he continued to address them.“It sounds amusing but it’s not. These three things are how our enemy intends to exterminate us. Make no mistake, gentlemen…these fuckers are way smarter than we are and for whatever reason, they want our planet.”“I regret to say that the submarine and its crew that the Colonel spoke of…were acting on my recommendations to the President. I assumed, that any attacking alien force would not allow us to start lobbing nukes for fear of damaging the planet. The only way to test the theory and confirm my hypothesis was to attempt and launch. I had no idea they would destroy the ship. I had hoped that at worst, they would disable it. I was wrong and I’m certain now they’ll know we’re on to them.”“The good that comes of this, is at least we know who our enemy is now and figuring out the basics behind the virus will be easier.”“So this virus is causing us to act violently on an individual basis. Chaos is their goal? Surely this won’t kill us all and how why didn’t they just program something that would go directly after us…something more direct?”The question came from a female soldier in the front row to Miles’ left.“Stand up soldier,” the Colonel called out and the woman stood up at attention.“Captain Lena Bowman, sir!”“Do you have any training in virology, Captain,” Miles asked.“I have a doctorate in medicine, sir…I’m the base physician.”“Congratulations…you just got promoted to work with me, Captain.” The woman looked stunned. “Your question is one we’re trying to answer. Thus far we are at a loss on certain aspects of this attack. And some of those elements need to be addressed to you all so that you understand what to look for in regards to signs and symptoms of this outbreak.”The Colonel put his head down. He’d heard Mile’s theory earlier and been unable to buy into it, but now that the sub had been zapped, he was finding it difficult NOT to listen to the man. He’d been right so far and the President was placing him in charge of all anti-viral operations, but of course he hadn’t told him that yet. He was also having this address broadcast to every military base in the world.“Initially one element of the virus was being overlooked. It began showing up later this morning. Reports of pubescent male c***dren displaying oversized genitals and girls presenting immensely swollen breasts were of course deemed non-life-threatening. They were getting shuffled along, but as this morning’s chaos progressed, reports began surfacing that indicated these c***dren are part of the contagion process.”“I’ve spoken with several of my counterparts by satellite during the last hour and the best we can come up with, is that our alien buddies could not manage to contaminate all of our water supplies. The cities were easy, but the outer communities and rural areas rely on underground sources…sources that are filtered out by the bedrock and have no open surface sources. So our alien pals needed a way to get their virus into the rural areas in order to contaminate the people living there.”“We protect our c***dren,” the Captain, having sat back down now, blurted loud enough he could hear her.“Exactly,” he affirmed for her. “They’ve turned them into Vectors…carriers of the virus. And since the virus is waterborne, bodily fluids are the best way to deliver the virus to new hosts. Parents smuggle their c***dren out of the cities and then they spread the contagion through their bodily fluids…semen and milk. It sounds ludicrous I know, but it’s also damned brilliant.”“So what, we’re on the lookout for crazy people and k**s with big tits and long dicks?” The soldier who asked didn’t seem too awfully concerned that the Colonel was glaring at him.Miles smiled but then returned his expression to one of grave importance. “That is exactly what I’m telling you, soldier. These vector c***dren will be our undoing if they get out of the cities. Their spit, their blood…the semen and sweat are all carrying this virus and they may also be emitting pheromones that cause people to be protective of them. Prepare yourselves mentally to deal with this. You may very well be forced to shoot c***dren. I will not sugarcoat it for you. It must be assumed that the virus will eventually break down the hosts and kill them. They’re probably dead anyway. As the Captain pointed out, the bastards are way ahead of us…the question of whether they can manipulate a virus better than we can is nearly assured and we can’t really hope to understand their motives or intentions at this point. But I can safely say that they intend to wipe out as many of us as they can and this virus may just be the first shot they fire at us.”“Doc…are we just screwed?” the same smartass soldier asked only to have the guy next to him slap him with his beret.“Screwed? Probably. Can we survive this? We are hopeful. Do we hold out and attempt communication, maybe negotiate a peace? No. They don’t want peace and they already considered us no more than insects that are annoyingly infesting a planet they want. So understand that this war will not end well. It can only go one of two ways…either we kill them or they kill us.”ALBENSTATE MEMORIAL HOSPITALPHILADELPHIA12:17 NOONOld man Tanner snorted and clicked is transistor radio off, burying it in the area between his hip and the sides of his wheelchair.“Do you ladies know who I am,” he asked and grinned like a Cheshire cat as they looked at him with perplexed expressions. “I’m just old Mr. Tanner…the crone in the wheelchair that rolls around inviting young lovelies to bump their butts into him…right? But have either of you ever asked yourself who I was back in the day, hmm?”“Who were you?” Shelly asked before Claudia could.“It was General Tanner, United States Marine Corp,” he stated with bold and proud enthusiasm. “Retired with thirty two years under my belt and three damn wars.”He cleared his throat and tried to straighten up in his chair before continuing.“Now do you want to know what’s really going on?”Claudia nodded first.“I retired in 1998…and it was under Clinton’s administration that we were first tasked with assessing the possibility of interplanetary invasion. A threat from another species that might view our planet as a prize worth stealing from us.”“Should I put my tinfoil hat on, Mr. Tanner?” Shelly asked sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.“Put on what you like…but it ain’t gonna save your pretty, fat ass,” he countered. “We were told by the big brains in the nineties that an attack would be biological and would be worldwide and that the best we could hope for would be to contain the outbreaks and hunker down until the fuckers landed and then start a counter insurgency against their occupation forces.”“Did they say anything about this,” the boy asked and whipped up his hospital gown.“Nope…can’t say I remember them turning us into porn stars, my young friend. But you’ve got a helluva a promising career if we survive this shit.”“Alright, I gotta get back downstairs,” Claudia muttered and turned to head back to the elevators. “You think you’re gonna make any difference down there, Miss Wagner?” the old man called out to her. “For every one you patch up, two will take his place and the cycle will continue till you run out of needle and thread and then they’ll turn on you and you’ll end up needing the stitches yourself. The afflicted zones are lost. Why do you think the military has shut off the roads into the city? To keep us all izmir rus escort in…till they find a cure or we’ll all dead.”“He’s right…they’re quarantining us,” Shelly admitted and hated herself for agreeing with the crazy old coot.“So what do you think we should do then?” Claudia asked, stepping back towards them. “Give up? Just let everybody downstairs suffer and die?”“Do you want to live? Do you want the chance to live or do you intend to die down there in that ER?” the old man pressed her. “You gonna leave this boy here till he dies too?”“His mother is downstairs…they’ll let her go and she can take care of him,” she argued.“What about your own family?” he jabbed hard again.“They know I’m a nurse…it’s my job,” she replied.“You think they’re gonna give a shit when shit shows up to claim them?”“Enough, Mister Tanner! I’m not leaving here if that’s what you’re trying to convince me to do.”Shelly stood next to her shaking her head.“As an old Marine, let me tell you a simple truth. Valor is grand except in the face of hopelessness. Sometimes a valiant death is necessary and called for. The defenders of the Alamo gave their lives to rally the defense of Texas and the defeat of the Mexicans. Their deaths and fight meant something. But here, now…you and her. The government has a plan for this thing…and riding in to the cities to rescue everyone is NOT part of that plan. We’re all going to be abandoned…we already are. You heard what the President said a few minutes ago. We’re on our own, come what may.”“I’m going back down and you…if I see your fat ass heading for a door, I’m gonna put my foot in it. You don’t even have no family, you hear me?!” and with that said to her overweight friend, she turned and stormed off toward the elevator.“Get the fuck out of here as soon as you can,” the old man told Shelly and the boy as he wheeled off back to his room.The elevator doors opened up and Claudia stepped out into chaos. Cops were all pointing their guns and converging on a location near the doors. She immediately scanned the large gallery and noted three officers shot dead a fourth holding his arm. She ran to him and tried to get him up off the floor.“What happened?”The cop looked shocked and pointed over towards the crowd of his fellow officers with his good arm.“Some crazy bitch walked in with a damn assault rifle and just cut loose on us.”She ripped his shirt sleeve open with the scissors she kept in her pocket and realized the wound was huge and went completely through his arm. “You’ve got to get into the ER,” she insisted and tried to get him moving. By the point, several other cops had come to his aid and headed off with him, leaving her behind.Hesitantly she turned back toward the doors where the assailant had apparently been firing and as the crowd of cops began to pull back and reholster their weapons, she recognized the dead woman on the floor in front of the doors as the blonde mother of the boy she’d just taken upstairs.For seconds, she couldn’t breathe.“You okay?” one of the cops asked as he sipped from a bottle of water. “You know her?”“She…she hit me in the ER a little while ago…they threw her out for attacking me,” she explained.“Psycho cunt…she busted into one of our cruisers and stole the rifle. Ain’t gotta worry about her no more,” he added with a snort of amusement.Claudia looked down and realized she had the cop’s blood all over her. Panning back to the dead woman, she realized the cops were kicking at her with their feet and then one walked up and spit on her. None of them seemed concerned with their own dead. Three bodies in uniform just lying there and no one cared. She looked back to the water bottle cop and sneered at him. “You gonna cover your own over there are kick and spit on them too?”“Huh? Oh…damn…that sucks,” he replied as if his dead comrades were more of an inconvenience than anything else. “Hey guys…that cunt killed Lewis…look at that,” he called out to some of his buddies.“Fuck me, I liked Lewis,” one called out as they all turned and stared at the corpse along the far wall.Suddenly she realized the old man upstairs had been right. This was a battle that would not be won. Giving her life fighting it was just going to be wasteful and stupid.She hit the elevator button again.“What’s your name studmuffin?” Shelly asked as the boy paced around her chair.“Craig Moreno,” he asserted and continued to pace.Shelly turned and watched him for a few moments till she noticed she could see his dick swinging back and forth beneath the gown. His balls were so bloated they were hefting his penis outward and so it stuck out like a covered elephant trunk through the gown’s fabric. With every step he took, it swayed side to side.The boy noticed she was staring at it and stopped walking. This drew her attention and she glanced up to his face and smiled. “Sorry,” she apologized. “It was a little bit mesmerizing. Consider that a compliment, studman.”“Here,” he said and fished up the tail of his gown to fully reveal his nakedness beneath it. “Look at it, I don’t care.”“Ya’know,” she began, “if you’re just gonna keep whipping that gown up and showing everybody, then what the hell are you even wearing it for?”About that moment, the elevator chimed down the hall and Claudia reappeared…covered in blood. Both she and the boy stared in shock as the tall woman stalked down the hall toward them at the desk.“What the fuck?” Shelly gasped.“Why is he naked?” Claudia blurted at her.“What?” Turning, she found Craig was standing beside her completely bare of clothing. “I was making a point, not telling you to do it!” she groused at him. “Put your damn gown back on!”Claudia glared at her.“Oh stuff it up your ass! I asked him why he was wearing it if he kept whipping it up and showing it off…’cause he showed it to me again for no reason.”“She was looking at it,” he chirped as he looked around for the discarded gown he’d tossed.“His mother,” Claudia hissed and ran her finger across her neck and then motioned to the blood on her own arms and uniform.Shelly’s eyes bugged. “Seriously?”“Get your fucking shit…we are getting out of her…NOW!”“With him?”“With him,” Claudia asserted. “And don’t you say a word to him.”Shelly nodded and jumped up.“Why are you still naked, you dork?” Claudia called out to him from the opposite side of the desk.“Found it,” he chimed back as he leaned down and retrieved his gown. “So we’re leaving?”“Yes,” Shelly replied and shoved him forward.Old man Tanner, always listening apparently, rolled out into the hallway and saluted them.“I understand now,” Claudia said to him as she ushered them all down past him to the elevators.“No shame in strategic retreat. Ask MacArthur. When he was done we’d paid the Japanese back tenfold. Live to fight another day, ladies.”She felt like she should offer to take him with them but before she could say anything, he turned in his chair and wheeled back into his room.“C’mon…I know what you’re thinking, but we can’t get out of here with him and he knows that,” Shelly told her as they reached the elevator. “We’ll never get out past the cops down there,” she added as the doors chimed and opened.“We’re going to the basement…I got my elevator key. The maintenance man told me there’s a service tunnel down there that goes out under the street.”PARKHOUSE APARTMENTSPHILADELPHIA12:17 NOONThe girl sat at the table and steadily ate a bowl of soup that Veronica had heated up for her.“I shot your mother,” she said matter-of-factly from across the table. “And we’re sitting here naked. Doesn’t that seem odd to you?”“She was a twat,” the girl replied between slurps of soup and noodles.“This virus thing they were talking about on the TV a few minutes ago…I think we might have it,” she asserted.“Maybe,” the girl agreed somewhat as she slurped another spoonful of chicken noodle.“You woke up with giant tits, right? Well my oldest boy woke up with this big, fat fucking cock and his balls are like just gigantic too. I had sex with him in my bathroom.”“That’s weird,” she agreed and slurped once more.“Hey Hector!” she bellowed off in the direction of her sons’ rooms. A door opened and she saw him sauntering down the hallway towards them wearing a t-shirt and shorts…the latter of which was failing miserably to contain his genitals. “Hey, pull your pants down and show her your dick.”He looked over at the naked girl with the watermelon sized tits and promptly pulled his shorts down and showed her his own oversized body parts.The girl looked and then returned to her slurping without so much as batting an eye. And he pulled up his pants and headed back to his room.By this point, his brother had appeared though, to see what the commotion might be.Veronica realized she hadn’t spoken to him since discovering him watching her boning his brother hours earlier. She figured she needed to talk to him about it especially before his father came home, but for some reason the whole thing just seemed unimportant.The boy stared at his mother and it made her suddenly aware she was naked. And then his eyes turned to the pudgy girl with the boyish haircut slurping her soup.The girl…Beth was her name, suddenly stopped and turned to look at the boy. Her expression was one of odd excitement.“You want to suck on my titties?” she asked him with a broad and somewhat disturbing smile on her face.The boy looked horrified and took off running back to his room.Beth looked dejected. “Well he’s a dick,” she muttered as she returned to her soup.“Probably mad ‘cause he didn’t wake up with a super dick like his brother,” Veronica commented nonchalantly.“You sure?” the girl asked.“Hmm,” Veronica replied, suddenly unsure of herself. “I really don’t know. I didn’t honestly look that low on him. Did you see any bulges in his pants?”“Didn’t look either,” she admitted.“I’m gonna go see,” she asserted as she stood up and stalked down the hallway toward her younger son’s bedroom.She opened his door and found him cowering in the corner by his window looking out.She suddenly felt a tinge of sorrow for him.“I’m sorry about earlier,” she said, though she wasn’t really. Well she was sorry about him seeing them, but not for what she was doing. Hell, Hector was eating it up.“What were you doing with Hector?” he asked and then looked at her with an expression of confusion. “And how come everyone is walking around naked? I saw people fighting in the street earlier.”“I was just helping Hector with a problem he had,” she explained. She was…that wasn’t a total lie, now was it? And umm…I don’t know. Not sure why we wear clothes to start with. It’s our house. Kinda stupid, huh? Take yours off if you want to.”He stood up and looked even more confused at her.“Do it,” she insisted. “Take your damn clothes off.”He nodded and then began pulling his pants down.She stared anxiously awaiting to see what popped out and she didn’t have to wait long. As his pants rolled down, his genitals flopped out and she was startled to discover, like his brother, his man parts were far larger than they should have been. By no means were they as large as Hector’s but they were easily described as bigger than normal.At that moment, Hector stepped into the room and saw his brother was naked. Without any warning or preamble, he shucked his own clothes and walked up to his mother and began to rub her ass with his hand.Ruben watched in rapt horror and fascination as the two of them began to make out and then flopped on to his small bed and began to fuck.Veronica was on top, riding Hector’s nine inch cock like a fucking cowboy on a horse. Her tits were flopping every which direction and her son beneath her was moaning and clawing at her plump belly like it was a third tit. She reached up and pulled hard on her thick nipples and then lunged forward onto all fours, her face maybe a foot or so from Ruben’s.“Fuck it…fuck that damn pussy, boy!” she muttered to Hector beneath her. His mouth had found her torpedo shaped tits by this point and she was nearly out of control with sexual ecstasy. She looked over at Ruben and the boy was still just standing there and gawking much as he had earlier when she’d noticed him out in the hall watching them.His penis was growing erect and it fascinated her to no end. Was he man enough to climb into this fray? She reached out for his penis just as she heard voices out in the living room.She heard heavy footsteps…not walking but bustling and then the door swung fully open and men in black swat outfits burst in wearing gasmasks.“Aw fuck shit,” the first man in the trio cursed.“Your turn, asshole,” one of the others said as he and the third man turned and exited the room, leaving the one armed fellow standing at the foot of the bed.“You sick fucking bitch,” he muttered at her as he raised his rifle and took aim.Out in the living room, the other two men examined the dining table and its nearly empty bowl of soup.“What’s on the floor there?” one asked the other.“Looks like milk I guess…fuck who cares?”About that moment a brief rip of gunfire erupted from the bedroom and then the third man reappeared and joined his two comrades.“So who’s gonna tell Alvarez we ko’d his whole fucking family?”“Fuck you two…I’m the one had to shoot the bitch and two k**s. I’m done for the day man…you assholes can have this fucking shit.”“You see the size of the cock on the older one? Damn, I think he’s got boner of the day, man!” the one closest to the front door commented as they all filed out into the complex hallway leaving the door wide open.The shooter lingered at the door as his two friends carried on down the hall. Looking back into the apartment he scanned in one last time, feeling as though something was off or amiss. After a moment, he gave up and departed.Minutes later, Beth emerged from the closet in the kitchen and wandered back in the apartment towards the bedrooms.“Well fuck,” she commented as she gazed into Ruben’s room at the carnage within it. “I don’t guess anybody here is ever gonna suck my titties.” Without concern, she waltzed back into the kitchen and returned to her soup.To be continued…

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