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The VideoOnce again need to put that disclaimer so everyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size knows this is a work of total fiction. As far as any action goes if it resembles anything real that is a complete accident. This post is the result of an idle mind.The VideoMy name if Ron, I’m actually a senior citizen dealing with ED so sex is mainly something I wish I could do. Can still masturbate but it takes a while, which is pretty frustrating.My background is in TV and productions as a tech. Retired now and kind of enjoying not having those deadlines and other pressures.Sever months ago I met a young black guy named Jamal. He was trying to get a small video camera to work so I showed him how to do it.Then he asked if I could help him with some lighting and I did. Nice actually meet a young guy who wants to know how to use modern equipment.Then I asked him what he planned to do with it. I was shocked but interested when I heard his plans.He and his cute, white girl friend were going to do a video of him ass fucking her. Now Cindy is a cute little thing, about 19 and you’d never guess she was into that.He also had a Go Pro I showed him how to use. Then he asked if I’d be present to help with the equipment and maybe shoot some footage as well.Of course I said I’d do it. And finally the day arrived.We had a sit down session first and I explained that some of the best are usually of the gal’s face while she’s being fucked in the ass. They usually aren’t exactly comfortable and if there is pain then he could also promote it as a “painal” video as well as anal.I offered to get some overall shots bahis firmaları as well as the finish one many videos don’t include.That’s when after the guy is finished they need to spread the woman’s cheeks so the cum on her ass hole is showing and maybe she can push a bit of it out as well as putting a hand back there on the way to the bathroom.Before the scene was to happen Cindy had an errand to run so she and Jamal took off. As for me I got things ready and also made sure my editing software on my computer was ready to go.Finally they arrived and she got ready. I told Jamal that during the session every now and then to lean over kiss her and give encouraging words to Cindy.As far as her being uncomfortable I said don’t really hurt her but some discomfort as well as a few ‘ouches,” and gasps just added spice to the video.After a while Cindy emerged from the bathroom with only a robe on. Once that was taken off I was stunned and almost got a hard on just looking at her.She’s about 5’6” while Jamal is six feet, perky tits with flat stomach and an ass to die for that morphed into a pair of the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen.In my mind I’m wondering if I can ever get past this ED maybe Jamal would loan her to me for a weekend or a week. That would sure get my old heart running.Anyway they began to kiss and I was busy taking footage of that as he rubbed her, fondled her breasts, kissed her neck then put Cindy on her back. After that he headed south and began to lick her pussy. Soon she had a huge orgasm and I thought Jamal might suffocate the way Cindy had pressed his face into her pussy kaçak iddaa area.Finally it was time. He rolled her over, after rimming for a bit applied lube to her ass hole as well as inside of it. I turned on the Go Pro and made sure we had a good view of her face as well as some above her so he could also be seen.We put a pillow under her pelvis then he lined himself up and after first putting one finger then two in her ass hole he lined up his dick. She was kind of smiling until he began to go up her ass then her eyes got wide and an expression of pain crossed her face as well as an “ouch!”Slowly he inched his cock into her now stretched anus as her expression changed to discomfort. This wasn’t going to be too good an experience for her and I found out later it was her first time doing an anal.Once all the way in Jamal leaned forward so he was on her back and whispered in her ear. His words were of encouragement and love giving her a softer expression that soon changed when he began to fuck her ass.In and out he went as she was just hanging on and not looking too good. Every now then he would stop to give her a rest then continue.Each time she relaxed but soon stiffened as he began his in and out motion. All the time I was getting shots from behind where you could clearly see his cock going in and out of her ass as well as overall shots of them.Over the next 30 minutes he would fuck her then pause for a couple of minutes so she could catch her breath. Sometimes you could see pain on her face as well as hearing her saying “Ouch, That Hurts and Oh God that’s big.”Finally after the last pause kaçak bahis when he again kissed her and offered words of encouragement, his intensity increased as did her discomfort. Faster and faster he went as the thrashing continued while this little gal was taking all of it.Finally he pushed as hard as he could while she gave out with a muffled scream as he pumped his load deep into her ass. Then they both just laid there while he kissed and held her.Finally he pulled out then spread her cheeks so I got a shot of some of his cum at her ass hole. Then we had her get up on hands and knees and push a bit out.After that she put her hand to cover her ass hole, got up and headed for the bathroom. That’s when I collected the Go Pro and camera’s memory card and took my leave.Over the next few days I edited it so the video was very smooth and showed all the emotion and discomfort she endured. Jamal had started a xHamster page and that would be his first post. We all looked at the final product and then he went to work.Well it was a huge hit and soon people were wanting to friend their page as well as requesting more. Cindy didn’t want to do another anal but she did more including creampie gangbangs.It was a huge success and soon they had enough money to move away to a larger city. Last I heard she had a baby and they were raising a family.As for me, every now and then I watch “The Video,” and enjoy her suffering once again. Since then I’ve edited their next dozen videos and they both started an Internet site where people can buy DVDs of them in action.Now I’m looking where I can use my skills again. Helping make a porn video is a real turn on.Finally I did find a way to get around my ED so I’m ready to go again. Wonder if I called Jamal would he lend Cindy to me for, oh say, a week.The worst he could say is yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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