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Subject: The Underwear Models III NOTE: This is a work of fiction and although I might wish otherwise is not a depiction of actual events nor is it reflective of the sexualities or preferences of anyone involved. Nor do I own any copyrights or trademarks referenced or used in this work of fiction. With that said I hope you enjoy this piece of fiction. If you did enjoy it please feel free to get in touch. Feedback, requests and good chat are welcomed! Also if you can then you should consider donating to Nifty to help keep this site running so you can enjoy more glorious works of fiction fty/ The Underwear Models III “Now obviously you’re not the first pop star to strip down to their underwear…” “No!” Liam was deep into another round of interviews. In theory he was promoting his new album and latest single but invariably the questioning would always steer back to his underwear campaign. Not that he objected. He was being paid handsomely to serve as the face and body of his own line of Hugo Boss clothing after all. “So what do you make of your competition?” Liam broke into his well practiced and casual laugh at the question before launching into the rest of his well used response to this particular line of questioning. “Who did you have in mind?” “Well, I mean, Justin Bieber pretty famously stripped down to his Calvin’s!” “He did! He did! Look I think he did it well but I think I did it better…” Liam slipped into a comfortable and polished autopilot for the rest of the interview. Slipping in some casual flirty responses to the female interviewer’s questions about his underwear shoot and his new music. He supposed he’d been asked the same group of questions a few hundred times at this point and his answers had become as canned and predictable as the questions themselves. If he wasn’t asked about other famous underwear shoots then he’d be asked which of his One Direction bandmates would be the ones to follow in his footsteps and strip off in front of the camera. Liam did like to switch up his response to that one every now and then. Picking a different member of his former band depending upon his mood. If he’d answered truthfully then Liam would be forced to say that he’d never really given any thought to any other celebrity underwear shoots. Of course he’d been vaguely aware of most of them, some more than others, but prior to the release of his own shoot he’d never paid them any real attention. He recognised that he wasn’t really the intended market for those campaigns and that he wouldn’t be the intended market for his own campaign. Of course he also considered if that was still true. In the weeks following the launch of his Hugo campaign Liam had experienced things he would never have previously imagined. He imagined them quite a lot now. But he wasn’t just remembering the time he’d spent with Ronaldo or thinking of future meetings between the two. The pair had been exchanging almost daily messages and phone calls in the weeks since Liam’s trip to Italy trying to coordinate schedules and arrange another meeting. Liam was also finding himself considering things he hadn’t before, like the other celebrity fronted underwear campaigns he was unfailingly asked about. Of course he’d become intimately familiar with Cristiano’s various shoots and still found himself drawn to those images more than any other but he’d also critically assessed shoots from the likes of David Beckham and Justin Bieber. In all honesty he hadn’t found himself particularly drawn to Bieber’s shoot, in comparison to the mountain of muscle that was Cristiano Ronaldo Liam wasn’t sure he saw or understood the appeal. He was just a little too scrawny. There was, Liam decided, no challenge there, Bieber was a clear beta. Beckham’s shoots had proven more enticing though. The older muscled man seemed of a type with Ronaldo. Both world class athletes and beauties. He imagined there would be a similar thrill to bedding Beckham as there’d been with Ronaldo. Perhaps more given his older more worldly status. Not that Liam was finished with Cristiano just yet. The trip to Italy and their night in Ronaldo’s home had established the dynamic of their relationship. Liam had had his position as alpha confirmed. Ronaldo, despite his God-like physique and status as the best in the world, had been more than willing to submit to him. Liam might even have described him as desperate. The way he’d greedily sucked and licked on Liam’s toes and allowed his throat to be used and roughly fucked had been surprising and yet it felt entirely right. Occasionally, in the weeks after Italy, Liam wondered how many other men Ronaldo had allowed to use him in that way. If there was one downside to this electrifying experience it was the knowledge that he was not the first to claim Cristiano Ronaldo in this manner. He’d known it for sure in the shower. The sounds Ronaldo had made as his tongue had pushed its way into the footballer’s hole and the way that hole had opened for him as if begging for him to enter. Liam had known in that moment that had he wanted to, he could have taken Ronaldo in that shower. He could have fucked him like one of the desperate screaming fangirls he’d taken to bed during his time in One Direction. And he’d known that he wouldn’t have been the first to take Ronaldo in this way. While realising that he wouldn’t be the first to claim supremacy over Ronaldo had lessened the thrill it had not removed it entirely. Liam had still decided that he would fuck Ronaldo. He had thought about it on multiple occasions since Italy including the nights he’d had a woman in his bed. He’d found himself unable to stop thinking how Ronaldo would compare. Would he be tighter? What noises would he make as Liam entered him? Anal sex had only held limited appeal to Liam until now. While he’d never contemplated it with his younger conquests during the early days of One Direction when he expanded his appetites to include older women things had changed. He could still remember his first experience with anal sex. When Niall had set his sights on a pretty teenage fan accompanied to the show by her mother Liam, as a favour to his bandmate, had agreed to distract the mother. They’d ended up in adjoining hotel rooms. He could still remember that he’d been able to hear Niall fucking the woman’s daughter in the room next door. He supposed they must have been able to hear Liam fucking her and they would surely have heard her begging Liam to fuck her arse. Ever the gentleman Liam had obliged. The hole had been tighter. More difficult to fuck. It had thrown the rhythm of his strokes at first but he soon adapted and the woman seemed to enjoy herself. Liam liked to think of his night with that woman. It was burned into his memory. She was, he thought, the first married woman he’d fucked. Certainly not the last though. For a while the other boys in the band had joked that wedding rings were his kink. They hadn’t been entirely wrong either. Taking another man’s woman certainly appealed to his ego and helped assert his position as alpha. He understood that his encounters with Ronaldo were playing a similar role. They fed his ego in a way little else had in recent years. He wondered how much further this desire would push him to go. The discreet buzzing of his phone pulled Liam from this particular train of thought. He’d set his phone to vibrate at the start of the day as he’d prepared for the onslaught of interviews and hadn’t thought to switch it back now that he was done for the day. In fact he wasn’t even sure he’d realised he was done for the day. He’d been only vaguely aware of departing the hotel where the interviews had been held and clambering into the chauffeur driven car that was now speeding him back to his own home. He thought maybe he’d made some preliminary small talk with the driver but he couldn’t remember. His mind had been elsewhere. Liam registered a moment of slight surprise as he glanced down at his phone and read the notification. A new message from Zayn. For years after he’d left the band Liam had had little to no contact with Zayn. They’d never been the closest members of the group and there had been hurt feelings on both sides when Zayn had left the band. But unexpectedly their paths had crossed just a few days earlier at some industry event or another. They’d exchange greetings, forced small talk and swapped numbers. Liam had expected that would be the end of it and yet here was Zayn messaging him out of the blue… * * * * * Cristiano Ronaldo tried to focus on the training session playing out before him. When he’d agreed to drop by a training session for the under 23 squad he’d been almost excited by the idea of it. As a general rule Ronaldo loved showing his face at these youth training sessions. The young wannabe players would be awestruck by him and heap praise upon him and Ronaldo was never happier than when he was the centre of attention. Today, as had been the case for weeks now, Ronaldo’s mind was elsewhere. He struggled to focus on the sea of young players as they sprinted across the training pitch trying to catch his eye and win his praise. Ronaldo’s mind was dominated by a man who was nowhere near the Juventus training ground. Try as he might, and he’d most certainly tried, Ronaldo was unable to banish thoughts of Liam Payne. It was fair to say that Ronaldo’s interactions with Liam had not gone how he’d originally intended. When he’d flown out to London for the launch of Liam’s underwear line with Hugo Boss he’d had very different intentions. He’d had visions of repeating his encounters with another young pop star but Liam Payne had been no Justin Bieber. Bieber had been so submissive. So pliant. Not just willing to serve but eager. It was thoughts of that cock hungry singer that had compelled Ronaldo to seek out Liam Payne. On the surface the two singers had seemed so similar and yet they’d turned out to be so different. Bieber’s public arrogance had melted away in Ronaldo’s presence. And as Bieber’s arrogance had faded, Ronaldo’s had grown stronger. He allowed himself to be treated as the God he knew himself to be. To be worshipped and served for hours at a time. There seemed to be almost no end to Bieber’s hunger. His experience with Liam had been so wildly different. Even during that first drunken night Liam’s arrogance and confidence hadn’t faded away like Bieber’s had. If anything the opposite had happened. Ronaldo had felt his own confidence fading away as Liam’s had grown. The young singer hadn’t shied away from comparing his own physique to Ronaldo’s and when he’d taken out his cock he’d felt confident in his own superiority. That confidence had been deserved as well. As much it pained Ronaldo in the moment it was undeniable that the younger man’s cock was larger and thicker than his own impressive piece. It was among the largest that Ronaldo had seen and certainly the largest he had taken. That first night he had felt himself drawn to Liam in a not entirely new but certainly an incredibly rare way. There had been only a handful of men that Ronaldo had allowed himself to submit to. He was a superior physical specimen and would usually demand to be treated as such except for on rare occasions. And only once before had he allowed himself to fully submit to a man the way he knew he would with Liam. That night in the shower as Liam’s tongue had teased and pressed against his hole he’d wanted more. He’d wanted to feel that superior cock inside him. Ronaldo had only felt that way once before. Of his many sexual conquests just one had been allowed to so fully dominate him. He didn’t like to think of it often, if at all. The whole thing was so inexplicable. Cristiano Ronaldo, a God in human form with the body and good looks to back that statement up, had been taken by Wayne Rooney. A rough stocky brute. It made no sense and yet Ronaldo had found himself repeatedly unable to resist Rooney’s unique brand of charm. Not that he really got the chance to resist. Rooney was strong and powerful. He could remember being surprised at the ease with which the Englishman had overpowered him. The way that helpless feeling of being pinned down had sent a rush of blood running to his cock. The way he’d debased himself and begged for Rooney to take him. The way Rooney had used his spit as lube before forcing his way inside of his rival. Ronaldo had never experienced anything like it. Even at a young age he’d been aware of the effect his looks and ability on the football pitch had on those he came into contact with. Everyone had always been so eager to please him and he’d always been happy to take advantage of that. But not with Rooney. With Rooney it had all been different. He had taken other cocks but no one had taken such complete control of him. Even on the rare occasion he’d allowed himself to be fucked he’d been in control but not with Rooney. For a time he had consoled himself with the belief that his time with Rooney was an anomaly. The Cristiano Ronaldo that had powered Manchester United was different to the man who had dominated Real Madrid and now Juventus. Manchester was a different time in his life. A time before he fully understood his superiority to those that surrounded him. But then he’d found himself alone with an older bearded Wayne Rooney and he’d reverted back to Manchester. He’d allowed the Englishman to overpower him. To pin him down. To take him hard and rough. Not just allowed it but begged for it. Cristiano Ronaldo, the superior God of football, had begged for Wayne Rooney like one of the cheap whores the Englishman seemed so keen on. He pushed thoughts of Wayne Rooney from his mind and tried to return his attention to the training session although it now seemed as if things were winding down. The coaches had gathered the team in a huddle at the centre of the pitch as they ran through notes and thoughts on the session. Things that were done well. Things to be worked on. They’d soon be signalling to him. Ushering bursa yabancı escort him to the centre of the pitch to talk about what he’d seen and he supposed he’d have to say something although he had no idea what. * * * * * If Liam had been surprised to receive a message from Zayn the casual and relaxed text banter they quickly settled into had surprised him even more. Things had grown more surprising still when he’d suggested Zayn come over and have a drink or two so they could catch-up properly. The relationship between Liam and Zayn had never been the most relaxed and natural. While he’d been able to quickly settle into a friendly easy rhythm with the other band members, things with Zayn had always been just a little awkward and stuttering. Liam had always chalked that up to a clash of egos and personalities, particularly in the weeks and months after Zayn had left the band, but in more recent times he’d come to suspect that wasn’t really right. Things with Zayn had always been just a little awkward because Zayn had never been able to fully hide his attraction to Liam. Stolen glances here and there that lingered just a little too long. The way he’d always stand just a little too close on stage and in photos and take full advantage of any excuse to touch Liam and there had been plenty of those. And of course there had been their one and only shared sexual experience. The way Zayn had hungrily eyed Liam’s cock. How he’d spent the entire threesome with his eyes on Liam. Taking in his naked body and the powerful way he’d thrust into the woman they were supposedly sharing. The more Liam looked back on that night the more he struggled to remember any real physical interaction between Zayn and the woman they’d picked up. He’d barely been more than a passive observer to the whole thing. For the years they’d spent together in One Direction the tension between himself and Zayn had only served to makle Liam uncomfortable but in more recent times his attitude on the whole thing had changed. His experiences with Ronaldo had opened up a whole new world of sexual desires and possibilities that he’d previously considered off limits. They were off limits no more and it seemed to not just ease his interactions with Zayn but make him ready for more. The sound of the door buzzer echoing through the house broke Liam from his thoughts. Zayn, it seemed, had arrived. Liam felt a flutter of butterflies in his stomach as he approached the door. He realised that he was about to break new ground or at least attempt to and was just a little nervous about it. It occurred to him for the first time that maybe after all these years Zayn was over his infatuation, or whatever it might have been, with him. And just how was he going to broach the subject of all of this anyway? He didn’t lack confidence with women but that was easy. Both parties were on the same page but with men it was murkier and harder to read. Ronaldo had done all the work during their first drunken encounter and so far that was the sum total of his experience with men. It was too late to be having these thoughts and second guessing himself now though. “Zayn!” Liam gave his best welcoming smile as he pulled the door open and came face-to-face with his former bandmate once again. Zayn seemed taller than Liam remembered from their time together in One Direction and, much like Liam himself, he’d filled out since then. His transformation was less dramatic than Liam’s. The muscle seemed more pronounced and toned than before but not to the size and bulk that Liam had achieved. “Come on in man!” Liam moved to one side and allowed Zayn entry into his home. “Just through there…” He’d gestured vaguely in the direction of the living room as Zayn entered. If Liam had felt a slight fluttering of nerves in the pit of stomach before opening the door it seemed that Zayn’s nerves were a full blown hurricane. They were etched all over his face. Combined with the way Zayn had spent just a few seconds too long eyeing him in the doorway Liam was sure that whatever infatuation or crush Zayn had once had for Liam was still very much alive. “You want a beer?” “Sure…” “Grab a seat.” Zayn cautiously eyed the various sofas and armchairs that occupied the large living room as Liam disappeared from the room to grab a couple of beers. As he strutted back into the living room with bottled beers in hand Liam thought that he saw Zayn’s heart stop for just a moment. It was a gratifying moment. Liam had spent a surprising amount of time picking out his particular outfit for this meeting and was happy to see it have the desired impact. The light grey sweatpants clung to his newly muscled thighs and pulled tight against his crotch. “Here man…” Liam handed a beer over to Zayn before dropping down on the sofa just along from him. Zayn was happy for the beer and took a long gulping swig from it. Presumably hoping the alcohol would help calm his nerves. “So, how you been?” * * * * * “…não pare” Ronaldo heard but didn’t quite recognise the gasping pleading pleasure in his voice as it echoed through the shower cubicle. The tongue twisting and turning as it probed and teased at his hole felt great. It lacked the confidence and power of the last tongue that had snaked its way inside him but the young footballer on his knees behind him was holding his own against Liam Payne. A few more years of experience and he’d be quite something. It was fair to say that this was not how Cristiano had pictured this scenario playing out. When he’d first caught sight of Nicolo Fagioli after the training session he’d been observing it was his lips that he’d noticed. Specifically it was the almost seductive way he’d been licking and biting at them as he listened to the great Cristiano Ronaldo speak. Ronaldo had lost his train of thought on a couple of occasions as he’d allowed himself to be distracted by those lips. Distracted by thoughts of them wrapped around his impressive cock as the dirty blonde haired Italian bobbed up and down on it. But that was not how things had played out. Sure, the younger player had spent an all too brief moment lavishing attention upon Ronaldo’s cock. His tongue and lips had almost devoured his cock before quickly moving to his balls. Sucking, kissing and licking on them. The pleasure had been intense and Ronaldo had quickly become lost to it. He’d barely registered the way Nicolo’s tongue had snaked its way beneath his balls to lick and taste the smooth skin there. Nor had he put up any resistance to the young Italian spinning him round. Before he’d known what was happening Ronaldo had found himself leaning against the wall of the shower cubicle as the young Italian player parted his tight muscled arse and dove between the cheeks. Although he sensed that he was rapidly losing all control of the situation, Ronaldo couldn’t stop himself from reaching back and pushing Fagioli deeper into him. Forcing his tongue and lips deeper. He heard another gasping moan escape his lips as the tongue finally pushed its way inside. He tried to remember how he’d found himself in this position. He was the great Cristiano Ronaldo and yet here he was giving himself to another young wannabe. His physical superiority was undeniable here. As was the case with Liam this young rising star couldn’t possibly match Ronaldo’s imposing and towering physique. Nicolo’s body was lightly toned, almost skinny, it couldn’t match the perfectly chiseled and deeply defined muscle of Ronaldo. The boy had been in awe as he’d observed Roaldo’s naked frame and half heartedly compared it to his own. Ronaldo had been unable to stop the swelling of his ego, and other parts, as Nicolo’s fingertips had traced the lines and curves of his muscular physique. He’d found himself intensely turned on as he heard the younger man’s mumbled awe at both the size and hardness of his body. And yet somehow Ronaldo had once again lost his obvious and easily obtained position of superiority. Before Liam he’d always found it so easy to assert his dominance but now he was almost at the mercy of some teenager. As attractive and skilled as Nicolo Fagioli was, this was not the natural order. It almost came as a relief when Nicolo’s tongue withdrew from his hole. It meant the haze of intense pleasure would fade away. He’d be able to reassert himself. Except Ronaldo once again heard the mewing sound of his own pleasure escape his mouth as the young Italian player’s tongue slowly moved up his spine. It stopped at his neck where Nicolo planted a soft kiss. “I’m going to fuck you so good…” It took a moment for Ronaldo to translate the Italian in his head. A moment to fully register the younger man’s intent. “You want my young cock don’t you?” Cristiano could feel that young cock pressed against him. Its length and girth felt impressive nestled between his cheeks. Slowly he squeezed at the cock by tensing his arse. Pressing his cheeks against it and carefully grinding on it. He knew he shouldn’t but he was unable to stop himself. “Yes… tell me you want it…” Ronaldo just moaned his response as he continued to grind against Nicolo’s cock. His arse slowly sliding up and down the cock. He felt the young players’ hands on his body. Gliding over the defined ripples of his abs to the solid muscle of his chest. Stopping for a moment to tease his nipples. Gently pinching and twisting at them and drawing more yearning sighs from Ronaldo. And then a hand was at his neck with another in his hair. As one tightened the other pulled back and Ronaldo felt his head yanked back as his breathing became just slightly restricted. “Say it slut! Tell me you want my cock!” The aggression was unexpected. This wasn’t the cute young twink that Ronaldo had spotted among the youth team. He was something else entirely and Ronaldo found himself desperately wanting to submit. He had to fight the urge to debase himself and beg for this boy’s cock. * * * * * “I’m serious, they gave me hundreds of them…” Liam sank the last of another bottle of beer and felt the warm tingling of a light alcohol buzz spreading through his system. He guessed that Zayn was experiencing a buzz of his own. Zayn had visibly relaxed and sunk into the sofa as they’d downed beers and chatted. The topic, as it always inevitably did these days, quickly turned to Liam’s new found status as an underwear model. “…I’ve got boxes and boxes, you want some?” The two men both broke into a strange giggling laugh. A tipsy laugh at nothing in particular. “No! I’m serious. Wait here…” Liam practically rolled himself off of the sofa and half jogged out of the lounge. It had been a surprisingly relaxed and fun evening. There had been no sign of the awkward and strained interactions he’d had with Zayn when they were both part of One Direction. They’d laughed and joked like old friends. He’d even found himself dismissing the idea of making a move on Zayn. He couldn’t seem to find the right opening or the right way to move the night from their joke filled banter to something more sexual. With women this had always come so easily to him but he couldn’t make it translate to Zayn. But he hadn’t completely dismissed the thought. Every time Liam had felt himself just allowing the night to be two old friends catching up and making new bonds he’d catch sight of an undeniable hunger in Zayn’s eyes. The other man’s eyes would widen slightly as he casually flexed his biceps or come alive with fire and desire as they lingered on his crotch. And Liam would catch his former bandmate biting or licking at his lips and know that he wanted those lips wrapped around his cock. “Here!” Liam dropped a box at Zayn’s feet with a giant grin on his face. “For you!” “What the fuck is this?” “A gift. Open it.” Cautiously Zayn pulled and ripped at the tape that was holding the plain brown box closed as if he was expecting something to leap out of the box and attack him. When he finally managed to pull the box open nothing jumped out but Zayn’s drunken inhibition free laugh returned. “See! Hundreds!” The box was full of multiple packs of Hugo Boss underwear of varying styles and colours. Some of the packaging was emblazoned with Liam’s face and body and others weren’t. Zayn carefully removed one of the boxes that featured a shot from Liam’s underwear shoot. It was as if he was mesmerised by it. Unable to take his eyes off of the image of Liam in his underwear and Liam felt an unexpected jolt of excitement race through his body. In this moment Zayn had been completely incapable of hiding his desire for Liam. “Try them on!” “What?” “I’ve got other sizes. Gotta make sure we’re sending you home with ones that fit, right?” “I… I don’t…” Liam ignored Zayn’s muffled protests and began fishing through the large cardboard box he’d dumped at Zayn’s feet. Within a few seconds he’d pulled out what he was looking for, a multipack of white boxer briefs identical to the ones he’d worn for his campaign. “These ones!” He held the pack out toward Zayn who made no immediate move to take it. Zayn’s eyes were still fixed on the image of Liam that filled the pack he was holding. Liam could understand why, he looked damn good in that photo and it had been the obvious choice to brand the packaging with. Zayn was broken from his trance like state as Liam snatched the package from his hands and replaced it with the underwear he’d chosen for his former bandmate. “Oh, these are cool!” For the first time Liam was really looking at the underwear that was in the box Zayn had been holding. They weren’t the plain boxers that made up his own underwear collection with Hugo Boss, these ones were brighter and featured distinct geometric patterns in different colours. “You try those ones, I’ll try these ones!” Zayn didn’t seem to know what to say or how to react. Liam wasn’t even sure he was processing what was happening. In truth Liam wasn’t entirely sure he understood what was happening either. bursa sınırsız escort He didn’t feel in control of the situation but it felt right. Every fibre of his being was telling him this was a great idea. The universe was guiding him to where he wanted to be. “I don’t…” Liam wasn’t paying attention to Zayn’s mumbled protests. Instead he was pulling his carefully selected white t-shirt off over his head. Suddenly the body that had mesmerised Zayn on the front of the underwear packaging was in front of him in person. Only Liam knew it was more impressive now. His arms larger, his chest and abs more defined. Zayn seemed to agree that it was more impressive too. His mouth hung just slightly open as he took in the sight before him. “…Ok! Fuck it!” Zayn lifted himself off the sofa as he spoke and was pulling his own t-shirt over his head. His upper body was less defined and muscular than Liam’s but there was still muscle and definition there. A hint of abs and light chest muscles. He looked good and not like the skinny kid he’d been in One Direction. “Nice man, you’ve been working out!” “Yeah… a little… I guess but…” Zayn was stumbling over his words at the compliment. Liam thought he might even be blushing a little. “…Well not like you. I mean, Jesus!” Zayn gestured toward Liam’s body. A body he was clearly in awe of. Liam could feel his ego swelling as he felt Zayn’s eyes on him. Admiring him. And it wasn’t just his ego that was swelling. He could feel the blood beginning to flow to his cock. But on that front it seemed that Zayn was well ahead of him. There was an unmistakable bulge protruding from the front of his trousers. “Thanks man, the abs are looking pretty good right now, huh?” “Yeah definitely. I mean… ” Zayn just trailed off. He seemed so unsure of what was happening or how to proceed. In contrast Liam suddenly felt fully in control of the situation. He understood that Zayn was putty in his hands now. “You want to feel them?” Zayn didn’t respond to the question he simply swallowed hard. Almost as if he was unable to say anything. “Come here…” Liam signalled for Zayn to come closer and without hesitation he did. He stepped forward and Liam took hold of his wrist and gently guided his hand to the top of his abs. To the first pair of deeply defined muscles. Liam felt the tips of Zayn’s fingers press against his skin. Testing the muscle and finding no give. Slowly Zayn’s hand began to travel down. Deliberately tracing the lines of his abs. “Oh god!” “Keep going…” It was clear that Zayn didn’t need the encouragement but Liam gave it anyway. He wanted to maintain control of the situation. He wanted to maintain control of Zayn. Slowly Zayn’s fingers reached the bottom of Liam’s muscled stomach and came to a stop at the waistband of his jogging bottoms. “I said keep going!” Zayn’s hand slipped under the waistband and not just into Liam’s sweatpants but his underwear too. The fingers that had been delicately tracing the outline of his abs were now wrapping themselves around his slowly hardening cock and beginning to stroke. Helping Liam to become harder, longer and thicker with every passing second. “Fuck, its so big!” * * * * * The dick was bigger than he’d expected but not big enough to present a challenge. He took the full length into his mouth and throat and drew satisfaction from the surprised gasp of pleasure that came from above him. He pressed his palms and fingers against the younger man’s surprisingly solid and muscled upper body as he continued to devour his cock. This still wasn’t how Ronaldo had pictured things going. He’d been caught off guard by Fagioli’s desire to dominate and his own desire to submit to the young player. He had not expected to fall to his knees for this boy but here he was on his knees in the warm shower block. This was however preferable to the alternative that had presented itself. Ronaldo’s devouring of his cock had at least subdued the younger man. He was lost in the pleasure of Ronaldo’s lips and the tightness of his throat. The control he’d had over the encounter was rapidly slipping away with each move of Ronaldo’s mouth. “Succhialo puttana…” Ronaldo felt a jolt of electricity as he translated the Italian in his head. The boy had a filthy mouth and Ronaldo was surprised by how much he enjoyed it. Surprised by the thrill of being labelled a whore by this young wannabe star and the way it made his cock throb. And yet in the back of his mind he felt the creeping disappointment. As his hands pressed against the boy’s firm flesh and his mouth devoured his cock Ronaldo couldn’t help but compare him to Liam. The young pop star’s body was so much harder and defined. His abs had been deeply cut whereas Nicolo’s were less defined. And when it came to their cocks there was no comparison. Not that the young football player should feel any shame in his cock. It was a good size and girth. Not far off Ronaldo’s own impressive piece but Liam’s cock was something special. Despite himself, Ronaldo allowed himself to feel some comfort from this comparison between Nicolo Fagioli and Liam Payne. He decided that his desire to submit to this boy was really a misplaced desire for Liam. All the pent up frustration and desire he felt for Liam misdirected toward a youth player. More than ever he realised that he needed to make his third encounter with Liam happen. This inexplicable desire to submit and give himself to someone who simply could not compare to him would not go until he felt Liam Payne inside him. “Puttana più profonda, più profonda!” Another electric thrill shot through his body at being deemed a whore by Fagioli. He didn’t even bristle as he felt the young man’s hands in his carefully styled hair. His fingers locking around the dark hair. Usually Ronaldo would not allow this but usually he wouldn’t be on his knees worshipping this boy’s cock. He allowed himself to be forced down onto the cock. To feel the head forced into his throat and held there and he found himself choking and spluttering as Fagioli bucked his hips. This boy was fucking his throat and Ronaldo could feel the pre-cum pouring from his own cock. He had to fight the urge to stroke it. To bring himself to what he knew would be a quick climax. He would not allow himself to cum with this boy’s cock buried in his throat. “Sì! Prendi tutto questo giovane gallo vecchia puttana!” Ronaldo felt an ever big jolt of electricity pass through him as he digested this boy’s latest insults. Not just a whore but an old whore. The great Cristiano Ronaldo cast as an old whore greedily servicing a young stud. And yet he could not argue with the description. He was an obedient whore on his knees opening his throat. Choking and spluttering on this boy’s cock. Struggling to breathe but refusing to be defeated. He wanted every inch. He wanted to make this boy cum. “Fottuta puttana avida…” He wished that the boy’s filthy mouth wasn’t turning him on. He knew that he should be disgusted by this boy labelling him a whore but the words sent shocks of electricity through his body. It was taking what little self control he had left not to stroke his own cock to climax. He could feel it throbbing and the pre-cum leaking. Instead he focused his attention on Nicolo Fagioli’s cock. The boy’s grip on his skull had loosened and he was once again able to move up and down the shaft of his cock. The young player’s hands were still gripping his head but he was content to merely guide Ronaldo up and down his shaft. Ronaldo suspected the boy was getting closer and closer to the edge. He could taste more and more of the sweetness of the boy’s pre-cum filling his mouth and the young player’s breathing had become increasingly shallow and laboured. Ronaldo could feel the faltering movement of his chest as it sucked in oxygen as his fingers gently teased the boy’s delicate nipples. “Vuoi il mio sperma puttana?” Ronaldo fought the urge to respond to the question. Fought the urge to declare that yes, he did want this boy’s cum. More than anything right now he wanted to feel this boy explode in his mouth. To feel his warm cum filling his mouth and throat. He was sure the boy’s load would taste sweet, at least it would if his pre-cum was any indication. “Sporca troia!” There was a warm wetness on Ronaldo’s face. For a fraction of a second he thought the boy had managed to shoot on his face but that was impossible. His cock was still deep in Ronaldo’s mouth as the footballing star greedily worshipped it. This boy, Nicolo Fagioli, had spat on him. This cute innocent looking dirty blonde had spat on a God. Ronaldo wanted to pull away from this boy’s cock. To remind him that he was the great Cristiano Ronaldo and that this boy, this nobody, should be eternally grateful that he’d even looked at him let alone consented to suck hs dick. But he didn’t. He continued to devour the boy’s cock. To slurp and suck up the pre-cum leaking from it’s head and to work with all his energy to drain his full balls. Ronaldo didn’t even wipe the spit from his face. He just left it to drip down his cheek and chin. “Non fermarti troia. Mi farai esplodere…” Ronaldo felt Nicolo’s hands once again grab at his hair and hold his head firmly in place. The punctuation of his verbal warning that he was about to cum. “Prendi il mio sperma puttana!” Ronaldo felt the first powerful blast fire down his throat and he immediately struggled to swallow it. Within seconds his mouth was filling the boy’s thick warm load. It was as sweet as he’d imagine it would be but there was more than he could have imagined. The boy just seemed to keep erupting. Shot after shot firing down Ronaldo’s throat and into his mouth. He struggled to keep up. He swallowed and savoured as much as he could but he knew small streams of it would be dribbling down the boy’s cock. And as he filled Ronaldo’s mouth with his cum the boy’s filthy mouth continued. “Prendi tutto troia… puttana sporca… frocio avido… Prendi il mio sperma sporca vecchia puttana…” Each degrading insult pushed Ronaldo closer and closer to his own orgasm. The boy had barely touched him through this entire encounter but he’d driven Ronaldo to the edge of his own orgasm. He knew just a few strokes of his throbbing cock would be all it took. He was about to stroke his own cock and pull himself to orgasm when Nicolo’s cock was pulled from his mouth. “Puliscilo troia!” The boy was staring down at his own cock and the small winding rivers of cum that were running down it toward his now considerably less full balls. “Ora!” Ronaldo did as he was instructed. His tongue snaked its way up and down the boy’s slowly softening cock. Scooping up the remaining drops of his cum and swallowing them down. Savouring the sweetness in his mouth. The boy tasted good. “è una brava puttana” With his cock cleaned, Nicolo Fagioli withdrew from Ronaldo. Taking half a step back and looking down at the footballing God for a moment. Spit was still running down Ronaldo’s tanned handsome face and little droplets of cum stained his lips and chin. His cock was still rock solid and leaking pre-cum. Nicolo made no move to tend to Ronaldo’s erection though. The boy’s own cock was spent and with it his interest in Ronaldo. At least for now. With an easy confidence he simply strode past Ronaldo and toward the exit of the shower. “La prossima volta mi scopo quel culo!” Ronaldo let the words echo in his head for a moment. The boy had not lost interest in claiming Ronaldo’s arse and at this moment Ronaldo felt certain he would allow it to be claimed. It was clear that he had misjudged Nicolo Fagioli, much as he had misjudged Liam Payne. In fact the error in judgement may have been even greater here. He had anticipated some degree of arrogance and reluctance with Liam but with Nicolo he had expected a pliant and submissive boy. A starstruck boy in awe of the God before him who would be desperate to serve and worship him. Ronaldo had not anticipated his controlling and dominating streak. Nor had he anticipated the ease with which he would get Ronaldo to submit to him. It was supposed to be Fagioli on his knees servicing Ronaldo’s cock not the other way around. Most of all though Ronaldo had not anticipated Nicolo’s filthy mouth. For that cute little twink to be so nasty had been completely unexpected. But Ronaldo could not deny that he had liked it. To be called a whore and a slut by this boy had excited him. He was a God among men. A modern day Adonis. And yet this boy had labelled him a lowly whore. More than that Ronaldo had allowed himself to be treated as a whore. He’d been this boy’s slut. Liam had claimed him but not like this. This was different. Even now the thought and memory of it excited him. His cock was still painfully throbbing and as he wrapped his fingers around his shaft he realised it was slick with pre-cum. He allowed himself to remember the names that Nicolo had branded him with. The way this boy had spat on him. Reduced him to nothing but a whore. It took just a few strokes for the orgasm to wash over him. It was intense and powerful. His body shook as he fired cum onto his chest and abs. The creamy white liquid standing out against the dark olive of his muscled upper body. Even as the last drops of his cum dribbled from the head of his cock the intense pressure of the orgasm did not dissolve. His head continued to spin and the muscles of his body contract and strain. He stayed on his knees with the orgasm running through him for a minute. Finally it subsided and he could feel himself returning to the room. To the cold empty shower. To the reality of having allowed himself to be used by Nicolo Fagioli. For the first time in his life Ronaldo was struck by an overwhelming desire to be fucked. * * * * * “Holy fuck yes!” Liam had experienced some truly magnificent blowjobs in his admittedly short life but this was something else. Zayn was devouring his cock with a görükle escort hunger and ease that was, like the pleasure racing through his body, indescribable. Some sputtering and choking sounds would escape Zayn’s mouth as he took Liam’s full length down into his throat but they did nothing to calm his enthusiasm or throw off his rhythm. The former Directioner was bobbing up and down on his cock, devouring from head to base with easy fluid movements and with an enthusiasm Liam had never experienced. It had taken just a minute of Zayn lavishing attention on his cock for Liam to collapse onto the sofa. His legs had almost immediately felt unstable as Zayn’s warm wet mouth worshipped his cock. Not that Zayn had skipped a beat as Liam dropped onto the sofa. His lips never departed from Liam’s cock. They stayed tightly wrapped around it savouring every second of contact. For Zayn this was years of pent up frustration, lust and desire finally being released and it was explosive. As Zayn’s mouth lavished attention on Liam’s cock his hands feverishly explored Liam’s upper body. Fingertips running over the deep defined cuts of his abs. Palms pressing into the firm muscle of his chest. It felt as if Zayn had somehow developed more than two hands. He seemed to be everywhere at once. Teasing and pinching at Liam’s nipples one second and then running his fingers down the washboard of his stomach the next before grabbing at his shoulders and arms. As Zayn’s hands grabbed and squeezed at his arms Liam couldn’t help himself, he raised his arms and flexed the classic muscle pose allowing Zayn to truly experience the definition and increasing size of his biceps. The flex seemed to please Zayn who, mouth still full with Liam’s cock, let out an approving moan. Liam felt the vibrations of it tingle through his entire body. The pleasure was intense. He couldn’t believe he’d waited this long to get Zayn on his knees. All those wasted years and missed blow jobs. “You’re so fucking hot!” Zayn had spat Liam’s cock from his mouth and was looking up at him from between his legs. Liam was struck by the look of complete satisfaction on Zayn’s face. The broad dirty grin. “And this cock is perfect!” Zayn gently, almost lovingly, kissed his way down the long thick shaft of Liam’s cock after this declaration. His lips gently pressing against the head before moving just a little lower. Each kiss moving him closer to the base. The move down his cock seemed almost painfully slow to Liam. His dick would twitch and throb each time Zayn’s lips pushed against it. He wanted his cock back in Zayn’s mouth. He wanted to cum in Zayn’s throat. To feed him every drop of his load. When he finally reached the base of Liam’s cock Zayn’s tongue came out to play! Carefully snaking its way from the base of Liam’s cock to his heavy balls. Just the tip of his tongue teasing and tickling at Liam’s balls. “Oh god!” Liam couldn’t contain himself as one ball was slowly sucked into Zayn’s mouth. “Fuck!” Slowly and carefully Zayn continued to suck. His mouth opened just enough for Liam’s second ball to drop into it. And then the sucking became more intense. More powerful. Wetter. Liam could feel Zayn’s tongue wrapping itself around his balls as he continued to suck on them. Liam looked down at Zayn between his legs and couldn’t help but wonder just how many he’d worshipped with his mouth. How many loads had he swallowed? Zayn seemed to be in almost as much pleasure as Liam just now. Liam’s large cock resting against his face, just a little pre-cum leaking from the head onto Zayn’s forehead, and his mouth full with Liam’s balls. Liam had been with women who described themselves as sluts and cockwhores but none of them had ever looked as content and satisfied as Zayn did in this moment. As Zayn’s mouth released its grip on Liam’s balls his tongue immediately got back to work. Once again the tip worked its way over Liam’s balls, travelling up this time and back to the base of Liam’s impressive cock. And then that soft wet tongue was moving up the underside of Liam’s shaft. Moving from the base to the head. Liam braced himself to once again be inside Zayn’s mouth and pushing into his willing and open throat but the pleasure didn’t come. Zayn kissed at the head and then he was standing up. “I need to get comfortable!” Until this point Zayn was still fully dressed but he was now awkwardly and clumsily pulling off his clothes. Kicking his shoes from his feet as he yanked his shirt over his head. Liam took a moment to observe Zayn’s body as he wiggled free of his jeans. The light definition and toning of it. There was muscle there but nowhere near as pronounced as his own. “That’s better!” Zayn was left in a pair of dark fitted boxer shorts that were straining against his obvious erection. A growing wet patch taking shape where the head of his cock pressed against the fabric of the underwear. “No. Those too…” For a moment Zayn hesitated. He was eyeing Liam’s cock with hunger in his eyes. He seemed content to remain in his underwear but Liam, for reasons he didn’t understand himself, wanted them gone. “Take them off.” It was a firm command and Zayn obeyed. He tugged at the waistband of his underwear and pulled them off. This was not the first time Liam had seen Zayn’s cock, they had had their shared sexual experience not to mention years of tours, shared hotel rooms, tour buses and group wanks, but somehow it seemed thicker than Liam remembered. The length was nowhere near Liam’s own but the girth was closer to matching him. Was it possible that Zayn had grown thicker in the years since he’d last seen it? Although he had to confess that he hadn’t paid that much attention to the shape and size of the other boys’ cocks, maybe he was just misremembering. Either way Zayn’s girth was impressive. Fully stripped off Zayn climbed onto the sofa next to Liam and slithered his way down it. His body was pressed against the cushioned seat as his chin rested on Liam’s thigh. He was staring at Liam’s cock. “I think this cock might be perfect…” Zayn’s fingers were gently running over Liam’s shaft as he spoke. “And you taste amazing!” With that Zayn launched himself at Liam’s cock once again! His lips wrapped around the head before diving down to the base of the cock. Choking himself on it. He was almost on all fours now as bobbed up and down on Liam’s cock. He’d take different amounts of the length down each time. Sometimes he’d just open his throat for the head of Liam’s cock and other times he’d take it to the base. Liam had never experienced anything quite like it. Women had always tried, and mainly failed, to take him to the base. Spluttering, gagging and choking on it. Covering his dick and balls in their spit. And with Ronaldo he’d wanted to be in control. To claim that mouth and throat as his. But Zayn was different. He didn’t need to claim Zayn’s mouth it was already clear that he had it. Zayn was worshipping every inch of him and Liam was more than happy to let it continue. The pleasure was intense and unlike anything he’d experienced. Not better than claiming Ronaldo but different. As Zayn continued to work his cock with unbridled enthusiasm Liam’s hand moved down his back. Slowly sliding down Zayn’s spine to his small pert arse. Liam gently squeezed a single cheek and he felt Zayn bristle. When Liam ran a single finger between Zayn’s cheeks it completely threw him off his rhythm. Zayn’s entire body seemed to clench and tighten, including his throat. The spluttering and choking on Liam’s cock became more pronounced. When Liam’s finger found and gently pressed against the knot of Zayn’s hole he spat the cock from his mouth entirely. “I don’t…” The rest of Zayn’s declaration was lost to Liam’s ear. He’d grabbed Zayn’s legs and was hoisting him up. Zayn’s head was still in his crotch but now each of Zayn’s legs was on each of his shoulders. Zayn’s arse in front of his face. The first thing Liam noticed was the light dark hair that was present on Zayn’s arse cheeks. He hadn’t really registered the feeling of the hair on his palm as he’d groped the cheek but there it was. There was a thicker coating of hair between the cheeks. This wasn’t the perfectly smooth and moisturised arse of Ronaldo. This was unmistakably a man’s arse and yet Liam still dove into it. “Oh my… wow!” It was almost as if Zayn’s entire body vibrated as Liam’s tongue swirled and pressed against his hole. Liam could feel the hairs pressing against his lips and face but he didn’t care. He dove deeper into Zayn and felt more of that vibrating pleasure. “What are you! Fuck! Please don’t stop!” Zayn seemed completely lost to pleasure. It was as if he’d never experienced this before. Liam wondered if he could really be the first person to taste Zayn’s hole? In all that dick he’d sucked no one had eaten his arse? The hole wasn’t as relaxed and didn’t open in the way Ronaldo’s had so maybe it was possible he’d never been fucked but surely someone had tasted him before. It was a delicious taste. Not as sweet or smooth as Ronaldo but delicious nonetheless and Liam wanted more. He pressed his face deeper into Zayn and finally managed to push his tongue into his hole. “Holy fucking shit!” Liam could feel the waves of pleasure rolling through Zayn and it only made his own cock throb. Zayn had stopped lavishing attention on it. Unable to focus as Liam’s tongue swirled and twisted inside him and his lips sucked and kissed at his hole. Liam became vaguely aware that Zayn was stroking his own cock as Liam continued to eat him out but he didn’t care. He didn’t care about the warm wetness of the head of Zayn’s cock against his chest or the way he could feel Zayn’s arm pumping away. If anything it only made him dive deeper and twist his tongue into new places and shapes. He wanted to make Zayn cum. “Oh fuck… I’m gonna…” It was as if the thought of wanting Zayn to cum had pushed him over the edge. “You’re gonna make me… don’t stop… please… fuck!” Zayn let out a howl-like sound and Liam felt a warm sticky wetness on his chest and stomach. Zayn had cum, and judging by the feel of warmth on his upper body cum hard. Reluctantly Liam withdrew from Zayn’s arse. Taking one last savoring taste of his hole before dropping him back down onto the sofa. He was panting. He seemed almost dazed and lost in a haze of satisfaction. “Holy shit I’ve never… no one has ever… holy shit!” Liam couldn’t keep the satisfied smirk from his face. He was good in bed. He’d always known this but even so he couldn’t suppress the pride when he made someone cum this way. The ego trip of leaving someone a jabbering mess was a very specific kink but one he definitely had. Even as he looked down at his body, covered in Zayn’s cum, he couldn’t hide his satisfaction in what he’d done to Zayn. He felt a little queasy about being covered in another man’s cum and seeing it pool in the ripples of his muscles but his cock was still rock solid and throbbing. “Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you…” Zayn had taken a few deep breaths and seemed to have recovered from his post-orgasm haze. He wasn’t actually talking to Liam though but rather the statement was directed toward Liam’s towering erection. “…but first someone needs to be cleaned up!” Zayn planted a soft kiss on the head of Liam’s cock, letting his tongue flick and scoop up the pre-cum leaking from it, before turning his attention to Liam’s body. His tongue following the deep cut lines of Liam’s abs and finding the pools of cum pooling in them. Zayn’s tongue was soon all over Liam’s muscled upper body. His lips kissing and sucking at it. Savouring every drop of his own cum that covered Liam’s skin. It took almost no time for Zayn to clean Liam’s body of his cum. “Now, I want your cum. Don’t hold back. I’ve been waiting long enough!” “Fuck…” The word escaped Liam’s mouth as a long exhaled breath as his cock was once again enclosed in Zayn’s welcoming mouth. It took just seconds for Zayn to settle back into his rhythm. His lips sliding up and down Liam’s cock. His throat opening for it and taking it deep. The pleasure was just as intense for Liam as it had been when Zayn had first swallowed every inch of him. If anything this time it was more extreme. Zayn was working overtime to milk Liam’s cock. One hand was stroking and groping at Liam’s balls as he deep throated his cock. He was working for that load. Liam could practically hear him begging for it. For his part Liam lay back and let the waves of pleasure wash over him. He could feel his load building and he made no attempt to hold it back. He continued to let Zayn work his cock at speed. Those perfect cock sucker lips forming a vaccum around his dick. That mouth so warm and inviting. And his throat open but still gripping onto the cock buried deep within it. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum…” The warning did nothing to stop Zayn’s work. He continued to bury Liam’s cock deep in his throat. Desperate for his cum. Desperate to make him cum. Out of habit more than anything else Liam closed his hands around Zayn’s head. Holding him firmly in place as he prepared to erupt. Liam’s orgasm came with a roar. The pleasure rolling through his body like thunder. He could feel his cum exploding from his cock. Shot after shot filling Zayn’s mouth. For the first time Zayn really seemed to be struggling with Liam’s cock as he held him place emptying his balls into his mouth. But Zayn took it. He swallowed every drop. Liam couldn’t feel any rolling down his cock or onto his balls. Finally the pleasure of his orgasm subsided and Liam released his grip on Zayn. He’d expected Zayn to immediately withdraw from his cock gasping for breath but he didn’t. He held Liam’s cock in his throat for a little longer. He seemed to be savouring the feeling and sensation of it. And then slowly he withdrew from the cock. Allowing it to slide from between his lips one final time. “Wow!” Liam really didn’t know what else to say. He was spent. His cock slowly softening as Zayn’s fingertips continued to dance over it. Zayn’s head resting on his thigh once again. “Your cock really is perfect….” Zayn still seemed to be slightly dazed but fully content with the whole experience. Liam was familiar with the sensation, he was feeling it himself.

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