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Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins XLI Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. fty/donate.html Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations accurate. There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” XLI [email protected] I watched Kori sleeping in the soft morning light as it began peeking through the ports in our aft cabin; memories of years past so vivid in my mind. It was almost 7am and for some unknown reason we slept soundly through the night without any intruders or some emergency like a super shark rubbing against the hull of Jabbering or an attack crab. Oh, I suppose my mind spoke to soon as the cabin door quietly, so slowly opened just enough to let 2 sleepy little boys enter and crawl to the center of the bed. Kori was still fast asleep; it was an automatic response as his arm wrapped around Kyle and hugged him tightly. Justin had backed up against me and pulled my right arm over him like it was some kind of security blanket. If anyone had ever asked if this was normal or if 9-year-olds were to old to be doing this …. the answer is infallibly No. Everyday Kori and I are in someway reminded that it was just months ago that Justin and Kyle lost their parents in that tragic car crash. It is only the love that Kori, Ethan and I have for “The Twins”; that in some small way lesson the constant pain of the fatal crash that Kyle and Justin live though each day. It was extremely difficult for Kori and I at first to listen to the boys’ cry night after night sobbing for hours and it is no less difficult now but not so often. I think Ethan has been a major factor in their healing to the point where they are really enjoying being normal little boys. Just as I was thinking that Justin turned and with a smile kissed my nose so sweetly and then the little tyrant pinched my cheek rather hard and said . . . . “I’m hungry” . . . . loud enough that Kyle and Kori were now awake and well, it seems that hunger has spread to everyone as we heard noise and could smell fresh coffee coming from the salon. I looked at the clock almost 8am and who could possibly be in the galley making all the ruckus? Was it Ethan or Keith or both? Rug-rats couldn’t stand the suspense and jumped from bed, naked, tossed open the cabin door, with no regard to Kori and I, took one look at Ethan and Keith and while running for their cabin were asking in a impolite manner . . . . “What’s for breakfast, pancakes, right? Now the cabin door remained open and thankfully Ethan, with a cute little smile and not saying a word, nicely closed the door. Kori and I splashed some cold water on our faces and pulled on some shorts and joined Keith and Ethan in the salon just as Kyle and Justin came from their cabin dressed in their Island shorts and no shirts, they looked like a smaller version of Ethan and Keith, well, perhaps on the Asian side. The rug-rats looked so cute but it was what they said next that brought some chuckles and red faces especially Keith’s ……… “Our cabin smells like the locker room at the pool” is what the rug-rats announced. . . . in stereo, and with emphasis! I thought it was just perfect. Ethan obviously wanted to say something but didn’t and I think it was in fear that it would only make matters worse. Coffee, tea, OJ poured and pancake batter being whipped. Being whipped is probably what Ethan and Keith would like to do to the rug-rat brats. The OJ glasses were empty already and before Kyle or Justin could half spill more Keith with a smile grabbed the jug and filled their glasses again. The smile Justin gave Keith was all the thanks anyone could want. I think Justin has a crush on Keith. Ethan and Keith set a pile of pancakes on the table and we all enjoyed breakfast together. The conversation started with how to spend the day and the suggestions went around the table as if we were trying to resolve a mega company’s major problem. The final decision was unanimous and we would spend the day as we did once before exploring the island. Somehow the conversation came around to asking everyone how they slept last night. I really think Kori instigated that question to tease Ethan and Keith and I gave him a good kick in the shin for asking. Neither Ethan nor Keith were bothered in the slightest and Ethan answered . . . . “We each slept very well in the “Twin V bunks” never made it into the queen size bed. We talked till almost 2am and did find out that we can’t be friends; all the time.” Whoa! Wow, bursa escort what? At this point Keith and Ethan had these devious little smiles. Justin looked very serious and disappointed and asked . . . . “Ethan you and Keith aren’t friends, you guys mad at each other?” . . . . oops …. Keith and Ethan had the best and not so best reason and explained that they can be best friends and that Keith only lives 43 miles away in Glastonbury and can come visit lots of times. So Kyle asked . . . . “So why can’t you be friends?” Ethan answered the big question . . . . “Keith goes to East Catholic High School and that is a major rival of my school Notre Dame High. So we can be friends sometimes like today or when he stays over at our house or I go stay at his house; but when we are on the field or court well, then he’s a lowdown miserable rotten no-good!” . . . . The rug-rats were laughing and Keith just said . . . . “Yeah Ethan but you’re even worse.” Ethan looked at me and Kori and asked . . . . “Keith can visit and stay over right?” . . . . Kori just had to answer that . . . . “Nah you two will just be trouble and besides you really don’t like each other.” ….. It was smiles all around and now for the other news from Keith and that was that Kris lives in West Haven but we won’t see much of him because he goes to boarding school in upstate New York. Keith packed his bag and would be staying on the island after our day of adventure. We called for the launch and were off to explore the Island like we had done before. What kind of trouble can Kyle and Justin get into this time. We rented the big golf cart and were off to Mohegan bluffs and it was amazing that the rug-rats actually behaved. Several hours later we were at the maze and we had made sure to keep hydrated all day; the result of all the drinking was that as soon as Kyle and Justin found a rather out of sight secluded place little hoses were out and producing lots and lots of pee; where do they hold that much pee? It was just seconds later that Kori, Ethan, Keith and I had all found really great spots that looked as if they needed watering and watering is just what we did. We had finished our adventure, consumed every little crumb that we had packed and just stood overlooking the ocean and all agreed that Block Island was our very favorite spot for a sailing adventure. It was time for something more substantial to eat and where to go was not even a question. We jumped on the cart and it was off to the Beachead Restaurant for dinner. We arrived and the place was packed but as soon as they spotted Keith there was a very special table open. The hostess seated us and handed Keith the menus and asked what we would like for drinks. It was ice tea with lemon, water, and today Justin and Kyle asked for soda. We were looking at the menus when Kris arrived with water and that wasn’t much of a surprise and we all said how much fun we had yesterday. Just as Kris was finishing pouring the water he looked at Kori and said . . . . “Kori if you ever need a fighting partner again I’m yours.” . . . . Now Kori turned a little red, Keith and Ethan were laughing rug-rats paid no attention and I’m not sure Kris intended it to be taken the way he said it. Now Keith and Ethan were not about to let it go …… First Keith said . . . . “Yep, Kris you really worked so `hard’ to get us pulled over,” . . . . then Ethan got his 2 cents in with . . . . “Yeah Kris you can massage my neck like that anytime.” …… OMG Kori turned so red and as for Kris he was firetruck red and perspiring profusely and Keith just handed Kris a napkin and said . . . . “It’s for the sweat running down your cheek, you’re not sick, are you? It was all in good fun and Keith ended up giving Kris a big hug, not sure that made things better because about 40 people were watching. Dinner was delicious and Kori, Ethan, Keith and I all had the Seared Tuna Steak with crab fried rice, https://www.beacheadbi/ and Justin and Kyle had grilled chicken breast but with the crab fried rice not French fries. The menu is not inexpensive but the food is excellent and I think the portions may have been slightly bigger because of Keith. We sat talking and laughing about our 2 days but soon we noticed rug-rats were looking ragged and eyes were very heavy. We called for the launch and said goodbye to Keith and made sure we had all his information and he had all ours. It was just after 9pm when we stepped back onboard Jabbering and Kyle and Justin said they were going to watch a movie in the bursa escort bayan salon on Ethan’s bed. Kori and I and Ethan made a cold drink and sat in the cockpit and talked about the fun we had. We had been laughing but then Ethan got very serious and said ……….. “Kori, you know this morning when you asked if everyone slept Ok? Well, Keith and I talked for along time about everything…..” hmmm …… I was looking at Ethan and Kori and I’m not sure where this was going and I interrupted with . . . . “Ethan you don’t need to tell Kori and I about your private life or what happened last night ……” . . . . Ethan interrupted me and said . . . . “Yes I do because I want you to trust me and because you are my guardians but really I think much more of you both than just my guardians.” Ethan continued ….. “So last night Keith and I didn’t do anything we just talked; I was on one bunk and he was on the other. Yes, we did talk about sex and I guess if you count jerking off then we did something but I didn’t jerk him off and he didn’t jerk me off. We were both horny but we had just met and neither of us wanted to do anything else. Keith said he has never been with anyone and being here on Block Island was the first time he had even jerked off with someone and that was with Kris and now me.” Ethan was being very serious and continued . . . . “I really like Keith and I think I want to have a relationship with him but one with trust and love like what you have. What I don’t want is to be like Felipe and I’m sorry about what happened with me and Lorenzo but at the same time I really like Lorenzo and if I’m being honest I enjoyed it. I don’t want to spoil things between me and Keith and I don’t want you guys not to respect me or him.” …… I understand what Ethan was saying and Kori’s expression said the same; but I had to interrupt Ethan and let him know how Kori and I feel about him and said . . . . “Ethan thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts with Kori and me but we need you to understand that not only do we respect you but we admire you for the person you are. Ethan you are a very fine young man and Kori and I are honored to have you a part of this family. We think of you as we think of Justin and Kyle and love you the same. We have said before we will stand beside you, support the things you do and be there for you when you need our help.” Ethan began to relax then Kori said . . . . “One more thing Ethan, you need to know that Keith is welcome in our home anytime and not as a guest but as part of the family …… so no more feeling like you have to explain, it just isn’t necessary. We want you to be you, to be happy and enjoy life and when your school is playing Keith’s school, kick em in the nuts! n make up afterwards.” …….. Ethan was all smiles and we were ready for bed. Down the companionway we went and there in the salon were 2 little snots fast asleep on Ethan’s bed. Ethan said . . . . “I’ll put them to bed” . . . . as he gently picked Kyle up and carried him to the forward cabin then came back for Justin. Ethan said goodnight to Kori and I and began to make his bed. Kori and I were in our cabin and it felt like some kind of pressure had been taken off my shoulders. Kori asked . . . . “Shower?” ……….. I think Kori said `shower’ but I heard `sex?’ and was ready and willing. Two days of being around gorgeous naked teens and I was already dripping. Why the hell do they build these showers so small? Kori and I slept soundly all night and it was the smell of fresh coffee that I awakened to. I decided to wake Kori in the evilest way and slid beneath the covers and found, to my delight, that he was already quite hard. He must have been having a good dream and it was about to get much better. Oh, so sweet, salty and hot. Kori must have been having a real sex dream because he lasted only about 1 minute and then I could feel him tense and 5 warm spurts hit the back of my throat. I jumped out of bed and in the shower and pulled on some shorts and joined Ethan in the galley. He looked at me and said . . . . “Jake you look so happy.” . . . . I just took the cup of coffee he handed me and headed topside to sit in the morning sun. Only a few minutes later both Kori, with a big smile, and Ethan joined me. We decided to create a plan to get Liam, Abby, and the kids to the farm. We decided to sail back to Mystic today clean the boat run home then up to Ashfield. We can’t say a word to Justin or Kyle because they both have big mouths escort bursa but the plan looks good. I called Liam and told him Kori and I were looking to buy a small place near Ashfield or North Adams and we wanted he and Abby and the kids to meet us at Elmer’s Store tomorrow just before noon. The plan was set and Liam and Abby sounded excited to meet us at Elmer’s Store.,-72.7923844,3a,60y,172.92h,93.88t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1g0AW7gQYbB9R21IBQrs8w!2e0!7i3328!8i1664 Voices from below ……. “We’re hungry” …… how many times a day do we hear that? At least 7. I decided to make breakfast and let Kori and Ethan get the boat ready, their faster and besides I needed a little love from the impish twins. Choice today, eggs n bacon or French toast? Yes, yes it’s an international breakfast of French toast. Kyle and Justin decided to help so they got out all the plates and cups and set the table. Kori and I are noticing that “The Twins” are beginning to want to help more and again today they already had their new boxers on. Cute! Breakfast was great and it was fun to just talk about returning to the farm and honestly, we were all excited. Now not talking about Liam, Abby and the kids around the rug-rats was a little difficult. We finished breakfast and waved goodbye to our friends as we passed and turned from Great Salt Pond and entered Block Island Sound. Ethan set a course of 295 degrees toward Fishers Sound checked all the navigation equipment and held the helm. For the 18 miles back it’s really much more fun not to use the auto pilot and see how fast we can get Jabbering going. We were about 3 miles from Block Island when Ethan’s phone began to buzz. It was Keith and I took the wheel so Ethan could have a quick conversation with Keith. Kori had Justin and Kyle in their harnesses and securely hooked. We changed places and as soon as Ethan was off his phone and he was in his harness and over the side as Kori had Jabbering heeling over quite a bit. Rug-rats loved it and wanted more but we were about as far as we wanted to go. Jabbering was cutting the water as good as she ever has when I spotted a pod of dolphins as they came and raced along with Jabbering. The larger males called “bulls” were trying to get as close to the boat as they could and then jump as high as they could. Justin and Kyle reminded us that even though these were dolphins the jumping is called porpoising, smart kids. Rug-rats are little dare-devils as we have found out on numerous occasions and wanted to know when they could take the rail like Ethan. I was not in favor of ever letting them. Kori on the other hand thought today was a good day for training. Kori took Jabbering more to the wind and reefed the foresail. Ethan stepped back on deck and we had a little family talk. OMG the rug-rats were so excited they were going over with their harness on. I am not in favor, I’m not, but I know Kori would never let this happen if he wasn’t positive of the outcome. The plan was the Kyle would go first with Ethan and not only was he hooked securely with his harness but he was also tethered to Ethan. I was standing only 2 feet from Ethan and Kyle as Kori began to have Jabbering heel slightly not nearly like before but enough to let Kyle know what it was like. The thrill on Kyle’s, face his heart must have been racing as fast as it could go. Kori let the excitement last about 6 minutes and then gently lowered Jabbering back to the water. Kyle’s mouth was in high gear as he told Justin what it was like but we couldn’t understand a word, it was all in Korean maybe a word or 2 in English. Justin was ready. He held Ethan’s hand as he stepped over the safety rail and was looking down at the water. He had this enormous smile like a kid about to ride the biggest rollercoaster in the world for the first time. The wind caught sail and Kori and I tightened the sheet just enough to have Jabbering begin to heel. Justin was riding high and like with Kyle it lasted about 6 minutes. There was jibber jabbering between Kyle and Justin and I’m afraid they are hooked on the thrill of real sailing. It was just 2pm when we were in our slip at Mystic. We quickly cleaned the boat and drove home to shower, change clothes and head for Ashfield. To be Continued . . . . . A Neglected Boy “The Twins XLII” The link I included in the story will take you Via Google Earth to Ashfield, Massachusetts, Main Street at Elmer’s store where we will meet Liam, Abby and their kids. You can use your mouse to investigate Ashfield, the Town Hall, Fire Station and the houses. Please let me know if you enjoyed the story. E-mail to: [email protected] bly/a-neglected-boy-the-twins.html Link to the entire Website is …. bly/

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