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The ToyHe told her “Open your mouth wide.” As she opened wide he grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. “Now suck my cock deep into your throat. I want to throat fuck you and teach you not to gag.” He pushed his cock deep into her throat as he felt her suck on his cock hard. “That’s it baby. That is how I love it. Now suck me hard.” As she sucked on his cock he started jerking her head up and down on his cock. He had all nine inches deep down her throat and she was learning not to gag. He had his cock in balls deep and then held her head tight as she sucked him. He loved what a learner she was and so willing to do as he told her. He was teaching her to be his sex toy. She was young and obedient.He had found her on the internet. She had joined a sex site to meet a man to teach her about sex. She was still a virgin at the age of eighteen. He invited her to his house and she has never left. She had a nice figure and wanted so bad to learn to fuck in every way. She was a great student and the first time he ate her pussy she screamed for more. She loves sex and when he popped her cherry he came so hard deep in her cunt. His big cock spread her wide and she told him she loved fucking and he has found out she loves to be fucked and can not get enough. He still wonders how he found this sexy nympho when she was still a virgin. Today she was learning to take his big cock deep down her throat. He loved to throat fuck and she was a great learner. He took her by the hair and fucked her hard ramming his cock in and out of her throat. No matter what he taught her or how rough it was she loved it. “Suck me hard. Make me cum down your throat.”He felt her suck on his cock hard and it was not long before she was slurping his big load of cum swallowing every drop.He then pushed her face to his ass. “Lick my ass baby. I want to feel your tongue tasting my hole. Spread my big ass and tongue fuck me like you do so well. Make love to my ass. Rub my cock as you tongue fuck that ass.” He felt her tongue lick all around his hole as she istanbul escort then spread his cheeks wide and her tongue took over. She took two fingers and spread his asshole and then plunged her tongue into him. He felt her tongue go deeper and deeper as she tongue fucked his ass. She would every so often suck on his ass and make his cock harder. Her right hand was jerking his cock as she tongue fucked his gaping ass. She knew what he liked and what turned this kinky man on. He was a sex freak and she was his toy.Just as he was enjoying his ass fucking she pulled her tongue out and inserted three fingers and began to fuck his ass rough and hard. She then grabbed a ball and sucked it into her mouth as she fucked his ass. She now was finger fucking his ass as she sucked on a ball and her hand was jerking his cock with no mercy for him. She inserted a fourth finger and switched balls and he was moaning and groaning for more. Sometimes his cock would get sore from her jerking him. She loved playing with his cock, making him cum several times. Then she added her thumb to his ass and began to fist fuck that gaping hole. Now he was screaming as she fucked and sucked him. Her fist was ripping into his ass as her hand jerked his cock hard and she sucked on his balls making him squeal. It took little time to get him cumming once more. The cum covered her hand and when he was done she rubbed the cum down over his cock and balls and his ass. She then slid to his face and tongue kissed. She smiled and asked him “Can you taste your ass on my tongue?”He then grabbed her and pushed her onto her back. He kissed down to her tits and sucked on them then nipped at the nipples. He sucked a nipple deep in his mouth as his fingers rolled the other nipple feeling it get hard. He bit and chewed each tit as she grabbed his head and moved him back and forth between each one. He loved sucking and biting her titties and she loved him doing just that. He then kissed down to her belly. He licked and avcılar escort sucked then put his tongue in her belly button. She shivered and he then moved his mouth lower. He told her “Spread those legs. I need some pussy. I am going to lick and suck your cunt till I make you scream for my cock.” She spread her legs and he pushed them up to her chest and began to lick her slit. He licked over her clit then sucked on it as he felt her first cum for him. He put two fingers in her cunt as he kept sucking her clit. His fingers were soaked with her cum. She loved her pussy licked and sucked and she loved a good finger fuck in her cunt. This young girl fucked like a whore. He made her cum over and over before he moved his tongue to her cunt and tongue fucked her. He then heard her scream. “So baby, do you need my cock in that wet cunt? When I start fucking your hole it will not stop soon. I am going to fuck you till you can not walk. My cock needs your sweet tight hole and I am ready to fuck you for hours.”She screamed “Yes, fuck me. I want your cock deep in me fucking my cunt like only you can. Fuck me hard. Show me who is the master of my body.” He then got between her legs and shoved his hard cock deep into her wet cunt. At the first penetration he heard her scream. She was tight and his cock thick but she always could take all he gave her. He had fucked her for hours many times. She loved anything he did to her and he loved his cock deep in her tight cunt. Friday they fucked so long both his cock and her cunt were raw. He then sucked on her tits till they were sore. Together they were both nymphos. He then told her “Lift your hips. Get my cock in deeper. Wrap your legs around me and fuck me hard as I fuck that tight warm cunt of yours.” He would pull his cock out then ram back in as she lifted her hips to get him in deeper each time. He was pounding her cunt hard and loved the feel of her. His teeth took a nipple in his mouth and he sucked and chewed on it as he fucked the young girl. They fucked for a long şirinevler escort time before he was able to fill her full of cum one more time.He rolled over beside her and told her “Lick the cum off my cock baby. Clean your cum and my cum from me. I want to feel your tongue as you lick my shaft.” She went down and began to lick his well fucked cock. She could taste it was sore from fucking her so deep for so long. She licked him clean tasting the mixture of their cum. Then she went up to his face and kissed him shoving her tongue in his mouth so he could taste the cum. As she kissed him he twisted on her perk nipples. His hand then went down to the cheeks of her ass and he rubbed her then found her pucker. He whispered to her “Your ass feels so good baby. I am going to give it what you really like.” His finger then circled the round bud before it went inside. He pushed the finger all the way on her ass and heard her moan. He loved her tight ass as much as her sexy cunt. He fucked her ass for a while then added one more finger. He asked her “Do you like that baby? What do you want?” She answered “Give me more. Fuck my ass harder. Fuck my ass like you do so well. Make me stretch. Make me moan. Do it for me.” He smiled and added another finger. He gave he a few deep fucks then added the fourth finger and he felt how tight her ass was and how it was stretching for his four fingers. He heard her moand and say “yes. This is it. It feels so good. Now fuck my ass hard. Hurt me.” He then began fucking her ass hard with all four fingers in her. She would moan and sometimes scream but he knew she was loving it. She was such a fuck slut and that was why he loved her so much. He spent so many hours each day fucking all of her holes and if he wasn’t fucking her he was eating her pussy or she was sucking his cock. She loved to unzip him and pull his cock out and just suck on it making him cum more than once.As he fingered fucked her ass he was thinking about sticking his cock in it next. He loved to feel her tight ass around his big thick cock. He had already cum several times so he knew he would be able to cock fuck her ass for a long time. He smiled once more knowing that tonight they were really going to be sore and really would not be able to walk tomorrow. But for now all he could think about was ramming his cock in that tight ass and fucking it till they were raw.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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