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THE TEAM FROM THE SUBURBSTHE TEAM FROM THE RICH SUBURBSChapter 1Synthia Piper was almost at the top. She had worked her ass off all year,scheming and planning for this moment. She had arranged to get her team intoa league that included a lot of poor, inner city schools. She had seen to itthat her k**s received the best training that money could buy. She had bribedmany of the officials of the big tournament, even a number of the othercoaches had succumbed to her bribes, and on one distasteful occasion, herbody. Now she was in a position to give the parents of Virgin Miller Collegewhat they wanted, and what they had paid for. The Silver Cup.So she had been forced to do a nooner with that fat overweight jock on thetournament committee. He had been so sweaty and that flab, well that wasbehind her now. Now she could concentrate on the sweet young girls. Lots ofsweet young bodies to intimidate and seduce. Why it made her smooth pussywater just thinking of the future. The Silver Cup for their trophy case wouldgive her the keys to the future. Champions of the high school girls’basketball league, division three would be just the start.Each parent had coughed up the bucks to get their spoiled bitches to thepinnacle of their conference. Now, with a little luck, a little intimidationand a whole shit pot load of money, she would overcome the opposition and getthe Silver Cup for her school, and for her own future.It had worked so far, and now there was only one team left to play for thecup. OK, the opposition was a tough group of ghetto k**s, but the officialswould give her every break. A hefty bribe had seen to that. Not that it wasnecessary, half of the girls at the inner city school probably spent moretime in jail than on the court and, if possible, her friends would see thatsome of them were taken right off the court for d**gs.Everything was in place. She would tonight dine on champaign and strawberriesand that sweet Sandra. Big tits, red hair, that girl had the tastiest cunt.And, with the trophy, would come the recognition and the respect she thatdeserved. Synthia had been an athlete in college, with scholarships and abright future, but one fucking incident, one little episode of cheating hadseen her career in ruins. She would show them. Once she got a reputation fortraining winning teams, she could take her pick of jobs, and those ass holesat BCN could go fuck themselves.She could imagine their faces. Now it was the big day. She had roused thelittle bitches out of bed and had them standing in front of the well keptschool grounds with their bags, waiting for the chartered bus to take them tothe title game. It was a long trip, and she wanted to get there early, justto make sure the fix was in. Everything was going her way,The usual bus arrived with a sigh and the door opened. A hugh black manemerged and smiled at her.”You’re the team for the tournament?” he inquired. His eyes roved over thenubile young white flesh of the waiting athletes. If anything his color, adeep black, seemed to go to purple. The girls, who had been talking andlaughing moments before, fell silent, staring.”Y, Yes!! Where is Steve, our usual driver??” she asked.”Oh he’s got a sick wife, and I volunteered to take his place as I’s gotfolks in town that I ain’t seen in a while. I’m a good driver and I’ll getyou’s there with smiles on your faces. Yes sir. I aims to please you folks.Now let’s get those cases in the cargo box and get’s started afore thetraffic builds up.”With that he proceeded to take her bag and open the door to the under side ofthe bus. There was a big duffle bag already in the compartment. Did it move??No it must be something else.Synthia saw the hugh big black man move efficiently through the crowd ofshrinking, silent white girls and separated them from their bags. Soon all ofthe baggage was stowed in the belly and the cargo door closed. Without abackward glance he lumbered through the milling group of girls and steppedonto the bus. The springs groaned from his bulk, and the bus seemed to shift.A couple of the girls giggled as he shifted his enormous bulk into thedriver’s seat.”All aboard for the tournament,” he shouted at the tittering girls, “Hurry upfo’ the good seats.” Synthia hesitated for a moment, but then shrugged her shoulders and raisedher clipboard. She called out the girls’ names, checking them off as theywalked past her onto the buss.”Terry.”A tall, willowy blonde girl with large green eyes nodded her head and got onthe bus.”Shanda.””Kathryn.””I don’t want to go, if he’s driving.”Synthia looked up. The speaker, a tall, brunette looked over at the black manwith a sneer of distaste on her haughty face. The teacher leaned in andwhispered, “I understand, but we have to get to the game. Just hold yournose.” The girl giggled and then nodded. She got onto the bus, pinching hernostrils between her fingers.The driver looked away but his teeth gleamed at the fully expanded blouse ofthe girl. “Yes sir that is going to be some sweet meat there!” he thought.”Regina, Sandra, Elizabeth,”Finally, the whole team was on the bus, all ten girls. Synthia swung onto thefront seat and put her clipboard away. There was a tittering and somedisputes over who sat with whom but finally they were all in and seated.Synthia said, “OK, all here.” She looked at the bus driver and wrinkled hernose. Oh well, “What’s your name?””Just call me Larry. I hope we get to know each other better as the trip goeson.”Larry had the whitest teeth she had ever seen. His eyes seemed to look rightthrough her and she shuddered under their gaze, turning away as he closed thedoor and released the brake. The bus seemed to sigh and then the enginerumbled to life. The girls laughed and clapped as their transportation turneddown the road and picked up speed, carrying them towards their adventure.They sensed that this would be a high point in their lives. They were goingto make school history. Little did they know how right they were.Larry drove like a madman. He had them on the highway and into the city withease. As a couple of hours passed, most of the girls soon got bored withtravel. Kathryn loudly muttered something to Sandra about “Monkey driving atthe wheel.” Synthia almost turned to tell her to keep it down, but thenshrugged, what did it matter if they hurt the bus driver’s feeling? After all,they called them porch monkeys in the ghetto, so he would be use to it.Most of the girls didn’t notice when the bus took an early exit. Synthiathought that something was wrong when they drove through the half burnt-outghetto, but when she stood up to complain, Larry stepped on the gas and shetumbled back into her seat. A couple of the girls screamed, but most were tooscared with the violent motions to make any noise. They just sat, paralysed,as the speeding bus bounced and jiggled over potholes and half-paved road.Finally, Larry turned a corner and applied the brakes in an alley behind alarge brick building.The engine died. He heaved himself out of his seat, turned around and said,”Now we have a little rest stop here!!” A large .45 appeared in his hand, hegrabbed Synthia’s arm, pulled her out of her seat and spun her around to facethe now screaming girls.”Shut the fuck up!”The panicked girls ignored his order. He raised the pistol in the air andfired. The explosion of the .45 in the confined space of the bus deafened thegirls, and finally stopped the screaming. Satisfied with the silence, Larryturned to open the door.Seeing her chance, Kathryn sought to flee through the emergency door at theback of the bus. As she dropped to the pavement, however, the slender brunettewas greeted by a large group of black k**s, mostly teenagers. Some had sticks,some knives, some even had guns. Letting out a shriek, she tried to climb backinto the bus, but was pulled down into the crowd. Sandra, a redhead withlarge breasts, watched in horror from the inside of the bus as her teammate was quickly lost from sight behind a crowd of black teenagers.Some other k**s had jemmied open the cargo doors and were taking out the bagsand going over the contents of the now subdued white girls. A large dufflebag was split open and a bound, gagged and naked Steve, the real bus driver,was uncovered.Inside the bus, Larry hadn’t been wasting his time. After seeing that theescaping girl was well taken care off, he had been stripping the basketballcoach. Synthia had struggled at first, but the feel of the .45 at herforehead encouraged cooperation. While he worked, Larry looked up at thefrightened teenage girls and spoke, “Now I thinks you’ll needs to rest for awhile. What says you’ll strip’s down for yo comfort and shit?? Else wise thegirls will take pleasure in treating you’ll to a new set of rags made fromthose fashionable duds you has on.”The girls didn’t move. Larry had Synthia down to her bra and panties when hefinally threw her out to the waiting crowd. Taking a couple of steps down theaisle, he reached down and grabbed a screaming girl, Regina Jones, from herseat and roughly tore her blouse and then her bra from her slight frame.Regina, a tomboy all her life, was a slender girl, with thin hips and nobreasts to speak of.Larry sneered at her. “Looks like we got a boy hiding here. Tear off thepanties and if I sees there’s a dick hiding down there…” Larry laughed ashe tossed her to the waiting crowd. The brown haired girl screamed andstruggled as black hands tore off her panties and began to explore herlightly haired slit to assure themselves that their wasn’t a dick in there.She was nearly catatonic with fear from their feeling of her slit and thecrowd of boys and girls there, laughing and looking her over. She was soscared she could not even scream. It took a particularly vicious pinch to herleft nipple to bring a vocal response.”AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA” she screamed and tried to cover the now aching nipple.It was a futile effort, with the many black hands exploring her now publicnudity.Seeing what was happening to their teammates, the thoroughly frightened girlsnow hurried to obey Larry’s orders, they saw what awaited them off the bus somaybe they would be safer to do as ordered and stay in the bus. They began toundress, and covering themselves up as best they could with their hands. Theydropped their smart clothes under the seats to save them for future use. Thecrowd, who seemed to be taking every thing in their baggage, swallowing uptheir other fashionable clothes.After they finished undressing, Larry herded the semi-clothed girls off ofthe bus. As they stepped onto the pavement, each girl was grabbed by either ablack girl or boy and the precious underwear was torn off. The sound ofripping and cries of outrage filled the air.Satisfied that his charges were in hand, Larry sought out Synthia. He quicklyfound her in the middle of a knot of black males were she was busily servicingthe whole group from her hands and knees. She was sucking, fucking and jackingoff a couple of the studs. One was even trying to fit his little black snakein her ear without much success.”Get out’a the way niger!” Larry exclaimed as he pulled the earfucker out ofthe way. Angrily, he pushed the men away. The dicks gave up their places intheir reluctant holes and Larry dragged the dazed basketball coach over tothe bus steps. Her face glistened with come as he jerked her around andturned to the crowd. She thought back fondly to the nooner with the official,If only she had gone over there and given him the blow job he wanted today.Oh God, If only she had,He shouted, “y’all simmer down and bring the white bitches over here. NOW!!!I want’s to set the record straight here with them and dis here slimycheating whore.”A groan arose, but the knots of black bodies untangled themselves from thewhite flesh at their centers and disgorged a motley collection of shiveringwhite females.========================================================Chapter 2Larry stood up on the entrance steps of the bus with a reluctant Synthiacowering at his side. She would have slid down and tried to get away, if ithadn’t been for his hold in her hair. As it was, she was twisting andsquirming in his strong grip, trying to cover her slit and nipples with herhands, hoping to save what was left of her modesty.It was a futile hope. The frustrated earfucker came up, grabbed her righthand and uncovered her slit. He roughly stuck a bony, black finger in her andthen shouted angrily, “What is this shit? This whore is juicing to beat theband. I thought that all of you stuck up white bitches had ice in here butthis’un is ready to fuck us all.” He turned to his friends. “Just a whorewatering for some of our big black licorice sticks.”Tears rolled down Synthia’s face, tracing paths through the thick globs ofcum, as the crowd burst into laughter. She wanted to shout at them that itwasn’t her juices, that the boy’s finger had encountered the still warm cumleft by her recent ****s. But she was too scared.Larry shot off the .45 again, to quiet the crowd of black teenagers andmaintain his authority. When they finally went quiet, he hollered, “Shut up,motherfuckers. You didn’t even know what hole to use when you had the chance.”The k**s laughed. “You probably don’t even know what to do with a fine pieceof cunt like this un, if we was to give it to you for a week. You’d probablyjust be pleading on those bony knees of you’rn to get a little suck on one ofthese here tits. Now get out the way and let me get this show on the road. Wegot business here, fucker.”Embarrassed, the earfucker withdrew a slimy black finger from Synthia’s holeand, recognizing his place, shut his mouth. He wouldn’t beg to suck her tits,Well maybe he would. Naw!! He get this bitch alone soon and then.Larry grinned at the crowd. “Now, we have a lying, stealing, conniving bitchhere. She done bribed and fucked her way here and she done promised theofficials that she’d give im a piece of this,” He slid his hand along thefront of her cuntpad. “for favorable decisions. So her team’d win the fuckin’cup. Didn’t you cunt?” Synthia squirmed helplessly. “Please don’t hurt me!”she begged. “I was just trying to…””You see, I found out ’bout it, and I feels that if this cunt is going to beused again us, I want’s to sees it at work. It owes us. Does I have anybrothers that will volunteer to see if it is the real power behind this teamof pasty pussies we’s got here!!” Larry shouted.Larry shoved her forward and she fell to her knees. A cheer went up and thevolunteers quickly assembled to sample the novel white cunt. Some of thebrothers decided that there were other holes in need of the attentions ofsome fine black hoses and tried them. The earfucker, as he was the smallestbrother there, got left out and found only her ear and hair available again.Maybe later he thought. He had to get he some of this white bitch. If’n hisballs weren’t black they’d be blue now.”Now brothers and sisters,” Larry went on having successfully disposed ofSynthia for the near future, “we come to the pasty cunts that ‘play ball’ forthis bitch.” He surveyed the cowering, near naked girls in front of him.”Course,” he sighed, shaking his head in mock sadness, “it’s not all primemeat. Give me this little bitch here.” he said, indicating Regina.He lifted her slight weight until she was visible to all and continued on,”You sure that this is a cunt?? I don’t want to find no hidden dick in thishere supposed to be slit y’all over looked.”Regina was mortified. She had been stripped, examined and pawed over for aneternity and still this niger was calling her a boy. At 17, she was ashamedof her flat chest and boyish figure, and suffered lots of teasing from otherk**s at school. But she tried to ignore it, working hard at school and on theteam. She planned to go to law school when she graduated, and, if she evergot free of these black hands, she would file such a law suit,.”AHHHHHHAHHHHHAHHHHH!” Regina screamed as her scalp seemed to catch fire in athousand little places. She forgot her modesty and grabbed for the black pawthat had lifted her effortlessly. She fought the fingers the gripped her hair,but they seemed to be made of steel. Finally, her strength waned. She finallygave up hopes of fighting the bastard and hung there like a trophy for thisblack man.With a huge grin, Larry lifted the crying girl even higher into the air. “Yessir. It still looks like a cock holder to me, Any of you’s brothers tried adick in this?” he asked, sinking his thumb in the hole he was discussing.”Noooo!” This brought renewed struggles from Regina as Larry’s thick, greasyfinger pushed up against her cherry. The slender girl tried to push his handaway, but he was too strong. She hung there, helpless and naked in the man’shands, as he pushed and then broke her cherry. “Nooo!””Lookie here!!” Larry exclaimed, waving his bloody finger in the air, “Bitchmust of got teeth in there. See she bit me!!! y’all didn’t do a good job ofzamining the bitch. Give me that old base ball bat you got there. I going toknock the teeth out of this hole for all you’se.” He grabbed the bat andstuck the narrow end up against her clit at the mouth of her cunt. Reginasquealed in fear and started struggling anew, desperate to escape the thick,wooden member. Larry grinned at her struggling. He placed the end of the batagainst her cunt and slowly lowered her onto it.”AAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAA” Reginna screamed, twisting and thrashing as her woodenlover gave her, her first fuck. She sunk down and then, finally, passed out.Larry pulled her up and the bat stayed in it’s snug new home. The crowdlaughed. Regina was now open for all time. She would be able to take on thebiggest of them with ease now and forever more.Larry let her fall to the ground where she lay, u*********s, the bat stillsticking out of her wide open cunt. “Now them teeth won’t bother y’all littleblack snakes none.” Larry laughed.Finished with the slender brunette, he cast his gaze over the cryingteenagers. “Her!” He pointed at Sandra, a tall girl with large breasts andthick, red hair. “Get me the big titted red head. This one going to look niceon the court with a set of bells on her tits.”Sandra fought as black hands pulled her towards the impromptu dias, but shewas quickly forced to the waiting clutches of the powerful black man. She letout a cry as his hugh paw closed over her hair and, as had happened momentsearlier with Regina, lifted her above the heads of the milling masses. Shesought to cover her treasures but Larry slapped her right tit with his freehand.”AHHHH AHHH!” Sandra screamed and, seeking to cover her jiggling tits,shifted her hands upwards. Larry reached down, grabbed her pubic hair andlifted. The results were loud and immediate. She resumed screaming, with ahigher pitch and her hands left her tits.”Now this here un look like a basketball carrier. These two we could cut offand play with at any ole lot in the ghetto. Might take a bit of a knack tobounce up with these sticky out nipples. I might try’s that later, maybeafter we get done today.” Using both arms, Larry flung the twisting,wailing Sandra into the crowd.”OK. Listen up y’all black bastards. We going to take these pasty pussiesinto the old gym here and have um limber up for the game today. Now bring umalong, let’s get ’em inside to help our opponents. Sportsmen to pussy, so tospeak. HAHAHAHAAH”The crowd surged forward and dragged the reluctant, naked team members totheir fate. Regina, still u*********s, was pulled into the building by herhair, still trailing the baseball bat between her legs. The guy who had beenfucking Synthia reluctantly pulled out. He pulled her to her feet and shovedthe gasping coach into the building. The brunette stumbled along after herteam, a thick trail of cum dribbling down her legs.The building seemed to be some kind of abandoned school. They were led down ashort hallway and into a larger room. It was a gym, complete with basketballhoops, but the wood floor was old and cracked. Inside the gym, they wereherded to their bench. On the bench were a collection of hugh dildos naileddown to the seat.”Now this is your bench and cause you is already dressed for it take yourseats.” Larry ordered.It was too much for Terry. The tall, willowy blonde let out a scream andtried to run away. She was quickly caught and so became the first one to taketo a dildo. Kicking and screaming, she was forced to straddle the massivephallus.”Now you get it in your hole or we won’t be so choosie. We might pick thewrong un. Or make a new un altogether,” Larry said looking in Terry’s wide,blue eyes. She was sure he meant it and so she obeyed, lowering her preciouscunt onto the waiting dildo. She wasn’t a virgin, but being forced to impaleherself onto a dildo in front of a bunch of strangers, especially nigers, andit was so large too! After six agonizing inches, she tried to stop, but acollection of helping hands on her shoulders forced her reluctant cunt ontothe fullest stuffing she had ever experienced. By the time her naked asstouched the bench, her eyes became glassy and she now knew what a goose feltlike when stuffed.”I bet she be ready for my big ol snake after that.” the earfuckerinterjected.”Boy I done told you to get out the way, and put that little slimy thing backwhere it belongs, or I going to cut it off and put it in YOUR ear!” Larryexclaimed. Larry went around and slapped Terry’s small, firm tits back andforth a few times until he tired of the bounce. The girl didn’t fight, shejust closed her eyes and leaned forward slightly, trying to ease the pain.Satisfied, Larry looked up at the other girls. “Bring um all down here andseat um up here, to hear my pep talk to them.”The girls fought and cried and twisted and screamed and begged and writhed,but, finally, they were all seated on their respective dildos. Even Regina,who had turned out to be the only virgin on the team, was woken and had thebat removed in favour of the new intruder. Eventually, they were assembled onthe bench before the rival coach. The hands of the black teens assured thatthey were firmly in place at the bottom of the seats.”Now,” he started, “we’s gonna start your trainin to get ya ready for thegame tonight. To limber y’all up, we thinks y’all like a little run, oh, sayabout 6 miles, through the streets with the crowd of boys as your protection.’Course to assure that you don’t get lost, we’ll lock ya to this littletackle dummy with Bubba and Dimona to hold it down.”Bubba and Dimona walked forward. They must have each weighed at least 300 lbs.”Now to aid you in this little run I’m going to shoot you each up with alittle crank. This stuff let you pull this little tackle dummy to the moonand back.” He gestured at a couple of the black teenagers. “‘Course we got toassure that the judges don’t know you been shooting up so we do it in thepussy lips. Guys hold um down.”Terry was first and she hardly knew what was coming. The sting to her leftcunt lip was slight, compared to the painful stuffing of her cunt, so shejust stared blankly as the methamphetamine went into the secret spot.Regina was next in the line. Dazed, she didn’t struggle at all. All she knewwas that the dildo was easier on her innards than the bat. So she just satthere and marvelled at her increasing energy. Larry did a couple more of thegirls and then straightened up. “Thomas, get your black ass over here andshoot up these pussy lips for me. You got the experience here ’bouts. Youthree bangers take the fixed un’s to the sleds and yoke um at the field andhold um until I get there. y’all HEAR ME!! I gots to start this lying pussyof a coach to her interview ‘for the time run out. Now y’all get your blackasses in gear.”Satisfied that his troops were following orders, he looked around for Synthia.He found her on the fringe of the crowd, on her hands and knees servicing anumber of black dicks. The earfucker hovered around on the edge of the group,looking for an opening.”Get out the way motherfuckers! Me and the coach got some futures to discuss.Y’all get up to the floor and see to the sleighs. I want no slipups with themhyped up pussies. One of them gets away y’all going to have to chase them tothe moon and back. They’s all got to be at the game this afternoon. Now get’sto it.”The k**s s**ttered. Grinning, Larry grabbed Synthia by her arm and draggedher down the hall and into the former principal’s office.========================================================Chapter 3Lucy was pissed.Who the hell did that Larry think he was? Sure he be the big shit coach of arespected school team but she had a business to run. She had sat here on herassets and waited. And waited. And waited,Shit, she could’ve fucked two johns by now, ‘n made a pile of money to feedher habit. Angry, she heaved her hugh bulk to her feet and started to waddletowards the door. Let the rest of these fools wait for the great sports niger.She had business to tend to. If he thought,The door slammed open and a naked white women with long, brown hair flew into the room, cum dripping from her slit and glistening all over her face andhair. Larry was right behind her. He grabbed Synthia’s neck and held her upfor inspection like a roasting chicken for the perusal of the assembledmultitude.”Brothers and sister,” he announced theatrically, “I called y’all here toshow you this fine piece of meat who might just be up for grabs in the next couple of hours.”Stunned, Lucy looked around. Frank, a local bookie, and Tiny, his body guardstared. Frank spoke up first. “What for you bring me here?” he asked angrily.”I a bookie. I ain’t no pimp. I got bets to take on the game and the oddssays you going to lose sucker. The white bitch from the burbs done got thefix in afore you. Come on Tiny, Lets go!”Lucy grinned. She *was* a pimp. She strolled over and grabbed Synthia’s lefttit and weighed it in her black hand.”Wait a minute Frank!” Larry pleaded, ignoring Lucy. “I ain’t wasting yourtime. This here is the bitch you say got the game sowed up. I got her and herteam here for some extra training and I thinks we can convince her that shegoing to show us some consideration with the officials.”Frank stopped at the door and turned his sharp eyes on the cringing whitewoman as she tried to twist away from Lucy. “You ain’t shitting me? Thisbitch with all that cum. She the coach? She been taking on the boys downstairs?? Still, what that mean to me? I a business man,”Larry talked fast. “Here’s the plan. We know’s that’s whitie been betting ontheir little pussies to win. You knows odds. But I says we can use them odds,only without really changin’ them. Y’know what I mean. We’ll skin um there atthe game, and this bitch going to help us do it to. We let Tiny hereentertain the lady, while you, me and Lucy goes out side and works out theskinnie.”Frank looked doubtful for a moment, but then nodded. Tiny, all 250 lbs ofbone crushing muscle of him, strode over to Synthia and pushed Lucy out theway. Frank laughed. No need to tell that boy when free pussy was being passedaround. ‘N white pussy at that. His charcoal flesh rippled as he grabbedSynthia from Larry’s grip, took her in a bear hug and proceeded to kiss thenow screaming woman.”NO NO!!! PLEASE I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT DON’T LEAVE ME HERE WITH THISa****l! I’LL CALL OFF THE JUDGES AND REFEREES. I’LLLL AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA,..”Synthia screamed in terror as the three blacks walked out of the room,leaving her to Tiny.”Boy don’t know his own strength Frank. Tell him not to break anything, yet.”Larry implored Frank.Frank went back to the door, opened it, and ordered, “Tiny you play nice withthat white bitch, for now! She might be useful later to my business.” Thescreams subsided and a gurgling sound followed. Frank slammed the door.”OK. Now what this gots to do with me?” asked Lucy impatiently.Larry spoke up. “Well like you just see’d, she bout ready to do anything toplease, so here’s how I got it worked out. First we get her attention, LikeTiny in there be doing. Then y’all shows her the fascinating world of pussy’n ass licking for the camera, or somethin’ like that, and then we takes her,suitably harnessed, to the game. Frank get the bets down, then we wins andy’all collects.”Frank nodded, seeing the possibilities, but Lucy asked, “What for I does thiswith that pasty cunt in there. I got business to do and this keeping me fromit. I got a dog fuck due right now for that asshole Marty.” Larry broke outlaughing. “Perfect. y’all come over here and we get it all on video. We’lluse the dog to make her do whats we wants. Proper white bitch like that unthere videoed with a puppy, an’ she be ours forever and then some. Then afterthe game you gets the pussy in there.”Lucy was unimpressed. “What I want with an old shrivvled up pussy like thatin there. I need young meat for my customers.”All right you old whore, how bout the pick of the pussies down stairs?”Larry offered.”I gots to see em first. They maybe not meets with the tastes of my cliental.Where they at?” Lucy asked.”OK. I’ll take you to the drags and you get the pick of the litter. How’sthat?” Lucy nodded and gestured for him to lead the way. Larry turned to thebookie. “Frank you and Tiny wanna stay and keep the coach company?”Frank shrugged and then nodded. “But don’t be too long. I gots things to doif we gonna make a buck on the game tonight. I’ll take a fuck, or two butmake it quick.”Larry walked away, followed by Lucy. Frank smiled as they left. He going toass fuck this white bitch. Ain’t got no white bitch ever to take his blacksnake. And this wern’t no whore. This ‘un didn’t have no say. He’d get Tinyhold her down and…Frank opened the door and observed his body guard holding the white bitch bythe throat forcing his licorice stick into her unwilling throat. Frankgrinned. “Yes sir, I going to have me a time with this bitch!”**The team members moaned and writhed in terror, trapped by the leather glovessuper glued to the handles of two large blocking tackles. Each had beenforced to slip her hands into the glove and then the lace-wires were tied sotight that they could not get lose without help. Now they stood, tremblingwith fear and helpless energy, hands up against the sled while the blackteens explored their formally secret places.Larry and Lucy came down the stairs. The stairs groaned under their combinedweight. “This here is the string.” Larry explained as he led the female pimpacross the yard. “All hopped up and ready for their jaunt through the street.They going to drum up business for the game, as if that be güvenilir bahis needed.”The two blacks stopped a few yards away from the blocking tackle while Lucylooked the white girls over with an expert eye. “You sure got some pastywhite pussies here boy.” She walked forward and began examining the girls upclose. The girls squirmed away, not knowing what this black woman was goingon about. Running her hand over Regina’s flat chest, she said “This one looks…””I know!” Larry grimaced. “I thought it was a boy too.” He grinned andgestured at the cringing girl’s pussy. “And it had teeth in the pussy not adick.” he joked. “I bashed um out with a bat, though.”A nervous Regina looked at these crazy black devils. “I’m a girl youbastards!!!” She wanted to yell at them, but in her hurting condition shejust wanted this to be over. Her cunt hurt and she was so nervous.”Well,” Lucy continued sinking her black finger into Regina’s unwilling hole,”Done a good job too. Little rough around the edges, but I bet she make afine lezzie bitch with the right encouragement. Maybe,””Maybe we talk ’bout that later.” Larry interrupted. Lucy looked at him for amoment and then nodded in understanding. These girls did not yet know theirfate.If possible, Regina felt worse. Everyone called her a boy. Teasing her andnow this! Her pussy hurt so bad she could not slump down and the tears werestreaming down her face. Maybe this was a nightmare and she would wake upsoon.Smiling, Lucy moved on to Marcie, a tall girl with long, black hair and deepblue eyes. Lucy seized one of the girl’s boobs and gave it an appraisingsqueeze. The girl cried out in protest, but Lucy ignored her, moving on toSandra, the redhead with the massive tits. Lucy smiled. “This one I couldsell to the Jamaicans. They go crazy over the big soft tits. These be downaround her knees in a while, even at her age, but they stay up for the sale.”Sandra twisted at the pain as the large black woman prodded and poked herleft tit. The red head let out a scream, when the woman pinched her nipple.She too was nervous and fidgety. Just get this over with. When are they goingto let her go home?? Daddy will get these bad people.”Ahhh,.” The black woman had twisted the nipple and was pulling on it.”Sensitive too,” she grinned, speaking her thoughts out loud. “Wonder whatshe do if’n I just bite it off?” She lowered her mouth to the nipple inquestion.Larry put a restraining hand on her shoulder. He pulled her away from the’sled’ and whispered in her ear. “Now Lucy, I give you pick of the litter,but don’t go damaging the merchandise. Just pick out a couple and then we gotsome filming to do and they got dragging to tend to.”Lucy looked at him. “A couple? How ’bout six?””Three.””Five.””Four. But there’s a game to play first, you old whore. Y’all best me inthese deals.”Lucy nodded her agreement. Four prime pieces of white, teenage pussy wasworth a lot of money. She and Larry shook hands, and she went back toexploring the girls.Kathryn, a tall brunette stared at her with hatred as she ran her hands overthe girl’s tight body. Shanda, a petite girl with white blonde hair burstinto tears when she was inspected.Terry cringed when it was her turn, and her hole was filled with the blackwoman’s finger. The nails scratched the inner lining, which was already sorefrom the dildo she had been forced on to. Terry sought to pull back and Lucyhooked her nail in so Terry skewered herself.”AWWWAWWWAAAAWWW” Terry cried.”This un got the cunt for it.” Lucy decided. “I want her, and the other one.The titted un, the redhead. The rest I’d need more time to valuate.”Lucy turned to Larry, releasing the blonde girl’s pussy. “C’mon,” she said,having made up her mind, “I got a camera crew waiting.””I’ll be along.” Larry told her, watching as she began laboriously climbingthe stairs. “I gotta finish out here first.”Lucy got about half way up the steps before taking a short break. She cleanedoff her hands and then pulled a cell phone out of her bag. “Yo Marty!! Look Iknow’s I’s late, but Is got’s a deal for you. Larry got a string of pastypussys here at the old Lincoln High School and …” She fell silent for amoment, listening. “Let me finish fool! You be real sorry you do that. I comeover there and cut off them pasty balls a your’n. Now listen up. I got a dealhere, Yea, I got a better bitch than Wanda to do the dirty with the dog. Howyou like a nice white bitch, No, I ain’t shitting you! Not young, but not badlookin’, athletic. Well you gets yo pasty ass and your shits over here ormaybe I calls Sam. You bastards all look alike to me, honey. Oh yea, bringthe money, of course fool, bring the dog, Oh yea have the camera man load hiscamera now. He might could get some interesting footage on a streaking groupof girls for the ghetto news. What that? Of cource fool, load the stillcameras too. This could be a scoop.”With that, Lucy slapped the cell phone shut and struggled up the remainingstairs. This was turning out to be some all right day. She hated the stairsbut the business she could do and she didn’t have to share any of the moneywith that bitch Wanda. And four pieces of prime, white meat!**Larry looked over the girls and inspected the way in which they were joinedto the sled. Didn’t want to lose none of the pussies now, did he?Satisfied that the gloves were secure, he stood back and began to speak, “Now,I knows you don’t like this much, but ‘no pain no gain’.” Many of theassembled crowd of black teenagers laughed, they’d been in his gym classesand heard that statement more than once. “But just to show you I’m a niceguy,” Larry continued after the sniggering died down, “I’m goin’ to helpprotect your precious modesty. I’s going to tape y’all’s sex over with y’all’sschool colors.” He lifted up a bag. “Got some nice wide red duct tape. Thatway yo pussies be covered from the pryin’ eyes of the homies, we done toldthe whole neighborhood that this is a publicity stunt for the game, ‘PussyPublicity’! ‘course, they expect our team, so y’all’s going to be a big hit.I just knows it.”He pulled the tape from the bag and approached the quivering girls, stillspeaking, “Now, any one o y’all wants to stop and sight see in this hereneighborhood, good luck. I bet the rival gangs be fucking and fighting overy’all’s asses fo a long time.” Lary forced a long piece of the two inch widetape onto Regina’s crotch. “See, the law now says that it is discriminationfor men to go topless less we let women do the same. y’all be doing the law aservice. Yes sir, it sure be a shame to cover this pussy with this tape, butwell, law is the law,”It took a while, but finally all of the girls had the duct tape securelytapped over their pussies. Larry straightened up. “Now here comes yourriders.” Bubba and Dimona come lumbering up to the tackle sleds and steppedon them. He fighting team members. “See these is to encourage y’all to doyour best. This (Larry held up a home made cat of nine tails made from shortnylon rope, with metal bits in the ends) is to urge yo asses and backs. Andthis (he held up a long, home made whip) is to reach over and tickle the titsof any slacker, that these fine jockies feel is doing less that 110% of herduty. I knows yo coach is counting on youse to do at least that for the oldschool.” He smirked and pointed to their tapped pussies. “And here, y’all notonly be showin’ off yo school colors, but y’all’s school colors ‘ll beprotectin yo pussies.”He took a step backwards and called out, “Now let’s get this show on theroad.” He waited while the black teenagers moved away to create a clear path.”Jockies,” he yelled, “start your pussies. First un round the course gets tostay on their backs and rest up for the game, but the slackers, they gets totongue fuck some cute ass holes for a home video for the school.”The girls shrunk back from the laughter and jeers, but there was nowhere forthem to go. Where was their coach? Where was the cavalry to save them? Wherewas …Without warning, Bubba swung the cat around, and thrashed the ass of one ofhis girls. There was an explosion of screaming and crying as Dimona did thesame, and the two sleds lurched into movement. A few more swats, and the sledswere moving along, to the jeers and calls of the crowd.Bubba’s sled took the early lead, but, not to be outdone, Dimona went to theshort whip and her team finally began to pick up speed, still trailing afterBubba’s sled. Dimona was furious at being behind and quickly went to the longwhip. With practised strokes, she managed to cut a nipple here and a cunt lipthere. Her fillies began to pick up speed and she began to close with theleader Bubba, but at the turn she lost the long whip so she had to go back tothe short whip on the asses and backs.Bubba still held the lead, as the carts went out of view around a corner.Cursing, Dimona worked the whip. She silently promised a lit cigarette ineach ass hole if they didn’t win this race with Bubba. ****Lary watched as the two carts turned the corner and went out of sight, a longtrail of black k**s following behind. He grinned as he climbed the stairsback into the school. The run and the uppers were guaranteed to exhaust thelittle pasty pussies. Now to see to that lying, cheating, coach of theirs.He picked up speed, climbing the stairs two at a time. He better get hisblack ass in gear, unless he was to miss the dog show that Lucy done set up.The thought of the white coach, under a dog lightened his step. That Lucy,she was one perverted bitch, maybe that was why they got on so well. When hegot to the door of the former principals office, he heard an argument.He tried the door but it was locked. Angry, he put his shoulder to it andbusted it down.========================================================Chapter 4The door gave way with a loud crack, ripping off it’s hinges, and crashing tothe floor, as Larry slammed his bulk against it. Inside he found Lucydesperately waving a straight razor, trying to keep Tiny at bay. Frank waskneeling behind a sobbing Synthia, doing his level best to fuck his blacksnake into a very tight white ass hole.Keeping her eye on Tiny, Lucy yelled to the gym coach, “Bastard gonna to ruinher. You know none of my girls let that fool put his snake in their ass holes.He too fuckin’ big. And this dainty slim little old white pussy be totally outof shape ‘fore I get’s to prep it for Rover. He be ruining it for us’n.”Angry, Larry strode over to the straining Frank and grabbed his shoulder.Tiny tried to go to his boss’s aid, but Lucy’s flashing razor held hisattention. Larry pulled, and Frank’s snake withdrew, spitting a thick streamof cum as it left it’s former host.Frank looked up from his position on his knees. “What for you does that Larry?Me and this sweet bitch getting it on just fine. Just fine. Lucy there don’tknow what she be talking about. You said I should’entertain’ the bitch.”Frank looked over at where Synthia lay curled up on the floor, gasping andcrying while a thick wad of cum dribbled out of her strained asshole. He’dfinally found a bitch could take him in the ass! And what an ass, all roundand smooth and like a granny smith apple. Frank’s smile radiated like midnightin the room. He was truly a satisfied man. That hole done had his attention,but there was business.Seeing his boss smiling, Tiny stopped his attempts to intervene. His boss hadhis cum and they were talking. He’d watch and wait.Larry growled, “Now Frank, you knows that you is too big for that shit.Specially with a thin new white un like this. You ruin her, you bought herman!!”Frank laughed. “Oh shit! Man, I likes this un fine. I take her offen yourhands now.””No!” Lucy shouted, slipping her razor back into her bag. “We gots a deal.She gots a video to make for Marty.” If there was no bitch here when Martyarrived and Wanda done left her crib, Lucy had visions of herself with thatgreat dane in *her* black ass.She kept one hand in her bag, fingering her razor. No way, that was gonnahappen. No fuckin’ way,Frank and Larry looked at each other for a moment. There was a moment oftension and Tiny looked like he was ready to jump. Then Frank shrugged andturned away. “Look man we talk ’bout this later, mano e mano. You dig?” Larry offered,hoping to quell the tension.Lucy sighed and took her hand off the razor. She walked over to Larry and thetwo of them closely inspected the shivering Synthia’s brutalized holes. Totheir delight, there was no permanent damage, her ass hole was stretched openand leaking cum, but it appeared to be shrinking back to size just fine. Itwould never be as small, nor as tight, as before Frank’s cock reamed it out,but it be good enough for a ghetto whore.And good enough for the great dane! Besides, what a dog know about tight pussy.Sure he be a fucking fool, but he probably do her anyway. Maybe they’d have toput in a little dog food, just to get ‘im started, but he was a good dog.Experienced too! He’d done a job on Wanda last week. Mut be a sex maniac.Just like this fool Frank here. White pussy.Satisfied, Larry turned to Frank. He winked and mouthed the word ‘later’, andthen said, “Frank get on out here! You’ve got stuff to do, and I’m going tolet this pussy go, when we win the game and I get my cut of the increasedbusiness that you give me.””What?” the bookie exclaimed, looking confused for a moment, beforeunderstanding dawned on his ugly face. “Oh, yea! Right. Lot’s to do.”He leaned down and, with a hard pat on the ass that he’d just vacated, hesaid, “I really wants to have this un, but I guess y’all be lettin’ her goafter the game. If she behaves herself.”Larry nodded. “Yea, thass right. She’s goin free if she does what she betold.”Frank nodded back. They had a deal. In his mind, the bookie raised Larry’scut of the betting profit to 10% from the 5% he was going to give him after aday or two of haggling. Hmmm, maybe best make that 7 1/2%. Yea, by then witha dog in her an all. Well forget that, 5% was good enough after all. Smilingbroadly, the bookie left the room, followed closely by his body guard.”You should let me cut his dick off,” Lucy snarled as the bookie left theroom. “Teach him put that damned fat old fucker in any old place. Why I bethe fuck a black snake ‘cept he not sure where his cock ends and the snakebegin. Ass hole’s ruined more than one a’ my girls. He’s jus’ too fuckin’ big.He got so much dick, that he lose business when that snake goes up. Takes allthe blood from his head. I cut it off for him ,he be a foot shorter,””Lucy.”Synthia was frozen in place on the ground while Larry tried to calm the blackwoman. The basketball coach shivered as another dollup of cum dribbled out ofher abused ass hole, the bookie had been so BIG! She shook her head, moaningin pain. This could not be really happening, it just couldn’t. She got upthis morning, just like any other morning. She had bribed and fucked her wayhere, almost to the top, and now here she was, reduced to ass fucking a nigerand swallowing another niger’s cock. What had become of her? She groaned asshe felt her innards shifting back to their normal positions. She was certainthat that fat fuck stick had shifted some internal organs. He was so BIG! Shedid not care what these fuckers said or did, her ass would never be the same.She’d never fuck a man back there again. She’d …Her thoughts of self-pity were interrupted when a short, balding man saunteredinto the room like he owned the place. He puffed on a stinky cigar. He lookedaround and his gaze fixed on Lucy. The naked white woman on the ground did notphase him. He was in show business. The bizarre was normal to him.Lucy fell silent, as the newcomer started to speak in a loud, obnoxious voice,”Lucy, baby, Swell tip you gave me. That drag thing with the naked bitches wasgreat. Fuckin’ great. I got Walt with the hand held following the whole thing.I just hope that he don’t get mugged in this neighborhood. That’s anexpensive camera. Be great footage for an orgy pic I got in mind. Fuckin’great!”He paused for a moment and then turned to Synthia. Grinning around his cigar,he framed the crouching brunette with his fingers and thumbs moving fromclose and wide angles. He continued speaking as he studied her, “So this the little bitch wants tobe in pics with Rover. Not bad, kinda pasty looking, but not bad, littlelighting and we correct that. Not bad, makeup would be too expensive, but alittle lighting, and it’ll be great. Fuckin’ great.”He dropped his hands and turned to Lucy. “You want we do it right here?? Oh,”He looked at Larry, as if seeing him for the first time. “Lucy, who’s thisbastard? He wanna be in the movie?”Larry’s face darkened. “I’m the reason you’s here, ass hole.”Lucy stepped forward to get in between them, but Marty just laughed andturned away, totally oblivious to any threat. “Ah, that’s great, owe y’one,big one. Now that we got that out of the way.” The balding man looked aroundthe room. “Do we do the film here or in the auditorm?” Lucy shrugged. “Comeon,” he checked his watch “time is money, money is time. I only got thecameras rented until six. After that it costs double and when Walt gets backI wanna be all set up.”Larry sniffed, his anger draining away at the thought of what was going to behappening to his captive. “That be a good idea. We take her down to theauditorium and you have your people set up there.” Still a bit miffed, hegestured at the producer’s cigar. “Hey, this place is a fire trap ass hole,put out that fucking’ cigar.””Yea.. Yea,” Blowing a large smoke ring, Marty grabbed Synthia’s arm and ledher out of the office and down the hall. She sobbed quietly, but didn’t tryto break away. There was nowhere to go, what with Larry and Lucy followingclose behind, being naked, cum dripping from her ass hole, and a sore throat.What more could happen to her? In a few moments, they all entered the old gym,where, minutes before, the ten girls from the basketball team had beenimpaled on the dildo bench. The phalluses still stood there, some glisteningin the dim light.A small film crew, two men, a camera and some lights, was waiting. Accustomedto strange sights, they didn’t blink when their boss, dragging a naked woman,walked across the gym shouting orders and directions.Dazed and confused, Synthia felt she had been transported to an alien world.First those black teens, then the bookie with his massive cock, and now agroup of people with all this equipment. What were they doing? What was goingon? Didn’t they see she was naked and needed help. How could they?”GRRRRR GRRRR.”Synthia was startled and looked over towards the growling that was coming outof a darkened corner of the gym. A black k**, the earfucker, broke cover andstarted run across the gym floor chased by a, a massive great dane!Marty chuckled. “Looks like we got company.” He turned to Larry. “One a’your’s? Sorry bout that. Rover don’t like spooks, but he ain’t never eaten awhole one before.” He turned to one of his crew. “Tommy get out the dogbiscuits and bring him back before he gets sick. I don’t usually feed himdark meat.” The producer chomped on his cigar and laughed as Tommy wentchasing off down the hall after the dog and the black teen.Still laughing, Marty took the bewildered Synthia and dragged her into thecenter of the gym. “Set up here and hurry up.” he ordered the remaining crewmember. “I want to catch this before we lose all the fuckin’ light.”He waited impatiently as the man quickly set up the lights. In a few minutes,everything was ready, Synthia cowered in the middle of a blinding pool oflight. “OK, OK, where the fuck is…” Marty paced back and forth, puffing hiscigar and dropping his ashes all over the place, as he waited for Tommy toget back with the dog. Finally, they came back into the gym, the great daneslavering and pulling on it’s chain. The dog had a patch of cloth held proudlyin his mouth.”Ahh, shit, you didn’t let him eat that spook did ya?” Marty glanced at Larry,grinning. “It might make him sick and then we’d have to do this scene over.”Before Tommy could answer, the earfucker lurched through the door into thegym. His hands were locked behind his ass, covering where the patch of clothhad once been, but was now Rover’s proud possession and Marty laughed.”Good, good. Fuckin’ great!” He turned to Larry. “See? The spook is OK,nothing vital missing.”Then it was back to business. “Now, where is that fuckin’ Walt. I bet he gotmugged or somethin’. This is some neighborhood you’se got here spook.” Larrywinced and turned away. The coach was angry, but he was also beginning tounderstand that the man didn’t mean or even really know what he was saying.It was just his way of talking.Smiling, Lucy went to her pocket book and removed her compact. She walkedinto the pool of light and approached the cowering Synthia. Grabbing a hold ofthe woman’s hair with her free hand, she began powdering her tits and face.”Best to look your best dear. This is one pic you is going to remember foryour whole life.”Synthia moaned, but didn’t say anything.The earfucker stood against the wall and let the cool stone sooth his bit ass.All he wanted was to do was fuck the white bitch and then the dog done fuckedhim up. His snake wouldn’t get hard no matter what. He was so scared that thedog might get the idea that it was a black bone, and tear it off. His fuckerbe hiding, longs as that wolf be here. He just wait the wolf out. He be inlove with the white bitch. He do anything to fuck her. Anything that didn’tinvolve the fuckin’ wolf,========================================================Chapter 5The sound of screaming came from outside. Larry walked over to a dirt cakedwindow and knocked out the pane. Sure enough, the tackle sleds were back inthe school yard and fast approaching. Bubba was still in the lead, but Dimonawas close behind. He had gone to the long whip and was snapping at hisfillies’ nipples. The girl’s screamed, pushing with all their might, but, inspite of the meth, they were beginning to falter. Bubba shouted encouragement,working the whip for all he was worth.Dimona, despite being reduced to only the short whip, saw her chance. Sheswished her dragger’s asses with all of her strength, bringing her ‘persuader’down again and again. The sounds of screaming reached Larry’s ears as Dimona’sgirls, somehow fresher than Bubba’s, responded with an increase in speed.Dimona’s sled picked up speed, slowly closing the distance.Faced with defeat, Bubba acted true to his character, he cheated. Leaningback, he snapped his long whip, catching one of Mary’s girls right on thelabia. It was Elizabeth, a tall girl with short red hair and a face full offreckles. Normally a vivacious, energetic girl, the combination of abuse,d**gs and physical exertion had left her a mess. Half dazed, she was pushingMary’s cart with all the strength left to her, but when Bubba’s whip caughther labia, her cunt exploded up with stinging fire. Letting out a loud screamat the unexpected pain, she stumbled and fell, immediately slowing Dimona’scart.Enraged, Dimona leaned off the side of her sled and started yelling at Bubbaas his sled pulled away and passed the courtyard finish line. She was stillyelling and cursing when her own sled entered the courtyard, and thus didn’tsee the lowered roof that slammed her in the face and knocked her off hersled.Everything went black. She was out for most of the festivities, but when shefinally woke her cunt was being ministered to by the defeated Bubba. Mutteringa vague curse, she reached up and dragged his face down for a wet, sloppy kiss.He may be a fat, cheating bastard, but he was *her* fat cheating bastard!Young love be the best,*****The dazed, exhausted girls were freed from their sleds. Silent, dripping withsweat, the naked white girls trooped into the gym behind Larry. There, in whathad been the center court, they saw Synthia in a brightly lit area in themiddle of the room. The basketball coach was kneeling over a small, speciallydesigned stool. Her hands were cuffed to it’s center post and her knees werelocked to metal rings also attached to the post. The adjustment kept her bentover the stool with her cunt open to all. Her long brown hair hung down tothe floor, obscuring her face.The exhausted girls moaned and sobbed, as Larry herded them back to theirdildo bench and had them sit down again. Their pussies and asses were stillcovered by red duct tape, so Larry forced them to sit on the back part of thebench, with the dildos sprouting up between their thighs. On his orders, eachgirl grabbed the dildo and held on. First girl that took her hand off, Larrytold them, would have the thing in her ass. Crying, the girls held on fordear life.Back under the lights, Lucy knelt beside Synthia, ‘encouraging’ the whitewoman to arch her back and spread her legs by running a bristle street sweeperbrush under her tender tits. The touch of the wire brush caused Synthia toarch up to avoid the bristles. Satisfied, Lucy went round and secured thewaist strap which held Synthia’s middle to the stool seat.The coach tried to lower her ass, but the black woman waved the brush. “Nowyou just arch up nice and pretty there and I won’t have to use the brush onyour tits again, or somewhere else. You stick it up and push that pussy outand I don’t have to do more. You stick it down and denies him, I puts thissucker under there and then every time he pounce you get stuck more. You gotthat bitch?”Synthia, dazed and humiliated, could do nothing more than nod her head inconfused agreement. Anything to avoid pain. But, what did she mean, pounce?Frightened, she squirmed on the stool, being careful to keep her ass high inthe air.Impatient, Marty strode onto set. “OK, OK, let’s get this show on the roadI’m losing the light. Walt, you reloaded?” The cameraman nodded. “OK, youcock sucker, you better get some great shots. Cost me a fortune to get thatkind of stuff for my orgy pic. Even,” The producer glanced over at Larry andsmirked. “if the spooks work for less than scale.”Marty grinned when Larry glowered at him. “Hey big guy, how bout you give methe broads for tomorrow’s shoot. I’ll make it worth your while. Course I gotto consider you their agent and,”Larry cut him off, “Look ass hole, I don’t know nothin ’bout tomorrow. Thesebitches got a game today. If my team wins, I’ll probably let’s um go homewith the bus.” Larry raised his voice to make sure the girls heard. “Elsewise I think a nice bus accident with a fire to roast their pussies to theright color.”For the first time since he’d arrived that morning, Marty looked shocked,”Spook, Spook, don’t go nuts on me. That’d be a waste of good pussy. I mean Igot an orgy pic and then the “Farmer in the Dell” project just waiting for atroop like this. They’d be perfect. I could use um all.” He pointed at Regina.”Even the boy over there.””That there’s a bitch,” Larry growled, stalking up to the shorter man andglaring down at him, “and if you keep call’n me ‘spook’, y’all gonna be onetoo. If you know what I mean.”Marty swallowed. “Well, uh, I’ll be damned, spoo, I mean spade.” Larrygrowled, but the producer turned his attention to Regina again. “A bitch, yousay? I got just the pic for her. She’d be a great butch with that hidden cuntof her’s.” He turned back to Larry. “What say Spade? I’ll get lots of use outof um.”Larry turned to the girls. “y’all HEAR THIS FOOL? YOU WIN THE GAME TONIGHT ANDI GIVE YOU TO HIM.” The girls stared at him, wide eyed. “Now watch here.” Hegestured at the pool of light. “See what y’all be doin’.””I’m all set,” Walt shouted, right on cue. Relieved at having an excuse towalk away, Marty turned and hurried onto the impromptu set. “OK, OK,everything ready?” Receiving a nod from Walt, he walked around behind thecamera. “In 1, 2, 3, action.” Walt switched on the camera and Marty gesturedat Tommy. Grinning, the man lead the great dane towards Synthia’s captive ass.Finally, Synthia realized what was going to happen. “NO, NO, Don’t do this,don’t let him.” The basketball coach twisted and squirmed on the stool, tryingto protect her ass by squeezing her thighs tightly shut.Marty was disgusted. “CUT! CUT! That’s fuckin’ great. Lucy, you know youshould have placed that brush under her stomach. This bitch ain’t Wanda.Where she is from, they probably never get a break like this at the start.Get that damn brush and fix it right this time.”Angry, Lucy jumped to the task. She grabbed the twisting woman’s breasts andpinched them until she raised her body from the stool. Once the woman’s backwas properly arched, Lucy took the wire brush and jammed it, bristles up,under her crotch. Synthia let out a cry of pain as gravity puller her tendercrotch down onto the bristles. “I tried to go easy on you.” Lucy hissed,running a long fingernail down the outside of Synthia’s pussy lips. “Now seehow you like this.””Please.”Lucy laughed and walked away. Marty nodded. “OK!” he called. “Now action, forreal this time.”Tommy let the dog off the leash. Confused, the great dane came up and sniffedat Sythia’s exposed ass. The woman tried to pull away, but the pain from thewire brush was too great. With a quiet growl, Rover licked the unfamiliar sexorgans.Not fast enough for Marty. “Cut!” He glared at the trainer. “Let’s Speed himup Tom. We’re losin’ the light.”While Tommy prepared Rover, Marty wandered over and knelt down in front ofRegina. Leering, he reached up and fondled her tiny breasts. He was fascinated,it *was* a girl. “You could have a great career as a butch for me, k**. SorryI thought you’se a boy, but well you have to admit, you look the part. Be ashame to waste you in an, accident.”Larry had walked over to see what was happening, but stopped when he heardwhat the producer was saying. He grinned, it fit right into his plans.Regina was not so happy, she broke down and started to cry in earnest. Herhands itched to slap this nasty man, but she was afraid of what would happenif she took them off the dildo. Sobbing, she promised herself she would nevershoot another basket in her life. If she ever got out güvenilir bahis siteleri of this, why, she wouldgo to a nunnery. Anything to get out of this mad house,”C’mon Marty, you in a hurry, or what?””Later,” Marty grinned, giving her cheek a pat. The bald producer stood upand walked back to the set, where filming was almost ready to start again.”Roll ‘m.”The dog, now more motivated, advanced quickly. Synthia was beside herselfwith fear. “Please,” she begged, staring back over her shoulder at theadvancing dog. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’ll tell the officials thatthey have to give you the game. I’ll tell them I cheated, I’ll,” The greatdane, oblivious to her begging, jumped forward and came down on her back,causing her to sink down onto the wire brush.”Ahhhhh,” Synthia let out a loud, agonized scream as she tried to force herbody to arch up off the penetrating brush. The dog was too heavy, though.With a growl, he began to hump up and down on the captive woman like he’dgone crazy, sliding his cock up and down on the coach’s back. Synthiaimmediately stopped screaming and started trying to wriggle away from hisslimy dick, anything to keep it from penetrating.Marty watched for a couple of moments and then snorted in disgust. “Stupiddog!” He looked over at Tommy. “You call yourself a trainer? The dog couldn’tfuck the broad side of a barn.”Tommy shrugged.Walt stopped filming.Marty thought for a second, and then stalked over to the bench where thegirls were sitting, plastic dicks in hand. Larry held back, waiting to seewhat would happen.He walked up to Regina. “You, butch,” He grabbed her hair and pulled her fromthe bench. “You’re coach needs some dog dick. Go help her out.”Regina stared in horror. “No! Please, I couldn’t do that, I’m a good girl.I..”Marty grabbed her arm and shoved her towards the set. “Well this here dog cancome 10, 12 times an hour. You don’t do it. I’ll see to it that we use you inthe sequel, in about half an hour or so. Hell, might do it anyway. I got afeeling about you, you’re a natural. More of a butch type, but the dogthing….” He let the threat hang unspoken.Regina looked uncertain.”You wanna switch?” he asked. “I bet your coach’d be real happy to help himwith you.”Terrified, Regina nodded. She walked slowly forward and knelt down to findthe dog’s cock.”Start the camera!” Marty hissed.”OK.””Grrr!” The dog growled menacingly from it’s perch atop the helplessbasketball coach. He wasn’t inside of her, but she was his. Any threat..Regina looked around, but there was no respite. Swallowing, she said, “Nicedoggie, nice doggie.” Tentatively, she rubbed his head, paying specialattention to just behind his ears. When he calmed down a bit, she reacheddown and cupped his dick with her right hand.”A natural!” Marty whispered loudly.Grimacing with disgust, Regina positioned the dog’s cock,Sythia was frantic. “Regina, for the love of god, don’t!”Too late. The dark haired teenager had positioned the cock, inserted it andthe dog did the rest.”Ahhh, no, no, get it out, please,” Regina fell back as her coach bucked andheaved under the weight of the great dane. “It’s in the wrong place, oh god,it hurts, please, Regina, please get it out.”Frightened, Regina tried to back away, but Marty ran up behind her and grabbedher by the hair. He dragged her around to Synthia’s face, forced her to kneeland stretched her hand to the coach’s dangling tits.”Girly you fucked up, but no problem. I still say you’re a natural. Besides,she gots lots of holes, one’s as good as another. Now, to make amends I wantyou to grab these cow tits of her’s, and make nice nice with the bitch. Makeher nice and happy. Maybe give her a kiss or two. I bet you can make her cumeven with your fuck up. You’re a natural.” Marty released the girl and backedaway. “Just remeber, you could be next!”Sobbing, Regina seized Synthia’s tits and began to squeeze them. Not havingany tits to speak of, and never having touched another girl, she startedkneading them, like she would bread dough.”Regina, please, please, no do, don, don’t, please..” Synthia babbled insanely,arching her back and twisting helplessly on the stool as the dog ass fuckedher and her player kneaded her breasts.Marty was ecstatic. “That’s right, baby, right on, right on, bitch. Kiss thebitch. Make it good for her, go on,”Regina looked at him in horror.”Come on dog girl,” Larry called from the side, getting into the event. “Kissthe bitch, or would you rather kiss the nice doggie’s dick. I don’t thinkRover had a nice suck off this month. Coach won’t mind the delay and Roverjust another day in the biz. I make you suck him off, you don’t get a moveon.””Regina,” Synthia whispered, her voice made unsteady by the pounding motionof the dog. “Don’t listen to them. Please don’t make me.”Regina made her choice. Still twisting and squeezing the dangling orbs, sheleaned forward and kissed her basketball coach, with a passion that she’dformerly saved for her as yet imaginary boyfriends. This was for real. Synthiahad made her come here. She hadn’t wanted to play on the team in the firstplace. She had bad enough trouble being teased about looking like a boywithout getting involved in sports. But Synthia had convinced her. She’d getthis bitch. She gripped her coach’s tits and ground her lips against Synthia’sunwilling mouth. When that mouth opened, the small breasted teenager slippedher tongue in and began to suck.Moaning around the girl’s invading tongue, Synthia struggled to get away, butthe death grip on her tits, the stool, the straps and the brush, and, most ofall, the dog in her ass hole. She was, no god, no she wasn’t a… Then why wasshe so wet? No, not with a dog, She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. Oh god!Then, without warning, the dog’s dick swelled in her ass and shot what musthave been a quart of hot spunk up her anus. She almost fainted, half in relief.She was saved, It was over, and she hadn’t… Wait a moment, it didn’t godown. It stayed there. It was… No! No! She was cuming! Cuming!”Ahhh!””Fuckin’ great! Hope you’re getting all this.””Don’t sweat it.” Walt answered.Oh god, it was still there. He stayed inside of her and the swelling didn’tgo down. She was lost. She tried to sink down, but the brush forced her tenderflesh to rise up again, fucking back against Rover. The dog took this as a cueto start again and went on with his love making.At a cue from Marty, Lucy came over and fastened a second belt loop over thedog’s haunches, locking it in place. Then she took Regina back to her seat.”Big dog like that there’ll, cum till the cows come home, girl.” she explained,sitting the tomboy down behind the dildo “She be tasting his cum for days. Youdone good. You be good with dog fuckers. You like horses?””A natural.” Marty called over.Lucy grinned and turned back to the snivelling teenager. “You win the game andit looks like you got a job with old Marty, here.” Regina let out a loud sobas the black woman walked away.Back on the set, Synthia came again, and again, and again. She didn’t knowwhat was happening to her, she was delirious, her ass hurt, her tits hurt,*everything* hurt. But all she could do was cum again and again, screaming andwailing like a demented fuck doll, as the dog pounded it’s massive dick intoher guts.Cuming again, and again, and again.========================================================Chapter 6The filming continued, Synthia’s ass hole was fucked out. It seemed like thedog would go on forever, pumping it’s dog cock in and out of her stretchedass hole. Each time it took longer, but she could not help herself. Regina’stittie manipulations and hot tongue had sent her over the edge the first time,and now she just could not control herself. Even the wire brush, with it’sbristles cutting into her crotch, had become part of the pain and pleasurethat sent her screaming, over and over again, into humiliating orgasms. Ifthis went on for much longer, she would lose her mind, if she hadn’t done soalready. She would… Oh no, here it comes again, “UM UM UM UM, Ahhaahhhaaa,”And, for what seemed like the hundredth time that afternoon, Synthia came,bucking and howling over the stool while Rover, the great dane, pumped herass hole with incredible energy.”Ahhh!”The orgasm died away, but the dog kept pumping.The bitch was coming along nicely, Larry thought to himself. Bitch’ll neverget off on no puny white dick again in her life. She’d need a couple offootball teams and their benches to get her nuts off after this. Assuming, hereminded himself, that there is an after this for her.********************************After about half an hour, the novelty of watching a white woman fucking agreat dane, and cuming like a dog slut, began to wane and the spectatorsturned their attention to the girls. Larry had taken charge, ordering thegirls to stand up and then, one by one, ripping the red duct tape off theircrotches. The girls cried and moaned, as their now hairless pussies wereexposed to the laughing watchers. Then, inevitably, the fat basketball coachordered the girls to their mounts.”OK,” he yelled, when the girls were all impaled to the hilt, “It’s not fairyo coach get all the fun, so I’ve decided to let you have a little too. Iwants y’all ta ride yo little white pussies up and down on those friendlydicks there.” He smiled when the girls cried out in dismay. “‘course, I knowsyou wan’ it, but yo just too shy. Thass why I asked these men here to helpout.” He pointed to behind the girls.CRACK!”Ahhh!”The teenagers turned to see a group of black boys standing behind them, allcarrying whips. They started swinging, bringing the whips down on the girls’exposed asses, call to them to get bouncing. The teenagers moaned and wept,but, eventually, they mounted up and began to move.*****Regina let out a quiet groan, as she sank back down on the dildo. It didn’thurt, after the baseball bat, her newly opened cunt could take almost anything,but the horror at being forced to fuck herself in public, on the plastic dildomade her shudder. She’d never ever had a boyfriend, always being a tomboy, andnow, this! Forced to fuck herself while a group of laughing boys slid theirblack hands over her nipples and twicked her now hard clit.”Ahhh!”The whip came down on her ass and she pushed herself up again.*****Elizabeth bounced up and down on her dildo, as Larry had ordered, frantic toavoid the whip. The slender redhead squealed and moaned each time she sunkdown on the massive phallus, but slowly, she felt a warmth build up in herstuffed cunt. Not even aware of what she was doing, she brought her hand down,and began to rub the outside of her pussy, while riding the plastic cock inand out of her stuffed cunt. She was getting closer.*****Terry was not only getting closer, but she was doing so for the fourth time.”Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!” The willowy blonde girl moved her crotch up and down ina blur as pussy juice squirted out and dribbled down the plastic cock.Her blue eyes closed to slits, as the room seemed to spin around her.Everything was going blurry, just like the black boys who crowded around infront of her. They grabbed at her small but firm tits and slipped roughfingers in her swampy slit, but she barely noticed. They all looked alike toher now, she was floating, floating.Her only conscious emotion was envy for her coach, the woman was screamingagain as the dog brought her to orgasm yet again.She is such a bitch, Terry thought. Hope the doggie rips her cunt right out.It would serve her right.The thought sent fresh waves of lust though the blonde’s fuck addled mind,causing her to bounce with increased energy, She wondered if the doggie wasthis good. Coach sure seemed to love that canine cock. I wonder if Rex athome, was as big as this dildo? Maybe tomorrow she would find out.*****Lucy, walked along the front of the bench, looking at the blonde girl andsmiled. She’d made a good choice, girl be a natural whore. Now what elselooked profitable here?She glanced over at the big titted redhead that she had chosen earlier. Sandra,or something like that. The girl was bouncing frantically on her dildo, hereyes wide and glassy, while two black teenagers sucked on her massive tits.The black woman nodded. She could pick the whores out group of nuns.Now, who else be profitable in this here string.*****The boys had turned Whitney and Melanie around, so that the two girls werefacing each other on the bench, their cunts still stuffed with plastic cock.With encouragement from the whips, the two girls were necking while bouncingtheir sore pussies up and down. Whitney, a shorter girl with curly blondehair was crying and sniffling, but Melanie, her green eyes closed and facehalf hidden under thick, brown hair, was whining and bucking up and down onthe dildo, her tongue eagerly exploring her friend’s mouth.*****Lucy noted the brunette, as she continued her inspection. Another whore,great body, do just fine on stage, too. Be a hit at the stag parties she hadscheduled next week. Black snakes really seek out that pouting mouths. Got toraise the prices for her though. Oh lordie the money that’ll make her. She’dget that dealer to change her order for that special paint job. Royal PURPLE,just like that rock star, Queen something or other. This bitch would work itfor her.Just one more.She passed by Jennifer and Marcie. The two girls were cute enough, one a shortbrunette and the other a tall girl with large blue eyes and curly black hair,but they were just moving mechanically on their plastic lovers, shovingthemselves up and down in silent agony, while the black boys went at themwith their whips.Too stuck up for the trade. Let that fool Marty have um, better pickings herebouts.*****Kathryn had cum once, but was now just sitting there on her dildo. For thepast ten minutes, Larry had been attempting to get her to deep throat him. Itwas too big though, and the tall brunette gagged and chocked, pleading withhim, as best she could, to just fuck her cunt. Her cunt, squelching on thedildo as she rocked back and forth on the bench, was wide open and ready formore after the first orgasm. Her poor throat, on the other hand, was too small.Larry gave a hard shove. Something gave and his balls finally rested on herchin. Her throat began milking his black fuck stick. “Ahhh! glchh!” Thebrunette chocked, as yet another inch of black cock was forced down herunwilling throat.Larry laughed. “Now we gettin’ somewhere bitch!”Kathryn raised her hands to try and push him away from her face, but he justcuffed her on the side of the head. “Put them hands down. Orson, get yourblack ass over here and hold the bitch’s hands. I got the finest feeling fromher throat, and bitch wants to spoil the moment.” The teenager ran over,grabbed Kathryn’s hands, pulling them away.FLASH! FLASH!Larry blinked, covering his face. It was the producer, Marty, with a camera.”What you doing fool?” he hollered. “You like to make my ‘Jim Thomas’ go down’for I get a nut?”Marty just laughed. “Spade, that was a kodak moment. I’ll have glossies madeand you can put then in the family album or do you spades keep photos in thebibles?””You best not get my fine black face in that picture.” Larry growled. “Else Ifeed you that kodak up your ass sideways.””Look spoo, I mean spade,” the producer answered. “There ain’t no need foryour profile, ugly as it is. Not when I got this fine white bitch and thatlong black snake sticking in her, hey spade, she’s turning blue. Don’t thinkyou should snuff the merchandise. Least not until Walt there gets the camerareloaded and pointed in the right direction.” The producer glanced back towhere his cameraman was avidly filming Synthia and Rover. Seeing that theywere still going, he turned back to Larry. “Spoo, I mean spade come on takeit out.”Much as he hated to leave the warm, wet hole, Larry had to admit that theproducer was right. No offing the merchandise until after the game. He pulledback. His dick withdrew from the girl’s mouth with a loud pop, leaving atrail of pre-cum and spittle down the front of her face.”Now that is how it be done bitch.” Larry said to Kathryn as she gasped andchocked for air. “Next time you can tell um that I been there first.”As he walked away, he gestured at Orson to make sure that the girl startedriding up and down again on the dildo,*****Lucy glanced at Kathryn as the brunette slowly picked up speed, but shook herhead. Not right, Even with the opened throat she just not right for her classof customer.There was only one girl left on the bench, Shanda, a petite girl withextremely fair skin and white blonde hair. The girl was riding the plasticcock up and down, but she wasn’t enjoying it. The teenager behind her wasforced to lay into her with the whip to get her to move.Lucy frowned. This one wasn’t a whore either. She gazed at the girl for a fewmoments, fascinated by her pale skin. Maybe, Lucy thought to herself, there’ssomething else she’s good for. Worth a try.Moving as quickly as her bulk would allow, the black woman reached down,grabbed Shanda from her place on the bench and pulled. The girl let out a cryof pain as the massive dildo was abruptly torn from her cunt. In moments, theblonde girl was on her knees in front of Lucy. The black woman glared down ather.”You don’t be looking like no normal pussy, my eye balls see you’s more of apussy eater instead. As I’s got the right equipment I give you a try. Best begetting to it now. Make me mad and I give you a facial with my razor.”The blonde girl shook her head, crying. “NO!!!! Not that!””Don’t be shaking that head on me, bitch,” Lucy growled. “I says you is apussy licker, then you’se a pussy licker. Else maybe y’all take yo coach’splace in front of the camera, yo wan’ some dog cock?” The fat woman lookedover at where Synthia was cuming for the tenth time since the dog had started.”‘Course, y’all have to wait your turn, you coach done fallen for his brownand white furry balls.” She turned her attention back to the cowering girl.”D’ya want a turn?” Shaking, Shanda shook her head. Lucy grinned, “Then y’alldo me and like it. Understand?”Shanda began to wail, shaking her head no, no, no, Lucy lost what littlepatience she had. Swearing, she raised her skirt, exposing a tangle of nastydripping pubic hair over a smelly hole. “Come to mama, you littly pasty pussy.Come suck my clit or else. Once you done this un I bet you forgets all ’boutthat old doggie you’se holding out for.”The blonde girl couldn’t do it, she just couldn’t, she knelt there, cryingand shaking. Lucy growled, “Them tears makes it better for me, but you don’tbe getting down to the licking soon, I’m going to change my mind and have youdo my ass hole first. Yea, I gots to take a shit first though to give ya thefull effect.” Shanda stared up at the black woman, eyes wide. “Get to it!”Lucy grabbed the girl by the hair and shoved her face into her crotch.The blonde teenager tried to keep her mouth shut, but she had to breath.Slowly, tentatively, she extended her tongue, maybe if she kept her eyesclosed.Lucy would have none of it. “Now you open those pretty green eyes a yours. Iwants to see my little cunt licker’s expressions.”Shanda let out a groan, but did as she was ordered. Keeping her eyes opened,she pushed her face into the black woman’s smelly crotch and began to lickand suck as best she could. Soon, Lucy’s eyes went glassy and her breathbecame short. This little white girl had a talented tongue. With a littletraining.*****When Larry, his cock back in his pants, turned to go watch Synthia with thedog. Orson had wandered off to play with the redhead’s tits, and the brunette,Kathryn, was left alone, still bobbing up and down on her dildo.The earfucker, his ass still smarted from the where he had been bitten, butnow his balls ached too. He was still afraid, but his little head did thethinking now, they’se all busy, now’s m’ chance to take care of business, thewolf be taking care of, the little bitch be going at it on the dildo, Larrydon’t be no mind, they be buddies,These thoughts running through his mind, he snuck over to the dazed brunetterepeatedly impaled herself on the plastic cock. She was almost coming, herface all red and sweaty, she do him righteous.Darting forward, the earfucker grabbed the girl’s head and forced his blacksnake into the soft drooling white mouth. In no time, he was inside, slowlysliding his cock in and out of her gagging mouth. He threw his head back andlaughed, he was getting it from a white girl, he be.”Ahhhhhhhhh, stop bitch, let lose, Ahhhh,” In her delirium, Kathryn hadbitten down on his rapidly softening black snake.FLASH! FLASH!”Ah, young love.” Marty commented, peering through his viewfinder.FLASH! FLASH!”Ahhh! Please stop her! Please! Ahhh!” attracted by his screams, a smallcrowd had gathered, laughing and taunting as he danced around, his dick stillstuck in the brunette’s mouth.Marty laughed, “Boy finds girl. Boy get’s in wrong hole. Hole bites boy.Young Love!! I love it!! Bet I get top dollar from them S&M Mags for thissequence.””Let go bitch! Let goooooo! Aahhhhh!” Finally, she let up and his dick slippedfrom her slackening mouth.FLASH! FLASH!”Here spook, turn this way so I can get a better shot of the blood! They’llpay!” Yelling, the earfucker turned and ran from the gym, his pants stillaround his ankles. Marty shrugged and turned his attention back to Sythia. He*did* have a film to make here.******Larry checked his watch as the commotion finally died down. Almost time toget ready for the game. He looked around.Under the hot lights, the dog was finally running out of steam. He’d pulledhis dick from the coach’s ass and a long stream of dog cum leaked out ontothe floor. Walt had moved the camera in for a final closeup.On the benches, the basketball team were all bouncing up and down on theplastic dildos, some with more enthusiasm than others. Some had black cocksin their mouths, some were using their hands to jerk off their many “admirers”,two girls were necking with each other, and one girl, the tiny blonde, hadher face buried in Lucy’s rolling thighs. Larry smiled, the black woman’shead was thrown back and she was thrashing her legs up and down, halfsuffocating the girl.Yep, he told himself, I think they’s just about ready to play ball with mywell rested team.========================================================Chapter 7Frank and Tiny arrived at the auditorium early. The bookie had had a busyafternoon, setting up bets, arguing odds and collecting money. If things wentas he expected at the game, he would be collecting a large amount of money. Ifnot, well, he’d take it out of Larry’s black hide. Still, there was alwaysmore money to made. Followed by Tiny, he headed to the slowly developingisland of white faces in the black ocean of the auditorium seats.Still more money to be made. In the first row, a tall, white haired man satthere with an attractive, much younger redhead. Frank thought she looked alot like the girl Larry had back in the old high school, with auburn hair andgreen eyes, but he couldn’t be sure. The woman looked the part of a richhousewife. She was wearing a mink coat and long, diamond earrings. Frankstudied her appreciatively for a moment and then turned his attention to themark.Man have good taste, Frank thought, thinking of the redhead, and from thelook of that suit, money too. Frank walked up to the man. “Hello there.” Frank greeted offering his hand,”Name’s Fast Frank Smith. Y’all here for the game? Why I bet you got a littleun on the team. Sure a great day for it.” The bookie talked fast, his smilewas disarming.”Tom O’Donald,” the white man said reluctantly taking the black man’s hand.”and yes, my daughter is on the team. She will be a starting guard.””Just like her father!” the redhead added, gripping her husband’s arenervously. “He played at Seaton Hall in his day.” The woman looked at Tiny,intimidated by his size.”That a fact?” Frank said, nodding. “My little un’s on the other team, butshe ain’t so good. Think they’ll just let her little butt warm the bench.” Hestopped and looked at the man’s wife. “Oh scuse me, Misses. I mean she besecond string. Yea thas what I means.””Oh, well, not every one can be first string,” the man said magnaminously,”and I did my share of warming the bench, but Melanie, now she’s an athlete.With this win, I’ll see about getting her a scholarship to college. Alwaysimportant to be on the championship team and play ball in college. Gets youin with the right people.””Sure do, don’t it.” Frank agreed, his smile widening. His gleaming whiteteeth almost glowed under the bright light. “Say, how ’bout we make a littlewager on the outcome? You know, make it interesting for the grown folks.”Tom looked doubtful. “Gambling is i*****l. Besides I don’t see where yourteam has a chance.” Tom tried to hide his smile. He knew the fix was in. Hell,he had helped put it in himself. Cost him, wait a minute.. “Course,” he added,”you folks do have a lot of talent.””Oh yea. Right. Be i*****l. But I knows the folks on the other team want toexpress confidence in their chidren. If’n y’all don’t want to expressconfidence in you’rns. I’ll understand. Might get beat by us poor blackfolks.”Frank played Tom like he did the catfish back home. His disarming smile neverleft his face.The man still looked uncertain, but then said, “Tom we have to.” His wife,the redhead, spoke up. “I mean it would be just a token of faith in Melanieand the hard work Synthia’s done with the girls.”Tom shrugged. “How about five dollars?””Well if’n that’s all you think your daughter’s team worth.”Frank said taking out his roll of bills. “Yes sir, I’s this confident in ourpoor girls, but maybe with your job in jeopardy it be all you can afford.””Toooommm,” His wife pulled at his arm, encouraging him to increase his bet.The man sighed. “Wait a minute. I have confidence in Melanie and Synthia. Ijust don’t want to take your money, and my job’s just fine, I’m a lawyer,partner actually, and I’ll,” He looked at his wife for a moment and thenturned back to the bookie. “up that to $100.”Frank grinned. “Now we getting there. What odds I got to give you? Two to oneseem fair?””Now wait a minute. Our team is better but I don’t see that we should…””No man,” the bookie interrupted. “I gives you the odds. Y’all’s team wins, Igives you $2 for each $1 you’se put up.””Well, if you are sure you want to do this, I mean our team is favored, Imean…” The man looked confused.Frank grinned. Time to move on. “Man, you seem to lack confidence in your’ne.”He shook his head and then looked up at the other white parents in the crowd.”Maybe someun else here want to bet with us folks,” he called out.”OK OK,” Tom gave in. “Put me down for $500 of that.” Another white manleaned down from his seat and asked, “Can I get some of this?””Sure you can,” Frank told him. “How much you want?”Deals were made quickly and soon Frank had all his money covered. Smallpotatos really, but not bad. As game time approached, the bookie turned toleave the white section of the bleachers.”Wait a minute,” Tom said. “How do we find you when we win?”Frank looked shocked that anyone would question his honesty. “I be an honestman,” he answered, “but to show my good faith, I’se let your fine wife herehold the money.” He leaned over to the redhead. “Here y’go maam. You keeps ituntil the final outcome.” He straightened up and looked down at Tom. How’sthat?” Tom nodded. “Well, that’s fine. And you have our word that we will treat youfairly.””Well,” Now it was Frank’s turn to look doubtful. “That is a lot of money.’specially with all these bad nigers round here. Suppose my friend Tiny heresits with your wife, to see to it no harm comes to y’all or the money.””Well, uh, that’s OK, I guess.” Tom turned to his wife, who was holding a bagfull of money on her lap. “OK with you honey??””Well.. I don’t know. I, uh,” she answered, looking over at Tiny’s smilingface.Frank looked thoughtful. “OK, tell y’all what, we have her sit at theofficials table, down there in plain sight all the time. And I’ll sit withyou.””Well, I guess,” Tom was unsure of where this was leading. “OK with youhoney?”His wife looked uncomfortable, but she nodded her acceptance. What couldhappen to her out there in plain sight?The bookie smiled. “Yes maam. y’all get right over there with the boy Tinyhere. He take good care of you and the money be safer there.”Tiny offered his hand and helped the woman down to the small official’s table.She shot her husband an angry look as she passed by, but didn’t say anything.She just walked down to the table with Tiny close behind.Some fine ass on this bitch, Tiny thought. Frank’s going to have the money butI going get my bonus off’en this bitch here. Wonder if she moans like thatcoach done, when I put it to her. Bet she do.Frank grinned and took his seat beside Tom. Frank sat back and was satisfiedwith himself. Poor fool here gonna lose his money, and with that tenting inTiny’s pants, gonna lose the fine bitch too, come the end of the game.”Just in time,” Tom commented. “Here come the teams.”============================================================Chapter 8Tom groaned and sat back on the bench. Things had gone terrible for hisdaughter’s team, right from the starting whistle. For some reason, they seemedto be slow and listless, almost like they weren’t really trying. And why didthey all seem to waddle rather than run like the black girls? Even Melanie,his daughter, was playing a terrible game. What was going on? He looked overat Synthia, hoping that she would do something, but the woman just sat therelooking stunned.That bitch had got him to put up, how much for this game? And now this nigerbeside him had gotten him to bet another $500. This fucking game was going tocost him a weekend in Barbados with his secretary. Fuck basketball!! I neverwant to see the game again, and when I get these two bitches home I’m goingto…The ball went through the hoop, two more points for the home team, and thecrowd went wild. The black girls moved with smooth a****l grace, and could donothing wrong. ‘Course it helped that the white team seemed so, listless.*****Synthia breathed a sigh of relief as the opposing team scored again. They werealready ahead by ten points, and were playing well. The way things were going,she’d be out of this nightmare in a couple of hours. Then, she told herself,she’d be in a police station so quick, TWEET!The whistle blew. Moving mechanically, the coach signalled for two girls,Elizabeth and Whitney, to iddaa siteleri replace two of their team members. The two girlsgroaned. Each member of the team had a thick butt plug up their ass and asmall, actively buzzing dildo in their pussy. Something to help them enjoythe game more, Larry had told them, laughing. As long as the girls just satthere, it wasn’t too bad, even pleasurable but running and playing, well, itwasn’t much fun, and the shifting of the strange intruders, did nothing toencourage swift movement, even if they were not so tired out. Terry, on thefar end of the bench, was rocking back and forth, her eyes closed and lipsparted.The two girls did as they were told though. Larry had let them know, in nouncertain terms, what would happen if they did anything unusual. They wantedout of the nightmare as badly as Synthia. Moaning, they got to their feet andhalf waddled onto the court. Regina and Shanda limped off, their faces shinywith sweat. Their hands went to their crotches, to ease the shifting whenthey sat down.TWEET!Synthia sighed as the play resumed, shifting uncomfortably on the seat. Thatfat black bitch had stuffed her aching ass with a massive dildo, after thedog had finally finished. After the dog’s cock, it hadn’t seemed too bad, bigas it was, but now, her poor abused ass hole was finally tightening back up,and the plastic cock felt like a tree trunk. Especially with the almostequally large dildo inhabiting her pussy. Only a couple more hours to go.*****Alice O’Donald looked around uneasily as the buzzer went off at half time.She was closer to the court than her husband, and she was sure that somethingwas wrong. The girls looked, almost sick, like they were in pain, orsomething. She’d tried to catch her daughter’s eye, but Melanie had ignoredher, playing the worst game that she’d ever played in her life.Pulling her fur around her shoulders, she tried to stand.”I don’t think so, maam.” the black man, Tiny said, glaring at her. “There’sa lot of our’n money, and you’s never knows who might wanna get it and mighttake a piece or your fine white ass from you.”The redhead looked around. Her husband was lost behind a sea of black facesas the crowd milled around. He had a point, maybe she should stay where shewas. Clutching the bag of money on her lap, she remained at the official’sbench. She didn’t know which she feared more, the black crowd or the bigblack body guard she had at her side.*****The frightened girls trooped into the dressing room. Some of them huddled onthe bench, shaking and crying, but others, such as Terry and Sandra, leanedback against the wall, rubbing their crotches through the thin skirts of theirbasketball uniforms. The willowy blonde had come three or four times duringthe first half, once while actually on the court.Synthia came in last, almost waddling with the two large dildos stuffed insideof her ass and pussy. She looked around at her players, but received mostlyhostile stares in return. They blamed her for their predicament.Little bitches, she thought to herself. Serves them right if I leave a coupleof them behind after the game. When I get to the police, they won’t blame me.I’ll be a hero. Maybe I’ll get a spread in People. A guest shot on Opr.Larry walked in, followed by half a dozen black teenagers. Synthia groaned,”What now? Aren’t we doing what we’re supposed to do? We’re losing the fuckinggame.”Larry just grinned at her. “Pretty uppity for a dog fucker.” Synthia turnedred and dropped her eyes. “‘sides,” the black man went on, looking at thegirls, “this thing’s not done yet. Yo losin, alright, but there’s still timet’ turn it around. I’m here to tell you that’s a bad idea.”Synthia started to say something, but Larry turned to the players. “OK,everyone pair up.” The girls just sat there. “Now!” He grabbed Regina by hershort hair and pushed her over on the bench next to Whitney. The two girlsglared at each other, but did as they were told. Soon, they were sitting,facing each other on the bench. And, in short order, there were five pairs ofgirls.Marty rushed in, short of breath. “Am I late?” Walt, the camera man ran inbehind him. “You promised you wouldn’t start without me, spook.””Didn’t start nothing yet,” Larry growled, deliberately ignoring thedirector’s manner of speaking.Marty ignored them, looking at the girls, “Alright, ladies, you girls are allgonna star in my next film, ‘Hoop Sluts’. For the next half hour, you’regonna neck with your friends. Or else.”The girls groaned, but no one protested. They knew it was hopeless. One byone, each pair began to kiss each other. At Marty’s prompting, and underWalt’s viewfinder, the action got heavier and heavier. Before long, tops wereopen, breasts squeezed, tongues entwined, sweating, half naked teenage bodieswrithing. At Marty’s instructions, Walt paid particular attention to Reginaand Whitney. He found the contrast between the butch, tomboy and the sweet,young looking blonde irresistible. The two girls both hated it, but with alittle ‘persuasion’, they were soon giving it their all, humping and moaningand writhing like a couple of lesbian sluts.”A natural,” Marty sighed, looking at Regina. “A fuckin’ natural, andphotogenic! What a find. Yes sir. The k** comes through again. I am a genius.”Lucy walked into the dressing room. Smiling, the fat black woman looked around.She saw Synthia, sitting by herself at the back of the room. When she pointedit out to Larry, he called her over and had her kneel before him and suck hiscock for the remainder of the break.He came in her mouth just as the buzzer went off. Lucy, who had been lookingforward to having her pussy sucked, heaved a sigh of disappointment.Well, she told herself, looking over at Shanda, that’s for later.*****Tom looked away, swallowing angrily. Things went even worse in the secondhalf. The white girls just didn’t seem to have any energy. Even after thehalf time break, his daughter looked tired, almost dazed. He looked down athis wife, wondering how he could get his $500 back from this blood suckerbeside him, but Alice was pretty much blocked from sight as the home crowd,ecstatic with their team’s unexpected success, was jumping up and down in thebleachers.Tom groaned as another two points lit up on the home board. He would have toforget those new clubs he wanted. This damn game was costing him a fortune.*****Synthia glanced at the clock. Only ten minutes left in the game, and theywere hopelessly behind. Nothing could win the game for them now. There wasn’tenough time. That black bastard had done it to her, Now she would sneak outand get the police, she’d have the last laugh on that niger, Synthia lookedaround. Time to make a her exit. Everyone was blocked off. She wasn’t surethe blacks would let them go. She didn’t want to take any chances. Movingcarefully, her ass and pussy still painfully full, she slid off the bench andmoved slowly back under the bleachers.Safely out of view, she turned and hurried as best she could down thecorridor towards the exit. The crowd let out a roar behind her, another twopoints for the home team, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was gettingout of this.”Mmph!”A black hand slipped over her mouth and pulled her into a side room. Shestruggled furiously, but her head hit the door jam and everything went black.*****Alice watched, wide eyed as Synthia slipped off the bench and hurried awayout of sight down the corridor. Something was definitely wrong. Frightened,she turned to run to her husband, but a large hand on her knee froze her inplace.”We don’t be wanting to be doin’ that, do we?” Tiny asked, leaning over andputting an arm around her shoulder. The redhead tried to scream, but all shecould manage was a quiet whimper. Even if she had screamed, it would havebeen lost in the screams of the crowd.Under the table, Tiny’s hand crept up towards her crotch. His fingers tore ahole in the pantyhose and slipped into her slit. “Y’all just sit and enjoysthe game. Lest y’all like has to go to the can. I be happy to take you.” Tinyoffered smiling, as at that warm hairy slit his fingers were exploring.*****The final buzzer went off. The home crowd burst into a frenzy of screamingand shouting, rushing down onto the court.Tom rose up to try to get to the table and retrieve his wife. Frank pulledout his trusty old sock and hit him behind his ear. The roll of silver dollarsdid the work just like always. Tom sank to his knees and Frank pushed his waythrough the crowd, using the impromptu blackjack to overcome obstacles.*****Whitney heaved a sigh of relief as the buzzer sounded. It was over, finallyover. At last she could get the bloody dildo and butt plug out of her body,escape this mad house and get back to her life. Regina felt a bad taste inher mouth at the thought of what she’d been forced to do with that dyke bitch.Well, she’d have to do something about it.”Ahhh,” The blonde girl staggered and dropped to her knees as she was knockedforward by one of the crowd. She tried to get to her feet, but there were toomany people. She thought she would be crushed, but a hand grabbed her arm anddragged her through the crowd, protecting her from the worst of the crush.She was pulled towards an exit at the back of the gym and, finally, through apair of doors.She looked up to thank her protector, but suddenly let out a scream when sherealized who it was.*****Melanie looked around, confused as the sea of black bodies broke over thebasketball court like a tidal wave. She thought she heard her name beingcalled and looked over towards her official’s bench.”Mom!”It was her mother. She was bent over the table, her legs splayed wide anddress bunched up around her waist. A large black man stood behind her,pumping his hips back and forth.Melanie let out a yell and started trying to fight her way through the crowdtowards the table. It quickly became impossible to make any headway. Handsgrabbed at her, squeezing her breasts and crotch, Finally, one of the handsdidn’t let go after copping a feel, and she felt herself pulled away from hermother.A man stepped in front of her mother and slipped his cock into her screamingmouth, just as Melanie was pulled out the exit.*****Frank walked through the crowd to Larry. The coach was standing there withtwo struggling teenagers writhing in his grip. “Got em all?” the bookie asked.Larry grimaced. “The bitch coach done slipped away on us.””Shit! I wanted that bitch for me. She’ll have the cops down on us, quickerthan shit.””I know, but there’s nothin’ we can do bout her right now. Where be Tiny?”Frank looked around. “I get’s him,” he said, sauntering back into the crowd.”You get the bus loaded.”Larry watched for a second and then walked towards the exit, the two girlsstill writhing in his grip.Tiny was in heaven.The redhead’s pussy had been special, but her ass, so warm and tight you’dthink she’d never been reamed out up there before. And the feel of her bodyas she kicked and screamed under him, A crowd of on lookers were offeringadvice and one man had filled Alice’s mouth to help quiet her cries for help.”Tiny!” The body guard looked up to see his boss looking at him. “You bastard.What the fuck yo be a doin? We got’s to get outta here. Let’s go. And betternot forget’s that money.”Tiny sighed, but orders were orders. Letting out a grunt of effort, he grabbedthe woman’s red hair and pulled her back so that her body was almost parallelto his, directly in front. The extra weight pulled her down and his cock slideven further into her guts. Keeping one arm around her, he picked up the bagand began walking towards the door. The redhead let out little grunts of painwith each step as her body was suspended off the ground by the cock burieddeep in her ass.Frank was waiting at the door when Tiny arrived. The bookie grabbed the moneyand followed his body guard and Alice out the exit.”Room for more,” Lucy called out. “Best hurry on up here, Where you get thatthere white whore??””It be a two-fer sale you old whore and don’t be trying to take her for yourcrib. She be ‘tached to me by dick!” Tiny explained, as he mounted the stepswith the dazed Alice firmly impaled on his dick.========================================================Chapter 9The bus was very different from the one they had come into town on. That bushad been almost new, with nice seats, lots of leg room and tinted windows.This bus was a battered, yellow thing, with cold vinyl seats, rusted metaland cracked, dirty windows. And, of course, the bus they had ridden in onhadn’t had handcuffs dangling from the metal rails on the backs of the seats.But this one did. Each girl, all ten of them, sat on the aisle seat, a slenderwrist cuffed to the seat in front of them. The girls still had the vibratorsand butt plugs inside of them, causing them to squirm on the uncomfortableseats. Most of them were crying, although a few curses from Larry had silencedthe worst of the noise.Bubba was driving, Dimona sat directly behind him. She had him and she bedamned, if she was gonna lose him to one of these pasty pussies. She kept hereye on the boy.Larry and a few of his helpers walked up and down the aisle, generally keepingorder. Frank and Tiny sat at the back. The body guard still had Alice O’Donaldon his lap and his cock, still buried deep in her ass. The redhead moaned andlet out the occasional gasp, whenever the bus hit a pothole or bump in theroad, but was otherwise silent, paralyzed with fear.The bus drove through the ghetto as night slowly fell.*****”First stop,” Larry called out as the bus ground to a halt.The girls stared, wide eyed and terrified as three black men climbed into thebus. They all looked young and extremely tough, obviously gang members. One ofthem spoke, “This better be good, ball man.” Larry looked angry, but didn’tsay anything. “We makes lotta cash on your school, won’t lay off for nothin’.”Toby was head of the Gipps. He had held off any gang activity against thegame, with Larry’s promises of a white pussy. Now he was here to collect.Larry swallowed. “That be good,” he told them. “You won’t be disappointed.”He nodded towards the girls. “Got some choice meat for you. Word is, you guysneed a couple locomotives, somethin’ cute to pull a train. Well, I gots justthe thing for y’alls.” He looked at the girls. “How about,”Elizabeth struggled wildly as her handcuff was unlocked and she was draggedto the front of the bus. The three gang members looked the tall redhead updown, squeezing her small, firm tits through the thin material of thebasketball uniform. Finally, the leader turned to Larry, “Alright man!” hesaid, grinning. “We gots a deal. This little bitch’ll be perfect for a littlebash we’re throwin’ tonight. “Sure y’all don’t be overloaded we take the extrameat off your hands. Keep’s it nice and cool for a while.”The girl screamed loudly as they dragged her off the bus and into a nearbybuilding. Larry watched as they disappeared from sight and then tapped Bubbaon the shoulder. Time to move on.*****The next gang was less easy to please. They wanted two girls, and insisted ontrying them out before agreeing to stay away from Larry’s school.Larry offered them Jennifer and Marcie. In short order, they had the tall,blue eyed girl, bent in two over the guard rail at the front of the bus. Hershort skirt was ripped off, the butt blug jerked from her ass and replaced bya large, black cock. Jennifer, her face obscured by a wave of long black hair,would have been screeching in pain, except for the fact that an equally largeblack cock was sliding in and out of her throat. As it was, the teenagercould do nothing except jerk back and forth between the two gang members asthey sawed their cocks in and out of her unwilling body.Marcie, on the other hand, was lying on her back on the aisle floor, her legswrapped around a gang member’s ass and was fucking him for all she was worth.She hadn’t been quite so “enthusiastic” at the beginning, but the man hadbeen very persuasive, and she was now humping back at him like a proper littlefuck bunny.In the end, the gang was satisfied with the deal, and their two new play toyswere dragged off the bus to begin their new lives as gang sluts.Larry nodded at Bubba and the bus began to move again.*****The bus pulled into an alley and rolled to a stop. The door swung open andMarty entered, followed closely by Walt. “’bout time, spook,” the directorgrowled around an unlit cigar, “We’ve been waiten’ forever. Some neighborhoodyou got here. Thought you’d forgot the deal.”Lary frowned. “Listen…””Let it be,” Lucy told him wearily. “I’s tired a you two fightin’. Let’s justget this over with.”The coach nodded. “Do you know who y’wants?”Marty grinned. “Oh yeah. I know who I want.”Regina watched with a growing sense of horror as the balding director walkedover to where she sat, fastened to the bus seat. Grinning, he knelt down andtook her chin in his hand. “You’re commin’ with me, k**,” he told her. “Gonnamake you a star. Got a whole series planned around you. It’s gonna be called’Tomboy’. All ’bout a teenage bull dyke who fucks all her friends at school.With your talent, it’ll be massive, make me a fortune! Y’all love it, and ifnot, there’s always Rover, that nice doggie you liked so much.”The teenager fought back the tears as one of Larry’s helpers undid herhandcuff. The prospect of being a porn star in a series of lesbian flicks, noboyfriends, no life, she’d never be with a man ever! Regina began to cry asWalt, grabbed her wrist and dragged her off the bus.Marty watched her go and then turned back to the other girls. “Of course,” hegrinned, “she’ll need a costar, some pretty little thing to be the ‘Tomboy’s’girl slave, her little helper, He turned his attention to Whitney. “I thinky’all do nicely.””Noooooo!!!” The blonde girl let out a loud scream, but it was all in vain.She was quickly unfastened from her seat and dragged out to join her screen’lover’ to be in the back of Marty’s van. The director grinned. Those twogirls really hated each other. It’d be huge, fuckin’ huge, And then the nicedoggie would add to their reps. Yea that was a great phone call from Lucy.Now, just one more thing,”Spook,” he said, “Do you have any extra? I mean I’ve got this friend whoruns a, well, sorta ranch upstate. He trains pony girls for rich men. He let’sme do some filmin’ up there if I help keep him in supply. Whaddya say? I’llget you some of the out takes.”Larry started to shake his head, he wasn’t givin’ this ass hole anything hedidn’t have to, but Lucy leaned forward and whispered in his ear. Thebasketball coach looked surprised, and then smiled. “She says the motherfucking rancher be black. Is that so?”The director nodded. “Yea, he’s got a way with pony girls, and his stallion,is also black, and likes white pussy too.”Grinning, Larry walked forward and leaned down in front of Kathryn. The tallbrunette cringed back in her seat, as he began to speak, “Honey, how’d y’liketo spend the next few years bein’ pulling a cart as a pony girl on a ranch?Lot’s of fresh air, horse dicks to suck. Why I bet the guy who runs the place,he’d fix y’up with all kinds a’ leather shits, harnass, tack, helmet, thenhe’d stick a tail up yo’ white ass. Then when you be adjusted to pulling incanter you be running races. After a few years, he might sell you off, ormaybe just breed you with some studs, or if you real bad, you be doing thedirty with a pig!”Kathryn’s eyes grew wider and more frightened with every word. She’d neverimagined anything like this.”Oh,” Larry went on, “did I mention he be black?””Nooooo!” Kathryn found her voice, letting out a wail of fear.”Yeah,” Larry laughed, straightening up, “you’re gonna be a pony slave to abrother.” The coach turned back to Marty. “Take the bitch, but I want thosevideos to ‘member her by. Bet she look good in that leather shit.” he said.Marty didn’t waste any time. In a few minutes, his van was driving away downthe alley, carrying two future porn stars and a future pony girl.*****Larry turned to Lucy. “The rest are yours.” he said.The black woman smiled and surveyed her new girls.Terry, the tall blonde, stared back, eyes wide in fear, but still rubbing hercrotch through her short skirt. A real whore, Lucy told herself. She draggedthe girl up by her wavy, blonde hair and pulled her to the front of the bus.With a shove, she pushed the girl out onto the pavement, where a couple ofher girls waited. “Get the bitch dudded out like a ‘hore. She be workingtonight! No need to waste time, she take to it natural. With her pasty whitelooks and hungry pussy, it’ll be months fore she’s be a ordinary fuck.” Thewhores laughed, grabbing the frightened blonde girl by the hair and rippingher uniform off.Lucy turned back and looked at Sandra. The big titted redhead sat, frozen infear as she watched her friend being stripped by the black whore outside thebus. “You too,” Lucy said, “I’ll…”The black woman stopped talking. Her gaze lit on Melanie and then driftedtowards the back of the bus where Frank and Tiny sat. The bookie was countinghis money, but his body guard had a woman on his lap. He’d ripped open herblouse and, using her tits as handles, was forcing the poor woman to fuckherself up and down on his cock. A calculating look came over her as sheunfastened the auburn haired teenager from the seat and dragged her to theback of the bus.”Y’all related?” she asked, pushing Melanie towards the woman on Tiny’s lap.”Y-yes,” the teenager sniffled. “M-my mother,””Ahh,” Lucy looked at the woman. “You like fuckin’ that there black motherfucker there? Or you be wanting to come with me?””Oh, no,” the woman moaned, tossing her head. “P-please, get me outta here, Ihave money.””Tells you what,” Lucy said. “you does what I says, I’ll takes you wit me.Then I makes sure you and your daughter stays together. You be a team.””Hey,” Tiny stopped bouncing the woman on his dick and looked around frombehind her. “What you say? The bitch be mine. I found her. Now she just be anatural stension of my johnson!””Shut up fool, I be talking to the bitch!” She looked at Alice. “All you gotsto do,” Lucy said, “is kiss this here bitch. Got it?” The two women, motherand daughter looked doubtful. Then Tiny shifted slightly, driving his monstercock even further into her abused ass hole. Moaning, Alice grabbed herdaughter and pulled her in for a motherly kiss.Lucy leaned forward as their lips met. “Thas nice, now,” she encouraged.”Longer, more tongue,” The black woman watched closely as the mother anddaughter kissed, and kissed, and kissed, “Rub them titties like you loves heror black mama spank yours.”Tiny was sent over the edge and came in the woman’s ass, groaning as hespurted hot cum into her ass hole. Alice moaned slightly, but kept kissingher daughter. Anything to get away from him.”Thas fine!” Lucy said, pulling them apart. “You’re hired!” She grabbed eachwoman by the hair and dragged them down to the front of the bus.”Hey, dat bitch be mine! What I goings to cover my dick wit now?” Tiny argued.”Jus you wait,” Lucy called back at the bodyguard. “Y’all get yours.” Shepulled the two women off the bus and pushed them towards the other whores.”Take these two to Mark.” she ordered. “Tell him they’re for the party/clubcircut, a mother and daughter team. Tell him to start the dildo trainin’right away.” The black woman turned to Alice and Melanie. “I said y’all betogether and you will. With yo looks and Mark’s trainin’, y’all be famous,the best mother/daughter fuck team ever. Y’all be fuckin’ each other from oneend of the city to the other, make me a fortune.” The two women began to wail,but they were quickly led away to begin their new lives as performers.Lucy walked back onto the bus and up to Sandra. “Lissen girl,” she said,”Y’wanna end up like yo friend?”The redhaired teenager looked through the dirty bus window to where Terry wasbeing dressed up in typical whore fashion, black vinyl miniskirt, rid pumps,pink halter top, She shook her head. No, she didn’t want to end up like that.No way.”Maybe den you want’s to be the cover on this here boy’s johnson.” Lucy said,indicating Tiny’s slimy flacid black dick. “Then you better be nice to yournew boyfriend!” Lucy told her, pulling the girl from her seat and pushing hertowards the back of the bus to where Tiny sat. The body guards dick,glistening with spent cum, drooped on his lap. Sandra swallowed uneasily, butthen walked forward. Anything was better than being turned into a whore.Tiny grinned and gestured at his crotch. Without a word, the girl dropped toher knees and lowered her mouth towards the slimy organ. Tiny put a hand onher head to stop her. “Tell me, girlfriend.” he grinned. “Does you love me?Does you wanna suck my long black cock?””Y-yes,” the girl stammered. “I, I love you Tiny. Please let me s-suck your,your cock.” The body guard released her head and let her take his cock in herwarm, wet mouth.Lucy nodded and then turned away. He tire o her shortly, she told herself,and then I sell her to the Jamacians. Her holes be bout right by then.The fat black woman walked up to where Shanda sat, cowering in her seat.”How’s my little pussy girl?” The blonde girl said nothing as her blackmistress pulled a collar out of a purse and fastened it around her neck. Thenshe attached a metal chain and led the girl off the bus and into her new lifeas Lucy’s pussy slave.”Bye Larr,” Lucy said as she walked off the bus, “been a pleasure.””What about me?” It was Frank. He’d finished counting and was walking towardsthe front of the bus. “I thought I was gettin’ the coach. What happened toher?”Larry shrugged uneasily. “I dunno. If she,””Hey Larry,” Bubba called out from the drivers seat. “I know’s where she beat. We can go get’s her now if’n you wants.”Larry turned, surprised. “You sure?”The fat man nodded.”OK,” he said, “let’s go does it.”*****Synthia woke up with a cock sawing in her dry hole. “AGGEGEGEEEEGGGGGGGGGG,” She tried to scream but the dirty socks in her mouthmuted her attempts at vocal communication.She was on some dirty mat, all spread out while skinny black k** was fuckingher hole like there was a cutoff time and he was going to get in so manyhundred strokes.She shifted and looked up at her fucker.His eyes were red. His pupils were dilated with the meth he shot up with. Hisblack ass was moving like the piston in a car, in and out, in and out.Earfucker had arrived. He had coked up his dick, bandages and all so he couldgo the distance. He shot up the meth. He was good for, bout a week way hefigured it.Nobody knew he had the bitch. Nobody due back here for a week. No Larry tograb him off, no wolf to bite his ass, and bitch better not think bout bitinghim when he tire of her pussy, maybe tomorrow, or next day. He set for now.Coke keep him hard until then and he scored nuff for his fucking week.Maybe bitch going to be drowning in his cum by then.CREEEEKKKKKKKKKKWhat that? Better not be no wolf.. he kill that fucker. Bitch be his. He begoing.”See Mr. Larry. Here they be, just like I say, Nasty fuck be stealing yourpussy. See?” Bubba went on with glee. He had been right. He helped. He waselated. Maybe they let him fuck her. Nah, Dimona catch wind of that she cutoff his balls. She a mean bitch when she mad. Just go home and fuck her. Shewas his woman.Larry and Frank grabbed the earfucker’s arms and dragged him off ‘his bitch’.He fought to resume his mount.”Mister Larry, Mister Frank, Bitch be mine, I gots her. I helped. I kept herfrom going to the cops. I all set up, don’t be taking her from me now.” theearfucker cried. He stood between the two large black men like a c***d cryingover his toy, except for that small bandaged stiff black dick.”Boy be right, Frank.” Lary stated.Synthia finally succeeded in spitting out the socks. “No! Don’t let thatlittle fucker at me. I’ll do anything. His fuck stick don’t seem to ever godown. He’ll ruin me. Take me away. I’ll do anything for you. Please don’t lethim in my cunt.””Yea, the boy did help,” Frank agreed, ignoring Synthia’s protest. “She mighthave got away, sneaking out when we was busy. What say we leave these lovebirds here for the night? By then, the boy probably fucked hisself to deathor something.””No, he’ll ruin me. I’ll never get back into shape. He’ll tear out my pussywith those bandages.””Boy, I give you the night, but don’t you be messing with her ass hole. Thatbe mine. I find you licorice stick in there, and I cuts it off. You hear meBOY?””Yes sir, Mr Frank. Yes Sir. Yes.” the earfucker called over his shoulder ashe resumed his mount.”NO!! No, Please,co-come.. baaack, hel, HELP MEEEE,” Synthia tried to cry out.”You sure is generous, Frank. How’s ’bout giving me my cut of the side bets,now?” Larry asked.”Oh yea, well, I didn’t really make that much you know, and I gots spenses.How bout I gives y’all $1000 for now and then come next Tuesday we settles upfor real?” Frank offered.”Don’t be shitting me Frank, bout no spenses. I wants an honest count. Thesports program be needing that money.” Larry said.”Here go, Next Tuesday,” Frank said walking away.”Yea, sucker you be there Tuesday. I be vacationing in the islands with my newwhite bitch’s ass hole occupying my minds.” Frank thought, as he lit up a finecuban cigar.>*****Lary walked back to the darkened gym and heard a scuffle going on.”What be that” He called out, grabbing a baseball bat to arm himself. Hefound the switch and flooded the auditorium with light. There he found threeblack youths stripping Tom’s suit from his struggling gagged body.”What the fuck you doing?” Larry asked.”Man got a $1000 set of threads man. I wants it.””I gets the shoes. Maybe real snake skin.””I gets the wallet. Must be $100s in there.””Now what you going do with this white fucker after?? Leave him here?? Nothardly. Take him out to the white bus. There be ‘nother naked white boy there.You takes um to that bar in the queer district. I done told un they gets theone, but they’s not be too unhappy with the extra,” Larry ordered.”Aw coach, we got’s dates.””Don’t be shitting me. Ugly fuckers like you can’t get no girls and Lucy’swhores open all night. Now get to it and take that bus to Earnie’s. He behappy for the scrap. Now get to it. Jump when I says so.”Larry watched as the bus rolled out of sight. By morning, it would be scrap,destroying all evidence of the night’s activities.Whistling, the basketball coach turned and began walking towards his apartment.He was looking forward to school the next day, and the celebrations that wouldfollow his team’s great victory.Of course, he reminded himself, he musn’t get too full of himself. It’s notwhether you win or lose, but how you plays the game. “Yea and nice guys, wellcunts finishes last. Wonder if the boy still be fucking.”Whistling, he walked on,THE END<

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