The Teacher’s Daughter Ch. 02

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As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters are imaginary, existing only within the confines of the story and my imagination. It is intended for the enjoyment of my audience and should not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the author’s permission. A special thank you to my proofreader for his patient work.

Afternoon Delight

A month ago, I returned from my eight years of Navy time and visited my old drama teacher, Ms. Margaret Matheson. That meeting ended up with me becoming the technical director for the production she was putting on at my old high school. I also discovered that her daughter, who I remembered as a young girl that I used to help with school work and stuff, had grown up to be a very sexy young woman who was very much enamored with me. Our fiery first reunion (see part one) has become a relationship. Since then, I had become a regular at the Matheson house, spending more time there than my own apartment.

Acting on a lead I got from one of my old teachers who was also a part time deputy Sheriff, I met with the Chief Deputy of the department about their marine patrol division. They were just in the process of receiving four new rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIBs) through a Department of Homeland Security grant but really did not have much tactical expertise in operating these kinds of boats. We worked out a deal where I could work for the department as a contractor to run two training classes and then I would be on a “ride-along” basis with road patrol and marine patrol until the start of the next Law enforcement Academy class. If I passed the academy, the ride-along period hours will be credited to my probationary time.

Today, I shot qualifications with the officers already assigned to marine patrol. It was entertaining, but after shooting qualifications with Navy SEALs, the department’s pistol qualification was fairly easy for me. I left the range and headed towards Jackie’s house because today was her short day on her college schedule and I knew she would be home early.

I saw that her car was already in the driveway so I bypassed the front door and went directly to the sliding door to her bedroom. The curtain was closed so I couldn’t see inside but knowing that she was expecting me, I guessed that it was unlocked and entered the room. As I brushed the curtain aside, I saw Jackie reclining on her loveseat, wearing nothing but a black lace, half cup bra with a matching garter belt linked to sheer stocking that made her legs shimmer in the light.

Although only five feet four inches, her fantastic figure took my breath away as I froze in my tracks. Her blond curly hair was carefully spread to cascade over the upholstered back of the loveseat, framing her smiling face and baring her broad shoulders. Those shoulders were the only part of her body that was proportioned to her great breasts that rested on the shelf of black lace. I found out later when I had to buy her more clothes that her breasts barely fit into a 42D bra, but she was embarrassed by the large size and did what she could to minimize the attention she received from them. Her body quickly narrowed to a flat stomach and narrow waist, where the black lace of the garter belt contracted with her pale skin. She had her legs spread wide, so my eyes were simply drawn to the soft patch of light colored pubic hair and the treasure that lay below it. What I saw there amazed me, for it was very obvious even from the door that her labia were swollen and glistening with moisture. My girl was so hot she had started without me.

I closed the door behind me, and approached her slowly, dropping my gun belt and gear at the door. Actually, in the few steps between the door and the loveseat, I dropped everything I was wearing on the floor. Jackie just smiled at me as I approached and sat down next to her. I reached out and cupped her large breasts in my hands, lifting them from the bra. Jackie allowed my hands to freely explore the considerable surface of her tits while she rested her head on the back of the loveseat and closed her eyes. I leaned in to kiss her deeply, which she responded to with a great deal of lust. I understood she was taking pleasure in my actions by the low moans from her throat. I bent my head down and placed some soft kisses on the exposed upper surface of her breasts while continuing to knead them with my hands. She placed a hand on the back of my head and raked her fingers through my hair, then used her hold to direct my mouth down towards her nipple.

I removed my hands from her breasts to reach around her body and release the clasp of her bra, removing any obstruction from the stiff fabric. Jackie shifted her hand away from my head and grabbed her tits, squeezing them together and raising her huge mounds towards my mouth. I quickly lowered my head once again and took the offered flesh in my mouth, sucking one of her large nipples. Jackie surprised me all the time with her willingness to lead our sexual explorations, so I focused on stimulating what she presented to me and let her direct our next step.

As güvenilir bahis I sucked on her breasts, I slid my hand between her thighs and began gently caressing her exposed pussy. Jackie was surprised when my fingers first touched her pussy lips but she did not stop me and in fact spread her legs wider. I was caressing her pussy with one hand while my other was squeezing whichever breast was not in my mouth. It seems I was on the right path as Jackie started to writhe and press her body against my hands.

As an experiment, I raised her left breast up near her face as I licked the nipple. When she reached out her tongue to lick it also, we ended up sucking and licking her large nipple together, ending in a very sensual kiss with her nipple in our mouths. When our kiss ended I asked Jackie if she wanted to move to the bed. She reached out with one hand and grabbed my hard cock.

“I want you to slide your hard cock between my tits!” she whispered. I was surprised again; I had initiated a titty fuck once or twice with past lovers, but never had a partner ask for it. Jackie was so unique in her focus on my pleasure while I was always focused on hers. It made every encounter just wonderful.

“You are incredible!” I said as I shifted to move up on my knees in front of her. She in turn slid down until her huge mounds with their sexy, natural sag were at the correct height. I grasped my shaft and laid it right between her milky-white bosom. Jackie’s sexy blue eyes followed my shaft as it moved towards her, then stared up at me as her hands closed her breasts around my cock.

I must have groaned in ecstasy as she asked “Do you like it?” I could only nod as her hands squeezed her soft tits snugly around my swollen cock and pumped up and down. I am always amazed at how soft to the touch breast flesh is, but her ivory skin seemed extra soft and supple at that moment.

“Your tits are so soft,” I moaned, moving my hips up and down within the confines of her billowy chest. Her response was most exhilarating and surprisingly slutty.

“Your cock feels so good between my tits,” she hissed at me. “Do you like fucking my tits? Does it make you hot?” Who would have though this sweet girl could become such a whore in the bedroom? I look down to watch as her cleavage envelops my cock head, only to see it poke back up through her voluminous mounds.

Then my view is blocked as she teased the tip of my dick by licking the head of my cock. First one tentative lick, tasting the syrupy pre-cum that has started to ooze from that tip. That lead to another, longer lick, causing me to groan loudly. If she keeps going like this I will not last much longer as I can already feel my cock beginning to throb and my scrotum tighten.

How I wanted to keep riding between Jackie’s big breasts, bent over her chest as I was with my cock sliding through her immense cleavage. But I knew I was getting closer and closer to cumming and I guess she sensed that as well. She bent her neck further forward, gradually letting her lips slide onto more of my fuck organ. She was only able to access the top third of it, while the rest remained between her soft tit flesh.

The sensation was so intense that I froze, trying desperately to hold off my impending orgasm. Jackie did not hesitate or stop, but started sucking my prick extremely hard while still gently massaging the lower portion with her breasts. It was an exquisite feeling and my fuse was getting shorter even as time seemed to expand.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum soon!” I groaned. “Can’t hold back much longer.” That seemed to motivate her even more. Jackie sucked the tasty cock harder, shocking me with her eagerness to mouth and slurp on my shaft. She released her breast and put a hand on my ass, pulling me forward until her face was almost in my hairy crotch. She nearly gagged once as she tried to take too much in her mouth at one time. My prick felt huge as it responded to her hard, wet sucking by growing stiffer.

Now I had experienced some interesting sex over the last few years and, contrary to most writing on sex, most of the women I partnered with did not suck and swallow. Oral sex was just foreplay to them as they wanted me inside them for that wonderful mutual orgasm they all seemed to be seeking. In fact, only one had ever sucked me to orgasm and she pulled her mouth away as soon as I started shooting. That’s how Jackie surprised me again in the next few moments.

“I can’t hold back,” I grunted. I expected her to pull away and jerk me onto her chest or something but she started bobbing her head up and down, fucking her mouth over my prick. She again pressed her boobs together and furiously started jacking my swollen cock with them as she swirled her tongue around the mushroom-shaped crown of my shaft. Jackie’s face seemed to redden as she started sucking as hard as she could, her cheeks puckered around the cum-laden stiffness of my cock. It seemed she was desperate for the heavy load her attentions had built up in my balls.

“Fuck!” I grunted as a tremendous charge of spunk blasted out of my swollen cockhead, türkçe bahis squirting into Jackie’s mouth. The cock juice spewed into her mouth and I felt a tightness around my glans as she swallowed that first deposit of my cum. My hand was on her head as I thrust my hips up and forward, shoving a bit more of my shaft between her lips as a second surge of jism came forth. Feverishly she kept the thrusting, cream-shooting cock, in her moth, apparently loving the taste of my seed. I think I shot four or five times, each diminished in quantity but still a powerful spasm in my own body. And Jackie never released my prick, sucking every droplet of salty cream from the head of my meat.

I do not know how long it was until my orgasm was over, but when I looked down at the stacked blonde in front of me and realized she had a belly-full of my cock juice, I could not believe my good fortune. She moved her head back and ran her tongue around her mouth to lick up any cream she had missed. I just wanted more.

With shockingly quick movements I lowered myself to the floor in front of her and plowed my head between her legs. I paused to gaze at Jackie’s pussy close up and my mouth watered. The small, tender lips were swollen and flared open, the moist interior summoning my tongue. I glanced up into Jackie’s face one last time before gently dipping my tongue into the recesses of the succulent pussy before me. Jackie’s hand went to the back of my head and closed on my hair as my tongue licked between her labia.

“Oh baby,” she moaned. “You lick me so good!” Jackie squirmed in the loveseat and pulled my head against her pussy as she spread her legs further. I continued licking her pussy, moving my hands under Jackie’s ass to lift her hips even more, allowing me to dip my tongue into her moist interior and then slide up to her clit. There I paused to flick the tender nub with the tip of my tongue before repeating the whole sequence again. I even grazed her anal ring once or twice with my tongue, to which there was no objection.

“Ah…Oh…Fuck…yes! Eat my pussy!” Her beautiful body squirmed more urgently, and I watched as her chest rose and fell above my eyes. As I continued, I noticed a single drop of perspiration slowly move down from her neck and end up running down her cleavage. I knew what drove her to maximum excitement and wanted to finish her off before her mother got home. Margret knew we were intimate but I was uncomfortable flaunting it before her. My mouth latched on to the clit just below her light pubic hair and then I drove two fingers into her pussy, violating here as deep as possible in one quick thrust.

“Oh shit!” Jackie exclaimed, raising her head to look at me, her eyes wide. Then just as suddenly she gasped, “Yes, that’s it!” She dropped her head back onto loveseat and squealed as her orgasm hit her hard. . “I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!!” she screamed as she tightened her thighs around my head. Her body convulsed violently and I kept up the assault on her swollen clit, my finger rubbing her g-spot through her orgasm. Jackie’s eyes remained tightly closed as her head rolled from side-to-side. Her fingers dug into my hair as her other hand crushed her own breast. Finally it was too much for her and she pushed my head away and closed her quivering legs, moaning as her body quivered through the aftershocks of her orgasm.

As I rose to my feet, I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned my head there was no one there. The door from her room to the rest of the house was open just a crack. Had it been that way before or was someone watching? I glanced at the clock and it was about the time that Jackie’s mother Margaret normally got home from school, so I quickly grabbed my clothes and started to put them on.

“You really need to get dressed,” I told Jackie. “You mom will be home any minute.”

“Okay,” she said sleepily, but did not move. I quickly covered her with a quilt and moved towards the house to see if someone else was home. As I entered the kitchen I heard the front door close and ran into Margaret in the front hallway, as she was just setting down her school bags.

“Oh, hi Doug,” she said to me. “How was your day?” She sounded perfectly normal and no one but I would suspect anything, but her face seemed like she was blushing. After all, she was an experienced actress. I said my day had been good, and told her that Jackie had been reading one of her text books but had dozed of just moments ago.

“Okay,” she answered calmly. “I need to go upstairs and change. Can you see what we should have for diner?” She headed up the stairs quickly before I could ask any questions and I headed to the kitchen to see what I could come up with.

Margaret was upstairs a good 20 minutes before she came back down, and I had a good start on chicken pieces with tomatoes over rice. Margaret had changed into another long housedress that had a high neck and flowed to her ankle. As she joined me in the kitchen, I was again distracted by her graceful movements, watching for those times when the fabric would cling to her body. güvenilir bahis siteleri After five minutes of working in the kitchen with her, I was convinced she was naked under the dress. My high school fantasies of her were being revived, but I tried to push them from my brain. Jackie would be enough for any man.

Dinner was almost ready so I went to get Jackie up. I did not tell her of my suspicions that her Mom had been watching us, but while she was dressing, I moved a couple of shiny trinkets and trophies on the shelves so that I could look at the kitchen window from the bed without turning my head towards the bed.

Oh What A Night

I sat in the living room with Jackie’s mother Margaret and we discussed some final details of the play we were putting on at my old high school. I had worked with the students early last week to get the lights hung properly, so next week we could run a few tech rehearsals before a couple of full dress rehearsals. Jackie cleaned up the kitchen from dinner, then I heard her go into the bathroom for a shower. It was about nine when Margaret said she was going upstairs. As she left the room, she looked back at me.

“Have a nice night,” she said with a grin. I’m sorry, but have the mother of my lover tell me to have a good night ravishing her daughter is just a bit unnerving. I turned out the lights and went to join Jackie in her room.

The room was nearly dark, with only a few candles burning to create a stimulating atmosphere. Her stereo was playing some of Gap Mangione’s smooth jazz, some of my favorite music. The curtains were all drawn closed and the room seemed more intimate and cozy than usual.

Jackie was sprawled out on the bed, pleasuring herself slowly with a dildo when I walked in, completely naked. I stood there in the doorway, frozen like I was stuck to the floor, just staring at her in disbelief and amazement. She just smiled at me, which released my paralysis.

“You couldn’t wait for me?”

“Oh honey,” she purred. “I thought you might find it arousing to watch your lover masturbating…see the desire you stir up in me. Come closer…watch me…and enjoy!” This woman is just so incredibly sexy that there was nothing to do but obey. I moved closer to the bed, watching in awe as she drove the dildo in and out of her cunt while touching her clit with the other hand. My eyes followed as her hand slowly moved upwards, traveling over the flat tummy to her large boobs, caressing and squeezing them lightly. Her fingers lightly traced the outlines of each areola, raising goose bumps there.

I started to disrobe, my eyes still locked on her body and what she was doing to it. The dildo continued to move slowly in and out of her hole as she took one of her nipples between thumb and index finger and rolled it softly. When she pinched it harder, she groaned as it became pert and stiff. Her own body betrayed her excitement as her hips gyrated from the sensations she created.

Licking her lips suggestively, she stared back at me as I stood there, clothes littering the floor about me. My hand found its way to my cock, jutting out big and hard before me. My hand worked it slowly, trying to satisfy the need for stimulation without getting too close to cumming. Jackie’s eyes watched my cock while she continued driving her dildo slowly in and out of her pussy. There was a new thrill to watching our mutual masturbation, and the atmosphere became very tense and sexually charged.

Jackie took the dildo out of her wet cunt and licked the juices off, running her out-stretched tongue the length of her slippery rubber shaft. Her free hand returned to her crotch to rub her clit which further drove her towards ecstasy. Suddenly she stuffed the dildo back into her hole and fucked herself as hard as she could for a few moments, then exploded violently in a self induced orgasm. I grabbed my cock around the base and squeezed hard to hold of my own orgasm.

After a few moments, Jackie looked over to me and asked innocently, “Tell me, who can arouse you like this?”

“Damn Jackie, you are a horny wench!”

“Does it upset milord that I pleasure myself?” It was cute that she caught my use of the older term and switched to old English. She was, after all, an English teacher’s daughter.

“Never, milady. Thy lust is yours, but I dearly love the view. It drives me beyond myself!”

“Then approach milord, and I will sheath thy saber!” She took my hand and pulled me to the bed, making my lay on my back diagonally across the bed. I subtly checked to see if I could see the kitchen window in at least one of the shiny items I placed on the shelves, then closed my eyes as Jackie told me to.

I felt her tentatively lick my bloated cock-head, swirling her tongue gently across it as it lay on my stomach, then teasing the little slit with the tip of her tongue. I think she enjoyed the moan I gave in response. Her hand lifted my shaft, and she glided her soft fingers up and down my penis. With an incredibly tender touch, she took her loose fist and moved it slowly up and down. She dropped a glob of spit onto the head of my cock and used a finger with a feather light touch to mix it with my own pre-cum and rub the lubrication over my sensitive knob. The sensation was so gentle yet intense that I was squirming under her touch.

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