The Tantra Touch

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Last night following a sumptuous meal and several glasses of wine, I smoked a neatly rolled joint while laying on my bed listening to my latest CD, and tried to ease the pain that was my period. I’d swallowed some aspirin and knowing they wouldn’t work for at least half an hour, I resorted to a quick, if not momentary fix, of a finger fuck.

Naked underneath my bathrobe I got off my bed, walked into the bathroom and knelt on a towel on the floor; legs apart, buttocks slightly raised from the ground: I was facing into the bedroom. The robe was open and slid easily from my shoulders. I shook my hair out of its bun and let it cascade softly down my back: I loved the sensation of my silky jet-black hair tickling and tingling against my skin. My hair was quite long and as I squatted in this position and tilted my head back, it fell just above my bum. I smiled as I remembered you once saying how much you loved that my jet-black hair was as black as the hair of my pussy.

Despite being tipsy and completely stoned, I had to be considerably alert and especially quiet. The house had a few occupants tonight, and in this house, my bathroom was public domain. It was a challenge I was prepared to rise too. I wondered if being in this altered state, together with remaining perfectly silent and concentrating so intensely, would make the resulting orgasm even stronger? It would be a mind and a cunt fuck.

With expert fingers I began to massage my clitoris, licking my long fingers to moisten up the area that was a little dry. Although I had to do this a few times, I didn’t mind the taste of myself. The massage was working quickly, but I didn’t want to orgasm too soon. I wanted pain relief, and yet I wanted this delicious sensation prolonged. I also couldn’t forget the possibility of someone walking in. I was so quiet. I was rigid yet relaxed; you could hardly tell there was anyone in there.

Yes, my silence was heightening the sensations. The promising orgasm slowly growing deep inside me felt delicious and I could already feel it was going to be powerful. I thought about an earlier conversation with you.

The bathroom door was ajar so that anyone sitting on the end of the bed could see me, could see what I was doing. I imagined you sitting there. casino şirketleri I had urged you into my room and said, “Sit, I want to show you something.” You sat as I went into the bathroom. I squatted down, lifted my nightie up to reveal my pussy, and started to touch myself. I buried my face within the shadow the door was casting, so all you could see was my thighs and my hand touching my dark, hairy pussy.

As I began caressing myself, I wondered what you were thinking. Of course you were watching, were you turned on; did you want to join me? As if reading my mind, I heard movement from the bed, followed by a barely audible, soft moan. I stole a look. You had your dick out. It was hard as you were sliding your hand up and down its length, rhythmically, slowly. At the same time you had your eyes glued to me.

At these thoughts, squatting there in the bathroom, I felt myself close to coming. I didn’t want to, not yet. Again, drawn back to a previous conversation, I remembered talking about Tantra. Could I hold onto this sensation for as long as possible? I had never tried. I had always gone for an orgasm as quick as possible. I loved to fuck myself, and I did often. I loved to come and the unmatched, intense pleasure received every time. Could I make it better? Was that possible?

After many years of masturbation, I considered myself pretty darn good at it. I had tried many methods, various positions, sex toys and tools, hands, fingers, vegetables, cooking implements, pillows, running taps, rubbing taps, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing! I thought I had tried it all. However, not this. And I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try. I still had to concentrate and remain ultra quiet.

As the ensuing orgasm moved sinuously inside me, I took control. I concentrated on my breathing, listened intently, and then focused on all feeling in my hot, wet cunt, as my fingers pressed harder and harder, working faster, the motion becoming frantic as I pushed myself to the edge. And then I stopped. I moved position and slowed the pace: and listened. I was so quiet. I was so damned hot.

I imagined you out there watching me. You were so turned on, so hard, so ready to come. I knew you wanted to come and fuck me. I knew you wanted to come into the bathroom and casino firmaları slide your cock into me, it would have been so easy too. You would slide deeply into me with ease: I was so wet and you knew how wet I was. I loved that you couldn’t come in though. You knew that I wouldn’t allow that. I loved that you were so close to me, yet you couldn’t touch me. I loved this teasing and taunting, this playing of games. It was such a turn on to be exposing my inner sacred self to you, inhibited, naked and raw. But come near to me and I would have stopped this little game, it would be over.

You had to be quiet too. Two deliciously turned on people masturbating in one room, no one making a noise, both about to come. The soft pants and moans hardly audible, yet every facial muscle twitching and contorting, expressions of ecstasy turning to grimaces; giving away the secret. Could I get any hotter? Another wave of pre-orgasm shuddered throughout my body. Was this it? Should I let myself go?

At that instance, feeling left my clitoris. What was going on? Had I touched myself too much, too hard? I had made it more of a challenge, this holding back; was that the problem? I knew I wanted to come, I had been at that point for so long and I wasn’t about to give it up now.

I decided to stop for a few minutes to slow my mind, relax my breathing and calm my body. Mostly though, I wanted to see if I could displace some of the sensitivity in my clitoris and regain some of the intense pleasure I had moments before been abandoning myself too. I sat in comfortable silence for several minutes save only the sound of my deep relaxing inhalations, my thoughts focusing only of the quiet and the stillness of the air around me. Coming out of my trance, I shifted my thoughts to you, sitting there on the end of the bed, patiently yet eagerly waiting.

In the bathroom I re- positioned and leaned myself forward a little. My fingers at first began slowly, and then soon found a swifter motion. They traced around the outer lips of my pussy, enjoying the wetness Adding to that moisture already glistening around my lips, I licked my fingers again, and again. My clitoris was warm, swollen, and ready. Soon I rubbed harder, almost hurting myself, making the contact of finger güvenilir casino to clit hard and fast, my breath drew in sharp, and oh god now I was ready to come. My body shuddered heavily; I rubbed frantically.

Suddenly, I stopped again.

Was that a noise? I stopped, stiffened and listened. Be quiet. Was it someone coming? Fuck it! Not a good position to be caught in. I sat rigid. After a time, I realised it wasn’t anything. I resumed. First slowly, rubbing around my clitoris in a deliberate, delicate and slow circular motion. Soon, increasing the pace, I used my finger to flick up and down, mimicking the feeling of a tongue. Your tongue perhaps? I imagined it was. I had forgotten about you out there on the end of the bed watching me, getting harder, stroking your cock with faster motion feeling your own intense feelings and still wanting to fuck me. I grinned wickedly. A sudden wave of warmth and wetness developed between my legs, now I was ready. I lifted my buttocks further from the ground, my back tensed and straightened up, I gasped, rubbed harder, faster, I was so wet, glistening. I took myself to the edge, and stopped yet again.

God, I could do this! I could take myself to the point of nearly coming, then stop, then take myself up there again and again…each time the feeling intensifying, the oncoming orgasm building like an unleashed beast inside me. I thought of you on the bed, rubbing harder, faster. I started again, I wanted to come, I wanted you to come, I wanted you to watch me come. You moaned and whispered, almost whimpered across the room, “Oh baby, I’m going to come”. You groaned softly and while you came on the end of my bed and in my mind, I let the rising feeling inside my pussy explode in an all consuming orgasm that took hold of my body, but did not control me. I sat up straight and came without a sound. It was intense. I gushed between my thighs, you had watched me come.

I lay back on the towel for a moment, my body involuntarily shuddering, quivering. I was drowsy, felt heavy, but I smiled. Back in my room and to celebrate my newfound ability to “Tantra – Masturbate”, I poured another wine and put on some quieter music. The joint had reached its peak and I was coming down, achieving that delicious state of arousal I was accustomed to. As I lay down on my bed and began to drift slowly into a dreamscape, the phone rang.


“Hey, it’s me. What are you doing?”

I laughed, “Huh, funny you should ask, I was just thinking of you.”

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