The Swan Part II

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The Swan Part II The next few days after school, Sue Ann wanted to “fool around” as she put it. I managed to put her off for a few days, until the day that she told me that I didn’t really find her desirable and that the other day was just because I was feeling sorry for her. I put my hands on her shoulders and told her ,“Sue Ann, how can you say that? I told you it’s wrong. You’re my sister. I know I said we’d do it again, but we shouldn’t.” “How am I supposed to learn anything. You’ve got other girls you can go out with, that you can fuck. I can’t even get a guy to take me to the Spring Dance!” At that moment I realized that I hadn’t yet asked anyone to go to the dance. How could I go and leave my sister behind? “Sue Ann, I’ll take you to the dance. You’ll be the prettiest girl there. All the guys will see that my sister isn’t the ugly duckling you seem to think you are. You’ll be a swan.” For once, Sue Ann was quiet. Then a tear ran down her cheek. “You’re still feeling sorry for me!” As she turned away, I grabbed her and pulled her to my chest. As I held her and rubbed her back, I thought of what we had done a few days before, and I felt my dick start to grow. I tried to think of something else, but it was too late. Sue Ann was suddenly very still and I knew she could feel my dick growing. “Logan , am I turning you on?” “Yes, istanbul travesti damn it! I told you, you were desirable, but you wouldn’t believe me! Now what am I going to do?” “ Logan, can we go to my room? I’d like to lie down with you and do what we did the other day.” She turned and started walking towards her room, holding onto my hand. I tried to hold back, but she tugged and I knew I had lost. When we got to her room, she started to unbutton her blouse and took it off, then undid her jeans and slid them down over her slim hips, all the while staring at my face. As she stepped out of her jeans, she grabbed my shirt and pulled me close to her. I could only stare at the body of the young woman, my sister, my twin, my alter ego, in front of me, as I felt her undo my pants and slide them down. She then pulled my shirt off, and we stood there, her in bra and panties, me in jockeys with a growing hard on. Sue Ann pulled me to her bed, and as we fell onto it, my fight was over. As I reached for her, I tried one last time. “Are you sure, Sue Ann? Really sure?” “I’m sure. I want you to play with my tits, my pussy. I want you to teach me everything.” I actually had to laugh. My twin, the one person that I actually felt closest to, I had to tell her, “Sue Ann, almost everything I know is from reading istanbul travestileri about it, or hearing the other guys talk about it.” Her answer, “Good, then we can learn together,” caught me off-guard. What caught me even more by surprise was her unsnapping her bra and sliding her panties down. As we laid next to each other, I took her in my arms and started kissing her. As I kissed her and held her, one hand started playing with her tits. I felt the nipples start to stiffen, and as I rubbed one and then the other between my fingers, I felt Sue Ann’s breathing get heavier and more ragged. I leaned my head forward and sucked one of her little, tan, bud-like nipples into my mouth. As I sucked on it and played with the other one, I heard my twin moan and felt her arch her back. She held my head in her hands and tried to push her tit even deeper into my mouth. “God, Logan. That is so fantastic. My body feels like it’s on fire! Keep doing it. Keep doing it, suck my nipple.” As she said that, I reached down between her legs and gently cupped her pussy with my hand. Sue Ann immediately spread her legs so that I could play with her. Her juices were already starting, and as I slowly slid my middle finger between the lips of her cunt, she let out a little squeal and pushed her cunt upward against my travesti hand. I let her nipple pop out of my mouth and started kissing her mouth furiously. As her mouth opened and her lips parted, I slid my tongue deep into her mouth and started playing with her tongue. Time stood still. I felt our tongues twining around each other, I felt the heat and wetness of her pussy against my hand, I felt my fingers going deep into her cunt, I was in heaven. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I felt Sue Ann’s hand slide into my underwear and felt her warm hand wrap itself around my dick. I felt her hand sliding up and down, rubbing my precum all over my dick. I stopped to pull my underwear off, and then sat up on the bed. “Why are you stopping?” Sue Ann asked. “I want to do something to you that I’ve read about and heard about. I want to lick your pussy.’ “Is that the oral sex you mentioned the other day?” “Yes.” I slid down the bed and (rather awkwardly in retrospect) got between her legs. I lifted her legs up a little and placed them over my shoulders. Her cunt was beautiful, glistening and slick with her juices. I spread the lips of her cunt open and saw her clit sticking up through her pubic hair. As I rubbed it gently with my fingers, her hips bucked lightly upward and she started moaning. I gently let my tongue slide up her pussy, starting at her ass and working its way up to her clit. I did this over and over for several minutes. I was surprised at how sweet her juices tasted. Every time my tongue hit her clit, she would jerk and cry out a little. “Are you OK? Am I hurting you?” “This is so fantastic.

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