The summer with Bonnie…

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The summer with Bonnie…It was many years ago, in the summer of my eighteenth year, I was stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi attending technical training for the Air force. It had been a hot, humid, nasty day with temps in the 90’s and humidity to match. If you’ve ever spent time on the gulf coast of Mississippi in August, you know what I am talking about. But…it was Friday and the weekend was here!!This particular Friday evening started out as many hot, sultry August evenings on the Gulf Shore did, I had walked down to have drinks at the White House Inn, a quiet local watering hole I had discovered quite by accident. I liked the place because it was always quiet with few patrons, they had the cheapest beer around and, best of all, it was air conditioned. As I came through the door, sighing with relief at the feel of the coolness of the place, I noticed a woman sitting alone at the end of the bar, braless, wearing shorts and a tank top that showed off a very nice pair of tits. I sat down, ordered myself a beer, and asked the bartender what the beautiful creature at the end of the bar was drinking. “Beer.“ he said, so I told him to give her a refill on me. She acknowledged me with a tip of her glass and motioned for me to join her. I sat down next to her, she thanked me for the drink and told me her name was Bonnie. I introduced myself and we spent the next few hours in the glorious air conditioning of the bar. She had short dark hair and emerald green eyes, her nipples, straining at the material of the tank top looked like pencil erasers. My eyes occasionally strayed down to her chest and those beautiful pert breasts, and of course, those magnificent nipples. As it turned out she, was in the Air force attending training as well. We sat there in the bar, enjoying our beers and talking and laughing about our training, where we were from, you know, the usual things you talk about with someone you’ve just metAnyway, it was near midnight and the place was closing. We were still the only ones at the bar and I asked her if she’d like to grab a few beers and walk across the street to the beach and enjoy the cooling off shore breeze that was beginning to blow. She said she would enjoy that very much. I bought four beers, and we headed off for the shore. We continued our conversation, sitting near the waters edge allowing the water to rush over our feet as we sat there basking in the bright glow of the full moon. We finished off the last of our beer and she asked me if I’d like to go somewhere and get another? I said “Sure, but I think most places have closed.” She said, “Not a problem, my place is just a few blocks away and I have a few cold beers in the fridge.” “Sounds like a plan to me!” I replied. So, off to her apartment we went.As we walked and talked on our way to her place, I learned she was 28, had been married and was a self-anointed witch! I laughed and asked jokingly “Are you looking for a virgin to sacrifice?” she just laughed and asked me how old I was? I told her I had turned 18 in February. She looked at me and with a huge grin on her face, asking if I was really a virgin? I told her I’d had a girlfriend in high school, and had gotten to second base a few times, but had never “gone all the way”. She chuckled in disbelief and said “Well, I find that hard to believe, it’s 1974 for heaven sakes! I thought virgins were an extinct species.” I laughed and thought to myself “Really are you serious?” but I figured she was just giving me a hard time for still being a virgin at 18. I mean, she’s right it was 1974 after all.We soon arrived at her apartment, she let us in and once again we were engulfed in the cool of air conditioning. She told me to make myself at home and have a seat. I sat on the sofa and she soon returned with two ice cold beers. She sat down next to me and asked me again if I was really a virgin? Obviously, she thought I was k**ding. I told her that yes, indeed I was a virgin but hoped to remedy that situation soon. She looked at me with a gaze I had never seen before and said “How about we remedy the situation tonight?” Needless to say, the mere thought of getting laid made my 18-year-old cock start to throb and swell immediately. I squirmed burdur escort a little in an effort to hide my rapidly growing boner so she wouldn’t notice. I wasn’t quite quick enough. Bonnie leaned toward me, kissing me full on the lips, slowly slipping her sweet tongue into my mouth. I started to pull away, but she said to relax, soon her hand began to gently stroke the now embarrassingly obvious bulge in my pants. She said “Well, you’ve certainly reacted nicely to my kiss”. My cock continued to stiffen, becoming a full blown hard-on. She took my hand in hers and slid it under her shirt, I now had her soft and supple tit in the palm of my hand, this caused the last remaining blood in my body to rush to fill my cock. The hardness of my cock was almost painful, it was so hard I thought it might burst from the pressure. We kissed again and I began to squeeze and massage her tit and play with her nipple, which had now begun to feel like the eraser on a pencil it was so hard and stiff. “Just like my cock” I thought. Bonnie moaned her approval of my handy work with her nipple. I fumbled, trying to move my hand to her other breast under her shirt. She stopped me and said “Let me make things easier for you” and ever so slowly inched the shirt off to “let the girls out to play” as she said. No sooner had her shirt hit the floor, I was face to face with the most beautiful pair of tits I’d ever seen! “Oh God, there beautiful!” I stammered. “Why thank you young man.” she said and slid her hand down to my jeans and, with well-practiced ease, unbuttoned them and slowly pulled the zipper down, revealing the tent in my underwear, my throbbing cock trying desperately to escape from the confines of its white cotton prison. My cock was so hard, the head was peeking out from under the waistband, Bonnie grasped the waistband of my boxers, pulling the waistband up and back, releasing my now rock hard cock, allowing it to spring to attention standing well away from my belly in all its throbbing glory. I love the feeling in my cock when it gets hard. I was used to being hard when I jerked off, but the veins of my now fully engorged penis looked like pipelines under tremendous pressure. I had never had any experience like this! Bonnie stretched the waistband further, and let it come to rest under my ball sack. She looked my cock and balls over approvingly and told me that I had a very beautifully shaped cock. She gently took my quivering manhood in her warm and supple hand and slowly started to run her thumb around the head of my cock. My pre-cum began oozing steadily, running down the side of my shaft. Her thumb rubbed and smeared the pre-cum around my purple cock head and up and down the entire shaft. She brought her fingers to her lips tasting my gooey goodness; she said it had a salty taste, that it was the most wonderful taste and wanted more. As Bonnie continued to tease my cock, my hand began to slowly squeeze her tight little ass. As I massaged her ass, she let out a very low moan and grabbed my cock a bit harder, increasing the frequency of the strokes up and down my pulsating shaft. Without warning, she took the head of my cock into her mouth; what an unbelievable feeling, so warm and wet. Letting the head of my cock slip from her mouth as my balls began to tighten, a steady ooze of pre-cum flowing from my steel rod. She continued to stroke my slippery shaft for what seemed like an eternity! I was lost in a heavenly haze of ecstasy as her hand deftly stroked my cock with an ever increasing urgency, I felt her warm hands cupping my balls, I knew she could feel my balls begin to suck up into my belly and just as I thought I was going to cum, she slowed her pace, slowly stroking me until I exploded with a huge geyser of cum that flew out in a long, thick ropey stream, shooting straight up, splattering down all over her hand and my belly. She continued to stroke me, gently squeezing my balls, my cock continued to pump stream after stream of hot thick cum, she directed my cumshots towards her tits letting streams of cum rain down on them, until she had drained my balls completely! When I opened my eyes, I saw my cum dripping from those big hard nipples. She used escort burdur my cock to smear cum all over her tits, saying it was good for her skin. I reached out and with my finger traced the outline of her breasts and nipples with cum. As my hard-on finally began to subside, Bonnie began to kiss my chest, lingering at my nipples. She worked her way slowly down my belly and took my soft cock in her mouth and began to give me my first blowjob! She began by softly sucking my half hard cock, caressing the head and slit with her tongue. I moaned at the feeling of her soft mouth as she sucked slightly harder, she let out a little moan of pleasure as my young cock responded to her gentle sucking. I was soon hard as a rock, she sucked harder still, occasionally letting my cock slip from her mouth with a popping sound. My shaft was glistening with her saliva and she would stroke me for a minute then take the full length of my shaft back into her mouth sucking even harder, her head bobbing up and down, until I could take no more and shot my second hot load of the night deep in her mouth. She continued to work up and down my throbbing cock, she let a little cum dribble from the corner of her mouth, but eagerly swallowed my spunk with a sigh of satisfaction. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked, my reply was unintelligible, but she knew what I meant.Bonnie had made me cum twice in such marvelous ways that I now wanted to give her the same pleasure she had given me. This was my first real experience of a truly sexual nature. Sure, I’d jerked off with my favorite Penthouse and read all the letters, but hadn’t ever done anything with a real woman before. She lay back onto the sofa and said “Now it’s my turn.” She pulled me towards her, I gave her a long kiss, fondling her smooth soft breasts, I moved my mouth to one of her hard nipples, sucking ever so gently and continuing to caress her other breast, my hand slowly began to trace the length of her smooth flat belly. I worked my way down and unbuttoned her shorts. I had never gotten quite this far with a woman before so I was now in uncharted waters. To my surprise I found her to be very hot and her panties seemed damp. I moved my fingers slowly over those pretty pink “Friday” panties, feeling her heat through the fabric. Bonnie took my hand, pushed it under the waistband of her panties and pressed two of my fingers on to her clit. She began to instruct me in the fine art of how to play with her pearl of pleasure. She talked to me, taking my hand and helping me play with her clit, slowly flicking my fingers across the hard little button, showing me how to stroke her pussy, slowly she began to push my fingers into her dripping wet slit, sliding them in and out over and over again. She began making low moaning sounds as my fingers slid in and out of her dripping snatch, she began to moan louder and got even wetter. As I stroked her pussy, I suddenly felt that now familiar sensation of orgasm begin in my balls! And before you could say “Oh My God!” another geyser of cum shot from my fully erect cock, spurting like a fountain, covering her thigh with my hot cream! I hadn’t even thought about my cock. I had been so intent on the lesson being given and the sounds coming from Bonnie that I hadn’t realized how hard I had gotten or that I was about to cum! She responded to my fingers with a shuddering orgasm of her own, helped along no doubt as she felt the heat of my hot cum land on her inner thigh. I was a little embarrassed, but my goddess never missed a beat. She stood up and shimmied out of her shorts and panties, reaching for my still dripping, slowly softening cock and stroked me until I was hard again. She told me to lean back on the sofa. She stood in front of me, her beautiful pussy glistening with her own cum, I stared at her neatly trimmed bush, my cock got harder than I could ever remember. She straddled me spreading her beautiful pink pussy lips open and ever so slowly lowered that hot, wet pussy down on my eager young cock, continuing her decent until she had plunged the full length of it in her dripping snatch. She pressed down hard and kissed me deeply. I remember thinking “God, don’t let me cum to fast!” She burdur escort bayan slowly began to move her body, first in slow grinding circles, then she began to slide her pussy up and down on my rigid pole. She rode me cowgirl fashion, she started moaning, her own juices flowing from her pussy making squishing sounds as she began to fuck me faster and harder, I grabbed hold of her waist and held on tight we fucked like this until finally, unable to hold back any longer, my third load of hot jizz shot deep into her sopping wet pussy. As my sperm began to shoot into her, she slammed her pussy down on my cock, impaling herself to the hilt of my throbbing cock, riding the spasms and jerks of my own orgasm like a broncobuster at the rodeo. I still held her tight to her waist as she began to quiver and shake, her breath coming in short gasps; she plunged her tongue into my mouth to stifle her cry of pleasure as the waves of her own orgasms took control of her body. I felt her hot cum flowing down my cock and dripping from my balls, my cock sending another surge of cum as I felt her hot wetness. She sat on my cock, facing me cowgirl fashion, as we continued to fuck and I was mesmerized by her beautifully pert tits, with those erect nipples, as they bounced and jiggled before my eyes until we both collapsed on the sofa, spent, sticky and exhausted!We lay there together holding on to each other, both of us gasping and panting. Once we caught our breath, she lead me to the shower and spent time in the old claw foot tub, holding each other under the stream of hot water, making sure we scrubbed each other thoroughly and completely, cleaning off the product of our lovemaking. We got out of the shower and walked naked into the kitchen, I grabbed a beer from the fridge, opened it and handed it to her. I opened another for myself and took a long swallow. Man that tasted good!! We sat in the living room and finished our beers and finally headed to her bedroom. As we lay there in each others arms, exchanging gentle caresses, she asked me what I liked for breakfast? “What ever you would like me to make.” was my reply. She laughed, kissed me, my cock responded as she knew it would and we made love again, slower and gentler this time, after some time my fourth load settled deep in her pussy. We fell asleep spooning, my cock firmly in the grip of her pussy, she told me that’s how she liked to sleep. Saturday morning I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and the sizzling of bacon. What a glorious way to greet the morning I thought. I pulled myself out of bed and walked naked into the kitchen. Bonnie greeted me with a kiss and cup of coffee. She was wearing only an apron and nothing else. I stepped back watching her as she continued to make breakfast. I looked at the curve of her tight little ass and the side view of her breasts from under the apron. I was lost in thought about how nice it would be to slip my cock into her from behind as she stood there at the counter. She turned around as though she could hear my thoughts. “Well, that’s what I like to see.” she said looking at me and indicating the direction of my cock. I snapped out of my daydream and saw that my cock was very hard indeed. “I…I…I was just thinking about how beautiful you look this morning.” I said sheepishly. “And I see what you were thinking about!” She told me to sit down, as breakfast was ready. She brought over two plates with eggs and bacon and toast. I was sitting there with a huge hard-on, pre-cum starting to ooze slowly. She set the plates down, came over and knelt in front of me and started to stroke my cock quickly. The pre-cum continued to flow, she used it as lubricant and soon I came all over my belly. She quickly lapped my belly clean and we ate our breakfast.When we saw each other at school she would simply wink and give a little smile, I know she did it on purpose because of the effect it had on me and my cock. I always gave her a sheepish grin in return. I know it had the same effect on her. We lived together in her apartment for the rest of our time in Biloxi, her the teacher and I her willing pupil. We grew very close and I owe everything I know about how to please a woman to Bonnie. I have never forgotten her and I think back fondly on the “woman” who gave me my first hand job, first blowjob and the first real fuck of my life…sigh…I wonder if she remembers that special summer, so long ago, with the same fondness that I do?

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