The Summer I Met NinaCh. 2

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Walking in the bright moonlight back to the bunkhouse, my mind was swirling with a barrage of thoughts. This is unbelievable. Where is this heading? How will we act tomorrow? How can we hide this? How am I going to wait on tables with four hours of sleep? Damn, Fred is coming tomorrow. This is crazy. Is this really happening? Am I falling in love?The next morning I had difficulty waking up and couldn’t respond to Gary’s shaking me or his words, “Where the hell were you last night?” I remember lifting my head then crashing back to the pillow. Gary shook me again. “Hey, get the fuck up.”Everyone looked at me when I entered the kitchen fifteen minutes late. I was always the first to arrive to get my station ready. I was the model waiter. The Pocmont Lodge kitchen was a madhouse made up of people who had worked there for years and like many dysfunctional families, there was a tense affection that fluctuated between joking and yelling. So, when I walked in, George, the chef, a tall black guy, who wore a white sailor hat rather than a chef’s hat, gave me a dirty, scornful look and shook his head in disgust. His assistant, Tony, a curly-haired Italian who knew about single women and waiters, glanced at me and smiled. He didn’t say anything, but when he handed me my first order, he smirked. “You got some last night, didn’t you?”Julia, a tiny, old Russian Jewish woman in her seventies, who had been the baker there for twenty years, liked me and always smiled at me. She knew I liked her cinnamon rolls so she always buttered one and handed it to me, even though she wasn’t supposed to. That day, she squinted at me. “Are you sick? Drink some tea.”The dining room didn’t open until eight and once our stations were ready, we could sit at a table just off the kitchen and have coffee, scrambled eggs, bagels and talk about this or that. I always sat with Catherine and we often had stimulating conversations. She was a news junkie, I suppose because of her days in Washington, and she informed me of current events and what she thought about them. I enjoyed our many discussions and learned a lot from her. I was an English major in college with a minor in history and she knew I wanted to be a writer. We avoided talking about the previous night in the bar, acting as if it hadn’t happened. I know she was embarrassed and what was there to say? We let it pass.I managed to get my act together and although tired, served my guests with my usual flair, but kept glancing at the empty table where Nina and her parents usually sat. The dining room served breakfast until nine-thirty. Around nine her parents sat down, but Nina’s seat was empty. Gary served them and I went about my business, but wondered, Is she sleeping in? Is she avoiding me? Am I crazy?I noticed her father reading the paper while her mother read a book. They ate and drank their coffee, but unless I missed it, they hardly spoke to each other. I glanced up at the clock and saw it was nine-twenty-five when Nina came in, rushed to her table then waved Gary over. When she greeted her parents, they looked up, nodded then returned to their reading. I noticed her hair was still wet from a shower and she was wearing a short denim skirt, a pale green T-shirt and sandals. She glanced over at me while I served a table. Our gazes met briefly—no smile or nod, no acknowledgment, and I wasn’t certain what that meant. Was last night a fling? Why won’t she look at me?Gary brought her a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. All of my guests had finished eating and the dining room was almost ankara escort empty. I helped my busboy, Jason, clear the dishes, then I changed the tablecloths and began setting up for lunch. Nina’s father handed her a section of the newspaper and she read, sipping her coffee, hardly speaking, except at one point, I noticed her mother say something to her and an angry look crossing Nina’s face. She said something back to her mother who looked startled and sat back, obviously upset, and just stared at Nina. I wondered what that was about.When her parents got up to leave, Nina remained seated, nodded goodbye to them and continued reading. I decided to go over to her now that her parents were gone, and discreetly picked up their plates, pretending to be helping Gary, but curious about what had happened. I glanced around to see if anyone was noticing and she looked up at me, then leaned forward and whispered, “Meet me in the barn at ten.” I nodded and she went back to reading the paper, taking a sip of coffee and I put the dishes on the bussing tray.I had finished setting up but kept glancing at the clock. The dining room was now empty except for the busboys sweeping and the other waiters and waitresses setting tables. Lunch went from noon until one-thirty, but we had to be in the dining room by eleven-thirty then out on the ball field by two for the afternoon softball game.The funky, dilapidated barn housed several old horses and was up the road past the bunkhouses. Horseback riding was one of the activities provided but special arrangements had to be made for Larry, the assistant manager, to get the horses saddled and help the guests get started. Few people rode horses, so the barn was usually quiet and the old horses had a leisurely life of munching grass in the fenced-in pasture and an occasional apple someone fed them.  When I entered the barn, it was dark except for the morning sunlight coming in from cracks in the roof and an open door in the hayloft. I looked around and didn’t see Nina then heard, “Up here.”I saw a ladder in the middle of the barn that went up to the hayloft and climbed it, smelling the hay and then I saw Nina at the other end sitting on a hay bale. When I reached her, she stood up and we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. She lowered her hands to my ass and I did the same, loving how her ass felt in the short denim skirt. I pulled her against my already hard cock and felt her grinding into me, spreading her legs slightly. Our kissing grew more intense then I pulled my lips from hers, both of us gasping.“You were kind of cool at breakfast.”“I know. Mom said she heard something in my room and asked if I had company.”“Uh-oh. So what happened?”  “I got annoyed and told her I didn’t have company but even if I did, it was none of her god damn business.”“So that’s why she looked so upset.”“Right, I’m fucking sick of pretending to be their good little girl and being watched like a hawk. Dad has made me his little precious jewel. I’m an only child and he has my life planned—business major in college, minor in political science, then law school before I join his old firm. He’s a judge and wants me to follow in his footsteps.”“And they’re really into you marrying Fred, I bet.”  “Yeah, he graduated from Princeton Law School and has been a clerk for Dad and it’s all mapped out. My dad’s world revolves around law, tennis and playing bridge.”“What about us?”She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. We hardly know each other, but damn, I really loved how we were last night. It ankara escort bayan was special ”“What are you going to do when Fred comes up today?”“I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I feel like I’m trapped and it’s hard for me to hurt people, Mom, Dad, Fred.” She chuckled. “It’s not easy being me.”“I understand.” I rubbed her back and could feel her anguish and pain. I just wanted to soothe her.She sighed deeply into my chest. I felt her relax and she put her arms around me. We didn’t speak but just held each other for several minutes, then I felt her slowly grinding into me again, moving her hand to my ass and squeezing. I did the same, lifting her short skirt, putting my hands on her warm soft ass, feeling the smooth skin and realized she wasn’t wearing panties.   “You’re always daring, aren’t you?”   “I have to be, otherwise the real Nina would smother to death. I told you I’m honest, but I have to always be two steps ahead of my parents to feel alive and not be the little paper doll they think I am.”Pulling me harder against her, she gripped my ass, both of us grinding harder. She looked into my eyes. “I’ve always wanted to fuck in a barn. That’s why the short skirt and no panties.”She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to several hay bales, then pushed me so that I was sitting, leaning back against another pile of hay bales. She got down on her knees between my legs, unbuttoned my pants, pulled down the zipper and took out my hard cock, then started licking and moving her tongue up and down the underside, over the sensitive head and then she went to town sucking me, moving her lips up and down, slurping, swallowing and growling as she devoured my cock. I held her head and wrapped my fingers around her long hair and started thrusting into her warm, wet mouth. She pulled her mouth away, gasping, and quickly climbed on me, straddling my body, before she grabbed my hard cock and moved it back and forth over her dripping pussy lips, then suddenly lifting herself, she came down hard, impaling herself.She sat still, her pussy gripping my cock, and I could see the pleasure in her eyes. “Now I want to ride my stallion!” She leaned forward with her hands on my chest and slowly lifted herself then came down hard again and again and again, riding me faster and harder.  “Come on, take me for a ride,” I yelled, grabbing her hips, lifting her then pulling her down harder and harder on my thrusting cock.“You like fucking your cowgirl, don’t you?”   I looked at her bouncing up and down on my cock, her hair flailing, her tits bouncing under her T-shirt, her dripping pussy gripping my cock as she galloped faster and harder, taking me deeper with each thrust and screaming, “Oh, my God, you feel so big! I love it I love it!”“Ride me! Ride me! Ride my cock!” I gripped her hips and lifted my ass off of the hay bale, thrusting harder and faster as she came down and slammed against my thighs, taking my cock deep.“I’m there, oh fuck, oh my God, fuck me, fuck me, ohhh yeah don’t stop, don’t stop, oh fuckkk, I’m cumming! I’m cumming…Oh, my God I’m cumming!”She exploded in a huge orgasm, her whole body shaking in violent convulsions while her juicy pussy clutched my cock, soaking it with her hot cum.I bucked up and grabbed her hips and flipped her off of me and onto the hay-covered floor. On her back, she opened her legs. I grabbed them and put them on my shoulders then pounced and started fucking her savagely.“Come on, give it to me. Harder! Fuck me harder, damn it. Harder!”Her screaming made me thrust harder. Her pussy gripped escort ankara my cock. She was going to cum again. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Take my cock!” I yelled with each hard thrust.I was out of my mind and pounded her with all my strength. I leaned forward, driving my cock in and out like a hot piston, fucking her faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper until suddenly both of us erupted in huge wild ecstatic explosions. My cum gushed into her like hot lava from a volcano. Writhing just above her, I collapsed onto her panting body and felt her strong legs wrap around my back, holding me deep in her clutching pussy, both of us unable to budge.She was still wearing her skirt, now scrunched above her hips, while the T-shirt cushioned her from the rough hay. I lay on top of her, taking deep swallows of air. I had never fucked anyone harder in my life. It was as if we had to make the most of our short, secret meeting.While lying on her, I heard the barn door squeak and someone enter. I looked into Nina’s startled eyes. Both of us tried to hold our breath and listen to the footsteps below.“Anyone in here?” I heard a voice and wondered if it was Larry or someone just wanting to see the horses. I put my finger to my lips, indicating we had to be quiet and still.“Anyone here?” the voice shouted again then I heard footsteps and the squeak of the barn door closing and whoever it was walking away.“That was close,” I whispered.   “That’s all I need, is to be caught with you.” She sighed. “Fuck, I’m tired of sneaking and hiding who I am.”I nodded, sensing Nina was on the verge of shaking up her life. “Do you know the line from T.S. Elliot about disturbing the universe?”“Yes, from J. Alfred Prufrock,” she answered. “I have a feeling my little world is going to get ‘rocked and badly disturbed’.”“What do you mean?”“I can’t marry Fred. The wedding is coming up in September. Invitations are about to go out. They’re already printed. The caterers have a down payment.”I listened, looking into her eyes and nodded. She looked up at me then closed her eyes as if shutting out the horror of her thoughts. I shifted on the hay to lie next to her and took her hand and kissed it.   “I can’t go on like this. I have to stop pleasing other people and pretending.”“What are you going to do? Is there anything I can do to help?”“You already have.”“What do you mean?”“You woke me up. And though we just met, you made me realize what’s possible in a relationship. I can’t explain it. I just know I can’t marry Fred and follow the path laid out for me. I’ve got to do what I did with you.”“What’s that? What did you do with me?” I was fascinated but not sure what she was saying.“I took the bull by the horns. I wanted you and I made it happen. I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean I did sneak out and do things my parents didn’t know about but never anything quite so brazen.”“I’m glad you did because I wanted to meet you and get to know you. I was definitely attracted, but I’m not always able to take the bull by the horns like you did.”“I know.” She smiled. “But you certainly became a bull in bed last night and in this barn and that’s what woke me up. I felt your passion and that’s what I want in my life, passion. I think you’re amazing.”“Thanks.” I smiled and looked into her green eyes and noticed tears forming as she lay next to me, her strawberry blonde hair splayed on the hay. God, she’s beautiful, I thought. I didn’t say anything about the tears but suddenly realized I had to get back to the dining room. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but we had been in the barn for close to an hour and I didn’t want to be late for the lunch shift. I leaned down and kissed Nina. “I think you’re pretty amazing too, but now I have to get back to the dining room.”

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