The Story Pt. 01 – Masquerade

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“You ready?” Fiona asked.

“You have to confirm it, Fi; I feel so glamorous, am I right?” Thea said as she came out of the door.

“Wow! you both look absolutely amazing! I couldn’t even recognize you! You’re both so dreamy,” said Fiona with the look of amusement on her face as she looked up to see how we were dressed.

“I love your sister, June. She’s always honest,” Thea smiled at me.

Thea was wearing an all-black backless ballgown, a gold mask and a black lipstick, while I was wearing a red and black beaded gown which has a plunging neck line showing my cleavage, a black mask with red feathers on the top left side and a red lipstick which matched my gown. Fiona, my elder sister who works in town too, came that night to pick us up and drop us at the masquerade ball organized by our school for the graduates and the lower year level.

Fiona dropped us right in front of the mansion that the school rented. “Pick you up in the morning?” she joked.

“I’ll call you. Don’t go to sleep,” I responded.

“Mean! Just get a cab. Liam and I got plans,”

“Oh! I love ‘plans’!” Thea smiled deviously which made Fiona laugh.

We walked towards the entrance and showed our invitation to the guards. Even they were in costume. The ball has already started long before we even arrived. Thea always slow us down when it comes to parties like this by taking so much time in the shower and putting make up on.

“Hi!” a guy in a gray tuxedo and silver mask came in front of us as soon as we got in.

“Hello, Iron Man!” Thea said with her usual flirty voice as she took a step forward closer to the guy.

“Hey, gorgeous. Would you like to dance?” he asked her as she caught his attention.

“Sure,” she said and gave her hand before I could even protest. And so again, I was left alone standing in the corner ’til a waiter came and offered me a drink which I gracefully took.

“Thanks,” I said before he left.

I took a sip of the champagne when out of the blue, a man in a black suit and red bow-tie came in front of me. His mask was red and black too and if I was someone else, I would think we’re a couple because of the way our clothes matched.

“Hi,” he greeted casually. I don’t recognize his voice but he sure sounded so good, if I’m honest.

“Hey,” I greeted casually.

“You look so lonely out here,”

“I know, my friend just took off with her Romeo,” I smiled.

I don’t know how it all started but all I know is, when we started talking, he became even more interesting as time passed by. He knows a lot without sounding arrogant. We talked about everything and anything and he has this amazing humor which amazed me because not one second have I felt bored.

We’ve had so much champagne and laughed like nobody was around, we giggled as we took notice of some people and we whisper about some things we wouldn’t want other people to hear. It felt as if we had our own little bubble. I have never enjoyed a party like that until that night with him. bahis firmaları He’s tall, he has sexy lips that spells intelligence! he’s fun, not to mention he has a very sexy, deep but gentle voice.

“You know? you are awesome,” I said.

“So are you. I never thought I’d meet such an interesting girl,” he smiled and I can see through his mask that he was staring at me with so much meaning in his eyes, it’s making my knees weak. I kissed him. All of a sudden the light dimmed for a slow dance and the next thing I know, the simple kiss I gave was repaid and it became passionate. His left hand’s on my face and the other was on my back as I was holding on the the side of his suit.

We kissed for quite a while before he took my hand, kissed my cheek and whispered to my ear, “would you like to…” in a very gentle voice I couldn’t resist.

I squeezed his hand as a ‘yes’ for whatever he meant and gave him a smile so we walked across the dance floor and to the right side of the mansion, we walked past the restrooms and then there was a fire exit in the end. As soon as we got outside, we turned right and climbed up the narrow stairs I never knew existed and he opened the door. He never let go of my hand.

As we got in, there was a tiny bulb hanging that was just enough to illuminate your way inside. It was a very small room filled with piles and piles of linen as I looked around. He hugged me from behind and started kissing my neck gently. His lips was so soft and warm on my skin, it’s electrifying.

He turned me around to face him and pushed me against the higher pile of cloths on the left side of the door as he kissed me passionately. His tongue swirled in my mouth searching for mine, sucking it as soon as he gets the chance which makes me moan in pleasant surprise as it sent shivers down my spine. His hands started moving from my breasts which he caressed so gently, down my waist as if he’s trying to memorize the shape of my body and then down my butt which he squeezed through my gown.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as lifted me up and moved me to the lower pile of cloths next to the pile I was standing up against and sat me there. Once again, his hands moved around my body and through the stretching outline of my neckline, he let his right hand in to squeezed my breast slightly as he played with my nipple with his fingers.

His kisses moved from my lips to my cheek, to my earlobe, kissing my ear for a while, down to my neck until he reached my breast and played my nipple with his warm tongue in replace of his hand which moved down and lifted my gown. Slowly, he moved his hand up until he reached my panties and took it off of me.

I moaned as his fingers touched my folds. I was so wet when he pulled himself from my breasts and bent down to give me kisses on my wet cunt. I felt his lips touched my clit. I can only imagine my juice on his tongue and how it tasted as he licked and sucked my pussy. He fucked me with his skillful tongue which pushed me over to the kaçak iddaa edge.

“Mmm… I’m… Oohh… Ahh…” I moaned louder as I cummed in his mouth.

“Mmm… you taste so good,” he smiled as he looked up with his shimmering eyes through the mask.

I pulled him up to face me and cupped his face feeling the gentleness of his stubble on my palms as I kissed him and he was finger-fucking me. I couldn’t help myself anymore.

My hands moved down his abdomen, reaching down his pants to unzip him. He moved himself closer and there I could feel his hardness which made me feel even more excited. I unzipped his pants so he pulled his boxers down and I started moving my hand up and down his hard shaft. I moaned even louder as I was closing to the edge once again after imagining how much it will pleasure me. I wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him closer to me and kissed him torridly as I moaned and contracted, soaking his fingers with my cum. “Oohh…” I cried.

I felt his pre-cum on my finger and his dick throbbing so I told him, “fuck me.”

“I’d love to,” he said and pulled me closer to him. I lied down. He put his thick cock in my wet anticipating pussy and started moving in and out.

“Oh…” I moaned as he filled me up. His size was amazingly perfect. I grabbed my breast with my left hand and squeezed my nipple slightly as he fucked me.

“Ohh…” he moaned as he pulls himself out and gets back in.

“Ahh… Oh… Fuck.. harder…” I said and so he did.

“Alright then, princess,” he smiled and fucked me harder. He pumped in and out of me as fast and as hard as he could making me cry in so much pleasure. This is exactly what they say ‘be careful what you wish for’.

“Oh… Ah! Ah! Yeah! Yes! Mmm…” I said biting my lips as he fill me up with his cock, pushing it all in and pulling it all out and then back again making me cum so much for the third time.

“You naughty girl,” he teased.

“Oh…” I sighed before he turned me around and continued fucking me from behind.

He pounded and fucked me so hard I felt like I was getting weak but I want him. I wanted him to cum and I wanted to satisfy him. I wanted him to use my pussy to satisfy his desires. I want him to use me and dry me out if he had to until he can fill me with his cum.

“Ah! Ah!” I cried as I felt his cock getting even bigger and bigger. He’s about to cum!

“Ahh…” he moaned he felt my pussy tightening up against his throbbing cock.

“Ah! Yeah… Yeah… Mmm… Oh! Ooh! Ahh…” I couldn’t help but cry out loud as I cummed and squeezed his thick dick with my pussy. I can still hear the loud music from inside the mansion and I can only assume my voice blends with it. He was giving me so much pleasure I’ve never had before.

As he was all ready to cum, himself, he pulled out and unloaded his cock on my ass. “Ohhh…! Oh my… Ahh…” he moaned and bent over to give me kisses on my neck.

We tried to catch our breaths while he wiped my ass with one of the kaçak bahis cloths lying around, “resourcefulness,” he joked.

I laughed but then all of a sudden, we heard footsteps coming upstairs. My heart jumped. He grabbed my hand quickly and took me to the very corner of the room where there was a small gap which actually led to the back of the pile of linens wherein we both can squeeze in and hide. Thank goodness it was also a bit dark, it would be hard to see us.

The door opened and a woman came in. She took a, what seemed, folded white linen from the higher pile next to the door and went back outside. We heard her footsteps going down and the the fire exit door slammed.

He looked at me and even though we never took our masks off, we can’t deny the attraction we have for each other that night through the holes of the masks. He smiled and kissed me gently for the last time.

“Let’s go?” I regretfully asked afterwards.

“Okay,” he said and stood up reaching out his hand to help me up and guided me. He’s such a gentleman.

“I think you should go first,” I said thinking that someone might see us.

He looked at me as if he was confused, “you sure? Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, of course,” I smiled.

A few moments after he left, I heard my name being called from outside. That voice! Thea! I noticed I still don’t have my underwear! Shit! Uh… where are you?! I thought as I looked around. Ugh! Never mind, I gave up given that the place was not lit well enough to find anything so small like a black underwear.

I came out when I heard the fire exit door closed. I poked my head in just to see no one there and so I walked in. I walked past the men’s restroom when Thea just popped right in front of me from the women’s restroom, “hey! I was looking for you everywhere,” she said.

“Shit. You scared me, T. I-I was just… checking out what’s outside the door, getting some air,” I lied.

Thea stared at me for a moment before she smiled deviously and spoke again, “Oh My God, June…”

“What?!” I asked as if I didn’t know what she meant.

“Who is this guy?!” she laughed and looked behind me.

“T, what are you talking about?”

“You made out with someone, that’s what I’m talking about,” she smelt me quickly which scared me a bit and continued, “I can still smell you, you know?” she giggled.

“W-what?” I got nervous all of a sudden and I didn’t know what to say.

I was hesitating what I should tell her when out of the blue, “excuse me,” a guy’s voice came from behind.

Thea and I were blocking the way so I moved and turned my head to apologize but Oh! My goodness. It’s him! My heart skipped a beat again.

“Sorry,” Thea apologized with her flirting voice again following him with her eyes as he walked past, “Mmm… yummy!” she whispered and then bit her lower lip before turning back to me.

“Yeah, whatever. Let’s go,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Nope. Tell me who it is first,” she insisted.

“Oh my God, T, I’m not telling you anything, okay? I just checked that door out,” I said as I grabbed her arm and tried to drag her back to the ball room.

“I didn’t know you’re a safety personnel now,” she teased.


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