THE STORY OF T – Chapter 18 – Locked Up Again

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THE STORY OF T – Chapter 18 – Locked Up AgainTHE STORY OF TChapter 18 – Locked Up Again’Under the same conditions as before, Madame?’ asked Susan.’Yes. I want him locked up exactly as before. Lock him up tight, on his nice short chain! I want him re-collared immediately, Susan. And bring me the key to his collar right away. He’s been off his chain for over 20 minutes now, and I don’t like my prisoners off their chain for any reason. I will come and inspect him in his cell in an hour. Now, get this a****l chained up!’ ‘We’ll chain him up right away, Ms Grange’ said Susan and Mindy in unison, moving either side of me, and taking my arms. ‘Excellent’ said Ms Grange. ‘Here, take the keys to his shackles. I’ll work in the library until he’s ready for my inspection, then I must get on with preparations for my wine-and-cheese party tomorrow’ .She turned, and walked slowly out of the room. I stared at her beautiful bottom, until the door closed behind her. I felt so sorry for her, she seemed to have such pain in walking.But then I realized my own situation! I stood, stunned by what she had just said…..I had expected some kinder treatment from her…..but I was to be put back on the same chain! and to have another caning!……. I recovered my wits…..I called after her ‘wait…. please come back Madame Grange…. Please don’t put me back on my chain again….. I thought you would be kind to me….please, Madame Grange….?’‘Come along, prisoner’ said Susan. ‘Madame Grange has gone……you’ll get a chance to beg when she comes to inspect you…..but I’d be careful about speaking without permission again…..unless you want a double caning, of course….!’I felt the edge of her strap pushed between my ass-cheeks…’Move along, prisoner, back to your cell….you know the way…walk ahead of us….keep bahis şirketleri your eyes to the front….no more ogling at me and Madame Mindy!’ Susan ordered.‘Yes Madame’ The strap was removed from my ass, and I began to jangle forward in my shackles, my wrists cuffed in the small of my back to my waist chain. In two minutes we were back outside my cell door. Ms Grange had left the key to my collar hanging on a hook outside my cell door. I saw the key it had a tag on it, with my name. The cell door stood open, but I hesitated. Lady Susan lifted my collar key from the peg.‘Don’t stop…. inside!’ I shuffled inside. ‘Oh God…..please don’t let me be chained again…..’‘Go back to your straw, prisoner…kneel… head right down… face to the wall….or do you need the strap!’ ‘Oh dear God…..No….!’ I had no choice. I knelt.My collar was lifted with a familiar rattle of chain, and the smooth heavy collar closed snugly around my neck again.The key turned. ‘Click!’I heard the padlock lock behind my neck, and felt it dropped against my neck.I was chained……again!Madame Susan stood up, and once again I felt the full weight of the collar and chain on my neck. I heard Lady Susan’s footsteps as she went out to the corridor and hung my collar key back on the peg outside the cell door, then heard her steps coming back.’That’s it, prisoner! You’re chained again. No escape for you!’ don’t move without permission, or I’ll have you caned!‘Lie down on your straw prisoner…face to the wall…. don’t move without permission, or I’ll have you caned!’. Susan’s boot forced my neck hard into the straw, whilst her gloved fingers unlocked my shackles and threw them noisily towards the door. She stepped back.‘Back in position, prisoner! Nose to the wall! You may lie down after I leave. But bahis firmaları keep your cock and hands in view, well apart. I will check on you often!’.With my nose pressed to the wall, I heard the shackles gathered up, and the cell door shut and lock.I lay in the straw on my back in my collar, my legs spread wide and my hands to my sides, well away from my rigid cock. I had to be sure no guard would look in the peephole and think I was trying to masturbate. I had to keep my cock and hands clearly in view at all times, and well apart. I thought how close I had been to getting my shackles unlocked when I was in the office alone with Ms Grange…. if I had kept quite another minute, she would have unlocked them. I would have taken her in my arms and kissed her. My cock throbbed with desire….. I gritted my teeth…Oh God! I wish I could touch my cock!Hours later, the cell door bolts sc****d open. I scrambled to take the proper position, facing the wall, my chain tight, my knees well apart. My cock was still rigid, and must have been obvious to Ms Grange as she came in. I head her footsteps approach and then halt. I guessed she had halted at the yellow line. She stood silently for a minute or more. I guessed that she was waiting to see if I dared to speak without permission again. I kept my nose pressed hard to the wall and waited in silence.After a few minutes, she spoke.’That’s a good boy, Tommy, I see you didn’t make the mistake of speaking without permission again. A pity….I was hoping I would be able to give you a double caning!’I shuddered in dread, thankful that Susan had warned me not to speak.’About your own situation here…. I am very pleased to have you collared again. My decision is that you will serve a life sentence here in this Institute, without possibility of kaçak bahis siteleri parole. That is final”I am also considering making some changes in your conditions of imprisonment. But to avoid giving you any false hopes, I have to tell you that I am considering being more severe with you, not less. You will of course be informed when I come to my decision about these changes. Until then, you will remain chained just as before, and under the same rules. My Ladies will enforce strict discipline with the strap. As usual, any intentional disobedience will be reported to me for corrective caning’.’Do you have any questions, prisoner?’My throat was dry. I was too scared to speak….I was terrified I would accidentally say or do something that would anger her.’No Madame’ I croaked.Her footsteps receded. I heard the cell door close and lock. ‘Thank God she’s gone’ I thought ‘I was sure she was going to sentence me to a double caning’I lay down on the straw, and groaned at the thought of the caning that was coming to me. I had no choice but to wait, chained, until the day of my caning. I rolled on my back in the straw, my chain jingling. Sweat trickled down my chest. God! I could have been free right now if I had kept my mouth shut! Why did I suggest renewing the contract!? What a fool I was. Now she has me locked up again, and this time she says it’s for life! I tugged madly at my chain. Its no good screaming, the cells are soundproof! It was only about 10 am I guessed. I was alone, collared on my chain. I was already ravenous and very thirsty. I had drunk all my water already. I would not be fed and watered again until tomorrow morning. I was chained up… again! Three weeks to wait, here on my chain, staring at the blank walls, with the day of my caning inexorably approaching! And now there was no one who could ever get me out of here!I knelt in the straw, and with trembling hands pulled at my collar padlock. I tugged my chain. I thought about Ms Grange, and her cane, and my cock grew hard.I started to scream.

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