The Story Of Roger Part 4

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The Story Of Roger Part 4Roger spent the rest of the evening with a big smile on his face, he was really loving life in his new home having little secrets with all three of his lovely neighbours, Ella loves the attention and knows the effect she has on both they guys, Ollie was full of testosterone and Sam was in need of adult company and has her own needs. Nobody was complaining least of all Roger who at 65 and 35 years of banging the same hole was starting to get variety, he was fast learning a whole new lifestyle.Roger slept well and woke up feeling refreshed wondering what exciting things the day would bring, he stood by his window admiring the view just as Sam was about to start the school run. As Ella was about to get in the car, she always rode shotgun, she looked up at him and smiled which confirmed to the old man that she had no regrets about the events of yesterday.After showering and putting on his shorts he went down to have his breakfast of coffee and toast still smiling away to himself, he seemed to have got a new lease of life, even his porn searches took on a whole new meaning.What was also interesting was that his sex drive had increased to an unbelievable level and he had now thought out a daily exercise regime to keep himself in good condition although having been an active guy all his life this was something he enjoyed, even his right arm was getting plenty of exercise After a morning of surfing he wondered if he would get invited to lunch by Sam and was waiting for his invitation text, he wasn’t one to impose himself but was pleasantly surprised when her glanced over his shoulder to see Sam walking down the garden path carrying a rather full tray. Slightly embarrassed by the visible bulge that his surfing had produced he kept sat at his desk while motioning his separated neighbour in through the patio door,“Hi Roger” she said smiling as she slipped her shoes off and walked into his lounge, “Thought I would bring lunch to you today” she continued placing the tray on his desk, luckily he had closed down the offending window however she surely must have seen his bulge.“Aww, thank you Sam” he said lifting the cloth off and seeing sandwiches and cupcakes, “Wow girl, you have been busy” he said with a smile, she looked down at his lap, “Hmm, looks like you have too” she said with a giggle, Rogers face turned a bright shade of scarlet but Sam was quick to put him at ease,“Oh don’t worry Rog, you’re a single man now” she sighed softly putting her hand on his shoulder, “Ben was the same however I never got any benefit from it” she said giggling, was this an invitation?Sam looked good in her cut off daisy duke denim shorts and tee shirt and he could see that she had nothing under it as her nipples poked through the thin fabric, Roger felt better as they tucked into the lunch that she had lovingly prepared with Roger on his desk chair and Sam in the armchair behind him, he swung round to face her and could just get a glimpse of her red panties up the frayed leg, her knees slightly parted, Mmm he thought as they munched away making small talk.She knew where his eyes were straying and kept glancing down at the bulge that was starting to reappear under his shorts.“So what were you watching?” she asked smiling as she pointed to the screen Roger swung back to face the screen and hesitantly opened up the window to the XH page. Sam’s eyes widened as his new profile page opened in front of her, “I just found this site” he said, “Haven’t even set up my profile yet” he continued with a giggle, Sam seemed genuinely kaçak iddaa interested and told him that her estranged husband always shut pages down when she entered the room however she knew exactly what he was doing.Sam was 33, she was only 16 when she had Ella and it turns out she had a normal sex drive and had been neglected for years, maybe if Ben had let her in they would still be together but he had chosen to keep his online exploits secret for whatever reason, they had just fallen out of love.Roger was pleasantly surprised at her attitude and discovered she was more open minded than he had first thought which only helped him lose the ‘taboo’ stigma attached to porn.“Shall I help you set up your profile then?” she said softly as they finished off the plate of food, “What?” he gasped totally surprised by her friendly attitude, “It’ll be fun” she said giggling as she came over to get a closer look.She pulled up a chair next to him, he felt the electricity as their knees touched and Sam looked at his blank profile, “First you need a picture” she said looking at the information required, Roger turned to her, “I don’t have one” he sighed as he wasn’t really technically minded and had no idea how to upload something like that. Sam had an idea, “Why don’t I snap a selfie of us” she said laughing, “I could be your daughter” she continued and poor old Roger nearly fell off his chair, he and Elsie never had a family and the idea of Sam being his daughter certainly appealed to him and as Sam had lost her parents when she was young would suit them both, “I could call you daddy” she said with a giggle. Sam looked down at his lap seeing his erection under his shorts, “Wow daddy” she said softly, “Seems you like that idea” and she wasn’t wrong.Rogers cock was throbbing at her suggestion as daddy/daughter had been a category he had searched for but never in a million years had he thought it would turn into reality, “Are you serious Sam?” he asked and he could see that she was, “Do you have iPhone?” she asked standing up taking her phone out of her pocket, he nodded showing her his phone on the desk.“I’ll take some snaps and airdrop them to you” she said setting up her camera, Roger thought he had died and gone to heaven, maybe this was a fantasy of hers and he could see her nipples stiffen under her loose tee shirt, “Come on daddy, it will be fun” she said, “OK Sammi” he replied, Sam looked at him, “Mmm, Sammi, I like that daddy” she said giving him a loving look.Sammi crouched down beside him and took a few selfies and Roger found his hand resting on the inside of her thigh, she didn’t object as his fingers inched up between her legs, she returned the favour putting her hand on the inside of his thigh and took a snap, both of their hands moved up and Roger’s fingers inched inside her shorts and he could feel the warmth of her panties between her widened legs, Sammi did the same and very soon he felt her fingers up the inside of his shorts resting on his balls, she giggled as she took a few more snaps, Sam was now in control as she gently squeezed his balls.Roger had no idea how far this was going to go, “Slip your shirt off daddy, lets have a topless shot” she suggested and Roger didn’t hesitate in pulling his shirt off over his head, Sam now had hold of the base of his throbbing member taking a few body shots which clearly showed where her hand was, Roger was loving being a model.Sam stood up putting the phone down and stepped back, she pulled her tee shirt up and over her head exposing her perky 34b’s, her nipples showed how excited kaçak bahis she was as the old man stared, she smiled, “You like that daddy?” she asked looking down at her new daddy’s bulge straining to be let free, “Oh yes babygirl” he said motioning her to come closer, Sammi stepped up picking her phone up again as Roger put his hands around her arse pulling her close and then proceeded to lick and suck on her nipples feeling them stiffen further in his mouth, she snapped away with her breathing getting faster, “OMG daddy, Mmm” she sighed.His fingers slipped up the inside of her daisy dukes and he immediately realised she was wearing a thong as his fingers probed her crack feeling the string wedged between the cheeks, “Oh yes daddy, yess!” she sighed as he continued to suck on her erect nipples while probing her hole. “Take your shorts off daddy and let Sammi see your beautiful cock” she sighed softly pushing him back, Roger didn’t disobey and scooted his chair back, “Oh fuck yes daddy, that’s it” she said as he pulled his shorts off now sitting there totally naked, she snapped away like David Baily taking snaps of his throbbing member from all angles even bending down taking some of her licking around the helmet.Sam straightened up and stood in front of him inviting the old man to remove her shorts and soon his trembling hands were pulling the zipper down exposing the top of her little red thong, he slipped her shorts down exposing her tiny panties, her could see a few black pubic hairs poking out the top and sides, her gusset tight between her legs, “You like my panties daddy?” she asked, Roger certainly did and again put his hands around her arse pulling her close, his face pressed up hard into her crotch, “OMG daddy, you DO like my panties” she sighed as her legs widened giving him full access as his fingers probed her crack.He could smell her sweet aroma as his tongue licked around the thin fabric, “Oh yess daddy, I love it” she sighed and then gasped as his finger gently pushed into her arsehole, he could hear her heart beating ten to the dozen as her pulled her panties to the side allowing his tongue to lick and suck her exposed wet labia lips, she cried out as his tongue hit her swollen nubbin and he could taste her sweet juices as her body started to shake.He pulled away and spun her around bending her over the desk, she had a lovely rounded arse and Roger was determined to fill his boots, he scooted his chair forward holding her hips burying his head between the cheeks of her arse, he waisted no time in pulling her panties down and pushing her cheeks wide exposing her shaded hole and his tongue immediately got busy, “OH FUCK YESS!” she sighed, “Daddy like arse too” she continued as the old man started to tongue fuck his new found daughters arse and it wasn’t long before her whole body spasmed into orgasm.“FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME NOW!” she cried and the old man wasn’t going to disappoint, he stood up and ran his cock up and down her crack wiping his precum into her wet crack, he was going in the back and as her held his cock against her waiting hole he could hear her gasp in anticipation.As he slowly pushed the head into her wet hole she cried out, “OMG! Daddy like to fuck arse, Mmm” and Roger eased himself inside her, he felt her push back on him as his cock slid into her forbidden hole.“OH YES, OH YESS!, OH FUCK YESSS!” she cried out as her pushed his full length into her slowly starting to thrust in and out, in and out building up a rhythm as his desk started to shake, Sam gripped the edge of the desk, “You like illegal bahis that babygirl, you like that?” he asked as he started to increase the pace, Sammi was breathless as she cried out, “YES, YES, YESS!”.It wasn’t long before Roger felt his balls tighten and his cock start to pulsate, he couldn’t control his emotion as he cried out, he felt his hot man juice spurting deep into Sammi’s arse and she cried out as she felt it shoot inside her, “Oh YESS daddy” she cried out as the old man collapsed on top of her. The tempo subsided as they both regained their breath and Sammi turned her head back as Roger felt his cock begin to soften, “OMG Daddy!” she sighed as Roger pulled out with Sam immediately straightening up and turning towards him getting down on her knees taking his softening cock into her mouth, she looked up at him with wide loving eyes while she sucked the last drops out of him with the old man stroking her hair softly.Sammi finished cleaning him up kissing up his belly to his chest before engaging in what can only be described as a passionate kiss, tongues intermingling. “Mmm daddy” she sighed as she pulled away smiling as the old man had to sit back down as his knees were weak.They both seemed so comfortable being naked something Roger never really experienced with his late wife and even Sammi commented how boring her marriage had become with Ben, she had felt so neglected during the last couple of years only having a quickie about once a month or so, Roger was like a breath of fresh air to her but she did ask if they could keep their exploits secret for now as to not unsettle Ollie and Ella, the old man was happy to oblige and was sure that Sam had no idea what had transpired with them, Roger liked all this cloak and dagger stuff.Sam airdropped the pictures over to Roger as she sat at his desk to fill out the basics on his profile adding panties as an interest before picking up her little red thong and handing them to him, he immediately held them up to his face, “Mmm” he sighed as he took a big sniff while Sammi looked on smiling, “Wow daddy, that is so cool” she said as Roger got an immediate head rush taking in the musky aromaRoger looked through the pictures and was amazed at Sam’s photographic skills as most of them came out awesome, they decided on a nice normal picture to use as his profile pic and Sammi didn’t mind that she was in it too, they weren’t naked so shouldn’t be any repercussionsBasic profile done with a pic and a few interests added and Roger was well aware that she still had the pics on her phone, “Do you mind if I keep them daddy? She asked and the old man smiled telling her he had no problem with it, he was actually flattered that a woman half his age had taken such an interest. He had no idea a few months ago when he moved in that his neighbours were like they were and had woken up his deep fantasies like they had, each of them offering something different.“I must do the school run babe” Sam said softly as she slipped her tee shirt back on and the old man reluctantly handed her back her thong, “Maybe I should bring them over before washing” she said giggling and the old man wasn’t going to complain about that, maybe she will bring Ella’s too.“Mmm, that would be nice Sammi” he replied with a cheeky grin and it appeared that Sam’s life had just been reignited.As she was about to leave she turned back, “Oh and Ella loved doing some chores for you daddy, she told me you were so kind and I thank you for that” she said softly with a smile, Roger was happy, “My pleasure babygirl, she is welcome anything” he replied and Sam had a spring in her step as she walked down the path back home.Roger sat back down and studied the pictures Sam had taken especially her cute trimmed bush.To Be Continued…..

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