The story behind this video,”Roys Fantasy Cum

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The story behind this video,”Roys Fantasy CumIt apparently started months before the video was made,me Flaunting my Ass all over the place:The Story:It was a Tuesday evening in June.2019,James and myself,Roy, had been working late with the grooms,rather than cook I said to James we would go to our local Chippy for a Fish and Chips tea,the grooms were of the same Idea,so we all went to the Chippy were we ate,it was then decided to go for a drink in the “White Swan”.We all were having drinks in the “White Swan”,me playing up as usuall,flaunting my Sexuality,when my mobile (Cellphone) rang,it was a guy from Hereford that we bought Horses and Ponies from occassionly,I agreed we would go over the following day and have a look at what he was selling,ringing off I explained to James,”Martin Gaffey,Hereford”,he has Seven Unbroken Ponies for sale,you go over,take the lads (Grooms) with you and take,”Two Dupe Ponies,(Dupe Ponies are what we use for a****ls that wont be caught),with you,you know what it,s like over his place,usually spend half a day catching what we are buying and don,t stand for his patter,”I,ll be losing money if I sell them to you at that price”.Price to be agreed.James said,”OK,what are you gonna be doing”,”Finishing off the officework,I was doing earlier,it has to be done James”,I replied.The next morning,Wednesday,we all had been around our fields,checking all our a****ls were OK,then we had breakfast at my sister Barbara,s cafe,”Just up the lane from our stables”.after we had had our breakfasts we walked down the lane to our stables yard,me giving James his instructions,over again.I kaçak iddaa watched them drive off in the Horsebox,Carl,our Head Groom driving and the two Dupe Ponies onboard,I watched them close the Big Steel Gate into our yard,about 4-5 hundred yards down our driveway from our stables and drive was about,08.30am.About an hour later i had the officework finished off,”Watch some vids on xhamster,no k**s about,all at school,so I won,t get disturbed,James and the grooms will be away most of the day”,I,m thinking.I,m dressed in,Teeshirt,Underpants,Shorts,Knee Length,white socks and Trainers,(Converse Shoes),I turn my Laptop on,Click onto xhamster,slip my shorts off,I,m sat watching a vid,it must have been A Hot Vid,my hand was in my Underpants,Gently Tugging my Little Cock,I was there for about 20 minutes watching this vid,when a hand came over my mouth,pulling me back into my chair,I had,n,t heard anyone come up the driveway,I was thinking,”This is someone having a joke”,until the person with his hand over my mouth started,quietly talking to me,then I was quite scared,he slipped some kind of mask over my head,eyes cut in it and a mouthpiece cut out of it.He said,”Roy,No screaming and shouting,nobody are going to hear you,James and your grooms have gone to Hereford,bottom gates locked,we,ve put a lock on it,so no one will come in here,so just behave and you wont get hurt”.I,m thinking,”Fuck,it,s someone who knows us,don,t recognise the voice,someone who knows our plans for the day,must have been in the White Swan,last night or the cafe this morning and heard us discussing our plans kaçak bahis or both”.”You going to behave”,he says to me,I nod my head,he removes his hand from my mouth,straight away I say,”There,s no money on the premises,it,s all been banked”,”Not after your money Roy” he replied,”We,re gonna have your Ass,you like showing it off and talking about it,seen you Naked down Broad Street,in town,getting into your carseen you Naked,up here,out the riding inthe field,now we,re going to see how good you,re with that Cute Ass”,puling me out of the chair and into a standing position,pulling me back,tight to him,giving my Buttochs a Sqeeze.I,m thinking,”These guys have been stalking me,how far are they gonna go or is this a wind up”,I looked around the office,beside the guy who was holding me,there were three other guys,all wearing Balaclava masks and each carrying holdalls,them pulling camaras out of them,”Was they going to film me,Naked or getting Fucked”,I was thinking..”He was Tugging himself when we came in,let,s see what he,s got guys”,the guy who had been holding me said,me standing with my back to him,his hand sliding into the front of my Underpants,his hand taking a hold of my Balls and Little Cock,his hand was cold,at his grasp on me I thrust my Ass back into his Groin,”Hey guys look,see that,he,s trying to get his Ass on my Big Cock already,he can,t wait to get Fucked,can you Roy,and only has a Little Cock”,I never said anything,although scared I was getting excited with his hand around my Cock and Balls. Turning me around facing him his hand holding onto my one Bun,”Right Roy this illegal bahis is what is going to happen,we,ve got some nice big toys for your ass,you,re gonna Suck me,well all of us,I,m gonna Fist you,We,re all gonna Fuck you,Piss over you and Cum our lot all over you,now get them trainers off we,re not having you run away and you,re going to behave arent you”.I did as he had told me,I took my trainers off,one of them locked the front door of the office and I was pushed out of the back door into an area we used for breaking horses & ponies in,out of the eyes of the public.some think you are hurting the a****ls & call the RSPCA.Outside they explained what was going to happen,”I was going to get Gang Fucked & more,I was getting more & more excited to the point I knew I was Pre Cumming,my Little Cock was sliding up & down inside my Underpants,we rehearsed the movements and positions a few times,then one of them said,”Lets Do It,are you ready for it Roy”,I said,”Do I have any choice”,”No you don,t,your getting Hard Fucked”,he said,I looked at him,sort of sarcastic like,blowing him a Kiss<"Well I,m ready Darling",I said,all Laughing,he,s really up for it,one of them said.And so the Video,it came through our door about 2 weeks later,I had told James but he did,nt believe me,he thought I was fantasizing till he saw it,mind you on the night in bed he did say my Boihole was Slack.One point in the vid,"After he has Fisted me",you see me say something to the guy,it was,"Is that it",he says,"Yes",with a Smirk on my face I say,"Not much Impressed",although I did enjoy his gloved hand feeling around my Anus.They Fucked up with the end of the vid,me Sucking & getting Fucked,Pissed on & Wanked all over,me covered in Cum,they must have got so excited they were pressing the wrong buttons,Pratts.Now to the Video.ENJOY.

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