The Sorority Sisters: Creme No. 05

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The Sorority Sisters, Crème No. 5, Dancing with Daddy


For those of you who have read some of the Sisters’ accounts, you know that each is a stand-alone event. But if you have read those of Crème, you know that there has been a pattern: she likes more than anything to eat pussy. She doesn’t need anything in return. Give her a wet cunt and time to pleasure it, and the anus tucked away behind it, and she is a happy girl. She usually even meets her own orgasmic needs in the process.

This event is a shift in focus. As she and I chatted over time, it became apparent that she had a buried desire for her father – nothing seriously overt, but a lingering interest. We talked about it a bit, and then suddenly Daddy summoned her to visit in Chicago for Easter week. He wanted his little girl home with him.

Long story short, we decided to use the visit, from Wednesday to Sunday, as a time to tease and flirt with him, and see what might develop. I was very on the fence about pushing her farther than that, but this young woman has a way to twist me into “making” her do what she wants to do. A typical sub. So for the first few days I coached her on how to tease, flirt, get his attention, and arouse him. The final tease is the beginning of this report. (She used the free computers at the local Starbucks to keep in touch, by email.)

This is a story of jealousy, incest, lust, breaking taboos, and guilt. But it is true and earthy, and not prettied up for a nice, rosy ending. The ending has yet to be written.

I give you Crème, a courageous young woman, in a new light.

Susan James


Mistress Susan,

I have to tell you about yesterday (Good Friday). When I got home there was a note telling me that he had some meetings to go to and that he would be back mid to late afternoon. So I came up with a little plan to surprise him. About 2:30 I put on my jean skirt and then removed my panties. I went into the living room and lay down on the couch waiting for him to return. About a half hour later I heard the front door open and close. I began to put my plan into action and closed my eyes as if I was asleep. I opened my thighs just a little so as to pique his curiosity. I began to practice my breathing so as to pretend to be asleep.

I heard him come into the room and just barely squinted my eyes so that I could watch him. He stood there watching me for about a minute and then he left the room. I thought my plan had failed but I just laid there pretending to be asleep. In another minute or so he returned holding some papers. He had several choices of places to sit, but he sat down in the chair that gave him the best view up my skirt. He began to pretend as if he was reading the papers that he was holding but continued to watch me. I realized now why he had the papers he was holding…he wanted some cover in case I woke up.

I moved slightly as if I was trying to get a little more comfortable and then went back into my pretend sleep. A few seconds later I spread my thighs open a few more inches. I knew he now had a clear unobstructed view of my pussy, which by now I could feel was getting a little damp. I continued watching him through my squinty eyes. He was staring intently between my legs. I thought I saw him reach down and touch himself a few times. This went on for about five minutes and then I watched him quietly leave the room.

I waited another minute or two and then I got up to see where he went. I noticed the light was on underneath the closed bathroom door. I tip toed as quietly as I could until I was standing right near the door. Susan!! My Dad was in there jacking off…no question about it from the noises I could hear. God Susan, I felt so bad, so naughty but I was also very turned on.

Nothing else happened after that. A little while later both of us got ready to go out to dinner. I tried extra hard to make myself look sexy and attractive for him. Then we went to pick up “her”. I suppose I should tell you a little about dinner. Part of me was dreading this dinner but then at some point I decided to make it interesting. I began to compete with her for my Dad’s attention. I tried many of the hints you had given me…eye contact…gentle touching…trying to steer the conversation certain ways. I could tell she was getting annoyed with me and she responded to my challenge and began trying to get and keep my Dad’s attention. My poor Dad. I felt a little sorry for him as he tried to appease both of us.

I’m not sure why I dislike her so much. She is a very attractive woman and all. Well, actually I do know why I dislike her. Her personality for one, she can really act like a conceited bitch sometimes. I think she is too young for him and I think she is just after his money. I just don’t think she is right for him.

There was another interesting moment during our dinner conversation. We got into an underwear debate, of all things. Actually she and I were on the same side for a change. She pendik escort and I were talking about how boring men’s underwear is. I mean, you’re either a boxer or a brief guy and except for some changes in color or design, men’s underwear is well… boring. I got my Dad to admit that he wore boxers most of the time; I guess she already knew that. Then she and I talked about all the different styles of women’s panties…the different materials they are made of, cotton, silk, etc. Lace, no lace, and the almost unlimited universe of colors and designs. So much more variety, so much more interesting and sexy. I think it was the only thing she and I agreed on all night.

Then I came up with my best comment of the night I think. I said when I am feeling really sexy I don’t wear any panties at all! I looked at my Dad then and flashed him this coy little smile. He said, “Um…um…too much information here for me.” Then he quickly changed the topic of conversation.

It was just a quick moment but I felt like my entire body was tingling and I just felt so happy inside.

Love you, Creme


Crème’s report of her actual seduction of Daddy, on Easter Saturday.

Mistress Susan,

I’m a mess, and still confused. But I owe you my report, so here goes.

I guess I should probably start at the beginning and tell you everything that happened…the good…the bad…the ugly. I know I told you that his girl friend spent the night on Friday. Yeah, the evening was pretty insufferable but I just kind of kept to myself.

Saturday morning I had every intention of talking to you from Starbucks again but when I came downstairs the two of them were making this big breakfast and they insisted that I join them. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it so that is why I never made it to Starbucks. She eventually left around noon. My Dad also had to run out to do some errands so that left me to figure out how to make the most of the rest of the time I had. I remember you telling me that it was time to turn up the pressure…and that you wanted me to somehow show him my breasts. I was still trying to figure out a subtle way to do that when he finally returned late in the afternoon.

He had picked up an expensive bottle of wine while he was out and some stuff to make dinner. He is a pretty darn good cook by the way. He said he wanted to have just a nice quiet dinner… you know, the two of us kinda thing. I was thinking this was looking promising, but I guess I should have seen the signs of something bad to come.

Shortly before dinner was ready I told him that I was going to freshen up. I went up to my bedroom and fixed myself up a bit. I put on my best pair of jeans and picked out the sheerest blouse I had with me. I took off my bra before putting the blouse on and checked out my look in the mirror. My breasts and nipples were quite visible. I thought this was just enough to meet your idea of upping the pressure. He had seen my naked pussy; now he would see my essentially naked breasts. Up close and staring at him across the table. My pussy got damp in anticipation.

When I came back downstairs he was just getting dinner on the table. It didn’t take him long to notice my blouse and what was visible inside it. In fact, he was quite distracted during dinner as we sat across from each other. I looked away from him enough to give him periodic glances at my breasts. Susan, there were times when I could feel my nipples getting hard because I knew he was staring at me.

But as soon as we finished dinner he said there was something he wanted to share with me. That’s when he dropped the bomb. He told me that she and he were engaged and were going to get married later this year. So Susan, you were right all along. There was a hidden agenda – a reason he wanted me to come home so badly, and this was obviously it.

To say I didn’t react well to this news would be putting it mildly. I exploded on him. It was very ugly Susan. I told him everything I hated about her. There was a lot of yelling and swearing back and forth by each of us. It was not very pretty. Each of us said some pretty mean things to the other. I even threw a book at him and he had to duck or it would have caught him in the head. I stormed out of the room at some point and went up to my bedroom.

I was lying on the bed crying. I was so upset with this news…upset at how disastrous this trip home at been…wishing I had never come. And I guess I was a little upset that I had said some of those things to my Dad.

He knocked on the door. I didn’t answer him but a minute later he came in anyway. He began talking very quietly, trying to console me I guess. He was apologizing for the things he said, he was asking me to try to understand what he was doing and why – telling me that they loved each other. He was standing a few feet away from the bed while he was saying all these things. Then he said something like how important it was for me to be happy about this maltepe escort – to accept it. And then he told me how much he loved me.

Susan, I know this is going to sound strange to you but at that moment something really weird happened. I felt my body shiver and my mind started to race in a bunch of different directions. I sensed that somehow you were in the room, entering my mind, becoming one with me. I got off the bed and stood facing him. I was shocked by the words that came out of my mouth. I think it was both of us talking together somehow. I looked at him and said, “Prove it.”

He gave me this really strange look and said, “What do you mean, Katie?”

I answered, “You said you loved me. Well then, prove it.”

He continued to look at me in this strange manner like he was totally confused. I knew it was up to me to make this happen. I knew this was the moment of truth. Could I do it, Susan?! Would I do it? I didn’t give myself any time to think about it.

I slowly walked up to him and then I did it!! I kissed him. I gave him the kiss that I promised you I would do. The first kiss was brief but then I quickly moved in for the second kiss. This kiss was longer and my mouth opened so my tongue could touch his lips. This kiss was longer and I was getting into it, but then he pulled back and began to say, “Katie, no. We shouldn’t do this.”

I moved in for the third kiss. I knew I had to keep pushing forward. This was a much longer kiss. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths. I could sense his torment over what we were doing. He was still struggling with this as his tongue danced with mine. He is several inches taller than I am, and our saliva was mixing in my mouth. I swallowed and we paused, and he again began telling me that we had to stop this. “This is wrong, Katie,” etcetera.

I looked at him and said something like, “It can’t be so wrong if it feels so good. I want you to think of me as a woman, not just your daughter, for the next few minutes.”

His torment came to the surface again and he said, “But Katie you are my daughter! We can’t be doing this!”

I stepped back a couple of feet and said, “Why? Don’t you find me attractive?”

He said, “Yes of course, you are a beautiful young woman.”

I knew I had to keep pushing or I would lose him. I began slowly unbuttoning my blouse. Then I shucked it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. He was now staring at my naked breasts. They felt full, swollen, to me at that moment. I brought my hands up and gently cupped myself as if in offering.

Susan, I was literally quivering with excitement. He couldn’t focus on my face and had that deer in the headlights look. I think he wanted to run out of the room, but he couldn’t move. I couldn’t give him the chance to even think about that so I moved toward him and we began kissing again. After another minute or so I dropped my hand to the waist of his pants and began unfastening them. Again, he began mentally struggling with this, whispering that we should stop. But he made no real move to make me stop, and he didn’t turn to leave. I kept my mouth on his, licking him and sucking on his tongue, as I kept going. At one point I reached up and touched my finger to his lips and said, “Ssshhh. Relax, Daddy. I want this, and I know you do too.”

Once I had his pants unfastened I pushed them and his boxers down his legs and immediately dropped to my knees. His penis was already hard and it was staring me right in the face. I took him quickly in my mouth.

Susan, I know this is going to sound crazy but I thought that I could taste her on his penis. I mean it was probably just my imagination. They probably did screw Friday night for all I know, but I also know that my Dad took a shower on Saturday morning. So I don’t really know if this was fact or fiction, but Susan I was so turned on by this thought. The idea of taking her juices in my mouth from his penis: God.

I don’t really understand this or where this could have come from, especially after the things I said about her, but it got me so aroused that it pushed me past the point of no return.

I was sliding my wet mouth all over his penis letting it slide in and out. I looked up towards his face and watched his eyes rolling back in his head. He was still fighting this – sometimes moaning, sometimes trying to get my attention — mumbling, no, but then moaning again. I think he could have quickly cum but I didn’t want things to end too soon.

Susan, do you remember that email you sent me where you gave yourself a nice orgasm while you fantasized about how my experience might go? I think that email was the one that helped me get over all my inhibitions about this and gave me the courage to act. Your description of the fantasy image you had of my experience was burned into my memory and I wanted to recreate as many of those images as possible for both of us. Susan, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to please you, kartal escort to make you proud of me.

I let him slip out of my mouth and got to my feet. I knew I had to keep moving things along or I might lose him. I quickly unsnapped my jeans and pushed them and my panties over my hips and down my legs. They puddled around my ankles and on my feet. So I kicked them off.

Taking his hands in mine, I moved backwards towards the bed until it hit me in the backs of my thighs. Then I sat on the edge. I released his hands and leaned back, bringing my legs up so that my feet were resting on the bed, and supporting myself on my elbows. Then I traced my finger through my pubic hair and along the length of my slit. I was so wet, Susan. My Dad was staring at my open pussy as he struggled to remove the rest of his clothes. He dropped to his knees right in front of my open thighs. We both knew what we wanted now and I also knew you wanted this to happen too, Susan.

He wasted no time and began eating me. Soon he was acting like a man possessed. Susan, this was so sinful yet so erotic. I alternated back and forth between closing my eyes, to just enjoy the feel of his tongue inside me, trying to believe this could really be happening, and then I would open my eyes to watch my Dad’s face between my thighs eating me out like it was his last meal. At some point I cradled his head in my hands even though I knew he wasn’t going anywhere, and I erupted in orgasm, cumming all over his tongue and face.

While I was still recovering, I slid backwards to the middle of the bed and pulled him with me. I wasn’t sure where his head was, so I thought I still needed to be the aggressive one. I had him lay on his back. Susan, his penis was pretty big! And it was so hard, pointing straight up. I moved over him to begin mounting it and he just waited for me. I reached down to grasp his shaft and placed it at my opening. Then I began to slowly slide down the entire length of his erection.

God, Susan, it felt wonderful entering me. Once he was completely in me I just sat on him for a moment. My father’s cock was in me. It was buried deep up in my belly. My Daddy’s cock! I stared down into his eyes and read the lust pooled there. My Daddy wanted me! He wanted me as a woman. Just like the slut he was going to marry. I had a little orgasm at the thought.

Then I started a gentle rocking motion back and forth letting his penis slide out of me a few inches and then back in. We were both getting more turned on by the second. He reached for my breasts to caress them, and then he started sucking on my nipples as his hands grasped the cheeks of my ass to help me move along his cock. Somewhere in here I came again, a third time, but I knew I still had one more fantasy image to create for us, Susan, and I knew he still had not yet cum.

I rose up and off his penis and rolled onto my back. I gently tugged on his arm to let him know that I wanted him on top of me. I wanted him to see me offering myself to him, giving him his daughter in love and lust. There was no struggle left in him at this point, and I could tell that he wanted this as badly as I did. He moved to get between my thighs and used his hand to guide the head of his cock to my open cunt. He was supporting himself on his rigid arms and my hands were up on his biceps. I once again enjoyed the sensation of him sliding all the way inside me. I arched my back to offer him all of me as he filled my vagina with his hard meat. He began fucking me slowly at first, but then began to thrust into me faster and faster. I encouraged him with my voice and my moans, urging him on to fuck me hard. I felt and sounded like a wanton slut under my father’s body.

Oh Susan, I began thrusting upward with my hips and thighs in complete surrender, just like you described, just like you wanted. I have never felt like a bigger slut in my life than at that moment, but the pleasure I felt was absolutely glorious. He was fucking me like a crazed animal now, groaning and whimpering. I knew he was getting ready to cum soon so I just pulled my legs back towards my chest and raised my feet up in the air as I surrendered completely to his frenzied fucking. Within another minute or two he went over the edge and I could feel his penis exploding deep inside me. I came again almost at the same time as he did.

Susan, I think I was pretty much delirious during parts of this, especially by what he said next. He slowly began to calm down and stopped moving. His weight was delicious on my panting body. We both just kind of laid there trying to catch our breath and then he said, “Who is Susan?”

I said, “What?” And he said, “You were saying something about Susan”.

I think I was in shock at this point and said something like, “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know what I was saying”. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT?! Isn’t that crazy?! Susan, I think that was the moment that the adrenaline rush began to fade and I began to realize the gravity of what we had just done. All those feelings of shame came rushing at me and I began to feel sick to my stomach. I moved away from him and crawled up into a fetal position. I think he quickly realized that something was very wrong, and he got his clothes and left the bedroom.

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