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Big Tits

The “SHOW AND TELL”It was a Wednesday morning, i was preparing my briefcase for the day ahead of me, i’m a teacher at a local privet high school, some refer to me and co-workers as “high paid baby sitters” and to be honest, sometimes it feels just like that, most of these brats are not expected to do much, they will continue from here to a job daddy il fix them.I took my phone and tablet and added them to my case, together with last weeks tests, a few printed articles and my lunch, i then started to dress up, us teachers have a dress code that was chosen without a doubt by some old man – we have to wear white underwear, bra and panties matching, a black skirt and a white top, black shoes and dark brown stockings, its not enough we are babysitters – we have to look like whores? “Oh well” i think to myself, the pay is good and that keeps me going.I sand in front of the shower mirror, checking myself and thinking about the boredom that is my life now, i live alone and have no pets, all i do is work then come home watch tv sleep and work again, i didn’t even manage to have an orgasem for half a year now! it’s like my body, as well as my life, ware put on hold and then forgotten to listen to elevator music pussy pubs is shaved completely, my stomach skin has a velvet feel to it, long white skin that raises from my shaven pussy to my tits, i pinch my nipples to see my skin getting goosebumps and it doesn’t disappoints, a chill is running along my back, i can feel it all the way to my buttonhole, while my left hand is pinching my nipple my right hand is swirling my clit, i start breathing slowly as a warm known feeling is taking over me, my mind sets to another world and i can feel the bright feeling of an orgasem is getting closer, i’m almost there.. just a few seconds away.. i rub my clit harder and faster knowing my time is about to end and that thought tumbles and turns everything down, my phone start to ring and alert me that in 15 min my ride will be waiting for me outside, my legs are still shaking and my body is wishing i had finished while i’m dressing up, a sticky gooey saliva is still on my fingers.The first and second lessons passed well, i gave back the tests and explained those who didn’t manage to get a passing grade why and how they can fix it, one of them, Armand, was very türbanlı bayburt escort angry to see that his 3 lines answer didn’t get him an automat A+, i offered to sit with him after school and help to get ready for the next test but his rage was clouding his thoughts.During the brake i went to the teachers lounge, most of them are out smoking on the roof so i know il get the room for myself, i sit behind one the desks and send my finger back to work, knowing i might get interrupted any second now i didn’t pull my panties nor my stocking down, it was hard to reach my loved clit but i had to get it done, i took a ruler from the table, leaned back and spanked my pussy a bit, on each hit the room was filled with a SMAK echo, i hit myself harder, the sound coming back from the walls made it a lot more exciting!My clit slowly became more and more aroused, each spank was getting me closer and closer to my so wanted orgasem, HIT! i twitch, HIT! my panties are wet, HIT! i need it so bad! -oh no, voices, they finished with the cigarets, maybe if they will see me this way they will just join me?Oh what am i thinking, ill get the boot if anyone will know, i quickly cover myself with my skirt and try to regular my breathing, the room is filled at once with the smell of smoke, noisy people, coffee is made and loughs are in the background, I WAS SO CLOSE DAMN YOU! oh well, its time for my next class, 2 hours of “free discussion” the board insisted we have during the week, which is basically time for all of them to watch movies on their laptops and phones, or surf the net or just talk about who is doing what in which party.As i enter the room Armand is standing next to my table, the rest is getting to their sits and Armand is greeting me with “just in time bitch”, i pretend i didn’t hear that and ask everyone to settle down, my mouth is so dry from all those heavy breathing, i sit behind my desk and reach for my bottle of water i keep under it.When the class is silent finally i try to start a discussion about the situation in the news, i think that missed orgasem is getting to me cos i can’t seem to be able to pronounce the words correctly, it’s like my tongue fell a sleep, i think i should sit, it feels like the world had slowed down by 50 times in the türbanlı bayburt escort bayan past 5 seconds, i take a step back and lean on my desk and see Armando walking to me, he whispers with a smile “we used just a little bit, we don’t want you to pass out so try to hold on”.WHAT?! they used what? what is going on? it’s hard for me to control my hands, my legs feel like jelly, Armando turns me over then bends me on the table, he lifts my skirt and i can see the other guys standing around us, he rips my stockings aways and i can feel a hand passing over my panties, his face suddenly appear next to mine, “did you prepare yourself for us bitch? you are soaking wet!”.My panties are pulled down to my knees and i can hear Armando talking to the class – “today in show and tell we have our bitch teacher, who needs to know her place” SPANK! the waves from Armando’s spank on my ass are passing though me, he asks two of his friends to “spread my ass”, i try to ask his to stop but all i do is blur out some sounds and droll on my table, the cold air blowing is passing over my legs and shown parts, my nipples are getting harder as i feel my ass cheeks being spread wider then they ever been, Armando adds “well well well what do we have here! i think my panicle is broken, better sharpen it!”, a sharp and pointy feeling is passing on my buttonhole, another one, and another one it feels like the whole class needed to sharpen something in me, “now thats a sight i don’t mind to see everyday, bitch teacher did you know the human asshole can fit 32 panicles? im sure you didn’t know that! now whats next? oh yes! the test you gave me back”, my buttonhole felt like it’s about to rip open, 2 guys ware holding my ass checks and pulling each to his side and every movement added another scratch in me while the panicles ware moving inside.Armando was back “well, you failed me bitch teacher, and i think you should take another closer look over my test, here let me help you”, he asked to 2 guys to spread pussy now, each took a lip and pulled as they are in a contest, a rigid and rough feeling passed in me as Armando was pushing the printed test in my pussy, i could feel his fingers pushing themselves into me, pushing further and further that piece of paper, what is türbanlı escort bayburt that? my long lost orgasem is back? with each push i felt it getting stronger, how could my body think of an orgasem now?? Armando invited the rest of the class to help him, each of them found a different object they wanted to try on me, fleshes from their mobiles ware lightning my body every few seconds, someone ripped my shirt and bra, i am now naked, on my back on my desk, 30 hands ware trying to get a piece of me, “does she have milk in her tits? suck it! try!” moist mouths ware sucking my nipples now but unfortunately nothing came out, “wait let me take a photo of my fb profile on her”, a cold metal feeling was pressed between my tits as one of them documented his iPad on me, chalk strips and markers painted road on me, from the clit to a nipple and back, someone was found a more advanced toy and now was passing on my tits with a staple gun, making sure not to miss my nipples, a ruler was testing the ability of my skin to hold as i was spanked all over again and again, they raised my legs up so the panicles and the test can be removed, now replaced by other objects, “don’t put your phone there, look how wet she is! it will destroy it”, fingers came in and out of me as they ware passengers on the pussy&buttonhole line but every second that passed i was 1 second closer to my beloved orgasem, all i could think about was that explosion that i so needed, i could feel the goosebumps on my skin when they finally stopped trying to put things in me and started using their dicks, what a ride! both my ass and my pussy ware getting pounded, they didn’t bother coming out of me or even clean before the next one had his turn, my clit was about to take off in what i could only feel as a fireworks show as i suddenly felt it: a water fall of colours! a river of fizziness! a tsunami of waves! “holy shit this bitch is spraying pee on me! Ew Ew Ew!!” i cum so hard it snapped me out of my stationary situation, i could feel my legs and my arms, my body is coming back to me, i guess the guys noticed that too cos they started to pack themselves and ran away, the last one that was in me didn’t manage to shoot his load, he just ran after them with a huge erection that only 17 year olds can have.Everything hurts, i sit up right slowly and a sticky gooey white cum is pouring out of me, i start taking out the staples, the guy who had the gun in his hands made sure he really doesn’t miss an inch, i and 7 in each nipple, i stood up as the cum was running down on my leg mixing with my own juices, blood was dripping from my breasts and a huge smile was on my face, that was the best cum i had in years!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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