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The Shop lifterI work part-time as in-house security for a large Arkansas-based retail chain and this is what happens when I catch a shop-lifter.A few days ago I was working the 9P-5A shift and was in the security office watching the cameras. The cameras are supposed to be recorded all the time but most times we have the recorder turned off so we can watch women or we record some women and transfer the recordings to a flash drive for ‘personal use’. It was about 2AM and I was bored, watching a big-tittied MILF that had come in wearing a tank top with no bra under it and a pair of sweat pants. I was zooming in on her cleavage, watching her bend down to get stuff off the bottom shelves, all the while recording it for later use. On the monitor that shows the people coming in and out of the store I noticed 3 teenage girls enter the store. One had a large purse and was looking kinda nervous and the other 2 immediately started looking at the ceiling for cameras. Now I should say that not all our cameras are visible and not easily spotted. Since the MILF was headed towards the check-out and I needed to actually work I followed the girls with the cameras. They went to the clothing section and acted like they were shopping and browsing but I watched the one with the purse take a blouse and put it in the purse. She walked around and put some shorts and a bikini in the bag. After a few minutes they went over to the make-up and she added some more stuff to the bag while the other 2 played look-outs. I had been recording her and had zoomed in on the bag as she put items into it. The girls then picked up a couple items each and went to the check-outs. I watched as they paid for the cheap make-up items they had picked out and head to the doors. Our office is just inside the foryer so I met them at the door and confronted them. The 2 that had been look-outs wanted to get belligerant and were trying to say I had no right stopping them and they hadn’t stolen anything. I told them that it wasn’t them I was talking to and started talking to the one that had the stuff in her purse. When I mentioned calling the police the 2 look-outs took off out the doors, got in a car that was parked close by and sped off, abandoning their friend. She started crying and I took her to the office. I took the bag and emptied the contents and added up what she had tried to steal. It came to just under $200, misdemeanor petty theft. I had taked her I.D. and saw that she had just turned 18 that day. When I asked her why she did it she said it was a sorority pledge thing. She said that the officers of the sorority would choose a store and the pledge had to go in and steal at least $200 worth of merchandise to get in. She begged me not to call the police or her parents that if she was arrested she would lose her scholarship and her parents would “kill her”. Then she said the magic phrase: “Please, don’t call the cops or my parents…..please……I’ll do anything if you don’t”. Well…..what true-blue, all-American, red-blooded pervert wouldn’t want to hear that? I stopped being Mr. Security and started being Mr. Dirty Old Man Pervert and really looked at her. She was about 5’4″…..100lbs., short reddish-blonde hair, B-cup tits under her t-shirt, and a nice ass packed into thigh-length shorts. I asked her to repeat what she had just said and she said it again and added, “I can’t have a record because I’m going into nursing and my parents would have a shit fit if they found out. I’ll do anything…..suck your cock, let you fuck me or both,” and she started lifting her shirt. I stopped her and told her that she would suck my cock and I would fuck her….but not in the office and that she needed to be taught a lesson for trying to steal. I had transferred the recording of her shop-lifting to a flash drive and had made a copy of her driver’s license and student I.D. I looked at her and told her, “This is how it’s going to be done… and do EVERYTHING I say and you get the drive and copies of your I.D.’s and everything is forgotten….say no or decide when things get started that you don’t want to do it…..I bring you back here and call the cops and your parents and send you to jail.” She asked what did I mean by ‘bring her back’…..I told her that we were going to go to a hotel that was just down the road and would be gone for a few hours. I told her she wasn’t going to be physically hurt in any way but she was going to be punished. She agreed and I told her the first thing she had to do and that was to go back out into the store and buy an enema bag, lube and 3 gallon jugs of water and that when she was done we would leave. While she was getting the stuff I used the outside cameras to scan the parking lot looking for her friends…..they were nowhere in sight…..they had totally abandoned her. When she had got the stuff I told her to leave the store and wait by my truck. I went in and gave my reports to the night manager and he asked about the girl. I told him that she only had a cheap lipstick and I was letting her go with a warning and he agreed. I clocked out and went out to my truck. Kasey (not her real name obviously) was waiting for me with a VERY scared look on her face. I told her again that she was not going to be beat up or hurt in any way. We got in the truck and I drove out of the parking lot and down the road. Kasey noticed that we weren’t headed to “hotel row” as we call it but in the other direction, which was in the direction of her canlı bahis parent’s home and by sheer coinsidence near where I had grown up. I told her that we would go to a hotel later but the first part of her punishment was happening somewhere else. She started to say something but I quieted her and then said, “You have your cell…right? OK…..I’m letting you keep it. In fact….dial 911 but don’t hit send…..just leave it on the display and if you feel things are getting too rough or you’re being hurt…hit send and the police will come. I’m not going to hurt you. When we’re done you won’t have a mark on you. I’m not going to lie…..there is going to be a little pain and discomfort but nothing severe or permanent.” She thought it over for a couple seconds, dialed 911 and put her phone on the seat and then asked me where we were going. I told her the there was a nice secluded dark section of road where we could take care of things. I drove for about 5 minutes until we were on a dark abandonded cul de sac. I had discovered it years before when I was a teenager out riding my bike looking for a quiet place to have a smoke and maybe pop a load or 3. It had been cut into the woods for a subdivision that never happened. I remembered this place later on when looking for aplace for outdoor activities and was surprised to find it just like it had been all those years before. I drove to the end of the cul de sac, turned around and shut off the lights and engine. It was pitch black. I asked Kasey one last time if she was sure this is how she wanted to take care of what happened. She said yes that she had to keep her record clean if she ever wanted to be an RN. I told her to get out of the truck, go to the back and strip. I went to the back of the truck and lowered the tailgate and sat the bags with the stuff she had bought on it. I then went to the toolbox in the bed of my truck and took out 2 small battery powered red LED lights and used their built-in magnets to stick them on either side of the bed facing in. I them opened another box that’s in the bed of my truck and took out my 4″ telescope and digital camera set them up. Kasey was still dressed watching me and when I noticed I said, “Just in case we have visitors that drive black and white cars. I come here and do my star watching and astrophotography. The police know me and know I come here and most times don’t come by, but just in case they do…’re my cousin and I’m helping you get started in astrophotography. I thought I told you to strip…….don’t worry, I won’t be taking any pictures of you.” Kasey looked around nervously. “There’s nobody within a half mile….your phone is within reach and if I see headlights you’ll have plenty of time to throw on your shirt and shorts. Put your bra and panties under the seat cover in the truck.” What I hadn’t told her was that because I liked outdoor activities so much I had bought the properties at the end of the cul de sac and had put up some wire fencing around the edge of my property as well as some noise makers (soup cans painted black filled with marbles, old bells bought at garage sales and flea markets…..all set waist high to a person….tie to the trees and bushes with fishing line). Kasey took one last look around and pulled her shirt over her head and laid it on the tailgate. She unhooked her bra and as she was putting it with her shirt I saw her tits and saw that her nipples were standing up and hard either from nervous excitement or the cool night air or both. She looked me straight in the eyes and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and let them fall to her ankles. She stood for a second then slid her bikini panties down and stepped out of her clothes and laid them on the tailgate as well. She stood there staring at me, barely breathing and trembling a little. I told her to put her underwear in the truck under the seat cover and come back. She picked up her stuff and put them where I told her then came back to the back of the truck. I could see that her nipples were still hard and I reached out and cupped a tit in my hand. “One thing I should have asked you….are you a virgin?” I asked her. She told me that she had been having sex with her boyfriend for a couple years and had had the birthcontrol injection a few weeks ago. She moaned slightly as I cupped and gently pinched her nipple. I put my other hand between her legs and rubbed her bare pussy. She was wet and I slid 2 fingers into her and slowly finger fucked her. She was getting wetter and breathing faster when I moved behind her and let her feel my hard cock against her ass. I took my fingers out of her and cupped both tits and squeezed and massaged them and told her, “I’m going to fuck you in both your holes. First your pussy, then your ass. I’m going to cum in your ass because I don’t trust those injection things.” She tensed up when she heard that her ass was going to get fucked and said she had never been ass fucked and was afraid it would hurt too bad. I reminded her that she had said anything and that’s what I wanted and before I fucked her ass it was going to get cleaned out. She tried to pull away saying that she never had an enema before and that she heard that they hurt. I pulled her back to me and said, “Neither will hurt, I promise. I’ve already told you that there will be a little pain and discomfort and after it’s done, I gurantee you’ll like what will happen afterwards.”I let her go and took the enema bag out of the box, attached bahis siteleri the hose and nozzle and filled it up. We went to the side of the truck that was towards the woods and moved one of the lights so I could see. I found a long limb on the edge at the edge of the woods and put it in one of the holes on the bed rail and hung the bag on it. I handed Kasey the bottle of lube and told her to put however much on the nozzle as she thought she would need. While she did that, I got an old blanket that I keep in the tool box (in case I have to lie down and work on the truck on the side of the road) and put it on the ground. I bled the air out of the hose and had Kasey get on the blanket on her hands and knees. I got down behind her and started gently fingering her clit. She was already breathing fast and it got harder and deeper as I fingered her. I eased 2 fingers into her pussy and slid them in and out. When I heard her moan, I slid the enema bag’s 3″ nozzle into her asshole. Her let out a little yelp and tried to pull away but I had pulled my finger out of her and held her around the waist. She was trying to push the nozzle out of her ass but I held it in place and said, “Don’t push it out or try to move away. Give it a minute, relax”. She stopped trying to pull away and was panting and I could see the nozzle moving up and down as her asshole clinched around the nozzle. I reached under and started rubbing her clit and she began to get into it. She moaned again and that’s when I opened the clamp and let the water start flowing into her. She hollered and tried to pull away, but I held onto to her. When the bag (which held 2 qts) was almost half empty she was begging me to stop that it was starting to hurt. I clamped the hose and pulled the nozzle out of her. As soon as the nozzle was out, she groaned and expelled the water now mixed with shit out of her. She caught her breath and pushed again, expelling more water and shit as well as pissing too. When she was finished, I put the nozzle back in and unclamped the hose. She took the rest of the water that was in the bag and when she had emptied her ass, I refilled the bag. This time I only opened the clamp about half way so that the water flowed into her more slowly. “You’re going to take it all this time,” I told her while rubbing her clit, “and you’re not going to expell until I tell you.” The bag was nearly empty when she started shaking and said she was cumming. “When you start to cum, push as hard as you can,” I told her. When the first spasm of orgasm hit her, I pulled the nozzle out of her ass, Kasey screamed into the blanket and water gushed out of her ass. She went into convulsions and was shaking hard, juice was pouring out of her pussy. I bent down and licked her pussy, sending more convulsions through her body. She tasted sweet….and I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. She started cumming again and this time I buried my tongue in her asshole, probing deep. She came and felt her pussy squirt juice on my chin and neck. I stood up and she nearly collapsed but managed to stand up, her legs shaking. She could barely talk when she told me she has never cum so hard. I got some baby wipes out of the truck gave her one and I used one to clean her juice off my face and neck. I got undressed and lay down on the blanket and told her it was time for to suck. She didn’t hesitate. She got on her knees between mine and started sucking my cock, not like a nervous girl, but like a pro, taking my 6″ to the balls everytime. After a few minutes I had her get into a 69 and I licked her pussy while she worked on my cock. I just happened to look up and see headlights turn onto the end of the street and we got up, got dressed and the took the enema bag down just as a police car pulled up. Fortunately it was the officer that usually patrolled this area and he said he thought that it was me down here, but had to make sure. We chatted for a few minutes and then he noticed Kasey. I introduced her as my niece, she played along saying she was my sister’s daughter and was learning how to take star pictures for a photography class in college. The officer said he would like to bring his k**s out one night if it would be OK and we set a night a few days later to meet. He said his good bye’s and left. I got a beer from the cooler that’s always in my truck and offered Kasey one. “I’m u******e,” she said as she took a bottle and then drained half in one turn. “Now,” she said as she set the bottle on the tailgate, “let me show you something.” She took off her shorts and shirt, got another bottle of beer out of the cooler and lay down on the blanket. She opened the beer, put the neck of the bottle in her pussy and shook the bottle. She pulled the bottle out and foamy beer gushed out of her pussy. She did it again taking the last of the beer and making it gush out of her. “I’ve been doing that since I was 14,” she said, “I poured some soda on my lap one time and the bubbles made me nearly cum. I used soda for months until I discovered dad’s old beer stash. At first I just poured it over my pussy as I played with myself and when the bottle was empty I would fuck myself with it. I got curious one time and fucked myself with a full one. Feeling that beer splash in me was a rush…..then I came. I shook so hard I shook the bottle and it gushed into me. I thought the top of my head was going to blow off I came so hard….then the beer came out and I came again. I’ve been playing like this ever since, güvenilir bahis though it’s a little difficult to do very often since I’m not old enough to buy alcohol.” I didn’t say anything, I just took my clothes off and got another beer out of the cooler. “Get on your knees,” I told her, “you’re going to try something new.” When she was in position, I put lube on the neck of the bottle and moved behind her, setting the bottle on the blanket under her ass. “Now ease down onto it, do it slow and it won’t hurt,” I said. Kasey eased down until her asshole was against the top of the bottle and she stopped. She waited a couple seconds then slowly moved her ass down and her asshole opened and let the bottle slide into her, taking the bottle all the way to where it flared out. I held the bottle and told her to slowly ease down until her shoulders were on the ground. “Oh my god…..I feel the beer going in me,” she gasped. I was holding the bottle…..letting gravity slowly empty the beer into her ass. I started twisting and turning the bottle and she started moaning and panting. Then I eased it out a little and gave it a hard shake. Beer shot into her ass and Kasey cried out. I shook it 3 or 4 hard times and emptied the beer into her asshole then pulled it out. Kasey let out a loud groan and foamy beer spewed out of her ass and she had another orgasm. I got up and sat on the tailgate and sipped my beer while she caught her breath and cleaned up. She then walked over and got on her knees in front of me. I was expecting more head, but I felt her tongue on my balls. I opened my legs to give her easier access to my boys. She took them one at a time in her mouth and gently sucked them. Then she told me to slide back a little and to put my feet up on the tailgate. I did thinking she wanted more room to get to my balls and cock…..boy…..was I wrong. I nearly shot my load when I felt her tongue push into my ass. It had been quite a few years since I had been rimmed by a woman and I was having a hard time not cumming. She licked all around my hole and shoved her tongue deep into me. After a few minutes she stood up wiped her face with a baby wipe and as I was sitting up, said, “I do that to my boyfriend when I don’t feel like fucking. He cums in just a minute or two. Can we take a break for a few minutes? I need time to recover.” I said sure because I needed a break myself….I was too close to cumming and wanted to wait as long as I could. She finished her beer and got another and drank half of it. We chatted for a few minutes, she told me that she didn’t know why she agreed to such a stupid thing like shoplifting just to get into a sorority and that they had an asswhipping coming for bailing on her like they had. She asked me about the scope and I told her that I had been doing it for a few years. We talked about my job and how boring it was sometimes, I never told her that it was only part-time and that I had a full-time job also. After about 10 minutes she said she had to pee and since it was nearly 4AM I decided it was time. I told her that she was going to do something for me and no wasn’t an option. I lay down on the blanket and told her to get on me. She straddled my thighs and my cock slid into her pussy. It was warm and very tight. She began moving up and down and I reached up and played with her nipples. “I still need to pee,” she panted. “So pee,” I told her. She bent down, putting her hands on my shoulders, still riding my cock, I felt the warm flow of her piss on my cock and balls. When it stoppped, I told her to get up and face the truck. I stood behind her, put lube on my cock and pushed the head of my cock into her asshole. She grunted and gasped as I slid into her. When I was all the way in, I let her get used to it for bit then started slowly fucking her. I pulled out until just the head of my cock was still inside her then slowly push all the way in again. In just a few minutes she was pushing back against me, meeting my thrusts and getting harder each time. Kasey suddenly started shaking…..I mean shaking hard….and cried out “I’m cumming!!” When she came her pussy gushed juice and she pissed again. Feeling that and the way her asshole was spasming around my cock was all I could take and I shot a heavy load into her ass. We stayed still, letting our breathing get back to normal and when we had recovered, I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Next surprise” and let loose a flood of piss into her asshole. Kasey cried out and had a mini-orgasm. When I was done I pulled out and she expelled my piss and cum onto the ground. She stood there for a full 2 minutes….not moving. Then she went to the tailgate got some baby wipes and cleaned her ass and legs. She handed me the pack and I cleaned myself. She looked at me and said, “That…..was…..fucking……incredible. Where did you learn to do that?” I told her I saw them doing it in German enema vids. She just shook her head. She picked up her phone…..cleared off the 911 and saw what time it was. She said she had to get home, so we packed up all my stuff and headed out. I asked her where she needed to be dropped off and she said “My parent’s driveway”. I looked at her and she said, “I’m 18….no curfew…..come and go as I wish, just no males over night.” So I drover her home and she was surprised by how close we were to her house. She asked me for my number and wanted to get together and play some more, just a friends with benefits thing. I said what the Hell……how often does a 40 year old man have an 18 year old girl want to play with him. That was 2 years ago. We still have our play dates, either at her’s or my apartment or on special occassions on the dark cul de sac.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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