The Sex Ther****t

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The Sex Ther****tPart 7 in Ethan and Pam’s sexual sagaEthan ran his fingers through his wet hair, pulled the equipment bag full of hockey gear over his shoulder, and headed for the locker room door. A twinge of pain shot up his leg from his knee. He paused a moment, wincing, and hoped none of the other guys noticed his limp.”Hey Ethan, wait up,” Darien shouted from behind.Ethan stopped at the door. Darien slammed his locker and rushed to catch up, carrying his own equipment bag.”You need a ride home?” Darien said. “Maria’s gonna meet me here. We’re going out tonight. We can drop you off if you want.””Sure. That’d be great,” Ethan said. “I got a lot of homework to do, anyway.””That’s cool.”They walked together down the hall. Maria was waiting in the parking lot by Darien’s car with Iris and another guy. He sat behind the wheel of a hot looking ’69 Mustang and Iris sat on the hood, kicking her legs.Ethan felt himself stir instantly. Iris was wearing snug jeans and black leather boots with the really tall heels, and a tight white t-shirt with red bands around the collar and short sleeves. The print on the front of the t-shirt, a picture of some band he never heard of, was stretched out of shape over her big boobs.”Oh great,” Darien said. Maria waved and he waved back.”What?””Iris’ fag brother’s here. I don’t need to talk to him.”Ethan looked closer at the guy in the Mustang.”That’s her brother? Charlie, right?” Ethan said.Maria walked toward them. She wore a short blouse with her midriff exposed and a pair of khaki shorts. Her hips swung side to side, her breasts bounced under the blouse, and the light, cool breeze blew her long, dark hair across her face.”Hi baby,” she said, smiling at Darien, and whisked the wild strands of hair from her face with her long fingernail. She rose on the balls of her feet and kissed him.”What’s the fag doing here?” Darien said.Maria frowned. “Darien, you’re so mean. He was nice to drop us off.””He’s still a disgusting fag and I ain’t talking to him.””He’s got a nice car,” Ethan said.”You would say that,” Darien said.Ethan walked on. Iris was pulling on her bubblegum, twisting it like a string around her finger. She watched him, smiling.”Hi,” he said.”Hi.”Ethan’s mind blanked. He struggled to come up with something to say. Her big boobs seemed to beg to him to reach out and squeeze them. He realized he was staring and turned his eyes down to her feet.”Nice shoes,” he said.Iris smirked. “Thanks.” She hopped off the car and walked across the parking lot to join Maria and Darien.The engine in the Mustang revved. Ethan looked at Charlie, sitting in the driver’s seat with his hand on the top arc of the steering wheel. He put the car in gear and started to roll away, staring back. Ethan’s eyes narrowed. Charlie looked normal, just like any other guy. Could he figure out if a guy was gay just by looking at him? What did it mean to be gay, anyway?Ethan sat in the back of Darien’s car with Iris. She hardly said a word to him the entire way, hardly even looked at him. His heart felt like it was crushed in his chest. They dropped him off in front of his house with his equipment bag and took off, the blaring radio echoing between houses.He went inside and up the stairs. The door to Pam’s room was open. He heard someone giggling from inside and peeked in. He stopped in his tracks. Pam was with that Debbie chick in her room. Pam was in her bikini, and she looked hot.”Hi Ethan,” Pam said, and waved.Debbie turned around. Her eyes swept up from his feet to his face and she smiled.”Hi,” she said.Ethan blushed. “Hi,” he said with a quick wave, and ducked into his room.He dumped his equipment bag on his bed. Debbie was pretty hot. He wouldn’t mind going to bed with her. He peeled off his shirt, threw it in the corner, and rifled through his dresser. What he didn’t understand was why Pam hung out with her. Everyone in school knew Debbie Holtz was just a slut. Pam wasn’t a slut. She should hang out with someone nice, someone like herself. He slammed the dresser shut. Where the hell were his good jeans?Mom called from downstairs. Ethan went to the head of the stairs and leaned on the railing, staying out of view of Pam’s room.”Yeah?” he said.Mom held up his jeans. “Come down here, please.”Ethan plodded down the stairs.”You found my jeans?” he said.”I was washing your clothes.” She reached into the pocket and pulled out a black piece of fabric. “Where did these come from?”Ethan’s eyes grew wide. It was Iris’ lacy black panties. Mom dangled them in her fingers. He cleared his throat and tried to think of something to say, but all that came out was a nervous stammer. Mom sighed. Her arms dropped to her sides and she shook her head.”I can’t believe you’re having sex, too. You’re only nineteen.” She touched his cheek. “I guess I should have expected it, though. You’ve grown up so fast and you’re so handsome, just like your father.””Mom …” he said in a whiny tone.She shoved his jeans into his hands.”The last thing I need is for you to get a girl pregnant. Get dressed. We’re going to the d**g store to get you some condoms.””Jeez, Mom …””Do it.”He went back upstairs and got dressed. Mom was waiting for him by the front door with her keys in her hand. The car was quiet and tense for the short drive up to the d**g store. She dragged him in and down the aisles to the back, where the boxes of condoms hung on hooks. Ethan’s face burned. He kept his head down, hoping no one he knew saw him buying condoms with his Mom.She put her hands on her hips and sighed.”I know this makes you uncomfortable, Ethan, but I have to ask. How big are you?””Excuse me?””How big are you?” She lowered her voice. “I mean your … penis. How long is it?”He looked down at his crotch. “Uh, I don’t know,” he said. Mr. Thorn said it was twelve inches long. Should he tell that to his own Mom?She selected a box from the rack. “I better get extra large for you. Your father was, well, pretty large himself. He once told me all the McCullen men were bigger than normal. I’m sure you’ll be no different.”Ethan stayed a step behind her at the counter while she bought the condoms. The woman behind the cash register took his Mom’s money, put the box of condoms in a bag, and smiled at Ethan as they walked out. His face burned again. He walked in a hurry to the car. Ethan’s mom dumped the bag in his lap, started the car, put it in gear, then put it back in park.”Do you know how to use those?” she said, with a nod to the bag in his lap.Ethan looked down at it. The paper bag crinkled. He stayed very still, afraid to move, as if it was some radioactive device.”Uh, not really,” he said.Mom’s hands held the steering wheel, her fingers drumming on the rim. She let out another deep sigh.”Ok, I’m gonna show you, but you have to promise me you’ll use them, ok?””Uh, ok, I guess,” Ethan said.Mom snatched the bag from his lap, removed the box and ripped it open.”It’s really pretty simple. You have to do this before you actually … actually have sex, you understand?”Ethan shook his head.”Ok, well, let’s say you’re out with a girl and you like her and you both decide that … that you’re gonna have sex, ok?””Ok,” Ethan said. He imagined himself with Iris, and in his mind saw her bare ass when she pulled up the back of her cheerleader uniform and bent over his lap. His penis stirred in his jeans and he put his hand over his lap.Mom swallowed and cleared her throat. She held up a small red packet from the box.”What you have to do is put one of these over your … penis before you, well, put it in the girl. Got that?””Yeah, sure Mom, whatever,” Ethan said. The memory of Iris lowering herself on his dick made him hard and he squirmed in the seat.Mom tore the packet open and pulled out a rubber ring. She held up her hand with two fingers raised.”All you do is put the condom over the end of your penis, like this, and roll it all the way down. Easy, see?”She rolled the condom over her fingers and smiled, like a magician revealing a secret trick. She took it off and handed him a second packet.”Now you try it,” she said.Ethan’s hands shook as he took the red packet and tore it open. Mom held her hand up again with her fingers raised. He fumbled with the soft, rubber ring, dropped it twice, and tore it on her fingernail.”You’re gonna need some practice,” she said.”Mom, why do I have to do this?” he said.”I told you, so you don’t get a girl pregnant. You don’t want that, do you?””I guess not.””Of course you don’t,” Mom said. Her hand touched his. Her eyes glanced at his lap. She took her hand away from his, looked around the parking lot, and turned on her hip to face him. “Ok, Ethan, I want you to pull down your pants.””Mom, what?” He covered his lap and squeezed his legs together.”I know you’re pretty aroused right now, son. There’s only one way you’re gonna learn how to use these, and I’m gonna show you. So take those pants off right now, Mister.””Ok Mom, jeez, take it easy,” Ethan said.His hands trembled as he unfastened his belt. He swallowed hard. Mom was watching his hands. He pushed his jeans down to his knees. His hard dick pushed up the front of his boxer shorts. Mom’s eyes grew wide. He pushed the shorts down. It popped up like a c***d’s toy and he forced it down with both hands.”Don’t be embarrassed, Ethan. Let me see it,” Mom said, and pulled his hand away.He let go and it stuck up. He turned his face to the window, afraid to look at his own mother.”My goodness, Ethan. You’re a lot bigger than your father was.” She looked at the red packet. “I don’t know if this is gonna fit.”Ethan groaned. “Mom, do we have to do this?””Yes. You don’t have a choice. Now, I want you to pay attention.” She tore the package open. “Just put the condom over the end of your penis like this, and roll it down. Try to leave a little room at the tip for your, um, sperm.”She rolled the condom over his dick to the base. Ethan squeezed the door handle. The thin rubber was stretched tight. She closed her hand around the shaft and moved it up and down, wrinkling the rubber.”It’s so thick, Ethan, and so hard. I’ve never seen a penis this big, except maybe your father’s, of course. I should have guessed, though. I saw you that day at Mr. and Mrs. Thorn’s house, when you were fixing that light. I saw the way this thing was sticking out in your swim shorts. It was because of Mrs. Thorn, wasn’t it? I think she was dressed like that just to turn you on. Well, I guess it worked.”Ethan’s eyes rolled shut. “Mom, that feels really good,” he said, and moaned.Mom’s hand jerked away. She brushed her hair away from her forehead.”I’m so sorry, Ethan. I can’t believe I’m jerking off my own son.””Mom, this thing feels weird,” Ethan said. He put his hand around his dick and pumped slowly. “Would you do that again?”She shook her head. “What have I done? Now I got you all worked up. I think I’m gonna need someone to help me with this before we get carried away. Pull your pants up.”Ethan squeezed his penis and squirmed.”Mom, it hurts,” he said.”I know, and I’m real sorry. We’ll do … something about it. I just don’t know what.””Do I have to leave this on?” he said, pulling at the condom.Mom smirked. “No dear, you can take it off.”He rolled the condom off and handed it to Mom. She dropped it in the bag. Ethan bent his erect penis to the side to slip it back into his underwear and jeans, and winced. Mom looked at his lap, shaking her head.”My goodness, that thing’s not easy to hide, is it?” she said.”Not really.”The shape of his cock stuck out in the leg of his jeans like a thick steel pipe that stretched to his knee.Her head shook slowly. “I’m surprised you actually found a girl who would let you put that inside her. You didn’t hurt her, did you?””I don’t think so.””Really, I shouldn’t be surprised. What woman wouldn’t want a man built like you?” She sighed and started the car. “I guess that really is the problem, isn’t it? I think I know someone who can help.””Where are we going?””To see a friend of mine.””Who?””Mrs. Murphy.””You mean Cindy’s Mom?” Ethan said.”Yes. Why? Do you have a problem with that?””No. I mean yeah. I hate Cindy. She’s such a brat.””Don’t worry about it. I’m sure she won’t even be there,” Mom said, and drove out of the parking lot.* * * *Mr. Pedersen opened the door of her office, turned back and smiled.”Thank you again, Dr. Murphy. I think I’ll enjoy these sessions,” he said.Linda Murphy got up from behind her desk and smiled back.”I’m gaziantep escort bayan glad to hear that,” she said.She shook his hand in the doorway and followed him out to the reception area. From behind her desk, Martha looked up.”Good night, Mr. Pedersen,” she said with a polite smile.”Good evening,” he said.He turned to Cindy, sitting on one of the chairs against the wall opposite Martha’s desk. She was reading a magazine, slouched back with her feet up on the chair and her knees up. Her short skirt had slid all the way back, exposing her legs, the pink stockings that came up to her knees, and the crotch of her pink panties. Mr. Pedersen glanced at her panties as he continued out the front door. Linda frowned and crossed her arms. He was going to be more work than she thought.”Sit up, Cindy,” Linda said, spanking the side of her bare leg.”Mom,” she said with a whine, but her feet dropped to the floor and she sat up. She tugged at her skirt, but it only covered her legs to the middle of her thighs.”Where’s your father? I thought he was supposed to be here to pick you up by now,” Linda said.”I don’t know,” Cindy said, without looking up from the magazine.Linda shook her head and turned to Martha.”Martha, you can go home, if you like. Thank you for waiting,” she said.Martha shut off her computer and grabbed her purse.”Thanks. I gotta get going. I invited a guy over for dinner. I just hope he comes.””Good luck,” Linda said as Martha went out. She looked at her watch. “Where is your father? He’s late again, as usual.”Cindy just shrugged and turned a page. Linda sat in the chair next to Cindy and picked up another magazine. Out of the corner of her eye, she studied her daughter.Cindy was still only s*******n, but she was growing so fast. Already, she was filling out and looked more like a young woman than a girl. It wouldn’t be long before she got interested in boys, and that would be a big problem, because the way she was growing up, boys would have a lot of interest in her.”What’s new with you, Cindy?” Linda said. She flipped the pages of the magazine without reading anything.Cindy shrugged. “Not much.””Do you have any homework this weekend?””I did it already.””I see. That’s good. Do have plans to do anything with your friends?”Cindy shook her head.”Well, you should at least get outside while it’s still nice.””Whatever, Mom,” Cindy said and rolled her eyes.Linda opened her mouth to scold her daughter, but the front door opened and Anne came in with her son, Ethan.”Anne, what a surprise,” she said, and got up.”Hi Linda. Hi Cindy,” Anne said.”Hi,” Cindy said without looking up from the magazine. She glanced up once, and looked again when she saw Ethan.Anne touched her arm and lowered her voice.”Can I speak to you? In private?” she said, looking at Ethan out of the corner of her eye.Linda’s eyebrows rose.”Sure. We can, uh, talk in my office, if you like,” she said.Anne smiled. “Ok. Ethan, stay here with Cindy, please.”Cindy dropped the magazine in her lap and sat up, grinning at Ethan. He stayed where he was by Martha’s desk, shifting nervously from one foot to the other. Anne walked ahead into her office. Linda followed and closed the door.”Anne, what’s the problem?” Linda said.Anne was wringing her hands. “I don’t know how to say this. It’s about Ethan.””What about him?” Linda said. She pointed to one of the chairs in front of her desk and they both sat down.”Well, you see … I’m concerned about him,” Anne said.”I can see that. About what?””Well … about him using … safe sex.””Oh, I see,” Linda said.Anne’s hand reached across the space between the two chairs and touched her hand.”Linda, you know about Pam. I’ve already had one c***d in trouble. I don’t need another.””I understand, I understand. What makes you think Ethan is sexually active?”Anne opened her purse and pulled out lacy black panties.”I found these in the pocket of his jeans today when I was washing clothes.””Do you know whose those are?” Linda said, and took the panties.”No. He didn’t say. What if they belong to an older woman?” Anne said.LInda opened her mouth to say they may not have even come from a woman when she smelled the odor from the panties. It was definitely the smell of an aroused woman. She handed the panties back.”First of all, Anne, I just want to reassure you that his behavior is perfectly normal, although he is a bit young yet.””Linda, Ethan’s just a boy. He shouldn’t be having sex at all,” Anne said.”Anne, he’s over eighteen. He’s hardly a boy. You may not be able to tell him not to. If he wants to, and his urges are strong, he’s going to do what he wants,” Linda said.”Would you talk to him for me, please? I’ll pay for your time.””Don’t worry about that, Anne. You’re my friend. I can’t take your money. But, what do you want me to do?”Anne sighed. She looked down at her hands.”Could you just talk to him? I know you’re better at it than me. You see, I tried to talk to him, but I don’t think I did it very well.””What do you mean? What did you say?” Linda said.Anne cleared her throat. “Well, you see, I took him to get some condoms, just to be safe, you know?””Yes?””Well, I had to show him how to use them.””Yes,” Linda said.Anne’s eyes avoided hers.”Well, you see, I sort of touched his penis,” Anne said.Linda’s eyebrows arched. “You touched your son’s penis? When? Today?””Yes. Just a few minutes ago. We were in the car, you see, and I had to make sure he knew how to use the condom, so I made him take off his pants, and, well …””Was Ethan aroused at the time?”Anne’s eyes grew wide. “Oh yes, he was very aroused. I was doing more than touching. I was jerking him off.””Did he … Did he ejaculate?””Oh no, I stopped before we got that far. But Linda, I’m ashamed to admit, I enjoyed it.””Ok. It’s all right. Don’t be ashamed. It’s only natural to enjoy it. I mean, he is a man, after all.”Anne chuckled. “He’s a lot of man, too.””A lot of man?””That boy,” Anne said, shaking her head. “He takes after his father, there’s no question of that.””I don’t understand,” Linda said.Anne leaned forward and lowered her voice, as if the c***dren might hear through the door.”His penis? It’s huge. Good Lord, I’ve never seen anything as big as that, and his father was pretty big.””Really?” Linda said, and sat back. She had to remember to be professional. She cleared her throat. “Anne, I’m afraid I have to ask a difficult question. Are you sure he’s having sex with girls?”Anne made a disgusted face. “What else would he be doing? What about the panties? Those are definitely from a girl.””Anne, have you considered he might be gay, and having sex with other men?”Anne covered her mouth with her hand. “God, I didn’t even think of that. He could get AIDS. How can I find out? He’ll deny it if I ask.””Let me take care of it,” Linda said, and patted Anne’s hand.”What are you gonna do?””I’m just gonna talk to him. I’ll find out if he likes girls.”Anne sighed. “Linda, be easy on him. He’s only nineteen.””Anne, the boy is over six feet tall. You want me to be careful with him?”Anne smiled, but it was a brief, nervous smile.”Of course, you’re right,” she said.Linda smiled back, but her head spun. What was it Anne said about Ethan, something about him being a whole lot of man? What did that mean? Anne said she put her hands on her son’s penis. Just how big was Ethan’s penis? Could she sit and talk with this boy about sex, this boy with a man’s penis, and resist the urge to see just how big it was?She heard voices on the other side of the office door as she turned the handle and pulled it open. It was her ex-husband’s voice. He finally arrived and was talking with Ethan and Cindy. All three turned to the door. Linda came out with Anne right behind her.”Glad to see you could make it, Jim,” she said.”Sorry I’m so late. I got held up at the office.”Linda just nodded. She heard that one before. Jim clapped his hands together.”All set to go, k**do?” he said, and grabbed Cindy’s backpack.”Sure Dad. Bye Mom,” she said with a wave. She looked up at Ethan and smiled. “Goodbye Ethan.””See ya,” he said.Linda rolled her eyes and sighed. Her problems with Cindy and boys had already begun. Ethan stood up, his hands in his pockets. Linda couldn’t help glancing at his crotch, but noticed nothing unusual there.”Ethan would you like to come into my office with me?” Linda said.His eyes darted nervously between her and his mother.”What for?” he said.”You’re just gonna talk, you know, about what we talked about earlier?” Anne said.Ethan’s eyes widened and he looked straight at Linda.”About sex? With you?” he said.”Yes. Is that all right?” Linda said.She folded her hands together and swallowed hard. For some reason, she couldn’t avoid a feeling of guilt. Not more than a minute before, she was speaking with her ex-husband and her daughter, and now she was thinking about seducing her best friend’s son.Ethan shrugged. “I guess so.”Anne smiled and touched his cheek. “Don’t worry, dear, you’re just gonna talk, ok?””Yeah, ok, whatever,” he said and flinched away.Linda smirked. He was no different from any other teenage boy she knew.Anne put something in his hand.”You take these, and just do as Mrs. Murphy asks,” she said, with a glance back at Linda. “I have to run to the store to get some things for dinner. You’ll be all right, won’t you?””Sure Mom,” Ethan said.Anne kissed his cheek and went out, but the look in her eye was something like she just gave up her son to some sacrifice.”Come on in and sit down,” Linda said, holding the door to her office open.Ethan sat in one of the chairs in front of her desk, the same one his mother sat in, his hands still in his pockets. Linda sat in the other chair, facing him.”What did you and your mother talk about?” she said.He shrugged. “You know, girls and stuff.””Did you talk about sex?””Yeah.””Did you talk about condoms?””Yeah,” Ethan said. He squirmed in the chair. His hands came out of the pockets and gripped the arms of the chair.”Are you uncomfortable?””Yeah.””Are you uncomfortable talking about girls?” Linda said.”No. It’s because I have a hard-on,” Ethan said, looking into her eyes.Linda caught her breath. She held his gaze as long as she could, but finally couldn’t resist and glanced at his lap. The front of his jeans swelled with a bulge. She looked away quickly.”Did your mother show you how to use a condom?” she said.”Yeah. That’s what she gave me,” he said, and held up the red packets.”Do you know what those are for?”He shrugged. “I guess so. They’re so I won’t get a girl pregnant, right?””That’s right,” Linda said.She brushed her palms on her skirt. The room seemed terribly warm. How could she maintain a professional attitude when she was sitting across from a handsome young man who was so clearly aroused?”Do you know how to put them on?” she said. The words were difficult to pronounce. She couldn’t believe she let them come from her mouth.”Yeah, I guess. It’s not too hard,” Ethan said.Linda swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “Would you like to show me?”Ethan looked around the office. “Right here?””Sure. Go ahead. I’ll just watch.”Ethan hesitated, as if trying to make up his mind. He stood up in front of her. His hands were shaking, but they unfastened his jeans. Linda’s eyes grew wide. Before he let them down, she could see the shape of his penis pressing out, and it stretched down the leg of his jeans.His jeans dropped to his ankles. Linda’s eyes grew wider. Anne wasn’t lying. This boy was more than a man, more than any man she ever knew. His penis was as thick as her wrist and at least as long as her arm from her elbow to her hand.Ethan sat down again. Linda took a breath and cleared her throat. If he noticed her staring at his organ like a girl who just saw one for the first time, he didn’t show it. He was too busy concentrating on the red packet. Linda shifted on the chair, rubbing her knees together.Ethan tore the packet open and removed the condom. His erection bent over between his legs under its own weight. He lifted it with one hand and placed the condom over the tip.”I think that’s upside down,” Linda said.Her hands sprung out from her sides and took the condom. He looked shocked, so she put on a warm smile.”It works better like this.”She flipped the condom, pinched the tip between two fingers and rolled the sheath over his shaft. She let out a deep breath through her nose. He was so thick and so hard, and burned her fingers. She rolled the condom all the way to the base of his cock, where her fingers brushed through the wiry hair on his mound. She ran her hand up the shaft, feeling his heat through the thin rubber casing. It throbbed and pulsed with blood through her fingers.”Is this what your mother did today?” Linda said.”Yes.” Ethan stared at her hand. His own hands squeezed the arms of the chair.She moved her hand up and down, squeezing lightly.”Do you mind if I do it?”Ethan shook his head. “No. It feels good.”The office became very quiet, except for the soft crinkle of the rubber casing where her hand rubbed his penis. She was sure she could hear her heart pounding.”So, you’re not a virgin?” she said.”Uh, no.”She nodded. “How many girls have you had sex with?””Uh, just two.””Were they older than you or younger?””Older.”Linda nodded and squeezed his cock a little more firmly. Ethan gasped.”Do you like girls?” she said.”Sure, I guess.””Do you like having sex with girls?”Ethan grinned. “Yeah, very much.”Linda nodded again. “Do you like boys, too?”His eyebrows crossed. “What do you mean?””Do you like to have sex with boys?””Do you mean am I gay?”Linda cleared her throat. “Yes.”Ethan looked thoughtful for a moment. Linda’s hand began to shake. She could not bear to take it away from his cock.”I don’t think so,” Ethan said.”Have you ever had sex with a boy?””No.””Have you ever thought about having sex with a boy?””No.”Linda rubbed her thumb over the tip of his penis. Her mouth hung open and she was taking long, deep breaths.”Would you like to have sex with me?” she said.”Yes.”Linda glanced at the door. How would Anne take it if she knew her best friend had her hand around her son’s penis? How would she take it if she knew her best friend was about to have sex with him? What would her ex think if he knew she was seducing a nineteen year old boy? What the hell did she care, anyway? Her ex didn’t have a cock as long as her arm.”You need to know something important, Ethan.””What’s that?” he said. He closed his hand around her wrist and moved her hand up and down his shaft. His hips rocked on the seat.”You’ve been blessed with something special, Ethan. Very few men have a penis as big as yours. That means a lot of women are gonna want to have sex with you just for that reason.” She cringed as she spoke the words. Wasn’t that just what she was doing? “You have to remember you can’t go around thinking that just because you have a large penis, that’s all you need to satisfy a woman. Do you understand?””Yes ma’am,” Ethan said, looking at her with wide eyes.Linda closed her eyes. Now she was lecturing a teenage boy about how to satisfy a woman. What was next, demonstrating to her daughter how to give a blowjob? She stood up in front of Ethan, only reluctantly releasing his penis.”I’m gonna teach you about a woman’s body. I’m gonna show you how to satisfy a woman. Do you think you can handle that?” Linda said.Ethan’s eyes looked up at her. “I think so.””Good. Maybe we’ll have enough time before your mother gets back.” She pulled her skirt up. “I want you to take my panties off.”Ethan stared at her, as if trying to decide whether she was serious or not. His hands finally released the arms of the chair and snaked up under her skirt. His fingers sent tingles through her skin like he had an electric current running through his veins. Linda licked her lips. He found the waistband of her panties and tugged them down to her knees.”All the way, Ethan. I need them all the way off,” she said.He looked up at her again, hesitating. His hands were shaking and he looked pale, but he pushed the panties down past her calves to her ankles. She lifted them on the toe of her shoe.”Why don’t you keep them? You can add them to your collection,” she said.Ethan plucked them off her toe.”My Mom will be mad if she finds them. She’ll know what we did,” he said.”I’m sure she’ll think you fucked another girl from school. Just don’t let her find them.”She cleared the front of her desk, moving the lamp, the name plaque, and the pen holder aside and sat on the edge, her feet dangling off the floor. She held out her hand.”Come here, Ethan. I want to show you something,” she said.He kicked off his shoes and jeans and stood up. His erection bobbed and swung, hanging awkwardly from the front of his body. Linda’s mouth watered and she felt a twinge deep in her groin. She spread her legs and pulled up the hem of her skirt.”Have you ever seen a woman’s pussy?” she said.”Yes.” His eyes locked on the area between her legs.”Have you seen a pussy up close?”He shook his head.”Touch me, Ethan. Put your finger inside me,” Linda said.Her chest rose and fell with deep breaths. His penis looked even larger than before, stretching the condom like it might burst. She wasn’t sure she could be patient long enough to show him how to satisfy her before she had to feel it inside her. She couldn’t guess how long he would wait.His fingers started in the soft hairs on her mound and worked down to her moist lips. Linda bit her lower lip.”You’re so soft,” Ethan said in a low voice.His fingers moved lightly over her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Ethan made her feel like a young girl. She trembled all over, like when she did that same sort of thing with a boy for the first time.”Spread them apart, Ethan. That’s where your penis goes in,” Linda said.His rough fingers parted her pussy lips. In his wide eyes, she could read the desire.”Put your finger inside me, Ethan. Use two fingers.””Like this?” he said, and pushed two fingers between her pussy lips.Linda groaned and nodded her head. How odd that she wasn’t much different from her own daughter. She was only a girl herself the first time she had sex with a boy, and all she could remember was how much it hurt. Maybe that was why Ethan made her feel like a girl. She could only imagine how much his thing was going to hurt.”Touch me here, Ethan.”Linda took his hand and moved his fingers up to the button between her pussy lips.”That’s my clit. That’s where it really feels good.””Right here?” Ethan said, and pressed with his fingers.Linda squealed and nearly jumped off the desk. Her arms wouldn’t support her any longer and she lay flat on her back. His fingers rubbed softly over her clitoris, like he’d been doing it for years. Linda stared up at his face, with that boyish look of wonder, and unbuttoned her blouse.For years she tried to protect Cindy from the same pain she felt her first time, from the dangers, but would she have any more success in keeping her out of trouble than Anne had with her own c***dren? Linda closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. And dear God, here she was corrupting Anne’s son herself. She glanced between Ethan’s legs and sighed. It was worth it, though, if only for that one time.”Ethan, I want you to kiss me,” Linda said.He nodded once, leaned over the desk and touched his lips to her mouth. He was soft and tender and pressed firmly with his tongue until her lips parted. Someone must have taught that boy how to kiss, and she had a feeling it was probably the same older girl whose underwear he was collecting.”Now kiss me down here,” Linda said, and squeezed his hand with his fingers moving in and out of her pussy.He stared at her with blank eyes.”Kiss you there?” he said.”Yes. Use your tongue, just like your fingers.”Ethan withdrew his fingers and gazed between her legs as if trying to decide what to do. The air was cool on her warm, wet pussy. He dropped to his knees. Linda held her head up to watch. He opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, crinkled his nose, closed his eyes and licked.Linda gasped. Ethan licked again. His tongue pushed between her lips, just a bit at first, then deeper. Linda’s head dropped to the desk and she came. Her body shook and convulsed and her hips bucked, rubbing her mound on his face. She moaned and squealed over and over, hoping she hadn’t spoiled it for him. Now he would think every girl was that easy to get off.Ethan stood up between her spread legs. Linda was panting and weak, but raised her head. He held his penis like a fireman held a water hose, ready to douse a raging fire.”Are you gonna fuck me now?” Linda said.”Yes. That’s what I wanna do.””Are you gonna fuck me because you like me, or just because I’m here?”His eyes looked pained. “I like you, Mrs. Murphy, but I’m gonna fuck you because it hurts so much and I … I need to.”Linda hooked her legs around his waist, rocking her hips. She touched her palm to his cheek and he sucked her thumb into his mouth.”That’s ok, Ethan. I want you to do it. But Ethan?””Yeah?”She looked at his cock then up to his eyes. “You could hurt me with that, so be careful, ok?”Ethan grinned. “Whatever you say.”He touched the head of his cock to her pussy. Linda moaned. Her back arched off the desk. Ethan pushed. His cock split her open.”Oh yes … Oh yes … Go easy, baby,” she said in a low, soft voice.He leaned over her and his cock sunk into her body. Linda screamed in his ear. Ethan pulled his hips back and jammed himself forward. She screamed again. The pain was intense. She pushed at his shoulders, blinded by the searing jolts that shot through her body.”Ethan, stop it, stop it,” she cried, and pounded on his chest with her fist, but he pumped with his hips and drove his cock deeper.He lay on top of her, pinning her to the desk, grunting in her ear. His hips rose and fell like he was trying to crush her and she clawed at his back and shoulders, trying to make him stop. She could hardly breathe.”Oh God … Oh God, Ethan,” she said with a deep moan.The sharp pain eased. For the first time, she felt his cock inside her. It stretched her open, like no man ever did, and rubbed in and out of her channel like a piston in a motor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her bare chest.”Fuck me, Ethan, fuck me, baby,” she said, whispering in his ear.She squeezed her eyes shut, ground her teeth together and whimpered. She forgot how much she liked it that way. It had been so long since she had a man willing to just fuck her. Most of the older men she dated wanted to show her how tender and sensitive to her needs they could be, when what she needed was a thick cock pounding into her cunt fast and hard. It took a nineteen year old boy to teach her what she was missing from her life.Ethan groaned. “Mrs. Murphy … Mrs. Murphy, this is it,” he said between gasps for breath.”Do it, Baby. Do it for me,” Linda said, her fingers stroking the back of his neck.He pumped a few more times and she felt his cock throbbing inside her. Ethan’s eyes closed and he groaned again. His body jerked in fits and his hips slammed against her pelvis. Linda gasped. She was glad he had that condom. She would hate to have to explain to Anne how her son got her pregnant.Ethan’s hips finally slowed. He was panting and sweating. Every few seconds, his penis spasmed, and he sucked in a breath. Linda’s legs were locked around his waist, holding him inside her body like a trapped a****l. She held his cheeks in both hands and kissed him deeply, forcing her tongue into his mouth.”That was good, Ethan. That was very good,” she said. She was panting as hard as him.”It was?””Yes baby, it was very good,” Linda said. She stroked her fingers through his hair and kissed him again. “Did you fuck the other girls like that?”He shook his head. His hips started moving again, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. From his parted lips came a long, low moan.”Mrs. Murphy?” he said.”Ethan, what are you doing? Are you fucking me again?””Yes.” His hands closed over her bare tits.”God, you recover fast,” she said. She pulled his hands away from her chest. “Ethan, stop. You have to put on another condom.””I don’t want to,” he said.”You have to. That one could break and you’d get me pregnant. Remember what we talked about,” Linda said.Ethan just groaned and his eyes rolled shut. His hips continued to pump. She felt herself panicking. Would he listen to her?His hips stopped thrusting. He straightened upright and backed away. Linda released him from the grip of her legs. His penis withdrew slowly from her pussy. She watched it with wide eyes, amazed again by how thick it was, by how long it was. She couldn’t believe he put so much of that thing inside her, or that her body could take something so huge.The condom was bloated with his cum. She sighed, glad she made him stop. He would have busted it for sure, and she would have had all that juice inside her.Ethan slowly peeled the condom from the shaft of his cock. Linda inhaled deeply. The strong odor of his cum made her dizzy, and reminded her how much she liked to let guys shoot their cum on her belly, or her ass. She stared at the view of his cock between her raised, spread knees. How long had it been since she felt a man’s cum on her skin? At least not since she was trying to get pregnant with Cindy. How easy it would be to let Ethan slide that cock back inside her, already slick with cum, to pump his warm seed straight into her cunt.She swallowed hard and leaned up on her elbows. Ethan was still between her legs. She rubbed his hips with her heels.”Ethan, you’re still hard,” she said, and reached for his cock. His skin was sticky with his cum.”It still hurts. I don’t have another condom. Can we do it again without the condom?” he said, and stroked the inside of her leg.”No, we can’t,” Linda said.Ethan was leaning over her, between her legs, with both hands on the desk on either side of her. She noticed the look in his eyes and was suddenly afraid. She was holding his cock and squeezed it, afraid to let go. The wet head brushed the inside of her thigh, near her mound. He looked like he might do it to her anyway, and could she stop him?Her heart skipped. This was exactly what Anne tried to avoid. He was encouraged, and it looked like he would make her pay for playing with his desires, even if he didn’t know what he was doing. She knew the power in his young arms, but even he didn’t know the power he could wield with that huge cock. Her breathing became heavy. The thought of Ethan r****g her frightened her deeply.He finally backed away and Linda let out a deep breath. Her body shook all over, but she forced the shakes to stop. She had to do something about his overactive desire, right away. She put her feet on the floor before he could force himself back between them and stood up. Her legs were weak. She steadied herself against the desk. Her own groin ached, but it was the ache of abuse.”I think I can help you with that. Sit down here,” Linda said.She turned Ethan around and sat him on the edge of her desk. His jaw hung open and he was panting, staring at her like he wanted to memorize her every move. His cock pulsed with each beat of his heart, like a dangerous wild creature that possessed a will all its own.Holding his thighs for support, Linda crouched in front of him. Ethan’s penis rose to greet her, extended grotesquely from his groin, glistening with a coating of his own semen. Her mouth was watering and she swallowed a couple of times. She put her hand around the shaft, near the base. It was so thick, the tips of her fingers came nowhere near touching.From her knees, it looked even bigger. She raised the shaft and looked straight at the fat, purplish head. Ethan’s hands squeezed tighter on the edge of the desk, until his knuckles were white. His knees bent apart. Linda’s lips parted with a soft smack. She opened them wide. That head looked far too big to fit in her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip. Ethan groaned.Linda’s nose crinkled. His cum tasted very strong. She hesitated. The taste of a man’s cum was something she never liked, from the first time she sucked a boy when she was a girl. She looked up to Ethan’s face. He was staring at her, with his mouth hanging open. He looked so adorable, especially with those eyes. How could she ever think he would want to hurt her?She licked the fat head clean and worked down the shaft of his cock with her tongue, washing away the coating of warm cum.”Oh my God, Mrs. Murphy,” Ethan said with a moan from way back in his throat. He was smiling.Linda cleaned around the shaft, working back up to the head. His cum left a taste in her mouth that didn’t go away when she swallowed. Her nose crinkled again. She began to remember why she didn’t like it. She licked her lips, held her breath, stretched her jaw open as wide as she could, and slipped her mouth over the end of his cock.Ethan gasped. Linda smiled, even though it was difficult with his cock in her mouth. How many of those girls he slept with knew how to give a blowjob?The problem was, his cock was just too big. She sucked a couple of inches to the back of her throat until she gagged, but that was it. She dated many times since the divorce, and when she went down on a man she found attractive, she liked to take him deep in her mouth. That really turned them on. How would poor Ethan ever enjoy a good blowjob if any of the women he met could never fit more than an inch or two of his cock in their mouths? And how many would refuse to sleep with him when they saw what he had in his pants?She sucked her mouth off and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Her jaw was sore, after only a minute or two. She was out of practice. She bent his penis aside.”Ethan, your testicles are big, too. Bigger than normal,” she said.She rolled them in her fingers like marbles. Inside the swollen, wrinkled sac, his balls were about the size of golf balls, and just about as hard, as if they were overloaded with sperm.”Is that bad?” Ethan said.Linda frowned. “No, not at all. You’re perfectly normal, just … very big for your age.””Oh.”Linda sighed. How could she explain to the boy that he was just exceptionally well hung? Eventually, she supposed he would figure out himself that he was different from other guys. Girls would certainly give him extra attention when they found out, just as she was doing herself, at least those girls that weren’t frightened away. How would he handle that kind of attention?She touched the head of his penis to the tip of her breast, smearing her own saliva on her nipples. Ethan’s hips pushed forward, away from the desk.”Do you want me to make you cum again, Ethan?” Linda said. She pumped her hand slowly on his cock.”Yes,” he said.She smiled. “I thought so. Just remember to tell me when you’re gonna cum, ok?”He nodded. The look on his face was like that of a boy who couldn’t wait to open his presents on Christmas morning. Linda couldn’t wait herself. She licked the head and let it slide into her mouth. Her jaw stretched again. She would have to be good to make him cum in a hurry. She didn’t have the strength to keep a cock that big in her mouth for a long, deep blowjob. Next time, if she got another chance, she would give him a blowjob he would never forget. For that, she would have to get some practice.She moved her head slowly back and forth. It wasn’t much, but it was the most she could do. Her lips smacked and her saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth down her chin. Ethan rocked his hips, pushing his cock deeper in her mouth. The head touched the soft area at the back of her mouth and she gagged.Her heart was pounding and her chest rose and fell with deep, heavy breaths, but she kept sucking. What if he tried to force it deeper? He might choke her to death without even knowing what he was doing. He wouldn’t realize what was happening until he shot his load and she collapsed. She saw herself lying on the floor at his feet, her mouth open, leaking with drool and his thick cum that backed up in her throat. The idea thrilled her and she sucked harder.Ethan groaned. His hips thrust a bit quicker. Linda looked way up to his eyes. He was looking down at her, with the corners of his mouth turned up. He brushed her bangs away from her eyes. His breathing was heavier. He was getting close.”Oh Mrs. Murphy … Mrs. Murphy,” he said, gasping for breath.His hips bucked harder, forcing more of his cock past her lips. This was it. He was going to cum, right there. She should take him out of her mouth, if she didn’t want to drink his cum. His cock throbbed, and it was too late. The first glob hit the back of her mouth like it was fired from a cannon. Linda gagged on it. She had no choice but to swallow, but before she could, the next glob pumped into her mouth, then the next, and the next.Her eyes opened wide and she squealed. His cum filled her mouth in a hurry, swelling her cheeks out until they could hold no more, and it spilled out over her chin. Ethan finished with a deep groan, still pumping his hips.”That was great, Mrs. Murphy,” he said.She pulled his cock out, smacking her lips on the head. Her mouth was full of his strong, potent cum. The stuff floated around her tongue. No guy ever came in her mouth before. Just the thought always disgusted her. So why did she let Ethan do it? She probably shouldn’t have let him. It might give him the wrong idea.She looked around for somewhere to spit it out, but her wastebasket was on the other side of the desk. She made a face and swallowed. That was so gross. Now she would never get that taste out of her mouth. She looked down at her chest, where a few drops landed on her bare tits.”Oh shit,” she said with a hiss in her voice.”What’s wrong?””I got a stain on my blouse. This was my best one. Now it’s ruined,” she said, and wiped at the cum stain on the front of her blouse.”Sorry,” Ethan said.Linda put her hand on his thigh. “It’s all right. It’s not-“They both heard a noise from the outer office and looked at the door.”Who’s that?” Ethan said.”It’s your mother,” Linda said in a whisper. She stood up and pulled down her skirt. “Get dressed. Hurry up.”Ethan yanked his jeans to his waist, stuffing his cock back in, and held up her panties.”What do you want me to do with these?” he said.Linda snatched them from his fingers and stuffed them in his pocket. Her hand brushed along the length of his hard penis.”You keep them. Don’t let your mother find them this time,” Linda said, and kissed him quickly on the lips. She hooked her bra over her breasts and buttoned her blouse just as the office door opened. She turned around, smiling.”Hi Anne. We were just finishing,” she said, and felt her face grow warm.Ethan stuffed his hands in his pockets and wouldn’t look in his mother’s face. Linda could still see the outline of his penis against the leg of his jeans. Didn’t that boy ever go soft?”How’d everything go?” Anne said.”Fine, just fine,” Linda said, and clapped her hands together with a big, stupid grin on her face. She couldn’t believe how guilty she felt. How would she feel if she found out one of her boyfriends had seduced Cindy? She cringed, and hoped Anne didn’t notice.Anne cleared her throat. “Did you have any problem with the condom?”Linda and Ethan looked at each other.”No,” he said.”No, no problem at all,” Linda said, and grinned wider.”Great. You ready to go, honey?” Anne said.”Sure,” Ethan said, and took off through the door.Anne let him go on ahead and turned to Linda.”Did he give you any trouble?” she said, in a low voice.”No, no trouble at all. Why?””Did you make him … Did he have an orgasm?” Anne said.Linda hesitated. Could she tell? Could she smell it on her breath?”Yes, he did,” Linda said.Anne let out a deep breath. “You don’t know what a relief that is. I mean, I’m the one who got him all worked up.” She shook her head. “These k**s are gonna drive me crazy.”They laughed together as they came out of the office. Linda saw them out and locked the door. Her head was spinning. What a day. She still couldn’t believe what just took place.Her feet took her straight back into her office. Immediately, she could smell the strong odor of Ethan’s cum. How could Anne not notice it? She would have to empty that wastebasket before the smell permeated everything in the room.She flopped into the chair behind her desk with a sigh. She could still taste Ethan’s cum on her tongue. She needed a glass of wine to wash it away. That part was pretty bad, but the rest, having him in her mouth and between her legs, that part was good, very good.She shivered suddenly. What would happen now when he was with other girls, or worse, what if he went out with Cindy? What if he thought he could satisfy her just by shoving his cock into her, or by cumming in her mouth? The thought of any man doing that to her little girl frightened her, but Ethan … He would brutalize her. What sort of monster had she allowed to walk out of her office?She leaned back in the chair. Her knees fell apart. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She saw Ethan again, hovering over her, holding his enormous cock inches from her cunt. She remembered that helpless feeling and that sudden fear of what he could do to her. Even though she was sure Ethan never would have forced himself on her, in a strange way she wished he had. How long would she have to wait before she had a chance to experience anything like that again?

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