The Sex Maid

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The Sex MaidIt has been about six mouths since we have met, and we have been in bed with each other quite a few times; this time is going to be different.We met on a Saturday morning at her house where for some reason she was looking quite hot and sexy. You were wearing a beautiful summer dress, with a low cut front that gave a good view of your cleavage. You ran into my arms like you haven’t seen me in about a month giving me one of the best kisses I have ever had. When we stopped kissing, you got on your knees and said that you had been a bad girl and that you were all mine for the weekend and I was to have my way with you.We went and had some breakfast talking about what to do for this weekend. You said that “All you want to do was to have sex all weekend long”; in short spend the weekend naked at my house having sex when and where I wanted. Then you leaned over to kiss me and whispered in my ear that you had on a pair of thong panties and matching bra.We finished breakfast and went to my house. We weren’t in the house two minutes when you were out of your dress leaving your thong panties on. Then you jumped into my arms telling me that you wanted to be my sex maid.I looked at you and said, “Sex Maid?”You said, “Yes, Sex Maid. A maid that would clean and cook for you and have sex anytime you wanted, the way you wanted.”I said, “OK, if that is what you want then you can start cleaning the kitchen and after that clean the bathrooms and start the laundry.” “Oh, by the way your maid uniform is that thong you have on.”You kissed me with a strange look in your eyes, like what is wrong with you are you sick, but you said, “Yes, Sir whatever you say sir.”You have been working hard in the kitchen for about an hour when I came in and told you to get on your knees in front of me and suck my cock.With no questions you did as is said, with a big grin on your face, like he is going to fuck me now.You got on your knees and pulled my pants down and started licking and kissing my cock, and playing with my balls. Then you put my halkalı escort dick into your mouth and started giving me a good blow-job.You sucked me so good that in about five minutes I was cumming down your throat swallowing all my cum. After you had finished cleaning my cock up with your tongue and mouth. You looked up at me and said, “Now it’s my turn sweetie eat my pussy.” I looked down at you saying, “You did a good job sucking my dick, but you haven’t finished in the kitchen yet, get back to work maid.”You got up to your feet using a piece of paper-towel to wipe your face off saying, “My pussy is wet and wants to be fucked by you.I turned back around with a look of disapproval on my face and said, “You said that you want to be my Sex Maid, so get back to work maid.So you went back to work so frustrated you lost track of time forgetting to fix my lunch. I came back into the kitchen and asked where is my lunch?You said, “You didn’t give instructions for lunch.”I scolded you saying, “You’re my Sex Maid and as such it goes without saying that you are to fix my meals! So make me a couple of sandwiches and bring them to me in the den.”In about five minutes you came into the den with my sandwiches and see that I’m watching a porn flick. You ask, “Can I watch with you?”I look at you and say, “No, you will be too busy watching me jack-off and cumming all over your tits.”You got to your knees and started watching me with the hope that after I came on your tits, that I will start having sex with you on the den floor.You sat watching me, you started cheering for me to cum because you know that I know you like for me to cum all over your firm tits. “Cum for me, shoot that hot juicy cum all over me, cum all over my tits.”After about 15 minutes I got up and start cumming all over your big firm tits.You cried out, “Yes, cum all over my titties baby.” As you start rubbing my cum all over and playing with your nipples and saying, “See how hard my nipples taksim escort are for you.”I then tell you “Clean my dick up with your mouth and then go clean the bathrooms.This time there are no complaints from you. You just got up and do as you were told to do.In about an hour or so I got up to go to the bathroom and I start hearing what sounded like someone moaning and it start getting louder and louder. As I got to the door of the bathroom, I see you playing with your pussy and I hear you whispering “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming all over my fingers for you!”Just as you started calming down, I opened the door saying, “I caught you playing on the job! Scaring you half to death.You jumped to your feet with a scared look on your face, trying to pull up your thong uniform, “I’m sorry sir, I’m sorry. You don’t have to worry about me playing with myself again.” I tell you, “Just shut up and hold my cock so that I can take a piss, and finish cleaning the bathroom. Take your uniform off and take a nap. You will be needing it.”I went back to the den and finished watching my movies. You finished the cleaning and went to the bedroom and took your thong uniform off and got into bed and went to sleep.At about 10:37 that night I went into the bedroom and watched you sleep. Ten to fifteen minutes later you awakened up and asked, “What are you doing sir?”I said, “I’m admiring your beautiful body.”You turned over and asked, “Do you want me to play with my pussy for you?”I looked at you as you lifted your leg up so I could see your pussy. You started running your hand down over your tits and down to your pussy saying, “I’m all hot and wet and I want to put on a show for you lover.”I said, “OK, that sounds like a good idea. Play with your pussy for me and watch me as I play with my cock.”You started to rub and play with your breast and nipples telling me how hard your nipples are. Then you ran your hand down to your hot wet cunt. Just as you touched your clit you moaned like I have never şişli escort heard you before. You played with your clit a little, then you slid one finger in your wet hole. You looked over at me as I played with my dick, saying how hot you were and how much you wanted me in your mouth.You watched me stroke my big fat hard cock as you fingered your wet snatch and played with your nipples.As I watched you play, you said, “I’m cumming, I’m going to cum for you baby. Watch me cum all over my fingers, watch me, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh, shit I’m cumming.”Just as you started cumming, I was getting ready to cum too. I got up and said, “Open your mouth so I can cum in your mouth and on your face.”After we calmed down, you rolled over and started kissing me all over stopping at my semi hard cock to kiss, lick and suck my dick into a full blown hard on again. I got up on top of you with your feet resting on my shoulders. I started out slow and soft working my way up to a good hard strong fuck. You grabbed a hold of the headboard and started screaming, “Oh, oooh, fuck me, fuck me hard, harder, shit, oh shit, fuck me hard motherfucker, fuck me good and hard. Damn you’re fucking the shit out of me. Make me cum all over your big fat hard cock.Then you started cumming and you started to say,”Oh, shit I can’t stop cumming, I can’t stop cumming. Oh, please, don’t stop, fuck me. Fuck me good. Feel my hot cum all over your cock your big fat cock.Then I had you get on your knees so that I could fuck you doggie style. And so I started banging my fat cock in and out of your wet cunt as hard as you wanted.Then I stopped and without you knowing I slammed my cock into your ass. You screamed out with pain of my dick in your ass, but after a few strokes you began to like it. You even said, “Yes, fuck me in my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass until you cum. As I fucked your ass you played with your pussy and felt my balls slapping your hot wet pussy.You screamed out that you were going to cum saying, “Yes, yes, yes fuck me, fuck that ass, I’m cumming, fuck my ass.”I then started to cum as well yelling that, “I was cumming in your ass.”You said, “Yes cum in my ass, cum in my ass, fill my ass with your hot load you big hot motherfucker, cum in my motherfucking ass.”After that we passed out on the bed all hot and sweaty and sticky with each other’s cum all over us.

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