The Rosenschield Family

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years old.


38 year old James Rosenshield lived with his wife Michaela and their two children in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. He was the son of a real estate developer and an architect. Michaela was the daughter of an investment banker and a private jet pilot. As a consequence, they both had developed a great interest for natural science and economics at a young age, along with sports.

They met when they were just six years old when James’ father made a business deal with the investment bank were Michaela’s father worked. It was the beginning of a long and successful business relationship and they started to hang out privately as well. James and Michaela got along immediately as they shared both the same interest and had very similar personalities. They went to the same school all the way through pre-school until they graduated university 15 years later.

At 14 years old they got romantically involved and started a relationship. Instead of partying and drinking alcohol like most of their classmates, or playing video games, they focused hard on their studies and working out. This resulted in them finishing high school one year earlier with top grades in every subject except art. They performed quite poor in that subject as they were very analytical and not so much creative.

At 17 they pursued a bachelor and master’s degree within the field of corporate finance and real estate economics. They had also started to become interested in the real estate market and James’ father agreed to gift them with one residential property to manage. With the help of Michaela’s father, and his contacts at the investment bank, they managed to acquire several more properties.

Two years later they had finished their bachelor and were about to start their master when Michaela got pregnant at the age of 19. While it was not planned they were both very happy as well as their parents, and although they had initially thought Michaela and James were too young to become parents, they soon realized that they were more ready than most adults from an economic and relationship point of view.

James and Michaela sold of one of their properties to purchase their large apartment at the exclusive seaside boulevard of Norr Mälarstrand, in the inner city of Stockholm. Michaela gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy, a couple of months before they turned 20. They quickly finished their masters with distinctions one year later and focused wholeheartedly on their real estate company and raising their children.

Thankfully their parents took care of their children regularly so they had some time to themselves and could rest from the hard work of rapidly expanding their growing real estate imperium.

As the years passed their children quickly grew up and followed in their parent’s footstep and attended the same schools. They were now 19 years old and were studying their third year at the same university as their parents did.


It was just after 6:30 a.m when James woke up to the sound of his smartphone alarm bell. He turned it off after snoozing for a while as his warm wife cuddled up to him, not wanting to wake up just yet. He placed an affectionate kiss on her forehead before untangling himself from her naked limbs.

“Stay here honey, I will bring you a cup of coffee.” James smiled warmly at Michaela.

“Thanks…” she mumbled back, obviously not quite awake yet.

James chuckled and walked up to their balcony and opened the door, enjoying the view of the shimmering water far below him. The sun was already warm in his face despite the early morning. The Boulevard of Norr Mälarstrand , where their home was located, was partially built between 1900 and 1910 and the other part around 1930. The prices here were among the highest in the entire Scandanavia, at least 125 000 Sek/sqm, the equivalent of approximately 14 000 Euro/sqm.

They lived on the top two floors in an old building which was constructed in the early 1900s in the architecture period known as Art Nouveau. The façade was well decorated with ornaments and the ceiling height of each floor was nearly four meters high. Additionally, their 600 squaremeter large apartment had seven large fireplaces. While they had long since lost their original function of warming up the apartment they were still a nice detail and pleasing for the eyes to look on. Neither James nor Michaela were impressed with the architecture of the recently constructed buildings where the only focus the developers had was to maximize profit and minimize costs. The plain facades and low ceiling heights was not in their taste.

Looking to his left he could see the massive brick building that housed the Stockholm Citadel with its high lookout tower rising far above all the other buildings in the vicinity. It was here Sweden was run by the politicians.

“What happened to the coffee?” Michaela asked illegal bahis amusedly, interrupting her husband’s musings.

She had just gotten out of their large king-sized bed and as James tuned around he felt his breath hitch in his throat at sight of his beautiful wife, despite having seen her naked daily the last two and a half decades. The morning sun illuminated her long, golden hair, nearly making it glow as it flowed down past her shoulders and down her back.

Michaela was tall at 175 cm with intense, dark blue eyes, framed by long waves of golden hair. She had large, round breasts with small, pink areolas that showed no sign of sagging despite having had two children. Her stomach was perfectly flat with a hint of six pack below the smooth, tanned skin, a result of her working out five times a week. The junction of her legs ended in a perfectly smooth and hairless triangle as she long ago had had a permanent hair removal by laser on her entire body, except the hair on her head obviously. She had quite long, powerful legs that ended with round and muscular buttocks.

“Enjoying the view?” she smirked at her husband as she looked at his husbands hardening penis.

James stood at 189 cm and had nearly identical hair color as his wife, albeit a lot shorter. His eyes were also blue but more light blue. He had broad shoulders and a muscular chest. His six pack was much more pronounced than his wife’s. Just like his wife he had long and muscular legs as a result from their frequent workouts. His heavily veiny penis was quite large, at 8 inches flaccid he dwarfed other men even when flaccid. Despite this, his wife had no problem fitting it in her deep and tight vagina. His round balls were huge, hanging far below the shaft and it was quite understandably that Michaela got pregnant just before they turned twenty.

Like his wife he had also had a permanent hair removal on his body except on his head. Both preferred to have smooth skin and felt much cleaner and free without the offending hair. James also had had permanent hair removal on his face, saving much time that otherwise would have went to daily shaving in the mornings.

“Always,” he winked at her. “How about I show you just how much I enjoy it?” he asked as he pulled her warm naked body against his, kissing her deeply as he enjoyed the feeling of her large breasts pressing tightly against his muscular chest.

“As much as I would like that, you know we have an important meeting at 8,” she said while gently massaging his large, heavy balls and resting her head on his broad shoulders. “Make sure they are full tonight.” she leered at him, before dragging him into the shower.

They quickly showered before getting dressed. Michaela put on a pair of white and rather skimpy panties with a slight see-through and a matching bra. She got into a pair of tight, dark blue jeans with the help of her husband. As James pulled up the zipper on her jeans and closed her belt she put on a white shirt and dark blue jacket. No cleavage showed but the shirt and jacked bulged under the pressure from her large and round breasts just like the fabric of her jeans strained to contain her muscular rear. She finished with a golden Rolex clock on her arm.

James had opted for a business suit in dark blue, matching his wife’s attire. Below his jacket he had a white shirt with a bright red tie and red handkerchief. Michaela chose a pair of black heels while James chose a pair of light brown shoes. Both was interested in fashion and made sure to always be properly dressed. They had a reputation to maintain after all.

He went to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast for them while Michaela curled her golden hair and put on some light make up. As the clock approached 7 a.m. the apartment was silent. Their teenaged kids greatly disliked early mornings and were rarely seen before 10 a.m. on the weekends and holidays. James made two blueberry and banana smoothies along with scrambled eggs and baked beans in tomato sauce. As he finished Michaela skipped down the stairs from the floor above and they hungrily devoured their breakfast while reading the newspaper.

Despite being 38 years old they had a quite high metabolism, aided by their regular workouts, and thus required a large breakfast each morning. After brushing their teeth they wrote a note and left it on the kitchen table to their children, explaining that they would be gone during the morning, in case they woke up before they were back. They took the elevator down to the bottom level where they had parked their two cars. They quickly walked up to their black Range Rover.

“Ready to close the deal?” James asked his wife as he gave her round, jeans clad buttocks a playful slap.

“I sure am,” Michaela grinned back upon him. “They better not back down now after all preparations we have done.” she continued.

James got into the driver seat and turned the key as the six cylinder diesel engine quietly started while his wife jumped up in the passenger illegal bahis siteleri seat beside him. He maneuvered the car expertly in the rather tight confines of the garage before they drove out through the gates and onto the road. The traffic was starting to pick up as most people still worked one more week before going on holiday. James drove past the Citadel and onto the main road on their way to their office while his wife checked all documents to make sure they were in order and that they hadn’t forgotten any details.

Today they were going to sell one of their properties to the tenants that lived there. They had been approached half a year ago when the tenants in one of their residential properties expressed their interest to buy the multifamily house from James’ and Michaela’s company and convert it into a tenant owned association, which basically means that every tenant will own their apartment as opposed to rent it from them.

As the central bank of Sweden, Riksbanken, had sharply lowered their interest rate to stimulate the declining rate of inflation the privately owned home market increased in price. James and Michaela saw this as a lucrative possibility to make a major profit, which could be used to pay off some of their company’s loans and reduce the leverage.

It had not been an easy road as the tenants had a lower price expectation than James and Michaela. But they knew that the tenants were quite eager to own their apartments rather than renting as it was much cheaper to buy due to the low interest rates. They decided to call the bluff and declined the offer from the tenants. Two months later the tenants approached them again, this time accepting their offer. The last month had been an intense period with financial and legal preparation as well as regular contact with the bank representing the tenants.

James indicated left and turned onto the off-ramp to take a shortcut to avoid the quickly approaching traffic jam. Everything went off without a hitch and soon they pulled up In front of their office. As usual, it was hard to find a parking spot in the streets and they had no garage in their office building, so they decided to make an illegal park as they just had a few minutes to go before their meeting started.

Soon they were settled in their office with the represents from the tenants, two men from the transaction section at the responsible bank and two lawyers to witness the transactions. As per usual when dealing with other people, James and Michaela put on a mask of indifference, not showing any emotion as they went through with the paper work.

While the signing of the documents were quickly done, it took the better part of the next hour to complete the transaction as a rather large sum, the equivalent of 20 million USD, would be transferred to their company’s bank account. Finally the transaction was completed as they signed the last documents that were going to be sent to the city planning office to confirm the transaction and the change of ownership.

They shook hands with everyone in the room before Michaela and James closed the office and officially started their two month vacation. The firs week they were going to go on a boat trip in their boat, cruising the archipelago from north to south.

Unfortunately they had gotten at ticket for their illegal parking but it didn’t remotely dampen their mood as they jumped into the car and drove back to their apartment in the warm morning sun.

“I think this calls for some celebration, don’t you honey?” Michaela asked him sultry as she put her small hand onto his muscular legs and rubbed him.

“Why don’t you tell the kids to buy groceries to the boat while we make them lunch and have some fun?” James grinned at his wife.

“I like the sound of that.” she purred as her hand went further up and squeezed his large balls and flaccid penis through his pants. She fished out her smartphone from her pocked and sent a message to the family chat that their children should pick up some groceries in preparation for the boat trip.

She chuckled as her daughter almost immediately replied that they were hungry. She answered that she would make them a delicious lunch if they went shopping for groceries to the boat. After some compromising their kids agreed to be on their way if they were allowed to take the jet skies with them on the trip.

As James and Michaela approached their garage they met their second car, a silver Mercedes Benz S-class with their kids driving it towards the supermarket. James flashed his high beams a couple of time as greeting and got two quick honks back. They parked and got into the elevator.

“We better be quick, don’t have too much time before they are back!” Michaela eagerly stated as she pressed herself up against her husband. She grabbed his face between her hands and gave him a deep kiss while James unhooked her belt and pulled down the zipper of her jeans. James grabbed her buttocks and massaged them while Michaela canlı bahis siteleri fumbled with the keys to open the door to their apartment.

As soon as they got into the kitchen James threw the portfolio onto the floor as he pulled off Michaela’s jacket and started to work on her shirt. His wife meanwhile made quick work of his pants as he expertly unhooked her bra, exposing her round and large breast to the air. He stepped out of his pants and shrugged off his shoes, all the while he kissed his wife and pulled down her tight jeans to her ankles, leaving her only clad in socks and her skimpy white panties. They quickly shrugged of his remaining clothes before he ripped her panties apart in urgency.

Michaela moaned loudly as she pressed her naked body against James’ as she felt his long penis rapidly hardening against her stomach. It was already quite long when flaccid but as blood filled the large veins it definitely grew to 10 inches. James grabbed one of her round and muscular buttocks in each hand as he roughly pulled her against him, kissing her fiercely as he could feel her erect nipples press against his chest. Michaela impatiently run her hand down his muscular stomach until she grabbed the large shaft, her small hand not reaching around it entirely. She caressed him before gently grabbing his massive, hairless balls in her hands.

James ended their kiss before he bent his head down and enclosed his mouth on one of her large, firm breasts, kissing and caressing the impossibly soft skin. Michaela moaned as pleasure surged through her.

“We don’t have the entire day you know.” she breathed huskily, her voice dripping with need. She then smirked at him and walked up to the kitchen island and leaned over it, shaking her hips and ass at him with a raised eyebrow as she rested her upper body against the cold Carrara marble.

James hungrily stared at her muscular and slightly tanned rear before throwing himself over her. Michaela arched her back and put out her rear to him as he grabbed her lean and strong hips. He expertly aligned his erection against the entrance to her snatch, teasing her wet lips with his large and bulbous head before sinking into the familiar wet and tight vagina.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Michaela loudly moaned with pleasure as she clenched around his massive shaft. He sunk all the way into her until his head gently pressed against her cervix. He pulled out nearly all the way before sinking down into her again, electing another loud moan from his very aroused wife.

He established a moderate pace and soon enough the apartment was filled with the loud slapping noise as his hips hit her arse, and Michaela’s even louder moans.

She had always been very, very loud since their first time, which is the reason why they had their bedroom soundproofed. But as no one were home now she had no reason to be quiet.

“Ahhhh, that’s it honey, ahhhhhhh!” she continued to moan as she thrust back her hips to meet his strong thrusts.

She let out a shriek as James removed one of his hands from her hips and slapped her left buttock. After a while Michaela straightened up her back and rested her head on her husband’s shoulder as he continued to penetrate her deeply. This new position allowed James to grab her large breasts in his hands as he gently massaged them, rolling her rock hard nipples between his fingers while Michaela put her hand between them and massaged his heavy balls to heighten her husband’s pleasure.

He gave her a sloppy kiss as he picked up the pace and put one of his hands between the perfectly smooth and hairless junction of Michaela’s legs and massaged her clit. He could feel his wife being close to orgasm as her moans started to border on screams and her wet and tight walls were starting to clench and unclench irregularly.

But he didn’t want to end yet so he pulled out of her with an audible pop before picking her up and placing her on her back on the dinner table. She let out a breathless laugh as she invitingly spread her long, powerful legs, exposing her dripping core and bleached arsehole.

James eagerly guided himself info her, moaning at the erotic view of his long and veiny erection sliding into his wife inch after inch. He sunk into her all the way until only his balls rested against her arsehole.

He pulled back and then fucked her at a hard pace, the air once again filled with the sound of Michaela’s loud moans and the slapping noise of skin hitting skin.

“Ahhhh, feels so good!” Michaela moaned at the combined stimulation of her snatch being penetrated and he feeling of his heave, massive balls hitting her arsehole with every thrust. James couldn’t agree more as he stared down at the body of his sweaty wife and the way her large breasts bounced up and down enticingly with every thrust.

He caressed her long, smooth thighs as he picked up the pace.

“Ahhhhh, HARDER JAMES,” Michaela moaned. “Ohhh yess!”

James could feel the inevitable approach of his orgasm as she clenched tightly around him. Her lips formed a large circle around his erection, drawing him back in as soon as he was on the way out. He thrust into her as hard as he could as she met each and every of one of his thrusts with well-coordinated thrusts.

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